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This post is for people who want to make career in Financial Planning . I will be talking about CFPCM Certification here .


What is CFP Certification ?

CFP or Certified Financial Planer Certification programmes in India are offered mainly by Financial Planning Standards Board India. Its a certification after doing which you will be a certified to be a Financial Planner and take different roles in the area of Financial planning .

What is FPSB ?

Its Financial Planning Standards Board India , The board authorised to give CFP certification in India . FPSB is a Public–Private Enterprise and a Professional Standards Setting body for Financial Planners in India.

FPSB India proactively guides the development and promotion of standards for Financial Planning professionals to benefit and protect the public in the country.

Who should do CFP ?

Its for people who want to enter the field of Financial Planning , People are interested in the subject and recognise the huge potential and rewards this area may benefit . There are many other courses in Finance like CA , CFA , ICWA or MBA (finance) , but they are totally different from CFP .

CFP mainly deals with planning of Finances in area of Investment , Insurance , Taxation . So its more inclined towards financial planning for individuals .

People who are working professional in other industries and want to switch there career in Financial planning can also go for CFP , its easy to complete the CFP certification while working .

Is it worth doing CFP , What is the Future of this ?

My take :

India has 1 billion+ population ,where financial awareness is almost non-existent , People here save money but do not understand how to invest it or take care of it in the best way . They don’t even know the basic steps for Financial planning . Currently there are handful of CFP’s in India who are in great demand .

In days to come CFP professional will be the most sought after and highly paid professional’s in area of Finance and overall .

So CFP is the next big thing all over India . That is my personal opinion .

How easy it is to do CFP , Is it too costly ?

How to register : There are many Education Providers (colleges) in India certified by FPSB to offer the study material , you have to enroll with some EP of your choice and do the course , They may offer the course through classroom coaching or Distance learning , you have to decide what suits you.

Giving Exams : The exams are conducted though nseindia.com just like NCFM exams , you have to register for an exam date , pay the fees and give the exam. thats it !! .

Cost : Its not at all costly compared to other courses in same field . There are 6 modules you have to clear . Following is the Fees structure

  • FPSB fees : 10,000
  • Exams for 5 module per module : 13000 (2000 for 4 modules and 5k for last module)
  • EP Fees : 20000 (that is average , Many charge from 10k to 1 lacs)

So In total it should be around 45,000 – 60,000 .

Its one of the best career options in India currently at this cost .

people who want are in Bangalore can go for “MANDAR Learning Acedamy” as there EP .

To get more details , go to https://www.fpsb.co.in/Scripts/RegisterForCFPCertificationProgram.aspx

When do you become a CFP ?

You become CFP only after passing all the CFP module exams and having experience as per CFP criteria , Its either 3 years experience in Financial sector or 6 yrs experience in Non-financial sector . For details see there site .

Note : The information given on this post if not 100% information , I just gave a brief idea about CFP . for details you must see fspb site .

See my previos post of GFactor

Conclusion :

CFP is one big thing for India . Indians badly need right financial planning for them and in this country of 1 billion , CFP’s will be the king of future . So if you have interest , time and and some money , go for it .

All the best !!

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  1. Subha Rakesh says:

    Which is more good,ncmp or cfp?

  2. Shivam says:

    I am in CA-Final and pursuing my articleship.
    I would like to ask that will CA-Articleship be eligible & would count as necessary work experience for getting CFP certified through challenge status pathway ?

    1. Hi Shivam

      Thanks for asking your question. However we do not have answer to your question.


  3. Deepika says:

    Hello sir,
    If im a 12th pass when I am registering with FPSB,and later on in 3-4 years i did my graduation then i will have to have 3 years of work experience or 6 years experience for the certification?

    1. Hi Deepika

      Thanks for asking your question. However we do not have answer to your question.


  4. Rashid says:

    I’m inclined towards pursuing CFA or CFP?
    I’m currently pursuing my under-graduation in Economics.
    Can you please help me take this crucial decision of my life?

    1. What kind of work you want to do in life? IN companies or with individuals ?

  5. Vivek says:

    Hi Manish, Is CFP good for managing personal investments? I am not intending to enter the field but thinking to implement the knowledge for my own good.

    1. its too mathematical and you might feel its a waste πŸ™‚

  6. Swarupa says:

    I have done Msc Comp Sci in 2004 . I don’t have any background or previous experience in this field. I want to start my career newly at the age of 32 and I found this course interesting. Am I eligible to do CFP curse? Is it beneficial for me? Does previous Education and Experience matters in this field to become a cfp?

    1. No , you can do CFP , Eligibility is 12th pass

  7. Jignesh says:

    Hi, Sir

    I am B.com & I clear amfi exam. I have exp. of 3 year in it. I want know that still how much worth it to do cfp and what is salary of cfp holders in current time.

    1. Check all the comments, it answers your query

  8. M Vallinayagam says:

    Sir, here everybody asked about CFP, that is why am also asking,

    If it is wrong, really sorry to u.

    Thank you

    1. NO NO , thats totally fine πŸ™‚ ..

      If you go through all the comments in this article, I think you will get your answers !


    2. No issues. Just go through all the comments. you will get your answers !

  9. M Vallinayagam says:

    Hello sir

    I am BE Mech and working in finance section of Private company (this company is dealing with Packaging machinaries). I have five years experience in financial operation like vouchers, Vendor payment, Margin calculation, stock monitoring etc.

    I am passionate about financial planning and come to know about CFP. getting more details from google about the course and exam pattern and even selected a Education provider. But what about present job opening for this. First, after completing CFP, i wanted to work in corporate for 3 years and then interested to launch own firm.

    Can you clarity the following?
    1. Starting salary
    2. can i get CFP certification immediately after completing exams ? (i have 5 years experience in finance operation only not worked in any financial services company like insurance, MF)
    3. How recruiters will recognize me or how can i know that which firm is hiring CFP?
    4. For employements, How to get a client base.

    Thanks, awaiting for your most valuable reply

    M Vallinayagam Chennai

    1. Hi M Vallinayagam

      I think this is not the right place to ask this question

  10. Vishnu says:

    Hi All,

    Suggest me best institution to get CFP certification done….. in Bangalore

    1. Hi Vishnu

      I dont have any idea on that

  11. suman baksi says:

    Hi Manish,
    There are various certification available in industry like CFP, CWM,CFA. Can you pls share your view or comparative analysis of these certifications ?

    Suman Bakshi

    1. Hi Suman

      I think comparision of each on this blog is not possible .. but I will give you a one line explanation

      CFP is for someone who wants to do individual personal finance planning
      CFA is for analyst at corporate level (not for a person)
      CWM is more for soemone who wants to be a wealth manager . it will involve numbers and calculations and analysis of stocks , portfolio

  12. sureshkumar says:

    I have completed B.com with 50%.
    12 years experience in Banking and insurance. May I directly join CFP-Challenge status..
    Previously worked with ICICI Bank as Assistant Manager
    Currently working with Exide life insurance as Sales Manager.

    1. I think you are eligible for it .. go for it !

  13. Subhodaya Kumar says:

    Sir I am b.tech graduate..
    and I am fresher..
    is it worth in doing cfp certification..
    as a fresher can I do the certification..

    1. You can do it, but see if its for you or not !

  14. NIJO JOSE says:

    i m currently working in gold finance company kosamattam finance as customer support executive and pursuing m.com and cfp, so whether this cfp certification help me in this company or i have choose any other financial sector?

    1. I dont think any significant use of CFP in your current job !

  15. Mahesh Kathiravan says:

    Hi Manish,

    Your article regarding CFP Course is really very informative. Infact i joined the course as well πŸ™‚ Just wanted to know where can i find all the details of listed CFP’s so that i can solve my doubts or enhance my skills

    1. Hi Mahesh

      You can get the list on FPSB website – http://www.fpsbindia.org/Scripts/Home.aspx

  16. Gitakshee says:

    helllo Sir, i am a graduate in economics and currently i am preparing for my masters. along with which i want to do a certificate course. So i found Cfp a good option as it will add an edge to my field only. Do we have other courses also bcz my basic interest in investment banking. What would be the pay scale if i do ma eco along with cfp.

    1. CFP will not add much value for what you are planning for .. its a very different thing !

  17. Prateek Joshi says:

    Hello Manish,

    I am working with one of the best MNC…apart from that i am an Insurance advisor For LIC OF INDIA. Which i have started a year back and so far have around 20 clients.

    I am a commerce Graduate…i am planning to go for CFP..as it would help me in my Insurance industry which is my Goal in life (to be a Financial planner and Insurance advisor). Will be quiting my job once i get settled in planning industry.

    So please advice me.

    Bansi Joshi.

    1. Hi Prateek

      please put down your question in a straight manner, what is your question exactly, Keep it very close ended, not open ended !

  18. Vivek says:

    i have a doubt about cfp is it best course than CA. After getting certification any financial field that makes cfp certification valid ?

    1. there is nothing like “better” . A CFP can earn more than CA if he works hard . Both are for different field !

  19. DB DESAI says:

    How relevant and regulatory compliant is CFP? Is there is comparision and evaluation available between CFP and IA-I AND II launched by NISM accredited by SEBI.

    1. I dont have such comparision

  20. rashmi says:

    Hi i came across your page while browsing for certification courses. CFP seems interesting but i am not sure about it yet, i have a few queries:
    If not in Private practice, is the scope of CFP confined to selling financial products?
    If not, what are the other roles?
    is it possible to gain employment in the financial planning arena after having completed a module or two? so as to begin with the required “Experience criterium” and complete the rest of the modules while earning and learning?

    1. Its hyped a lot πŸ™‚ . CFP is for someone who wants to start his own practice in financial planning, you should be passionate with personal finance a knack of planning people life. If not , you would just be landing a sales job in most of the cases. Read all the comments in the article and you will know what I am saying !


      1. mathew says:

        First of all, i completely understand your passion for finance. IT is too boring. anyway, i see that this blog is going on for last 3- 4 years now. So ideally you should have completed your CFP written part and with this blog and other articles which possibly you would be writing you would have met the criteria for the experience too. Now tell me how has your experience in the market been. Are you able to get enough clients to do justice to this change of career path you have taken, or it is just the passion which is taking you through? Hope you dont mind asnwering. thanks either way.

        1. Hi Mathew

          Thanks for asking this . I have not yet completed CFP , Because in our model, we dont need CFP certification , no one has ever asked for it . In online model, the only thing required is huge trust between you and client . Even in offline model , when I meet all top planners in India who have completed CFP , they have shared and accepted, that CFP in no way is reason for them getting clients. No one asks for it . Its just a good way to display to public that you are cerfied and have gone through some training .

          Coming to clients part, yes, we have got enough and huge number of clients , all from our raeders base , and its good enough for us . We can get even 3X more clients then what we are getting right now , but we do not want that to be our core focus area, we also earn from other online things like our wealth club , 100 moneyactions, bootcamps etc ete ,even we earn from workshops in different cities.

          Note that online model can get you tons of clients, but it needs huge amount of passion and patience and I should I also admit that online model has its own challenges and problems .

          I hope you have got your answers πŸ™‚

          I am much more satisfied career wise and even money wise after moving from IT to personal finance πŸ™‚


  21. Prashanth says:

    I am in the final year of my graduation(B.com) and willing to do CFP…i am aslo completed CA-IPCC….Is it a good career option for me if i opt for a job after completing CFP? How much salary can i expect? Thanks

    1. Hi Prashanth

      All this is discussed in the comments part of this article , go through them

  22. sanket says:

    FCPCM certification is awarded only on completion of the graduation?

    1. Which certification is that ?

      1. sanket says:

        ooo sorry it’s my mistake “cfp certification”…..

  23. Nikhil says:

    Thanks a lot Manish.
    You are doing a great job. May God Bless You.

  24. Nikhil says:

    Hi Manish,
    Nice job indeed. I want to ask you:
    My son is studying in S.Y.BAF and also doing evening college for diploma in Advt. and PR. He plans to do MBA Finance after graduation. Will CFP benefit him and at what time he should do, means after graduation or after MBA or now. Thanking you in advance.

    1. Does it help him do what he loves ? CFP means he has to deal with real people financial lives , ask him he is loves doing it ?

      1. Nikhil says:

        Thanks Manish for the reply.
        I don’t know he really loves doing it or not but he is insisting me for it.
        His college (BAF) and diploma ( Advt & PR) will start from second week of June. He says it will enhance his resume profile. I am saying too many things at a time will not make you master in any. One can do it even at a latter date when ready to work or job. I really want to know will CFP help him with what he is studying just now. Thanks.

        1. No it will not . CFP is not a great thing if he just wants to do “job” . If he is looking at consultancy , it might be a good thing at this moment

  25. Ritesh says:

    Hi ALL,

    Nice post by Masih. These days, there are so much hype about CFP. whenever people talk about scope for CFP in India, they never forget to refer the current population size of India( i.e. 1bn Plus) and unawareness of financial stuff in india.
    However there are very few, who actually talk about fact & figure about CFP profession and its scope and current situation of market. Market size of CFP in India is very small and at presents these market mainly lies in metro cities of India. so don’t exaggerate yourself with 1.2 billion Indian population. Think about income level in India. Still India having 37% population below poverty line (source:Planning commission of India). Do you think these people are investor?These people don’t have livelihood and struggle for bread & butter on daily basis. As per Consulting firm McKinsey and Co. the size of middle class in India will become 20% of total population by 2015. On basis of the above data, we can say current scenario of CFP is not very attractive at this point of time Nevertheless Future is really good.If supply of CFP increases with time will lead CFP professional no where. Since we should know the fact there are very few percentage of people ready to pay in range of 10-30k for your service and if you do it for free then there is no difference between you and insurance/mutual fund agent. Finally I would like to say, Don’t make your decision based on the some over exaggerating Journals or website.Use your own analytical skill to revise the scenario best suited for yourself.

    1. Good point Ritesh πŸ™‚

  26. SHASHANK says:


    Please suggest me, I have completed my B.Tech, I am planning to do Financial planning course, Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Financial Planning and Wealth Management, Please suggest me that MBA finance or PGDAWFP is best? And how was the carrier options for Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Financial Planning and Wealth Management?

    Please suggest me what to do, I need to settle my carrier with your response.

    1. Hi Shashank

      We can only answer about CFP as we have some knowledge about it . for that you should go through the comments section .

  27. Hakimuddin T Jabrot says:

    Hi, I am a commerce graduate working in BPO/KPO sector which is not directly related to finance. I would like to know the scope of CFP and kind of job/career options I have on succesful completion of CFP. And do banks hire CFP as advisors. If yes, what would be pay package, job role, etc?

    1. JUst go through the comments section , you will get your answers !

  28. Aditya says:

    This is very useful information. Thanks for sharing…. πŸ™‚

  29. Swathi says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am a Bsc Graduate.I completed my MBA Finance from pondicherry university recently.
    I am working in stock market field from 2006.I have NCFM, Derivatives, Commodities,Currency ad BSE
    capital market certifications. I also worked in banking so have knowledge about retail, NRI and remittance
    also. Now I am in broking sector and working as a Equity Advisor.Now, what I want is, I want a job in operations
    filed of stock market [ technicle analysis also I am interested]. I want a job which is out of sales target

    I heard about CFP course and I got a information that i can join as BA[ Business Analyst].

    Can CFP help me in what I want? If you can clarify on this point, I will decide on whether
    I can join the course and searchout for anyother way.

