How to correct the errors in CIBIL report ?

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Did you come across many errors in cibil report of your ? Was there any kind of mistake in cibil report ? Are you wondering how to clear yourself out of CIBIL defaulter list? Is your name in cibil defaulters ? In this article you will see what can be done to Correct the errors in CIBIL Report and remove your name from cibil ? Firstly let’s understand the type of errors that can be on your CIBIL report. Before that, the first thing you need to do , apply for your CIBIL Credit Report Online

1. Errors in CIBIL Report

Banks keep on updating CIBIL about your credit behaviour on monthly basis. So, at the time of entering some data, it might happen that some human error happens. Even though these are human mistakes, still they are responsible and correctly blamed for a lot of complaints. Let me give you an example – Suppose your outstanding credit was Rs 2,000, but accidentally it was entered as Rs 20,000. Similarly, there can be various things which can get wrong:-

  • Account/ Loan Type
  • Account Status
  • Ownership Type
  • Date of Last Payment
  • Date Opened
  • Date Closed
  • Sanctioned Amount/ High Credit
  • Current Balance
  • Amount Overdue
  • DPD/ Asset Classification

Remember that each of these little things are very important and different banks can have different criteria and weightage on a particular thing. So getting each thing right is very important for your future loans. Make sure you have them corrected.

2. Mistakes in your Basic details like Name , Address , Date of Birth

There can be at times mistakes in basic details like Name, address, Date of Birth etc… For Example, in my CIBIL report, my name “Manish Chauhan”, can be misspelt as “Manish Chavan” (like all the people in Pune do when they write my name). So if name is misspelt as “Manish Chavan” and tomorrow some real “Manish Chavan” runs away after taking Rs 50, 00,000 home loans, with help of human error, there are chances that this impacts me. Don’t take it lightly incase your name or any other detail is incorrect. The full list of details is as follows

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Income Tax ID
  • Passport Number
  • Voter’s ID
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Address
  • State
  • PIN

3. Something Does not Belong to you or Has Duplicate Entry

At times you will see things which do not belong to you, it comes into the category of “human error” or actually it might be on your name, just that you are not aware of it, this might happen if your documents are misused by some other person. This happens and has happened with lot of people. So take this seriously. Note that you might not see a recent update in your CIBIL report if you have applied for a CIBIL report within 45 days of a transaction. It takes time to update it in CIBIL report.

How to Correct your CIBIL report

Cibil has an online redressal mechanism for handling the mistakes in CIBIL Credit Report or to correct errors in cibil report, which is called “Dispute Resolution” .

CIBIL report Mistakes Correction

Step 1 : Fill up a Dispute Resolution form

The first step is to fill up this CIBIL Online Dispute Resolution Form. Make sure you put all the information correctly. There is something called as CONTROL NUMBER which you will find in your CIR report, you have put fill this control number in this dispute form along with other details. You will also have to give them the exact mistake and the correct information. The Control Number is a unique 9-digit number found on the top right hand side of your CIBIL Credit Information Report and is generated every time a credit report is generated.   Once you submit the form, you will be given a Dispute ID which you can use for future references. This Dispute id will also be emailed to you. The dispute resolution form looks like this

Cibil report mistakes resolution

Step 2 : CIBIL communicated to Loan Provider to confirm Detail

Once you raise a Dispute request, CIBIL first tries to see if it can verify and rectify the details on its own but incase its unable to do so (which will be the case most of the times) it will then forward your dispute request to the loan provider (the bank which issued you credit card, home loan, car loan etc).  Once the loan provider confirms that there is an error it will provide CIBIL with corrected data. CIBIL then updates the data and informs you as appropriate. Always remember, it is the duty of CIBIL to help you resolve your request.

Please remember that CIBIL does not make changes to any information on its own. It is only a custodian of information received from credit institutions. CIBIL is permitted to make changes to your credit information only when it is confirmed by the relevant loan provider(s). You will receive an email notification informing of the results for the dispute requested. It takes approximately 30 days to resolve a dispute request. Once the dispute is resolved, you can see the status of your CIBIL report by applying to it all over again. A lot of people wish if they could have a CIBIL Login and Password where they can view their report whenever they want. But that won’t happen soon

I hope you have got a clear idea on what to do when there are mistakes in your CIBIL report and you want to correct them. Just follow the steps suggested and you should be able to correct the errors in cibil report of yours and get out of CIBIL defaulter list !

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  1. Prashant singh says:

    Hi sir plz do reply…me
    Yesterday I got my education loan declined from axis bank due to in my father’s cibil report. I purchesd my dad’s cibil report it says I had taken a housing loan in 1999. The lender is union bank and its showing some bank account also. Our entire family never had any such bank account with Union bank. This is bullshit.
    This was the first time we applied for the loan in life. I have already raised a dispute. And got the mail.

    Tell me plz ho I can resolve it fast as I have to get my education loan passed as early as possible.

    Thank you.
    Prashant singh

    1. If your father cibil report is not correct, then you need to approach the CIBIL and lender to clarify on this matter. I didnt knew that CIBIL is now linking family cibil report too !

  2. Nagappa says:

    In my cibil report their are two errors:

    1. PAN card number is mine but name and DOB is others
    2. I dont have any education loan but it is showing my education loan in report.

    Please help me how to shot out this problem.

    1. Check out with CIBIL itself on this .

  3. Rajesh Kumar S says:

    HI Cibil,

    While checking my CIBIL Score the bank have informed that i have Home and Car Loan, Please look this on priority.

    Rajesh Kumar

    1. Whats the question ?

  4. balaguru says:

    Sir, I am complete my education loan. But now am checking my Cibil report in online, some error in my report I don’t have a other loan but. I see the default loan in my report

    1. Check with CIBIL on this

  5. nagarajan says:

    I have applied for loan with bank,bank reported that i have unpaid loan on y account,but i didn’t took that loan.on report i have found that my DOB,Address and IF prrof are not mine.I raised dispute on CIBIL ,i got reply for the above check with credit can i get that credit institution contact detail

    1. In the CIBIL report itself you will see which lender has reported you are defaulter. Talk to them now

  6. pradeep says:

    Please tell me is there is any option for change in PAN number in Cibil Report

    1. NO , there is no option like that. REPORT gets created for each PAN ! , not vice versa !

  7. Ravi Sankaran says:

    10 or 12 years ago I had settled my credit card dues with a one time payment my credit card was a standard chartered bank card. The papers pertaining to the full and final settlement is no longer with me since the issue is closed. Now there is a leasing company which is claiming 50 lakhs as due to be paid and this is making my cibil score very low.
    I would like to know how to settle this dispute. My card limit is was 1 lacs (if I remember correctly).

    1. But why it is mentioned as a bad remark in CIBIL , This needs to be checked with Standard chartered

      Read this –

  8. deep says:

    i dont have any credit card or loan, and i didnt took any loan from bank. now its my first job. and when i applied for the credit card, its got rejected because of that cibil score? what shoul i do on this matter?

  9. sony says:

    my cibil report saying i was proof of onther person who took bike loan in 2003 , i was not in the job,i dont have id proofs, how this one coming in my cibil report. whome i can contact.

  10. Madhuri says:

    I raised a dispute to change my name which was wrongly displayed in CIBIL, but that was not done by them and I got a Dispute status update like “No change Please get in touch with your credit institutions for the required correction”. So whom should I contact to correct my name…could you please clarify.

    1. The name issue is there because it seems like you have name mismatch with one of the lenders (credit cards) , So please check your name at your lenders end . Contact them on this.


  11. RAJU says:

    Four loan wrongly reflected in my cibil report. They does not belongs to me. I raised a dispute to cibil on 29 Jul 2016 but complaint not forward to concerned loan provider. how it is

    1. You need to contact the lenders from your side.

  12. Nitin says:

    in my cibil report mentioned 3 credit cards account and not paid timely, when i raise dispute one credit card removed from my report but my score does not improve. i want to know why my score not improve after account removed?

    1. It does not change the same moment .. it will take a lot of time !

  13. Manikandan says:

    Hi, I recently tried to apply for a personal loan and it was rejected stating that my cibil score was low. I checked the score and saw that , a credit card overdue that was filed before has been filed again. I filed a dispute and I got a mail telling that it has been removed from my report. But I still see the same score when I login and the same credit card overdue. When will the score improve?

    1. Its not going to happen in few days .. there is no formula for that, but it should take few months for sure !

  14. Mukesh Kumar says:

    I have an error in my cibil report that i applied for loan in 2009.but it is wrong entry. How can it be corrected.

    1. Contact the bank first, contact the cibil then and then check how it will be corrected.

  15. Vikram says:

    Dear Manish,

    Earlier my April 2015 CIBIL Report shows a score of 793 wherein I had some more liabilities to be closed. Now that I have closed everything with loans in timely manner and nothing reported as settled during this last one year still my current CIBIL Score is at 696. I don’t know what could be the reason of drop. Kindly help to let know the reason!

    1. One can be sure on that. You need to check with CIBIL only on that !

  16. Vikas says:

    I used 2 credit cards and were overdue for sometime and then I did a settlement with the bank and paid the settlement amount against both cards.
    I am still be denied any loan saying my cibil score is low.. What shpould I do ?

    1. You mean you paid less than the actual outstanding ?

  17. sudha says:

    I had settled acredit card in the year 2003. Now after 13 yrs bank has updated me as defaulter for the amount I have already paid. Since I was regularly checking my cibil score since last 3-4 years and it was not reflecting in my cibil report. Now suddenly after 13 years they have updated me as a defaulter. After searching I could only find a settlement letter with me but the receipt of the final payment is not traceable.

    I would like to know what should I do next as bank is not ready to take back my name from cibil without the receipt?

    1. If you had not paid the full amount which was outstanding , the bank has all the right to update it later in CIBIL. Check with the bank on this.

  18. vinod says:

    My CIBIL SCORE is not yet updated it is almost 90days back i have settled the loan.I called bank their reply is the ISSUE IS SETTLED.but here CIBIL score not updated.what to do.plz help

    1. It takes time to the remark to be updated. It will happen generally after 40-50 days from bank side. If it has not yet happened, please contact the bank !

  19. Anuj says:

    Hi, I have recently applied for a Home Loan and my Bank told me that my Cibil report says there is already an approved advance of 36 lakhs out of which 13 lakhs has been disbursed. Report doesn’t shows the name of Bank.
    I have not taken any such loan. Can you suggest how can I get the details about this loan shown in my Cibil Report..??

    1. Check with CIBIL on this . Ask them which bank is it and then follow up with them !

  20. Harshada says:

    I have applied for bank loan, before that my bank wanted to check my Credit score. I had uploaded all the documents on CIBIL KYC documents upload link and paid the credit score fee of Rs. 550 online.But I have received a message stating that the documents do not match with their records. I have submitted Pan Card, Electricity Bill and Adhar card. How do I know which document is a mismatch with their records? I am in fix right now! any help/information will be highly appreciated!!

    1. CIBIL customer care will help you on this

  21. satya says:

    CIBIL score shouldn’t become the primary source for deciding on the loan. Lot of people had issues when credit cards were given left and right and there was no proper way to close those cards, fault on both sides from bank as well as customers. If Banks doesn’t want to give the loans, let them not give to normal retail customers like us but request the banks not to give the loan to the great people who are in news now a days, it is public money, not banks…..

    1. Thanks for your comment satya

  22. ANUMOD says:


    I have taken SBI credit card which was got without given any signed documents. I wonder when I had received because I had been sent the proof through watsapp only. Neither documents nor application was filled out or signed. However I have been used it

    Now my permanent address is notified in CIBIL was incorrect, so I made dispute resolution, they have replied that SBI is the credit card provider who was given wrong information and get touch with them only for correct the data.
    I had put several mails to them but every time SBI asking my id proof, CIBIL report and my confidential information again and again on each reply mails

    Can you please suggest what step should I take further?


    1. Check with the CIBIL first which bank has updated it and check with them after that

  23. Vijay says:

    There is single word for CIBIL , it is acting as the extortion department used by financial institutions. In my CIBIL also there is a ICICI bank credit card which i have never used , i am following up with CIBIL , ICICI bank no one is solving my query.ICICI is not providing me any details of the card neither they are clearing it. I am so fed up …………This problem is there only for common Human being not for people like Vijay Malia or other industrialists who have taken lot of money from banks… So sick with the Indian Banking system….

    1. Thanks for your comment Vijay

  24. UMAR says:

    Dear Manish
    My CIBIL printable report shows wrong PAN NO. Although the bank is filling correct PAN NO the printable report is coming with wrong PAN NO. The name, address and date of birt is ok. The difference in PAN no is of onlu one digit like istead of “U” it shows “Q” rest same kindly advice

    1. Hi UMAR

      Thanks for asking your question. However we do not have answer to your question.


  25. Lakshmikanth says:

    Hi manish
    I had icici flexicash account and bal was there it has been cleared and account also closed on 2nd Feb 2015 but still in cibil it is showing overdue
    I have approachrd bank also they are telling we will update account status in our database we font know when it will clear in cibil
    And I m not getting any support from branch

    1. Hi Lakshmikanth

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


      1. Lakshmikanth says:

        Thank u manish

  26. Kirubakaran says:

    Hi manish,

    I recently applied for a credit card and the bank disproved it saying my cibil score is less, I have not availed any loan or credit card before, then I asked for my cibil report and found my pan no is updated in someone else cibil report and he is a defaulter. Request you to guide me in removing my pan details from his report

    1. First check with the bank which has updated the details , Check why your details are there ?

  27. rahul says:

    Any short way to update my cibil by any settting

  28. Sal says:

    Dear Manish, I am a salaried my actual annual income is 10 Lakh but in CIBIL it is reported as 70 thousand.. does this affect my CIBIL scores?

    1. It might have mentioned on per month basis !

      1. Sal says:

        But it says per annum

  29. Kapil Rathod says:

    Dear sir im working as a head master in a primary school Parbhani , Maharashtra. & my annual income is approximately 360000 rs. And i hv planned to buy royal enfield thunderbird bike which costs 1, 60, 000 rs. And i decided to take loan later i applied for loan in Vijaya Bank Parbhani and as per bank managers advise i hv paid loan difference amount i.e.45000 the showroom and the same reciept were submitted to bank and bank manager commited to issue the d.d.. of 110000 the name of showroom on 5 th january ;BUT unfortunately bank employees called me today and said that _ MY NAME IS IN CIBIL DEFULTER LIST THAT I HV TOOK SM EDUCATION LOAN IN 2002 WHEN I WAS 16 YEARS OLD , WHEREAS I NEVER TOOK ANY KIND OF LOAN BEFORE EXCLUDING GOLD LOAN WHICH IS ALLREADY REPAYED IN TIME & CLOSED THE ACCOUNT.SO PLZ ADVISE ME WHAT TO DO TO REMOVE MY NAME FROM CIBIL DEFAULTER LIST WHICH IS UNNECERRALY ADDED BY MISTAKE OFONE BANK WHOSE NAME IS NOT DISCLOSED IN REPORT
    My PAN –

    1. In that case, you should with the lender which has added your name and ask them for the explaination on why they have included you name !

  30. Hemant says:

    Hi can u plz suggest due to bank mistakes my CIBIL score has been down so how can i update the correctly.

    1. Contact the bank and check with them why they have not updated in correct way

  31. Manoj says:

    I have never taken any loan in past but CIBIL score error due to cibil scorw wrong, when i check cibil score i had surprised that i have taken auto loan in 2006 which is wrong also do not which bank loan.
    please help me how to remove cibil report error.

    Manoj kumar
    PAN no- BIYK4031N

    1. First check with the lender on this on why they have updated with CIBIL if you have not taken it.

  32. Chandra says:

    My entries in CIBIL is falsified with some one’s data, its insane that guy has worst est credit history and impacted me on my cibil score, can you guide me on the authorities to write except cibil (insane guys) to approach in favouring an action and bear the loss of damage in my report?

    1. You should then approach the consumer court

  33. Sir I cleared loan from one of the nationalised bank one loan two years another one three years back and one more is in nine year bank but IN CIBIL REPORT SHOWING LOAN OUT STANDING
    I want to file a case against CIBIL please guide me


    1. You can go to police station for that

  34. Ahamed says:

    Hi Manish,
    This is Ahamed, Last 5 years before i had used Barclays credit card, at that time i could n’t able to pay the purchased amount, after that i have been settled in Dubai so i forgot to pay the purchased amount. I remember i had purchased at that time 7500 Rs but in CIBIL report shows 26 800 RS. Really i like to settle that purchased amount now but i dont know how to pay. pls suggest if i pay that amount is it possible to remove my outstanding from cibil history. Also another issue is when i searched through online some times it shows standard charted bought and some times shows kotak mahendra bought that barclays credit card. pls help what can i do

    1. You should connect with the main lender itself and tell them that you want to pay off the full amount !

  35. akshay says:

    Hi Manish,

    I applied for ICICI bank credit card before 6 months. They rejected my application because low income tax return. I got message from ICICI that try again after 6 months. Now I don’t need credit card but I applied for LOAN to ICICI bank before few days and they are saying your CIBIL report status for credit card is “Fraud Documents”. I never gave any kind of fraud documents. How do I correct this?


