What is Banking Ombudsman ?

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Do you know you can complain to Banking Ombudsman incase you have any complaints against your bank in India ? Banking Ombudsman is a body created by RBI to look after banking related complaints. Imagine the scenario’s – You insert your card in ATM to withdraw Rs 500. The transaction fails, but your account is debited by Rs 500. You’re frustrated, you’re irritated, you complain to your bank about the money being debited after the failed transaction. The bank tells you that your money will soon be credited to your account, but nothing happens for weeks…  Six months pass by, with all of this up-down in-out stuff, You’ve done all you can, but no body is listening! . Can you imagine getting a compensation of Rs 16,200 because of your bank’s inability to honour the rules set by RBI? Can you imagine, that for not getting Rs 500 within a few days, you can get Rs a 100 penalty for each 162 days you have waited?  Yes it can happen! And it has happened! . In this article, I’ll show you the power of the Banking Ombudsman and some case studies which show you that getting your complaints addressed is more easy that you think!

Banking Ombudsman RBI

What is Banking Ombudsman ?

The Banking Ombudsman is a senior official, appointed by the Reserve Bank of India to address grievances and complaints from customers, regarding deficiencies in banking services. It covers all kinds of banks – PSU Banks, Private banks, Rural banks and co-operative banks. Even though, it was originally setup in 1995, there were major revisions in 2006 covering transactions related to complaints of ATM cards, debit cards and credit cards, deduction of service charges by banks without prior intimation, unfair practices of banks and non-compliance by direct sales agents (DSA) of banks for services promised while opening an account etc. It was last amended in Feb, 2009 to cover deficiencies arising out of internet banking too.

Today, the Banking Ombudsman covers almost all kind of complaints for banking services. To give you a brief idea about their effectiveness, Banking Ombudsmen received 79,266 complaints in the year 2009-2010 out of which around 94% were handled and just 5-6% of the complaints remained pending for more than three months as on June 30, 2010. There are a total of 15 Banking Ombudsman in our country. You complain to the one which comes under the jurisdiction of the Bank location, i.e., if your bank is in Bangalore, you can complain to the BO from Bangalore region. Incase you or the bank is not satisfied by the decision given by the Banking ombudsman, in that case within 30 days of BO decision,  the complaint can be taken forward to Appellate Authority, which is a Deputy Governor of the RBI . Its just like going to supreme court if you are not satisfied by High court decision 🙂 .

What kind of complaints are taken care by banking ombudsman ?

So, the first question that comes to mind naturally is – “Will it be helpful for me?” You wont believe it, but the most basic problems, a common man faces (See an example of what I faced) , like rude behaviour of bank officials, delays in disbursing loans, forcing customers to buy insurance policies for processing loans etc., are all addressed by Banking Ombudsman (BO), and the process of complaining is as simple as filling up a form online or sending in a filled form to a postal address.

The best part is that if you are harassed because of any issue or have undergone through mental agony, you can ask for a compensation upto Rs 1 lac. Also some readers of the blog has acknowledged that banking ombudsman were useful for them (see this , this and this comment) . So let me list down some of the possible scenarios where you can file a complaint with Banking ombudsman.

  • Levying of charges without any notice or Information.
  • Charging higher rate of interest linked to BPLR on Housing Loan
  • Any Loss suffered because of lack of co-ordination from Bank side
  • Unreasonable credit card charges
  • Fraudulent transfer of funds by using net banking
  • Fraudulent transactions against lost credit card
  • Cheque lost in transit by the bank
  • Non-updation of CIBIL records
  • Loss of cheque from Cheque drop box
  • Closure of any account with providing any information or reason
  • When bank demands unreasonable proofs for openening of account
  • Change in terms and conditions without notice or valid reason
  • Delay in providing any service
  • Mis-selling of Insurance products
  • Forcing customers to take insurnace policies for processing Loans
  • Rejection of Loans
  • Harrasment to customer or misbehaviour for any reason
  • Casual approch from Bank on perfoming its duties

I ran a poll with title “Have you even been frustrated with your Bank and wanted to complain? ” on this blog, on which 100 people participated. Surprisingly , around 65% people said that they were frustrated on some issue with their bank and wanted to complain. Only 35% said that they never had any issue with their bank which went to a level that they have to complain about it .

Banking Ombudsman survey

Real Life Cases Solved by Banking Ombudsman

As per the Banking Ombudsman Annual Report 2009-2010 , ombudsmen have resolved thousands of cases and helped common man get justice. I would say, this is a great way to raise your voice and show banks that they can’t take you for granted, just because they are bigger than you in size. A customer has to be treated as per the guidelines, and customer service is the critical part of any service provider. Just to give you some idea, the Banking Ombudsman annual report showcases around 57 different real life cases of how it has helped customers get justice (Page 57-73) . I am highlighting four of those live cases below

1. How a person got compensation of Rs 16,200 because he got less money from ATM

The complainant maintained an account with AB Bank. He withdrew an amount of Rs 500 from the ATM of DH bank on July 28, 2009. The cash dispensed by the machine was only Rs 400. However, his account was debited by Rs 500. The amount of Rs 100 was credited back to his account only on January 27, 2010 (Around 162 days late) & despite lodging the complaint immediately, no penalty was paid to him as per the instructions issued by DPSS, vide its circular dated July 17, 2009.  Since the bank had delayed in affording the credit to the complainant’s account by more than five months, the BO directed the bank to pay the penalty amount of Rs 16,200 for the delayed period (Rs 100 for each 162 days) .

2. How a credit card holder got Rs 10,000 in compensation for non-updation of CIBIL records

One credit card holder complained about the bank’s claim against his settled credit card account dues, and non-updation of his status with CIBIL. The bank accepted that although the credit card account was settled three years ago, the status of the account could not be updated in the records of the bank with CIBIL (See a related example) , which was rectified subsequently. Clear negligence was observed on the part of the bank for not updating their records for more than three years, resulting in undue harassment to the complainant. The bank was directed to pay an amount of Rs 10,000 to the complainant as a token compensation  for the violation of BCSBI Codes.

The Branch Manager assured him to provide the loan without delay. However after three months the branch returned all the papers stating that the Loan Disbursement Officer was ill because of which they were unable to provide the loan. With the intervention of BO, it was agreed by both the parties, that the complainant would resubmit the loan application and the bank would consider the same again. Moreover, since the complainant had lost Rs 5000 which had been paid as registration fee to the Institute, the bank agreed to pay Rs 5000 as a token compensation and another Rs 5000 as a service gesture. The education loan was sanctioned subsequently by the bank and the student got admitted to the MBA course in the same business school.

3. How a senior citizen claimed Rs 1 lakh in compensation for Harassment regarding the loan he never took

Even though the complainant had no business relationship with ABC bank, he was getting calls/SMS from the recovery agents using abusive language & demanding repayment of some loans which he had never taken. Several complaints to the bank against this harassment calls fetched no effect. The bank pleaded to the BO that the telephone numbers from which he was getting the abusive calls did not belong to any of their recovery agents. Based on this, the BO closed the case under clause 13(d) of BO Scheme (i.e. complaint without any sufficient cause).

As the complainant continued to get the harassment calls, he went in appeal. During the appeal, the bank admitted that the phone numbers from which he was getting abusive harassment calls belonged to their recovery agents and that they had since taken necessary corrective action to discontinue such calls. The AA observed that the bank had not conducted proper due diligence while sanctioning the loan to some third person indicating a major KYC lapse. To cap it all, the bank had misguided the BO resulting in the BO pronouncing a wrong order, damaging the credibility of the BOS. The AA set aside the decision of the BO and directed the bank to pay the appellant Rs 1 lakh towards compensation.

4. How A person got Rs 6,500 as interest for Failed ATM transaction

In a case of failed ATM transaction where the account was debited though no cash was dispensed it was observed that as per BO’s orders the amount was credited to complainant’s account, but the bank did not pay the penal interest in terms of extant RBI instructions for the delayed period credit of approximately 2 months. The bank was directed to pay penalty at Rs 100 per day amounting to Rs 6500 .

Proof that it works !

How Trivikram got his wrongly wrongly credited money to different amount .

I got my money back after complaining the issue in Banking ombudsman.

Last year May I transferred money through internet banking to wrong account. After realizing I called my bank officials and requested not to transfer. But it’s already transferred they need to contact with payee bank. The other bank people not given any information as I am not a account holder. I tried through my friend they told that it’s transferred back to my account. Almost three months I tried hard back and forth in both the banks but no use.
This month (5/04/2011) I got to know about Banking ombudsman through one of my colleague and I raised the issue with all my details. Today I got my money back:-).

Ankur on comments section mentions how he got his interest back by

Hey Manish,
some good news… i finally got my intrest back for arnd 20 days. though the amount was meagre but yet it was fruitful. i had known 3 persons who applied for this scheme and we 4 guys got 6000/- back in total.
now i believe that BO(directly got a call from the branch manager to come and collect the cheque 🙂 ) do works and finally thx to you guys for guidance.


How Atul got his IT refund with help of Banking Ombudsman

Hi Manish,

I had approached IT ombudsman for IT refund. After chasing IT officials for 2.5 years the experience with Ombudsman was inspiring. Not only I got the money back but with interest.

The only catch is that one needs to be patience and keep all proofs ready. Best way is to keep copy of letters send by post, copy of emails etc.



Procedure of Complain ?

There are two ways of  filing your complain .

Online Complaint : You can complain to Banking ombudsman online by filling up the form here . Once you fill up the form , you can also upload your proofs like bank rejection letter, banks reply or anything else (it has to be PDF or TXT format only)

Offline Complaint : You can also complain in offline mode to Banking Ombudsman. Just download this form and fill up the complaint.  You should provide your contact information, name and address of the bank against which you are lodging the complaint, documentary evidence and the compensation you need. Once you have filled up the form, you can send it to the Banking Ombudsman address which comes under your jurisdiction (Download the list of all 15 BO)

Should you complain ?

I dont see any reason why you should not ! . If you are frustrated anyways and the service is free and also does not take much time and effort to complain, then you should definately go ahead and complain to Banking Ombudsman for something which you feel you should get justice for. Forget about who will win and who will loose for a moment, but I would encourage you to atleast take the first step and be the part of this initiative atleast. If you case is genuine, I beleive banking ombudsman will help you for sure, It can take time, but dont let this get you get stopped . Go ahead .

Share your experience! .  A lot of readers have never had a bad experienced with their banks (like me) , so its your responsibility to share your bad experience in comment section and make them aware about what had happened in your case and how bad it was.  Also share what are you doing now ? Will you file a complaint with Banking Ombudsman ?

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  1. Dear Sir

    As you are aware, the ongoing scenario has created confusion among general masses.

    To start with my matter, it was announced that banking facilities would be available till 8 pm. But to my dismay I went to 3 banks in close vicinity around 5.30 pm but found that they had already closed with public requesting to resume the service but to no avail.
    These banks are:

    Oriental Bank of commerce, Dayalbagh, Agra, 282005

    Bank of India, Dayalbagh, Agra, 282005

    Canara Bank, Dayalbagh, Agra, 282005

    You are well aware how this attitude is going to result.