    1. CFP is different that what you want .. if you want technical analyst job , CFP is not right thing for you.. being a CFP means helping people with financial planing etc.

  30. Sudip says:

    Hi Manish,
    It’s really very good to see all the discussions regarding CFP. Moreover it seems to me that you have tried to bring out all the true sites of CFP. I am a 2005 Commerce graduate and I have been working in semi finance based non voice BPO domain for last 6 years. Basically I was planning to go for CFP to come back in the core finance domain. But after reading all the posts published here I am in dilemma now. I had a thought that it will be very helpful to me to make me back in the core sector as well as to get the salary like 30K-35K/PM (which I am currently getting). I think this is mostly marketing based career for which I have to start from the beginning. And honestly I am not interested in marketing domain. It will be great help if you advise me whether I should go for it or not.


    1. Its not that its a marketing kind of career. But if you are just looking for JOB , then yes, marketing jobs will come to you mostly. Else if you want to establish your practice , then CFP will be useful

  31. Animesh says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am Animesh, currently working in Finance and Accounting Process at Infosys BPO. I want to know that, is this course is worthful for me to make sucessful career. and i want to know more about the salary packages offered in other companies and other prospects of doing this course. Could you please advise me.

    Thank you.

    1. If you are just looking it from job point of view, then better do not .. because financial advisory is mainly going to make money for you only when you setup your business and practice .. read the comments and you will see each part of this profession discussed there

  32. dauat rai says:

    Manish Ji,

    It seems you know a lot about CFP Certification. Please answer my qurry :

    I have been working for last 11 years as Executive Assistant in private sector company, not in financial sector. I have done CFA from ICFAI (in 2010) but could not find any job in Finance Sector. Now I am planning to do CFP. Please advise if it will be good enough for me to get a good job..

    1. What salary you are getting right now ,you cant expect more than 20-30k per month with CFP , also go through more and more comment on this article, you will get a better understanding !

  33. Saurabh says:

    Is there any scope for Indian CFP abroad? What courses to study after CFP?

    1. You can always give a test for the particular country and practice CFP there in that country . BUt I have not heard anyone doing it .


  34. sarabhjeet says:

    Hi Sir, I have been working for last 11 years, but not in financial sector. I have done CFA from ICFAI but could not find any job in Finance Sector. Now I am planning to do CFP. Please advise if it will be good enough for me to get a good job..

    1. Vivek says:

      brother, it is meant for personal investment management. If you are working in consultancy then it would make sense to enroll

  35. vijay says:

    iam mtech graduate.iwant to change my career in finance thatswhy I wnat to do CFP course.

    what r chances for me by doing CFP course.

    most of MBA persons doing this.

    can I grow my career in this field.

    please post comment.

    1. Only if you are very sure that you want to go for it , then do it, its full of struggle !

  36. suharsha says:

    hi i had completed bcom ca ipcc(inter) ..i m interested in cfp and dbf… do this courses help me to get a job with the above said qualification???..does cfp gives value addition to my career???..how much of salary can i expect from the employer????in what field i might get the job???please assist me…..

    1. You should first go through the comments section in detail, you will get good information and your answers

  37. manish says:

    Dear manish as expected by reading all the comments i wanted to say one thing which i have experinced as a student and i also wanted to know the answer ” today students do not ask what and how they will be taught they only ask about placements and salary packages”i mean many people want to join that course where packages r high n nowadayz people also transferring there job from one profession to another just bcoz paypackage is high as far as i think if u have passion of wht u like to do and wht u r currently doing then u can earn better than any other profession bcoz ur passion is involved in ur job.nowadayz studentz r facing emance amt of pressure of earning high income after graduation and post graduation, they become so grilled under this pressure tht they cant concentrate on their studies and itz techincal part and skills which student should know.instead of relying on earning high income my suggestion would be to concentrate on studies create the idea from ur passion and then the things will automatically turns in ur favour.

    1. Yes Manish

      Exactly how it should be πŸ™‚ . Unfortunately , life has become complex and demands money for everything !

  38. PRAMOD says:


    1. Yes Pramod

      Dont panic, you can pay the renewal fees each year ..

  39. Hardik says:


    If i enter in personal finance whether the experience earned in this field will be consider good work experience and whether this experience will help me in my MBA

    1. It all depends what you are going to do finally in your MBA. i dont see much value addition !

  40. Hardik says:

    Hello sir

    I am a b.com graduate from Delhi University with 64% marks in my graduation i have enrolled in CFP programme earlier this year i have cleared my Investment,Risk Analysis and Insurance Planning,
    but many people say that CFP certification has no value ahead and i should not waste time in that..sir can u please tell whether i should continue or should i stop here..i need to MBA in finance ahead in my life ,so please tell me whether this course will take me ahead or i will remain at same position where i am now.

    I will be very grateful if you clear my doubts.
    thank you

    1. With your current plans, this course will not help you much , CFP will help you enter into personal finance planning , but not corporate finance, and even with CFP the path is not easy to follow!

      1. Hardik says:

        Sir than u please suggest what course i should do that will help me to pursue my goals

        1. What is your goal in life ?

  41. Janak Patel says:

    Hi Manish,

    Congratulations on your article which as I saw got a very good response.

    I would like some inputs on some queries I have related to Financial planning. But before that let me give you some information about me.
    I am based in Mumbai. I graduated in Mathematics. Joined IT field thereafter. I have over 20 years experience in the IT software field. I have over 5 years worked with Global Financial inst/banks as my client but for their software needs. Between 2005-2008 I did my MBA in Finance (MFM) from Welingkar Instt. I have a keen interest in Financial planning and have been considering doing CFP for a few years, but due to some work schedule and other commitments, it’s been delayed.
    I read lots of articles related to FP and watch various programs on TV (though they are not exhaustive). I have a fair understanding of the subject at a conceptual level so to speak.
    My objective (long term) is to have my own setup providing Financial planning and investment services to clients. Considering this :
    Query 1 – How would you suggest I go about my certification ? Would you advice I take up an EP or go the self-study route? Fees are not a major concern, I can manage a reason amount for EP too (15-20K).
    Query 2 – Would my experience of 20+ years be considered in any way for the CFP credential that I can use, post the exams?
    Query 3 – Would you recommend a short stint with a firm in this field to get the hang of how it functions?
    Query 4 – What kind of earnings can be expected in this field (not the commissions on products), consulting charges for FP from a client ? This is so that I get an idea when I can go independent and plan accordingly. Here of course whats at the back on my mind is my current earnings vs FP career option.

    I would appreciate if you can reply at your earliest convenience and provide some valuable inputs.

    Thanks & Regards
    Janak Patel.

    1. Janak

      Here are my comments

      1. As you have good interest in FP and your concepts are clear, you can manage without EP , you can infact get some basic material online too . Regarding Certification , note that at the moment certification is not compulsory from regulatory point of view, but it would be a good addition.

      2. No , you need to complete 3 yrs in finance only then you can write CFPCM next to your name πŸ™‚

      3. Yea it would be a good idea . But the only issue is most of the firms wont like engage someone who is going to be their competitor soon πŸ™‚ , especially if they know about it .

      4. This is a major disappointment point, I am not sure what you are earning right now , but I am sure its a big money . Unless you are doing some innovative work in FP field or take technological help to execute your idea, its really tough to make amazing money in this field . The india audience is still not open to pay and the major horror story of every financial planner is the fees part . I am not saying you cant charge high or make money , but the path is very challenging and you need to be very very good at it . You need to be innovative . If I talk about ourselves , We are going good “at the moment” atleast . We love the work as of now and hence we dont complain on earning point . I cant give any figure you can expect, may be you can give me numbers , and I can see what level of realistic levels they are at

      1. Janak Patel says:

        Hi Manish,

        Thanks for your responses.
        Point 2. If I have Financial planning experience of 3 years (start now independently). I have been done some consulting for friends and family in last couple of years (more as a hobby).
        Point 4. Can I expect a figure around 75K/month (may be a year down the line).

        1. 2. All you need to show is 3 ys of experience, how do you show it , is on you

          4. In job ? NO NOT AT ALL , only if you do your own practice , you might be able to generate that kind of income and thats not easy πŸ™‚

  42. Ankur Dantara says:

    Hi, can you pls tell me that how CFP is useful in bankin sectors.

    1. Its just a qualification addition and you might get a more better sales/planner job ! , read the comments in detail

  43. saikumar says:

    Hi Manish! i would like to ask u onething, what kind of jobs i get i do cfp and will they put any pressure like sales target because recently an institute in hyderabad guaranteed me a job after qualifying cfp with a pay scale of around 2.5-3lac. what is your advice should i join it?

    1. Have you read the comments ? They answer all your questions

      1. Manisha Mangu says:

        I have done my B.Com correspondence. I want to pursue my career in Finance. I am confused that what course should i do whether CFP or PG Diploma in Financial Management..Which course would help me in my career?I want to know more something about CFP that what kind of job do we get after doing this course?? Is it a field job??Please suggest me..

        1. Did you read the comments in the comment section !

  44. Mahesh Tiwari says:

    Hi Manish!
    Thankfully I found a honest person who is speaking about the actual facts. I am 2012 commerce graduate & currently pursuing cfp but have no work experience. I am a bit worried because sales field requires to have a strong network.
    I have been informed that while working in a company as an afp you will be required to acquire the clients on your own for the company & sell them the products. If I really had such a strong network, it would have been sensible for me to start my own practice
    Does it consist a lot of field work?
    Are you put into too much pressure by the company to achieve the set sales target threatening your job security?
    I am interested in advising & planning for the clients, but not roaming throughout the Mumbai finding clients all 365 days in a year. I thought the company must be providing the clients.
    What is the scope of improvement in the salary?

    1. Mahesh

      Either you are in wrong job then or with wrong expectations . Each day in financial planning is a struggle . I am not saying the profession is bad . Its awesome , but you should not be expecting good salary along with just planning work , Planners are really stuggling getting clients . The rosy picture shown by the education provider and the FPSB board (india would need lacs of CFP, its a bright career, highest paid in world) , all that is not applicable to india , atleast for next 20 yrs πŸ™‚ .

      What are your salary expectations . Can you send me a mail on my email or use the above contact page. I would like to talk to you .


  45. yash says:

    what is the minimum age to do cfp cm nd what is the estimated salary i expact after having 3 years experience

    1. You can do it after 12th exam – you can expect Rs 1.5 – 2.0 lacs salary !

  46. Sreeni says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am into IT industry from the past 12 years and i would like to swich my career to Finace (CFP) in another 3-4 years, as i am interested very much in this field. I would like to start my own practice. I have to pay the home loan etc.. which requires around 40 K. What is your suggestion?

    1. I didnt undertand your reasoning for shifting to Finance ? To earn more or to earn additional 40k ? What is your income right now ?

  47. Siddharth says:

    Hello Manish,
    I want to ask that in 1 year, we have to pass all the exams..but by chance if i fail in one of the exams..then am i allowed to appear for the exam in the 2 attempt till the one year is not completed..
    does any of my failure will not allow me to appear for exams..?? is there something or i am allowed to try till one year duration of my registration..
    Kindly do reply..
    Thank You very much.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  48. Siddharth says:

    Dear Manish,
    I just got doubt while registering for CFP..
    Can u kindly tell me whether to register in which institute..
    IIFP(Indian Institute of Financial Planning) or FPSB( Financial Planning Standard Boards of India)..
    Can u guide me whether to enroll in which in institute..which one better..

    Kindly do reply..
    Thank You very much.. πŸ™‚

    1. FPSB is the board which issues CFP certification (like example CBSE) .. education providors are like colleges which help you prepare for the exam .

  49. puja kumari says:

    sir, can you pls tell me that it is useful in bankin sectors.

  50. kevin gandhi says:

    hello sir,
    whats the requirement if you want only the degree. ie. is anything possible without work experience…
    i am doing ca and 3 years of articleship is required for ca…..
    additional 3 years for cfp will be too much then
    thank you

    1. Kevin

      You can complete the CFP , but you can not write the CFP word against your designation , thats the only thing . you will be able to use it only after completeing that requirement of 3 yrs

  51. Nirmit says:

    Hi Manish,

    Gr8 Job by posting for those who are interested in CFP certifications…
    I m Commerce Graduate and working In Provident Fund Dept. in one of the MNC for last 5 Years..
    M also interested in doing CPF…
    I want to know after completing CPF… wat will be the start pay??
    Whether my experience in PF will count if i wil change my Job or Job profile??
    Whether it wil b beneficial in the same field??
    Please advice..


    1. Nirmit

      Please read all the comments on this article, you will get the answer for your questions .


  52. Siddharth says:

    Hello Manish,
    I just wanted to ask you that i have passed 10+2 i.e 12th examination..recently..
    so am i eligible to do CFP…??
    & How much years or months..generally it takes for passing all the 5 Exams..just to take CFP Certification..
    Kindly do reply…
    Thank You..

    1. Yes you are eligible , it should take close to an year to complete the exam in your case .

  53. Manoj Mamidyala says:

    Hi Manish,
    Do previous experience counts…as i have an experience of 2 years in MNC company in field of Finance…..
    Please advise me
    thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Manoj

      depends what exactly you were doing !

  54. anjali zarkar says:

    Hi Manish,
    First up all congo for a gr8 blog about CFP. I found most of the information relevent. I have some querry as in this year only I completed my LL.B from ILS law college pune. and then now selected for ICICI . My department will be banking operations. If i do CFP by challenge pathway as I hv a charter how should I llok forward in the career as LL.B CFP while working in BFSI sector..Plz do guide

    Adv. anjali zarkar

    1. Anjali

      No anjali

      I dont think it will be too helpful for you if you plan to remain in banking itself ,esp in operations , unless you plan to be in pure financial planning field . better dont do CFP

  55. Nitin says:

    Hi, Manish i am working as a Sr, fraud Analyst. with risk management services since 2 years. I have completed my MBA in finance in correspondence . I want to do CFP can u plz suggest me . it is the better for me or not.?

    1. Nitin

      All you need to do is read the comments section and my replies, you will get a good idea

  56. Pradnya Chibde says:

    Hi Manish
    I am Pradnya from Goa. Can you please tell me whether self study mode will help me or not. because there is no EP in Goa providing classroom training

    1. Pradnya

      Yea self study mode can help you and even correspondence will work if you have some clarity on the concepts alreayd .

      1. Pradnya Chibde says:

        well let me tell abt myself i hv B.com +NCCMP+ NISM mutual fund dist + IRDA exam & i want to become an independent financial advisor & also wish to clear cfp
        can suggest me some tutor bcoz there is no EP in Goa

        1. No idea.. you will have to go to some city or take correspondence course

          1. Pradnya Chibde says:

            Anyways thanx.
            God Bless You.

  57. swethareddy says:

    sir, plz suggest any institute any where in india for distance education for cfp

    1. Swethareddy

      there are many top institues who do this, one of them is Mandar institute in Bangalore

  58. swethareddy says:

    sir ,
    My doubt is Other Financial services requiring 5 years experience will be considered in the Job profile given below is mentioned in the fpsb wensite in that list Stock broking and trading services also there so my past 8 years experiance consided for experiance. Sir plz suggest me the good institue or CFP based teacher in hyderabad

    1. No idea about hydrabad based teacher !

  59. Pranay Kishor says:

    Thanks For valuable advice.

