Launching – Personal Finance Action Revolution BEGINS Today

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Guys – It has been 5 years now spreading personal finance education through writing blog articles, writing books on personal finance, leading workshop in different cities. We started very small and have reached so far only because of your trust and partnership. Every day we (I and Nandish) wake-up with one thought in our mind “How can we help people to live an awesome financial life?”

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It’s time to look at what is exactly happening in your financial life?

I’ve always been fascinated by Socrates’ bold statement that “The unexamined life is not worth living.” The statement holds a lot of value and meaning in it, it has acted like a wake-up call to me. I examine my financial life every year very closely and my personal finance actions.I want you also to examine your financial life and your actions. Look at what is going on in your financial life, How many articles you marked as important but you never found time to read them, How many personal finance actions you have been procrastinating, how many times you told yourself it’s high time I need to get serious as an investor. Get honest with yourself as that is the first requirement to be a part of personal finance action revolution.

You are committed but then why you are not able to take actions?

It is not that you are not committed but as life is dynamic you are always surrounded by multiple responsibilities in life. You play different roles in life and one of the role you play is of an investor. One of the thing we have found to be missing is a STRUCTURE. Yes, to move from point A to Point B you need a structure without that you will not be able to become effective. We have created a wonderful personal finance structure for you that will help you, motivate you and empower you to take actions in your financial life. It will not help you to complete 10, 20 or 50 actions but it will help you to complete 100 money actions in your financial life.

In our experience Personal finance is NOT about knowing things, it is about getting things done !

A lot of people think they need to have a lot of knowledge to take actions in their financial life. Because of this they start to expand their knowledge domain, they start subscribing on different websites and blogs, start to buy different books but eventually due to lack of structure they are not able to take required actions in their financial life. 100 money actions program is about getting things done, it is about expanding your action domain and it is about breaking your habit of procrastination.

What Existing Users are Saying about

100MoneyActions is a real boon for people like me who are charged up and convinced to improve their financial life and take it to next level. Thanks to Jagoinvestor’s prolific pioneers Manish Chauhan and Nandish Desai for launching such a beautiful concept that is filled of actions. I have started recently with this program and I can sense the positivity that it has started to bring in, in my financial life. 100MoneyActions provides an excellent structure that is built on top of one critical thing “ACTION” and not just actions but “CORRECT POWERFUL ACTIONS”.

I believe that if I take all those 100 actions (believe me it is not as easy as you can read it ) my financial life will move from where it is now towards positivity. I believe that 100MoneyActions will bring in structure and actions that is missing in my financial life. And I wish that it will do the same to many more like me! Big thanks to this concept and all the best to the program/concept. I am sure it will be a great success.

Prasad Kulkarni
IT Professional


100 money actions is one of the best thing that has happened to me. This is one program which I am following very religiously over the last 2 weeks. After reading so much on Jagoinvestor blog I used to think that my all fandas related to investment instruments, finance management etc are in place but still I was not sure if I am doing everything right or I am taking enough actions to put the plan on track. This program is helping me in structuring my thoughts, making me aware about the smallest of gaps, consolidating literally everything.

Today I am using the sheets of this program extensively to track the progress of my actions which I am supposed to do within the defined timelines. While your blog and its articles are very informative and in plain English for a layman, this program is a next step to identify, structure and follow the actions which you always want to take. I am so thankful that I came in contact with you guys. Thanks Manish & Nandish. Cheers!

Anuj Gupta
IT Professional, Microsoft
Delhi & NCR


What you get on JOINING this ACTION REVOLUTION ?

  • PLEDGE Sheet (Your commitment with yourself)
  • 100 Investigative Questionnaire (GAP Analysis)
  • Well designed ACTION document that helps you to complete 100 actions
  • Ready Reckoner List of Financial Products
  • Simple Structure to complete 100 money actions
  • Supporting Audio Files
  • Personal Finance Tools and templates where required
  • Useful Ebooks, Study material and resources for support

What it takes to be a part of this ACTION REVOLUTION ?

It takes commitment to be a part of this ACTION Revolution. You will have to trust the structure of this program. If you can make a commitment you will complete all 100 actions you can be a part of this revolution. Anything free has no value so it calls for a small financial commitment to be a part of this program.

Visit 100 money actions website and get more idea on how you can be a part of this personal finance action revolution. From the bottom of our heart we invite you to be a part of this ACTION REVOLUTION. Once you complete these 100 actions in your financial life, your financial life will not be the same and THAT IS OUR PROMISE TO YOU.

Now, anything free has no value so we decided to keep a small fee to be a part of this action revolution which is Rs. 1999/- only.( This fee is to generate commitment in you). Don’t let your concerns get in your way, don’t let the conversation of money get in your way as your Financial life is Priceless. Paying Rs 1,999 will not make you bankrupt but not taking actions will surely lead you to bankruptcy

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12 replies on this article “Launching – Personal Finance Action Revolution BEGINS Today”

  1. girish says:

    I have participated in 100moneyactions program.I like the way it is structured.
    But i must mention that i find the language at the start of programme overconfident and arrogant.i know you people have finest blog that is available on internet at present and you are sincere and hard working.but this does not mean that you should ask people to keep their brain aside and flock behind you.Please change the language at the start of programme.

    1. Hi Girish

      Its because we want people to not over analyse things . If some participant wants to go ahead with their own way of thinking, they are most welcome to follow it that way. No body is restricting you on that 🙂

      1. girish says:

        my objection is not about the content of the programme.i can very well understand your intention of not overanalysing.i myself have sufferred from analysis paralysis and burnt my objection is about the language not the intention.

        1. Girish

          No one else has pointed out that they have any issues with the language . Not sure how many people feel like that, others are quite happy with everything.

  2. Arun says:

    I appreciate your efforts to spread awareness about money, you are doing a great job through your blog. While I agree the theme of stressing on actions and working in an environment are strong and should lead to good results. I however feel that the registeration cost for this program is on the higher side specially as you have mentioned that its going to be a passive program. I foresee it as a checklist of things that we all should do; basically distilling all information that has been shared in your blog posts or your 3 books. A lower cost would have made it really worth it.

    1. Hi Arun

      While the program is passive , we are sure it provides a great value with the way we have made it. Rs 1,999 is the throwaway price we feel.


  3. Jack says:

    Dear Manish,

    I feel what you said above is not correct. Many free things got value. Just look around, you will find many. Even the language we use to communicate is free for our use. As a professional there is nothing wrong in charging for your service and it is absolutely correct ask for a paid subscription. You need not pretend something that is untrue and bring the “commitment” argument which is very unconvincing to me. Best of luck.

    1. Hi Jack , Thanks for your wishes . I am still not sure what you are not convinced about ? Can you elaborate which points you disagree with ?

  4. ravishankar says:

    Very Nice Suggestions Manish and Nandish.Thanks for that.
    The video of Manish is cool.I have a small query for you.
    While working on completing action questions , if we are not clear or unable to decide the action need to be taken , do Manish or Nandish give any suggestion and help in completing the action.


    1. Its a passive program Ravi . The idea of the program is to take the minimal action without over analysing things . While we have made the program in a way , that there should not be any issue , still if there is anything, it can be resolved via our Q&A forum .

      1. ravishankar says:

        Thanks Manish.The program is really exciting.
        Can we enroll to it in 2-3 days or Is there any last day or limited enrollment seats for this program?

        1. Hi Ravi

          We are thinking on that . We might close the registration for this month in few days. If you want to do this, better enroll faster


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