    I hope that you shall take adequate steps so that there may be some relief to the public.

    Hoping for an early cooperation

    Hardeep Singh
    17, Rahul Green Phase 2, Dayalbagh
    Agra – 282005

  2. Respected Sir,

    I have got the information from Aixs Bank Limited Personal Loan Section, he make DD and not to inform me regarding PL make DD. I raise a question, without withdraw the amount why should I pay the interest. Is it possible ?

    Kindly inform me immediately. Without any interest kindly close the PL as soon as possible.


    1. Please complain regarding this to banking ombudsman

  3. bala says:

    Hi Manish,

    I submitted one complaint in RBI website on june 2016 but after filling the complaint in RBI website i didn’t received any acknowledgement or reference or complaint no. to my email id or SMS. Then I waited for one month but I didn’t received any response from RBI BO then filled the same complaint in RBI Website but again I didn’t get any acknowledgement or reference or complaint no. to my email id or SMS.

    I didn’t get any response from RBI why I didn’t get any ticket no. or reference no. after submitting complaint twice in RBI website I feel there was some issue RBI website itself. When I checked with RBI, they told they are not able to trace who received my complain which I submitted in RBI website.

    Then I started sending email to RBI BO from July month to till date. I sent multiple reminder to them to look in to my problem. Recently they asked to email the complaint details again. I sent email to RBI BO with all necessary detail they expected but I didn’t any single acknowledge email from RBI BO. I didn’t know whether they received my email or they simple ignoring to read my email. I sent multiple reminder to RBI BO to acknowledge my email just to confirm the email receipt but no response or reply mail.

    What I can do in this situation to inform them to look into problem quickly ? Already it was delayed for 4 months .

    1. Kanchan says:

      It has happened with me as well. Looks like there is some bug that they are not able to fix.

  4. AJIT VERMA says:


    1. Thanks for your comment AJIT VERMA

  5. Ajit says:

    Dear Sir/Ma’m

    In my case I was a victim of online banking fraud in which around 20k INR has been transacted without OTP. It happened on 23rd of September that when I have started receiving messages to my phone that this much amount has been debited. Then I called customer care and blocked my Debit card. Meanwhile I thought to block my credit card also as it was linked to the same bank account. Meanwhile the call was getting transferred to the credit card department with 10 seconds or so I received some more messages that some more amount has been debited from my credit card account as well. Finally call connected and I blocked my credit card also. After that no more messages I received. Finally I checked my account online to check how much exactly how much money was debited and found that combining credit card and debit card around 20 k was debited.
    I raised compliant in Bank they took 7 days but no use as they replied that we can’t help please go to nearby police station and file an FIR.I went to nearby police station in Hyderabad as I thought if I will file an FIR my case will be resolved and get my money back but when I approached police station they asked me money of 5k to file an FIR without which they can’t file FIR they told. After that I came back and I went to cyber crime department as well but there also the same scenario they asked money to take the complaint. No I am still struggling as this kind of security system I have never expected from a bank like Axis Bank.
    It is my sincere request to take severe action on the Bank and if possible please let me know any other ways how I can get my money back.

    1. Did you go to banking ombudsman ?

  6. Mohan says:

    Dear Manish, Thanks for your valuable inputs. This is a follow-up to my previous query. My complaint regarding my request for loan cancellation and compensation for mental agony is still pending at the BO office for more than 2 months now. When I contacted the bank they said they had responded to the BO 3 weeks back. But so far I have not received any response/call from the BO office. I tried to reach the BO office but no one picks up the calls and no response to my follow-up emails.
    1. How long should I still wait for a response from the BO ?
    2. Can I initiate RTI to know the status from BO office ?
    3. Can I now approach the appellate authority as I have not received any response from BO for more than 2 months ?
    Looking forward to your kind advise.

    1. Mohan says:

      Hello Manish, Well now I got an advisory from BO towards my favor but not to my satisfaction. What does an advisory mean ? Can I still request the BO to relook at the advisory and pass a concrete award or should I approach the appellate authority for that ? What are your inputs on this situation and your recommendations for next steps ?

      1. Mohan says:

        Latest info is that the BO rejected my complaint under clause 13(a) (non-appealable) but instructed the bank to do the needful as suggested in the advisory. I am planning to appeal to the Appellate. Can you please let me know your inputs ?

        1. Hi Mohan

          I dont have understanding at this level. Apologies

      2. Truely speaking, I am not aware of that term

    2. Note that these things take a lot of time and being a govt thing , the process is very slow . Kindly wait for few weeks or months atleast. and then file a RTI to find out the status

  7. Pankaj says:

    Hello Manish,

    Thanks for the informative post.

    I checked the link for the Banking Ombudsman however I do not LIC HFL in the dropdown list. I understand that it is not a bank & rather a Housing finance institution. But how can i raise a complaint against them to have this sorted out. They want me to get the home loan secured by an insurance which I am not willing to go for.


    1. Did you complain to them first and waited for 30 days for their explaination ?

      Unless you have got 30 days past, you cant complain to banking ombudsman. I am not sure what should be choosen from dropdown though !

  8. Mohan says:

    Dear Manish, I find this website very informative and helpful regarding BO. My personal loan case (bank employees forged my signature) is pending with the Banking Ombudsman for more than a month. What is your opinion ? Should I wait for the BOs interference or proceed with legal proceedings ?

    1. Wait for some more time for reply. These kind of cases move very slow !

  9. Mohan says:

    Dear Manish, Your website gives lot of confidence and faith in the Banking Ombudsman scheme. In my case, I was pursued to take a personal loan by K*-Bank with false promises regarding loan T&C. Though I had expressed concerns right from beginning, without my final approval the loan sanction letter was forged and loan sanctioned. I have tried to contact bank employees from day one regarding the same but in return I was harassed and threatened by bank associates and they started ignoring my calls. Luckily I had recorded all these conversations and kept with me as proof. I escalated the matter internal bank but it has been 4 months they have not responded without any concrete resolution. Bank is trying to suppress this issue with a cheap resolution but it was not at all worth the suffering and agony in this situation. I escalated to BO more than one month with evidences and audio clips back but no response yet. I am thinking whether I should wait for BO resolution (how long it takes ?) or proceed with legal proceedings without wasting time (forgery is a criminal offence). What is your opinion on this ?

    1. Yes, you should take it with BO now in writing and then with the consumer court later. If you have proofs then better pursue it …

      1. Mohan says:

        Thanks for the reply Manish. The case is pending at BOs office for more than a month now. Yes I have clear proofs as well as audio recordings which I have also forwarded to BO. Then I will wait for BO verdict and if I am not satisfied, I will approach consumer court. Thanks for your inputs.

        1. Yes, I think its a good idea

  10. Arpan says:

    hi sir,

    My brother has an education loan in a nationalised bank. while issuing the loan the manager forcefully issued an endowment plan (high premium) and deduct the premium from loan itself as we don’t have money to pay. We have to give the renewal premium as well otherwise the money will be lost. Now every time the bank is harassing my father while disbursing the loan amount by asking new set of document again and again and not issuing the draft in one day. Now in this situation I have already raised a complaint in the bank. What is the procedure to raise the complaint in ombudsmen?
    can I at all raise the complaint to banking ombudsmen?
    Please help me sir.

    1. Just send a mail/letter to ombudsman ..

      OR do it online here https://secweb.rbi.org.in/BO/precompltindex.htm

  11. habeeb says:

    Dear sir

    I had raise a compliant in yes on 15 april about my fraud transaction still I did not received my amount bank account. Lot of time I had spoken with yes bank team they guys are not responsed to complaint properly. I need my money created yo my bank account as soon as possible. Kindly I am requesting you to help me on the same to resolv e my complaint.


    1. Hi Habeeb

      You should raise the complaint with banking ombudsman

      1. Roona says:

        Can you share the link for the Banking Ombudsman please?

  12. prakash says:

    good news * I got my money back after four months later I don’t what would happen if I didn’t raised my voice on banking ombudsman . anyway didn’t get the penalty reward from BO but amount got credited its a relief . thank you jagoinvestor

  13. lalitsinghgehlot says:

    I have been cheated by Indusind bank
    They deducted 5800 rs from my account fr a signature debit card, and again and again i m requesting them telephonically and mailing since last one and a half month but they are again and again Asha and Jayesh the indusind bank executives are telling me the benenfits, and very shameful on the part of bank that they are forcing the customers to buy such expensive cards
    i have 12 years old account and 4 more accounts bt they have really disappointed me
    pl help to get my debit card charges reversal

    1. You can complain about this to banking ombudsman

  14. neha says:

    i hv applied for online form on 10 feb 2016 and using debit card payment, that time server was down and amount 1718 deducted from my a/c. bt paymentis unsucessful. after that i hv complaint to concern bank about my transaction. they only give me complaint no. after every 15 days i hv called to branch manager. they replied me i hv lodge the complaint u ill received the amt. with in 2 months. bt till today i hv’nt received my amt.
    nw what i do

    1. Complain to banking ombudsman

  15. Ashok says:

    I have made a transaction in Yes Bank ATM Surat from my United bank of India ATM card. The Transaction was unsuccessful and i didn’t receive any amount and my bank has debited the amount of Rs. 3000. My bank are asking me to present transaction slip for settle the process but one problem occur as I have lost that transaction slip. and now Yes bank are also not providing RRN No.
    Can you please help me get from this situation that how is it possible to get money back..

  16. UmaShankar says:

    Hey Manish,

    Firstly i want to congratulate you to create such a good website which is very informative.

    Recently, based on my 8 year old card payment track record, ICICI bank offered me a personal loan of 1 lac at 13% interest rate which i took from them. I paid the first installment via NEFT from my HDFC account. For second installement i.e. March 2016, i paid via HDFC Bank cheque 2 day before due date. But then came up 4 consecutive holidays for Holi, 4th Saturday, Sunday etc.. and bank picked up cheque late and deposited it late. It got cleared from my bank on 30th March.

    In next month statement, they charged me late payment of Rs. 500 + tax along with Rs. 400 + tax as additional interest.

    I protested with bank but they do not listen so i have filed case with banking ombudsman.

    I never had such problems with HDFC Bank with my account over 15 years old with them. I wish i should have never dealt with ICICI bank.

    Can you please tell me when can i expect a reply from BAnking Ombudsman ( I lodged complaint 15 days ago but not yet received any reply) and what kind of compensation i can claim regarding this as for my hard earned money a sum of Rs.960 , i have wasted so much time and energy with banks by writing long emails and all.

    1. There will be lukewarm reply from banking ombudsman , you keep patiance, also make sure that you can apply for banking ombudsman only after 30 days from the reply from the concerned company.

      Regarding compensation, I am not very sure, but surely your money and some basic compensation!

  17. SharathChandra says:

    Hi Jago !
    Can we get Cibil score from a bank for Rs 50 as per RBI Rules ?

    I’ve asked citi bank for the same, but I do not get a reply about it

    They are unwilling to share cibil details because they are guilty
    of Wrong Records in my statements

    I exposed it to them directly how they have billed single purchase
    as multiple purchases and caused loss of money and how they
    show my paid bills as unpaid

    Can I complain to the BO to get cibil score from citibank ?