  60. Amarjeet says:

    I want to do CFP can u plz suggest which institute is best in bangalore or mumbai or in delhi…..

    1. Amarjeet

      Better go with some CFP based teacher , dont join a institute !

  61. swethareddy says:

    Dear sir,
    Iam working as a franchisee manager in a stock broking company since 4 years . before that i worked dealer , subbroker for 4 years. Iam having the ncfm certificates in capital market, derivative module from last 8 years . Now i want become cfp my previous 8 years of experiance in stockmarket field is enough for cfp. Weather
    cfp 5 module exams are at a time ,means in one paper all modules or at a time one module only. Weather the exam is objective type or essay type .

    swetha reddy

    1. Swetha

      I am not sure if your past experience will really help, because its not in advisory or any core personal finance topic . CFP modules are 1 at a time and they are objective type

      1. Pranay Kishor says:

        Thanks for reply
        Can u recommended teachers name
        whose guide me better ?
        i stay at mumbai andheri(e)

        1. Pranay

          Meet Pankaj Mathpal at Kandivali ! .. give my reference

  62. Pranay Kishor says:

    Thanks for ur uninterrupeted respond
    Dear Manish,
    I hav completed my MBA in finance in correspondence and worked as financial advisor of LIC and other mutual fund company.i want do CFP course is it tup ?
    how it help in my future ,
    i stayed at mumbai which institute is better for coaching kindly suggest me.

    1. Pranay

      You can do CFP , but make sure you have right expectations and clear understanding of how you will get help from that certification. Note that i would recommened a person tutor for CFP (who is already a CFP) rather than coaching institutes


  63. krishna gupta says:

    I have one more query i am interested in cfp course but i am not intertesting in sale job so i will get a office work. And i want to do PGDBA in finanace in welingkar ie, equivalent to MBA ie, correspondence without CET exam . and my age is 32 if i will go any company for they interview after cfp completted course so, i will get the job easily.
    Guide me please

    1. Krishna

      No , CFP will not help in job that way .. its a value addition , but you are expecting too much

  64. krishna gupta says:

    Hi manish i am very confused about the job it is a purely sale job or hard core sale job and we have to work whole day out it is not a office job. And pl suggest me which one is good teaching institute in mumbai and which one is good asssistance job in mumbai
    Guide me please

    1. Krishna

      CFP will very rarely give you a right job which you want .. better look for some internship under some CFP first and stop looking for just courses which can do magic . Read all the comments first

  65. Mayank says:

    mgoel65@gmail.com, just mail me..

  66. Mayank says:

    hi manish,

    m just complet my garduation n now m doing job as an asst. accountant from last month in an enterprises, is cfp boost my carrier or should i go in other?? i m intersted in finance so right now m thinking about CFA..
    guide me..

    1. It would be better than what you have as qualification , better read all comments in this article to arrive at a conclusion

  67. ajita says:

    hello sir, this is ajita. i am from Nagpur. working at birla sunlife insurance a advisor n consultant trainer. my senior advised me to go for CFP. i hv enrolled with iifp new delhi. even the college ppl assured me of job after completion of the course in some banking sector or financial institutes. r they telling the truth or just lying to get one more enrolment for their college. pl reply.
    p.s. i hv received study material, n we dont hv coaching in ngp, so thinking to go to pune for classroom teaching.

    1. Ajita

      CFP’s are struggling to get jobs .. They must have lied and it must be just assistance and not guarantee .. job assistance means they will help you in getting a job , but help does not mean that they guarantee it ..

  68. sheetal dhamankar says:

    hiii i have completed mba finance and mcom part 1. i am currently working in company in accounts dept. but its nt related to my mba finance profile and i am also nt enjoying much. will cfp give me a good career change and is it always like if i do cfp then it will always be acquring clients.

    1. Sheetal

      By doing CFP , you can also work as a planner at back office and might not be involved into acquiring clients ,but then your career path is limited .,however if you plan to start your own firm later, then this might be ok


  69. prachi says:

    hai manish,
    may b ur going to help me out , after cfp course as a married women
    can i get a chance to work in banks ? b’coz cfp has a profit in field
    work! fieldwork is not possible for married women , apart from field
    is ther any way to work in organisations… and untill r unless
    practice we cannot put a own hub ,plz help me out manish ,so that the
    course should not be waste!

    1. Prachi

      If you are a practicing CFP , then there may be some field work going out , but if you just want to be on job and want to take back office work , then you dont have to go for field work . But I dont think you will get any kind job like that in banks .. You should be able to get only jobs at CFP’s firms , there its not easy πŸ™‚


  70. Basant kumar says:

    Hi Manish ,
    My name is Basant Kumar, I have total experience of 10 years in banking and insurance. And 7 years experience specially in insurance as a sales manager. Currently i am working as senior manager in a insurance company. and getting a package of around 6 lacs. I have done AMFi and also doing MBA last semester. I have clientage of approximately 1000. I am very much interested in doing CFP. Will CFP certification help me to get a good position in a company. How can it helpful for me.
    Please let me know your advise .

    With regards,

    1. Anusha says:

      Hello Basant..!!!

      Im very much impressed by reading ur msg..!!! u’ve a very good experience which will definetly help u out ,if u do CFP…!! But i’ve a query ,having so much experience and again y u looking for job after CFP..!! u can rather put up an enterpreneurship and go for financial planning,because u’ve a huge client base..!!
      With ur wonderful exp u can surely Grow as an FINANCIAL PLANNER..!!!! πŸ™‚

      Im just 22yr old ,dont mind even den i suggested..!!! reqst u to take Manish suggestions also…!!

      Thanks & Regards

    2. Basant

      CFP will be helpful to you if you want to get into advisory and are ready to start your own practice .. you should not expect too much to enhancement in your career just because you will do a CFP


  71. Anupam Awasthi says:

    Hello Manish,

    My name is Anupam i am looking career as planner. I am working in wipro bpo for 2 year(finance and accounting process), 1 year exp under CA.Total 3 yr is this experienc good to get CFP certificate.

    Well i do not want work in bpo more need some change i saw all the post by diff people. is this certification is internationally recognised.

    Is there possibility of getting job abroad?

    1. Anusha says:

      Hello Anupam…!!

      yeah..!!! as this is recognized globally u can expect job all around the globe..!! if u take an example of australia and US ppl are paying on hourly basis …{eg:per hr 80 to 100 $]..!!This is my personal research as one of my cousins stays der…!!!


      1. Anusha

        Are you really having insights about CFP job status in India ? CFP as mark is good outside India , but CFP’s are sturggling in India to get job and clients .. I am talking about most of them .. not the top planners ..

    2. Anupam

      you are over estimating CFP . yes its international certification , but CFP in India is overly hyped . First expect to get a decent job in India which in it self is so tough .


  72. Rajandran R says:


    I planned to do CFP in Bangalore and what are the other options available in bangalore.
    Is it available part time? as most of the Courses are Distant learning cources.

    How about doing it in IIJT, Bangalore or Mandar Learning Academy, Bangalore
    or any other recommendations/Sources?

    1. Anusha says:

      Hey somebody is deleting my msgs..!!!

      1. Anusha

        yea .. because its not allowed to advertise on comments section , unless you have significantly contributed in comments section and helped people .


    2. Rajandran

      You can do it part time from different places .. You can also go for class room or correspondence .. Mandar is ok ..


  73. tushar says:

    hiii Manish sir i am s.y.b.com student from last 1 mnth i am reading your articles which are realy helpful to me. i register myself with fpsb india before 3 mnths & i given exam of retiremnt plang 2 times but i cn’t score 84 i get 75 & 78 so plz can u help me what should i study & how can i crack that exam…?

    1. Tushar

      What material are you using .. if you have enrolled with some EP , then all you need to do is see how to prepare will, do more practice ..


      1. Anusha says:

        Hi Manish ..!!

        Gr8 to see so many replies from ur side to students..!!!
        Are u also a CFP cm ???
        Even im pursuing CFP from Hyd..!! Im doing it from an Authorized EP…!!!

        Regards ,

        1. Anusha

          No I am not a CFP πŸ™‚


    2. Anusha says:

      Hello tushar..!!
      From which institute are you taking coaching ???
      can u share your mail id..!!

      1. tushar says:

        hii anusha ..
        tusharpawar2@in.com this my mail id plz help me …

  74. omi says:

    great work…..man…keep it up…. can i complete my cfp through challenger mode if i am a C S ?????????

    1. Omi

      Yea .. I think CS is allowed to give CFP as challenger mode


  75. Ashutosh Dixit says:

    Hi Manish,

    became a fan of yours. i read all the commets in the course of last two years and how patiently you have answered them all. Thanks. I am working in IT sector and i am very passionate to work i financial and insurance sector. So my query is that if i pass CFP then i need to complete 3 years in Finance sector for getting the CFP tag. So why would a Finance company would give me a job without having the certificate?

    1. Ashutosh

      You can complete CFP and say that you are “CFP cleared” , but you cant use CFPCM mark … You will get a job after foing CFP , but be ready for a huge pay cut .. I think you should only do CFP if you are ready to start your own practice with a concreate business plan . Else from money point of view your IT job would be better


  76. juhi says:

    Hi Manish,
    Very nice information given by you. I have worked as Area manager in microfinance company for 1.5 yrs and now working as faculty in an microfinance non profit for last 1.5 yrs. kindly let me know is my experience in microfinance relevant for CFP. If not give me some suggestion on the same.

    1. JUhi

      No it will not be relevent for CFP


  77. sandeep garg says:

    i am doing my CA and can i opt for pursuing CFP??
    will it help me for my CA curriculum?

  78. ramesh says:

    I work with railways …..am interested in doing CFP course …..What i should do to practice….does this have the same merit as CA/CS practice?

    1. Ramesh

      No , its not like CA / CS .. its a different thing .. read all the comments in this article to get an insigght


  79. Rahul Rastogi says:

    Dear Manish,

    Hi! Currently I am Financial Planner in Bajaj Fin Serv Wealth Management and withdrawing 28,600 take home salary. I am planning to do CFP, can u tell me How much hike on salary I will get after doing CFP?. As I am having 3 and a half Year of experience in Financial Industry. please suggest what to do?

    1. Rahul

      You should expect some increment , but as per industry standards , you are getting good salary .


  80. Nagarajan Santhan says:

    Hi manish

    What is the difference between CFP and CPFA ? Which one is best for individual personal finance advisor ?


    1. Nagarajan

      CFP is given by FPSB and considered as highest certification in Financial Planning . CFPA is given by NISM which is a SEBI body , though CFPA is not as famous and comprehensive as CFP , but it will be in future .


      1. Nagarajan Santhan says:

        Thanks Manish πŸ™‚

  81. deepaliaggarwal says:

    HELLO, Manish sir can u give me the details of cfp’s providing articleship. I am very much passionate about financial planning but very much depress as i dont have any job background and financial experience. Is there any co. which are providing training to fresher cfp? I have ddone bcom this year and now i am a AFP. Your suggestions will be valuable to me.

    1. Deepaliaggaral

      Which city are you in ? What do you want in training ?


      1. deepali aggarwal says:

        Sir, i m from indirapuram ghz. As being a finacial planner i dont have the practical knowledge of financial planning, so i want training for the purpose of my activation in this field.

        1. Deepali .. hmm .. There are few workshops which are conducted by Networkfp.com , you can attend those


  82. Amit verma says:

    Hi. U do have one of the best blogs that i have ever read and what makes it even more good is queries and your replies to them. Anyways i am doing ca and havenot passed any exams yet and its been 3 years in which i have done ca office works like auditing and preparing bal sheets etc. so will it be counted as 3 years exp? I am really not clear about it that what it actually mean to have 3 year exp. Is it like if i clear all modules in 6 months and i dont have exp then i have to have exp first only then i will get certified? And please mention about challenging the exam in detail.

    1. Amit

      Your experience will not be counted , its not a personal finance or wealth management related experience, but you should confirm it from FPSB itself . You will be certified once you pass the exam , just that you wont be able to write CFP in front of your name unless you complete the experience part


  83. Hussain says:

    I have heard that Financial Planning Academy is a good EP for CFP ?
    Please let me know ??

    1. Hussain

      Better ask this on forum , there would be more people knowing about it


  84. Rahul Jain says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have just completed my B. Com and is quite interested in CFP though I am also looking forward to MBA(Finance). Can you tell me to what extent CFP can help me in my future job prospects after MBA.

    1. Rahul

      To some extent only , both are differnet things ,.. read all the comments here on this article and you will understand the complete picture


  85. anal roy says:

    sir, m anal frm tripura. Sir completed my 10+2. And now studying bba. But m interested in cfp can do it. And what the future of this course. Sir plz help me. M waiting 4 ur info.

    1. Anal

      You are eligible to complete CFP , but please go through all the comments below , you will get 100% idea about it


  86. Hussain says:

    Best EP provider for CFP in Mumbai ?

    1. HUssain

      Better go with CFP’s teaching CFP courses . that would be more effective , contact Pankaj Mathpal , give him my reference πŸ™‚

  87. Viral Shah says:

    u dint reply to my comments

  88. Pradeep More says:


    Request to address my below queries –

    1.My PF account(of previous employer) is dormant for close to one year. Can I keep it active by doing voluntary contribution.If this is a valid option how to i initiate it. If this is not recommended then what is an alternative.

    2.Have been investing in MF regularly.When we cross check the returns , it is really confusing. e.g invested 10k in Dividend option of MF three years ago. Total dividend received till now is 3.5k whereas current value of units is 4.5k. I checked performance of this fund across all sources and its mentioned everywhere that, over 3 yrs period it has yielded 8 % returns. If i redeem it now, I am not even getting back my 10k , then how they claim on such returns. I believed that ULIPs are costly intruments and hence invested in MF, but MF also are play a lot with customers money by playing around with NAV values & units. Had invested 3 yrs ago to do some professional course & upgrade myself, but I am wondering will i get back my base amount now.

    Request your views on this.

    1. Pradeep

      1. You cant do your own investments in PF account, you need to withdraw your money

      2. There is no fraud here , I hope you know that MF are equity investments and you can experience the drop in its value , then why are you complaining .. You got back 3.5k , the NAV would have dropped by that much first , now coming back to rest , what return is 8% , is it absolute return ? We need to find out more .. can you give the name of the fund ?


  89. Viral Shah says:

    I m a fresher and doin CFP course and i have completed my M Com exam. How much pay package i wil get? If i get job in some company wad would that company expect from me? I have to search clients myself and sell products like Mutual Funds and Insurance or company will search clients and i just have to do Financial Planning for them
    Pls reply…

    1. Viral

      You should expect around 1.8-2.4 lacs per annum. Getting a proper financial planning job is tough in start , for that you need to start your own practice ..

      Also read all the comment in this artcile. you will get a better idea


      1. Viral Shah says:

        Thanks for the advice. I m doing International CFA Level 1 as well along with CFP. Will my pay package increase??? I m very poor in selling products like insurance and Mutual Fund? Will i get some job in Mumbai where i dont have to sell

        1. Viral

          Its not that easy to get a salary hike just because you have done CFP , and also tough to get a non-sales job .. But try to find some , there are opportunities these days


          1. Viral Shah says:

            If i score good marks in CFP and if i do International CFA Level 1 will it help me in gettin non sales jobs. Do CFPs get mutual fund research jobs

            1. Viral

              Did you go through all the comments in this article ,you will get a clear idea on what CFP can expect


  90. satya says:

    Hi Manish,

    Could you please let me know the best EPs in Hyderabad.


