Jagoinvestor Book available for Pre-Order on Flipkart

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Hi Readers . My upcoming Book Jagoinvestor with CNBC Network 18 is now available for PRE-ORDER on flipkart and crossword website. The date of launch as mentioned on Crossword site is 28th Jan. The cost of the book stands at Rs 374 at flipkart and Rs 364 on crossword website. If you pre-order it before launch, you will be among those to get the book first in your hands.

Share & Win a signed Book Contest (10 random winners)

We are running a contest where you stand to win a signed copy of Jagoinvestor Book by Author (thats me) by sharing it on twitter, facebook or on email to your friends. We will choose 5 random winners from the first 100 people and another 5 random winners out of rest of those who share about it. once you share about the Book , all you need to do is register yourself.Β  those who help in sharing the message about Jagoinvestor Book and we will send the copy of book to him very soon. All you need to do is share about the book by click on the link below and share the message on twitter or facebook. You can also share about the book manually on your twitter and facebook

This Contest is Over now

Can you help in Book Promotion

Jagoinvestor BookI am looking for readers who can help me market the book through various means. Incase you can help us in promotion of the book in any ways by mass mailing to your friends, colleagues, sharing it on your forum, writing about the book on your blog, Please contact me . I would be happy to talk to you on that

102 replies on this article “Jagoinvestor Book available for Pre-Order on Flipkart”

  1. PRADEEP says:

    Hi Manish,

    Got Book 15 Days back from Home Shop18…Really a wonderful book for those who are planning for invest….If this book would published 10-15 years back then I would be in profit..becoz…I have already invested so much in LIC, Birla Sunlife, etc…etc..Thanks Manish for sharing such useful financial tips….I recommand my friends, relatives, every one to get this book….

    1. Great to hear that ! . Would love to hear about your experience on flipkart too !

    1. Thanks for the Review Salil ..

  2. Manoj says:

    Hi Manish,

    Recently only I started following jagoinvestor, which is really very informative and suggesting answers to the burning issues of investors.

    With a curiouscity to know about the book, I just oredered one from Flipkart and know waiting for the same.

    Best wishes and Keep up the good work.


    Manoj Mehta

    1. Manoj

      I hope you have read the book till now . How was it ? Would love to read your review on flipkart !

  3. Sahil Bhatia says:

    Hi Manish,

    Ordered the book yesterday through FlipKart. Anxiously waiting for it to arrive.
    Hope it will be a real good read.


    1. Sahil

      Good to hear that .. let me know how was it πŸ™‚ . Also provide your feedback on flipkart πŸ™‚

      1. Sahil Bhatia says:

        I got the book within 2 days of ordering it, so Flipkart was quite fast.
        I have started reading the book and found it very interesting (except for a few miscalculations which I read above, that could not be corrected on time).
        Anyways I got the Jist out of those examples and liked them very much.


        1. Thanks for your Feedback Sahil .. did you put your review on flipkart ? Would love to see it

  4. I bought this book from flipkart. But really got disappointed, seeing lots of miscalculations in this book.

    A proper proof reading should have done before printing.

    For example on page 6 it says Rs3400 investment required per month to generate 5 crores in 35 years, assuming a 12 % return. If you calculate it will come out to be 2.20 crore.

    If the returns are 15 % then only you can get over 5.05 crore.

    1. Neeraj

      Thanks for your comment and review .. I found out this mistake after the book was in print and one more reader told me about it . We checked things from our side two times , but not sure how this one happened. I am sure no more mistakes are there .. did you find any more ?


  5. Suresh K Narula says:

    Dear Manish,

    You have recognised me, I have raised the query on you new book cited above in facebook that is it different fron your old-articles in jagoinvestor.com, you replied that its different but I regret to inform you that 80% of contents are replicated from your old-articles but in new shape.

    Moreover, while reading in the first chapter, I have observed that there is mis-calculation in Ajay’s investment as you have mentioned that he invests Rs 1500 per month @ 12% p.a. for the first 10 years and just lets this investment grow at the same rate for the next 20 years without making contributions later and he accumulates at the end for Rs 54 lakh. But while calculating the same the figure, it does not come whereas the same would be come as if he invests for the same for the first 20 years instead of 10 years(as you mentioned) and let this investment grow at the same rate for the next 10 years instead of 20 years(as you mentioned).

    1. Suresh

      I thought you are asking if the content was copy pasted , for which I said no its re-written . A lot of new additions are done in the book as well .

      Regarding the mistake , yes , I came across that and seems that has happened despite proof checks. these are being rectified in next prints . thanks for making note of it and informing about it πŸ™‚


  6. bemoneyaware says:

    The book stays true to it’s vision. It is not about the financial products but about financial principles. As the book says Financial products will change, Personal finance tools will change, Financial planning models will change, Strategies RARELY change and Principles NEVER change. .