    Please let me know.
    Thank You,

    1. Where have you found that info that you can get it at Rs 50 from banks ?

  18. prakash says:

    on 9th jan 2016 SBI was on all india strike and that effected on SBI atm servers down in that case I used canara bank atm to withraw 2000/- amount from my SBI debit card but my amount debited from my account and cash not dispensed . for the same I loadge a online complaint through SBI Customer Care after few day I checked my complaint status and I found status : closed . I checked my account statement immediately and I found no refund of amount in my account. so , at last I went to my Branch to loadge a written complaint and I again reopened my case after one week I got my complaint status: closed without refund of amount again . I again visited my Branch bank for information for my complaint. after standing from one desk to another and next I finally got a ATM dispensed sheet document of 9TH jan 2016 given by Canara Bank on regarding my complaint . in that sheet I mark down my transaction which was successful first with code 00 but immediately below again my transaction was unsuccessful with error code 03,MID . I asked my Branch bank to refund it immediately as u know the cause now. The Branch bank replied me they don’t have any idea about the code 03,MID means and cant assist me as the code mentioned by Canara Bank is unknown to my Branch bank. this is the reason why my case closed again and again by Branch bank . I took my case to Canara bank to locate my amount which got stuck in channel between Branch bank and Canara bank so after an enquiry I got that 03,MID stands for MONEY IN DRAWER. then I went my branch bank to reopen my case but again it was closed in a week and I told by my bank officer that your amount is refund by Canara bank we can only generate request letter for refund from branch and I’m not satisfied with the response from bank. two months after I am so distress that one my friend told me about Bankingombudsman . Again I got a hope I loadge a online complaint on Bankingombudsman and current status is under process and I raise a voice I hope I will get my refund soon.

    1. Thanks for sharing that prakash

  19. Vivek says:

    Dear Sir, Axis bank cheated me. I applied home loan. For the initial discussion with bank person, he was confident to now about the property details and according to him alreaded bank funded for apartment in same society. He taken all property and my income documents. within 3-4 days loan was sanctioned. In parallel legal and technical verification were going on. Finally legal and technical were also cleared and then informed me my SMS and mail. after that they sent mail me to get all payment details which I paid to seller and also aked me to make DD for the purpose of registration and stamp paper. Bank also asked me to register the sale agreement. Bank also asked me to pay TDS and mail form26QB to the bank for disbursement the loan amount. All these done within 2 weeks . Suddenly they came back on 30th March’16 and said that bank can not disburse the amount due to some reason which they did not disclose.
    Now think my situation, I broken my all savings and arrange the money to prepare the DDs , TDS and registered the sale agreement .
    Now I am asking to the bank the reason on not disbursing the loan amount. If not then who will bear my all financial losses. I sent mail to the bank but did not get any reply. Please suggest me what should I do? ?

    1. I think you should reach out to banking ombudsman now. Its kind of unfair on your part .

  20. VASANTHA says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, One of my friend (residing at Mysore, Karnataka State) has taken the TERM LOAN of Rs.9.81 crores an Individual capacity from M/s.Sir M.Visvesvaraya Co-Operative Bank Ltd., BANGALORE on 28.02.2014 and closed on 20.09.2014. Loan sanctioned on following terms and conditions:
    (1) For pre-closure charges at 2%pa of the balance outstanding, if the credit facility is taken over by any other financial institution. (2) Rate of Interest 15.5% pa rebate 2%pa for prompt repayment. (3) Term 15 years.

    We have switched over to M/s.National Co-operative Bank Ltd., Bangalore, with higher loan facility from M/s.Sir M.Visvesvaraya Co-Operative Bank Ltd., BANGALORE. Hence, M/s.Sir M.Visvesvaraya Co-Operative Bank Ltd., BANGALORE have levied 2% pre-closure charges for outstanding amount. Eventhough we have approached them to refund the same, they are not willing to refund the amount. Can we approach Banking Ombudsman, Bangalore. Whether we have the rights to get back our money. What is your advice ?

    1. Hi VASANTHA

      Thanks for asking your question. However, I dont think I am eligible to answer your query as its either out of scope of my knowledge or its not related to money matter directly


  21. Satish says:

    Ca I raise a grievances once settlement is done…as my settlement amt is 80% of bill amt

    1. Yes you can do that

  22. Praba says:

    hi, someone withdrawn Rs:10,000/- from my account on 23/06/2015 and i have given complaint to my home branch and contacted regional branch also customer services many times but till now i have not received any response from none of them. i dont know whom else to contact to solve my problem and get back my amount.

    1. You can complain to banking ombudsman on this

  23. kalaichandran says:

    1.Cheque No. 003509 was issued by Mesha Engineering for a sum of
    Rs. 5,00,000/-
    2. Cheque was presented at Karur Vysya Bank Shollinga Nallur on 3/9/2015.
    3.Rs. 5,00,000/- was credited on 8/9/2010 in my account.
    4. Rs. 5,00,000/- without my consent without consulting superior officers of the bank was re transferred to Mesha Engineering.
    5.CSR No. 688/2015 –Semmancheri P.s given. On enquiry the bank gave a counter complaint of forgery against me of altering the date of the cheque.
    6. CRLOP No. 24346/2015 preferred before the High Court. High Court directed to register the case if cognizable offence made out.

    1. Thanks for your comment kalaichandran

  24. Amrish says:

    Hi sir mera hdfc bank me corporate salary account open hua hai. mere paas 2 kit aayi hai bank ki or se means mere 2 account open ho gaye the ek aur do no account me information Kuch galat thi mene bank jakar 1 account close karwa liya tha jesa bank ne bola par mere account me 12000 salary aayi. Jab mene account se 8000 rs nikale uske Kuch din baad mere account se 1000 rs aur kam ho gaye aur message bhi nhi aya kis liye Kate hai. Jab mene hdfc bank me pucha to wo ye bata nhi rahe h kis cheez ka amount kata hai. Abhi Kuch din pahle mere paas hdfc life security pension se related Kuch documents aaye us me meri mail id aur pan no detail wrong hai jo ki mene apply bhi nahi kiya hai amount ko Kate 10 din ho gaye hai. Na amount wapas aya na bank wale Kuch Sahi jawab De rahe hai . Last 1 month se pareshan hu Kuch samajh me nhi aa raha hai plz help me to sort out my problem. Msg me aa raha h 5000 se kam amount nhi rakh sakte jabki mera salary account zero balance ka h. Me iske liye kaha complaint kar sakta hu? Kya me court me complaint kar sakta hu plz guide me. Thanks

    1. Hi Amrish

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  25. sandeep says:

    Hello Sir,

    my name is Sandeep kumar i have A/C in IDBI bank

    is cut my money from my A/C For ECS so that i no this

    plz let me know What is ECS ???


    1. ECS means auto deductions for some payment which you allow

  26. NitinSrivastava says:

    This is Nitin Srivastava, Shahadara . Having Account in IDBI Bank Ltd. A/C No on Feb 07 2016 at 11.37 PM. There was a fraud happen with me with the amount of
    Rs. 24853 that was withdraw from location Dubai (As per transaction record in net banking ). At the same time I got a message from bank for the same withdraw. and immediately I talked to customer care and block my ATM card.

    Today morning (Feb 08 2016 at 10:30 AM) I visited to police station and drop a request regrading. and after that visited bank (B-29, East Jyoti Nagar, Loni Road, Shahadara, New Delhi, Delhi 110093) and drop a complaint regrading all these. and request for new ATM and the same time destroy the old ATM.

    Please advice what is the way to get my money with penalty.

    1. COmplain to banking ombudsman on this

  27. Dev says:


    I had a HDFC Bank credit card.

    Since 2014 September, I have been asking them for a customer support of changing my email to receive credit card statements. However, they have been sending me stereo type messages.

    I was out of country since then, i could not get credit statements and due dates in time. Which costed me so much levy of interests and late fee.

    I have made full payment. The last due, I confirmed over phone banking was 29000. I paid that in full and sent them a letter to close the card.

    Later, when I checked all my payments, I understood, they have charged me excess of 7000, due to the delay they had with the bill desk online payment I have made before the due date.

    I have been emailing them again on this regard, their different grievance redressal not given any satisfied answers. Even I have written to the senior management on the grievance. They had emailed that they would refund only 3000/-.

    I am not satisfied with that refund, So i have demanded refund with compensation, in particular for the pain I am having since Sep 2014 and until today.

    Finally, all the doors are closed with HDFC, I have written to the BO. BO has acknowledged my complaint and written to the HDFC it seems. Around a month back. Then after HDFC Bank, spoke to me twice and asking for what I wanted.

    I have demanded that, they pay 7000 excessively charged amount, and compensation of 3 times the refund due. They said, it is the decision of the board.

    My only emphasis was to make sure that they pay the compensation for this deficiency, and the issue is escalated, because of the inefficient and authoritative less customer support team. There must be 100s of thousands of customers, who must be feeling the same pain i am having since 2014.

    Surprisingly, through my latest CIBIL i have understood that, in Jun 2015, since my old card expired, they have sent a new card, which is still undelivered but there is an outstanding of Rs10000/-as of Jan 2016.

    As of today, they have written to me directly, responding to the BO complaint, that, they are ready to send a DD for Rs10000/- according to their calculations.

    Well, the question is. Should I wait for the BO to reply me. or Do i respond to the HDFC reply received today.

    After looking at the seriousness of malpractices, what HDFC is doing, I am thinking that, I should demand compensation of Rs 100000 or go ahead with the Consumer Court, once after the reply from BO is not satisfied.? Any suggestions.

    I have complete email tracks and the HDFC’s irresponsible replies. These documents have been already submitted to BO.

    Any valid suggestions would be highly appreciated.

    With Regards

    1. I think you should take up the matter with banking ombudsman now !

  28. Rashi says:

    I wanted to seek guidance on one thing, I had done a Fixed Deposit with a bank and TDS was deducted from my bank, but what was shocking was that my principal amount was deducted too by around Rs 900, on seeking advise from the bank they said earlier we did nt deduct tax now will be deducting. I did not understand .. how can the bank touch my principal amount ? Please advise If I have missed out any RBI notification. Thankyou

  29. Vinita says:

    Hi Manish

    i faced an ATM fraud on 16th october2015.
    i was using my icici debit card at indusund bank ATM . 10000 rs were deducted from though i didnt get the money . on contacting the icici bank they said it will b credited back but it didnt. so i approachedcthe bank manager and he said its a sure case of draud so i asked for the cctv recording. earlier they said due to technical problem recording is not available but on complaining again and again they have arranged the recording but it is clear from the recording that i moved from first machine to the other because the machine didnt dispense the cash and no fraud is seen in eecording. can u pls help me as in how and whom to contact for this kind of fraud

    1. Hi Vinita

      I think you need to further take it up with bank only. Even if you are not satisfied and if you think bank is at fault, then contact the banking ombudsman

    2. Murali says:

      Hi Vinita,

      I faced the same problem and complained to different levels in ICICI Bank. But nothing happened even after 5 months. So I raised online complaint to Banking Ombudsman in last November. Finally BO awarded in favor of me . I got my 10000/- rupees plus 16,200/- as penalty.

