Be Anna of your Financial World – Action Month Special

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Anna is not a name it is a mammoth movement in itself. He has created a wave and has impacted thinking of every common man.

Me and Manish in one of our discussions saw something and thought of sharing how you can bring “ANNA MAGIC” in your financial life. We are not going to discuss any political or country level corruption; we are addressing your habits of casualness and procrastination of being corrupt, it is a slow poison that can damage or corrupt your financial life.

Financial world

Ask yourself how corrupt is your financial life? Or How Corrupt you are with your personal finance promises and commitments? Where do you sell yourself cheap in your financial life? (We procrastinate on concepts and take things casually; at time we don’t pay to get the right advice)- Today let’s be honest and face it.

We all start almost in the same fashion:- Going to college, getting a job and start earning and still, we all live a different kind of financial life. We all have the same core foundation & aspects of financial life what is different is how we live our financial life.

3 Things to keep your financial life in control

Let’s invest our time and energy in removing the internal corruption of our financial life. To have ‘more’ you need to become ‘more’ and so we are asking you to be the stand that ‘Anna’ in your financial life.

This may not change the world but it will surely change your world if you practice these things in your financial life. One request don’t deviate from the topic we are very clear this is not at all about Anna or Indian politics it is purely about your financial life.

1. Be a leader in your financial life

You can either live a corrupt Financial Life or as a leader choose to live a Non- corrupt Financial Life. The moment you start holding financial products in your financial life which are not on purpose your financial life starts getting corrupt.

If you lose things with a “chalta hai” attitude your financial life starts getting corrupt in that moment itself. Don’t follow blindly to what you see and what your friends invest in. Don’t be a follower of ‘hot tips’ and schemes of making fast buck (remember Speak Asia) .

Take a rock solid stand to remove all non-purpose products from your financial life. Your financial life is a clear reflection of how corrupt or non-corrupt you are.

2. Be a creator

You can create and pass your wealth-pal bill now . If your financial life is in your hands than what are you waiting for, if you are the driver of your financial life than what are you waiting for?

Get one thing very clearly that your wealth-pal Bill is in your hands, it needs your signature and alignment. The bill can get your financial life back on track and will keep you focused all the time. Here you are the standing committee as you need to take a stand for your financial life to be great.

3. Be accountable

Make yourself accountable for the financial life you have. Make yourself accountable for the income level you are having. And also Make yourself accountable for your current financial position that you are having. Being accountable is the third pillar of designing and living a great financial life.

If you have a low say-do ratio you are living a corrupt financial life. If you maintain a high say-do ratio you start having more power in the way you live your financial life. You start getting more confident about your investments and more committed with your financial goals.

Make yourself accountable for. See the above three areas as a “Law” and implement it as a law in your financial life religiously and see the changes that happen in your financial world.

The action month is on. (readers on email can fill up the form here). More than 1050 (till the moment) different tasks are going to be completed by hundreds of participants and they are choosing to remove all the corruption “laziness” and “casualness” from their financial life.

If you want to choose the movement you don’t need to go to ramlila maidan you can join the movement by filling in the below form and let the magic of being Anna begin. This article is also dedicated to one of our client who is a stand like Anna for bringing change in peoples financial life.

Tell us what do you think about this article. Do you like it? If you want to ask any question you can leave a query in our comment section.

 This article is written by Nandish Desai.

17 replies on this article “Be Anna of your Financial World – Action Month Special”

  1. says:

    Truely, one has to take responsibility of one’s financials and not to depend on employer or the government for his financial future. This is a critical level of financial maturity for any person and this is not easy to achieve unless one aspires for it. Mainly because our education system does not teach this. Children and young adults should be taught to control to whatever extent they can the amount of taxes they pay. They should also be taught the importance of financial instruments like bonds, stocks, mutual funds, real estate and insurance . Only education will help to achieve this level of maturity.

  2. CA RAJIV SAXENA says:


  3. Sahil Bhatia (v-2sahb) says:

    Nice Article


  4. Ashish says:

    Hi Nandish,

    You and Manish have been outstanding in your profession and we expect more from you. I know Mr. Anna Hazare Ji is the speaking word in everyone mouth, with due respect to his feeling and the work he is doing for we all Indians, we all should Salute him. My personal opinion is we should not use his example in our writing, may be the cause is same but not our motive and understanding. This is totally different ball game. No offense for your writing but thought to give respect to Mr. Anna Hazare Ji for his actual work and not market him

    1. Ashish

      Thanks for your comment , I can understand that you have a way of looking at this and we respect it . but in no way we dont think its dis-respecting , It using the analogy only in area of term plan and nothing else. In a way its our way of extending our support for the movement which is going on in country , it might not be directly related though . But we get your point . I am sure a lot of people have liked the idea .


      1. Ashish says:

        Hello Manish,

        I understand your point of view and for sure there will be N number of people promoting this “Anna” buzzword. We can already see the effect, Angry Anna game, Marathi movie on Anna, Ganpati wearing Anna cap, Management school provoking Anna and much much more.

        Few might have a good motive behind this, but others just want to sail on this rapid force of “Anna”, so sad!!!

  5. Rakesh says:


    Good one and a timely one too.
    Looking forward to more posts from you.


    1. nandish says:

      Thanks rakesh, I am getting coached by manish on writing blog articles.


    2. Rakesh

      Thanks for reading ! 🙂


  6. Monil Desai says:

    Dear Nandishbhai and Manishbhai,

    I read your article sitting here in United States and I really liked the analogy you both created between Anna Hazare movement and our financial life.

    Keep the good work going.

    Best wishes


    1. nandish says:

      First Time my brother has put a comment on the blog , really very happy to know that you read and are learning from blog articles.

      All the best and have a great life and a rocking financial life


    2. Monil

      Great to hear that . Keep reading and gather more and more knowledge .


  7. Mayank Gupta says:

    Dont think, but invest and invest for long term. Become “Anna”

    1. Mayank

      Yea .. thats the thing . Dont think “a lot” .. think upto a limit and then act !

  8. Harsha says:

    Hi Nandish,

    Right time, right topic, this wonderfully co-insides with the Anna movement and the Action month.

    Concise and precise about the ‘corruption’ which a common man goes through in financial life.

    Unless a JagoInvestor happens in everyones mind, it is difficult to visualize the corruption that is going on in oneself. But again, this is not easy, because, everyone who advices us is so close to us, it could be a family member, a very close friend, a rich friend etc, now if people who are really “near and dear” give an advice wouldn’t it be prudent for us to buy that policy or invest in that MF? Unfortunately JagoInvestor happens most of the time only after burning fingers (at least in my case).

    I think you should sprinke a few links onto this article, links which points to previous Jagoinvestor articles which explains the mistakes one makes by getting into an LIC policy or by postponing an investment decision etc.

    I should once again say that the comparison is beautifully made between the Anna movement and the ‘Financial corruptness’ whichz rampent.

    Best Rgds,

    1. Harsha

      Thanks for your comment , there are related links which come at the end of the article , its not in between the article as there was no matching words


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