December 18, 2020

4 Empowering ways to look at your job

In the last article – 10 benefits of being an employee vs an Entrepreneur, Manish has highlighted some amazing points with some interesting sharings from some real-life entrepreneurs. The article surely has struck a chord with many. After the article was published we decided to write a sequel to the article. We want to leave all you with a new possibility so that you can see your work or job with a fresh pair of eyes.

job vs business mindset

If you really want to become successful in life, I invite you to step beyond the job and business conversation. A lot of people debate on which is better – job or business?

In this article, we just want to add a fresh perspective to your work life. I have been into several jobs and businesses and I want to help you create a whole NEW relationship with your work.

Here are the 4 Empowering ways to look at your work

1. Job or Business is a SYSTEM you choose

Always look at a job or business as a system you choose to make a living.

At the end of the day, it is a system you choose in your life which helps you to earn money. Job or business both are different systems, now every system will have a different input and output attached to it. Our Business coach Mr Ravi Iyer is a system person. He sees life as a system. He finds a system in everything around him. Whatever system you have chosen, see that you respect and love your system.

Look at what is your relationship with your system (job or business). If you create an empowering relationship with your chosen system you always grow and shine in life, and if your relationship with your system (job or business) is weak it always leads to confusion and chaos.

Two different systems:

Job – This is a system that generates X amount every month for the person –  one has to produce X for the company from which the person gets the share. This system is more stable and growth is predictable by nature. The system is linked with the performance and efforts you bring inside the company.

Business- This is a system that can lead to profits or loss at the end of each financial year. Here you cant predict things and the growth can be non-linear by nature. The system is linked with risk vs reward. As a business person – every day you have to find a job for yourself and for your team.

2. Your work has to be your SELF-EXPRESSION

Let me share my relationship with my work or what is right now in front of me.

Let me share how to fall in love with your system (job or business) and how you can grow and shine in your career. I look at my work as my true self-expression.

  • I love to write
  • I love to lead sessions
  • I love to train people
  • I love to empower people

Most of the time I am addicted to helping people help themselves. Right now I am writing this article as part of my self-expression. Trust me it is not about doing a job or business, it is about expressing yourself fully out in the world through work.

Just try it out, the next 7 days you will fully allow your work to BE your self-expression. In your job or business let your expressions flow, don’t worry about the outcomes just keep on expressing yourself.

For example: If you are a software engineer, express yourself through the software you can create for the world. Your everyday focus has to be on what can you create out in the world using your skillset and knowledge. You go to the office not for the targets or for completing the task, but to express your true self out in the world. You literally fall in love with your work when the game shifts from getting the work done vs. expressing your true self.

Let me give one more example, if you are an architect, give the best designs to the world. Let your designs be your expression, let your work become your expression. You are expressing who you are to the world, you are sharing a part of you with the world through your designs and creativity. Let self-expression be the context of your work and not getting the work done or achieving targets or trying to please someone.

In any field of work you can shine if you chose a different path, you choose a path of self-expression. Sharing WHO I really am with the world.

3. Learn to Operate as an Intrapreneur

I did my master’s in business entrepreneurship. After completing my graduation, I wanted to do a program that helps me to become an entrepreneur.

I finally found an institute which was not just creating manager but entrepreneurs. I gave the entrance exam and got selected. On the first day of college, I created my company “Integration consultancy” and I also got some visiting cards printed. On the first day of college, everyone had to introduce themselves to the stage.

I got on the stage and made a declaration. I said “Here is my company and I am going to to use the college training in setting-up my company”, my professors were amazed and everyone in the class was taken aback by my announcement. I always wanted to be into business but I also did all kinds of jobs in my career. I have worked in the call centre, I have worked in a cyber cafe, I use to write articles in Indian express, I have been into multiple jobs and organizations but not as an employee, but as an intrapreneur.

An intrapreneur is someone who operates or runs a unit within a business created by someone else. We have people in our team who really operates like an intrapreneur, we have Sagar Maheswari and Kunal Purohit (our team members at Jagoinvestor) who have demonstrated several times being an intrapreneur. My professors taught me to always operate like an intrapreneur and I invite you all to start operating like an intrapreneur. Trust me Life is not about business or job when you operate like an intrapreneur

4. Always Work and Operate Like an Artist:

When you are in a job or business, you do think about retirement, But do artists ever retire?
The answer is maybe NO.

An artist is into a job or business? or maybe none. They operate in a different zone, which we should learn to be in. An artist looks at his or her work as their self-expression and nothing else, you take their art away from them and they start shrinking.

A painter will think of something in his or her imagination and will start working on making the painting a reality. It can take a few days or months for creating that one thought a reality. Artists love the game of creating a future in their mind and then converting the future into a reality. Once you learn to master this art of creating, you start to enjoy the process of creation. You master creating wealth, you master the game of self-expression and you live a fulfilled life.

Talking about wealth creation, you can create a vision of creating your first 1 crore in the next 5 years and literally live into that future day in and out. Your vision has to wake you up in the mornings, your vision keeps you to stay in action. You start to enjoy the process as the process is driven by your vision. Artists are driven by vision and we can apply the same to wealth creation or any other important area of our life.


Be it a job or business – it is about loving your system and let your work become your self-expression. When I get on a call with someone, I get totally engrossed with the other person, I will express myself fully and will allow my humanness to touch the other person’s humanness. I know this will sound a bit weird or new to you, but when you connect with people at a deeper level through your work everything shifts. Your sales, numbers, financial goals, business targets everything becomes like a by-product in life.

Your work has to become your self-expression that is the main point we want to leave you with as an end conversation for both the articles. Our blog is a place for our self-expression and will continue to express our heart and soul with all of you.

Thanks for reading the article to the end. Thank you for being our partner in spreading financial literacy. Do share your comments below and let me know your thoughts

This article was written by Nandish Desai!

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Pratik Potnis
Pratik Potnis
2 years ago

Your work has to be your SELF-EXPRESSION. I like this statement. WIth boss or without boss. You are your own boss at the end of the day. Work for yourself, work for your passion, that’s what matters. Entrepreneur or Intra-preneur. I really resonate with this article. Amazing !

3 years ago

Excellent and motivating article!
Two points
– The role of company’s management is also very important in creating these parameters where each employee is empowered and motivated to give his best , be creative and contribute .
– nowadays too much hype on being entrepreneur , and many people jump in without realising all angles , in this context excelling in a job is another option !

Achanta Sridhar
Achanta Sridhar
3 years ago

Nice and inspiring article. Thank you.

3 years ago

What an article Nandish.. it is a beautiful way of looking at things!
You are truly an inspiration.. with your life lessons.