  91. shreya says:

    hi sir,
    I am a second year student of bachelor’s in financial markets.can u just tell me if cfa and cfp is a good combination to go for?
    and are MBAs still preferred than CFAs?
    m very much passionate about a huge career in finance and seriously need your guidance as m very much confused about my career decisions.

    1. Shreya

      Go through comments .. you will get answer


  92. Indrayani says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am currently working in broking firm as PMS back office executive from last 10 months which contains reconcilliation work.Now I am planing to do CFP.Please let me know how will I proceed after completing or while continuing the CFP programe,
    Shall I get the new opportunity during the programme related to the back office & what will be the salary packages,
    Is my experience get counted .

    Warm Regards,

  93. jenil says:

    hello sir…
    m currently workin in a stock brokin firm since 2 months and plannin for cfp so will this stock market experience be counted for the 3 yrs experience needed…???

    1. Jenil

      Not sure if stock market experience is counted or not .


      1. jaya says:

        hi manish
        i am working as an insurance agent for the past one year will that help me in getting three years of experience for cfp.

  94. umesh rane says:

    dear sir, I have just completed my Bcom( in A/c and finance) with 1st class. I am lot more interested in finance sector. and want to become a CFP in future, but as it requires an experience in finance field of 3 years so i’m searching for a job in same field but not finding d proper 1. can u just help me where to get the job as I’m also trying for the MCOM in meanwhile…
    I am expecting an answer which will end up all my queries and will help me to achieve my further goals in finance sector…..
    waiting for ur ans
    thanking u…
    respected SIR….

    1. Umesh

      I dont see any shortcut in this field . DO you CFP and then work somewhere for 3 yrs, thats the best thing I can suggest


  95. Kumar,bangalore says:

    Dear Manish,
    I am a regular visitor to your jogo investor. I am presently working in a Nationalised bank and very much interested in CFP career. I am planning to appear for only one exam i,e last module via Challenging status as i hold CAIIB degree and having an experience of more than 10 years in bank. With this i request you to guide me as below
    1. I have searched a lot in net, but could not find a institute which trains/impart classes in bangalore for last module only. can you suggest a few.
    2. I find i have to pay a fees of 15+ 5K even if i take a challenging status thro self study mode also . is there any chance that i can pay only 5k and appear for exam, can anyone having any info in this regard will help me ?

    Thanking you

    1. Kumar

      Why do you have to pay 15k ? For the course content ? I am not aware who can help you in bangalore , contact some CFP there


    2. Basavaraj says:


      I joined EP paying the prescribed fee, but it is of no use. Then I joined WEE Solutions, which is running by Mam Padmalochini. Under her guidance I completed 3 modules. If you want I will provide her info to you.

  96. Deepak Bansal says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am an M.com of 2001 batch, currently working as Assistant Manager – Accounts for last 3 years. Before this I worked with a brokerage firm in commodity broking. I have an NCFM certificate in commodity broking. I am just not interested in Accounts anymore, want to switch to Finance. The biggest requirement of mine at the moment is money. Currently I am earning approx 5lac per annum. Can you suggest me some short-term course which can help me grow in terms of money.

    I have no issues with fee, with the typical course contents as long as they are related to finance sector. Please suggest me some course which can guarantee me a decent pay package.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    1. Deepak

      I dont know anything in short term which can get you more money as package . CFP is not a easy path … But over long term you can make good money in this


  97. sujith says:

    i cmpltd my b.tech and my steam is computer science iam intrested in dng cfp and i came to know that one of d educational provider in hyd gvng training and 100% job guarntee can i believe that one and hw the cfp course will be i want to learn will it be demand in futute .iam kindly requesting you to post me nice suggestion for me

  98. sujith says:

    hi ,
    i cmpltd my b.tech and i would like to do cfp cetification and i have no idea abt finance and i would like to join in educational provider in hyd and they are saying placement guarntee aftr cmpltng course…can i believe that one…please suggest me bcz i have to set my carrer this

  99. Umesh K says:

    Dear Manish,
    I have just started reading your advice columns.I find them very informative.I have a query regarding a career in CFP.

    I am 35 years old & just 12th passed.Due to some financial & personal problems I couldn’t continue my graduate studies.I have over 10 year’s mixed experience in sales & back office.The back office work was in a securities firm in Mumbai & a reputed local private bank in Dubai.I have just lost my job due to the cost cutting still going in the bank in Dubai & now I am back to Mumbai searching for a job.

    I am thinking about completing my education ( Graduate studies) by taking up the Sikkim Manipal Distance Education’s B.Com with Financial Planning program.Here is the link http://www.smude.edu.in/Programs/CommerceProdegree/Programmes/Graduate/Pages/BachelorofCommerceinFinancialPlanningBComFP.aspx
    It is a correspondence program.

    So is it possible to do the CFP program while pursuing my B.ComFP program ? I mean I am 12th passed, so am I eligible to do the CFP program ? What is the scope for jobs in the CFP program ? Are the salaries in the range of 1 – 2 lakhs per month ? How reliable if the CFP program in the long run in today’s economic situations ? Is it possible to start your own practise in the CFP field ?

    I am sorry for asking so many questions :(, but just anxious to get settle in my career line ….

    Sorry for the trouble & Thanks for your help.
    Umesh K

  100. Ankit says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have completed B.Com and am working with non-financial firm for 1 year.I have following question,
    1. can you recommend best tutor/institute in Mumbai?
    2. will I get certification/tag of CFP after successful completion of 5-exams OR i still need to have 3 years of wrk. ex with financial institute?

    Your response is appreciated.

  101. sachinrubdi@gmail.com says:

    Dear Manish,

    I had written to you earlier about the CFP certificate course. I found out that IIBF has a Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Wealth Management which is on the lines of the CFP Certificate and once you complete the Post Graduate Diploma we only need to give one more exam in order to get the CFP. Kindly let me know if you have any idea as to how good is the Post Gradute Diploma Course from IIBF. Kindly refer to the link http://www.iibf.org.in/documents/rulessyllabus_pgdfa.pdf

    Thanking You,

  102. prateek says:

    hi manish
    hw r u
    m a btech….n wanna make career in finance…….heard about cfp……so wanted 2 kw which educational institute 2 join as i hv no background in d domain……? how should i plan my career in finance?m also giving common banking exam.
    also whr should i relocate myself delhi/mumbai to have a good exposure
    currently i hv a sales job offer in BB at ahmedabad,should i look 4 ep thr ?lil confused…..

    1. Prateek

      First udnerstand if you want to do in life what CFP;s do ? Regarding CFP you can read teh comments section , it has all the info


      1. prateek says:

        well m confused a lil 2 much bro as i am unable 2 get proper guidance on how 2 make a career in finance….
        this is wht i thot
        a government bank job (for some time)…..serves as source of fixed income + exposure in d field of finance
        a cfp would help plan my finance + help me generate more income sideways
        thn after sm tm taking it further as a private practice along with trading in commodities (esp agro based) n shares markets
        thts it
        so d big question is HOW?
        Please guide on
        1 which institute (IF) 2 join 4 cfp or if u could adv any othr options
        2 how 2 learn about share marketing too?

        1. prateek says:

          waiting 4 ur reply ………………………

          1. Prateek

            You are not very clear about what CFP does , bank job , share market work and CFP job , all are totally 3 different thing and nothing will help you in other to a lot extent

            what kind of work do you really enjoy ?


  103. mayank says:

    hi manish …
    i am in my FYBMS and now thinking to join cfp…
    my question’s are…
    1: which is the best institute in mumbai for cfp coaching .
    2: are there any other course better or competent to cfp…
    3: is it necessary to join any coaching class for CFP ..?

    THANX in advance…
    m sure of getting the best advice

  104. nikhil says:

    i have heard that cfp are employed in banks
    please tell me they are employed in which department

    1. Nikhil

      Sales, what else do you expect ?

  105. saipriya bale says:

    hi manish dis is saipriya bale
    currently m appearing 4 bachelors of banking & insurance 5 semister i m confused wid my career i heard bout cfp course i got all valuable info 4m ur blog thanx 4 dis but m nt getting dat wer wld i’ll b wrking in future i dnt want 2 start of my own wld like 2 wrk 4 a firm with good salary can u plz suggest me or else suggest me sum course which wld suit me really tensed bout after graduation plz help me out
    thanking u w8ing 4 ur rply

    1. Saipriya

      You cant expect more than 15-20k as salary in CFP job , 20k is max … 10k is average .

      Read all the comments to get more idea


      1. saipriya bale says:

        thank u 4 ur valuable answer can u help me out again how bout mba in fin.i have taken dis suggestion 4m my coll prof. but u knw now a days the mind state 4 mba course is like so common evry house u’ll get an mba will dat b a good option 4 me . sry 4 trouble but i want sum clarity so dat m nt lost after grad doing sumthing else thank u w8ing 4 ur rply.bye tc

        1. Saipriya

          What clarity you need ? What you need to do only depends on your liking and interest in life , Are you ok with what CFP do in their work ?

          1. saipriya bale says:

            want a job which wld pay me gd 40k to 50k m interested in a/cs but dnt want 2 b a CA other than dat wat other options r der. i want u 2 guide i dnt have any idea of wat 2 do.plz

  106. nikhil says:

    hey manish
    i have been following your blog for some, and i must say that it is really informative,
    I am intrested in personal finanace, and thus i have selected this course
    is this certfication valid in countries like usa, CAN I GET A JOB OVER THERE AFTER COMPLETING MY CFP HERE

  107. omkar says:

    hats off !! to u for the great job you are doing.
    i am in 2nd year of bbi ( bachelor in banking & insurance ), should i do cfp with it or through challenger structure after doing my c.s .thanks

    1. Omkar

      Read all the comments on this article , you will get the answer

  108. Piyush Singhania says:

    Hi Manish,
    This is really a great blog from you.May god bless you. I am mutual fund adviser and my wife is a life insurance advisers, i am doing the business in part time and we both are IT professionals doing good in our career. But our Mutual fund as well as insurance business is not doing well so either me or my wife is thinking to do the CFP and provide a good advice to our clients and fetch again the business. Also in longer term my wife will not be able to work full time due to family commitments so my questions are
    1)Should we do the CFP?
    2)You will suggest whom to do CFP me or my wife?
    3)Is our experience of selling mutual funds or insurance will count in CFP?
    Thanks In Advace… And all the Best ….

  109. nstar says:

    hello manish…i am a C.A. student..i am in my intermediate level…i was thinking about taking up the cfp program….i want to know if it will add up to what i am doing now…is it worth it??

    1. Nstar

      Read all the comments , you will get the clear picture


  110. aayush says:

    hey, i am a student of class 12th
    .can i take up with d cfp course after 12th ?. can it be done with b.com?
    please sugest institutes in Ahmedabad!!

    1. Aayush

      Yes you can do it after 12th , there is one famous acedemy called “Knowledge acedemy” in ahd


  111. Rupesh Kumar Chaturvedi says:

    Hello Manish,

    I am doing MBA (Finance) and I am in the final year. I have also cleared NCFM financial market and derivative market modules. Now I am interested in the investment banking sector. Can you suggest me whether CFP will be a good choice for me in this sector or should I go for CFA?

    1. Rupesh

      CFA seems to be better to me than CFP for your case


  112. vinayak deshpande says:

    i read many of the posts and discussions on this page.i read that we cant expect a salary more than 20-25 k and it wont help us fetch a dream job,but this 20-25 k is starting salary rite? considering one starts typically as a relationship manager in wealth management sector of a company is cfp qualification an inadequate qualification to climb up the ladder?

    1. Vinayak

      you can expect 20k salary as starting salary in top financial planning company in India , not 25k , And as you go up the ladder you can expect to increase it .

      But 20k is not average salart . 15k might be more realistic .


      1. vinayak deshpande says:

        thanks will get back to you future queries!!

      2. Vinayak says:

        Do u have any idea about clearing CFp from India and then working abroad?how workable is this option?

        1. Vinayak

          I have not heard anyone doing it at the moment , If you want to do it in any other country ,then you will have to pass one seperate exam for that country, only then you can practice as CFP there


          1. Vinayak says:

            K thnx,quite a workable option to give 1 exam there.

  113. rahul says:

    I wanted to know whether analysis part of finance( fundamental, technical) and derivatives constitutes the area of chartered financial planning.Since, these are the areas I am more interested in. If its the case then, what sort of exposure of the same you get from CFP. And for the same purpose, what would be a better option a CFA or MBA (in finance) ?

    1. Rahul

      You should not look at CFP if you want fundsmental and technical analysis . Better go for MBA or some course form NISM


  114. Hussain Painter says:

    Dear Manish ,
    I have done CFA from ICFAI university, but after doing that course i am still worried about job as it is not highly recognized as Int’l CFA. Now, I am interested in CFP as it is world recognized degree, but is it okay to have CFA and CFP degree ?? Do both degrees will help to boost my career in financial field ?
    Please help me.

    1. Hussain

      Go thorugh other comments . You will get the idea


  115. Nimish says:

    I’m was surfing through the net and this site got my attention. Can you answer some FAQs for me like am an engineer in Information technology am currently working with an MNC with operations.

    I would like to switch over my field and take on finance as my career, cause operations are not my forte. Can you suggest CFP would be beneficial to me and where to start off as it would a a start from the scratch.

    1. Nimish

      Are you working as Systems engineer ? Thats what I can relate to when you say “operations” . Because even i was a systems engineer in Yahoo and now I have moved to Finance . Its not that easy becasue they you have to make sure you build some expertise in area of finance and then also biuld emergency reserves before you take that big decision . More than anything you need to have huge confidence .


  116. Manoj says:

    Dear Manish,

    Currently I am pursuing CFP and have completed 3 modules. I have a work expierence of four years in Insurance (both retail & corporate sectors). Now, I am looking for change of job from Insurance Sector to Investment Management, but I have not received any positive response in this regard.
    Could you please guide me as how should I proceed with my search of Job or refer me any particular Job portal.

    1. Manoj

      Go through other comments on this same article ,you will get to know the picture of CFP


  117. jessica says:

    Hey Manish, i am a 20yr old BMS student awaiting my TYBMS SEM6 results.. i am too confused as to whether i shud take up an MBA or take up CFP course… i have read a lot bout CFP and find it interesting bt i first need to convince my parents bout the same..
    i have recently taken up a job as an auditor for a CA firm, bt i read that we do need 3yrs of work experience in the financial field.. so will this internship that im doing help me wid CFP or do i need to switch..???

    Do reply…
    Thanx.. πŸ™‚

    1. Jessica

      You should read other comments section , I am sure you will get a more deep perspective . CFP route is only easy to take , but not easy to walk upon too far , unless you have that kind of commitment towards the personal finance work . MBA would be easy to complete , and get a job, but I dont see it as exciting as CFP


  118. Jay Trivedi says:

    Hi, Manish sir,
    I am Jay Trivedi, lives in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I have just completed my B.com with 48%. I am confused now what to do? I had heard about CFP. I want to know that after completing CFP how much salary I will get?

    1. Jay

      Go through the comments section , you will get the idea about that .