    The language is simple supported with great quotes, tables, charts, graphs etc. Every chapter ends with Flashback learning which recapitulates the essence of the chapter and 2 Hour Action plan to make one apply the concepts learnt. At Rs 499 it might seem a tad bit expensive. But if order at flipkart or crossword you get it at 376 Rs(25% saving). Publisher Network 18(The CNBC people) prints usually hardcover copy. I wish they would take out a cheaper paperback version. But the quality of book is awesome and illustrations mind-blowing.

    While I would not agree with everything such as more asset allocation towards equity without considering risk profile of the investor, the book has some Wow or paisa vasool moments such as Simplifying the financial life.

    Did a complete review of the book at Book Review-JagoInvestor:Change your relationship with money.

    Great job Manish. Are there plans for another one!

    1. Bemoneyaware

      Thanks for detailed review , no plans for another book as of now .. but would love to do another one soon !

  7. Vishwas says:

    Ordered it 10minutes before @Flipkart. I am just 21(considering normal readership of such books consists of people older than me). Call it a coincidence, I got my DMAT activated yesterday. I hope I learn well and owe you the progress. πŸ™‚

    1. Vishwas

      good to hear that you ordered the book .. keep me posted on how you are moving in your financial life .. ask questions .. best way to learn


      1. Vishwas says:

        I’ll surely ask, thanx! πŸ™‚

  8. Suhas says:


    Got the book delivered yesterday..will read it over the weekend.
    Book Looks impressive……..The Content & quality of book looks good..Will let you know once I finish it.
    Read the cover story..thats was a good kick start………….:))

    Thanks for all your Info.


    1. Suhas

      Good to hear that .. would wait till you complete your book and then would ask you for your detailed review , would appreciate if you can write one on flipkart πŸ™‚

  9. Vivek Batra says:

    Proud owner of your 1st book, Got the book yesterday (pre-ordered from Flipkart) Read 1st chapter yesterday only and all thanks to you for your articles and knowledge sharing, I am 27 yrs old and invested early for my future goals and also sharing the knowledge with my fellow friends so that it can help them too.

    Keep on sharing, take care Manish.

    1. Vivek

      Good to hear that you got started and already early investing .. it will pay off very well in long run .

      I would come back and ask you to share your feedback on flipkart πŸ™‚

  10. P R Kumar says:

    Dear Manish

    You have mentioned that it is also available in another version with CD?
    When will it be available?

    1. Its going to come soon !

  11. Pratik Patel says:

    I got Book its aweasome

    1. Pratik

      Did you read it ? Full ?

  12. Cipson says:

    Today I orderd through flipkart and waiting for the delivery. I have no doubt about the quality of the content becuase its written by Manish !!!

    1. CIpson

      Good to hear that .. would wait to read your review on flipkart πŸ™‚

      1. Cipson says:

        10 minutes back I received the book…The quality of the book is awsome..Will read it in the week end and post my review.

        1. Cipson

          Good to hear .. I am sure you will love the book .. start reading and I will wait for your review !

  13. Mitr Singh says:

    I booked a copied from Flipkart & waiting for delivery.

    Eagarly waiting to read containts of your book.

    1. Mitr

      I hope you must have got your copy by now ..

      1. Mitr Singh says:

        Hi Manish,

        I got the book Yesterday by Flipkart. I read first 15 pages, which focus on Early investment. I congretulate your to elaborate the things in very good manner.
        Picture, figure and your way to writing is good. Thanks
        I will put my comments furture as well as i go through the book.

        Quality of Book is good and delivery of flipkart is awesome. One thing manish, how we can get the CD of calculator as you mention. Anyhow your work is very impressive.

        Best Regards
        Mitr Singh

        1. Mitr

          Good to heat that .. i hope by now you must have completed the book also πŸ™‚ . dont forget to write your review on flipkart for benefit of book and others (request) .

          The CD version of book is different and comes at higher cost . Its still not in market ..

  14. Ramh, says:

    You said 28th but flipkart still says pre-order? I had ordered ten days back and nothing. Is the date changed?

    1. Ramh

      Its “In Stock” on Crossword , it was suppose to be in stock by 28th : http://www.crossword.in/books/jago-investor-change-your-relation-with-money/p-books-9789380200415.html

      Dont worry that much .. different distributors might have some delays at their end and it might become a few days delay .. so dont worry .. just wait for 2-3 more days .. it would be there ! . good to see you waiting for the book so desperately πŸ™‚


    2. I guess you got it by now ?

  15. S S says:

    Congrats Manish and thanks for the update.

