Online EPF Transfer and Withdrawal from July 1, 2013 – Great News !

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Starting July 1, 2013 , EPF account holders will be able to withdraw or transfer their EPF accounts from one employer to another employer online. EPFO has said that they are working on setting up a central clearance house which will be operational from July 1, 2013 . One of the major problems faced by employees is to transfer their EPF accounts from one company to another when they change their jobs or to withdraw their EPF accounts after leaving their job, which takes years and months, without them having any transparency in the system and process. They are frustrated, lost and have no idea where to ask for their EPF status and to whom . Because of this delay, a lot of people just let things go and the matter drags for years and years

epf (employee providend fund) transfer or withdrawal online

You can also Track the Status Online

The best part is that you will be able to track your request online and will be able to see which stage your EPF withdrawal or transfer is ! .

Permanent EPF account number for each person

EPFO has earlier said that they are working on the permanent EPF account number where a employee once allotted a EPF account number will be able to use the same Employee provident fund number when he/she moves to another employer. The new employer will deposit the provident fund money in the same permanent account number. This will solve a lot of issues, but this would be possible only after 1-2 yrs , the first focus is on introducing a online withdrawal or transfer service.

Verification of Details after the request is put ?

Once you apply for withdrawal or transfer, the verification of all the details from employer will be done by EPFO . All you would have to do is just initiate the transfer or withdrawal request online (Its not clear how it will happen or what you need to exactly do). After that EPFO department will take charge and do their part of work by contacting the employer. Here is how the transfer would work

The member makes his transfer application at his new or old office or directly to the EPFO through an online application. The process is then taken over by the EPFO, which gets data verification from both offices and gets the transfer done immediately. Now, EPFO would do the work of getting details from both old and new offices where transfer is involved, says EPFO Commissioner Anil Swarup. – SOURCE

This will help 50 million Employee provident fund account holders , lot of paper work will be saved and surely the harassment will reduce . (Read how you can withdraw/transfer your EPF , if your employer is not supporting or helping you) . at this moment , a lot of withdrawal’s happen because employees know that its more easier and do not want to take chance for future issues due to the complex process. Hence this move will help a lot to EPFO department in retaining employees with their EPF’s .

What should you do right now ?

While the EPFO has said that this will be operational from July 1, 2013 , still there might be delays from their end (you know how deadlines work in real life , remember what happened with DTC (Direct Tax Code) ?) . If you can really afford to wait and want to try out this online system, then wait for 2-3 months and then give this a shot, else follow the usual process at this moment.


While its a welcome move and we should trust the EPFO department, still you know what happened with the EPF Online Passbook system by EPF , which is not up-to the mark and there are tons of issues with it. It might happen that this online EPF transfer and withdrawal system is built , but there can be huge disappointment with the way it would work . We can only wait and watch at this moment.

What do you feel about this move ? A lot of people might have faced bad experience while transferring and withdrawing their EPF accounts and would have wondered why dont EPFO makes every thing online. Now it comes !

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  1. santosh iliger says:

    Dear sir I have resigned company in 2014 now I want withdraw my PF please tell me how to withdraw it and I have check my PF it’s showing balance but I don’t no how to withdraw and also I don’t have UAN

  2. KOMATHI says:

    I was trying to do an online transfer of PF account from previous employer to the current one. I was able to generate a pin on my mobile phone and submit. But after that, the next page threw an error and no PDF was generated.
    If I try the transfer again, I get the following message:
    The attempted Request for Transfer of Account already exists on the system. Click here to view the status of your existing request.
    Also, when I click on the link to view status of transfer claim, I get no transfer claim there.
    I mailed stating my problem but I got no reply.

    Also, I got an SMS saying that the member details of my previous employment have been verified by previous employer wit a tracking ID.
    But still on the online portal, I can see no entry when I view status of transfer claim/ How do I take print out of the pdf (Form 13) and submit to current employer?
    I also tried call the toll free number for EPFO but no response. Can you please suggest what to do?

    1. I am really not clear on this myself as we have not used this. I suggest you take RTI route now to ask your queries

  3. Rahul says:

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for our help…. I have applied for the online pf transfer but my previous company is closed and no one to approve the pf request.