    1. First download your CIBIL report and check that.

      1. akshay says:

        how do i download CIBIL report?

        1. Go to and download it by paying the charges

  36. SANJIV says:

    Hi Manish’ in mycibil report my consumer information is wrong and residence address is showing another persons and showing default loans.please guide me for correct his cibil.Thanks.

    1. You should get in touch with CIBIL on this and also your bank . Seems like there is some goof up which has happened from their end !

  37. SunilKumar says:

    Hi Manish ,

    In my CIBIL report , there is an entry of a loan which doesnt belong to me. When I contacted the DHFL(where I have applied for a home loan) , they gave me this info and on further digging , I found out that the loan which is reflecting on my name is of some other person who has the same name and the same father’s name as well.
    Please guide me what I need to do to correct this mistake as its hampering my credibility to get a home loan with that mistake.

    1. Better talk to bank regarding this and ask them to report it to CIBIL , so that the bad remarks can be removed from your report !

  38. Abhay says:

    Hi There,

    I have raised dispute regardng my incorrect DOB in my CIR. My first dispute was closed stating that after cosulting Bank the DOB updated is correct. It is to be noted that, i have no transaction / link with the Bank in question for more than 3 years. I then raised another dispute for same on Apr 27 which is still open and the a greivance on 01st June which is also open. As per CIBIL they cannot get the same updated by themselves and also will only ask from the updating bank only.
    WIll request you to please guide how to take the matters forward.

    1. CIBIL gets the address data from bank . If you dont change it in bank, then it will not get updated

  39. Prashanth says:

    Is there a time frame to delete the old data ???

    for an instance if a person credit card is showing from 2005, is there any chance of erasing it or will it be there for ever ???

    1. Minimum 7 yrs , the CIBIL data is there ! ..

  40. venkat says:

    i have credit card scb where i dint pay it for three months (not minimum due even ) now my card is permeantly blocked . i called up with the costomer care i politely asked for the waiver of the interest charges they even waived it . now i paid in total of the outstanding and its zerovised but they can’t provide me the card back as it went in to permanent block .now i have no due certificate.
    1. what will they update in cibil as settled closed written off
    2. when i ask this point they are not sure about cibil but then when I’m seeing ur account it will be in closed state only they refer.
    3. wats ur opinion to it ?
    4. what will be my score after 6 months as i likely to go for a loan
    5. after this payment reflection will there be a jump in cibil score.
    6. enlight me with some points if in i want any letter from the bank side to clearly state that it reflects closed only . ( even they were like what letter u want other than noc)

    1. Hi venkat

      Good that you have paid it off. It will surely be a good thing for your credit score. DOnt expect immediate jump, but in few months, it will get better !

      CHeck your CIBIL score in next 3-4 months


  41. Pratap Tripathy says:

    Thanks Manish. I threatened to transfer my loan and they have complied. According to last email from them they have sent data to cibil. I will wait for sometime before I recheck cibil as updation take time.

    1. Welcome .. Glad to know that Pratap Tripathy ..

  42. Rahul Raut says:

    Dear Manish,
    I have not applied for credit cards and always reject phone calls related to credit cards. Still I see that my CIBIL report has entries for application of credit cards. I think this spoils the score further. What is the way to get this mistake corrected? Nowadays, it is very easy to get documents and signatures as you have mentioned in many of your posts. Also, if I do a pre-closure of my personal loan then is it a negative point? I have 3 personal loans and now I want to close one PL so that I can reduce my EMIs per month. Will this help me to better my CIBIL score? And how much time it takes for CIBIL getting updated properly?

    1. First step is to check with CIBIL and bank which credit card are these and enquire with them . May be these can be removed because it came in your report by mistake !

      1. Pratap Tripathy says:

        Hi Manish,

        I have a home loan from Tata Capital(TCHFL). According to CIBIL Record the DPD(Days Past Due) for JULY to NOVEMEBER’2014 are 1, 24, 23 ,24, 23 respectively.

        TCHFL charges 250 as A/c Maintenance every year which I was not aware of. On 31st July they have charged me Rs. 250. But they have adjusted the same from next EMI on 9th August (which means EMI is overdue by Rs 250). As I do not get statements so I did not notice it until december . When I contacted TCHFL they asked me to pay 250 and said they will update the CIBIL. They have updated overdue amount which is NIL now but DPDs are still there.

        I have disputed this with CIBIL. But they have replied to me saying that “Based on the findings as provided by the Credit Institution, we would like to inform you that the information provided in your Credit Report is correct.”

        TCHFL is saying that we can update DPD. is that true? what are my options?


        1. Hi Pratap Tripathy

          DPD can be updated by them, for which they will have to update with CIBIL

  43. Rajendran says:

    Dear Manish,

    How many years does DPD appear on a CIBIL Report for a particular institution … Went through some documents which says upto 7 year … Is this right ..
    Thanks in advance.


    1. Its minimum 7 yrs , not maximum !

      1. K.Rajendran says:

        Thank you Manish

  44. Raj Kumar says:

    I had a personal loan which i was unable to pay for some time due to loss of job.AS a result of this i had to go for a settlement with the bank and the status Shows as”Settled” on CIBIL report.However my concern is regarding DPD(Days past due).Is it possible that if i now make the payment in full of the loan ,the DPD will be changed?


    1. Hi Raj

      DPD will not get changed for a closed loan .

  45. Hemanth says:

    Hello Manish,

    I am Hemanth from Bangalore,
    I checked my CIBIL report and my current score is 549, however i have taken one personal loan in the year of 2008 and 2010, and i have only one credit card from HDFC that to limit of 75000. But when i check my report i found so many transaction from 2010 which i have not been taken any loan it today. please give me some how make correction in my report to change my scores back to normal.

    Please suggest, Badly need your help..


    1. Better contact these organisations and clear the matter that its not you and someone else .

  46. Prakash S says:

    Hello Manish,
    I am Prakash from Bangalore,
    I checked my CIBIL report and my current score is 726, however i see one of my old ICICI credit card issued in 2006 shows the Current Balance as 64,000 and amount over due as 62,200, the status shows “NO SUIT FILED”,(not sure what this means) please let me know if I can reach out to ICICI directly and settle the total amount or should i ask for reducing the interest added so far.
    Please suggest, Badly need your help..

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Prakash,

      726 is a decent credit score, but it does not guarantee approval of your future loan applications.

      What is the history of this ICICI bank credit card? Did you not close the credit card assuming you have not been using it for quite some time now.

      Yes, you can directly contact ICICI bank and you should repay the complete outstanding balance. Do not request for waiver of any amount since this would reflect as a “settled” account on your credit report.

      Settled accounts are viewed negatively by banks since it indicates your inability to repay your loan/credit card. This would also have a negative impact on your score.


  47. mohankp says:

    Hi Manish,

    I applied for Home loan, after all formalities, bank says u don’t have CIBIL score & they are saying that you made personal inquiries for 2 to 3 banks for that reason CIBIL has come down.
    I agree that i made inquiries in some banks to know about who has the lowest interest rates.Now i couldn’t able to apply for home loan, i m in very bad situation Kindly advise me how to correct these problems.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mohan,

      The website of the lending institution would list out all the details of the loans/credit cards offered including the interest rate, tenure, margin etc. We would suggest that you compare the terms being offered by different lending institutions through this medium.

      Do you have any late payments on your credit report? Is all the data on your credit report factual? Are the 2-3 enquiries the only factor that has hindered your home loan application? If all the other factors except enquiries are positive then, you could try and explain the lending institution.

      The other option is to postpone your home loan application by a few months since recent enquiries are considered to have a higher negative impact.


    2. Did you enquire or did you apply for home loan at many banks ?

  48. KiranKumar says:

    Last month (Jan-2014) i have requested my CIBIL through ONLINE payment mode and I have submitted KYC documents as well. after 3 weeks I have received my CIBIL report, after I have seen the report and shoked.
    Complete my report was worng in all the pages Name showing wrongly and account detail also not related me where as PAN & PASSPORT details are correct.
    I Don’t have any credit card, but in report it is showing I am using 4 credit cards, this are not related me.
    MY mail ids are wrong.
    my addresses are wrong
    I have only 2 home loans, but in report it is showing already taken 2 home loand and still continueing and paying.
    Looks like more than 10-15 banks enquired about my details. Recently I haven’t applyied any thing.
    from 2009-2011 I was not in india same time some loan taken and 2 credit cards taken – showing in reprot.
    Almost 80-90% report is not related me.
    Please suggest how to get clean my report.
    Already I have raised CIBIL fruad service also.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Kirankumar,

      Yours is a case where the details of your credit report have been merged with another individual’s. One possible reason for this could be the matching logic of the credit bureau used to generate your credit report and score. These errors have the potential of hindering your future loan / credit card applications.

      In interest of having a healthy credit life, resolving all the errors appearing on your credit report and ensuring that your report reflects factual data should be the next immediate step for you. This step rightly so has been taken by you. Depending on the revert of the credit bureau, you could have to coordinate with the lending institutions directly.

      An expert advice and guidance could be of help to you.


      1. KiranKumar says:

        I have raised the request to CIBIL for the same, also spoke to cibil and explained the problems.
        As per rule it take 30 days to reslove the issue.
        Could you please guide me if not resolved it, what should I do?

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Kirankumar,

          As mentioned earlier, depending on the revert of CIBIL, you could have to directly coordinate with the lending institution.

          This entire process could be time consuming and would require constant follow up with the credit bureau and/or the lending institution. A step by step approach to resolve the issue is suggested. We would be happy to guide.


  49. Pavan Desai says:

    Hi ,

    I wanted to apply for the Home Loan, so out of curiosity i applied for CIBIL report.For my shocking 90% of the report is wrong. It is showing some 9 credit cards, Personal Loan and Home Loan in my name, none of them are correct.My rating 820, no idea what to do next. Am in a shock.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Pawan,

      Yours is a case where the details of your credit report have been merged with another individual’s. One possible reason for this could be the matching logic of the credit bureau used to generate your credit report and score.

      Although the score of 820 is good, these errors have the potential of hindering your home loan application.

      In interest of having a healthy credit life, resolving all the errors appearing on your credit report and ensuring that your report reflects factual data should be the next immediate step for you. An expert advice and guidance could be of help to you.


      1. Pavan Desai says:

        I have verified and all the details reflecting in CIBIL belong to other person having same as my name.. No idea how may days will this take to rectify..

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Pavan,

          Since the number of erroneous accounts appearing on your credit report are high, it could require continuous follow up with the credit bureau and the credit institution if required.

          Whilst, we would be unable to comment on the amount of time that will be involved, we would suggest that you take the process forward through a step by step action based plan.


        2. Pavan

          Mail/Call CIBIL on this, and tell them you are going to raise a consumer court case on them if they dont fix it asap !

    2. Hi Pavan

      Make sure you do not apply for home loan, unless your fix your CIBIL report. The first thing you should do is write a strong letter to CIBIL on this, and tell them that none of this is yours and they should fix it . They might tell you that its the banks which has given them all details , so in that case you need to talk to banks which gave those details to CIBIL . It might happen that you are victim of identity fraud .


  50. Hema Srinivas says:

    I have gone through the link for removal or correction of data in CIBIL, but I need help to know that if the CIBIL report shows PWOS/WOF for personal account and credit card , will there be change in the status after 5 years. I settled all my accounts 5 years ago, still my credit rating is v. low. Please help

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Hema,

      Settled and Written off accounts are reported by lending institutions to the credit bureau for a minimum of 7 years. The lending institution could however report data even after 7 years.

      Hence, these negative remarks would stay on your credit report till the data of these accounts are reported to the credit bureau.

      Your credit score could be low for various other reasons other than the settlements. Do you have any open loans/credit cards? How was your payment history in the past 5 years? Outstanding balances and number of secured v/s unsecured loans etc. are few such points that would help identify the factors that are impacting your score negatively. An expert advice would help.


      1. Hema Srinivas says:

        I do not have any open loan. For the past 5 years , I did not even have a credit card. Just 3 months ago, I got a credit card from a bank and I have been paying them on time. There are no Outstanding balances in my account. Whom can I approach for this ?

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Hema,

          As mentioned earlier, Settled and Written off accounts are reported by lending institutions to the credit bureau for a minimum of 7 years. The lending institution could however report data even after 7 years.

          Since you have been using your credit card in the past 3 months, continue repaying on time against these credit cards. Depicting a positive credit behaviour could be used to negotiate with the bank you would apply to in future.


    2. You settled ? Means you didnt pay the full amount ?

      1. Hema Srinivas says:

        Yes, did not pay full amount for both credit card & Personal Loan.
        Does the status of these accounts ever change? Is it possible ?

        1. It might get removed but only after 12-15 yrs !

  51. Credexpert says:

    Dear Mr. Deshpande,

    Disputes raised with the bureau would take a minimum of 45 days to be resolved. You might also need to directly contact the lending institution based on the revert received from the bureau.

    Our suggestion would be that you do not apply for any loan/credit card based on this erroneous credit report. The negative factors could result in a rejection of your application. You should apply after the data on your report is corrected/updated.


  52. Parag Deshpande says:

    At the time of home loan process, my CIBIL is generated is totally wrong.
    Except my full name and PAN, all information in CIBIL report is showing incorrect.
    It is showing home loan/ credit card loan in CIBIL but right now I don’t have credit card as well as any home loan.
    So that today I raised dispute request on CIBIL site. Then my query is how much time CIBIL take to correct that information? and till time I cant apply for home loan any where? Please suggest me.

    1. Parag

      You are in a touch situation , CIBIL corrections takes time. The best you can do is meet the manager of the bank where you are applying and talk to him about your issue , also mail CIBIL and threaten to work on your issue else you will move to consumer court and teach them a lesson .

  53. Abhay says:

    CIBIL is indded to be watched ..Have a look at

  54. Amit Biswas says:

    Hi Manish,

    I had a CITI Bank credit card, today I purchased the CIBIL report which is showing status as “No Suit Filed” with Current Balance as “Zero”. There is no Written-off or Settlement status. All other data related to the card seems to be fine. I am confused what does it mean. Please guide me in this regard.

    With Best Regards,
    Amit Biswas.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Biswas,

      • Write-off account indicates that the borrower has not been able to pay off his debt and in such cases the bank / lender reports these accounts as a Write-off account which is reflected on the credit report and affects the credit score or loan approval chances.
      • Settlement is an approach under which the borrower and the bank / lender have mutually reached an agreement to waive off a part of the original debt and recover the reduced balance which would be regarded as payment in full.
      • Suit filed cases is a list of names of borrowers who have defaulted and where legal cases for recovery have been filed against them by the bank / lender. This helps in alerting and protecting the banks / lenders against borrowers who have defaulted in their dues to other banks / lenders.

      All of the above remarks are negative in nature and impact credit scores. We are glad that your credit report is clean from all such negative remarks. Keep making timely repayments to maintain a healthy credit score and report.


    2. Its a positive comment .. but there was no need for even that comment

      Look at this

  55. Credexpert says:

    Dear Rajesh,

    The errors appearing on your credit report could have negatively impacted your credit score. Since you have already disputed the details to CIBIL, our suggestion would be to wait for their reply.


  56. Rajesh says:

    CIBIL is acting as an agent to support financial institutions to deny service to common man. My CIBIL report is full of errors, and there is no response from They allow bank employees to enter data , without any validation. They even allow banks to report data, from way back 2000 when cibil doesn’t exist. As aadhar is stopped by HC from being mandatory, this kind of organizations should be closed in India where there is no consumer protection. Common man are at the mercy of this kind of organizations. if some lawyers/politicians take up this case I will support them.

    1. Rajesh

      There are many cases like this . Please contest this in consumer court and demand explanation and compensation also !

  57. Aneesh Nair says:

    I got my cibil Report via mail it is password protected and they are mentiond in this mail that password will be your First Name and Birth Year I tried this but it is not opening and showing that password error. How can i reset this

    1. You cant reset it .. please check with customer care !

  58. Amitesh Kumar says:

    Hi Manish,

    Myself has recently experienced the Bad score in CIBIL report after applying for a home loan .Shocking discrepancies have been found with respect to ownership of the account.
    Two different names,two PAN cards,wrong addresses,telephone numbers and multiple wrong email id’s are mentioned in my report.Out of 13 accounts mentioned only two are being used by me. This very apparent that because of same name and DOB ,CIBIL and Banking institutions have goofed up my report big time.
    My Question if this is a case of error due to just name mismatch/same identity,How long CIBIL will take to resolve the same ?As per conversation with CIBIL executive this can be corrected within a weeks time …i need to take your opinion whether he was right ????

    Amitesh Kumar

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Kumar,

      The incorrect information appearing on your credit report has rightly so hindered your home loan application. These erroneous accounts have to be removed from your credit report immediately in order to restore your credit well being.

      The time taken by CIBIL to resolve disputes is approximately 30 days and is also subject to the time taken by the lending institutions to respond to the bureau.