  119. ASHOKA RAJAN says:

    Dear Manish,
    I am pursuing CFP course and have cleared 2 modules. I am also working as Financial Adviser ( MF sales) for last 6 years. As I am 38 year old can I join SBI or other Bank as Financial Planner, I am also interested to work as trainer but there are very few opportunities in Jaipur city. Please advise me the best opportunity I can avail?

    1. Ashoka

      Financial Planning is a bit there in big citites , small cities are really not ready for it . Atleast to a level where one can make decent money by advicing .

      I would suggest you to move to a bigger city for job like Bangalore or Mumbai .


    2. ASHOKA RAJAN says:

      are SBI and other banks oferring jobs to CFP’s or not whether I am eligible for that or not, as it is very difficult for me to leave Jaipur now.

      1. I am not sure on the job scenario’s in Jaipur .


  120. Shakti Jena says:

    i completely agree wid neha sharma. i gt 2 knw cfp thru internet and later i also came 2 knw d same thng wht miss neha has said in d previous comment. i m intrested in doin cfp bt i 2 except a job after d course completeion.. i dont knw dat i shud go for it or nt bt i also dont want 2 go for cfp blindly.. frnds plz help n tel me dat one wil get job after course completeion or nt..

  121. Pavan says:

    Which are the best EPs in bangalore for CFP? … Or it doesn’t matter? I mean do all the EPs offer the same course material? I am looking at doing CFP through correspondence


  122. neha sharma says:

    i must appreciate the way you are helping each of us abt the course. but i have few doubts in my mind. well i hve applied for CFP course with some ep in delhi. you told us that there is no assurance of job after doing the course but the ep is promising us the jobs after the course completion that too with some packages of 3-4 lacs p.a. i have already paid some part of my fees but nw after reading ur comments i dont think so that it is worth doing.
    though i have interest in the field but im also expecting a job after course completion because we are nearly paying 2.5 lacs to the ep. n after shelling out 2.5 lacs , then also if v are not guaranteed with the job then i dont think so its a good option.
    kindly suggest something because i belong to a middle class family n my parents r shelling out so much and they are also expecting a job that too with some good package at the end of the course. kindly suggest though i have done PGCM (finance) from AIMA. n pursuing my m.com.


  123. Jagdeep Kochar says:

    Sir, I have just completed my bba. Can I do CFP and plz tell me is it will be a better option for me.

  124. Sachin says:

    Dear Manish,

    I am from a Non financial Sector and have 5 years of Work experience. I have an interest in Personal Financial planning and from time to time I help other as well. I am planning to do the CFP starting July 2011. I believe one gets the CFP mark only after 3 years of experience in the Finance Sector. Does that mean after clearly the exams I would not get any sort of Certificate from FPSB or would I get some basic passing certificate?

    Would it be a good idea to work in some company before embarking as an independent CFP advisor since I have no experience in the Financial sector?

    Kindly adivse!! Thanks


  125. ramya says:

    thanks a lot i got all my answers………

  126. Mihir Kapani says:


    i am planning to do CFP in next couple of months…i have a 10 year experience as a insurance advisor and 4 yrs as a mutual fund distributor…i have few queries which i would appreciate if you can help me out with…

    1)how do i find a good institiute offering a CFP course in mumbai?

    2)Scope for ppl like us as a Financial Planner(As end of the day i will be doing the same thing i.e selling insurance products or advising on mutual fund products)?

    3)Scope of getting a better job overseas after completing my CFP?

    4)how good do you think the consulting base incentive work in INDIA where ppl don’t really inderstand the concept of payng for the conslting as compare to in other countries where they are regarded more an a professional career?

    1. If you read all the comments here , you will get the answer


  127. parul says:

    hi.. m done with bba last year.. nd dis year i prepared for cfa level one.. but i failed..
    i have lost my confidence but i have strong urge to do sumthng … i m looking forward my career in finance only..
    i m mainly concerned with package.. i knw cfp is good course but after three years vil i be getng good package arnd 7 -8 lakh p a.
    plz reply!!

    1. ood institiute offering a CFP course in mumbai?

  128. anjani says:

    alrite thanx but i wana know that getting training under a cfp is easy in india? and getting training under a cfp will fulfill my experience requirements or not?

  129. anjani says:

    hi m gonno pursue cfp .m in 2 year bcom with no experience .how and where can i get a job .is it hard to find a job after passing all the modules .and is it true according to new rules of fpsb that getting training under a cfp will give me designation of cfp if even i havent completed the work experience requirement

    1. Anjani

      Read other comments reply i have given , you will get the answer


  130. Hetal says:

    Whether CFPs can sell mutual funds / insurance products to their own clients (after adequate disclosure) and earn commission? Whether separate certification from AMFI will be required for MF distribution or CFP will do?

    Thanks in advance for reply.

    1. Hetal

      A CFP would require the certifications to sell the products , you would need to pass NISM exam for mutual funds (Now its not AMFI) , and IRDA exam for selling Insurance


  131. Pankaj Premani says:

    Hi Manish…
    Do we require experience if we appear through regular route?
    And wat is the registration fees and for wat period it is valid?
    Is cfp beneficial only with bfm or it will be beneficial even if i do it with bbi?
    And do we have to renew it every year? If yes…what is the renewable fees for that?

    1. Pankaj

      Yes , we do . the regular route requires you to have 3 yrs of expeirence . What is BFM and BBI ? I am not aware of it !

      Yes we have to renew it every year, right now its 10k fee


  132. Allan says:

    Hey manish ,
    First of all its gr8 on ur part to take up the initiative to help evry1 . so keep up the good work.
    Well my questions that cfp is definately not an MBA so its not going to not gonna giv u 40000-50000 pm . How much can one actually expect after it and what do u think are its future growth propects?

    1. Allan

      I dont think we should look and compare it that way . if A is not B , then does it mean A can not fetch as much as B ? Farming is not MBA , but even some farmers in AP make crores each year .

      The same way you can make a lot of money by being a CFP . But then you have to practice it , and not be an employee of some one , other wise one can not make a lot of money .

      Growth prospect looks good to me , but the way one has to approach is very difficult .


  133. pallavi kashyap says:

    Hi manish,
    My name is pallavi kashyap and i am from delhi.Currently i am pursuing CFP and i had cleared two modules one is of insurance and another is for retirement.I am a fresher in this field looking for a job plz tell me do i am able to get job on the basis of two modules which i clear.Actually i was from some other field,i had switch that career and opt for CFP thinking that it will be a good option in finance field.My education provider told me after clearing two or three modules i will be able to get a job but i was trying from a quite some time but not being able to get a job, it make me really disponting whether i had choose a right thing or not.Plz tell me in delhi which companies hire AFP’s or CFP’s.Or KPO’s are also good option or not as a risk analyst.Plz help me sir i am in a very confusing state.

    1. Pallavi

      I do not want to show you stars here , your education provider has over promised you about the job scenario , obviously because of the biasness stars . Getting a job with CFP (with good package) is not an easy thing , forget AFP .

      I am not saying you can not get a job , but what kind of job will you get ? Even CFP’s are finding it hard to get clients in India at the moment . AFP will nto get much salary I suppose .

      Note that I have no problem with CFP , its a great certification , but your expectations have to be right .


  134. kevin says:

    Do you have to Renew your CFP Certificate every year & why so ?

    1. Its not exactly renewable , but you need to submit a fee to FPSB , which i dont think is right ! .


  135. Nitesh says:

    Hello Manish,
    I am Nitesh Ruchandani from Nagpur. I’ve completed my graduation in B.com just now. I want to do MBA in Finance. My uncle has suggested me to do CFP along with my MBA. Do you think its a good idea? I want to know what is the duration of CFP program? And is it possible to cope with both?
    Kindly let me know…
    Thnks in advance.

    1. NItesh

      CFP should not be too tough , but you have to clear of what you want to do in Life, CFP will be good only if you are interested in personal finance and dealing with people finances .


  136. Karthik says:

    Hi ,

    Manish you are going a fabulous Job. Hats off!!!

    I am working as a System Engineer for the past 10 month in a software company. But I am interested in financial sector, but I have no experience in that sector. I have done my graduation in BE Mechanical Engineering(2010 pass-out). I am very much confident that i can clear all the paper. But I am very afraid about getting a job after that. For instance if I take two years to complete the exam will it be taken as experience in finance sector? How will the salary when compared to software? How long it takes for an APF to become CFP? To change my career to financial field which is better MBA Finance or CFP? Plz guide me.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Karthik

      Sorry to disappoint you , but CFP will not be as high paying as software if you consider “job” . Note that CFP is more of service to individuals and the money will be minted by someone who services end cusotmer , so you can work for a company but you will get a “salary” , wheather its 1 client or 50 .

      You should not expect more than 15-20k per month in CFP job .


  137. Preety Biswakarma says:

    Hello Manish,

    I am Preety Biswakarma and currently working for ICFP(Kolkata).
    My profile is Asst. Manager and I am heading sales of CFP in Kolkata and eastern region.

    I am no CFP aspirants.My queries are different.
    I approach lots of financial organizations for pursuing this course.But somehow I believe that here (kolkata) is lack of awareness.
    Somehow I have got presentation appointment with some of the organizations including Allahabad bank,UCO bank.
    I generally want answer to the question that how is it going to help the bankers?
    Since I have joined just 2 months back,I was not able to learn much(no training provided) so,I did lots of research on my own.

    I just need a small favour.
    Kindly provide me some points so that I can pitch in front of Bankers,especially such senior people.

    I am 23 years old so dont look much elder as well,I have working experience of 3years in total but all in education industry thus have no idea how to do what with this financial things..

    Will you help me out with this plz..


    1. Preety

      To sell anything , all you need to show to someone is how its going to help them in their life . So when you ask bankers to do this course you can show them how CFP mark or education can help them sell products to their clients .

      Here are some points

      1. In future when cross selling happens , they can plan for clients financial life and show them the value of buying something .
      2. CFP certification will also help build some credibility.
      3. Extra career opportunity in future (negative for the organisation actually , but good for the attendees)


      1. Preety Biswakarma says:

        Hello Manish,

        Thanks for the reply.
        I went for a presentation Allahabad Bank and it went well.
        the only question they kept asking is “Is FPSBIndia affiliated to UGC, or AICTE?”

        I was simply amazed that they had no clue about FPSB India as well.

        Can you give me certain ideas on developing my leads source.
        I mean I can see lots of people in Delhi,Mumbai who are enthusiastic about CFP but in Kolkata Its really getting tougher for me to fulfill my targets.

        And also what other people or crowd I can target so that I bring good business for company.

        I hope you understand…

        Waiting for your response..


        1. Preety

          All i can say is Kolkatta is different than Mumbai or Delhi , it will be tougher than these places to promote CFP there

          1. Preety Biswakarma says:

            Dear Manish,

            I am so demotivated….

            Anyways..really thanx for your responses..
            Will get back to you… Once I am sucessful in promoting CFP in Kolkata and fulfilling my targets..


  138. Ashutosh says:

    Hi manish!

    just while searching the web for CFP course, i came across ur blog, and boss, its damn informative, so pls take my thanks for this effort.

    Earlier i was in the stock mkt field from 2004 -1010. In 2006 i also registered a small pvt ltd company (a very small firm, i am a technical analyst n use to do trading in stock mkt.) Unfortunately i suffered losses in it. i am also a life insurance advisor for a reputed brand (though i was not some how serious about it and hence not very active). as i suffered losses in the company I finally closed the company in 2010 and now currently i am working somewhere. Now my question is, will my experience for the firm that i had started and worked for and almost 1 and half yrs experience as an insurance advisor ll be counted while granting me certificate of CFP. Or again i ll ve to show 3 yrs of experience in investment field?

    Kindly let me know! n thanks n regards in advance.


    1. Ashutosh

      The best answer for this can be given by some one in FPSB only , why dont you enquire about it with them itself . You can also ask it at networkfp.com


  139. Manish says:


    I am MBA (Finance), an currently working in capital market firm. I am interested in AFP.
    Please tell me whether any scope for AFP in India.


    1. Manish

      I think you mean CFP , not AFP

  140. Neeharika says:

    Hi Manish,

    I want to do an MBA in Finance.
    Can one do CFP & MBA to built a good career?
    I am very keen to do CFP & MBA.

    1. CFP is for personal finance planning , MBA is mostly for corporate level . MBA will not help you to learn things which you can implement at an individual level .

      So you have to choose what you like ?


  141. Umesh says:


    Can you please tell me which is the best education provider for cfp in Delhi? and is there any institute which can helps me to get a job for starting level?

  142. Pradeep More says:

    Hi Manish,

    Its very nice to see someone guiding so passionately to all CFP aspirants. Applause for that.
    Had two queries
    1.Will online trading option eliminate need of having CFP. Majority of the affluent class in India are /will use this medium which offer all types of investment instruments. B
    2.Whats the role of CFP in wealth management companies and how is wealth management different from premier relationship management.

  143. sunny says:

    Hi Manish-

    I hope you are doing well! I really liked your way of responding back to blog contenders, trully :)…Rest i am CA Student…just need to ask you one thing about your personal view, is it really worth to do?? firstly i really liked the concept of CFP & also respected the manner it is modulated but if the person who doesn’t hold any degree except B.Com-do he/she should go for this in the delimma that he/she should get nice job. I personally also running one educational academy (family based), i seen cases in my city (abad) that ppl are even struggling to get good job even though they are good MBAs from reputed institute…So bottom line-what you personally feel about the same, forget about the blog but before that i say truly i believe that he/she should have keen interest in finance sector (like you said all the time) before entering CFP.

    looking a positive gesture from your end.

    truly you are good guider..keep going..:)


    1. Sunny

      Yea .. Interst in the field is the biggest factor πŸ™‚ . one who is interested will do better irrespecgive of qualification πŸ˜›


  144. Vinit says:

    Heya Manish,

    Just need some help.. I’v just completed my MBA(finance) from london and moved in mumbai agn yesterday .. i hv 6 months of experience in total of 2 finance MNC’s after which i did my MBA .. have also done my bachelors in accounting and finance .. jus wanted to plan further studies with a good profile job .. cn u sketch me on whether i am eligible widout wrk-exp as i come frm finance background.. or any suggestions as to take the course after some yrs of experience.. wanna sketch mah potray into the feild of investment management such as PMS or investment banking .. how wud u spotlight the gist ?.. have defo read all da comments above .. still felt the hitch to ask ya ..

    Thanks bruv,
    Vinit πŸ™‚

    1. Vinit

      MBA in finance are eligible for status challange exam for CFP , however i am not sure if it will be counted for the experience . You will have to get 3 yrs of experience for that .


  145. NILADRI says:

    I am appearing for CFP through challenge status routa. Which are the books i need to refer to start preparing for the examination. Presently i am working with state bank of india. Please also mention the name of the author / publisher so that it will be much easier for me to find those books in the market. Thank you.

    1. Niladri

      There is no single book which can help you , you should find some CFP certificant and get the materials xeroxed , there is much to read .