  16. Aditya says:

    Shared it on FB… Keep up the good work of spreading financial litracy !

  17. BHARAT SHAH says:

    congratulations for writing book ‘jagoinvestor’! hope it would deliver as your blog!
    don’t know but i could not place the buy order even after trying several times in last two days on ‘flipkart.com. it is not advancing on clicking the order. if you can place on my behalf for ‘cash on delivery’ buy order, my address for delivery is as under:
    bharat c. shah 303, nandanvan complex, opp. shriram petrol pump, anand mahal road, adajan, SURAT-395009, GUJARAT PHONE NO. 0261 -2780329

    1. Bharat

      Its strange .. IT should definately not happen .. can you try once more or try to put order on crossword site ?


      1. BHARAT SHAH says:

        yes, it happened. i tried on crossword also, but it was showing out of stock remark on that page. i remember, i had placed buy order for subra’s book on retirement and i had got,but this time , something is wrong , may be net speed, or something else! now i am going out of surat for some 15 days.i will try after coming back. of course i advised my family members for accepting the book with cash payment, by chance ,it would come through you as requested

  18. Navin Maheshwari says:

    Hey Manish,

    congrates dude!! finally its out in market and available…

    1. Yea Navin

      It will be available from 28th πŸ™‚ ..


  19. Hi Manish,
    First time i m giving my comment. You r doing wounderful job and i m very happy to know about your book. I am full confident that your book will be as best as your blog. Manish, i m also writting a book on 1 SUBJECT of CA FINAL. Can u plz give me or provide any website link regarding Copyright matters like charges,term & conditions and procedure time consumption. You can mail me at deepakparsaica@yahoo.co.in. I’m also getting problem to download ur ebook on term insurance. Plz mail the same also.
    Thank you

    1. Deepak

      I am not aware of it .. the copyright will actually be there with the publisher for starting years anyways

  20. Amit Patel says:

    Hello Manish,

    For press releases, please email the details to press @ Pluggd.in

    1. Amit

      But aint they purely tech blog ? I have not seen much coverage of other area’s ?


  21. Jeevan says:

    I have ordered my copy on flipkart. Eagerly waiting for the delivery πŸ™‚
    @Manish: Congr8s and thanks for the book.

    1. Jeevan

      Good to hear that .. Dont forget to write your review on flipkart.com .. πŸ™‚


      1. Jeevan says:

        Received my copy from flipkart today.
        Excited about reading it. Will write review for sure.
        Thanks again for the book.

        1. Jeevan

          Great .. make sure you let me know how was it and please write your review on flipkart for sure πŸ™‚


  22. Jeevan says:

    Ordered my copy o


    I ordered through FLIPKART on 22-JAN-2012. Eagerly waiting for the book. I would suggest people out here to buy directly from FLIPKART. R.499/- book for Rs.374/-.
    Good savings in the 1st step.

  24. Anand says:

    ordered through Flipcart. Looking forward……… I am sure it is going to be a great reading

    1. Anand

      Good to hear that πŸ™‚ ..

    2. Anand

      Good to hear that πŸ™‚ . I am sure you will love it


  25. Siva Mohan says:

    Ordered. Thanks for the heads up!

    Siva Mohan

  26. Amol says:

    Hi Manish,

    this crossword website is asking for Promotion Code. Whats that? If I dont put it ,Will I get the discount ?
    These people may take 7-8 days for shipping So its more compoftable for me to pick up a copy from Crossword directly on 26Jan as I stay in Pune . In later Case will they Continue with the discount?


    1. Amol

      Promotional code is codes which you have incase you have bought something earliar .. dont let it delay your decision πŸ™‚ . For now you wont have any promotional codes

      Offline purchasing might not get your any discount


      1. Amol says:

        Thanks manish!

        just placed Order through crossword:-) . You know this is first time I booked from online and hope there will be many in future(from you).
        However I have a doubt.
        its Rs374 through flipcart and Rs364 through crossword then why people are ordering through flipcart.


        1. Amol says:

          Recieved my copy on saturday:-).

          1. Amol

            Oh is it .. do give me feedback on how was it !


            1. Amol says:


              I just comleted first chapter about early investing. good one!
              calculation tables and sketches add value to it and make it more interesting.
              Quality Paper and different colours used, make the book more attractive. Publishers have taken care that book will remain in good conditions for many generations:-).

              The content shows about basic investing. This is book everyone must have !
              Manish, Thanks to you man for this lovely one!