  59. Om Sharma says:

    Hi Manish

    The way you are responding to credit report related queries is is truly appreciated. Last week I applied for a home laon from HDFC and while processing my eligibility it went through my credit report which says I have taken multiple loans (home loans, auto loans and personal loans) and I carry five credit cards. However, the truth is I have never taken any loan except a financing to buy a laptop way back in 2007. And I use only two credit cards. I am clearly shocked and this has jeopardized my chances of getting home loan.

    I have raised dispute on CBIL. But the problem is all entry (more than 25) except some related to my credit cards, are incorrect. So I could not mention all wrong entry in online dispute form.

    Besides i just have the bank copy of credit report which does not provide details of lenders and borrowers. Should I purchase full report from CIBIL paying INR470.

    How should I track the progress. Should I leave it on CIBIL to conduct or I should also do some checks ? Besides there are wrong entries which are already settled. Should i raise this also.

    One more thing, how long it will take to sort out my problem as it is not just one but multiple wrong entries in my report. Generally it takes one month to settle a dispute. Does this hold even when there are several wrong entries.

    Thanks in advance.

    Om Sharma
    New Delhi

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Sharma,

      Firstly obtain your credit report & score from CIBIL which would provide details on the lending institutions names. This would help in coordinating with the lending institution directly if need arises.

      Such erroneous accounts would negatively impact your credit score and need to be removed immediately from your credit report. Also this process of coordinating with the bureau and each of the lending institutions is not a quick process.


    2. Om

      This is something which is serious. No instituion can make a mistake which can affect your life. this becomes a kind of fraud which has affected you financially. You should first lodge a complain to CIBIL on this and in 30 days, you should file a case in consumer court on this and tell them how it has made loss to you and demand compensation.


  60. Balasubramanian N says:

    Hi Manish,

    I had taken an educational loan from obc bank for my studies during (2005-2009). Due to my unemployment i could not able to repay my amount correctly. So after i settled into a job, i approach the bank. The bank representative ask me make a OTS by borrowing some amount from your friends and take a loan from bank afterwards. So i arrange the money from my friends and made a OTS on March 2013. After that i try to apply for a personal loan with the NOC given from bank. But it got rejected. Then i take a cibil report, in cibil report my account was not updated. Then i raise a online dispute in cibil website to correct the overdue amount from 314000 to nil. I got a mail from CIBIL that i need to contact the bank branch to update it.
    Then i approach the bank, but they dont know how to update in cibil.
    I also enquired with higher official, she told that, it take some months to update. If it is updated also, your status is shown as settled then u could not able to take loan for another 3 years.
    So now i need a loan to settle my dept.
    1) kindly tell me the get the personal loan in this situation?
    2) How do i update it in cibil without settled mark?
    I am very much confusing with this thing.
    Kindly guide me regarding this.

    1. Once your bank updates the details on their side in their systems, its updated to CIBIL in 30 days . Your loan will be marked as PAID once you clear that loan .

  61. Subhajit Talukdar says:


    I took a loan from SBI in 2004 and closed it in dec 2012. Now at present when i applied for another loan to some other bank, CIBIL marked me as a defaulter as they did not get any updates from SBI on the closure details. I contacted Chief Manager of the SBI branch from where I took the loan and asked her to send out an email to CIBIL (, mentioning all my details and report that the loan account is closed now. Even after this was done, CIBIL is still saying that they might take 30 days untill the credit institution reverts back with their response. I dont understand whether CIBIL has a huge miscommunication between their call center folks and the email department. what do i do now?? i wanted to escalate this to the highest authority in CIBIL but i dont have any contact information for the same.


    1. Yes, they take 30-45 days to update it .

  62. akash jain says:

    hi, i have fallen into a peculiar situation. I follow CIBIL v diligently
    and regular take out my CIRs and score. My last score was 800+. i have one
    PL running for last 8 months with only bounce (which was paid up within 15
    days). I had applied to the same bank for a top up. Now the bank has come
    reported about the existence of a 2nd Pan Card with a score of some 400+
    and also default on 1 PL and CC. The bank also infrmd that there were other
    PLs but all closed. I had received a PAN Card from my CA (who is my 1st
    cousin) who asked my to kindly apply me to close it was a duplicate wrong
    card which i duly did some 6 months back with NSDL. On getting this report
    from the bank i figured out the the no was same as the cancelled card.
    Morever my cousin admitted to having used my PAN card and payslips to get
    the wrong card made and take PLs and CCs. As he was my CA he had all
    relevant papers like payslips and bank statements with him. However he has
    now committed to close all O/S within this month. My queries is how do i
    get the CIBIL report in the wrong PAN closed and all reporting transfered
    to my existing and authentic PAN card ? Any other solution

    1. Actually this is not a good situation for you . Having 2 PAN cards is like doing a FRAUD . you could be prosecuted for this in worst case. You can say that it was done by your CA ! .

      I think get your other PAN Cancelled asap . the damage in CIBIL is already done. I am not sure if this can be corrected with some shortcut !

      1. akash jain says:

        I have already done so via NSDL … I have also written to the relevant banks to rectify the identity in their records and take my actual PAN card … i have also asked them to let me know the process forward … i m moving in a very slow and cautious manner to work out this mess … i think the best way is to get the banks rectify the records in CIBIL … as CIBIL will take only what they report not what i say … ur inputs ?

          1. akash jain says:

            RTI ? how does that apply in this case … please guide …

            1. If the banks you have are public banks , Then you can file a RTI against them as check when they are updating CIBIL

              Check this –

  63. Credexpert says:

    Dear Mr. Kumar,

    To close the said loan, kindly repay the complete outstanding amount against it. The status on your CIBIL credit report and score would be updated within 45 – 60 days. We would suggest that you collect a “No due certificate” from the lending institution post your payment.

    We would not be able to comment on the increase in your credit score post the
    closure of this loan since the score is calculated based on various other factors like outstanding balances, balance between secured and unsecured loans, no. of enquiries etc.

    We would suggest that you access your CIBIL credit report and score after 45 – 60
    days to check your credit score.


  64. kumar says:

    Mr Manish

    Please help bellow trail mail form bank

    how to close this case if i pay once My cibil Score will improve ( my current score 625)

    Dear Mr. Kumar S,

    This is with reference to your query regarding your Personal Loan facility with us wherein you have requested for the updation of your CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited) records post closure of your loan account.

    At the outset, we understand that the Company has decided to close your loan account on receipt of the principal outstanding amounting to Rs. 17,331.60/- only. Hence, we would request you to make the payment of the above mentioned amount in order to close your loan account with us.

    You can send us a Demand Draft in favor of “————- Consumer Finance India Limited” payable at Delhi on the address given below-

    Additionally, it is pertinent to inform you that post closure of your loan account, necessary information will be sent to CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited) for updation of your records in the form of “Closed with Nil Dues”. Please note that CIBIL takes 6 to 8 weeks to update their database.

    Lastly, we would like to share with you that your e-mail address i.e. —————– is registered in our records. Hence, you are requested to correspond with us through your registered e-mail address.

    In case you require further clarifications, please contact us through any of the channels mentioned below. Also, kindly quote the aforesaid loan account number in all your future correspondence with us.

    Assuring you of our best service always.

    Thanking you

    1. Please share main points and ask question , I can give comments on that !

  65. Riyaz says:

    Hi Manish,
    When i generated the CIBIL score its 827.
    When the Bank generated CIBIL score its 599.
    I asked the CIBIL report from bank and cross checked and found that except PAN card number all informatios are wrong in the bank generated CIBIL report. In both the reports the consumer name was Riyaz. I guess the problem here is, my PAN card number and some of Loan/credit card Informations are wrongly entered in some other person CIBIL informations because of common name Riyaz. I have sent mail to to rectify this but 2 dys over didnt get any response.
    What suggestions I need was,
    1. Is there any way to make things move forward faster ?
    2. With my self generated report, will the bank people process the loan ?
    3. Have you seen any similar issues with your Experience and how did they got solved ? Please guide me.


    1. Did you open a dispute resolution ? There is no faster way , you need to take it slowly and it will take few weeks !

  66. Srinivas Tirumala says:

    Hi Manish,
    I have taken vehicle loan 4 years back from Mathruka Co-operative Bank. After 3 late payments I closed my loan from Bank. Bank issued no objection certificate also. The loan payment cleared on July 31st 2010. Few weeks back I applied HSBC credit card and loan it’s rejected. The reason is the late payment history still reflecting in my CIBIL Report still now. When I approached the Mathruka Co-Operative bank they are saying they already issued no objection else they can’t do anything apart from that. Is there any other way to get it clear from CIBIL ASAP. Please advise.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Tirumala,

      How recent are the late payments against this account? Since this is a closed account the late payments would remain on your credit report till the details of this account are being reported by the Bank i.e. minimum of 7 years.

      Whilst the existing late payments cannot be removed from your credit report, we would suggest that you obtain your CIBIL credit report and check your credit score. Other than late payments there are various other factors that could have impacted your credit score. We would need to analyse your credit report in order to comment on the specifics.


    2. You cant remove it from CIBIL , you were late by 3 months and thats the fact ,it will be there on your report for next 3 yrs

  67. Ashu Khan says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have a question for you…I have all knowledge of CIBIL how it functions..I made a silly mistake from google enquiring about loans..but it totally went against me in the CIBIL Report in the enquiry section.Its like too many enquiries, as any bank can think about credit thirsty…but actually my intention was not that…Need information how much time it will take to get this enquiries removed from the CIBIL, is there any alternative for this kind of problem….Please guide….

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Khan,

      Every credit application made by you would reflect on your credit report as an enquiry. High no. of enquiries imply a credit hungry behaviour and hence will be viewed negatively by the lender. These enquires cannot be removed from your credit report.


    2. Its a tough problem to solve , not sure how can it be rectified

  68. Madhan.K says:

    As a I planned to buy my first Credit Card, all this discussions are really helpful for me, the things need to be take care with CC.
    Thanks to Mr.Manish & Credexpert for ur supports.

    1. Now my doubt is without credit card, is their any difficulty to get a Home loan, Car lone, etc. (like is ther any bank will ask I must to have CC)?

    2. As of now I checked, many of them coming with yearly charge. Is there any bank ready to give credit card with maintainece charge?

    3. I have salary account in ICICI and HDFC. Which Bank CC will be better for me? I’m in Bangalore, and My CTC is 5L only

    Pls give me your valuable advice. Thanks in Advance

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Madhan,

      Firstly, no it is not necessary to have a credit card in order to avail any type of loan. Evaluate the features and terms and conditions of the credit cards offered by both ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank and opt for the card which is offering you competitive rates. Use your credit card only when there is a genuine need for it and make regular repayments that would help you build your credit score over time.


    2. 1. no

      2. There are many , but free cards have limited features

      3. Yea , it would be better to take it from the bank which has your account

  69. vikas says:

    Hi Manish

    What I cannot understand is why banks and CIBIL are bent on making a simple job more difficult. All that credit card and loan issuing banks need to do is update their KYC information to link the credit cards under the customers PAN card which is unique and never change.
    And CIBIL needs to extract the report for those cards and loans for a given PAN card, instead of names, addresses and date of births …. It seems that banks are least bothered to implement KYC for credit card holders , since this will result in many card accounts liable to closed. Also in this confusion, CIBIL seems happy to charge report issuance fee for repeated issuing. It seems to be a chaos made on purpose.

    1. Thanks for your views Vikas . Not sure why its that way .

  70. vikas says:

    hi Manish

    I think the intention of CIBIL is to do more harm than good. Although the banks do provide the information and all CIBIL does is collate, the history reporting mechanism lacks quality of any kind. In a country of 1billion+ , it is not uncommon to have people with same names and surnames. Instead of distinguishing the individuals based on other parameters , CIBIL just appends information from basic name matches. In my CIBIL report, there are 11 credit cards listed even though I have never owned more than two at any time. It makes you wonder how much credibility the CIBIL report is to be given for a loan disbursal and in the end, lending institutions should be more open to the fact that the CIBIL report is prone to errors.

    1. Yes Vikas

      There are issues like that going on . if it has affected you , I suggest filing a case against them

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Vikas,

      The 9 credit cards accounts which do not belong to you have to be removed from your credit report immediately as these accounts can impact your credit score negatively.


  71. deepak says:


    Was there any instance where a person had settled amount with a bank for CC, and later got home loan from another bank? (since it is a secured loan).

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Deepak,

      Yes, there could be instances where an individual could have got a home loan in spite of having settled a credit card, but this depends on the amount of settlement done, his credit score, the credit policy of the bank etc.


    2. I do not know, but still its possible .

  72. Gaurav says:

    I am very well aware of CIBIL concept and know that CIBIL is just a collecting body of information and if some bank reports some wrong data to CIBIL,its fault at Bank’s end and not at CIBIL.Upon knowing such error in CIBIL database,the borrower can ask either CIBIL or Bank or both to correct the same.CIBIL can remove some wrong information from their database or modify or amend it only after confirmation from concerned member bank.
    But its been 2 years now that I am struggling to get complete and correct information in CIBIL database.But either CIBIL asks me repeatedly to approach concerned bank or after getting the correct things updated in their database they again remove it without confirmation from Bank!!! Many times they deny providing me information about my own report that I obtained from some bank wherein the names of other members are masked.They keep telling me that they can provide names of only 3 enquirers from the report given by other bank.They sometimes ask me to purchase report from CIBIL directly to get update on some report.
    I feel very much harassed by all this and know that CIBIL is at fault and not the bank.Further CIBIL is not following guidelines of Credit Information Companies act 2005 and acting arrogantly and irresponsibly by denying my own information to me.Kindly suggest me is there any way by which I can raise complain against CIBIL?If RBI has made any such provision about it?Is there any other body where I can approach for getting compensation for harassment?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Gaurav,

      As rightly said by you the bureau can modify / amend data only after confirmation from the concerned member bank. Referring to the chain of events specified by you, we assume that this could be a de – duping error at the end of the bureau resulting in merging of some other individual’s information in your credit report.


  73. A Murali Krishnan says:

    Hi Manish, I have been fighting with an international bank for an error from their side in giving wrong information to CIBIL. This is confirmed by CIBIL and I have taken this up with the Ombudsman and RBI. Now I have a letter from the RBI stating that they have analysed my complaint and have asked the Bank to provide me a suitable compensation. But the bank is still dodging me and asking me to wait for the RBI’s final call. I do not understand this and do not know what to do? Will it help if I go to the Consumer Court saying the RBI verdict is dishonoured by the bank? Please advise.

    1. Yes, you can go to consumer court … and fight a case against them .

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Krishnan,

      Yes, consider going to the Consumer Court since the bank has failed to honour RBI’s instruction with regards to your refund.


      1. A Murali Krishnan says:

        Hi Credexpert & Manish,

        Good Morning.
        Thanks a lot. I request you to help me with the process of how I can make this complaint to the consumer court and what is the compensation that I can seek? Also is there any way to speak to you people or chat online?

        Thanks once again for the guidance.

        A. Murali Krishnan

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Krishnan,

          Before going to the Consumer court, ensure the RBI letter is clear and unambiguous. If yes, then the Bank is wrong in waiting for “RBI’s final call”. Also in interest of saving time, you should approach the Banking Ombudsman again, whose order, seemingly is not being complied with by the bank. It seems from what you are saying, like contempt of the RBI (Banking Ombudsman) order.

          You can always Ask our Experts any credit related queries by visiting our website “”


          1. A Murali Krishnan says:

            Hi Credexpert,

            Thanks for showing interest in my case. I am in receipt of RBI’s letter, which clearly says that RBI has advised the bank (SCB) to pay me a suitable compensation for causing undue harassment to me.

            I have scanned the copy of this letter and had written to SCB on 11th March 13. I got a response from them, on my continued follow up – on mail and call, saying that they have not reported any wrong details on me to CIBIL and they are waiting for RBI to provide a final call.

            Now I do not know what to do. Hence I wrote to you. Also I need your guidance in deciding the Compensation. This case is more than 2 years old and had drained all my energy, time, sleep, resources and peace. So there should be a way to calculate the compensation.

            Thanks & Regards,
            A. Murali Krishnan

            1. Credexpert says:

              Dear Krishnan,

              If the letter clearly states RBI instructing the bank to provide you a suitable compensation then, the bank should adhere the same.

              We would suggest that you write to the bank attaching a copy of the RBI’s letter and stating that you would move against the bank in consumer court if no immediate response is received.


            2. A Murali Krishnan says:

              Hi Credexpert,
              Thanks. I think I have been disturbing you with my queries continuously. But I need one clarification on the compensation amount. Is there any standard way or limits or methods to calculate it. Please help.

              A. Murali Krishnan

            3. Credexpert says:

              Dear Krishnan,

              Ideally compensation includes the actual loss + a reasonable amount as compensation for the harassment caused to you + the cost of litigation.

              It is advisable to take help of some local lawyer as it seems like that there is no actual loss in your case; the compensation for harassment caused is “subjective” and assuming you have not incurred any litigation expenses yet.


