Rebirth of Jagoinvestor , We will get more Awesome now

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jagoinvestor moved to wordpress Readers , We have successfully moved to WordPress platform and its a very emotional moment for me. This blog has been my baby and I have nurtured it all these 2 yrs. Today it has grown up and now comes another important milestone , Jagoinvestor is now one of the few handful of blogs on Financial Planning , which is known to deliver high quality content on the topic .  I am sure moving to WordPress will boost more traffic to this blog and over all ranking would improve in search Engines because of better SEO capabilities .

This blog needed some Investments from long time and finally I have done some investments on this blog like

  1. Hosting on
  2. To give you an awesome User Experience , I Bought Premium Thesis Theme (this is considered one of the most amazing themes in WordPress , very Optimized for SEO and very easy to manage , we will see in coming days)
  3. I Hired a Professional for Migrating it to WordPress , I wanted to make sure nothing breaks in migration and Its done quite fast so that the blog is available to readers and not down for a lot of time .
  4. This is not monitory Investment , but more important investment and thats time investment by me , I would now be reading more stuff (for my personal growth and To write on more diverse topics for you all) . Also I am now planning to be more regular from now onwards because I am now taking this blog more seriously . Expect More articles but with smaller sizes 🙂 and more frequently , but remember that  “Key to Happiness is Low Expectations” . I am also starting my personal blog in some days which will contain my random posts and life experiences (Will update you later) .

I am in no mood of writing anything till this weekend now , So lets use this time to get suggestions from you all on what all new things we should do on this blog . I have Some suggestions and ideas , may be you can vote for it or give your own 🙂 .


1. Add Forums: Readers can make their profiles and then start discussions on some topic . You can talk over variety of topics like Mutual funds , Insurance, Taxation , Stock markets , products review , any thing else related to Finance and Investing .

2. Start a Knowledge base of products , topics and services in Financial Domain . It would be like Wikipedia of Indian Financial planning world , we can have any topic , idea or whatever … and have details , we can have opti0n of any user editing it so that it can grow quickly and you can also contribute .

3. More Videos More videos and audio tutorials

4. More Calculators and Presentations to make things easy for you ..

5. We can have podcasts and Live tutorials where we can meet (limited people , Free sessions , through registrations only) and we can talk over some topic .

6. Personal Consulting through Skype or Phone (you will call me) , Only for people seleted by me through Quizs and Contests coming soon …

Feel free to suggest Ideas which can help this blog grow .

Some Updates and Clarifications

1. I am receiving a lot of mails now on random topics directly , Please make sure that you ask important and worthy questions , I still get “I have bought XYZ at Rs 30 , please advice” kind of mails , I would not be answering those questions , please use Logic ”

2. This blog is still not getting readership which It should get and deserves , So from your side what you can do is

  • A lot you who are working in company’s must be having an internal mailing list where you talk to other people on random topics , feel free to put excerpt of articles and give back a link to this blog .
  • If you have a blog or site , feel free to review it on your blog so that your readers can know about it . I would take this as your giving back to this blog . Noting more than this . mail me if you do this . Atleast you can put a link back to this blog on the sidebars .
  • Talk more about this to your friends and feel free to send them a good article which you come across , like some review of product I do .


overall I am a One team person doing everything and we have to act as a whole family to grow , Incase you can do this small part from your side , It will make a big difference .

Note : Over 2-3 weeks , please expect some random changes happening to the blog . I would be making a lot of mistakes and then re-fix them to learn a lot .

27 replies on this article “Rebirth of Jagoinvestor , We will get more Awesome now”

  1. Rajat says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have read you site, and is very enlightening and easy to understand.

    I have circulated the URL to some of my friends.


    1. Rajat

      Thanks a lot 🙂


  2. naresh says:

    if i pay rs 12010 yearly in jeevan saral what will be the maturity after 10 years (accid. benifit taken) in LIC policy

    1. manish says:


      That will depend on the bonus declared by LIC .we cant be sure on that . the best thing would be to talk to your agent on this .


  3. naresh says:

    what will be the maturity in LIC,s jeevan saral after 10 yrs in figures

    1. Naresh

      Maturity amount depends on your premiums . Dont you have the policy documents ?
      One other thing is bonus . We dont know for sure how much is it . We can just estimate .


  4. naresh says:

    what will be the maturity in LIC,s jeevan saral after 10 years

  5. Vivek Rastogi says:

    Congrats Manish for moving on wordpress..

  6. Hey Manish, I just subscribed to you via Frien Connect.

    And buddy, why don’t you add a BlogRoll Page. It can be really helpful to get exposure with mutual exchange of links. Also, takes you up with the Google juice… 🙂

    When I move to Wp, that would be the 1st thing I would love to do.. 🙂

    1. manish says:

      @Free Investment Guide

      yeah sure .. I will be adding a blogroll soon .. Give me time .. I have just 12 hrs in a day 🙂


  7. manish says:


    Thanks for the suggestion , I would be doing it 🙂 .

    Regarding Windows Love Writer , I am not sure as I am on Linux .. will find out some alternative for it 🙂


    1. Oh yes..and do install subscribe to comments plugin 🙂
      .-= Harsh Agrawal´s last blog ..Blog Design : Complete Post or Post Excerpts =-.

  8. Hey Manish I’m sure you will enjoy your journey with WordPress and you will love it.
    Just few things which I would like to add
    Please sign up or and upload your avatar there. This way your comments will have avatar instead of blank one. 🙂
    Rest I’m sure you will have a great time with wordpress and to enhance your blogging time you can install windows love writer, this will let you blog directly from your desktop and you will love it. 😉
    .-= Harsh Agrawal´s last blog ..Dreamhost Webhosting for 10$/year [Limited Time Offer] =-.

  9. taxquery says:

    Really very uncluttered and nice interface. Keep writing .
    .-= taxquery´s last blog ..Can You Claim Exemption u/s 54F for Modification or Expansion of An Existing House ? =-.

  10. manish says:

    @Nihar @Dr Mohammed Ali Khan @Gurdial @Rajan T @NKanani

    Thanks for your wishes , any other suggestions to add on The theme would be appreciated .


  11. NKanani says:

    Hi Manish,

    Congratulations and All the best! You are really putting a lot of efforts!

  12. Rajan T says:

    Congrats man..the website looks awesome…

  13. Gurdial says:

    New refreshing look. Gr8 work man!

  14. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan says:

    This looks neat and uncluttered..
    Good work Manish

  15. Nihar says:

    Gr8 work, congrats

  16. manish says:

    @Raag @Manpreet @Zamil @Swathi

    Thanks to you guys .. We will have much more things in coming future .. Stay Tuned .


    1. Rajni Kant says:

      Dear Manish……

      I am with u….for this noble work….. i am looking for some suggestion to promote this offline.???? Can we conduct seminars in various cities?????

  17. Swathi says:

    Good work Manish ! Look and feel are great for this blog. I will wait to see what’s in store for all of us ….

  18. Zamil says:

    Well-done and con­grat­u­la­tions , Manish.
    Wish you all the best.


  19. Manpreet says:

    Great work Manish! Love the new look 🙂

  20. - Financial Planning Demystified says:

    Hi Manish,

    Congratulations on this big, successful change… I am sure your blog would become even more enjoyable in the coming days.

    My best wishes…

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