  27. shylesh says:

    Hi Manish,

    I just ordered through flipkart…and i was eagerly waiting for this when Nandish told this sometime back,

    shylesh, al ain, UAE

    1. Shylesh

      Good to hear that .. but does flipkart ship to UAE ?


      1. shylesh says:

        No. they ship to my home address (calicut) and i will get it back through friends coming from calicut to use.

  28. Jai says:

    Kudos to Manish for his achievement. Sure lot’s of people will be benefitted from your book as they do with your blogs/forums post.
    I’ve shared in my FB wall. Will announce in my Company’s internal blog [yes we have tht privilege ;-)] shortly for larger audience.

    1. Jai

      Thats great .. I will really appreciate it πŸ™‚


  29. Murugesh says:

    Hi Manish,

    Congrats ! to you, i am going to order one book today itself.

    – Murugesh

    1. Murugesh

      Good to hear that .. did you pre-order it ?


  30. Manickkam says:

    I have shared on FB and twitter. Congratulations on the new book.
    Hope it will be useful for everyone, even for those who are not using computer.

    Happy new year 2012.

    1. Thanks Manickkam πŸ™‚

  31. Saurav Sinha says:

    Hi Manish, a big congrats again. I have placed orders o Flipkart. I request you to have us (who r not on facebook/twitter) the opportunity to share it on google+ …

  32. Pankaj says:

    Have added the book in my shopping cart at crossword.in and Flipkart. com

    Best of luck πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Pankaj

      Give your review after you read it πŸ™‚

  33. Jagadees says:

    Congrats!! shared on twitter and facebook. Sure the book gonna to be rocking success.
    (One thought: Why does the book priced exorbitantly high at 499/-? Let keep aside the discounts from flipkart and crossword which wont be available for common people buying from bookstores. I think it is perennial behaviour by Network 18 publishers to design the book in rich manner and charge high price. I felt same with Subra’s Retire Rich book which priced at 399/-!!! Dont get me wrong, i am big fan of your team and subra and your content are very rich without an ounce of doubt. Despite improvement in middle class prosperity, I personally feel people are still price-conscious. I dont get why Network 18 cant keep content rich, design simple and charge in affordable manner so that it can reach lakhs and lakhs of common people and rake profits like Rupa publications are doing πŸ™ Just a thought.)

    1. Nagarajan says:

      I agree. This is driving people from real books to ebooks.

    2. Jagadees

      Yea I agree with you , the pricing part should really be less , but as you said , this part is done by CNBC , also their standard points are high quality papers , thik hard cover , good design and hence these things escalate the cost . however Rs 374 is not really that big price i guess.. in some more months or after a year , it will come down more !

      These books are generally target at those who can really pay atleast 300-400


  34. anil sharma says:

    Congratulations Manish..

    I have shared this on FB and will also share about the Jagoinvestor Book via

    1. Anil

      Thanks πŸ™‚ ..

  35. khalid says:

    Congrates Manish ! Its great, I would love to have your signed book. I have twitted and submitted in Facebook too.

    1. Khalid

      Sure .. good to know that you took part in the contest .. lets see if you are one of the winner

  36. Sadanand says:

    I have shared with my friends via mail

    1. nandish says:

      Good to see your blog prashant.

  37. Prashant says:

    Hi Manish ,

    I have shared it on FB and also tweeted , also though my blog is related to stamp collection , i have included you book summary below my posts. Hope that helps you πŸ™‚

    All the best to you ,and also let me know ,in case you want some content to be changed or modified…

    1. Prashant

      Thanks a lot .. it was a great help πŸ™‚


  38. Ashish says:

    Congratulations once again Manish πŸ™‚

  39. santosh says:

    Please tell me the content of book why should i buy it?
    i may order it.

  40. Akhil Bansal says:

    Why not also sell PDF version of this book? Would be cheaper than paperback.


    1. Anirudh says:

      But only one person will have to buy it then

      1. Akhil Bansal says:

        I don’t agree with it. At least people will buy.

        1. pamm says:

          I agree with anirudh πŸ™‚

    2. Akhil

      that will be decided by CNBC , which is the publisher


    3. Amit Patel says:

      I hope kindle or kobo version will be available soon. Its easy to read from tab or smartphone.

  41. Surendra says:

    Congratulations Manish..

    I have shared this on FB and tweet. I will also share about the Jagoinvestor Book vai e-mails.

  42. paritosh says:

    I’ve shared it on fb & tweet also.
    I will also share this with my friends so that they can learn the art of investment.
    One of my friend has book shop in pune,i had called him and told him to keep this book at his shop.
    All the very best for your book.
    Keep teaching & writing.

    1. Thanks Paritosh .. i have mailed your friends , lets see when he comes back πŸ™‚

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