            4. A Murali Krishnan says:

              Hi Credexpert,

              Thanks. I do have actual loss. As my home loan was rejected with out any of my fault, I had to redo my home loan, Kept away from work for several days to solve the problem. I also had losses in terms of using my time, resources like fuel, driver and etc., travel to CIBIL office, Mumbai and etc., The harassment is still continuing as SCB is not accepting even the RBI letter. As far as the compensation is concerned, I am looking upto you to get a view. I read in some link, that the RBI provides Rs 1 Lakh for Mental harassment. I have the records of all my expenses and losses. My cost of litigation is again, my time in following up this case, calls and mails (Internet) that I have used and etc.,
              So if you can help me with the guidance on the Compensation front, it will be great.
              One more additional query: I hope I can levy interest for the losses as it is more than 2 years now.

              Thanks for your time and guidance.

              A. Murali Krishnan

  74. Ankur Singh says:


    This is Ankur, I recently applied to settle dispute in my CIR; my current score is 770/900, just wanted to know if my disputes are settled (it was a settlement of loan and a credit card that was done around 2 yr back), will my credit score drop down?


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Singh,

      We are not clear if you have settled your credit cards/loans or are you referring to the settlement of the dispute raised with CIBIL.

      If you have settled any of your credit cards/loans then this will have a negative impact on your credit score. The extent of the impact would depend on the recency of this settlement. Settlement done before 2 years could have a relatively lower impact on the score. The best option is to repay the outstanding balance as and when your cash flows allow you to do the same.

      If you are referring to the settlement of the dispute raised with CIBL, then follow up with the bureau to check on the progress of the status of the dispute.


  75. Ashwini says:


    I have applied for a top loan in a bank, where in they were quite sure after showing them my salary statements and other docs. But now they have seen 2 credit cards outstanding amt in my CIBIL. In fact I don’t use any credit card since last 7 years.

    I have filed on line compliant on CIBIL Site. But no response.

    I am not getting what to do now and how to resolve this?

    Please guide.



    1. Did you first have a look at your report by applying for it ?

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Ashwini,

      Do you mean that you have not used the credit card for the past 7 years or these 2 credit cards do not belong to you? If not used the card for past 7 years then, did you close the card before you stopped using them. There are possibilities that the annual charges on them have resulted in the outstanding amount.

      And if these 2 credit cards do not belong to you then such erroneous accounts need to be removed from the report immediately as it could affect your score and also be a hindrance in your loan applications.


  76. Thitherwards says:

    What a crap organization it is, seriously. They have reported someone else’s credit card default in my report, due to which I had to go through a lot of pain, loan application denials and very much of a loss by taking loans elsewhere with higher interest rates.

    The details are provided here, with email exchanges between CIBIL and I.

    Please go through this and share it with all public, however and wherever possible. What a shame on such a reputed organization!!

    1. I read your post on CIBIL . The first point which will help you is that, you can put a case again CIBIL and ask for a compensation from them in consumer court . The other point is , its NOT a govt org 🙂 . Its just an entity created by Banks ,thats all ..

  77. Aditya says:

    Hi Manish,

    I got my CBIl report & the score is 824/900.

    However i am not getting any PL’s or CC’s approved.


    Aditya Ashtaputre

    1. Was there any old loan which was settled or not paid ? Or your repayment history was bad ?

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Ashtaputre,

      824 is a good score. But lenders could be rejecting your application due to many other factors reflecting on your report. We would have to analyses your report in order to comment on the specifics.


  78. swapnil malpani says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have my CIBIL report. I have done setelment of my credit cards in past. HDFC, RBS and ICICI. Status of the credit card shows setteke for HDFC and RBS bank however status is blank for ICICI bank. Recently I closed my both credit cards (HDFC and RBS) i.e. paid remaining amount and I have NOC also, CIBIL would get updated in 60 days. But I have doubt about ICICI bank for which status is blank.

    Please let me know do I need to close ICICI bank also or no need to close it as status is blank.

    If possible please send me your contact no to discuss on phone.

    Swapnil Malpani

    1. If you had settled the credit card debt with ICICI earlier and you are not seeing any remark, that means ICICI has not reported it yet to CIBIL , but you always have a risk that ICICI will do that someday. To safeguard yourself , I suggest you pay all the outstanding with ICICI .


    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr.Malpani,

      The reason that the ICICI credit card does not reflect a “Settled” remark could be either because ICICI Bank has not reported the data to the bureau or this remark is not picked up at the bureau’s end due to the de – duping logic. In either case, the relief for you would be temporary.

      In interest of maintain a healthy credit life we would recommend that you pay the outstanding amount and obtain a NOC for the same.


  79. Shery says:


    I urgently need to know the procedure to rectify the bad credit rating at CIBIL.
    Please Help

    Thank you

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Shery,

      The procedure to rectify your credit score would depend on the severity of bad credit behaviour on your credit report. The solution to rectify the credit depends on case to case basis.

      Also you need to understand that improving credit score is not a quick fix and will improve gradually over the next months.


      1. hakim singh says:

        since I have submitted my online dispute on 8th of january2013, please let me know how long will it take to receive the reply

        1. Contact the customer care now

  80. MARY says:

    i am an ex employee of a private sector bank . when i wanted to submit my resignation it was not accepted and the refused to let go of me . i managed to submit the resignation through their hr portal and has to leave the bank without completing the notice period .The bank refused to accept my resignation and i was hard pressed for time . after 4 years i have approached another bank for a loan when to my surprise i come to know that my name has appeared in CIBIL . and for what ?? the bank that i left had put my name as defaulter for not paying a Personal Loan.i have not taken any loan from the bank . this has caused me to look bad in front of the bank to whom i have applied for a loan .can’t i do anything to remove my name from CIBIL as i have not even applied for this loan?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mary,

      It unfortunate that your credit report shows you as a defaulter for a Personal loan you have never availed. This could be because of the bank reporting wrong data or the credit bureau’s de – duping logic as a result of which some other individuals credit history is reflected on your credit report. You can raise a dispute with the bureau or the bank that has reported this data to the bureau.

      In the meanwhile, if you need any help in correcting the discrepancies appearing on your credit report, you can contact us. We provide a service where we not only counsel individuals but also handhold them and execute the process of correcting discrepancies.


  81. Credexpert says:

    Dear Alok,

    846 is a really good score! But it is unfortunate that you have been rejected in spite of this score. Paying minimum balances, too many unsecured loans or enquiries are general reasons that can make a lender view your credit report negatively. But the exact reasons could be stated only after analysing your credit report.


  82. alok says:

    Hi manish ,

    Re cently my AmEX card application was rejected..Today I got my Cibil Score its 846 ..I am totally to read it ..its good or bad ?

    1. Just because you have high score, does not guarantee that you have a chance to get loan or credit card, It also depends on what your report says , was there any bad past of yours in repayment ? Is your report too new ?

  83. Akhilesh says:

    Ma pleasure.:) then send ur email addrss ill search you on facebuk!!

    Good bye!

  84. mike says:

    I never took loan in my life, what will be my score??

    1) I’ve heard not paying telephone bill also report to cibil …replay

    2) I had saving account with a bank 4 year back, the bank was far so i removed all money and did not used that account at all, i also received a letter that account is not maintain & low balance charges etc. …does this affect cibil to

    3) normally i put my all money in FD, dont keep anything in my saving account sometime i also need to pay low balance charges does this affect score???

    1. 1. NO, as of now its not happening

      2. NO

      3. NO

  85. SUNIL KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir,
    I was surprised when i see my credential in CIBIL. There are nineteen loan shows in my account. In these loans two are already cleared since a long, two are ongoing. Rest fifteen loans are not taken by me and not known that from which bank and branch loan have taken from me. Please guide me how and where I can apply for details of my loan status with bank name and branch. And also how to remove it from CIBIL.

    1. Check with CIBIL on this, tell them its not your loan and might be case of identity theft . They will guide you on next step. Contact the banks and ask them for proof of identity used for taking the loan


      1. SUNIL KUMAR says:

        Dear Sir,
        These fifteen loans are not my loan. And in CIBIL Report it’s not shows Bank Name, Branch Name. I do not know bank name from where loan have taken. So, how can I contact with bank?

  86. sarbjit singh says:

    hi manish,

    I have just pay my HSBC CC. amount after 4 much time cibil can take to improve my secore.I have also apply for home loan

    1. You cant be sure how much will it improve, it will depend on the amount and over all situation .

  87. Akhilesh says:

    Hi Manish,

    I was holding a HDFC credit card. Unfortunately i had lost it and as soon as i came to know it was already been swipped. I had launched an FIR about the same and filled a form in HDFC bank too. After a long period around 8-9 months i had done a settlement with the bank. Its been three years this issue was happened. i had tried to apply for the credit card but it got rejected as my name is showing in the CBILL. I am also not getting loan from the bank.

    please help how to remove the name from CBILL.


    1. This clearly means that you have not resolved the issue properly , somewhere some thing is still pending , did you get a NOC letter from the bank saying that thing are fine now and you have paid full amount ?

      1. Akhilesh says:

        Hi Manish,

        Thanks for the reply. I have got a settlement letter from HDFC bank and nothing else. Also at the time when i was settling down this issue i wasn’t aware of any NOC doc otherwise i wouldhv asked for that.

        Please let me know should i approach bank for NOC now if yes then how?? or is there any direct way to remove my name from Cbill.


        1. wait. .did you do the “Settlement” , means paying less than your actual outstanding ?

          1. Akhilesh says:

            Hi Manish,

            Thanks for replying and sorry for the late response. Yes manish i have done the settlement with the bank. Also have the settlement lettter with me.


            1. That will not help . SETTLEMENT is not the solution , its just a temporary thing ,. YOu will have to pay back the full amount if you want CIBIL remark to be removed.

            2. akhilesh says:

              Thanks Manish, you have been a great help and i must appreciate your quick response.

              So the following steps that i should do now, please correct me incase of the change.

              1. I should approach HDFC bank and ask them the pending dues and pay them as they say.
              2. Then i need a NOC doc from the bank stating everything is paid.

              Also please let me know after paying the complete amount is that the bank’s job to remove my name from CBILL. If yes then how would i ensure that it is been removed and would i get the credit card and loan in the fuure or not?


            3. Yes, you should ask them for NOC and also take a letter which says that they will now update your status to CIBIL from A to B . Its bank job to update the Bank within the month. so you better check your report in next 30-60 days !

            4. Akhilesh says:

              Thanks Manish, thats realy helpful and you have been a great help all the time.

              So the dinner is on me to thank you!!


            5. SUre 🙂 I love free dinner 🙂

  88. Ashish says:

    Hi Manish,

    Need your expert advice. I have my CIBIL report and it shows status as “Restructured Loan” against my credit card. I would have perhaps asked creadit card bank to convert the amount to EMI. I have paid the full amount already. The Current Balance in the summary shows -162 INR.

    I have now applied for home loan and they has asked me to get clarification on “restructured loan” status from credit card bank. What is the process to get this cleared and how much time it takes?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Ashish,

      The quickest way to sort this out is to speak to the bank that has put that remark, get their clarification in writing. Ensure that this clarification reflects the facts of the case, and get back to the home loan provider.

      My view is that because you had asked the card issuer to convert the amount into an EMI, they have reported the status as restructured loan. The time to clear the remark will depend on the card issuer and how quickly they respond.


  89. Credexpert says:

    Dear Deepak,
    When you say your ranking is going down,,, have you watched your score over some time frame ? There may be other reasons for why that is happening and your report needs to be analysed to determine the reason for that slide.


  90. Deepak Bhardwaj says:

    ok but my ranking is going down even I paid all installments on time .. all track records are fine ..

  91. Deepak Bhardwaj says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have applied CIBIL and found few xxx on installments but i paid all of them regularly, how I can put for correction ????

    1. if its xxx, then nothing to worry ! .

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Deepak,

      xxx means that the credit institution from where you have taken the loan has not reported the data in that particular month.
      There is nothing to worry about.


  92. Prabhat says:

    Hi Manish,
    Am a real victim of this “CIBIL”. Two years back i requested for a report. The report was full or errors- be it my name, identity, address, accounts etc. I raised a dispute form then. Since then, in that report, my name has changed thrice, my addresses have changed, my contact nos have changed. They apologised and said that corrections have been made. Recently i applied for a loan and again got rejected. When inquired and got the CIR, my data was merging with some other “Prabhat”. To confirm my doubts, i even called that person and highlighted all this in my next mail to cibil. But to no avail. You would always get a prototype reply- “We cant change data on your own and pls contact credit institution for modification”.
    Ridiculous, is’nt it? First of all you sweat to get your issues registered (if only you get a great guy who happens to read your mail/ talk to you over phone by luck). Then follow the same to make them understand what is apparent to even a layman. in my case the other “Prabhat’s” pan no is different, dob is different, address and other things are also different but even then the data got merged and when i raised this, they are passing the buck onto credit institutions.
    This is clearly not any fault of credit ins but of this cibil only. To be more precise- in their system of extracting data which they are not accepting. Sometimes, after negotiating so many mails and conversation with their executives, i really feel that this is being run by a bunch of nerds who would not listen or not understand your concerns. I have not taken a single penny as a loan in my whole life and now not getting loan just because of this cibil.
    I want to knock the doors of law, to claim a heavy compensation- can you suggest me how and where can i lodge my complaint. I have all the evidences in black n white.

    1. Prabhat

      You can definatey contact CONSUMER COURT on this, let me also get an expert on this issue to guide you , but before that , let me share with you that all the data is given by Bank only to CIBIL , CIBIL just puts them into report, so I am sure this is a bank mistake of merging .


    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Prabhat,

      I can understand your frustration and anger. Let me explain some basic facts.
      The lending institution sends raw data to credit bureaus (in this case CIBIL). CIBIL will load the data , as it is, into their system.

      When a request is received for a report on an individual, CIBIL, based on the enquiry received will search its data base and access all information pertaining to that individual and generate a credit report.

      From what you have mentioned, it is unlikely that the credit institutions could have reported wrong data about you, since you did not borrow from them. The data is seemingly pertaining to another “Prabhat”. It seems that the errors and wrong match has come up during the matching and merging process at CIBIL.
      I also think, the first thing you should get done is to undo the errors so that going forward your borrowing capacity is not affected.

      As far as moving legally against CIBIL, that is certainly an option ( and time will tell if you do succeed – could be a long drawn process) but first things first, sort out the wrong data.


  93. Abhas says:

    I am having personal loan with HDFC. Seince last 3 months EMI’s are bounces as my salary bank A/C has been changed.I have paid all the bounced EMI’s within month only. Now only 3 EMI’s are remainig.Could you please do let me whether this will affect on my CIBIL score.


    1. Yes ,this can affect your CIBIL score , more than score, your report will capture that and banks might interpret it in wrong way !

  94. Kiran Kumar. M says:

    Hi Manish,

    In 2010 I took two-wheeler loan and it’s of 24 month EMIs. In 2011, because some problems three times check bounced and in those particular months I paid the amount with penalty. Now, by 2012 July I paid all of my EMIs and I closed my loan. But because of those check bounces, my recent personal loan application was rejected by HDFC banking. And they gave me the reason that I have check bounces in my CIBIL report. Other than that my acount information and payments are good.

    Can you please suggest me what to do? Can I update those check bounce settelments with CIBIL and get approval for the personal loan? How can I imrpove my CIBIL score?

    Waiting for your reply.

    Kiran Kumar. M

    1. The issue is that even though you have not deliberately done that , it will look as a casual attitude to the bank and they do not like it . All you can do is talk to bank manager on this . Let me bring you an expert on this point .

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Kumar,

      Cheque bounces are almost always viewed negatively by the lender. Also there is no quick fix on improving your score.

      The fact that your cheques bounced… for whatever reason, cannot be updated or changed. Your best chance is to speak to the bank and convince them as to why your cheques bounced and await their response.

      Your score will improve over time, assuming you pay any current outstanding loans / credit cards on time.


  95. Anjan Choudhary says:

    Hi Manish,
    My name is Anjan Choudhary. Just wanted to check with you. I had 3 personal loans, 1 Two Wheeler Loan & 2 Credit Cards in the year 2006-2007. However at a early stage and I thought nothing happens and I changed house I stopped paying any of them. However now after 5-6 years I am in a need of loan. Hence I approached bank but the application is rejected. And hence I realised the mistakes I have made.
    Now I have started and decided to pay off all the possible Loans and the CC which I have. Have already closed 2 personal loans and 1 credit card. But I need some help from you that how to get the rating to 780 in Cibil. As right now I stand at 516. Need some help from your end. Just to let you know whatever I have closed in terms of Loans is the amount less then the outstanding. And is termed as settled. I have got the letters and receipts for the same.
    However what I am interested to know is how can I improve my cibil scores as Credit history and rating is coming big time in india. Need someone to give me some proper advice on the same.

    Anjan Choudhary

    1. Then you have done another mistake, you have not closed the FULL loan , but just did the settlements , which will again be reported to CIBIL and are equally bad status . What you should do is , pay off the FULL amount , dont leave a penny also ! .

      Your score will move up when you do that, and apart from that you should keep making payments on regular basis for some loan , which can build you repayment history !

