March 3, 2009

GOLD or SILVER – Which is the best investment option?

Precious metals market is on a roll these days !! GOLD and SILVER are everyone’s Darling.


Gold has given good returns from this year start and finally broke its trading range. Its expected to give good returns in future too.


Silver has outperformed Gold in 2008 and is expected to do so in future too. But I am hesitant with an idea of buying Silver from some local jeweler. It should be bought from some recognized Bank only as per my view.

I don’t think that its a good idea to buy gold or silver in physical, People who want to do it to invest for marriage and all is OK, but still its only for Investment and to gain from the price appreciation in these metals, the best idea would be to go for ETF’s. They are easy, secure, more cost-efficient and tax efficient.

Some Notes

Silver ETF’s are still to come, currently we only have GOLD ETF’s, so given a choice of investments in precious metals, I would prefer GOLD ETF to Physical Silver even though Silver is expected to outperform GOLD in coming future.

Even GOLD has broke out of its trading range and now its expected to go upto the levels of 1750 per gram, and then upto Rs.2000 levels as expected by some analyst in coming times. See :

Guys, When it comes to ETF’s, Benchmark mutual funds are the leaders, that company mainly focuses on ETF’s and manage them in a better way. So there ETF’s are recommended. (that does not mean, others are not good or can outperform them).

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Manish Chauhan
Manish Chauhan
15 years ago


What is the basis of your thinking , can you share the reason why you feel that .

Not to offend , but if its on the basis of price , there is no High or Low , its only market price . That does not mean that GOLD is rising for sure , Anything can happen .


15 years ago

I feel that gold is at its peak and will not go too high as suggested by some analysts. I feel that hold will soon hit downwards and find its base between 10k to 13k.