Jagoinvestor Wealth Club Starts today- India’s first online wealth club

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Would you like to be a part of committed investors community to create more wealth? Would you like to be a part of structure that helps you live a good financial life? Why not join us to help you provide a structure that makes you a better Investor. For good health we go to health club. similarly to live a good financial life we have created  Wealth Club. We get numerous mails from people asking, ”Hey what is this Wealth club all about? ”. The wait is finally over, as the coolest club is now OPEN to SERVE you as an investor.

The whole Idea behind creating this Jagoinvestor Wealth Club

We strongly feel that every investor is blessed to live a good financial life. This club is for committed investors. It will help investors to add different dimensions to their financial life.  We see wealth club as a movement that will inspire people in living a good financial life. The wealth club is designed to  provide you with an environment that supports investors in their financial life. After all the blogging, financial planning, writing and coaching hundreds of people, we see personal finance as an ongoing journey and every investor somewhere needs a structure or an environment where he feels safe, enjoys learning about personal finance and gets constant empowerment to STAY in action.

The BIG idea behind creating this wealth club is to help you build muscle to  live a good financial life. Some time back , we ran a survey trying to find out how people feel about their financial life and here are some findings !

  • 90% people need some safe space or structure where they can learn, study and think about their financial future
  • 91% people would like to have access to online library, where they can get quality audio/video’s on personal finance
  • 90% people would like to be part of a committed investors community
  • 87% would like to get in control of their financial life with or without financial plan
  • 92% people feel that if they get personal finance calculators/tools/templates, they will become a better investor
  • 81% people are afraid of misselling
  • 78% people say they dont understand complex financial products
  • 83% people are not able to trust people easily for making investment.
  • 72% peopel feel they read a lot on personal finance BUT unable to implement
  • 64% people feel paying a high fees every year to some advisor is constraint for them

With these points in mind, we have designed wealth club which will provide  a safe environment where investors learn, grow and enjoy the process of wealth creation. You can get a feel about this Wealth club by seeing following video

Here are some of the testimonials from the few set of people who have been using it from last 2-3 weeks. May be you can get a better understanding from their testimonials.

Testimonial from Aparna 

Jagoinvestor Wealth club is an eye opener. The wealth club is easy to access. The courses available on the club are very informative and thought provoking. After listening to each coaching conversation, there are a couple of action items that I make note of and take actions. The conversation is not just about the financial life. The conversations actually enhance our way of living and financial life is just one part of it. There are a couple of calculators which are very easy to use and very useful. For example: the goal planning calculator. This calculator can be used throughout our life to keep track of our financial life, since financial planning is not a one-time activity.

There are a couple of ebooks also. These teaches and reinforces the financial concepts. And moreover, if we plan to invest our money via mutual funds, there is a ready reckoner list which helps us to make informed investment decisions. I did not have to scratch my head to find out the best mutual fund for my requirements. In one of the audio course, Nandish says “Personal finance is about getting things done”. What a powerful statement!!! This website provokes us to take action and be on our toes always…  Thanks Nandish for such a wonderful club

Testimonial from Lavanya

We find it a very useful single place for all information related to personal finance more importantly in a very good structure. I find all the categories useful, especially engrossed now in the courses and conversations. Having gone through some of the conversations with Nandish in past, We find it very useful to refresh memory and there are new topics too. Of course now getting used to this, I want more detailed conversations on some of the topics. The courses too are a very useful feature and done in a very simple easy to understand format. I am certainly using it and expecting the content and categories to increase in breadth and depth. Great start and keep giving us more. 

Testimonial from Jassi/Priya

I think this is one of the most innovative ideas a financial institution like yours can have. A club exclusively for members can go a long way in keeping an individual connected with his/her financial life. The most important aspect of being wealthy is to be consistent and disciplined. Individuals can have excellent plans but they can succeed only if there is regular drive and actions. This club is a brilliant way to always stay connected and be motivated to taking actions, learning and getting closer to goals. Since, it is a club of like minded individuals; it could be a good platform to learn from other’s experiences and always stay in touch with the core principles of financial success. This surely is a very good chance to create many wealthier satisfied individuals in the future to come. Content-wise, We are very pleased to see good coaching courses and teachings of finances. Looking forward to much more content in the wealth club.

Testimonial from Arvind

I was promised 1 yr membership to Jagoinvestor Wealth Club as part of financial planning service in past. From that day I was waiting for this Jagoinvestor Wealth Club and finally I registered and listened all the audio clips (Conversations) and seen Video Clips (Courses).  I found that these are much more powerful than that of Jagoinvestor blogs. The difference in Jagoinvestor blogs and Jagoinvestor Wealth Club is something in the way that, In Jagoinvestor articles you have to realize, you have to read, it is time consuming and in Jagoinvestor Wealth Club you can view videos, you can listen various conversations, so I found it is more powerful. And the content is totally different and well structured. I wish all the best to Jagoinvestor team for the success of Jagoinvestor Wealth Club.
Are you ready to Join the Club and be Part of it

We really invite each one of you to be a part of our initiative. Let’s learn and grow together and get committed to producing a lot of wealth in life. This is an inner circle where we will serve you with our full energy and efforts. We promise to deliver our best creations to you each month and help you grow and design your financial life.

