Swing Trading Presentation by Sudarshan Sukhani

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Swing Trading

This post is for people who are interested in Stock markets trading, Sudarshan Sukhani has posted an excellent presentation on Swing Trading here, please go through it and use it incase you want to do it.

Who should use this presentation for Trading ?

This presentation is only for people, who are already experienced with Trading, no matter they make Profit or Loss. You must have some level of knowledge and experience before.

Especially for people who are trading and are yet to succeed in Trading (Whether its Stocks , Futures or Options , it may be currency or Commodities also). I also come in this “overall loss making” category of traders till now. I am yet to break even and start making some profits in Trading.

Who should not start using this presentation just after seeing this presentation ?

Anyone who is not at all related to trading and just want to start Trading. If you have not done it before, Just look at it and stay away as of now. You are yet to gain more knowledge and then enter this world, You yet need to understand what is Money Management, Trading Psychology, Technical Analysis etc etc.

If you don’t listen to me and start using the techniques given in this presentation, there is extremely high possibility that you loose blow up your account at some point of time, Just see this presentation, get the feel and save it for future reference.


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6 replies on this article “Swing Trading Presentation by Sudarshan Sukhani”

  1. Alok says:

    I am not able to view this presentation. pls help

    1. It might not be available now

  2. sairam says:

    I saw your website its very useful. But some of the messages are out of date, please update to the current scenario, i.e., model portfolio etc.

    1. Sairam

      Yes , this is an old article , but its not valid now , better leave it


  3. Manish Chauhan says:


    I never suggested anything ever on rediff ..


  4. Anonymous says:

    YOU HAVE SUGGESTED INDIA CEMENTS IN REDIFFMONEY.WIZ on 2-9-2009 Buy, stop loss Rs 132 – TARGET PRICE Rs.125 while suggesting please once check and give your recommendations, it is very small mistake, but How much care you are taking while suggesting is known by the investor.

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