    2. Jijo says:

      Book Name New Book Price 50% Discount
      Introduction to Financial Planning – Taxmann Publications/IIBF β‚Ή 505.00 β‚Ή 252.50
      Insurance Products (Including Pension Products) – Taxmann Publications/IIBF β‚Ή 506.00 β‚Ή 253.00
      IC 01 Principles of Insurance – Insurance Institute of India β‚Ή 150.00 β‚Ή 75.00
      IC 02 Practice of Life Insurance – Insurance Institute of India β‚Ή 150.00 β‚Ή 75.00
      IC 11 Practice of General Insurance – Insurance Institute of India β‚Ή 150.00 β‚Ή 75.00
      Mutual Fund Products & Services – Taxmann Publications/IIBF β‚Ή 208.00 β‚Ή 104.00
      In the wonderland of Investment – A.N. Shanbag (Standard Book Co.) β‚Ή 200.00 β‚Ή 100.00
      Students Guide To Income tax – Part 1(Income Tax)-Dr. Vinod k. Singhania (Taxmann Pub.) β‚Ή 650.00 β‚Ή 325.00
      Students Guide To Income tax – Part 2(Service Tax/VAT/Excise Duty/Customs Duty/CST) – Dr.Vinod k. Singhania (TaxmannPub.)
      Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management – Dr. Prasanna Chandra (McGraw – Hill) β‚Ή 327.00 β‚Ή 163.50
      Total β‚Ή 2,846.00 β‚Ή 1,423.00

  146. deepika says:

    I am in T.Y. and have this query:
    Being in Mumbai, if:
    1. I am just AFP who have completed all the modules, how much salary would I get (salary range)?
    2. And will this job be known as practise for CFP?
    3. After completing 1-2 yrs of experience (after becoming pure CFP), how much can I expect to earn?

    1. deepika

      1. May be around 10k

      2. I am not very sure on this , but mostly it has to be counted a lot depends on what u do at job ..

      3. I dont want to discourage u , financial planning is a great area to be in, but these institutes have raised students expectations to astronomical levels . Top cfp,s in india earn well , as they have setup great practice , but thats few of them , from job perspective u should not exoect a lot , one of the top financial planning firm pays 20k per month to fresh cfp . Look for building a practice, rahter than doing a job , its risky and tough, but worth !


      1. deepika says:

        ok thanks Manish. I am currently doing Company Secretary. Heard about this short term CFP course so wanted to compare it with mine. Was bit eager to do it as it can easily be completed in around 6months. but after your help I understood the insight. ‘Its good for ppl who r interested in doing short time course n want to start earning soon after completing d course. For my comparison, I reached to a conclusion that: After completing all modules, an AFP wil earn around 10k whereas in CS, while doing articleship, d salary wil be around 4k.
        a fresh CFP can fetch around 17k whereas a fresh CS can fetch easily earn a minimum of 25-27k
        So I feel I have made correct decision for my career. πŸ™‚
        thanks again!

        1. Deepika

          Today is my first day as full time blogger . I had my last day yesterday as an employee .. from my experience I can tell you , your decision will be correct only when you love what you do , even if you are earning a little lesser there , its fine , you will eventually be happy and satisfied and money will come in later ..

          Dont judge or take up something just because one can pay more than other , I understand at times money becomes priority and nothing wrong in it .. but from long term perspective try preparing your self to do what you truly love and want to do more and more .. You will thank me later if you understand and follow what I say πŸ™‚

          One other point , CFP’s is just a certification , People dont look at certifications a lot , but they see who you are , how you can help them in life and what kind of value you provide to them .. I make much more than the figures you have mentioned , and I am not a CFP , but I do the same work as CFP does ..

          Dont get excited with certifications , its just a tag which will help in growth , but will not provide you the “growth” just because you have it .


          1. deepika says:

            my god u got so serious!

          2. Samy.A.P says:

            Dear Manish
            Currently I am working as Area training Manager with a reputed Insurance company with 4 yrs in training and 12 yrs in sales.I have done Associate in Life Insurance,AMFI.Now i am persuing CFP with an idea of becoming a consultant and a full time trainer in this field with a target of exceeding my current package of 9 lacs p.a.Is it just a dream or possible to be an independent trainer to train the needy in the financial field like MF,Insurance,Bank etc about proper need based selling using my CFP along with other experience?

            1. Samy

              You are on the right path .. assuming you are passionate about it and have big dreams .. 9 lacs pa is nothing .. think about 9 crores pa . just make sure you protect your dreams and keep working on it


  147. krishna says:

    sir,i will be adjusting even if i get 20k but i am not finding any of the companies which are hiring at present.so it is better if i get a good suggestion from u & what does FP mean???
    is it a financial planning journal???

    1. Krishna

      If companies are not hiring , then they might not be looking for it . I am not sure of any openings at present .

      FP is Financial Planning only


  148. krishna says:

    hello manish,i had completed 4 modules of cfp & nse level-3 i want to gain experience in the finance field & clear the challenge status exam after 2 or 3 yrs.would u please suggest me the good companies which are hiring at present.so that i can apply for it & go for an interview

    1. Krishna

      Not sure on which are hiring right now , you can directly search for companies and apply from their websites ..

      If you are really good , you will be hired ? What city are you from ? What salary do you expect ?


      1. krishna says:

        sir,i am from hyderabad & i am searching for a job in hyderabad itself but i am not finding any 1 of it.As i am a fresher i cant expect more salary so i am expecting 25k-30k p.m
        so would u pls suggest me which are the top most companies which would recruit me so that i can apply for it directly or else pls give me a suggestion that sets my career.
        Thanking u…

        1. Krishna

          25-30k seems to be too much you are expecting . Even CFP’s are not getting that kind of package ! . You might want to re-adjust your expectations unless you can be extremelly helpful to the organisation for other kind of skills ..

          Find out the companies in FP and apply to them form their “contact us” .


    2. sundeep says:

      hi krishna i am science graduate from hyderbad it self

      i have plan to do cfp course

      i wanto meet u once for some details as u r already into cfp course

      please send me an email with ur contact no

      1. krishna says:


  149. Bharath says:

    Dear Manish,

    I am really not interested in sales, Pls guide me how to get into Investment banking

    1. Bharath

      CFP can help you in your own practice very well if you have right attitude ! , btw can you explain the work involved in Investment Banking ?


  150. Bharath says:

    hi manish,

    your blog is good i got to know many things about CFP as i am doing the same and going to take the exams in the month of april, presently i m working with a bank, i am going to complete 3 years of financial exp by june end after that i am thinking of taking a jump into investment banking, i had cleared some modules of NCFM like Investment analysis n portfolio management. Whether CFP cert will give any advantage to increase my salary from the present, whether it will be considered by the Investment banking companies, i am basically MBA (marketing) but working in the bank i am not into the sales.

    1. Bharath

      Yes you will get a bit of edge but not too much , MBA marketing + CFP can give you a nice sales job .


  151. karan says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am working in an IT firm which has its own ERP for Garment exporters. I have no Financial background as i had done my BCA & after that did my MBA in systems (Full Time). I have been working as an Implementation executive for the past 2 & half years. I have cleared couple of NCFM Beginners modules. I want to get into Financial Domain now. Will doing CFP help? Will it help me getting in the Financial Domain? Will my experience be counted? How many years will it take me to get the certification after i have cleared the first 4 modules? Since i am planning for self study where can i get the study materials for it?

    1. Karan

      You can do CFP only if you are interested in consulting work on personal finance . Else it would not be of much use . You past experience would not be counted for this . You can get study material from any EP , but that would cost some 15-20k .


  152. shrirang says:

    Hi Manish,
    I am going to cfp class from tomorrow and have great interest in mutual funds and investments. But i am currently working as an accounts executive with just having b com degree in my hand. Please tell me will my this experience would get counted for cfp tag and i really want to get out of accounts as i am not much interested in this job.

    1. Shrirang

      I am not sure if that will be counted as any experience in CFP , as its not about personal finance at all or related to anything close to it


  153. anusha says:

    this is Anusha studying pgdm(finance) final sem.i am a graduate of b.tech.
    now i am searching jobs till now i didn’t get any call.every day i am thinking about job only. today one of my friend suggested me cfp course.he told that job is guarantee if u do this course.
    please tell me this course is good or not?
    and let me know the salaries if i do this course with pgdm+b.tech background

    1. Anusha

      CFP’s at the moment is over-advertised with claims of amazing jobs and career . However story is not that rosy if you only consider getting jobs on completion . If you are passionate about the subject and you love to handle personal finance of indivduals only then go for CFP and knowing that the path would still not be easy as the attitude towards personal finance is worse than Child labour or Dowry !


  154. Rani says:

    Hi Manish,
    I’ve got a CA Inter qlfn and was working. I took a break for personal reasons. Its been 5 years now. Do you think CFP certification will help me land a good job? Financial Planning is my area of interest. Your opinion is appreciated.

    1. Rani

      Its a good thing to learn if you are interested in it , but from job point of view you should not expect much , after completing CFP you should look at your personal consulting work ! , that would make good money for you if you do it right way


  155. Sahil says:

    Hi Manish

    I have a simple and a straight forward question,

    Lets Say I have completed all 6 Modules ( I am awating my Result for B.Com Pass Final Year) & I am a fresher ( No Experience ).

    Ques 1 : When I go for an Interview in a financial Co. {Lets Say Bank of America} and I tell them I have completed all my modules of CFP and I am about to be a Graduate , Do they consider My CFP Certification without the 3 years Relevant Experience & Hire Accordingly or they just see you as an AFP Even After completing all the Modules.

    Ques 2 : “Worst Case Scenario” Lets Sat they dont consider the CFP Certification but they know I have cleared the CFP Modules, Hence they give me a Entry Level Job Around 20k/Month, <– Is it a Possible thought if an interview is cracked.

    Kindly Answer with Precision and with as much Explanation as you can do because your answer will lead someone's Decision.


    1. Sahil

      You are not a CFP if you dont have that 3 yrs experience . so just completing your modules does not mean that you are CFP . so

      1) Yes , you are just AFP who have completed all modules, so they can give you less salary

      2) Expecting 20k for a CFP is also a big thing at the moment in India . So you should not expect 20k if you are not a CFP finally .

      Not sure what else you want in explaination , ask specific question and I can answer them


  156. Abhinav Gulechha says:

    Dear Sudhanshu and Manish

    Thanks for the discussion.

    Dear Manish- I have a related question. Agree that CFP as a qualification does not pave way to a very starry career as of now, however what is your advice to professionals who are into other career streams and need to make an entry in this line, as an enterprenur setting up own practice in some years time. But for that to happen, there has to be a start somewhere.

    Now considering an option to carry out own practice beside the job, how will a professional address the violation of the every company’s code of conduct, that prevents it from carrying own business along with employment, In this situation, neither are there well paying opportunities in industry for financial planning, nor can the person start on his own due to the above mentioned constraints.

    What shall be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who sincerely believe in the idea of paid financial advice, but are faced with this situation?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Abhinav

      You can atleast start learning about the concept and complete the certification. You can also start applying your knowledge and see if you are able to plan you relatives/friends finances and deliver what a paid financial planner can or not . I think this does not come under company rules and one can restrict you on this point . Once you are sure that you have some momentum , you should have 2-3 yrs of buffer money with you and then take the risk . The path is surely not easy and safe , but if you hate your current job and like this financial planning area, its worth taking the call .


  157. Sudhanshu Aggarwal says:

    Hi.. I have already got enrolled and have taken the 1st class (Week-end class)of CFP course from one of the Leading institues in Delhi. However, after reading the above solutions provided in context to the queries asked, I am confused whether I am pursuing the right course or not. No doubt, I am passionate about the Financial Planning, but can overlook the job prospects after this course, which I believe is very minimal or not satisfactory as required. So, could you please advise where one can see himself after 06 months from NOW after completing the CFP course (I am asking about the job prospects and salary expextations basically).

    1. Sudhanshu

      If you have got into CFP thinking that you will get more than 15-20k per month salary , then you are wrong . I am not saying that CFP is not a good thing to pursue or not lucerative , but if you are looking for practicing CFP or do any other thing , then its fine . But from pure job point of view , the path for CFP is not that smooth . Despite of lot of potential in the field , the attitude towards paid advice is not that great in India at the moment, it takes lot of work in converting clients . What expectations did you had in mind or what you were promised ?


  158. Abhinav Gulechha says:

    Hi Manish

    Thanks for the insightful discussion on CFP as a qualification. I am really passionate about this idea, which has a great future in India. My long term intention is set up my own firm, however, will have to continue in a job for say 5 years till I get a good client base. Would sincerely appreciate if you could share some tips for professsionals like me on how to set up own client base while working, what fee model to have (I plan to work on a fee only basis only)


    1. Abhinav

      Nice to hear that you want to make a career in this field . My suggestions for you would be to make an online presence first and try to make an authority , due to that people will recoganise you and also will look upto you as a person whom they can trust . You can work for model , pure fee is good , however even commission basis should be ok , if you are providing good value to clients πŸ™‚ .


  159. ambika banthia says:


    I am willing to opt for CFP. I am a Graduate. But yes job is a concern. Because once i am done with CFP .how should i start with my career in it.. And if i talk about jobs. Is current market recruting CFP’s ? what is the salary at start? I dnt see much CFP jobs in Mumbai. Bt can i xpect myself to get placed somwhere once i become a CFP

    Please advise as i want to do this course but job and future growth is something that i am worried about

    1. Ambika

      You can look at not more than 15-20k in start . CFP path is tough , but if you are passionate about the field , you can do good in this, read others reply


  160. Abhinav Gulechha says:

    Hi Manish

    Thanks a lot for your blog, and also the way you have answered queries of all readers so well. It has gone a really great way to bring clarity on the qualification and career as a financial planner.

    I am a Chartered Accountant, working in the IRDA Compliance function of a private life insurance company for the past 3 years. I had the following questions to ask, would be grateful if you could throw some light on those:

    1. Should geting a CFP qualification be a real value add for me, considering that I already have a CA degree (although I understand that CA curriculum does not touch upon the personal finance planning aspects, however, I do have the critical ability to do self study through reference books and get the requisite knowledge?)

    2. I am really passionate about this career. However, I have obligations regarding home loan repayment etc. for now, due to which I shall not be able to start practice instantly. However, I would like to work and earn atleast 50-60K per month. What are my options- continue in the same profile, or look for profiles related to financial planning in companies, or join an existing firm (doubt whether I shall be able to get Rs. 50-60K for a start)

    Thanks again for your useful advice


    1. Abhinav

      You cant expect 50-60k per month from financial planning “job” . however if you practice and it means “practicing well” . You might make 50-60k per month. Its not that easy in Indian markets πŸ™‚

      Also adding CFP degree does not mean you get to know and learn everything , it does not teach you how you can talk to clients , service them and build a relationship , it all comes from your experience and your interest.


  161. Namrata Parab says:

    And one more thing i want to ask you, the first module financial planning, for this module we are not going to give exam.

    1. Namrata

      There is no reference book for CFP as of now in market, for first module there is no specific exam , but its covered in all the 4 exams , so its important


  162. Namrata Parab says:

    hiiii Manish I want to know that is there any reference book which we will use for CFP?

  163. sunny pandey says:

    hi i want to know that am i eligible to do cfp, i m bcom grad(2010)pune university and have one year job experience in insurance sector, my aim is to open my own office or consultancy firm after cfp

    1. Sunny

      Yes you are eligible


  164. S Raza says:

    Hello Manish,

    I am 28 year old now, while surfing on internet i came to know about CFP, I am having 4 yeras experience in non financial sector, I have knowledge about ERP SAP SD module also, after getting proper training of that ERP, I was unable to get job in SAP. Again i had to join my earlier profile and one thing more I have done MBA marketing from SMU correspondence, I am gradate of Commerce.
    Now again i am thinking to do this CFP course from New Delhi. Is this really beneficial for me if i do this and i am planning to do NCMP. At the site of NSE India i found Manipal and NSE is offering the course which is similar to NCFM. Will it be a good match for me? And I am not too much good in math’s. Will it be problem for me?
    After completion of this course, what will be my future? Where would I get the job?