    Can you plz advise what I have to do now.?

    Thanks and regards
    Rahul shrivastava

  4. hema says:

    Any documents needs to be attached for form 31 uan

  5. raj says:

    how to apply online for pf

    1. Thats what is discussed in the article ?

  6. Biju says:

    Sir my last assignment is with Reliance life insurance co which i left on July2015 .Now i think to withdraw my EPF online .But i don’t know my UAN no and even i asked my employer also after my resignation but they did not reply me.I used to find the same through EPFO helpdesk also but failed.Is there any way to find my UAN and password.?? Kindly help me

    1. Hi Biju

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  7. anup says:

    Sir mera naam anup kumar Upadhyay hai aur main Bhilosa industry private limited naroli silvassa me kaam karta tha maine vahan se Regine maar diya mera pf form bhi ok hai phir bhi mujhhe paisa nahin milraha hai office me aaya to vo bolte hai ke apni company se kyc le aao aur company jaao to vo daudate hai aur paresaan karte hai ke kal aao parson aao main bade biswaas ke ssath apni samashya apke ssth share kar raha hun apse nivedan hai ke aap meri madad kare aap ati kripa hogi mobile .

    1. Hi anup

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


    2. Satish says:

      Hi Anup,
      I am facing exactly same issue. When I try to make transfer, I face same problem like you. Has your issue been resolved? Can you please guide me too?


  8. Shashank says:

    I was trying to do an online transfer of PF account from previous employer to the current one. I was able to generate a pin on my mobile phone and submit. But after that, the next page threw an error and no PDF was generated.
    If I try the transfer again, I get the following message:
    The attempted Request for Transfer of Account already exists on the system. Click here to view the status of your existing request.
    Also, when I click on the link to view status of transfer claim, I get no transfer claim there.
    I mailed stating my problem but I got no reply.

    Also, I got an SMS saying that the member details of my previous employment have been verified by previous employer wit a tracking ID.
    But still on the online portal, I can see no entry when I view status of transfer claim/ How do I take print out of the pdf (Form 13) and submit to current employer?
    I also tried call the toll free number for EPFO but no response. Can you please suggest what to do?

    1. Hi Shashank

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  9. sonu das says:

    How can i transfeer my pf to bank account online.

    1. When you apply for the withdrawal it will automatically come to your bank account

      1. Rahul says:

        Hi Sir,

        What can I do if my previous employer is not approveing online pf transfer request.?

  10. LAHU says:


    1. There is no way. You need to do it offline only !

  11. Rajeev says:


    I have applied for the transfer of PF amount online.

    Upon checking in the website, the transfer claim status shown is : “Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office”. Could you please let me know the exact meaning of the status and how long does the transfer take?

    Also, i have received an SMS from EPFOHO saying “Claim ID : PYKRP150950001008 is approved for payment through cheque. Pmt under process”. Does it mean my PF amount gets credited to my account?

    Now, I’m confused whether the PF amount gets transferred to my new account or gets credited to my bank account.

    Kindly let me know. Awaiting your response…!!

    Thank you!


    1. You will get the cheque at your address.

      I suggest you now take help of RTI and ask them when will you get it

  12. Anant says:

    dear manish,
    i joined private company A in august 2009 and served till february 2014 for which period i was entitled for PF. Later i have continuity of service as i joined the next day resigning company A to join company B which is of state government and unfortunately does not have PF option and is thinking of NPS option now.

    so i served for about 4 years and 7 months in company A and next day i have joined company B (government run) where no PF is collected to date with total service of 6 years 1 month (both companies together)

    Now what are my options and tax implications as PF account was opened in august 2009.
    withdraw or wait for another 1.5 years and then withdraw.
    if withdrawn what is tax liability even when i am in service or govt. employment.

    will be great if you can please guide me for tax-free option in this case as now i am in 30% bracket and will loose 30% of PF amount if taxable when withdrawn.
    thanks in advance

    1. I suggest wait for few years and then withdraw !

  13. Debasish says:

    sir, i want to get my pf online to my account.please help me what is the process

    1. You can fill up the withdrawal form and send it to EPFO

      1. shilpa says:

        Unfortunately I am unable to find the withdrawal form in EPFO site,Can you please help me out with it.

