Personal Finance quiz – For all types of investors

Today Let me ask some questions on personal finance to you which you can answer to see how much you understand things in investing. This small quiz will help you and me know where you belong to. How much have you learned?  I request you to give answers of the questions as a comment back to […]


Everything you want to know about CRR and Repo rate – How they help !!

Today we will see what is CRR and Repo rate and how they help in combating Inflation and other monitory issues of Economy. CRR and Repo rate are nothing but the tools available in the hands of RBI to maintain the liquidity and growth. You might know what is CRR and Repo Rate, but may not know what […]


A conversation with friend on avoiding financial responsibility

In this article I’m going to tell my conversation with one of my friend about investment and different investment tools. We have discussed on both advance and traditional investment tools. Read this chat conversation with one of my old classmate in Graduation. “Manish : So where are you going to invest you money this year? […]


5 Elements of a well-planned financial portfolio management

Everyone is concern when it comes to investment. But lot of investors does the mistake of focusing on investments only and not on their portfolio. Having a good financial portfolio is also as important as an investment. This article will talk about 5 things every financial portfolio must have and we will see that it […]


7 tips to loose money in Stock market

Tips for Disaster 1. If a stock is in limelight and rises a lot and keep rising in front of your eyes , jump into it and buy them . 2. If you have small losses , try to be emotional and never accept that your decision was wrong . 3. Sell as soon as […]


Traits of an excellent financial portfolio which makes it better

What makes an Healthy financial Portfolio? There are some good traits of portfolio which makes it better than others. A good and strong portfolio has some strong elements or parameters which it must meet. These are the Pillars for a strong Portfolio or Investments. Important Elements are : 1. Capital Appreciation 2. Liquidity 3. Risk […]


A reply to one mail

This post is most probably the one on which i didnt worked hard . This is just an email reply from my side to one of my friend who queried me regarding his Endowment Policy package which an agent has created for him . The policy looks like this … 15 small polices of 1,00,000 […]


An ideal portfolio for Someone in this market

What should be the ideal portfolio for someone in this market for long term ? As far as i think , A good portfolio now will contain stocks which are beaten down because of panic selling , but still they are fundamentally sound . My Recommended portfolio would be: For Safe Investor (assuming time horizon […]


Term of the Day Archives

This page contains all the “Term of the Day” posted on this blog earliar . 1. Short Selling Short Selling : Short Selling refers selling of shares without owning them . If you short sell a stock , you first sell them at higher price and later you buy them (cover them) back at lower […]


Price Vs Value – The difference between Price and Value by investment perspective

A Rose can be of more value than a Dress to your Wife or Girlfriend on Valentines Day. Even though that Rose was very less in Price compared to a Dress. Today we will discuss things about investment products from a different perspective – Value and Price. What is Price and Value? Price : Price […]


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