    Thanks and regards

    1. Raza

      You should do anything only if you are passionate about it . same thing will happen after doing CFP . CFP path is not that great if you want a job , but if you are passionate about the financial planning field , then go ahead to do this and do practice after you complete it .


  165. Reddy says:

    I am an MBA ,have work experience of 6 in marketing and 3 in IT,I am planning to go for cfp am a egular trader in sharemarket,what would u suggest,Where can I get CFP material free online.pls help

    1. Reddy

      Its tough to get free material , you should join some EP .


  166. ajay vyas says:

    dude ur dedication to this blog is awesome, pls can u explain me two things what is ep rs 20000 fee and what is your opinion about us cfa and indian cfa, thanx……..

    1. Ajay

      20k is standard fees of EP for correspondence course , However there are some CFP’s who take classes in 10k and that might turn out better if you are in Mumbai or Delhi , let me know πŸ™‚

      No much idea about US and India CFA .


  167. Namrata Parab says:

    hello Manish I want to know that what is the pay scale of AFP and CFP?Can we work with AFP?What type of job can AFP and CFP do?

    1. CFP’s have to give 5 modules , which covers all areas of financial planng . AFP is someone who has completed limited modules , like One can give a single module for Insurance or Taxation and he will be called AFP . AFP “might have” limited knowledge and could lack the eye of full fledged financial planner , however you can engage AFP for specific service for which he has completed module , ask your AFP what module he has completed . Over all , AFP , CFP is all alphabets , you should go with him incase you feel that he is right person


  168. Namrata Parab says:

    Thank you

  169. Namrata Parab says:

    Hello Manish.My friend and I joined CFP at IIFP Mumbai.My friend is below average.He is a repeater in last year of graduation.Can he do CFP?And is this benefial for him to settle down in life financially.I completed my graduation.and I am doing CA and Mcom.Please guide us.

    1. Namrata

      Yes your friend can do CFP , but like anything , it also requires dedication and efforts , The path after CFP is not that easy as it might sound , but with right attitude and interest , It would help him .

      U can first complete your CA and then attempt CFP .


  170. Nithin Batchu says:

    Hi manish,
    Im very thankful to u as u hve clarified all my doubts regarding CFP. the only thing I want 2 ask is. As I read in some websites that Mutual Fund companies would much prefer CFP’s. Can you clarify wat would be the scope of CFP in mutual Fund industry is it anythng related to sales? moreover I earn around 24k per month workng 4 sum bank. Pursuing CFP would fetch me any career growth??Im totally confused with wat wud b scope of CFP? Will it be added advantage Immediately or over a period of time?

    1. NIthin

      We all like to deal with people who are qualified, so if a person comes to you to sell a JUNK product , you are more likely to buy it if a person is CFP . So banks and all the other institutions (i mean majority) are hunting for CFP’s who will act like a sales man for them (rather a qualified one) , so it becomes easy for them to sell .

      while I do not say CFP is something bad, many bank/comapanies will make it bad later. right now CFP’s are finding it hard to get 24k by salary in CFP . so do CFP only if you are super interested in this area


      1. Nithin Batchu says:

        thank you Manish..!!

  171. mohit says:

    someone please tell me that whether CFP is about selling? or you actually making financial plans for the clients..i really don want to go in selling …..

    1. Mohit

      You have to think like this . What is journalism all about ? giving genuine and true news in purest form ? Right !! . But what happens in real life , most of the news channel just spit idiotic and exaggerated news . giving pure news is tough .

      In the same way CFP is all about making plans and working with you clients on the pure advice basis , but most of the CFP’s end up selling , which is easy and makes more money .

      Making plans will take much more hardwork and interest


  172. Arvind says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thx for the rteply… but will it let help me improve the domain knowledge of wealth management. how is it differnet from wealth management courses.?

  173. Arvind says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am currently working as Business Analyst in a Software Company. I have totlally 8+ years experience. I have worked for BPO for 3 banks(for 7+ years) and currently working on WealthManagement domain. I am interested in doing CFP. Firstly , Will my experience of BPO will hold good for the 3 yrs expereince required for CFP and secondly will it help in the IT field for moving upwards in position.
    Kindly advice.

    1. I am not sure if your experience will be counted or not . But CFP will not help you move in the company , Its more of a certification which will help you in practice than in job


  174. prashant says:

    i have complited my 2nd year of gradutation B.B.A will it good for me to do c.f.p right now and which institute is good gor it in delhi zone because i belong to gwalior .and what about placement after c.f.p. .plz explain berfly.

    1. Prashant

      Go through the comments, you will get the answer


  175. lavina says:

    hey hi manish!

    i m very much interested in doing cfp course but i m bit confused abt its study material. how can i get its study material if do not like 2 register in any education providing institute?????

    i more thing do i get any study material through post as soon as i register for nse module of cfp????????????????

    1. Lavina

      There is self study mode available from FPSB , but I am not sure if you get any study material there . The nse module for CFP can only be registered when you enroll for CFP from FPSB , its not for all , it will be enabled for you once your enroll from FPSB


  176. Arpita says:

    Hey Manish,

    Really very interesting and informative about CFP. I am inspired after reading your blogs, but i searched for CFP jobs in india…hardly i found any jobs,,,,,,is CFP not having value like CA/CS/ICWA/CFA/MBA has??????

    1. Arpita

      CFP is very new and taking shape in India only recently , While CFP as a career can be very satisfying if you really like the field , from job perspective , yes CFP will not fetch you a dream job .


  177. prabha says:

    Hello Manish

    I have been a career banker with 10 years treasury experience.Right now i am on a break. I am interested in the CFP certification. Will the 10 year exp counted or not for the requirement ?

    1. Prabha

      I think it will be counted , better to mail FPSB to confirm , anyways if its not counted , you can always start your practice .


  178. Pallav Ghosh says:

    Hello Manish,
    I just checked CFP and am interested in doing it.I have done my graduation in Commerce and its been 4 yrs working with Bank of America but my dept is not completely into banking, its mortgage and transactions. I read that we need to have 3 yrs of exp for CFP so can u plz suggest whether my experience would be counted or not and what are the alternatives if doesn’t?

    1. Pallav

      You can go for CFP and I think it will be counted as experience , but i am not sure so you should confirm it with FPSB , catch them on twitter πŸ™‚

  179. rikin says:

    HEY …i m currently doin my sybcom in mumbai and m planning to do cfp and though i m intrested in the subject i dont wish to tak up a job or i want to start my own practice coz i hate gettin hired…i was planning to join my dads biz…but i want to do cfp coz i m interested in it n want to expand my knwledge for the share markets and investments …so m pretty confused bout it…plzz help me..

    1. Rikin

      CFP is not for you then , while it will give you knowledge , but if you are not interest in practice or job, then why do CFP then ? Just read about the subject . A more appropriate thing for you would be to read the subject on net , may be clear some NCFM module , for personal finance , you can keep reading this blog which will give you enough knowledge .


  180. manisha says:

    to take CFP tag we need 3 yrs work exp. from where we can take such exp. and whats the scope of AFP.

    1. Manisha

      The experience you get after completing the job should be good enough .


      1. Aditya Gupta says:

        Hi Manish

        This is Aditya Gupta done pgdm in finance and marketing, and working in Bank of Baroda as a PO. i m just 2010 pass out. I am very keen to join finance field , i m really getting bore with this banking whether it is a Nationalized bank.
        so should i go for CFP firtst. will it help me to switch from Bank to any Finance profile. n what is realistic package i can get after CFP.

        1. Aditya

          Look at other comments , we have discussed these points .


  181. manisha says:

    m fresh graduate and really confused… I m interested in doing CFP ,plz provide me the duration of the course and best education provider in delhi.what is the level of the exam i.e easy or hard. can i take CFP as my career option…

    1. Manisha

      You should get CFP only if you are interested in personal finance and financial planning profession and field . the current situation for job and practice is not very rosy if you are not very enthusiastic about the profession .

      The duration for the course will depend on you , you can clear the modules in 6 months also and in 2 yrs also depending on what kind of learner are you .


  182. Jayashree J says:

    Hi Manish,

    You are doing great work and your articles can be understood even by a layman.Hats off to you.
    I am currently working in a bank and interested in pursuing cfp.I wanted to know if doing cfp after completing pgdfa is better?Please guide.

    1. Jayashree

      The only question before doing CFP you should ask your self is “Are you interested in Investment/Insurance/Financial Planning services ?” . After CFP you should mainly be involved in consulting business, are you ready for it ?

      It does not matter where are you working right now .


      1. Jayashree J says:


        I think I wasnt specific in my question.What I was askin was is it better to give cfp after giving post graduate diploma in financial advising or does it make no difference if I directly give cfp.I havent given pgdfa as yet.What I was told was I can directly give the 5th module of cfp if i have completed pgdfa.

        1. Jayashree

          OK , there is a challenge pathway for CFP where you can give just a single exam and become a CFP , for that you should be holding some additional certifications like CA , CFA or what you are planning to give .

          It would be better to then give that pgdfa exam and then give one CFP exam , however just make sure that you have a good understanding of all the concepts before hand


  183. Nithesh N. says:

    Hello Manish sir,

    I have 5+ years experience in stock market as a dealer. I want to study CFP. Is this good for my career. What is the scope of CFP.

    1. Nithesh

      CFP will make sense for you only if you are interested in financial planning , otherwise it would just be a certification to show and attract people .


  184. Raja says:

    Hi Manish,

    Please help me clarify few doubts:
    1. The CFP site say’s this on experience topic – Either Pre or Post CFPCM Certification Exam(3 Years for Graduates & 6 Years for Non-Graduates) – in the link ‘Pathway to CFPCM Certification’. Didn’t find any distinction for finance and non-finance professional.
    2. I see that there is an option to do it by self study too. Can refer me some study material if i want to do it by self study ??


    1. Raja

      Yes , the only requirement is that you should have 3 yrs of experience if you are graduate else 6 yrs . Thats all .

      I wont be able to provide you any thing as I dont have πŸ™‚ . I am in CFP course and I can lend you the books for sometime , if I dont need them for my study πŸ™‚


  185. sanjay upadhyay says:

    Hi Manish,

    Your site is providing lots of information. I am BE in Comp sc and Engg having 14 yrs in IT. You know my doubt is , yes it about starting my own practice after clearing the exam. Can I do it ? According to FPSB I need finance for 3yrs to get myself certified. Which I don’t want to work under someone and hunt a finance job like novice. Is it possible to do self start up after the exam and show that experience as real one and get certified ? I don’t think so and that case my CFP thing has to be abandoned .What you say ? I spoke to FPSB and the guy said yes. But I doubt as he might not be clear himself.

    Thanks for your help

    1. Sanjay

      You can start just after completing your CFP , just that you wont be able to use CFP , you have to use CFPCM .


      1. sanjay upadhyay says:

        thanks for reply !!!
        Let me understand it. Is CFP different from CFPCM ?

        Also , can I show my own firm experience to FPSB and get myself certified ?
        Pl do let me know.

        1. No its same .

          You can show your experience if its in finance .


  186. Sourabh Mahajan says:

    Hi Manish,
    Great work, Just want to conferm that i as dont have 3 years of experience now but will have it in 1 years time.. can I do the CFP now… pls guide whats need to be done

    1. Sourabh

      Yea you can , You can do CFP anytime, once you have 3 yrs exp , you wll get CFP mark .


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  188. roshi says:

    oops that shud be buddy

  189. roshi says:

    hi manish,
    thanks bddy for the reply…. so you think jobs wud land me up into sales n all i guess….

  190. roshi says:

    hi manish,
    roshi this side. well i am a fresher currently pursuing mba in finance from icfai university will get over with it in october 2010. i am done with my pg certificate in finance from aima, delhi.
    i am a fresher. no job experience. i am really keen to do cfp. but yes i do have some doubts. like will i land up into the sales job and stuff because if its like that then i better skip the idea of pursuing cfp. are the job prospects after cfp good enough. i am intersted in financial planning like advicing people n all but cant do sales n stuff of financial products. i need to make big out of my life. i am considering iifp to pursue cfp. they say that they provide cool placements. still i only have one doubt which is like the sales job profile ?
    please kindly guide.

    1. Roshi

      You should look at setting up your own practice and not “Job” .. you might take job initially but try to setup a practice for youself .. only then you can see some success .
      Getting clients can be tough in the start , but if you are patient , innovative then CFP Is a good thing .


  191. Kavin Raj says:


    i have a question,

    I’m a company secretary trainee, i want to get into finance, mostly investment banking, i like Taxation too, actually i like helping people, i have some prior experience as a customer service executive, i liked that job jus cos i could serve people with the little knowledge i gained about credit cards cos of the training provided by the company.

    coming to the point, as Tania said, i also wanna earn 2 – 3 lacs per annum, which i think is possible if i start my own practice after i become a qualified company secretary, my boss is a company secretary in practice and his clients are already HNI, mostly young entrepreneurs, directors of companies, chartered accountants etc etc ,, so if i start my own practice getting clients wouldn’t be a problem,

    double advantage : practice company secretary to get clients, and practice financial planning to do what you like and make money.

    when i start my own firm. along with my company secretary practice, i’d like to provide financial advise to my clients .. the goal is to provide “Legal service” “Statutory Audit” “Secretarial service” “Income Tax Audit” and to added up “Financial service” to the clients ..

    should i do CFA or CFP ??? which will help me get more clients and which will help me provide more expertise advise ..

    well i think CPA cos ,, i wouldn’t be providing service for investments alone .. i can give advice on Tax Savings, retirement planning , estate planning, wealth management and investment advisory work as well..

    but the twist is, i need to work in a financial planning firm atleast for 2 years before i start my own .. only then i’ll be able to provide good advice.

    but i can not settle down for 15k-25k salary .. all my friends who are company secretaries and chartered Accountants will get atleast 40k -50k as a fresher …

    me having a qualification of
    1. Company secretary
    2. CA – Inter
    3. CFP

    How much will my initial salary be ?
    Will i get good job profiles where i can learn the job or put my theoretical knowledge into practice.?
    Name a few companies pls.

    i need to atleast work for two year before i start my own practice,

    1. Kavin

      You can not get more than 25k per month salary in CFP job if you get employed some where . Even though you have other qualification , it will not help in this area . I would say better concentrate on one things and build on it . Nothing wrong in having high expecations , but its not correct to have them in the start .


      1. kavin says:

        you think CFA would suit me better ???

        1. hmm.. cant say like that .. No much idea on CFA πŸ™‚


  192. Tania says:

    In ICFP,kolkata there is this diploma course in financial planning for students who have completed their graduation.. And neway, i completely agree that we should expect less.. πŸ™‚ And if you dont mind can I ask you as to what are you doing presently??

    1. Tania

      Better investigate what is this “Diploma” in financial planning , I think its nothing but AFP , which you get after completing some modules if not all.