  96. R.Ravi says:

    Hi Manish,
    Firstly thanx and appreciate your service to the society. Recently i bought my Cibil report and have score of 820. Infact i had settled RBS (then ABN Amro) Credit Card during Feb 2009 due to some communication issues.Though I have no issue in getting loans, pl confirm will it make any difference or increase my Cibil score if i go for paying outstanding amount (Amout also very much less only)

    1. Is your ABN amro card status on report marked as SETTLED or WRITTEN OFF . If yes, then it might become an issue despite a good score !

      1. R.Ravi says:

        Hi Manish,
        CR says Written off.I spoke to the banker for changing the status.My question is paying written off amount would help any way and also how would my record will appear to other credit institutions i.e” Just closed or changed from written off to closed”

        1. Ravi

          It will help to pay off .. it might say CLOSED after WRITTEN OFF, but thats better than WRITTEN OFF.

  97. Sameer says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have applied for a personal loan couple of months back and it was rejected. Which made me think if my credit rating is not healthy. However, I got my CBIL report and I have a score of 807. I never defaulted nor did I miss any payment. Looking at the websites and discussions I think 807 is a good score. Would you know a reason why the loan would get rejected even when I have good score (atleast i think it is good)?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. is your report clean ? was there any loan/cc in past which u didnt pay in full ?

      1. Sameer says:

        Thank you for your reply Manish,

        I have always paid in full and never defaulted. However, I see that there is an amount of Rupees 10000.00 shows as outstanding against ICICI bank which I have raised a dispute on as there should be nothing outstanding. They said it will take 30days for the dispute to resolve.

  98. Muthu says:

    Hi Manish,

    Now that i realized settlement is not a solution. If i go back to the bank and pay the full amount, my status will change from settled to cleared ? But will it help improve my credit score ? Also in the past i have done some late and partial payments to credit card, because of that my credit score would have gone down now ? Now how can rectify those ? Currently i have 4 credit cards, is it okay to have, or is it good to surrender 2 cards ? please advice.


    1. Yes, if you pay the full money, the score will move up and credit report will get better.

  99. K Ben says:

    Hi Manish, I am in deep trouble. I applied for Personal Loan and the banker rejected because of my CIBIL score. They told there is one outstanding amount pending. Really, I dont know about this. Earlier, I had taken one loan and paid all the EMIs. How can I track this outstanding, from which bank it is pending with. I guess, someone misused or something worng happened .
    Thanks KB.

    1. Which was the loan you were paying ? Contact the bank and check with them about this, did you take NOC letter from them ?

  100. Shashidhar says:

    Why CIBIL charge Rs 470/- for report ?

    1. Thats the charge of the service . Its not a govt org .

      1. Shashidhar says:

        Hi Manish,
        Ok, Its not a govt organisantion, but the price they charge is too high and also we keep checking our details once in few month and each time we pay Rs.470. The charge must be reduced.

        1. We only have a choice to make , buy or not buy .. the price is decided by them only

  101. AMIT says:

    Dear Munish

    I Amit Khandelwal, firstly I appreciate of your CIBIL Knowledge,
    Now I want to discuss my Address related query,
    5 yrs. back my real brother is applied for the Car Loan by Fake address proof of Mobile bill his loan was rejected.
    After that & when I am applying for the Car Loan ,Bank employees are said, your CIBIL is bad, just because of your brother.

    So, How can I remove my name from the CIBIL Black List ASAP.

    Amit 9899966778

    1. Thats a little tricky one .. I guess some common credentials is shared by you and your brother . Let me check on this and come back .

  102. Raj says:

    Hi Manish,

    I used to have axis bank credit card for whic i got defaulted and my status got changed to written off. Last year i have realized it and paid the complete amount due on my card to the bank. But still my status in CIBIL is shown as Written-off. I got the below reply from axis bank when i raised the issue with them and they are ready to give NO-due certificate and they dont have option to change the CIBIL report now. I have raised the dispute form as mentioned by you with CIBIl. Waiting for CIBILS reply.

    How shall i proceed if i dont recieve the positive response from CIBIL now?

    Dear Mr. Raj,

    This is with reference to your e-mail dated September 24, 2012:

    We need to inform that, as per Reserve Bank of India guidelines, we are required to provide credit information relating to our Credit Cardholders to Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) on a monthly basis.
    The information provided reflects the status as at the previous month-end and includes information regarding whether the Credit Card account is regular or delinquent.

    To avoid any adverse credit history with CIBIL, Credit Cardholders should ensure that they make timely payment of the amount due on the Card account.

    We also need to inform that, you can use the Card Statement as proof of clearance of outstanding dues of the card account and regret our inability to update your CIBIL status as requested from your end.
    Further, your card account was been permanently suspended for non-receipt of the payment regularly towards your card account before the payment towards the outstaning due was been done.

    Hence, the update with CIBIL would reflect as write off and the total outstanding due would be updated as NIL as required.

    In the light of above clarifications, we confirm that the status updated with CIBIL is as per requirement and regret our inability to edit / delete your status with CIBIL and issue the NO Due Certificate as requested from your end.

    For any further assistance or clarifications, please write in to us or call us on our 24-hour customer service help line numbers 1800 103 5577, 1800 209 5577, 1800 233 5577.

    We appreciate your time and business.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Customer Service Desk.
    Axis Bank

    1. I dont think that is correct. They update the accounts with NIL or Blank , once customer pays the full amount and even if it was a “Written off” status earliar . Now do one thing , best thing you can do right now is raise a dispute resolution with CIBIL and tell them that now you dont owe anything and your status is clear, they will check it with bank and then update it –

      1. Raj says:

        Thanks Manish. I have raised the dispute with CIBIL. Will update you once i get the update from them

  103. Kanika Mishra says:


    My huaband bough a credit card before 2 year and he has done shopping from tht and now because of some issue of interest rate he has not done payment back,so he has lost his cibil…i just want to know how to improve cibil,because we need to take loan…without a good cibil it will be a problem for us..

    1. Yes , it will be great a big issue now , Your cibil report and score has to be good enough to get a loan , Now you will have to pay back all the amount to credit card company and only then it will get better.

  104. Panneerselvam says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have applied for home loan; in the loan processing, they had mentioned that, i have rs.6500 over due for the personal loan i took during 2010 (though there is no overdue). I would like to take a look at my CIBIL report and got the control number from my home loan processing bank. Is there a way to download my report online using control number? or should i have to buy my CIBIL report once again?


    1. You will have to buy that

  105. manish saini says:

    Hi Manish,

    I must say you are doing good job by providing your cooments of different queries…

    I had also two Credit cards in past which i have now setteled after mutual discussion with respective banks….but as you have mentioned that in your response here that even settelments also not work for improving the credit score…so i just want to know if after settelments and closing the card (i have taken the NOC letters for both the Credit cards) there any way to improve the credit score….please suggest……

    1. the only option is to pay off all the dues now . Contact your bank and pay off every penny !

  106. Hardev Singh says:

    Hello Sir,

    After receiving the card I used it for one month only then I paid the bill on time without any delay after that I did not do any transaction for next couple of months. One day I decided to close my card because it was a another burden for me to carry and secondly have not been using it since couple of months and requested to HDFC bank to close my account. They also confirmed me that there is not dues pending at all in your account and informed me to send a letter along with broken card to the concerned office. I did that according to their advice

    Now I have got a letter from their end stating “no dues certificate” and they have also confirmed in the letter that your credit card account has been closed.

    Is the letter I have received OK or should I go for CIBIL ?

    Hardev Singh

    1. For what purpose ? I think you should atleast once see your report anyways !

  107. Vasanth P says:

    Hi Manish,
    I got my CIBIL report today. Score is 701. There are 5 jewel loan which i have availed in the past and it was closed on time. But i dont see the DATE CLOSED marked for these accounts ( making the loan account active ). Will this affect the credit score?

    All my payments are either “000” or “STD” and i hold 3 credit cards ( 2 with less than 50K credit limit and 1 with 4.5l credit limit). All my credit card payments are marked with “000”.

    1. Vasanth P says:

      Moreover, should i raise the dispute to CIBIL to get the DATE CLOSED from the bank appropriately?

    2. Dont worry then , your report is clean , just that your score is not that high , Is there any activity in your credit cards now a days in past few months ? or not !

      also make sure you dont have all the unsecured loans .


      1. Vasanth P says:

        Yes, i do.Regular usage around 15k per month only on one credit card which has 4.5l credit limit. Reason is, my usage will be only less than 10% of credit available. Other credit cards are not being used. In other 2 credit cards i ahve positive balance of 10 rupees.
        Moreover, i noted there was an enquiry from ICICI for 10lac on Sep 2011. Will that be one of the reason for low score? As i was regular in all my payments , i am worried to see the score on 700 and trying to understand the reason.

        Also raised a consumer dispute to CIBIL , to mark the jewel loans with appropriate DATE CLOSED.

        1. Vasanth P says:

          Moreover, there was a secured loan ( on NSC) which i have availed on 2009 had a Amount overdue and current balance was 50k. But the payment was showing as “STD’, because the bank does not expect payment for six years. This could be the reason?

          CIBIL report helped to identify this and i closed this loan yesterday.

        2. In that case, just keep using your credit card. If possible take a secured loan and repay it off just to show a better credit history

  108. Ganesan says:

    HI Manish,
    I took two personal loans 3 years back, i missed few dues and my few cheques got bounced, any ways at the end i closed all my dues, interest and closed the loan. got No due certificate from bank also. It happened 3 years back. Can i take any new home loan now? or Banks will reject my application stating what i have done years back. Do i need to check my cibil record. plz help me. i am planning to take a home loan after an year and want to clear all my black marks in CIBIL.

    1. Better you check your report . While your end was good, but what matters is what happened during journey . As it was before 3 yrs, your report should not contain any default because it has past 36 months of data. I guess your score should be ok , if not perfect, see if its atleast 700 right now and you can increase it by 750 or 800+ in a year by your credit card payment on time.

      Then apply for home loan

      1. Ganesan says:

        Thanks sir,
        ALso can please you provide link from where i can get report. i am afraid of online fraud. so official link will be helpful.

        thanks and regards

  109. Sanjay D. Tatmia says:

    My name appears in cibil. I have all the papers of earlier loan closures. I have settlement and write off for credit cards. I want to clear all these things from my cibil. Kindly help me in this regard.

    1. Sanjay

      Name will anyways appear in CIBIL . good or bad. Just because you have cibil entry, it does not mean you have some negative record.

  110. Rakesh Mondal says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have the Credit Card (4384 xxxx xxxx 0873) from HSBC and I have the NOC from them; Also I have the following email from HSBC.
    To: Rakesh Mondal
    Sent: Tuesday, 27 March 2012 2:29 PM
    Subject: Your Credit Card 4384 xxxx xxxx 0873 (KMM11595174V35412L0KM)

    Dear Mr. Mandal,

    Your Credit Card 4384 xxxx xxxx 0873

    Reference Number 270320122719

    We refer to your E-mail of 26 March 2012 received through regarding The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
    Limited, India (HSBC) credit card.

    Our records reflect that the credit card has been zeroised on 12 July

    With regard to your query, we request you to confirm your current
    contact number and convenient time between 08:00 AM and 05:00 PM for us
    to call you and arrange to send the No Due Letter to your E-mail address
    post telephonic verification.

    Please feel free to write to us if you require further clarification.

    Yours sincerely,

    Brunelle Ann Crouch
    Customer Service Executive
    The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, India (HSBC)
    Also if you check in CIBIL(CN: :550,199,571), you can see that the entries for HSBC are cleaned up. Later this account has been transferred to JM Finance. However For Account Number 4384591392060873(JM FIN ASSET) the account status is of WRITTEN-OFF STATUS IS: POST(WO) SETTLED.

    –I have sent multiple request to JM Finance at multiple time to clear this entries; however did not receive any response from them.
    –I have raised dispute request to CIBIL, CIBIL says that they have crossed checked and the entries are correct.

    What to do to resolve this issue?


    1. Rakesh

      That means the bank is not updating the right entries on CIBIL side , you need to file a case with Bank now

  111. panem seshidhar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Iam seshidhar Panem.I have recently applied for a Personal loan in HDFC.Then I had a reply stating that My name is in the CIBIL.Can you please help me to come out of this CIBIL.Because i have taken a Twoweeler Loan and without having any bounce I have cleared It.This is only the first time that I have applied for a Unsecured loan.

    1. I think the two wheeler company has not updated your data properly and your cibil report contains some wrong remark , first check for you report !


    Sir I fed in filling up the Dispute form. After all completing the information correctly in Name
    columns it is asking first name is incorrect. 5 times tried but in vain. I have No Loans outstanding
    at all as on my date of retirement 31st July 2011 from State bank Of Hyderabad. What to do? Shall I write to my banker for updating the information?

    1. I suggest you check what is the first name in your bank records , it might be different , a lot of times people use father name or use the title as first name . Also call the customer care of CIBIL and let them know this !


        Sir , I inserted the name correctly as per my usual name as per bank records. I tried with sur sonti name first middle name: Prabhakara Last name :Sastry. I also tried with name what it appears in PAN card registered as Prabhakara sastry sundaram(father) sonti. Now my pan card was issued newly with same PAN number as Sonti prabhakara sastry and i tried this name also. Like wise I tried with all permutations and combinations. I also tried with the name as per CIBIL report record. Lastly I fed up and abandoned to apply on line. I have decided to go to my banker or Head Office MIS department and give all particulars to them with necessary statement of accounts to up load in their reporting system to CIBIL. Thank you for giving prompt reply.

        1. Hmm.. then try to call customer care of CIBIL once and check there too !

  113. Mohammed Shoaib says:

    I had taken two wheeler loan in 2006 of Rs.35,000. i paid successful installements of 70% of loan amount but in 2008 i met an serious accident which was results in one year bed rest so i could not able to repay the installments of Rs.13000 only. In the year 2009 they made from 13,000 to 43000 by adding penal chgs & intrest so i decided to surrender my vehicle. so, i did. In 2010 they sold my vehicle recovered loan amount & they closed successfully loan account. i did not cheated to them or any one. i had geniune reason. now i saw in cibil report that “written off” mention in my loan status. i want clear this. pls suggest me a good way to clear this.


    1. Mohammed

      Rs 13,000 become 43,000 , that part is correct because interest and penalty charges got added and it was as per rule . Now it means your outstanding was Rs 43,000 . You gave your vehicle and they sold it off , but did they get full amount of Rs 43,000 to close full loan , If they had got lesser than 43,000 then it means your loan was still outstanding .

      I can see you didnt follow up properly and never closed things on paper . Now contact bank on this !

  114. Narendra Kumar says:

    You had provided me wonderful information. Thanks for that.

    Can you help me?
    Actually, recently I applied for a personal loan, but I got reply from bank that my CIBIL Report Score is only 650 and I’m not eligible for any personal loan.

    Could it be possible that my score raise by at least 700 and if then how?

    Please help me.

  115. Mohammed Shoaib says:

    Hi Manish,

    I applied for CIBIL report in that i saw loan “written off”. How can i clear this
    Please provide me good suggesstion. i want to get rid off this.


    1. Was there any loan in past which you didnt pay in FULL ? You will now have to clear it off first to get rid of that remark !

      1. shoaib says:

        I had taken two wheeler loan in 2006 of Rs.35,000. i paid successful installements of 70% of loan but in 2008 i met an serious accident which was results in one year bed rest so i could not able to repay the installments of Rs.13000 only. In the year 2009 they made 13,000 to 43000 by adding penal chgs & intrest so i decided to surrender my vehicle. so, i did. In 2010 they sold my vehicle recovered loan amount & they closed successfully loan account. i did not cheated to them or any one. i had geniune reason. now i saw in cibil report that “written off” mention. i want clear this. pls suggest me a good way to clear this.


        1. Contact bank on this, get clarification from them on the pending loan after they sold the vehicle !

  116. Nidhin Jose says:

    I applied for a cibil report to ensure that I am clear so that I apply for a bank loan. I got my cibil report with a very good score. I then applied for a loan and bank called and told me that there is a problem in my cibil report which they got. This report which bank provided has all the details mentioned in the report which I got. This also has an extra credit card with a written off status but the name and card no is is not mentioned. I know that this is not my credit card. What I should know now to get the details of this card as the report I got 1 month back does not have this card details.

    1. What information did the bank used to access your report , it must be something which is also shared by another person , ask your bank for that, how did you acccess yours ? PAN ?

  117. Abi says:

    Is this CIBIL is a government concern…why do they charge 470 to get credit score????…..its our score and we have rights to know that………and why do they dont remove the names even after settlement ??….one of my friend got depressed and was ill treated by her husband because she has her name in CIBIL and she couldnt get a home loan……..i really dont know when she will commit suicide……people please come against this CIBIL for not removing thier names……..

    1. Can you share more info on this ? CIBIL report are chargable as its coming from a pvt organisation, its not owned by govt as such

  118. raju james says:

    after how many years yours name goes off cibil list

    1. Min 7 yrs, max 15-20 yrs

  119. Prasanta Kumar Panda says:

    I wants to inform you, that i have not taken any loan and credit card from any bank but my name is in the CIBIL report as defaulter. Last three months ago i had applied a personal loan and know that my name is in the CIBIL report.

    Now If I need the CIBIL report then i will pay rs. 470. So this is not a right way because this is not my prooblem why i will pay for that. CIBIL wrongly enter my name.