Please share in comments section, what do you feel about this initiative .

33 replies on this article “Jagoinvestor Wealth Club Starts today- India’s first online wealth club”

  1. Avinash says:

    Hi Manish
    I want to be a part of this wealth club, but falling short of finances for the time being. Till what time can I expect this discounted price offer to last (in time period)

    Dont want to miss!

    1. The discount is for first 300 people . We have close to 160 people already .

      1. Krishnapratap says:

        Hi Manish,

        I am reading Jago Investor articles from few days and liked it. I want to subscribe for Wealth Club so am i eligible for discount.

        1. That program is not open right now

  2. Sandeep says:

    5000 Rs per year of membership fees itself. Can you quantify and explain the probable benefit. I am just an average middle-class person with average salary. Would I really be able to make appropriate benefits to justify this investment. Moreover this is an yearly membership

    1. Sandeep

      The fees is 3,000 , not 5,000 . Also its going to provide you video and audio content along with nice tools and calculators . It might happen that this is not a right product for you .

      1. Sandeep says:

        This is exactly what I am trying understand, whether it is the right product for me or not. Unable to decide from the information available.

        1. If you look at video and samples provided on the website, you can see waht kind of things you will get, if it attracts you, then its right product for you

  3. Ankur Goyal says:

    Dear manish,

    I tried to register for wealth club but page is not loading either in IE, Firefox, CHRome . How do I avail the 2999 offer

    1. Were you able to get it ?

  4. manish says:

    gud idea manish i wish u and ur team all the best.

  5. Mayank says:

    Could not find out, how to join the club.

    1. Mayank . You can go here – jiwealthclub.com/register

  6. praveen says:

    Hi Manish,
    Is there any validity on subscription like this fee only valid for one year later on renewal is required to be in the wealth club or it is just one time payment for life time.

    1. nandish says:

      The membership validity is one year from the time you join.

    2. This is yearly fees .

  7. Suhas Patil says:

    Hey congrats for your launch.
    keep up the good work.I was really impressed by the stuff added in there.

    1. Thanks Suhas

      More and more things will be added there on regular basis

  8. Rajesh says:

    Good initiative. Quick question for you. Does this membership help folks who are NRI’s and have investments abroad and in India? It’s little complex in such situations and would like to know if this something suitable for NRI’s.


    1. Rajesh

      Note that this club is not going to give your some customized tailor made solutions , Its a membership club where every one gets the common material , You can look at http://www.jiwealthclub.com/basic/conversations/ and http://www.jiwealthclub.com/basic/courses/ samples and check out if it suits you . Being an NRI you can join this . I hope you have also looked at the video .

      1. Rajesh says:

        Basically it does not serve NRI’s well. It may help folks on their Indian part of investment, but not their investments abroad. If an NRI tries to follow the advise/solutions/guidance in the wealth club, his investments might get skewed as he is no considering the whole investment picture.
        Am I missing something or is my conclusion sound about right?

        1. nandish says:

          Rajesh wealth club provides you with an environment. It is really not about NRI and NON NRI. It is about staying engaged with the conversation of living a good financial life. It is not an advisory platform for investors. We are sharing our blogging and coaching experience with the world…

  9. Suhas says:

    Dont you think some kind of sneek peek or trailer sort of thing is required for the kind of material that is available for paying 3k?

    1. Rohit Varma says:

      Hi Manish,

      Nice initiative taken. I second Suhas. It would be great if you can share what all the Wealth Club is all about. I mean If I am paying 3K for this, what all is being provided to me over and above your excellent articles/blogs 🙂

      1. Did you check the samples at http://www.jiwealthclub.com/basic/conversations/ and http://www.jiwealthclub.com/basic/courses/ . Thats the demo of what all you will get .

        Blog is there anyways , but you want to move one ladder up and want to be in an environment where you get more premium things , then you need to be part of the wealth club.


    2. Hi Suhas

      Giving some thing trailer made is a different model altogether. In this wealth club, you will get premium content in terms of videos and audio’s and many different tools which are helpful in your financial life. Please visit the website for wealth club to find out whats on offer, We understand that it will not attract all kind of people, so see if you are a fit in this or not .


      1. Chaitanya says:

        But I second Suhas 🙂

      2. Suhas says:

        Manish, I understand and went through it, all it said was premium material, but without knowing whats premium and whats on offer other than the useful things you put up on your blog, its difficult to signup and shell out as big as 3k…..thats just my opinion…

        1. I guess you have not looked at the samples in that case at http://www.jiwealthclub.com/basic/conversations/ and http://www.jiwealthclub.com/basic/courses/ . Also check out this tool at https://www.jagoinvestor.com/2012/09/income-generated-from-lumpsum-amount.html

          This should give a good idea of what all you can expect . If that looks good to you, you can join it , else its not a great fit for you .


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