      1. I raised complaint to ICICI bank 4~5 times. But all complaints are rejected stating Citi Bank(where I have withdrawn money) EJ(Electronic Journal) log shows it is success transaction.
      2. Later I complained to ICICI bank nodal officer. He informed me like ICICI bank requested for CCTV footage but not received from Citi bank.
      3. Finally I raised online complaint to BO. After almost 1 month, i got a call from BO employee and requested my photos to identify me in the CCTV footage.
      4. Once again I got call from BO officer and requested me to send the written complaints/mails I sent to ICICI Bank.
      5. BO requested ICICI bank to refund the money under

      You can request BO If there is no reply even after 30 days of Written complaint/Email sent to ICICI bank people. Make sure you have the written complaint/Email copy with you.

      It is good if you have the follow up mails with ICICI bank officials/Bank manager.

      1. ICICIBankCare says:

        Dear Vinita,

        We would like to get in touch with you and help resolve your concern. Please write to care@icicibank.com with your contact details. Kindly mention the UID “a337t3_aaae1” in the subject line of your email. Our official will assist you.

        ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

      2. vinitapoddar says:


        I faced an exactly similar situation in 2011 wherein I tried withdrawing Rs. 9000 from an IDBI bank ATM but received no cash. Then i moved to another nearby ATM but received debit message from ICICI. On rushing to IDBI ATM, no cash could be seen. I followed up with ICICI bank at various levels for the cctv footage but in vain where they told me that IDBI was not willing to share the footage. My grievance was not attended to and i lost my hard earned Rs. 9000 which was almost half of my monthly earning at that time. I wish i had known about complaining to the BO then. Any chance that i can take it up now?

  30. SUMIT says:


    1. Complain to banking ombudsman

  31. Manjunath says:

    Hello Manish,

    I have posted a comment on Insurance to you and yet here again one more query wrt Building Insurance.

    1. I had availed a housing loan in 2009 from PSU bank and they had deducted money for building insurance.
    2. Till date they have not given me any policy copy.
    3. And 3 months back when I went to branch and I pressurized them for policy, and they could not find any policy neither the policy number in the registry list.
    4. Now they are saying they will check with the insurance company to get the policy somehow through DD/Cheque issued by them(Even these details they are not able to find).
    5. More than these, they have withdrawn all my amount from savings bank saying the change in rate of intrest was not applied from past 2 years, and they have made me to pay an arrears of 75K.
    6. Wrt the insurance policy I wrote a mail quoting all the issues faced by me till now, and also asking them when they can close the issue wrt policy. Till date I have not received any mail from them.
    7. I am charged an interest of 11.95% and they are saying its BPLR and I ahve to pay 1% of the outstanding amount to convert it to base rate and there by the intreset rate will change to 9.90%.
    8. Is there any rule that 1% of the outstanding amount has to be paid to convert from BPLR to base rate?
    9. I wanted to switch the bank for a loan take over, the new bank is asking for the insurance policy.
    9. Can you please advise me how to go forward?

    Thanks in Advance. Will be eagerly waiting for your reply.

    1. Hi Manjunath

      I think there are various things here which can only be answered by the company only. Regarding the building insurance, if the amount is deducted then surely you should check with company on this, its a matter of time only, but you will get it

  32. Senthurmurugan says:

    Dear sir myself G Senthur Murugan availed educational loan from syndicate bank in the year 2010..now i repaying monthly on July and sept I paid 4000 and 4500 respectively but this two transaction is not reflects in account statement.. I have the counter file for this two transaction with cash received seal and cashier sign..shall I complain to bo..pls suggest..

    1. Hi Senthurmurugan

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  33. Emmanuel says:

    Can you help me with the online form and procedure to file a complaint in online for banking ombudsman

  34. chhayaravindragaud says:

    compound interest charged in moratorium.by SBI

  35. Roouf says:


    It has been more than 9 months since I’ve received the SBI credit card. I was promised about the welcome gift voucher( Joining Voucher ) worth Rs. 3000 after making the first payment. I opted for Jabong voucher. In short, I never received the Voucher. I started to seek help from SBI customer care. I received the call from Nodal Team assuring me that I will receive the voucher code on my mobile in the month of June. As usual the promise again failed.
    Now Since two months I’m writing to top customer touch point CEO@sbicard.com . The email process had reached to 19 Replies since last 3 months. They are not able to send me Voucher so far.Please guide me how to go ahead.

    1. So why dont you complain to banking ombudsman in that case ? Go to their website

  36. Madhavi says:

    Hi Manish,

    This is regarding Kotak Mahindra Bank. The bank has deducted charges from my account without my notice since Sep 2014 until May 2015. When I checked with customer care I was told that due to non-maintenance of Balance in the account the charges are levied. When I further enquired I was told that the account that I am holding is a Salary account and not Savings.

    I had taken a loan in June 2012 for 36 months tenure, while applying for loan I was told to open a savings account and the EMI will be deducted from the Kotak savings account. I did so, everything went well until Sep 2014 suddenly I started to realize that the money in my account is reducing. When checked with Customer care I was told that the charges are for non-maintenance of balance. I walked into the branch and spoke the manager no luck.

    My loan tenure is already over and I have got NOC as well. Now the problem is they want my salary to be credited to Kotak which I do not want or maintain 10k monthly balance (which I cannot). I also have a Kotak CC on which all payments were made on time . I had converted the spending into EMI and last 2 EMI I have not done payment. I am asking the bank (CC) folks to adjust the amount that has been already deducted from my account approx. Rs7500 which the CC team initially agreed for settlement of 8k but now is denying and threatening that they know how to collect the money from me. I had already filed complain on Kotak website to Ombudsman but nothing seems to happen.

    Why is the customer always the sufferer though the mistake is from bank end as well. If bank deducts my money then its not an issue, wherein, if I do not make the CC payment and ask for adjustment then its an issue ? Why is it so ? I have done multiple phone calls and wrote emails to bank but still no response. Kindly advice what best can I do in such a case.

    1. I think you should take up this matter with Grievance cell first and then to Banking ombudsman

  37. Manoj says:

    I had to get a refund from Amazon. I got a mail that refund will done in 4 days it will be credited to my bank. But even after 8-9 days its not credited to my Canara Bank . Though amazon has provided me with ref. No. which the bank has provided them on refund… but I had contacted Branch Manager but there was no proper response from him. Even the customer care are hopeless… Can I use Banking Ombudsman service?

    1. Yes, you should now approach the banking ombudsman . But you can do that only after 30 days

  38. Samrat says:

    My wife issued a cheque of a said bank to a person allegedly representing an insurance company for an among of 15000. After few weeks it was found that the insurance company didn’t get the cheque on enquiry from bank the cheque was encashed in another bank in another state by an individual. Our bank whose cheque wue have initially accepted or complaint and got the details of the image of the cheque we had given. Surprisingly all the details filled in the cheque except the numerical amount of 15000 and signature was changed Insurance company name and amount in wordings changed from small letters to capital letters . our bank said that since cheques are cleared note by images is difficult to judge forgery. They assured us action in next 7 days. But note the bank manager is not helping making excuses and asked us to file FIR at police station. At PS police saying we will do enquiry only no FIR ask bank to give some documents suggesting Filing FIR. bank during last conversation when we asked manager to give in writing what is the status said will give a letter for filing FIR 1st day manager said printer is not working will give next day. next day they called to take the letter or will deliver same but we were busy. The day after we went to collect the letter now they are saying or legal team will decide. Now tell me what to do. The account was my wife s account and I stay away from India for work at times. Two small kids at home how can we get help and action against bank. We wrote the cheque payee name and amount in our own handwriting and out own pen. How the importer changed we have no proof. We asking for physical verification of cheque then it will be clear that handwriting is not ours and how the cheque details were forged. Can you advise where to take help.

    1. Hi Samrat

      Thanks for sharing this incident . I suggest you cant do much other than going to police here. Ask bank to give a letter that they need FIR

  39. Raina says:

    I have made a POS transaction with my debit card of SBT and the transaction got failed and the money is debited from my account and not yet credited to the suppliers account. Whom shall i complain?

    1. You need to complain to SBT on this

  40. Sàikrishna says:

    Dear sir i losed 15000 in my account in august 29 2015 ihave draw 3000 frm atm after few minutes msg came to my ph u have 15000 drawn but atm card is with me i call to customer they din’t respond so please help me

    1. Hi Sàikrishna

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  41. Manish says:

    Dear sir,

    I hold a current account in hdfc bank.I issued a cheaque of 43975 in favour of my creditor dated 26-8-2015. On 25-8-2015 i deposited a cheaque of 45000 into my hdfc bank current account to make sure that a cheaque of 43975 get clear next day.On 26-8-2015 i checked my net banking account to see the balance of 48000.To my surprise & shock i got a call from my creditor that my cheque of 43975 has been dishonoured due to “effects not cleared present again”.Accordingly the bank has deducted 570 return charge.When i consult phone banking officer they told me that the cheaque left uncleared as the opposite bank has delayed the funds.I told them that the opposite bank account was also mine & i drew the cheaque from that account so i know the bank has debited the same amount on 26-8-2015.Should i lodge a complaint to BO?

  42. Paparayudu says:


    My in-law holds an account with Axis bank. There were 5 unauthorized transactions made from his account using online shopping sites. I have filed a claim with the bank and they are least bothered and simply said that since the transactions were made using online shopping websites they are not responsible. when he asked that he gets an OTP for online shopping transactions however for the 5 unauthorized transactions he did not receive the OTP. Please guide me as to how to go about it.

    1. You dont always get the OTP for all online transactions.

  43. Amit says:


    Do Banking ombudsman helps in the discrepancy case of Education loan and subsidy on interest?
    Pl. advise where to contact for Wrong interest charged in education loan account.


    1. If its related to banks , then yes

  44. Anand says:

    My case is almost two years old(14th August 2013). The case being of cash not dispensed from ATM.
    Are there some chances of getting my money back.
    Pls help.

    Thanks a lot in advance

    1. Hi Anand

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  45. Ajay says:

    In my case the SBI officials presented tempered documents to the Banking Ombudsman and the case was decided in favour of the bank, I also lost the appeal as there was not much evidence to prove my part.
    Now after much efforts and delay of over a year I have received evidence and documents by using RTI Act that prove that the bank officials had presented a false case before the Banking Ombudsman.

    Please guide if this matter can again be taken with the Banking Ombudsman or any other authorities concerned.

    1. Hi Ajay

      You can move to banking ombudsman first and then the court of law !

  46. nitin says:

    Hello sir
    I made complain regarding the statuary audit allotted by the central bank of India in Kota.
    The chartered accountant firm DCJ & associates from Kota (Rajasthan based) has been allotted 2 branches statutory audit by the central of India by taking bribe by the officer.
    The chartered accountant firm DCJ & associates did not possess the requisite qualification as demanded by the CBI.
    Two main branches audit are given to that CA firm without checking the application on some pre decided fee on taking bribe by the bank officer.
    So sir please considers my application and takes immediate action against regarding that.