    Please let me know what i can do. or i will take legal action against CIBIL.


    1. Prasntha

      I am sure there is some fraud done and some one applied for a loan on your name using your documents , check your report and find out the detials first , that 470 is a small thing considered to the problems you can face . Focus on that

  120. Satish says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have taken a credit card from SBI by paying fixed deposit worth Rs 10000 in 2009. For some reason I left it out and now the SBI has put written off in Cibil report. I have called on SBI customer care and enquired wether I need to pay any dues to clear off the written off and replace it with settled status in cibil report. The SBI customer care told that there are no dues and the account is closed now and even provided me with closure letter.
    Now the real issue starts, I first made request for change of status with SBI customer care on 7th May 2012. From then on my case has been dragged on. The SBI has said an email confirmation letter to me stating that they have sent email to cibil to replace written off with settled status. However, the when i called cibil, they say they didnt recieve any confirmation mail from SBI. SBI customer care say they have sent the confirmation to cibil twice. But cibil says they didnt recieve any confirmation from SBI. I have even raised a dispute with cibil regarding this issue and its been 22 days since i raised dispute. Still my issue is not resolved.

    Can you please suggest me next course of action I should follow. I even metioned the emaid id of banking ombudsman in my last mail to SBI. Also I have put on Cibil in cc. Waiting for your suggestion. Thanks in advance.

    1. Satish

      Did you make the payment for those dues ? Note that SETTLEMENT Status is only when you pay less than outstanding and “settle” the matter. I think you are reffereing to another settlement , where you mean paying 100% of dues and closing the loan . Note that it will take 45-60 days for updation in CIBIL , wait for these many days !

  121. Aniruddha says:

    Hi Manish,

    I could guess after going through all the comments this is the best site to get answers about financial terms.
    Currently my CIBIL score is 718 and i want to go for a Loan of 5 lakh for 5 yeras will that be a prob? if then what would be the remedy..Need your assistance.

    1. Aniruddha

      700+ is ok , but you should target 800+ , that is what banks and other lending institutions looks for. I hope you have paid all your dues on time and you do not have any loan which is pending? Can you give some history about your past payment record and the current one ? Getting a loan of any kind will be successful only if you have a proper score and report !

  122. Ramanarayan.S says:

    Also I would like to add one more thing..

    In the report under HDFC bank loan repayment, even after me repaying completely, it is mentioned WRITTEN-OFF in the status.. So eaht do they mean possibly?


  123. Ramanarayan.S says:


    Thanks for the wonderful article..

    I had taken a loan from HDFC bank almost 4yrs back and in between I had some problems and got transferred to out of station and so was in a situation to delay the repayment.

    But 6 months back I had approached the bank and completed the repayment by this month beginning, including penalties and cheque bounce charges etc.. Had to repay an hefty price for missing the schedule 🙁

    I made a CIBIL score check and my score turned out to be 549, 3 days back :-(..

    The latest payment of Rs.10,900 towards final repayment did not reflect, as the last update had been 31.05.2012 (Note : I did not go for settlement and payed the entire outstanding with interest and penalties).

    a) So will it get reflected next month and will there be any rise in score?

    Also I had an outstanding with ICICI credit card 2 yrs back.. Now it showed in my CIBIL report. But it has increased like nearly thrice since then.

    b) Now I need your suggestion on how to go with it as it is still pending.
    i) Shall I go and approach ICICI myself as I did with HDFC ?
    ii) Is there any chance of reducing the repayment amount?
    iii) Also I would like to repay and also start reusing the card. Is it possible? and If I do is there any chance of increasing my score?
    iv) Also in the near future I’m in an idea of applying for a housing loan, so I understand that I need a good CIBIL score, so how to improve on it from now and successfully get loan approvals in the near future and how long it might take roughly?

    (Note : I’m also using my other bank Credit card without any issues now and making timely repayments..)

    1. Ramnarayan

      First you need to acknowledge that you have created your own situation and the other side is just following the set rules.

      1. Yes , your payment will be reflected in CIBIL within 45 days of payment ideally , so wait for 1-2 months and then recheck your score/report . Your score should go up , but do not expect it to skyrocket and break that 700 barrier , From 549 , i think it will take time to go beyond 700. YOu will have to keep on paying your other dues on time for that and see it growing for next 6 months

      2. Your credit card debt has grown 3 times due to interest and late payment , thats very FAIR . JUst close it off by paying all the money and start behaving more responsibly towards your credit availibility

      3. there is no chance of reducing the repayment amount , dont waste time on that , anything less paid means its a SETTLEMENT

      4. You should repay everyting in FULL and restart using your credit card like a DEBIT CARD ! 🙂 . Over time your score will get better , not faster

      5. If you are applying for a home loan in future , target it after atleast 1 yr and in this 1 yrs just make sure you keep on paying your dues on time .


      1. Ramanarayan.S says:

        Thanks for the advise..

        Will take care and be careful in the near future : )


  124. Sumeet Kataria says:

    Hey Manish,

    I know this is the best site to get answers about financial terms.

    Could you tell me the difference between charge off and written off.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Its actually the same thing . Just the name is different . WRITTEN OFF or CHARGED OFF is the worst comment one can get in his credit report . This happenes when for a long time one is not able to pay off his loan and credit card is sure they will not be able to recover the money .

  125. Subbu says:

    Hi Manish,

    Such a great article. I am into a different situation. In Jan 2012 I applied for a auto loan and paying 8k as EMI. Now I am planning to apply for home loan. When I checked with SBI they mentioned for my salary they can give upto 48L but due to 8k EMI the limit will be set to only 40L. If I reduce my auto loan EMI by 50% by paying lump-sum amount will it reflect in CIBIL for SBI to verify and increase my eligibility limit?

    1. Subbu

      Definately .. It will . Bank sees your Overall EMI , and as a percentage of your income . So pay a lumpsum and reduce your EMI

      1. Subbu says:

        Thanks Manish!

  126. Deepak says:

    Hi Manish,
    I am basically Hyderabad.In 2011,When I was working in Chennai,I applied for personal loan in HDFC bank,Chennai at that time I had salary account in the same branch with my company address as present addresss .So while applying loan I asked bank to change my current address to my room address and applied loan. But HDFC bank rejected my loan and informed that address should be 6 months old.So will this rejection informtation go to CIBIL .Today I have applied for CIBIL report and been waiting for it but just curious about the informtaion. 🙂

    1. Deepak

      Yes, Generally its reported. But for confirmation have a look at your report

      1. Deepak says:

        Thanks Manish..ok sure I will check CIBIL report once I get it

  127. suman says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have 4 credit cards from different banks, I will used from all cardit card approx. every monthly @ 50,000 to 1 laks rupees. It will effect to cibil score rating..?
    If effects i will be native or positive..? I am paying the balance credit card amout on date without Fail.

    I got the credit report from Cibil, I have the score 718. I just wanted to know it is good score to get the loans from the banks. if not what is the good score to get loans from the banks. Please let me know how to increase the cibil score.


    1. 718 is an OK score .. target for more .. How much is your credit limit on the credit car ? Is it very near to your consumption .. If yes , it can have an impact on your score .. Is there any bad remark on your credit report in ACCOUNTS -STATUS section like “SETTLED” or “WRITTEN OFF” ?

  128. Venu says:

    Hi Manish,
    First of all thanks and appreciate the efforts educating the people.
    Similarly i also badly need suggestions to improve my CIBIL rating. four years back i had two credit cards(HSBC,Duetch bank) though i have not used much but i failed to pay in time and paid many time with late payment that time i didn’t care much as i am earning enough money so not bothered. but after few days using HSBC credit card purchased one mobile and converted in to EMI payment. from there i got an issue with HSBC credit card every month they charge interest of rs: 6250 and i paid many times.then after few days bad time started to me, lost my job for few months.then i got some suggestions from my friends and they suggested me stop paymenting and ask for settlement(before i go for settlement nearly i paid 3 times what actually i used)and asked for settlement. Many discussions were happend between bank people and me and i recorded all the conversations but of no use.
    after few days they stopped calling me and i too remain calm.
    at present i do not have any details of HSBC credit card to trace and to be frank even i dont want go to them for settlement.infact they have torture me like anything during bad days.
    at present my CIBIL rating is 530 and i am having only one credit card that i am using very rare and payments are made in time.
    due to my bad rating i have been rejected personnel loan two times and i would like to improve my credit score without settling HSBC cc.please suggest me how could to improve my credit score in this case.

    1. Venu

      You are in bad mess . First point is that have you ever cancelled your last HDFC credit card or not ! .. because if you have not , then you still have it , just not having the credit card in your pocket does not means that you have got rid of it ,. if you have not cancelled it, then its there and the dues might have gone up with each month late payment and interest part .

      Most probably bank has WRITTEN OFF the loan and updated the STATUS as “WRITTEN OFF” . check your report , does it mention it or not . If its not there , then its good ..

      you should keep paying your card dues each month on time and slowly your score will improve over 1 yrs . But I am curious to know why do you consider that you have just one card ?

      SETTLEMENT is not a solution . Your friends are ignorant of the fact that SETTLEMENTS are also reported to CIBIL And are NEGATIVE thing

      1. Venu says:

        Hi Manish,
        Thanks for reply.
        What to do now? 2 yeras back they said Rs:50000( including interest) is balance amount and they asked me to pay of Rs:30,000 to waive off. Hardly i use below Rs: 50,000 and for that i paid nearly 1.3 to 1.4 lakh to the bank before i ask for settlement.but i am worried now and i don’t know how much is the accumulated due for these 2-3 be frank i do not have any details my HSBC credit card at present.
        Can i improve my CIBIL rating by using another credit card which actually i am using now by leaving the HSBC credit card dues as it is.
        Please suggest me how to go forward?

        1. No , unless you pay off all the outstanding amount on that first credit card, you will not get out of this mess .

  129. Supriya Sharma says:

    Hi Manish,

    HDFC had suspended my credit card. It happened like this, I lost my credit card and requested for a new one. I did not used the new card for a long time. As far as I can think there were no or around Rs 200 only on my outstanding account. After a long time when I tried using my card for the first time, it din’t worked and HDFC said that they have suspendid my card due to non-payment.

    On asking for the outstanding amount, they said that I do not have any outstanding dues. Post this I am unable to get any credit card according to CIBIL reports. Should I raise a dispute with CIBIL ?

    Please suggest what should I do to get a credit card ?

    1. First apply for your CIBIL report . When bank said that you do not have outstanding amount , it means that they have most probably marked your debt as “WRITTEN OFF” means complete loss taken from their side.

      So now , you need to check if your credit card was marked as WRITTEN OFF . If its there, check with bank on how to update it and make it clean , now to get a credit card, you will have to go for a secured credit card against a FD

  130. Ujjwal says:

    Also is there a reset period ? eg. if I had some problems with a bank 7 years back, so would it be a permanent part of my report throughout the lifetime of CIBIL ?

    1. No , the reset will happen in 7 yrs as you said . So it will get out of the CIBIL report in 7 yrs

  131. Ujjwal says:

    I really appreciate your effort in educating the readers. CIBIL site not at all so informative. It is good to see a perspective from our point of view. It is strange to me that I have no problem in getting home loans, car loans, credit card, but except citibank credit card. I just get a reply that it is due to CIBIL report. I have now requested for the report to see what could be the issue. It is strange that I didn’t face any issue in issuance of my other new cards, IndusInd, ICICI, standard charted but citibank refuses. I will update further after I check my report.

    1. When did you get your other cards ? It might be because in between something bad happened . Looks like some bank has updated some thing about you in negative way . Did you pay all your dues on time in FULL ?

      1. Ujjwal says:

        Thanks Manish for your response. Well, got my report, score is 815, which is sort of OK. Strangely SCB (i assume standard charted) has written ‘WRITTEN-OFF’ in my report for some credit card. I do remember holding two cards from SCB (say card-1 & card-2) where I’m already using card-1 (but which is not mentioned in the report) and I stopped using the other card-2 (which had no outstanding) since I was already using card-1. I’m sure there was no pending money on the card-2. Also I have not at all received any statement from them.
        I’ll initiate my talks with SCB. A possible issue could be due to their yearly fee. Now if I have not used it and SCB has compounded money on the fee would I need to pay all to clear the name, or can I negotiate too ?

        1. Ujjwal

          I am sure the amount on card-2 has grown because of yearly charges . You are suppose to pay that if the card is not closed (non usage has nothing to do with yearly charges) . Over the time it seems to be compounded . Now you should be paying off all of it . do not try to negotiate . Negotiation means settlement , which will be reported to CIBIL . Pay in Full and get out of this , learn from it

          1. Ujjwal says:

            Thanks for your reply Manish.
            But this is not fair from bank/CIBIL part 🙁
            With no intimations, statement, phone from SCB how in my dreams would I know some amount is pending.

            1. Hmm .. i am not sure how correct it is to say .. but you need to be very clear about the charges etc on your credit card and any financial products .. You can fight with them in consumer court on one basis that they never sent you any statement or intimations on this !

          2. Ujjwal says:

            I must say I’m impressed by the information on your site. Just saw that you have a book too. Am going for it right away !!

            1. Good to hear that .. how are you buying ! .. flipkart or homeshop18 ? Let me know once you read it !

            2. Ujjwal says:

              Already bought it, from homeshop18 🙂 (Rs.299)
              I understand from reviews that it talks basic finance and that’s what I am looking for. I should have looked at it (or atleast the site) years back (as I’m already 37), better late than never 🙂
              Will update after read !

            3. Ujjwal

              It talks about “basic principles” of personal finance, with an aim to build your foundations in the area of money. Its not a educational book with products and strategies , but much more than that .. 🙂

  132. Chandra Sekhar says:

    I got my CIBIL report recently. My Name is CHANDRA SEKHAR SHARMA but the name that I have found on the report is CHANDRA SEKHAR S V. It is not a spelling mistake as CHANDRA SEKHAR S V is a different person at all. But all my credit cards are listed against this name and one loan which is taken by MR CHANDRA SEKHAR S V is also showing here. So it is overall one report mixed up with two person’s information. In other word CIBIL is selling one report to 2 person.

    I am going to report this dispute to CIBIL. But it is raising lot of question on CIBIL.
    This CREDIT score concept hold good and easy to maintain in country like USA. They are having SSN concept where they are uniquely identifying each individual. But in our country we still to have such concept until UIN /adhar effective completely. Till then we have to face such situation .

    1. Yes .you should be complaining it to CIBIL and in consumer court as well

      1. Chandra Sekhar says:

        Apart from above what I found that “WRITTEN OFF” Status against SBI credit card. When I called SBI customer care they said No due from My side and they are going to update it to CIBIL soon. But none of my credit card request approved since last 6 months. I believe this is because of this SBI’s “written off” status only.
        I had some dispute with ICICI Rs 6000 since couple of year and finally ended up with paying 12000/- last year October. Until I got my CIBIL report I was thinking that rejection of credit card is because of ICICI but ICICI reported the status on Nov 2011 it self. So its SBI because of which my CC’s are getting rejected.

        1. if its a negligency on SBI part, you should put a court case on them , also you can file a RTI to get answer to your question

  133. Krishna Kumar Soni says:

    Hi Manish,

    Few days back I called to Customer Care of One of the Bank to removed sattled status from the CIBIL report. They told me that you need to balance amount of the same and they will remove “Settled” Status. I paid the same and also asked them to to mention close date( which is not mentioned in CIBIL report).

    Now I have one more card which was also settled but it is not showing as settled in CIBIL but this Card has been closed. My querstion is that while removing Settled status of my earlier Card; Bank can update Settled status for this card also although I had not requested for same. Can Bank update the status of the Card which has been closed way back without any approval from end Customer.

    K K Soni

  134. Manju says:

    Hi Manish,
    Need your suggestion…
    My CIBIL score is 755. I had taken personal loan from India Bulls and during Feb 2011 i made a settlement. And during Oct-2011, I inquired my CIBIL report and found that there was some amount due with India Bulls and the status was WRITTEN OFF. After contacting they said I need to pay some more amt as there was some discount given by them during settlement, so that they can update the status in CIBIL. And immediately I made the payment in Oct-2011 as expected by them as I was looking for home loan. But last week when I took the CIBIL report, I found the amount was zeroed but the status was still in WRITTEN OFF. After contacting the bank, they said there is no process to change the status in the CIBIL as it is auto generated. I gave them the options of paying the amt if needed, but they say there are no such process and status cannot be changed.. Can u suggest me the options I have?


    1. Manju

      You should open a dispute resolution with CIBIL and tell them this thing , refer this article : . CIBIL will check with Bank and update it on their side if Bank confirms the same

      1. Manju says:

        Hi Manish,
        Thanks for the reply!!
        I have already raised a dispute in CIBIL regarding the same and haven’t got the response yet. Having said that, if India Bulls gives the same status as Written Off, what is the next option for me as the Bank says there are no such process of changing the status. To my knowledge, CIBIL will just query the Bank regarding the status and do not cross verify whether the status is correct or not, correct me if wrong…


        1. Manju

          In that case if you dont agree with the bank, you will have to then approach consumer complaint


  135. Kamlesh Nihalani says:

    I wanted to get an opinion regarding any legal recourse available to individuals who have suffered rejection/disregard of loan facilities due to a wrong entry by Bank/CIBIL in one’s credit report. A financial instituition , with whom i had a very good payment track record had given a preapproval for business funds , but disregarded the same due to an adverse entry in my CIBIL report by Kotak Prime. I had raised the dispute with CIBIL and it was admitted by them that another individual’s record has been mistakenly added to mine which actually has led to my loss due to rejection of my loan requirments. How can i make either the Bank or CIBIL accountable for this loss? can i approach a consumer court for this?