        1. Search on internet

  14. T.M. says:

    Hi Manish, I am leaving Company A to work at Company B. Company B is small and exempt from contributing to EPF. How do I withdraw the amount in my EPF account accrued from Company A?

    1. When you leave company A, ideally they help the employee to withdraw if you want. But incase they dont, you can fill up the withdrawal form and send it to EPFO yourself

  15. Guest says:

    I had transferred my previous company EPFs (two companies) to the third company. Will the EPS amount also gets transferred automatically? How to check whether the EPF and EPS are transferred along with the interest? It shows some amount is transferred. Once the amount is transferred, is the interest is calculated based on the transferred amount also?

    1. You need to fill form 10C for that

  16. amit says:

    l worked with a company five months, then i leave the job company provide me p.f slip i have not p.f account no. after two months i went to company but he could not fill my p.f form .
    please tell me how the p.f withdrawal.

    1. Hi amit

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  17. Thomas says:

    how to withdraw EPF balance to my bank account.
    i have UAN no.

    1. Hi Thomas

      The older EPF has to be withdrawal manually through old process

  18. Subha says:

    Hello Manish,

    I am leaving my organisation after working for last 3.5 years to pursue higher studies. In that case I will not be having a job for next couple of years.
    In this situation should I close my EPF account and withdraw the money?
    If I do not close the account then what could happen? Will I be able to use the same account when I get a job again in future after completion of my studies?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Your account will earn interest for next 3 yrs after which it will become inoperative and stop earning interest. You cant use the same EPF account later , because now the new concept called UAN has arrived, read about it here –

  19. Surendra says:

    Hello manish,
    I worked with a Company A for 2 years till April 2014. From April 2014 to September 2014 I workrd with Company B. Presently, I am working with another company. I raised request to withdraw the PF amount of Company B and got the same. The problem is with the PF amount of Company A. When I left Company A, I raised a request to transfer the amount to Company B’s PF account but till now its not been transferred. Now I am confused whether the amount will be transferred somewhere in the coming months or not (as I have already withdrew all the money in it) or should I cancelled the request and raised a new request to transfer the same to my present company’s PF account?
    Please help.

    1. Hi Surendra

      You should take help of RTI now in this case ! .


  20. guest says:

    I am still not clear as to how the author of that article arrived at 50% higher savings, but what you have stated does make sense – saving early helps avoid need to plan for investing towards end of financial year!

    1. Where have I mentioned it ?

  21. Rakesh says:

    Hi Manish,
    Can you reply to my query sent on December 5, 2014 at 9:32 pm
    My question was “In my UAN my father name is showing incorrect. Is it this will be a problem during the time of PF withdrawal?”

    1. I dont think there is much issue due to this, but better correct it anyways !

      1. guest says:

        If a person’s investments already meet the 80C limit, is there any benefit in increasing PF contribution beyond the compulsory 12% of basic salary? I understand that interest from EPF is tax exempt and is a safe investment, but is there any other way by which it reduces tax to be paid? In the blog post ratrace2freedom dot blogspot dot in, specifically in an article titled voluntary-provident-fund-vpf, it is mentioned that since VPF goes from pre-tax income, it offers 50% higher return than same amount invested in PPF. I do not understand how that was calculated.

        1. guest says:

          Here is the tinyurl link to the VPF-related article I mentioned in my earlier comment – tinyurl dot com slash ktrrjvt. I am unable to paste the exact http link here as your website does not seem to allow links in comments.

        2. It helps you to do compulsory saving automatically before money reaches your account. THats the main benefit ~!

          1. guest says:

            Thanks for clarifying, thanks a lot for the really prompt response!!!

  22. Somesh says:

    Hi Manish,

    Great articale as always…..
    May be I have missed but just want to know is there any article on jagoinvestor on the whole online process of PF transfer and withdrawl(dont think u would have missed that:-)) after the process is online. This article is general and was published before the online process into play.
    May be a exact process infor and links might help people in a more staraigh way(As I have to google a lot for this…rest things i find easily on jagoinvestor).