    1. Hi nitin

      Your cases is a bit complex and I think we are not the right people to comment on it.

      My suggestion would be hire someone who is professional in this area and consult them


  47. ANTHAM says:


    1. Hi ANTHAM

      Your cases is a bit complex and I think we are not the right people to comment on it.

      My suggestion would be hire someone who is professional in this area and consult them


  48. Tushan says:

    Respected Sir,

    Sub.: ATM Fraud in AXIS BANK (Rs. 50,000/- debited from account without my involvement/permission.)

    I, the undersigned, Tushan Bahl, working with SOPRA Pvt .ltd, holding a salary account (A/C No —– 914010024637209 ) with AXIS Bank Branch: Sec-62 gautam budh nagar UP-201301, wants to log an FIR against the BANK regarding ATM Fraud.

    On 6th JULY 2015 around —- I got five message from AXIS BANK regarding my account is being debited with INR 50,000/- (20000/-, 5000/- and then again 10000/-, 10000/-, 5000/-) from my account at an ATM in PANAJI, Goa when the card was there with me in Delhi.

    Immediately, I Called Customer Care number to file a complaint and block the ATM. He checked my account and told it was an ATM withdrawal from AXIS BANK ATM from Panjim/PANAJI. He also told me that he will not help me in any case, so I want to file an FIR and log a complain regarding this.

    My account is being misused because I have my CARD with me at my house in delhi, and the transaction took place at Panjim, Goa at same time.

    I have registered an FIR, also i have registered an complaint to axis bank but i am not getting any positive response from them.

    Hope you will do the needful favourably at the earliest.

    Thanks and regards
    Yours Sincerely
    Tushan Bahl

    1. Glad to know that Tushan ..

    2. MOHSIN says:

      सर मेरा नाम मोहसिन खान है मै जिला छिंदवाड़ा मध्य प्रदेश का रहवासी हूँ। दिनांक 12 अप्रैल 2015 दिन रविवार समय शाम 5 बजके 23 मिनिट पर मेरे IDBI BANK A/C NO.0711104000010123 से 19032 रुपये तथा 5 बजके 24 मिनिट पर 4758 रूपये ट्रांजैक्शन चार्ज 310 सहित निकाले गए जिसकी सूचना मुझे मेरे मोबाइल न 9303186940 पर प्राप्त हुई जिसके पश्चात् मैने तुरंत अपना ATM CARD कस्टमर केयर से बात करके बंद करवाया । रविवार होने के कारण बैंक बंद था तो मैने घटना की FIR करने सिटी कोतवाली छिंदवाड़ा में जाकर दी तो पुलिस ने FIR लिखने से मना कर दिया उन्होंने कहा आप बैंक जाकर मेनेजर से संपर्क कर घटना की जानकारी दे।दूसरे दिन सोमवार को जब में बैंक गया तो बैंक ने स्टेटमेंट निकाला तो पता चला मेरे अकाउंट से लंदन के नॉटिंग् हिल्स से ये पैसा निकाला गया है।यह बात जान कर मुझे कुछ समझ नहीं आया ।उल्टा बैंक मुझे बोलने लगा आपने आपका ATM किसी को दिया है या एटीएम no कोई को बताया है ।जबकि में एटीएम का उपयोग कम ही करता हूँ।यही विवाद करते हुए बैंक ने कोई भी ज़िमेदारी नहीं लेते हुए मामले को टाला ।पुलिस भी कोई एक्शन नहीं ले रही है।
      महोदय में एक सामन्य नागरिक हु ये रकम मेरे लिए बहुत बड़ी है। आप कृपा कर इस मामले को ऊपर तक ले जाने का कष्ट करे । कृपा कर मुझे न्याय दिलाइये।

      1. Hi MOHSIN

        This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  49. Faheem says:

    I applied for home loan in DHFL bank but the service is pathetic & am facing harasement from bank. Finally i have to quit and now i am facing problem to get my documents and processing fee cheque. My case was dealt by Mr Anoop from and daily he use to call me and says i will come today and this has been happening for the last 4 days. Bcoz of this i am tensed these days. Pls help….

    1. Sadly this is the issue with any bank other than the top one’s

      1. Mahesh says:

        Namaste sir.
        I am also facing similar problem with LIC Housing. I have given written request for list of documents held by bank around 50 days. They are telling that they are not able to locate my files, but they will be locate to soon. I am under tension..they are just buying times. I am not able to transfer my loans to another my convinient bank. Kindly guid me how to adress this issue.

        Thank in advance.

        1. Hi Mahesh

          This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  50. ravindra says:

    Sir am ex services man from army. Am having complaint about bank of India they have stopped my account,my pension , ATM, passbook, I want to know that bank is having writes to stop my account , ATM or etc,,, without information or notice please tell me my contact no -8108744100 please help me out

  51. ANILKUMAR says:

    I am having a HDFC salary account. I got frustrated with the dealing of bank . When I went in their Mandakini Branch, first they were insisting me to open a saving account instead of salary account by saying that they were not having the salary kit. When I didn’t agree then they offered my kit after three hours wait & after four days when account was supposed to open, they rang me up and told me to return the kit as wrong kit was given to me. Anyhow, I managed to return it to the branch for which I took from them a letter for the same mistake & agreeing that I don’t have any responsibility for any misuse of the kit. Finally after 15 days, I received a kit from bank HO & in the same kit ATM was not given. When I spoke to the bank official he told me that it might be delivered separately in the next few days but it was not delivered. Ultimately when I visited the branch they told me ATM card is chargeable even in salary account, then I decided not to go with the card & I asked for third party transfer form, which I submitted at branch on 23.05.15. Neither I receive the IPIN for third party transfer, nor I be able to log into my Netbanking. Everytime I enter my password it is giving a wrong password message. When I contacted at customer care for the issue they generate a request for new IPIN without taking my permission & told me that I shall be charged for it.
    Kindly help!

    1. Chaitanya says:

      HI Sir,

      I took Home loan from DHFL for 34 lakhs for the property of 44 lakh. Remaining money i paid in DD. to builder.
      Builder not given procession from past 3 years. I applied EC for the same flat and found multiple registrations done to same flat by same builder to other people. There is one registration before me to.

      When i am going to details of the sale deed i found shocking, sale consideration of sale deed is 17 lakh only . And check numbers mentioned in my DHFL loan agreement are not matching which ref in sale agreement. I understand from some sources that Bank also involved in this fraud.

      Can i approach BO for sanctioning loan for already registered property.
      Issuing loan to builder more than sale consideration value. And not reference of checks are mentioned in sale deed.
      mortgaging property for all this.. I already paid EMI around for 15 lakh.

      Please help me.


  52. Mohammed says:

    Hi Manish i read ur Messages its really good to support and replay for all people like me. My problem is am a Syndicate Bank Holder, Someone hacked my ATM and he withdrawn total of Rs.18900/- in Mumbai, Bank of Baroda Ghatkopar (W) and i lodge complaint in my Syndicate bank but our manager not responding well, so i lodge today complaint in Ombudsman, Can i get Refund of my Amount? and if i get wen i get? and how much i get?

  53. Simron says:

    With recent introduction of PM insurance plans, Andhra bank is trying to take advantage of its customer’s money, deducting the money without customer’s approval or application.

    Here is the full story with bank A/C statement: http://www.quora.com/Who-else-has-seen-AndhraBank-debiting-money-for-PM-Insurance-Plan-in-your-A-C-without-your-approval-or-knowledge

    Andhra bank deducted money for PMSBY insurance plan without customer’s knowledge.

    Stay away from these banks – when are they going to learn to respect that customers ?

    1. Thanks for your comment Simron

  54. Abhishek says:

    Dear ICICI team and cyber crime cell

    My name is Abhishek kumar and my ICICI A/c Number-039601511485. This is regarding my complaint number SR368869355 and SR368869349 dated 23/05/2015.
    There was an unauthorized transaction of Rs.10338.37 and Rs.518.52 from my a/c by Debit Card swipe.One day before on 23/05/2015 i have made two shopping with card swipe with different two shop. It was impossible because the card was with me all the time & I was in office and still have the card with me. when i called customer care ,they suggest me withdrow the rest money and block the card then go to the police station do the FIR.

    Then i go to the patudhi chowk police station on 8.30 pm he said you have to came on morning 9.00 am because “HAMARE SAHAB ABHI NAHI HAI MORNING ME AANA” . As per said i reached there on time and meet with PS Incharge he said its not mine case you have to go to your branch we can’t help you . They behave like i am quilty persion .after that i go to the cyber cell gurgaon SEC-51 but its sunday off day.

    No one was taking responsibility for that even Police . i have so much regard with our police i know so much pressure on them but they cant behave like Accused .we think when ever we are in problem the our police help us but our police create problem where we will go

    NOTE=ICICI bank if your bank can not do anything then i think people should not use your services.i don’t understand what type of secure account you have its hard to believe that something can be done by a reputed bank and without security how can you transfer the amount and last thing why don’t you can cancel the transaction.

    i just want my money back as that was hard end money.I am confident and sure that i did not share my password to anybody and i have not performed above said transaction. I frequently us card and always pay my bills on time. I always use my office desktop and home laptop for internet transaction.

    Please investigate about this card fraud soon and provide me justice.

    1. Thanks for your comment Abhishek

  55. RK SINGH says:


    1. I dont think there is a way to track it online

  56. Bhanu says:

    2 days back my daughter’s debit card details were used fraudulently by somebody to make a purchase of about 10,000 Rupees. She immediately made a complaint on phone number, late evening, on the helpline number given on the card, for blocking the card. Next morning when we went to the bank, Andhra BAnk, they said it was not blocked yet. We had to give a written letter to them regarding same.

    Secondly we wanted to know how and where this transaction was done. They could not give any reply.

    Please suggest the way out.


    1. I think they will not be able to share with you the exact location. It will take time for them to dig it deeper !

  57. Ruchi says:

    How to apply complaint cash not received atm tanjection

    1. Hi Ruchi

      You need to contact bank for this

  58. sapana singh says:

    Dear Team,

    I request you to help me out. I have applied for home loan in year 21011 with DHFL bank. And i have paid Rs. 78000/- as processing fees to the bank. after nearly four years i havent recived any payment. Last month i started to speak to DHFL team( head office Haryana ( Ms Parminder) & Ms Deepali from Mumbai ( Dahisar Branch) they have emiled me details of cheque saying they have return this amount to us with cheque no. but i havent received any cheque or any amount from them. Now i am asking them to send me detail of the chequet to whom they handed over, and in which account it has been cleared. I am not getting any response from them. i have been cheated by this people.

    Please help me out & let me know the ways to to take my money back from DHFL mumbai.