    1. Kamlesh

      Not sure on this .. this has been happening a lot , but because its a defect in service , you can reach consumer court and claim compensation for this . Try it

  136. Anisha says:

    Hi Manish,
    First of all thanks for your informative articles and efforts .
    I had an Axis Bank creditcard in 2007 and I had an outstanding of Rs 56,000 which i couldnt settle due to my financial circumstances. Now I have aproached the bank few months back and expressed my interest to close this account by paying the entire outstanding including interest and penalty till date and the bank has mentioned the amount as Rs 114,115.
    Based on this i decided to pay off the entire outstanding and confirmed the same with the bank ?( during this time the officials tried to force me for a legal settlement of some 40,000 which I rejected as I wanted to close the default account rather than going for a settlement and I had clearly communicated the same to the Bank that i want to close my outstanding and I dont want my account to be writtern OFF nor settled and the bank officials have confirmed the same.

    Based on the same I closed the account by paying Rs 114,115 ( which includes interests on 56,000 + penalty till date as confirmed by the bank at the time of closure of the account) . Also i have asked the bank for a No Due Certificate and statement and I was provided with the statement and a “NIL DUE Certificate”. I also pulled out the CIBIL report for that month and my score was 550 ( I don’t have any other loans nor creditcards ).

    After three months (May 2012) , I have again taken my CIBIL report and my score was 660 and my account status shows ” WRITTERN OFF” . The bank ( customer care and nodal officer ) states that even if you settle the full outstanding they will not change the account status and will remain as “WRITTERN OFF”.

    I just wanted to ask you whether this is a violation of the RBI Guidelines which states that ” Banks should update the actual data of the account to the CIBIL report” or Can a Bank insist that even if you close an account fully we will still not update your account status on CIBIL.

    By god’s grace my financial position is stable at this point which means a bad CIBIL score may not affect me atleast for the next 2-3 years as am not looking for a credit nor a loan and am even planning to slowly plan for improving my rating using loans and creditcards against my FD. But what is paining me is the fact that
    1) The bank has been giving me wrong assurances
    2) Even after taking the initiative of my own to pay for my outstanding including penalities and interest till date and also not agreeing for a cheaper settlement the Bank is treating me a fraud and not updating my CIBIL records with the actual data which am not at their mercy but which is my right as a consumer.

    Request people ( who have closed the accounts by paying full outstandings) to share their experiences and can we jointly fight against this injustice to which ever forums we could.

    1. Anisha

      No ,that status should be now removed once you have paid it off .. The bank is wrong in this . Dont worry .. this is what you should be doing .

      1. File a Dispute resolution with CIBIL , refer this :
      2. Tell them that you have paid all outstanding amount (not settled) , but still bank has not updated it as “Cleared” .
      3. CIBIL will follow up with bank on this .

      It might happen that The bank has just not updated it and bank officials done know how it works !

  137. Ragavendran J says:

    Dear Manish,
    As i had seen all your discussions so i also feel that i can get some solution out of your ideas some of them had miss used my icici credit card after 5 years some rep called me and asking me to pay that amount in that mean while i had applied for HDFC Credit card in tat i come to know my name is in CIBIL so please suggest me how will i come out this problem.

    1. Ragavendram

      After 5 yrs , the only solution now is to pay the outstanding amount and get it cleared in CIBIL . I dont think anything else will work for you right now

  138. kaushal sharma says:

    Thanks Manish.

  139. kaushal sharma says:

    Hi Manish,

    Ya, thanks for this info, i had already raised a dispute for the same by filling the online form but still i m wondering how will i get the banks name? In my CIBIL report only some ids are mentioned not the bank names, any idea?


    1. Kaushal

      Talk to customer care of the CIBIL in that case ..

  140. KAUSHAL SHARMA says:


    Before the days, I applied for a Home Loan but my application got cancelled due to my CIBIL score and my name is in the defaulters. Then I came to know about this CIBIL. I had just filled up the Dispute Form on-line. It was shocking when I came to know that 2 Auto Loans, 1 Personal Loan and 1 Educational Loan were sanctioned earlier in the years of 2005, 2006 and 2011. But I have doubt, how can any one use my docs and if s/he used so how can a financial institution (BANK) sanctioned these loans without proper identification?

    It’s played hard with my ID but can you please help me to sort it out or what are the ways to resolve all of these stupid issues?

    -Thanks in Advance,
    Kaushal Sharma

    1. Kaushal

      Surely your docs are misused. you know in India the docs can be forged and not too much attention is given to all these things ..

      1. KAUSHAL SHARMA says:

        Right Manish, so do you have any idea how can I get rid off this?

        1. You should open a dispute resolution with CIBIL and tell them that the things mentioned in CIBIL does not belong to you , at the same time you should contact the concerned banks too and ask them for explaination , after some investigation, I am sure they will acknowledge that its not you and will update the CIBIL about this, after 45-50 days , your CIBIL report should get updated then .

  141. Vijay says:

    Hi Manish

    In my report, the SBI card which I used to have was mentioned as “WRITTEN-OFF” and the Days Past Due section also had a number 120 put for the last several months ending in Sep-2006. This was definitely wrong info since I had checked with SBI in 2006 and they had informed me that there was no due from me at the time of closing the card. So I contacted SBI and they informed me that it was a mistake from their end and that they have corrected it in the latest update to CIBIL.

    Then I informed CIBIL about the mail from SBI and asked them to confirm if the erroneous entries have been removed. CIBIL gives me a very vague answer stating the SBI card account is closed as per instruction. But I want to know if the word “WRITTEN OFF” has been removed from my report and if the Days Past Due section have been set to 0. I have sent them at least 3 mails asking for precise info on the above two queries. But they continue to give me very generic and vague answer.
    Please let me know if there is any escalation mechanism when CIBIL gives vague responses.

    Also in the score section, there is a line which states “*One or More
    Trades with Suit Filed Status in the Past 24 Months*”. I asked them for an explanation on what the above line meant. But they have not given any explanation. It sounds like some company has filed a suit against me in the last 2 years. I am not aware of any such suit. I am not able to get CIBIL to explain the line or tell me which company has filed the suit. I am at my wits end to get a proper response from CIBIL. Any help is appreciated.


    1. Vijay

      I would recommend mailing SBI once again and this time put a CC to Banking ombudsman . There was one document where all the status were explained .. I am not able to find it as of now ..

      1. Vijay says:

        I finally decided to buy the CIBIL report once again to check if the SBI entries have been removed as mentioned by SBI and CIBIL. CIBIL helpdesk does not give any proper response, but they expect the consumer to keep buying new reports to check for any corrections. I had earlier mentioned that the whole dispute resolution is not user friendly and basically discourages the user from filing a dispute resolution. Their responses to dispute resolution is even more disappointing.
        I wish RBI steps in and makes this whole credit rating process a lot more balanced. At present it is skewed completely in favour of the banks. When banks make mistakes, they are not held accountable. There should be a new policy that when CIBIL or Banks make any mistake in the report, they should provide a free report to the affected party.


        1. Vijay

          Did you not see any updated thing in CIBIL report . I hope you bought it after 60-70 days , because before that there would be no updation !

  142. Satish Jaiswal says:

    hi Manish

    I had Deutsche Bank Credit Card which is now taken by Induslnd Bank which is expired in 2007 . After geting data from Cibil in 2009 i come to know that there was late payment Interest .I approached bank since i had paid all the due two days before due date& to the Amount Mention by there Customercare followup person in there branch office in B’lore. During disscsuion i Come to know that they are charging 25 Rs for Cross checking Statement which is due only.They told they will reverse but till date they have not done so now ther are chanring 125 K for 100 Rs.
    Now they have no date but they are ready to settle with 3.5 k. They are harassing me & I donn’t want by cibil report to get Spoiled i to the Bank the due with penalty on 100 rs i am ready to pay.
    Weather i should Pay the 3500 & settle or How to go about?
    I had all follow up mails Bank is penalising taking an advantage of CIBIL for No fault of mine. How to come out of this sitsution guide me

    1. Satish

      Sadly , settlement is not a solution . Settlement is also going to be reported for sure, but if you are sure that you are right and credit card company is at fault , file a complain with RBI on this and banking ombudsman .

  143. Ravi says:

    Hi Manish,
    Very useful information, it’s really a very nice , informative and useful portal.
    I was using a credit card from ICICI bank and I used it for about 6 months, in between I forgot to pay the due amount for one month and in the next month statement I found additional 6000+ Rs to be paid as late fees + interest + taxes that I refused to pay and deposited the amount that I was expected to pay. And after this I traveled abroad for 1.3 years and on my return from there I was called up by bank and asked to deposit 31 000 Rs against that, here again I refused to pay initially and asked them since I have not used this amount why should I pay this much. But later one gentle man from the same bank called me and said that if I will not deposit the same amount it will affect my credit history and I will not be able to get any loan in future. Hence I deposited all the stated outstanding amount at once. But now when I applied for car loan , my loan request got rejected by the AXIS bank due to that credit card credit-history. I also approached ICICI bank for same and they immediately issued me the NOC with 0 Rs outstanding for me.and also requested them to get my name cleared from CIBIL, for this they told me that your name is already updated in CIBIL for 0 balance. I forwarded the same email to AXIS bank but still they are not ready to issue me the loan saying that I have paid the money lately after 1 year. Hence I am very anxious about it now that without doing any fault from my side I am becoming a victim here.

    Hence requesting you to please advice me for the same.

    With regards,

    1. Ravi

      hmm.. now let me put some points which will clear your doubts .

      1. CIBIL Score is what banks see , so even if everything is ok right now , the main question is what is your CIBIL SCORE , if its below 750 , its generally tough to get a loan, so you need to increase the score.

      2. Not your fault, its easy to say that it was not your fault, but the world of credit card is very dangerous, once you made a late payment, the interest / tax/late payment everything was added as per rules , which you did not pay because of what ever reason . Now that due , will not just be constant , each month the late payment and interest will be added to it and it will grow . Thats how that 31000 happened and as per all the rules ! , you were liable to pay that much , which you cleared .

      3. banks update CIBIL only after few days , so dont expect things to happen suddenly !

      Sorry to say , but you are in tough situation, get your score first and have a look at it !


  144. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Hi Manish,

    I got my CIBIL report today, my score is 841.

    I just noticed that my address in CIBIL report has wrong flat number.
    I remember i filled write address when applying for the report.
    I have the screenshot also 😉

    Please suggest what should I do.
    Is it required to get the address corrected?

    Gurpreet Singh

    1. Gurpreet

      Good score .. I must say excellent . Yes update your address for sure . its a very important thing . File a dispute resolution :

  145. Vijay says:

    Couple of points to note while filing the CIBIL dispute

    1. The dispute must be filed by 60 days of getting the report.

    2. One can not type out the dispute text in a separate application and then paste it on to the online application form. Basically you can not paste any text in the application form. I had a fully typed description in a notepad, but had to retype it from scratch in the online application form.

    3. There is a limit of 1000 characters for the dispute description. I had to paraphrase mine to fit the 1000 characters limit.

    4. If there is any mistake in any of the fields or if you had used the back button, then you might be required to redo the entire exercise. This happened to me as well.

    It is not a very user-friendly process.

    1. Vijay

      Thanks for mentioning that 🙂 . Didnt knew these points

  146. sunita gururaj kulkarni says:

    Given that a CIBIL credit report helps a loan provider ascertain your
    ability to pay additional debt based on your past performance, a
    ‘’written off’ or ‘’settled’’ account implies that you have not been
    able to pay your past dues. Hence, Loan providers may view accounts
    that are reported as ”written off” or “settled” negatively and this
    may affect your chances of a future loan approvals.



  147. Ram says:

    Hmm…thanks for the valuable suggestions manish..

    Will follow ur Advice and wait for year


  148. Ram says:

    tHANKS FOR the quick reply manish.

    Do i really need to wait for such a long time even after updating my status at CIBIL.

    If at all i apply for anycredit card after a month what will happen? anyway they have update dmy CIBIL status to normal right?

    may be my doubts r silly..but am really in need of credit card..


    1. Ram

      Yes you should wait .. each enquiry for a new credit card or even a loan is reported to CIBIL and it shows “credit hunger” and negatively impacts your credit report . Note that bank will not update that you have paid all the things and now you are clean, but there is another thing called credit SCORE, which will not get improved so fast , it will take time and if you apply for another credit card in next month , then it can get rejected and that will again be marked as negative thing and this whole situation will be like a cycle ! .

      Better wait .

  149. Ram says:

    Hi manish,

    Very usefull information,
    I have HXXXC company credit and ot paid the due 14k from past 9 months and i deactivated the card and paid the dues after 9 months with fine.

    And now i have requested the bank from which i got a credit card for NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE and asked them to update My CIBIL status.

    They said within 7 days i will get NOC and they will update my CIBIL status too..

    Are they really make my status to Normal stage@ CIBIL…..

    Can you please clear my below details:
    1.In between i have applied for diff credit cards and they rejected saying credit history is not good..

    so when ever i aplly for anything like this..the bankers will keep on updating the CIBIL status saying bad bad again again which will make my status to very bad..

    2.suppose after receiving mail from my credit card bank saying my CIBIL is updated to good.. my CIBIL status will go to normal stage??
    and can i apply for loans and credit cards ? and do i really get after updatiuon by the Bank.

    3,and iam paying personal loan everymonth without any dues will it help me in any case with the CIBIL

    thanks for the info in Advance


    1. Ram

      Its a myth that your score and report will get clear and become good in short term , It will take time , atleast 1 yr + . Now dont apply for additional credit card or any kind of loan for 1-2 yrs and just keep on paying your dues on time .

  150. Sanjay Wasan says:

    My Cibil Report Shows some XXX what does it mean?

    1. Sanjay

      On occasion you may see ‘XXX’ reported for your DPD on a certain account. This means that the lender has not reported that months DPD to Cibil and hence, there’s no need for worry.


  151. MANISH SHAH says:

    I have applied for CIBIL report on Jan 20 and also successfully completed online verification. I got the mail that within three business days, I should get the report. Since Jan 29, I am following up with CIBIL to get the report via email and phone call. There was no response of the mail until Feb 8, after multiple reminders. Every time I called up I was being assured that the report should be sent max by next day evening. Unfortunately, until now I have not got the report.

    Can you provide some help to get the report?

    1. Manish

      Can you check with CIBIL greviance cell and also threaten them to RBI complaint

      1. manish shah says:

        Hi Manish,

        I got report within an hour once I threatened to publish the details in newspaper.

        1. Haha .. i told you 🙂

  152. Prabhat says:

    I have applied for CIBIL report on 28th Dec ,still i hv not received my report.Every time i talked to customer care they are telling it is under process.


    1. Prabhat

      Ask them that when the SLA is 10-15 days .. where exactly is it stuck ? This should be explained properly with exact reason why it has not reached you .


      1. Prabhat says:

        Still waiting now it is almost more than 40 days,no response every altrenate day i am calling and so far has send so many reminders

        1. Prabhat

          Report to their grevience cell now and threaten them to complaint to RBI

          1. Prabhat says:

            Finally after legal notice to Managing Director I got my correct CIBIL report .
            Earlier it was of 28 pages report and was showing loan of Rs 87 Lac in my name.
            In the new report still some problem is there like enquiry made by someone which I have not made.But there is no loan or credit cards.
            But credit score they have not send
            Thanks for yours suggestion.

            1. Prabhat

              did you only threaten or also send a real legal notice ?

            2. abinaya says:

              how to take cibil report

            3. You can buy it from

  153. Hitesh Sharma says:

    Hi Manish,

    After reading the article, i also applied for my Cibil report online. Was a real quick process, took less than 10 minutes and was done.

    Exactly 4 days later got the report and i was in for a few surprises.

    They had my Phone numbers incorrect (minor error). Over all score was 790 🙁 and stated that “IRREGULAR PAYMENT HISTORY MIGHT BE A RISK FACTOR TO LENDERS. TIMELY PAYMENTS IN THE

    This is a huge shock for me as in the past 5 years since passing college and started earning, i have never missed out on any payment. 100 percent of my EMI and loans and credit card payments are made on time.

    I dont know how to start getting this rectified.

    One of my loans got completed this Novemeber 2011. But the report still says current balance 10,000.

    Another thing i noticed is that in all three loans that i have or had, the DPD/AC for some dates shows XXX. has this caused my low score ??

    Appreciate your comments to help me out in this.


    1. Hitesh

      Which amount is that 10000 ? What is it for , which loan ? Regarding the comment “Low score because of irregular payments” , it can be a general comment and not specific to your case . Was there any credit card applied by you and not recieved ?