    1. Somesh

      Actually I have not written on that as of now .. I will try to do that asap


  23. Soibum says:

    Please tell me how the PF interest are being calculated

    1. Its calculated on yearly basis

  24. Rakesh says:

    In my UAN my father name is showing incorrect. Is it this will be a problem during the time of PF withdrawal?

    After how many months I should apply for PF withdrawal after quitting the from the company? And approximately after how many months it will be credited to my bank account.

    Please also suggest me the best and fastest way to apply for PF withdrawal


  25. Kirti says:


    I left the first job and join second. I had not applied for PF transfer. I work in second for 2 months and then join 3rd job. I had withdrawn the PF for 2nd job as it is for 2 months only. Now is it possible to transfer PF balance from my 1st employer to PF account with 3rd employer.

    1. Yes, its very much possible !

  26. Mahadevan says:

    Dear Manish,

    My employer made it clear that PF transfer can only be done online. Tried this but got the following message. Any suggestion on how to crack this??

    “Since membership details in respect of member ID TNMASxxxxxxx000yyyyyyy is not available on the portal, you cannot submit the transfer claim online. It is advised to submit physical claim thorough previous or present employer”

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Will have to study it in detail .. only then I can comment on it

      1. Prateek says:

        I am also facing same issue . Any idea for workaround or help to crack this??

        1. As i said in earlier comment, will have to study it more and only then I can comment !

      2. Kapil says:

        Hi Manish, I’m also getting same warning message. Did you get chance to research on this issue? Please provide the update.

        Thanks, Kapil

  27. mono says:

    BUT IT WAS SHOWING waiting to get approved from previous employer..
    checked with previous employer…he said that he cant see anyone like me in his approval of epf page….just some days back..i registered for UAN…and then after couple of days the appove from previous employee is showing..
    earlier i saw the status..of epf transfer ..its was showing rejected.( no record exists in database..blah blah )….I think registering with UAN…solves this problem of epf transfer..

    1. Thanks for sharing that Mono

  28. Aaisha says:

    I quit working with an entity of a company and was supposed to withdraw my PF as I had completed 7 years in the orgn however after 5 months of working in a different company , I rejoined a different entity of the same company where i completed 7 years. When i was filling my forms the HR confirmed that I should be able to withdraw my PF and so i applied for a new account however now I am told that I have to transfer my PF to new account of the current company. How should I proceed as I had completed 7 years in the 1st company will my no. of years start from 1st year in the new company (different entity of the same co.)? Am I at loss here?

    1. No , once you transfer your EPF to the new one , it will be like its a 8 yr old one . You will not loose anything !


  29. monomono says:

    clciking the preview button
    it shows
    success:in a pop up with an ok button ..
    clicked th eok button ..but the next page is not coming

  30. monomono says:


    1. Which button are you talking about ?

      1. mono says:

        when trying to transfer epf….after filling the form
        when pressing the preview button.
        a pop up is coming (..b;lah blah and next page is not coming where the filled up form is shown..
        found the answer..
        issue with advertisement in browser from
        try using a different browser or a different computer.or reinstall firefox

  31. sunny says:

    I worked for 9 mnths in ABC company changed my job and worked for 1 year for company then again shifted to third company.In each company i created a new pf account instead of transfer so currently i have 3 pf accounts.Is it possible to transfer only the money and not account to my latest pf account.If i withdraw my previous 2 pf account will it be tax free as my tax slab was under 2 lac in those companies.

    1. Yes you can transfer the money part to your new EPF accounts . You need to fill up the transfer form

  32. ramya says:

    i arready transfer my pf amount throw online to new job from my old job so how many day it will take time to transfer n how i will know my balance amount please kindly let me know the details

    1. Ideally

      It should take few months .. but it generally takes a lot of times. .better use RTI !

  33. Durgesh says:


    I applied for online pf transfer claim and it has already approved by my previous employer.
    it is currently in following status.
    “Current Status :Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office”.

    It is in this state for a very long time(2 month).

    Please advice.

    1. The best thing is to file a RTI on this and ask the status , the moment you do this, you will see that this will be completed in next few weeks . Follow this –

    2. Francis Xavier R says:

      Any change in yr status now, Durgesh?