    1. Hi sapana singh

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  59. pankaj kumar says:

    My Wife received the call, from the number 8298986521, he is asking ATM detail and Date of birth etc, after refusing he misbehaves rudely

    1. govardhan mohanlal karwa says:

      i my account of saving no.32300210017580 with union bank of india since 2006at jalna branch.On dt.13.1.2015 mr.sandeep debited rs.200.giving reason in my passbook photo attastation charg.When in writing i ask explination of photo attastation they gave me in writing that charges of record maintanance.they charg &they charge rs.100. two times.on same date. Than i send complaint to head office on dt 20.3.2015. uptill this date they not repplied .again i send 2nd reminder and copy to reserve bank mumbai.I think if there is 200000 lac account than bank might be earning rs.4.00 carrods per month.then why should they reply my letter.I also think people open JAN DHAN account will suffer rs.2400/ per annum.in saving account.if I will Not satisfy i will up laod record on social media against union bank and appeal peaples of JAN DHAN account to awaire for there Money.

    2. Hi pankaj kumar

      Thanks for your sharing your valuable comment on this topic. Please keep sharing your views in future also


  60. Reenee Rajan says:

    I had applied for a personal loan from indraprastha finance after seeing their advertisement continuously in the Deccan chronicle on 23 march 2015. On April 6th, they contacted me and said my documents were in order and that they would finish processing within 2 days. I was asked to pay 2500 as processing fees into their lawyer , Mr. Rakesh’s SBI account 33310597099. The next day they sent me an approval letter and asked me to pay the legal fees of 7500. I paid that too. The next day they said since this was a state to state RTGS transfer, I had to pay 22000 before they could send the funds. Then they said there mine was a savings account so I had to pay 25000 as security against 2 months installments before they could transfer the money. After I paid that they said they couldn’t transfer the amount, but would send a staff to pay me by hand but I would have to pay him 20000 for his ticket fare and expenses.
    I paid a total of 77000 into the same account in all. Finally on April 15th, 2015, Mr. Rajbeer Singh, assistant to the director Radhika, told me to pay a bribe of 20000 or I would not get the loan.
    I told them I didn’t want the loan. I just wanted my money back. He said he would talk to the company lawyers and let me know.
    After that, no one in that company is attending my calls. Messages or emails.
    I have audio recordings of all phone conversations, hard copies of the money transactions and all emails with me.
    Please help me at least get back the money I sent them

  61. Gaurav Khurana says:

    I had used my atm for withdrawing 10000 but i got only 9500
    but my account was debited by 10000
    I have lodged a complaint to my branch immedieataly and also an online complaint to banking helpline.

    almost 20 days has been passed no refund has been made to me and neither a satisfactory response is given by bank.

    What can i do now?

    please provide me the link to apply to ombudsman

    1. Hi Gaurav Khurana

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  62. NISHA says:

    Hi Manish,

    can you please respond on my query?

  63. NISHA says:

    Hi Manish,

    indeed very helpful and appreciate your response for everyone’s query.

    i have an issue for the corporate account whereby bank is charging pre payment charges on pre closure of term loan facility. there is a difference of interpretation in relevant clause in sanction letter basis which bank is not accepting our submission for not charging pre payment penalty. please asvise.

    1. Is it a home loan ?

      1. NISHA says:

        No, as mentioned, this is a corporate account and this is a business loan in form of term loan.

        if is it possible you may please share your contact details to discuss further on this matter

        1. I think what ever is written in the agreement will be final . I myself dont have much info on this .

  64. mani says:

    i authorized fund of rs 200 to a online merchant from my icici acct – now the online merchant is not responding and service not provided either.
    does filing a complaint with icici help me in getting this fund back..does ICICI provides any sort of a protection for fund paid from its account
    for any merchant services as part of customer benefits?

    1. I am not very clear on this . Talk to ICICI customer care !


  65. Prashant says:

    Hello !

    I have been requesting HDFC credit card to settle my card value. I am not interested to continue the card any more. I blocked the card told the executive for settlement. Meantime I was told that the card value is settled with an EMI for 10 months. After paying two EMIs I came to know that the information is false. In between HDFC has issued another card number and asked the money to settled through that. They have not issued any card and also no statements have been issued during the period. Moreover they have charged late fees and other charges
    during the period. There are a group of people who pretended to be executives of HDFC bank were involved in giving me false information. I have their mobile number and land line number of HDFC bank. When I approached their Nodal officer sequentially, they need proof of what has happened. All these happened over phone because I believed them.

    Nodal officers correspondence informed me over email that ” Account has not been settled. Bank issue letter of settlement and send to customer. For settlement I will have to contact their branch over phone. I am not interested to contact them over phone because I stopped believing them as I am cheated. I also requested to
    settle the amount after waving the charges but always I am intimated to contact branch.
    Today one executive called up and told me that they can not give it in writing and settlement are normally over phone.

    Bosses are telling that settlements are done and letters are being sent while executive says they can not issue the letter.

    I have received a mail from their Vice President stating that I can approach the
    banking Ombudsmen with a complained number.

    Please advice.



    1. Hi Prashant

      Yes, I think approaching ombudsman will be the best thing to do

  66. april says:

    i recently went through a rude behavior attitude with one of the lady official in sbi chennai branch. just to add- the bank manager is really a nice guy and even he feels the lady official behaviour is not acceptable. her behaviour seem to be that way with most of the customers that day.
    this is where the complaints stands now, and i need advise.
    1. sent a email complaint to the bank branch manager and cc-ed- dgm
    2. dgm acknowledged it a month back – no reply yet after that
    3. filed a RTI with nodal officer ,ccing branch manager – and it is getting close to 30 days – no reply yet
    4. just filed a copy of the complaint with the banking ombudsman,chennai.

    can you advise on what exactly happens after this..i dont wish to call and follow up on this..as i need everything (all conversation) in writing via email in this case. do you think will there be any investigation going on really on this? will this really have any impact on correcting the behaviour attitude of the official in question..also, what next steps do i have if i had to take this further? I cannot digest the fact that rude behaviour of these officers can be taken for granted with no corrective measure in place..what sort of a proof do i need here if i really have to take this to an extent to claim the 1 lakh compensation for mental agony caused..

    1. Did you get reply from Ombudsman or not ?

  67. Rajesh MM says:

    I have received 3 Credit Cards So far.
    1. Card 1 -> Hacked, Complaint raised with Bank issue resolved after sending all requested documents along with FIR and Cut Credit card

    2. Card 2 -> Received new card as replacement to first Card

    3. Card 3 -> Received as replacement to Card 2. This Card is secured with Chip

    Issue is Card 1 [First one, Which i sent to Axis bank when It was hacked] is hacked again. Bank is asking me to provide FIR, Cut Credit card and other things.
    What Can I do? It was under bank possession.

    So I have raised a complaint with Banking Ombudsmen, but I don’t know the status. How to track?

    Fraud Transaction happened: 29th Sep 2014
    I reported to bank on : 26th Oct 2014
    Date I raised complent with BO: 27th Feb 2015

    1. Hi Rajesh MM

      The question asked by you is beyond our scope.


      1. Rajesh MM says:

        Hi Manish,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I will fight, I will update the result, It might help someone in future.


  68. Ruby Alvis says:

    I have made several calls, spent hours , even approached the chat team for help but it was simply wastage of time. As far as my knowledge, the card gets blocked even I , the owner of the account/card raise a request for card loss/damage. Am I right on this?


  69. Ruby Alvis says:

    This is to bring to your notice about the poor customer service and carelessness, I received from ICICI bank.

    On 13th February, Friday, my Debit card was all of sudden blocked without my knowledge. As per policy without the customers knowledge they do not have the right to perform any activity on the consumers card. By doing this they have breeched their policy.

    Also, to my surprise, I did not even receive any transaction failure or invalid transaction on my registered mobile number or the email address.

    I even spoke to “so called manager of the ICICI”, but he seemed to me like a duffer and I seriously pity on the quality of staffing that ICICI possess.

    Till date I haven’t received my debit card and I am broke.

    Your assistance in this regards will be appreciated.

    Many thanks,


    1. Hey Ruby Alvis

      Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. It was a great learning.


      1. Ruby Alvis says:

        I have made several calls, spent hours , even approached the chat team for help but it was simply wastage of time. As far as my knowledge, the card gets blocked even I , the owner of the account/card raise a request for card loss/damage. Am I right on this?

        1. Hi Ruby Alvis

          Yes, you can raise the request because you are the owner of the card.

  70. raji says:

    the email id in the list of bnking ombudsman is not working !

    1. You can now search for the new one on their website !

      1. nishu bhardwaj says:

        dear sir/mam.
        i am nishu bhardwaj . i have an account in SBI(MEERUT BRANCH UP).ON 6 DEC 2014. IN NEHRU Place delhi. i used UBI ATM(UNION BANK OF INDIA)AND ENTER 500 RS.but there is no amount i goted.becz atm gaurd told me there is no amount in machine atm.
        after few minuts i got one msg for deduct my amount 10000 from my account. but no money i had issue.i was complaint to customer care 4,5 times and also submit application to my branch but there is no response to me and they refuse my complain again and again. please i requesting to you. please refund my amount.

        i have made a transaction but i have not able to collect my money. i have made transaction 3 times of 500 rs. but i have not get my money.and deduct 1000 from my account. ATM machine is having technical problem

        1. Hi nishu bhardwaj

          Please check with the customer care of the bank on this issue


          1. nishu bhardwaj says:

            DEAR SIR,

            1. It cant happen that there is no response. Are you saying that there was no judgement ?

  71. raji says:

    tds even after giving 15g, h
    hv an a/c in syn bnk beedupalli. fill 15 g, h regularly.
    many of the VCC s, at maturity, return an amt much less than that mentioned as maturity amt. on the deposit form.
    the staff say that it may not hv been flagged,,,(which they shd hv done)….and they show helplessness….
    this is frustrating, to say the least…

    1. Complain to banking ombudsman

      1. raji says:

        thank you.

  72. Sandeep says:


    Recently I caught Kotak Bank Red-handed. They are taking prepayments on home loan thru cheques and passing entry in customer account after 4 days of clearing cheques, so they are extracting 4 days interest from customers.

    I complaint to Kotak, but vain, further I contacted B.O. and I got refund of <2K return from Kotak, but I found BO have some understandable setting, they rejected my complaint, and no response for penalty.

    Kotak Bank are doing same cheating with all of the customers.

    I think I need to file court case against Kotak Bank. Can some body share is any PIL type of writ in consumer courts accepted ?


    1. You can directly complain to Consumer court yourself. you dont need a lawyer for this .


  73. Niranjan Patra says:

    Thanks a lot.
    Regards, Niranjan

  74. Niranjan Patra says:

    Dear Sir,

    The topic and points of Banking ombudsman is really eyeopener. After going through all comments and its reply now I have got an idea to send a complaint to Banking ombudsman. Prior proceeding for a complaint with BO, I seek your advise on following issue.

    Following 2 Fixed Deposits as per details given below were opened with the branch. On its maturity I got short payment of Rs 5415+381 in both FDs . On inquiry the bank authorities had clarified that this is due to deduction of TDS. It is not understood the reason behind forcefully deduction of TDS In spite submission of Form 15G personally with the branch each year :-
    Amount invested – Rs 150000/-
    Maturity Value – Rs 196642/-
    Date of Maturity – 07/09/2011.
    Amount received on maturity – Rs 191227/-
    TDS deducted – Rs 5415/- AND

    Amount invested – Rs 191227/-
    Date of Maturity – 08/06/2014.
    Maturity Value – Rs 245706/-
    Amount received on maturity – Rs 245325/-
    TDS deducted – Rs 381/-

    Pls Note – In between 3 yrs, two BMs have already been transferred from the branch who had made deaf year to my request and the present incumbent is just giving me false assurances to provide TDS certificate since last 2 months but to no avail. On inquiry from TDS Centralised Processing Cell, it is learnt that no TDS deposited between FY 2011 to 2013 which clearly reflects as deficiencies in service by bank authorities.