  154. Debajyoti says:

    Hi Manish……..

    Its really a great initiative to discuss this issue.
    CIBIL is of utmost importance in today’s world, where we cannot thing of a day without using credit to turn our dreams into reality.
    But I feel you should have asked for some expert opinion on the process of CIBIL, ie, how it works and do’s & don’ts of CIBIL.
    From few posts, it is clear that there are some wrong ideas in people’s mind about CIBIL.

    I strongly suggest you request an expert in this field to explain CIBIL in details.


    1. Debojyoti

      Can you explain what points you want in detial ? What is not explained ?


  155. Suhas says:

    HI Manish,

    I received my score as 830.
    Looks pretty good…..:))
    I have HDFC Titanium credit card aginst my name which I never used and had return to the bank but they have not updated the closure of it with CIBIL.I have taken up the issue with HDFC bank & waiting for there answer.
    Also I had preclosed one of my LICHF home loan 2 months back but they have not informed the CIBIL still about it.I will need to follow up with them.
    Hope this will help increase my Score…..:)))

    The Article was helful and I will share the outcome of my followups with HDFC & LIC.


    1. Suhas

      regarding your Bank loan closure .. it might take some time to get updated .. as per CIBIL , upto 45 days things dont get updated


  156. P KAMESWARA RAO says:

    Dear Manish,
    As usual it is great job done with sincerity and devotion. No amount of praise will match your devotion and dedication to create awareness to people. You can also indicate the importance of CIBIL report to people who are prospective clients for credit cards and various loans and how it would affect their prospects if they have low score.
    best wishes
    P Kameswara Rao

    1. P Kameswara

      Thanks for your appreciation 🙂

  157. Suhas Patil says:


    Thanks for your informative Articles.I had heard about it but never knew how to do it online.

    I have now applied for My Report online,liked the application process.
    It asked me around 6 questions for authentication and all were given correct options so could pass through it…:))….I guess it is very full proof as for some of the questions I had to think hard…..
    Egarly waiting for the report…….

    Thanks and keep up the good work..

    1. Suhas

      good to hear that .. Let us know when you score comes .


  158. Pawan Kumar says:

    Hi Manish,

    thanks for the updated article. before your article regarding CIBIL score card, i have applied for my cibil report in Nov’11 on the very next day it goes online. i got the details in next 4 working days from them. while checking the report i found that my name is not spelled correct, addresss are updated where i have not lived for last 5 years and the wrost is that a personal loan was showing in my report with 86K outstanding for last 4 years. i have raised the dispute to CIBIL but first i have checked with the respective bank from where it was reported. it is due the same name and DOB. once i raised the dispute request online i got reply from them stating that the above mistakes are rectified. i will apply for the report again in Mar’11 so that i will get the report for my record with all correct detail.

    Once again i want to thank you for all the good information shared by you which definitely help the people reading these articles. it is really a good site where i can get all the nice information for my future planning and correct my past mistakes.

    Thanks again for this initiative.

    1. Pawan

      Good to hear that , apply it in march and let us know if things were corrected or not . We would all like to know the whole experience


  159. Sachin says:

    very informative article as always. Manish, do we have any procedure for getting our CIBIL Report for free, like US. In US we can get our credit reports free once, every year. This is my data, someone else is maintaining and if they are making mistake in maintaining, I need to pay even to see my data and run behind people to fix it. uffffff

    1. Sachin

      Thats the issue in india at the moment .. India still is at so nascent stage that this CIBIL report thing has not become a standard thing …So i suspect we are still few years away from “1 free report per year” ..


  160. Amrut says:

    Thanks Manish for the userful article as always.

    This is going to be next big thing in finance industry

    1. To correct your credit report
    2. How to improve your credit score
    3. How to build good credit history

    1. Amrut

      yea .. it has to be .. but the bad part is that the data is not maintained properly and common has to run around to fix it


  161. rahchand says:

    Hi Manish

    You have come up with a very useful article, I was actually a victim of false CIBIL data due to some mess caused by SBI credit cards. I realized about my bad credit history when I applied for a mortgage loan 2 years ago, the bank where I applied upon verification found that I had defaulted payment on credit card and which reflected in my credit history. This happened because of some wrong information entered by SBI credit card guys for a card which I closed the account itself. The SBI folks really harassed me to make the payments until I showed them the proof of my credit card bills with proof of payment post the mentioned defaulted date. My credit history is now clean but because of SBI it got maligned once. I asked them to send an apology letter for the whole mess, they never did, let me tell you SBI is one of the worst banks in India.
    One way of knowing whether your CBIL data is good or bad is go and check at a electronics shop or an automobile dealer and talk to the finance department there tell them that you want to go for financing option, they will then verify and let you know your eligibility for the loan from the CIBIL data.


    1. Rahchand

      Sad to hear your case .. human mistakes and then suffering because of that , it must be really a frustrating experience. Good point from your side on how to find out your CIBIL info for free


  162. Saurav Ghosh says:

    Hi Friends,

    CIBIL is nothing but an institution to legalise the arm twisting by financial institutions. Had it been impartial, it would allow representation from both the parties, i.e.: the receiver and giver of the loan. But what they do instead is just partaility. Rogue credit card issuing authorities can post any complaint and make anyone defaulter thereby maligning someone’s identity without even their knowledge. Moreover there is no burden of the financial mafia to prove anything but it is the person who’s put to defaulters list who needs to prove that he has been wrongfully vindicated, that too after knowing that from another financial shark or crocodile. Again, any financial institution can scan through your financial history without your knowledge and use that to their benefit.
    If you have money, all institutions will come begging for it with only one intention, to entrap you further.
    Any civil society will shun CIBIL.

    1. Saurav

      You are correct .. CIBIL is a body made by banks themselves to help each other find a consolidated data , its not a public body


  163. Akash Halkatti says:

    Many times it has been seen that the status of loans reported in CIBIL are not updated, sometimes last reported date in some accounts are of 2005 also.
    How to get rid of these type of mis-information in report?

    1. Akash

      All the info which CIBIL has is just passed by banks , so the real culprit is bank


  164. ankur says:

    hi manish
    i have paid my all outstanding loans .can we improve our status in cibil ?and what will be done by me or institution that gives me a loan to possitive my report.

    1. Ankur

      What do you mean by “paid all my outstanding loan” , do you mean OUTSTANDING money from many months which you were suppose to pay off , but defaulted ? If you have done so , then you will have to wait for few weeks for the bank to update to CIBIL


  165. Prakhar Bumb says:

    I have worked in a bank and from experience I would like everyone to know that for corrections in the CIBIL reports one should approach the respective banks from which they have availed various facilities (savings and / or current account, Credit cards, loans, etc.). CIBIL will never entertain the consumer directly even though you pay the fees.

    Remember you pay the fees for viewing the credit score which is rated on the basis of the data submitted by the banks and financial institutions and any past data that needs rectification needs to be initiated from the bank only.

    The most messy areas in CIBIL reports are

    1. Credit cards (where amounts have been paid but the bank reflects as settled) and especially add-on cards.

    2. When you are a guarantor to loan taken by others. So, if you provide guarantee of a person who avails any kind of loan and messes anything even for a short period, your score will be affected.

    CA. Prakhar Bumb

    1. Prakhar

      Thanks for that information 🙂

  166. Rajneesh says:


    I applied for CIBIL report in December when they went online and my credit score came as 633 which I guess is pretty bad score given the financial discipline I follow.

    I noted several discrepancies like a credit card where the amount is shown as settled. My date of birth was wrong and so was the name. One of the address was wrong and 2 of the contact numbers were also incorrect.

    However, the worse thing is that my report has as many as 21 credit inquiries from various credit institutions. Most of them were suspicious as they have amount of only 100 Rs. The biggest offender was ICICI which had the wrong credit card, address and 6 inquiries added in my report.

    I raised the dispute and CIBIL responded that I have to take it up with the respective company. I complained to ICICI bank and they pulled in my credit report from their end. They claim that in their report, my name and DOB is showing correctly and the disputed card is not there. I have forwarded the same mail to CIBIL asking for making the change.

    I am a software professional and what I believe is that CIBIL is using some archaic software to aggregate credit data. They do a search based on Name, DOB and Pan Card number. Even a partial match triggers a new record in their data-base and thus according to my estimation they must be getting at-least 30-40% disputed reports. I mean for every 100 reports being dished out, there must be at-least 30-40 having errors. This could be even more.

    So right now I am following up the case with ICICI and Citi-Financial who are responsible for like 80% of the bad records in my report. Surprisingly, none of the public sector banks have ever reported any thing to CIBIL. That’s great.

    I am willing to take CIBIL and the partners in crime to task this time. I am planning to approach banking ombudsman regarding the misdeeds of ICICI if the report is not cleared. And I will try and approach consumer court if CIBIL errs from their side.

    As we are buying this report from them for a fee, we are their consumers and thus we should be able to take the matter to consumer court if we feel that the mistake has been made by CIBIL.

    I would advise everybody to check their report once.

    1. Rajaneesh

      Thanks for sharing your experience.. I agree with you .. Almost all the banks are updating their millions of customers records and there will be some kind of automation in between to feed the data and hence the mistakes are bound to happen . But there has to be a limit and tolerance to it .

      I will try to check what exactly is the mechanism of updating the records on the CIBIL side. Keep us posted on your case. . its really very informative to know about it .


      1. Rajneesh says:

        Thanks Manish,

        It will be great if a forum like yours find out the logic of the way CIBIL is aggregating data. In fact, the consumer dispute rate could be even higher as only those people order their report who get a snub or some kind of warning from their credit institution.

        CIBIL has to learn from this. Also can you please find out if CIBIL can be taken to consumer court over incorrect data in their consumer report.

        1. Rajneesh

          Even I was talking about finding it out from CIBIL itself 🙂 . I am not sure if one can drag CIBIL in consumer court, because Banks are the real customers of CIBIL , not us .. we can get the report , but it has no accountability to us


    2. Rajneesh says:


      Well, I followed up with ICICI bank and Citi-financial and got a clean chit from both of them. My previous score was 633 and my new score is 803 which still is a tad lower than what I would have expected but this score makes me eligible for a loan.

      I used their call centers and email contacts to follow up and though it took time, they finally gave me a clean-chit. I forwarded those emails to CIBIL along with my dispute numbers and they have made the correction.

      The only issue was that I had to spend 470/- for getting another report. Anyways, there are some minor issues remaining and I will try and get them corrected now.

      1. Good to hear that Rajneesh

        I think you paid a small price (470 bucks) for getting it rectified 🙂 .. many people are crying over their to get it done !

        Also just make sure you keep making your payments on time and over next 6 months or so , your score will get more better .. 803 is really a good score considering your case !


        1. murali says:

          CIBIL and Banks do not bother to rectify Your mistakes
          according to the credit info act 2005 CIBIL supposed to charge Rs.100 only to give your CIR but they charge Rs.470, CIBIL is unquestionable monolith
          If you have any discrepancies do not complain to CIBIL or banks
          Complain to Reserve Bank of India quoting your CIR report
          You will get honest and prompt reply from the banks
          You can file an FIR against CIBIL and Banks according to the act
          You can also claim compensation form the Consumer redressal forums if they fail.

          Use all option at your descretion until CIBIL, Banks and RBI make some honest code

          All the best Fight Fight and fight there is no way

          1. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    3. Supriya Sharma says:

      hi Manish,

      HDFC had suspended my credit card. It happened like this, I lost my credit card and requested for a new one. I did not used the new card for a long time. As far as I can think there were no or around Rs 200 only on my outstanding account. After a long time when I tried using my card for the first time, it din’t worked and HDFC said that they have suspendid my card due to non-payment.

      On asking for the outstanding amount, they said that I do not have any outstanding dues. Post this I am unable to get any credit card according to CIBIL reports. Should I raise a dispute with CIBIL ?

  167. Vikas says:

    Hi Manish
    If some one doesnot need any credit does he still need to verify his CIBIL report?

    1. Vikas

      Verfication of CIBIL status should be done only if you have a loan/credit card already and want to check what is your score .


  168. Bharat Joshi says:

    Hi Manish,

    As always – great article with lots of useful details.

    I have a comment to make about customer services provided by CIBIL. Once you have the report and found mistake – when you call their Mumbai number, the folks on the phone don’t quite understand customer’s issue nor would they walk you thru the process. In my case when I called them up – they have advised me to reach out to bank / load provider to settle the dispute.

    Do you know if there is anyone else who can offer any legal advise to proceed further other than the process outlined above? I can provide you the specifics if needed but my case falls in the category of mistake(s) of the bank who is not ready to admit it and I am the one who will have to pay for it. Any pointers would be great.

    Bharat Joshi

    1. Bharat

      Did you directly call the CIBIL without raising the online dispute ? Because CIBIL ultimately goes to BANK only to verify what you point them to .. also CIBIL relies on the banks final word only … so if your bank does not agree to the mistake , then its only between you and bank , you have to then resolve it with bank , ombudsman , RBI etc etc ..


      1. Dinesh says:

        Hi Manish,

        I had a home loan and closed that account in 2008, recently i came to know from CIBIL that my status shows WRITTEN OFF for amount Rs2000, and this was done from the home loan company, when i contact home loan company they gave me NO DUE CERTIFICATE and told its the mistake from bank side…and told they will report to Head office and similarly will be updated to CIBIL,
        I am not sure i am going in correct direction, do i need to raise a dispute with CIBIL or not? or will it be update as per bank promised me.?


        1. Obviously raise a dispute , and more than that tell bank that you need a compensation for this fault because you suffered due to this ,if they dont pay , then file a complain with consumer court . there are cases like this in which people have got compensation

  169. Saravanan V says:

    pretty useful one again Manish.. But im still trying to resolve that junk encrypted mail i got instead of attachment when I applied for my CIBIL score..

    u got any phone number i can call up ? thanks.

    1. Saravanan

      Why dont you contact them using the details at

      Also you can ask your doubt at


  170. Guruprasad says:

    Hii Manish,

    Its been more than 20 days now , I still have not received any reply from them , I have also sent them a reminder but still no answer.

    Kindly suggest if I should apply again online by paying again ? or keep waiting ? or if there is any contact number other then email so that i can check with them directly.

    Please advice and assist.


    1. Guruprasad

      Why dont you contact them using the details at

      Also you can ask your doubt at


  171. Chandrashekhar Chandvale says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have not applied so far for CIBIL report and hence not able to comment on this issue.

    1. Do you have any loan/credit card ? If not, then you will nt have a CIBIL report


      1. baljeet singh says:

        dear sir i am using sbi card last 5 month but this month my card is over limit my card limit is 80000 but i am using 120000, i am paying time to time minimum amount of my card but resiently i apply other bank card my card is decliend some reson i check my cibil score my card is over limit in cibil.can you susses me what i do,

        1. You cant do much here, better improve your way of handing credit card. Better do not go beyond your credit limit

  172. Gopi Krishna G says:


    Cibil reports definitly need to be corrected as this may be a hindarance and head ache at really important times like taking home loan, personl loans at time when one is in utter need of it.

    Cibil site maintains a Knowledge center on their site that explains all the terminology in the report and disputes and how to resolve them.

    Only 2 individual disputes can be raised per report. More will not be allowed.
    This really will be a hindrance if some one has more discrepancies.

    Alternatively one has enter all his disputes in single form.

    -Gopi Krishna

    1. Gopi

      Can you point , which disputes will not be resolved by them .. from what I understand .. any kind of dispute arising out of CIBIL report will be resolved .


      1. Vijay says:

        Hi Manish

        I think Gopi meant to say that one can only raise 2 dispute requests for a particular CIBIL report (2 disputes per Control Number and that can be about any mistake in the report).

        I know that there is a limit and I thought it was only one. I had raised a dispute for correcting my name which was mentioned incorrectly in the report. Then I wanted to raise another dispute related to a card that i had, but the system did not allow me to raise a dispute for the second time.

        It would be idea to collate all the mistakes and raise one dispute request for all mistakes in the report.


        1. Yea

          Better now hurry and first study the report in detail and mark everything which you want to question .

          1. Shery says:


            i actually have an assignment on a credit card dispute.

            the situation being —

            The Chairman has been wrongly billed by Citibank on his Visa card for some purchases which were allegedly made in Johannesburg for the total amount of Rs. 41,479 /-. On the dates of the said purchases he was in Mumbai. He wrote to Citibank stating that he had been wrongly billed and provided Citibank necessary documents to prove he was in Mumbai on those dates. However, Citibank decided regardless of his whereabouts he would still have to pay the amount of Rs 41,479/-. He refused to pay the same, in writing.

            A lot of correspondence was exchanged between the two parties with no resolution. Subsequently, Citibank decided to withdraw the credit card and file a bad credit rating against his name, with CIBIL.

            1. You are requested to find out the procedure to rectify the bad credit rating at CIBIL and summarize the procedure in a 1 page note.
            2. Please draft the initial letter to CIBIL to start the process.

            now may be you would understand better what i would be looking out for



            1. Sherry

              Was the transaction done offline (swipe of credit card) or online transaction ?

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