      1. Durgesh says:

        After a long time issue got resolved. Amount transferred successfully.

        1. Pramodh says:

          Hi Durgesh

          for me also the Current Status :Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office”. Can you tell how much time it taken you to get transfer the amount post this status ? Which date transfer is happened ?
          did you do any other steps to resolve this issue.Please share you contact number

  34. Kshitij_Peter says:

    I have filed online applications (for 2 of my previous accounts) and sent the signed copies to my ex-employers. For one of them it shows as Approved and second it shows pending.

    What are the steps/process after the ex-employer approves the transfer?

    1. They just have to give a signature and nothing else, as far as my understanding . File a RTI on this to know the exact status from EPFO

      1. Kshitij Peter says:

        Thanks for the reply Manish.
        The status just changed to approved 3 days ago. So now I just need to wait for the transfer to occur?

        1. Yes it will slowly , File a RTI if you want it to speed up !

  35. mitul says:

    Hello Manish,

    I am regular visitor here for better info. you guys are doing great job. best wishes for you.

    I am posting my first query here, I have initiated Transfer of PF from Bandra RO to Bangalore RO. its been 2 years & 4-5 grievances, still there is no solution.

    This is what i have got :

    This is with reference to your Grievance registered vide Registration Number ROBND/E/2013/12074.
    It is informed that after processing your grievance,the following action(s) has been taken:
    F/13 (Transfer claim) settled. & P.F. A/C Transfer from MH/BAN/ XXX to BG/BNG/XXX of Rs.X vide cheque no. 039919 credited date 25/02/2013 You are requested to approach your respective EPF Office. /Trust


    From grievance from Bangalore RO

    The said transfer will be added to your present account on receipt of softcopy of anneuxre K from Regional Office, Bandra

    Now i fill chocked. what to do ? What abt interest on that money ? when it will be transferred ? Any legal action/Consumer Forum i can seek ? Can you guide ?


    1. I think the best solution for you is to file a RTI application seeking details. First you should file a RTI to Bandra office and ask if the amount has been transferred to Target office, If the answer comes NO , then you need to ask them again When it will be done . and if answer is YES, then file another RTI to Target office asking WHEN will you get it, I think this will take another 2 months, but this is the final solution for you !

  36. sunil dutt says:

    thanking you for easy withdrawal pf sir my company is not submit
    my pf withdrawl from at his pf office they taken allredy abov one and half month
    please tel me how i withdrawal my pf i alredy sended my company to my pf from
    befor two mounth
    thanks regards
    sunil dutt

  37. Deepika says:

    i have worked in a company for 5 months and resigned. I applied for PF withdrawl and my application got rejected. But there is no rejection reason available online nor have i received any courier. My PF account is in Gurgaon,Haryana.

    Can you please suggest what i should do now? Shall i reapply for withdrawl or better opt for PF transfer?

    1. File a RTI now . It would be the fasted way to get right information about your EPF status !

  38. Sachin says:

    Hi Manish,

    I want to withdraw the PF amount for which I filled the form with the previous employer and got it apporved, but I don’t want to withdraw the Pension fund amount, either I can keep it as it is or later on I can get it transffered to my new PF account . Please suggest the best available option. Can this also be done using the online facility.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. I dont think you have an option to just transfer the EPS part . I suggest you ask it on our forum –

  39. surender.m says:

    HI Manish,
    Two months ago,i filed RTI application to check status of PF tranfer request raised in year 2010 and I also got reply saying that tranfer has been done ,it will credited in 2012-13 statement. But how to get this 2012-13 statment.

    1. If things are still not clear, file another RTI

  40. Praveen Deshmukh says:

    As I heard if service is continue for 10 years then PF account will be ceased and you will be eligible for pension. My question is if these 10 years are spend in different different organization then also you will be eligible for pensions.
    Like if 3 years service in organization A and 7 years in organization B, after organization A pf transferred from A to B.