    I have planned to pray Banking Ombudsman for refund of TDS alongwith its interest OR TDS certificate against the amounts deducted with compensation of Rs 10000/- for harassment and mental agony. PLS SUGGEST
    Regards, Niranjan

    1. Send this to banking ombudsman directly now ..

  75. gourav dabra says:

    with due respect i want to say that my mother was partner of 33% with two other partners in a firm which is registred . but my mother was died on 25/11/2004 and after the death of my mother other two partners had taken cc limit from sbi with fake doc like partnership deed of same firm which is not registred any where . property papers which is mortgaged with bank is joint we are legal heirs of my mothers share in firm but all doc are fake like balance sheet are differ from sales tax office map which is given that is the entrance of my house . now bank want to auction of my property . please help me i tried to meet bank officer to attach the property of the same person who had taken the cc limit but bank had submit the case in drt chandigarh and not listining me , i have all the doc which is required and shows that bank had given the cc limit without verifying the documents so please reply me as urgent as possible , i will be very thank full to you

    1. Meet a lawyer and file a case against them . its a criminal case now involving fraud and forgery !

  76. Raj says:

    Can i drop a cheque at the branch of a bank where I’ve no a/c to get the money credited to my a/c at other branch of the same bank?

    1. Yes, you can do that !

      1. Raj says:

        The chief advisory manager at state bank of India has refused to clear cheque by saying that nor the paying person has a/c with us neither the receiving person, so we cannot clear your cheque instead of both accounts are with state bank of india.

        When I said that it is not possible I can drop here also cheque for clearing he behave rudely and saying that i will charge the cheque return charges.

        Thanks & regards

        1. Tell him you will complain to banking ombudsman regarding this . At last you cant do anything immediately , but now you can complain for it

          1. Raj says:


  77. sanjay kumar says:

    espected managment head . I self sanjay kumar Imployee in axis securities ltd. since last 7 month sir my senior boss mr luv kunal ( sales manager dehradun location siting ) he is last month he want me resign show any problem .sir last month says u r location has been change in meerut after this days i have leave in 5 days but he is marked mail axis securities branch head mail so this employee i have not repoting last 10 days but i sitting contuening come up branch axis sec. &axis bank i says my branch head all problem he know me but they have not solution my problem pls kindly managment head in credit card dept. i have torchar me my boss kindly requested sir pls solution my problem or send mail id or contact this problem solution centerbecause me & my family tens about my job because i have single human his dependet on m,e sir my languge i know not accurate but pls understand my problem (SANJAY KUMAR emp code ASL /DEH /82082 ADD -axis securities ltd. subhash road near income tax office dehradun 248179 (u k)

    1. Sanjay

      Thanks for sharing your issues. Did you tell banking ombudsman about it ?

      1. sanjay kumar says:

        respected admin sir , i have thanks for u intersted for me meter because no one no reply about this meter relaited person not responding ‘ sir requested can i rejoin this job or not so pls gave a satisfactry ans. what can i do because sir iam really very tense & botthered this meter but my managment & my senior boss not intersted i give me our resional office and branch dispatch a conferm letter but they are not response sir if u resolve this meter soon possibally or if ur not elligeble solw this problem so can i pls forwerd any relaited officer or banking ombisment send me mail id or contact person no.( thanks ). waiting sir ur

        1. sanjay kumar says:

          sir , tommorow i have send a replly for your compliement for this but sir ur not reply my question pls sir give me solution this mistry thanking for u


  79. Pooja A says:

    Hi Manish, Thanks for ur reply.

  80. Mohan Lal says:

    All India Punjab National Bank Scheduled Caste &
    Scheduled Tribe Employees Welfare Association
    Central Office: C-77 Double Storey Quarters, Idgah Road, Delhi-6 (Ph: 23615704)
    (Office: Punjab National Bank, Bank Street, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005)
    (Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860)

    21st December, 2014

    The Banking Ombudsman,
    Reserve Bank of India,
    Sansad Marg,
    New Delhi 110 001

    Reg. SB Account no. 0629000200157253 in the name of All India Punjab National Bank SC/ST Employees Welfare Association, at Punjab National Bank, New Rajender Nagar, New Delhi-60.

    Respected Sir,

    We are maintaining our above stated account at Punjab National Bank, Branch Office: New Rajender Nagar, New Delhi-60, in the name and style of ‘All India Punjab National Bank SC/ST Employees Welfare Association’ with its Central Office at C-77, Double Storey Quarters, Idgah Road, Delhi-6 for the last more than 25 years.

    The said account is operated by the Treasurer with General Secretary, or President jointly as per mandate given to the Bank. The signature of the Treasurer is essential with other signatories for operating the account. Going through the statement of account we observed that an amount of 1,21,000/- was debited from our Account on 27/02/2013 and further an amount of Rs. 1,24,684/- was debited on 11/04/2013. These two entries made in the account are without the knowledge and authority of the Treasurer of our Association. In this regard the Treasurer enquired from the concerned authorities at New Rajender Nagar Branch vide letter dated 25/04/2013 (copy enclosed). He also informed the matter to the President of the Association who also took up the matter with Branch Office New Rajender Nagar, New Delhi to know that how the amount was debited without the authorized signatories of the Association, as per mandate given in the Account to the Bank. In this regard, a number of letters have been written to the Branch, i.e. dated 05/04/2013, 12/06/2013, 02/08/2013, 19/08/2013, 01/09/2013, 26/09/2013, 28/10/2013, 03/12/2013, 30/01/2014 and 11/03/2014 (Copies enclosed).

    Time and again, we requested the Bank to seek the above information and to know if the mandate given in the account was followed while making these above-mentioned two transactions. Instead of giving proper reply in the captioned matter, our letters were forwarded to Punjab National Bank, Branch Office Gurudwara Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-5. We are not in receipt of any satisfactory reply from either of the said Branch Offices of the Bank till date. Vide letter dated 13/03/2014 of Branch Office, New Rajender Nagar, New Delhi, in response to our letter dated 11/03/2014, we were informed that the Bank had referred the matter to the higher authorities and they should revert to us shortly. But till date, there is no information to us.

    The complaint was also made to the General Manager, Punjab National Bank, Customer Care Cell, HO: 5 Parliament Street, New Delhi, vide our letter dated 08/04/2014. But we are sorry to point out that till date the Customer Care Cell did not provide the required information. As such, the matter is being referred to your goodself. You are requested to seek the above-mentioned information from the concerned authorities of Punjab National Bank and provide the same to us immediately, and appropriate action be also initiated against the delinquent officials, as you may deem fit. Relevant documents are enclosed for your ready reference and necessary action.

    Hoping for an early action,

    Yours faithfully,

    (Mohan Lal)
    General Secretary

    1. I hope you have sent it to ombudsman !

  81. Pooja A says:


    I wanted to open an account(Jan Dhan Yojana) for my Mom in Bank of Maharastra bank. I had reached branch on 10th of Dec with all the documents , but branch people did not give the form and and they said that “They dont have Account openings forms right now and they said us to visit branch on 18th of Dec”.
    With me other ppl were there on that day in branch and they said Ki branch is not giving the forms, and they have been visiting branch since 1st of Dec.

    I need your advice should i raise a Compliant against branch or not?

    1. The best way to tackle this is using RTI (you can do it online) . File a RTI asking for the stock of forms in branch on that particular date , what are number of forms distributed on that particular date, the number of accounts opened etc etc .. Once you get this date, its then in WHITE that they are not distributing forms to one section and also to others .Also I suggest you file a complaint on their grievance cell !

  82. RAJENDRA KUMAR says:

    Thanks Manish jee for your valuable suggestion ,i will try to file RTI …

    1. Welcome ! . Note that you can now file RTI online also .. check out youtube !

  83. RAJENDRA KUMAR says:

    Hello sir,
    my father is a retired state govt employ and he is drawing his pension from
    SBI,GUNUPUR BRANCH(RAYAGADA DIST, ORISSA) since 4 years he is suffering from paralysis and now he is coma , thumb impression is only mark to withdraw money but his condition is critical and we are 20km away from bank
    and chief manager is harassing , without bringing my father to bank they are not
    allowing us (mother live) at this stage can we lodge complaint this in banking Ombudsman ?

    with regards,
    rajendra kumar

    1. Yes, you should do that . If a person is in critical condition like this , there should be some defined process to take the money out . Also try to file a RTI with SBI to know what are the steps you can take !

  84. Piyush Bhateja says:

    It is really sorry to inform you that Reserve Bank of India is printing notes with mistakes. It is unbelievable.We are having two notes of 10 Rupees.

    In one with serial number 67T 223992 written at the right top corner , there is no mention of the number at the left lower corner. Instead number is mentioned on the left top corner that too wrong number 67T 263992.

    In other ten rupees note with serial number 68D 753679 written at the left lower corner, number is wrongly written at right upper corner as 68D 7536 9(7 is missing).

    On one hand we are taking strict measures to check fake currency and on the other hand we are making blunders.

    Should we expect these mistakes from RBI where thousands of employees are working under the Governor of RBI.

    Should we bring this to the notice of leading newspapers.

    1. It might happen that the one you have itself is Fake?

  85. Nagendrababu says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am using ICICI bank account. I did online money transaction to my friend account from my account. Later i realized that by mistake i have transferred money to unknown person account. I have given complaint in my HomeBranch ICICI bank , they said that , the unknown person account is also belongs to same bank and amount is already credited and withdrawn by unknown person . They sent a mail request to that person but he is not given replay to the bank.Bank guys are saying that if that person give response to their mail only they can refund my money back.From 2 months he is not responding to bank emails.Bank guys are also not responding correctly with my compliant . so my questions are
    1.how can i get my money back?
    2. what should i do now?
    3. will BO or SEBI helps to me?
    4. can i give complaint in Police Station?

    please suggest me.

    1. Sadly its your mistake and bank cant do anything about it . If you transfer Rs 100 crores to someone account, and the other person uses it, then will bank refund you Rs 100 crores ?

      I dont think by any logic, banks are at fault here. Sad , but true !


      1. Nagendrababu says:

        is there any way to get my money back from that person?

        1. Nagendra

          Theoritically YES , you can check with bank on the details of that person, phone and email , address . Contact that person, ask your money back and if you are lucky , he will give it back to you. But practically , imagine that person says that he has used that money and cant give it back or simply wont give it back because it was his own money . You gave it to him because you took money from him long back and now you are not saying truth .

          Even if you go to police, and you say it was your mistake to transfer the money , how will you prove that it was a mistake ? my simple point is , if this is a very very big amount, you should pursue it, else the amount of energy you will put in this will be higher than the amount worth itself .

          I hope you are getting my point . I know that you are right here. But its one of the mistakes you did, for which you will have to suffer and there is very less you can do about it !


