October 16, 2020

Gold & Indian Marriages – Survey results of 2000+ participants

Do you have a daughter? Saving in gold for her marriage?

Nice! .. Nothing wrong with it.

Just that I wanted to tell you what your daughter wants?!

Yes, that’s exactly what we did. We ran a survey with around 1,996 people which was a mix of men and women and tried to get a perspective of how women (and men also) see the gold which is given in our Indian marriages.

Check out this 20 min video below where I have shared the results of the survey in detail and also gave my commentary.

Indian marriages are not complete without GOLD.

Every parent tries to give enough gold to their daughters in form of jewelry which is worn by the bride in marriage and it also kind of becomes a scorecard for others to compete. But do daughters really want gold from parents to that extent?

Here is what females replied to our question when we asked them “What is the main reason why you want GOLD for your wedding?”

Check our more survey results in our video above..

There is enough for me to talk on this on this topic, but I would save that for another day and rather point you to this excellent article which talks about GOLD, Dowry and what women have to go through in our country

My parents, however, decided to give me — a person who does not wear any jewelry, not even a wedding ring — a pound or two of gold jewelry. A matter of pride.

“Your father is a doctor and mother is a professor; people will expect you to wear some gold,” an aunt explained.

“What you do today will reflect on your sister and will affect her wedding,” another aunt said.

Weddings are hard, and I had no fight left in me. So I went along with it. I wore an armor of gold. The numerous chains were stitched onto my sari to keep them in place. I never saw that jewelry again after the wedding. My mother-in-law has it safe in a bank locker somewhere.

One of the first conversations I had with my mother-in-law was when she told me that her son had certain responsibilities to his sister. She then asked me to not stop him from fulfilling those.

Years later, I decoded that cryptic message.

She was trying to tell me that when the time came, I should support my husband in paying his sister’s dowry.

But I don’t think I can support a system that turns women into bargaining chips.

I would really love to get your comments and opinion about this topic. Please share that in the comments section.

Disclaimer: The survey results don’t claim to showcase what the whole of India thinks. The survey was taken by only 1,996 people and its not a very big same size as such, however it’s not very small though.

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Rohit Joshi
3 years ago

The tittle is really apt. A Normal Indian Wedding is incomplete without Gold.
In India there Huge number of people that buy Gold Just for the Wedding. It is also a Sort of Investment for their Future and this relationship goes back decades between Indian Marriages and Gold jewelry.

Sanjay Laha
Sanjay Laha
3 years ago

A long awaited topic. I personally hate gold (not actually gold, but people’s lust for the yellow metal).

3 years ago

The way you wrote the article is a good man. Thanks.

3 years ago

Good article and wish have some higher number in candidate count of survey. Also personally feel to have 15% in portfolio and wish to have detail article on sovereign gold bond and gold ETF and how to add in portfolio

Sarwar Pedawi
Sarwar Pedawi
3 years ago

The good thing about buying gold for whatever reasons you have is that gold is one of the assets whose value usually only goes up, which makes it a greater investment option when compared to other investment vehicles.

Vishal Pai Vernekar
Vishal Pai Vernekar
3 years ago

Gold has given very good returns. To buy gold requires very little research. Transaction can be done very easily at a reputed jeweler shop. No hassle of creating an account and paying yearly charges.

Google pay has made it even easier.

Avinash Khopade
Avinash Khopade
3 years ago

Very nice article on an important topic such as Gold for Marriage!
People from the previous generation may have a different opinion altogether.
But as a modern parent(father of 2-year girl baby), my opinion is apart from only a few Gold (for jewelry), we must not invest too much in Gold.
Instead, we can gift our Daughter Mutual Funds/Stocks.