    1. Yes, from all of them, so to make sure things are simple , you should transfer them all into 1 single account

      1. Praveen Deshmukh says:

        But current company opened new Pf account and I need to transfer amount from previous account to new one. In this case It will be called new one and from her If continue account for next 10 years then only I will get feature of pension. Am I right, please clear me here.

        1. No , after transfer old tenure will be considered and added up

  41. Praven says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your usefull information.

    I would like to know the current process of new employee pf & ESI registration process.

    In interview they asked me … From pf how much an employee can draw, if he has less than 10 years exp in pvt ltd company. & more than 10 years exp how much. ?

    What is the process for monthly filing of ESI ?

    Please reply me ASAP sir, i have interview next week.

    Thanks & Regards /-

  42. Deepak says:

    I think you should add the word tentatively to our post heading I spent some of my valuable time going through this post and of no use. I am trying to transfer my pf from previous company for 2 long years and they have played every little trick under the sun to frustrate me. Frankly online PF status & greivance management in EPFO site rocks. They gave me the real scenario of why it is getting delayed.

    1. Why dont you file a RTI now for this . That will surely move it !

  43. Lalit says:

    Bhai log kuch nahi hoga.
    Last time i applied for withdrawal it got rejected with made up reason missing document in 30 days
    this time i applied for withdrawal it got rejected with made up reason missing document in 10 days

    once online process starts it will get rejected with missing document or data in 3 days.

    1. Did you file a RTI against this ?

  44. Richa Lall says:

    Looks like a very good initiative though, all depends on how it works.

  45. sd says:

    Dear Friends,

    I left company XYZ in 2010 & joined another company ABC in the same year. But I didn’t consolidate the accounts, i.e. didn’t get my account transferred from XYZ to ABC. Because of that I have to 2 PF accounts, one opened for each company.

    Now I’m abroad working for an MNC (not an Indian company). I want to consolidate all my PF accounts into one, so it’s easier to manage & avail benefits thereof. My question is, since I’m not with ABC (or any company in India) anymore, how can I consolidate PF accounts of both XYZ & ABC (or transfer to ABC), so I have only one account.

    Your help is really appreciated.


    1. Not possible , as you are not working now in Indian company, you can just withdraw your money from both !

  46. Sharath says:

    Hi Manish,

    Any update on the implementation of this online process.

    Any inputs would be greatly appreciated as I was hoping to apply for my epf through online process after learning about it on your blog.

    Thanks in advance.

      1. jains says:

        companies on both ends i.e. old employer and new employer need to register with EPFO in some digital manner before online transfer can be accomplished. Basically, EPF transfer process requires approval stamp from your old/current employer, this will need to be provided digitally to accomplish online transfer. Even though EPFO data is digital (that’s how we are able to see balance etc online), transfer process will take a some more time to become a reality

  47. vikas shinde says:

    I have pf withdrawal pending from 3 Employers, can i withdrawal online, when will it start?

    1. Its not starting soon !

  48. Lalit says:

    It has been delayed for more than one month. And as per the latest news it seems to be applicable only for online transfers . Online withdrawals are not possible it seems.

    Also it is only if both the companies in question are big companies that have a digital signature.

    1. Lalit says:

      Union Labour & Employment Minister Sis Ram Ola released the revised transfer claim form previously called Form 13. The EPFO would be collecting digital signatures of employers in the next 15 days, a top official said, calling it step two.The third step would be the launch of web based services. The entire process is expected to be completed in a month, he said.

    2. Yes, but its surely going to be delayed as its a govt thing !

  49. Sovan Samanta says:

    Can you please provide info on whether actually Online PF withdrawal process will be started from 1st July or not?
    Please Sir…


    1. Its delayed already

  50. Gopal says:

    As expected, the EPF team made just made that announcement and thats it, they vanished.. Just wished they did something about it, or at the very least make an announcement on expected date!

    What more do we expect from Govt. agencies :)?


    1. We have to expect the delays 🙂 .

  51. Neeraj says:


    Can you please provide info on whether actually Online PF withdrawal process will be started from 1st July or not?


    1. It was expected, there is no news about it till now !

  52. Pramod says:

    I have requested PF transfer in Jun 2012 and now it’s 1year about to complete, but till yet I didn’t get amount in my new account.
    online status will says:
    “Your transfer request has been receive and the same is under process”
    above message is repeated 4 times while I inquired my PF transfer status.

