6 unique traits of Action oriented investors, which every investor should adopt

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We are happy to share that the action month is now ON and it is amazing to see how 200+ people have chosen to participate in action month. It is amazing to see how a small group of people have got together to bring a shift in their financial world. Some of our readers saw action month as an opportunity to get into action, they have realized that ONLY action produces RESULTS.

Action Oriented Investor

Some action month participants got in touch with us and they have already completed life and health insurance area of their financial life. And today we would like to share 6 winning traits that we could observe in action takers.

1. Focus on one area at a time

The participants who bought life and health insurance policy in 7 days of time were totally focused. If you remember as kids we use to play around with magnifying glass to burn a piece of paper. Now, if magnifying glass is focused on a particular part of paper, it starts to burn – but if you continue to move the glass the paper won’t burn. This was my first lesson in life when I got in touch with power of focus. If you want to bring a shift in your financial life, learn to focus and things will slowly start to shift.

2. Take responsibility and get honest

Some action month participants wrote to us about how irresponsible they were in the area of life and health. They saw action month as an opportunity to get honest about their inactions. They started to take 100% responsibility, started to own their inactions, behavior and things started to shift for them.

If you break the word responsibility it becomes “response ability”, which means your ability to respond. All the important areas and situations of your financial life are always in front of you. Now, it is up to you how you respond to those situations. If you are currently under-covered, your response to the situation will determine the final outcome.

3. Awareness is the key

If you want to bring change in any particular area of your financial life, awareness is the key. Our books, blogs and services are all designed about making people aware because we know awareness is crucial element. Those who were quick in completing action month tasks brought their full awareness on the protection area of their financial life. Awareness acts like a spotlight in a dark room, pick an area and become aware about what is present and missing in that area. Let your mind be your guide once you bring total awareness to the area which you want to change.

4. Complete what you start

The rule is very simple, ‘complete what you start’. A lot of investors still fail to stick to this simple rule. A lot of people think of buying term plan or health insurance, they even start the process but somewhere they leave things incomplete. The more you leave things incomplete the more you expand your pending item list. We could clearly see in some action month participants how they completed what they took on. They clearly understood power of completion and they chose to do complete job.

5. Total commitment

Always remember, commitment can rock your entire financial world. Every individual wants to create huge wealth as an investor but very few out of time are committed. Commitment is the secret ingredient which can help you to win the game of wealth creation.  If you generate right kind of commitment, life and health insurance area can be completed in a day. In the first week of action month some investors demonstrated what total commitment looks like, they got on call with us and took the required actions. (You can also participate in Action month by registering here)

6. High Say-Do ratio matters

As an investor always work on your “say-do” ratio. I mean do what you say and say what you are going to do, it is about making and keeping your promises. If you promise to yourself you will buy life cover than no matter what happens make sure you buy life insurance policy. Those who bought life cover and health cover in the week of action month we having high say-DO ratio. They took our support and completed the protection task in 7 days of time.

Opportunity to make the most out of December ACTION Month

We just wanted to share some of the winning traits that we observed in some action month participants. We will share more about them soon in upcoming articles. This article is not just for action month participants, it is for all those who wants to bring a change, shift or transformation in their financial life. Pick the point which inspires you and fill your financial life with right kind of commitment and actions. The action month is on till 31st of Dec, if you want to get life and health insurance in place you are free to participate. Also, in the comments section you are free to share unique traits of winning investor.

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  1. Utpal Goswami says:

    Hi ,

    I find your publications very helpful .The one for passive /secondacy income was very helpful .

    Wish you all the best . Keep doing the good work.


    Utpal Goswami

    1. shivrajsharma says:

      Very good suggestions received.I shall be always in touch with you. Please let me know about pension plans after retirement.My retirement date is coming on 01.03.2015

      1. Hi Shivraj

        You can do your retirement planning with us once you are done or before . Check out jagoinvestor.com/services

  2. ravi says:

    nice article…

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