      I am currently doing lots of things like

      – Systems Engineer at a Software company
      – Uncertified Financial planner πŸ™‚ (pursuing CFP)
      – Blogger here πŸ˜‰


  193. Tania Mirchandani says:

    And one last query. Im not planning to do the diploma course in CFP.. As ive mentioned before that Im a first year B.com student,Im only interested in doing the CFP programme which is meant for undergraduate courses. So will I be able to earn after completing all the 5 modules and with a B.com degree?? Or is it required to do the post graduate diploma course too?

    1. Tania

      what is diploma course and post graduate diploma ? there is just 1 thing .. CFP thats all .


  194. Adarsh says:


    Please get me the details of companies hiring CFPs and what is the expected pay package?

    I got total 5 years experince in Insurance sector and currently working as a Branch Manager.


    1. Adarsh

      the best thing would be to look at FPSB directory , there are many CFP’s who have startup and might be looking to hire .. you should not expect more than 15-25k range per month in the start (Just CFP) ..


  195. tarpan biswas says:

    Hi Manish,
    I am working as unit manager in a life insurance co for last 4 years. I want to complete CFP, also I passed LIII and AMFI. I am looking to switch my career as faculty in reputed financial education institute. Do you think CFP certification will help me for that.

    1. Tarpan

      definately CFP will help you , CFP also take up faculty job at many financial planning education institutes πŸ™‚ . Go for it


      1. Tania Mirchandani says:

        Hi Manish,
        Need your help and suggestion.
        Which institute is best to do CFP in Kolkata? I have found out about an institute. Its called ICFP.. Its a private institution and its NOT government recognized. But it has the stamp of FBSB and NSE.. Im in B.com,1st year and Im really interested in doing this CFP course.. But My only worry is that its NOT govt.recognised,so what guarantee that after completing all the 5 modules we will get a job???

        1. Tania

          CFP institutes are recognised by FPSB and hence its automatically recognised because FPSB is a recognised body in itself , check on FPSB website if its a recognised institute according to them or not .

          There is no assurance of job after CFP , are you passionate about financial planning field ?


          1. Tania says:

            Yes i am passionate about it.. But why isnt there any job assurance after CFP?? What else do we need to do to get a high salary job??

            1. Tania

              Financial Planning is new area in India, so there are challanges , if you need a job , you will get it at an insurance or MF company as an Advisor and the salary wont be more than 15-25k per month in the start . If you want to do proper financial planning work , either you have to get under some pure financial planning firm or start on your own . So only if you are very passionate about the field and can take the challanges this profession is going to provide in the start , you can do it then πŸ™‚

              What are your salary expectations ?


            2. Tania says:

              i really want to earn 2 to 3 lakhs per month.. Am i expecting too much??? And how do i get under some pure planning financial firm??

            3. Tania

              Please get realistic , 2-3 lacs per month is dream at the moment from job in CFP , you might be able to make that much if you start practice and have good client base πŸ™‚ , but you cant imagine the toughness to get there in this country at the moment , however I dont like to say that Its impossible , good luck .

              Secret of happiness is low expectations πŸ˜‰


            4. Mohan says:

              Dear Manish,

              “Secret of happiness is low expectations”, very well said and very much true. In these rat race days, simple truths like this has to be remembered and to be executed to be peaceful.

            5. prateek wadhwa says:

              hi m prateek wadhwa

              done cfp m looking for a job
              tell me what type of job i’ll b do
              u said there are co. who gave in starting 20 to 25k where r these co. m also looking for that co.
              give suggestion

            6. Prateek

              Dont take it on rock . It might happen that there may be tough time and companies are not hiring , Financial Planning profession is not an easy one in India especially in these times . Keep looking , try to start your own practice .


  196. koyel chowdhury says:

    if i am a fresher and have done a cfp program and have cleared two three papers in cfp i become an associate financial planner.But if i clear all the exams and in the process gain work experience will i still get the cfp tag after 3 years or before 3 years if i pass all the modules.And even i clear and have no work ex still where can i apply for as a fresher and having cfp exams cleared?

    1. Koyel

      As per FPSB , when you complete your CFP , you should have 3 yrs of experience in relevent field to get CFP mark , so if you start early also , it should be counted


  197. Vidya says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am one of the silent readers of jagoinvestors.com and an ardent fan of your articles . I have 10 yrs of IT experience but want to slowly take up an alternate career in finance. I am very much interested in doing CFP certification. But since you need 3 yrs experience in finance how do i go about that. It definitely wouldn’t be easy to get a job in finance after being in IT for so long. Let me know your thoughts.

    1. Vidya

      Thanks for your comment Vidya. regarding 3 yrs experience thing , yes thats the requirement and we cant do anything about it . The fact that you are interested in Financial planning and are ready to take the action are 2 points which is enough to say “Go for it” . Believe me , if you are a long term reader of this blog and read most of the articles on this blog and also understand it well, you are better than most CFP’s in terms of knowledge and integrity .

      being in IT for long and moving to Finance , will this be an issue ? I dont think so !! . You will be amazed to hear , but I am myself from IT background (currently working as systems eng) and will move to finance in some time . Yes , some time is wasted , but so what , at the end we want to do some thing exciting , something we like and some thing which makes sense for us πŸ™‚ .

      Dont worry .. Take action and forget about what will happen . Everything which has happened till date was great .. so will be future . From money point , definately , it will be little challanging , but you have to ask yourself , what do you want in life ?

      What are your thoughts ?


  198. Rohan Bagad says:

    hi, just now i m fdoing mba(finance)… its my last sem…..
    earlier i was planing for cfp but was little bit confused abt it
    now again i m thinking abt it, so can u pls tell me wat should
    i do should i opt for it or i have do some other course as
    my backgroung is mba finance….
    Pls assit me….
    thanking you

    1. manish says:

      Are you interested in personal finance . CFP generally does financial planning for individuals . take it as a enhancing certification and not just career option lots of money in the start ,


      1. Rohan says:

        hello manish you told that i should not adopt cfp as my career than do u think its worth doing it…. i m confused wether should i go for it or not…..
        even can u suggest anything else after mba finance to upgrade myself in this field……
        thanks for reply

        1. manish says:


          I didnt say that you should just discard it . What I said it that unless you are too passionate with personal finance , CFP alone wont help much . but you can see it for upgrading your qualification once you are done with MBA .


  199. Mala says:

    Hello Manish

    I have been following your posts for quite some time. They have been very informatiove and helpful. I have a quesiton in reation to this discussion of CFP.

    I want to know, if this CFP or any other certificaiton will give me knowledge about manging micro finances.
    To be more clear. I would want to use financial learnings to impart knowledge about small invetments and how to manage hapzard and low fiancial incomes of very low net worth individuals. Say farmers or people earning incomes of 5k permonth and managing to save Rs500 or Rs1000
    I am just looking at a starting point to do this.
    Will a financial certification give me some xposure and knowledge to such kind of micro fincance mangement or is it only about managing finances and insurances of HNIs.

    It is basically to be of some help in improving quality of life of poeple from my native village. Since you are the subject expert in finance. Do you have any thoughts on this. i.e how good financial planning advices can help poeple from poor and rural back ground

    1. manish says:


      CFP is not the best option in that case .. But it would give you the basic idea of how a person should manage their money . Low income families who are able to save even 1,000 or 500 per month can also invest in things like PPF , Mutual funds etc to get good returns , just that they have to be disciplined πŸ™‚


  200. Ashwin says:

    Thanks Manish.

    Can a foreign Language such as German ,be added advantage?

    1. manish says:

      Only if you are going to practice in Germany πŸ™‚ . There is no added advantage if you dont have germen clients πŸ™‚ obviously πŸ™‚


  201. Ashwin says:

    Hey….i am loooking for a career as CFP

    have some doubts to clear:
    1. Whats the payscale for Certified Financial Planner?
    2. Who hires the CFP’s (I have worked with Insurance Co. &Banks,dont see any CFP working there)
    3.What will be the growth prospects once you become CFP (Vertical Growth)

    1. manish says:


      Well Well Well … πŸ™‚

      Truly Speaking , Financial Planners have a great career in coming years, its not immediate if you are just looking to work under some one . In short term still India needs to evolve in Financial Planning field .

      1. You wont get more than 20-25k (approx) .
      2. Insurance Companies , Financial Planning Companies Hire FP .[IMM , Itrust.in , investmentyogi.com , jagoinvestor.com (future) ] . You can also work as Independent Financial Planner , but you need to have a good client base :).
      3. ok there are 900 million people in India need Financial Planning … If you get even 900 of them , you can charge around 10-20k first time and then 5-6k per annum as yearly review charges .. you can calculate .. What if you have 10,000 clients .. ? Sky is never a limit .


  202. Vijay says:

    Thanks Manish

  203. Manish Chauhan says:


    After giving your CFP certifications exams , you get CFP tag only if you have 3 yrs of experience in relevent (finance) field , which you already have .

    So you just need to clear the papers .. thats it , You might want to go for "Challange route" where you need to give just 1 exams .

    Regarding earning money if you are free lance , you can set up your practice as Financial planner and plan for your clients ..

    You can earn money by having a "flat fee model" or "by commision from the products sold through you" , or mix of it ..

    I personally feel that one should concentrate more on giving the consultation to clients well and only after that is done , there wont be any harm to recommend them to go for some agents who can help them buy the products and you might participate in the commisions generated , but make sure that you share this information with clients .. else it would be a breach of common code of conduct in CFP profession.

    Hope you get your answer ,, hit back with more if you have any ..

  204. Vijay says:

    I also have another question that I missed out in my last tag.

    Well I am a novice to this area.

    How does a CFP earn his livelyhood if he were to be a freelancer?
    Is it through Commissions or any other means?

    Please clarify my question.

    Thanks in advance,

  205. Vijay says:

    Hi Manish,

    First of Kudos for an excellent blog.

    I am heavily interested in Financial Planning. I am an insurance advisor working for MaxNewyork Life. Besides I am doing my MBA in Service Marketing. I am an engineering grad with 9 years of Non finance background.

    What amazes me is that how is the experience linked to the CFP certification?


  206. Manish Chauhan says:


    There would be no issues because of your non-financial background.

    I am myself from a non-finance back ground .

    CFP is given only after 3 yrs of finance experienance , so people who are not from finance backgroud , you need to have an additional 3 yrs of financce background .

    People who are from finance background and more than 3 yrs of experience , will get CFP only ny completeing the exmas


  207. Anonymous says:

    dear Manish
    wanted to talk about '6 yrs experience in Non-financial sector' as you mentioned. i did not find this mention the fpsb website.
    i am very much interested in FP and am following your site and other EP sites for couple of years now. i am in non financial area and have recently completed MBA in finance (part time)
    just wanted to ask whether after 'successfully' finishing CFP exam, will there be any hurdle in getting the CFP certified tag becos of my non finance experience.
    thanks for your reply on gold ETF.i have started buying 1 gram of Gold etf since.


  208. Anonymous says:

    dear rajnish kumar,
    kindly visit nseindia web site

    1. vaseem says:

      hi manish..i just came across ur website..i really liked the way to patiently answered everyone’s queries..

      thanks man…keep it up

      1. Vaseem

        Good to hear that πŸ™‚ . thanks

  209. Manish Chauhan says:


    Thanks for the comment . I read the article . There are some things to notice .

    Looks like the “financial planners” they are talking about are more of normal uncertified advisors in the field of Investments , they are not exactly CFP’s .

    Anyone who is uncompetent and gives poor advice will be left out . I saw the comment at the last of the article , it said :

    “The main reasons cited by those in the survey for leaving their adviser were the level of financial return (73.4 per cent), quality of advice (72.6 per cent), and poor or infrequent communication (62.1 per cent).”

    So you can see that main issues where

    poor returns : cant do much about it , whole world markets are bad .

    quality of advice : This depends on person , most of them are i guess not educated upto the level of CFP’s .

    Infrequent communication : Financial planner mistake .

    Now all this is considering Australia .

    India is a big nation and here the penetration of Financial planners is not even close to Australia or US etc.

    CFP will be a great thing for you to do . Continue you work and pass CFP simultaneously . Even though you are close to your retirement in 15-20 yrs . It would be better than simply selling mutual funds .

    Best of Luck , mail me anytime if I can help in any way .


  210. Amol Chitale says:

    Am aged 43. selling MF for last 4 years and doing very poorly. Thinking of appearing for CFP. Do I stand any chance of a better future begining at this age. Prior education is B.E in electronics.
    Recently read an article (search on google) about clients (in Australia) leaving their financial planners (75% have stopped seeing their advisors). Your comment ?
    Thanks for reading
    Amol Chitale (amol.nishi@google.com)

  211. Manish Chauhan says:

    For technical analysis you can do CFTe Program provided by IFTA , International Federation of Technical Analysts. : http://www.ifta.org/certifications/financial/

    Once you complete this you will be a certified Technical Analyst recognised globally .

    For others I dont know .


    1. Sonali Adkar says:

      Hi Manish,

      It is a good information related to CFP which is posted by you. I just wanted to know how to get settleled into this field after getting certification. I am going to appear for the last paper now. But we are facing issues in finding job to get settled into this feild as I am fresher into this field. Is anything you can suggest over here.

      1. Sonali

        You can either take a job at some Insuance/Bank/Mutual funds company which is not very much recommended . Or you can start your own financial planning practice, but for that you need to have some idea first . Better get training at some financial planning firm or under some CFP .


        1. Nagesh JN says:

          Hi Manish

          This is Nagesh I am a big fan of you. Currently I am working in share market firm as a Branch Manager. Having 5years experience in financial field like share market & MF
          I have done NCFM cash & derivative certificate; I am very much interested to do CFP,

          β€’ Its worth to do?
          β€’ Can I get good carrier?
          β€’ If I done I can get job in MNC??

          Can I have u r comments?


          1. Nagesh

            You should do CFP only if u are interested in planning part of financial planning and not selling part per se. CFP can not neccessarily give you a good carrier , you have to be too passinate about the field .


            1. Nagesh says:


              Thanx for your reply I have intersted to do financial planning only.

              1. To do the course can i join any institution or any CFP holder bcz near my place a CFP holder conducting coaching class…

              2. FPSBindia is govt reconzd???

              please let me know.


            2. Nagesh

              You can get a coaching from anyone , not an issue . just make sure he is competent .

              FPSP india is a recognised body .


            3. Nagesh says:

              manish can u please send me some usefull link abut CFP???


            4. http://www.fpsbindia.org/ has all info you need . What info you didnt get from this page ? Use google search for your queries, I can bet it can beat me in the quality of information you will get πŸ˜‰


            5. Nagesh says:

              i want to download the study metearial…… how can i get it ????.


            6. You will have to enroll yourself to some education provider, you cant get study material for free . I have seen people sharing it on orkut communities , you can try that .


            7. Nagesh says:

              can i have u r orkut ID


            8. Narsh says:

              Good morning sir
              I want to be a fund manager through Advanced Wealth Management course by IIBF,
              could you please tell me the details about fund manager oppurinties,
              future growth in fund manager,
              give me guidelines sir
              Thanking you sir

          2. karthik says:

            Dear mr nagesh

            kindly go thru our website regarding all your quary

  212. rajnish kumar says:

    hye manish.good post for those who are interested in CFP certifications.like this is there any certification or course for complete stock market(Technical analysis, fundamental analysis, day trading etc) which people can enroll. if not as a certification then for personnel interest. i would like to know if any such course is there which you know( fee structure, course content,duration etc)

    1. nitinpai says:

      You should check the NCFM certifications for all stock market modules

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