    What should I do.. to get my money back..
    Even I am unable to view my new account detail using view balance option on EPF site.
    It’ll show there is no data for this PF account number and for old account It’ll show message that “account is settled”

    1. Just file a RTI , they will speed up !

  53. Lalit says:

    I had applied for closing my nearly 3 year old dormant account but it has been rejected on 25th may 2013 with note saying rejection letter has been dispatched but I have not received any letter.
    Should i wait for the online closure process before trying again?
    How to close this account? I did not receive any reason for rejection. Can I file compliant to get rejection reason?

    1. What do you mean by closure ? Do you mean withdrawal ? Did you fill up the proper form ?

      1. Lalit says:

        Yes I mean withdrawal. i sent 10c 19 cancelled cheque affidavit for late closure proof of identity pan card copy aadhaar card copy and sent it to my previous employer who verified and forwarded it to epfo chennai. however i received an sms saying that pf withdrawal has been rejected and they have sent rejection letter but i didn’t receive any email nor my previous employer received any communication.
        how can i find out why they rejected the application? its not possible for me to run to chennai from delhi. they never pick up the phone and don’t respond to emails.

        also should i wait till july 1 to refile again online. i don’t know why they rejected.

        1. Only way out is file a RTI and find it out !

  54. Abhishek says:

    from last 2011 feb, i have left my previous organization. Now can it possible to withdraw or transfer my PF in current organization.
    Pl reply.

    1. No , you can only transfer it

      1. Deep says:

        Hi Manish,
        I have similar kind of query . i worked for one company for 5 years and joined the another company 3 months back. i wanted to transfer my pf but before it could happen for some reason i need to quit this job also(starting my own things).So in this situation what can we done please suggest…

        1. You mean you will leave the job and then apply for PF ?

        2. Nothing to worry , you can transfer your PF’s to your new companies or else withdraw it after 2 months

  55. hrishig says:

    Looking at the interest rate offered , I am wondering will it be good if the same money is withdrawn and put in any Debt fund? The idea is not to withdrw this money for long term so if the money is added in debt funds and double indexation is used the resturns should be ideally much higher than PF. ( Best debt returns are around 13- 14% and PF is offering 8.5. So even if someone gets 10 -11 % after double indexation the savings will be huge. What do you think?

    1. But in EPF the maturity amount is not taxable after 5 yrs , you will not get that in debt funds

  56. subhasish Das says:

    Dear Manish ji

    Day before yesterday you have told me regarding EPF transfer problem – For RTI. Plz tell me how I will do the R.T.I.

  57. Vishal says:

    How can we transfer the money from dormant account? (Accounts with no transactions for more than 3 years)

    1. You need to fill up a transfer form

      1. Vishal says:

        Filled that alteast 4 times in the last 3 years but no progress whatsoever. Since the PF account is dormant, we cannot view the status as well.

        1. Vishal

          You need to use RTI now .

  58. syed ummar says:

    I also have EPF account and 5years back i left the job and my amount is with EPFO only. at present my employer is closed shops. then how epfo will check with my office? how can i get back my amount.

    1. File a RTI and ask the EPFO office on this

      1. syed ummar says:

        thanks Manish for your reply. can u suggest me how can i file RTI. i am totally illiterate regarding RTI.

  59. Anoop says:

    Hi Manish,

    I had changed jobs after working for 7 years with my previous employer and opted to withdraw the money from my PF account, which I got it easily as it was maintained by the trust 🙂
    However I checked with my employer regarding the pension amount and when would I get it back, but my employer has told that pension amount is maintained by EPFO and they have no control on when the credit of the amount will happen. Can you please let me know how do I go about claiming my pension amount?


    1. Did you file the withdrawal form for that also ? then it will take some time. I suggest file a RTI for that and it should take few months !

      1. Anoop says:

        Hi Manish,

        Yes, I had submitted a form for withdrawal of my pension amount aswell, I’ll file an RTI and see how it goes, thanks for your help 🙂

  60. Girish says:

    Thank you Manish for this information, I hope, this transfer/withdrawl will not suck as that of getting SMS updates or passbooks from EPFO sites.

    I pray, EPFO will behave smart this time. 🙂

    1. Yea lets hope for the best

  61. Ravi says:

    Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation may stop financing members’ insurance policies from provident fund following operational problems and corruption charges, sources said on Wednesday.

    The move comes after a large number of cases resurfaced where insurance policies have lapsed due to non-payment of premium.

    EPFO is considering a proposal to scrap a provision (paragraph 62 of the EPF scheme) that allows subscribers to pay insurance premium from the PF balance and an internal discussion has been initiated, official told FE citing an internal circular issued recently.

    Payment of insurance premium was one of the options offered by EPF scheme apart from the facility to withdraw money or take advances for buying a house, prepayment of certain loans, incurring social expenses like marriage and higher education of their children.

    Though the Employees’ Deposit-linked Insurance scheme under EPFO offers insurance up to R1.3 lakh in case of death, it is not enough to cover the future needs of a family. At present, an employee contributes 12% of his basic salary towards EPF and the employer makes a matching contribution with 3.67% going for EPF, 8.33% going for employees pension scheme (EPS) and 0.5% for EDLI

    1. Thanks for that info Ravi

  62. RD says:

    Good Move by EPFO..Thanks for the update.

  63. Wriju Bharadwaj says:


    Any idea whether this covers private PF trusts?

    Thanks and Regards….


  64. Chinmoy says:

    EPFO does not show EPS contribution .

  65. Ajit Padgaonkar says:

    EPF has not yet completed updation of data for two-three years.

    This announcement is impossible to be effective from 1st July, 2013.

    Minister is announcing that employee can view their updated balances any time, this is not yet implemented upto now in respect of many organisations.

    1. Lets see if it happens on time or not

  66. vijayakumar says:

    If it works it will be good

  67. Nagamohan says:

    In my experience these systems proposed by EPFO won’t work upto the expectations of the subscriber.There are many examples like EPF epassbook, claim status online, epf balance by sms all these initiatives give 2 to 1 year olddata only , that is not the purpose of having a online access .In my opinion the day dream of alloting permanent pf number would be cancelled very shortly just like the cancellation of alloting social security number.RTI applications on EPF transfer gives a little relief for subscribers that too in papers in reality we don’t know when the amount will be reflected in new account.

    I personally feel that , the EPF account can be opened in banks anywhere near to your house just like a PPF account with suitable documents from employer with a passbook and a account number.The employer has to remit the epf dues on the above account , once money credited the bank has to send message just like our ordinary accounts.We can update our passwords yearly so that we have the feeling of what is the total amount accumulated so far.While changing jobs the same number can be indicated to the new employer and continue With the account and create a huge corpus for retirement.In the present system because of the issues peoples with draws their money and missing the chances of power of compounding and huge corpus in the retirement.

    1. Yea .. thanks for your views on this topic !

  68. siva says:

    Its better to withdraw the PF money and invest somewhere else.
    Transfer and all won’t happen properly.

    1. It will happen properly .. will just take some time

      1. Nitin Bourai says:

        its better to withdraw PF and invest in mutual funds (mid cap), this will definately give more returns as compared to pf ,
        say you are withdrawing 50k
        1 50 k invested for 20 years for a return of 15% in Mid cap mutual fund say HDFC mid cap opportunity fund = 8 Lac +
        2 50 K invested for 20 years in PF at 9% return = less than 3 Lac

        so decide where you want to keep your money a big difference of 5 Lacs

        1. Hi Nitin Bourai

          Thanks for your sharing your valuable comment on this topic. Please keep sharing your views in future also


  69. I think its better to transfer the funds through the offline route rather than waiting for the online facility to get started…

    The chances are minimal that it would get operational from 1st July 2013… Moreover, even if it gets operational, there would be many errors in the system initially as a result of which, the processing of your transaction may get even more delayed…

    I’ve experienced the same with the Service Tax Department wherein they werent able to get the systems in place for online filing of Service Tax Returns even after repeated deadlines …

    1. Thanks for sharing that wisdom with us Karan 🙂

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