          1. Nagendrababu says:

            sorry for disturbing you Manish,

            when i have given complaint about this issue in Bank, bank guys said that they freezes that person account.But now i called to that person he is saying that his account is working and he is using it daily.Moreover he is saying that i will not send money back to you with rashly.
            so my question is ,
            why bank guys are said to me that they have freezes his account?

            1. Only they can tell what is meant by “freezing” . I think either they are saying LIE to you or they have just disabled his account for futher credits from your account ,which means practically nothing has changed for the person who got it .

              I researched on this topic in last 30 min and here are two things I got to know

              1. Bank Credits happen solely on the basis of account number as per RBI rules. If name is incorrect or IFSC code is wrong, but account number is right, still the transfer can happen and its perfectly right on bank part/.

              2. If accidently we send money to wrong account (because we mentioned wrong account number) , we will NOT GET IT BACK , unless the beneficiary gives it back himself . Banks cant do anything about it and there is no recourse practically !


  86. bhupendra parekh says:



    2 PAN CARD

    4 VAT COPY


    1. Unless you have all the documents, you cant open the account.

  87. Shweta says:

    Dear Sir,

    I hold a sbi credit card. On 27th June 2014 there were two transactions on my card 29,000 each total of about 58,000 at Target, Candad. My credit card was blocked by the bank itself on suspicion of a fraud. I called them within 3 hours and confirmed that I did not make those transactions. I was asked to send them filled dispute forms which i did email to chargeback@sbicard.com and Nodalofficer@sbicard.com. I also filed a police complaint with NYPD since I am in USA now. Later I was asked to send the picture of credit card and my passport. I did that too.
    I have never been to Canada ever in my life and have never done these transactions. They gave me a temporary reversal of the credit for one month after that they have again debited it from my card account. Now they are adding interest on it every month. When I call them they say the case is still under investigation but none of their customer care executive seem to know much about it. Since I am still in USA I wonder what next can be done.
    Please help.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Shweta,

      With reference to the fraudulent complaint lodged earlier, ask the bank for a permanent reversal of the amount.

      Also, since there had been a fraudulent transaction earlier it can reoccur again in future, it would be advisable to close this card as soon as you get the reversal.


    2. I think once you are back in India only then you can get more updates on this

  88. Anu says:

    Certain Bank harassing for payment of credit card/ loan outstanding which never belonged to me. When I raised with BO, bank has falsely informed them the numbers do not belong to their recovery agents.

    1. Then better talk to Police on this and put a harrasement case

  89. Nav singh says:

    Gud evng sir,

    Sir i have taken 3.5 lakh loan for setting up some buissness in january 2013 and was regularly paying the EMI at the rate of 8600 p/m but in the month of july and september i could not remitt the EMI and recieved harrassing calls from manager.I personally met and discussed with manager and assured him for payment on 1st october 2014. instead the manager deducted 22k from the account of second guaranter.

    Now kindly let me know

    1-I being unemployed and the buisness still immature i m not able to pay 8600 EMI.

    2-Can the bank deduct from the account of second guaranter living in flood effected kashmir.

    3-The loan was sanctioned with precondition of insurance and etc.

    Can the EMI be reschedule and reduced.

    I will be very thankfull to you for ur suggestions.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sir,

      It would be advisable that you communicate with the bank in writing, regarding the deduction from the second guarantors account. You also need to check the Loan agreement terms and conditions related to the guarantor regarding deduction from his account.

      You need to speak to the bank regarding your situation and that you would like to restructure the loan.

      Both restructuring and late payments of your EMI will be reflected in your credit report and will impact your credit score which will influence your future loan applications. We would suggest that you get this sorted out at the earliest.


  90. Lalita Khanna says:

    Indusind bank’s Misselling of Card protection plan

    I have opened an Account No 159855588877 with Indusind Bank Sector-9 Panchkula Branch (HR) after opening the account I have contacted there customer care department for providing me PIN No. of my debit card & They have explained many features of there website and CPP but I asked them that i am not interested in the card protection plan. there after two day I have received a SMS on my mobile regarding debit of Rs1399/- from my account on A/c of CPP whereas I have never requested & not filled any form or told any INDUSIND Bank personnel to avail the facility.It is clear fraud where the amount Rs.1399/- has been deducted without consent.In this regard I have contacted the customer care department once again regarding debiting the amount from my A/c without any my request or any confirmation from my side & requesting them for cancellation of above plan which the bank has opted at it’s own as per my cancellation Reference no. 24251507 dated 20th-sept-2014 .Now even after more than 15 days my payment has not been refunded .

    The branch executives are not replying correctly.They say I have to call customer care.Now INDUSIND bank officials are in no mood to help me get my money back. I am in helpless situation & harass with there poor services

    They know how to cheat the people. Every day same answers are coming from CPP deptt.answers are …..
    “please wait for seven working day it will direct credit to you’re a/c.

    1. I think you should complain to RBI on this

  91. Patricia says:

    I have taken a personal loan from HDFC bank for around 1.5 lakhs. I was paying for few months but now for few months I am going through very tough financial situation. I have also lost my job now and can’t pay my EMI unless i get a job. the HDFC recovery agent is continuously calling me. I told him I lost job and will start settling as soon as I get the Job. I asked him for some time around 3 months. He is not listening and continuously calling me and threatening that he will go to my house and collect forcefully. Why are these people not understanding my problem. I want time please to settle this. Please help me what do I do in this situation. Can I complaint this in banking Ombudsman


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Patricia,

      It would be advisable that you first communicate with the bank in writing, informing them about the threatening calls from the recovery agents. You also need to speak to the bank regarding your situation and how you are planning to clear your loan.

      If you still continue to get the threatening calls, then you can complain to the Banking Ombudsman.


  92. Jeevan says:

    i have taken a top up loan from DHfl Bank in the year 2010 amount Rs 418000 but in 4 year only 18000 is deduted from my pricipal amount without informing me bal today is 400000 i want to register in consumer count

    1. What is wrong with it ? Ask them for the account and see if things have been done as per terms and conditions or not ?



    SBI, Parnasree Palli Branch, Kolkata encashed my LIC money back policy’s amount of Rs 12,500/- in May 2011. At that time, my home loan money was due to the bank and my LIC policy was with the SBI, Parnasree as a security document. I have cleared my home loan dues in June 2011. But the money collected from LIC has not credited in my either account i.e. neither Savings Bank A/c nor Home Loan A/c. After several visits to the bank branch when nothing was happened, I made complaint on-line to the SBI website. At last the said amount was credited in my Savings Bank A/c in April 2014.
    Now, I am claiming the interest for the period May 2011 to April 2014 and the present Bank Manager is reluctant to hear anything from me. He even told my wife “to be happy with the said amount. Nothing more than that will be credited to us”. Again, I made complaint on-line in the SBI website. On 18th August, I got a call from the SBI, Parnasree asking the details of my claim and justification of the claim. The gentleman assured me to see the matter. But till today the 09th September passed, no action have been taken and I am still deprived of the interest for those period.

    1. Then why are you not filing a RTI ? Its SBI bank and RTI will really help you

  94. Credexpert says:

    Dear Lorraine,

    Please approach or contact the bank directly to put on record that you have not taken a loan from from. Also, for the repayment calls from the third party, lodge a complaint directly to the banking Ombudsman.


    this is to Inform RBI that ICICI BANK from New Delhi has been harassing me on a regular basis

    day and night calling my number on 9832226097, and they are threatening that we will enter your

    house and we will take away everything whatever you have in your house. This is Jeffery D’cruze

    Loan not mine. Every day calls are been coming from this number 011-45969629, and 011-

    408949215, and also it was told to me that we will send the Police to your house and get you

    arrested. As per the RTI law no BANK CAN HARASS A 3rd party and ICICI Bank has been doing

    this every day. I have a small daughter and am a single parent, i haven’t taken the loan from

    them then why are they calling me and threatening me. This person who ever she is has been using

    profanity and also says that I know you have a small daughter so if you want her to be in front of

    your eyes then pay us back the loan if not your daughter will be kidnapped. Why am i been

    harassed, does ICICI bank New Delhi want an FIR to be logged against them for ill-legal

    practices? Please since i know that ICICI BANK is registered through you and also you are the

    Ombudsman people i thought of letting you know this. If this is not stopped then i will be forced

    to go to the Police and to the court to logged a complaint against the bank. So please let them

    know that not to harassed me every day because I am recording each and every call of them.

    1. ICICI Bank Care says:

      Dear Ms. Kandulna,

      We are sorry to hear about your experience. We have made a note of your contact number. Our official will get in touch with you shortly and assist.

      ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

    2. File a complain with RBI

  96. vijaykumar says:

    Pl take the action against the collection agency of ICICI bank calling the member of relative members which is not connected with them and giving that threshing that he will come to home will inform with my wife what is the connection with her? I am file the case it is rape case and threatening that he will snatch the property of others and I will bring the 4 peoples these are word used and abusive languages. Pl take the immediate action about details are stated below
    I am mumbai

    Mr. K. Roy/Mr. P. Bhobe
    General Manager – Head Credit Cards & Personal Loans

    First of all i would like to inform all the members that i m grateful, that i came to know
    that such kind of site exists. I m happy to know that.Now I would like to share my problem
    with all of my dear members,

    I was working with top most Company Mumbai that is Voltec Insutruments pvt limited and was
    having Rs22000 salary per month, I have taken a credit card from your bank which is not
    required for me it is due to DSL department of yours forced to take the credit card and as I
    never come to you volutanry to your bank to take the card
    During my illness and father I spent all money and also swipe out my card in the meanwhile
    my organization is closed the sum of the money is held in the organization of voltec still it
    under court case you can visit the place also the address are with you.
    During the working period I was regular paid EMI and my credit cards payment.

    We were living in fathers house it is not belonging to you and after my father sudden death
    and registered in the name grandson and grand daughter of my sister
    The need to vacat the place as per their rule of the society
    . Now we are homeless and living on a rental basis Paying the amount after six months or
    In recession I lost my job and my age is 56yrs now I m doing the consolation on
    pharmaceuticals on commissions basis get the some amount Rs 5000 or 7000/= it is small
    company make the payment after 90 to 120 until the project is successful.
    I was running through some credit cad and due to no cash inflow i was not able to pay the
    money to ICICI bank.
    Once i received a call from there department having the phone number 022-61988370/022-61988375
    which was a threatening call and then told that he will bring the four people and want meet
    my wife and other members as card is in my name what is relation he has with my wife If
    something happens to her then I will compliant as rape case and never the disclosed the name
    I told him we will meet him one place and will discuss that guy very much interested to meet
    my wife then I have take the action
    This guy called my son just now completed the Post graduation he started the career just two
    months in working one firm threatening him who has given the authority to collection agency
    to call to my son to call. they misbehaved with son Admin staff of team leader , asking them
    to call him from him busy class. They also demand to fire him from him services

    If call comes to him the same letter to forwarded to Police station and legal department
    whatever is there it should be with me not to others. As issued thecard to me that time DSL
    never the call different person for this.

    Note the .As this card is lost in the which is informed to ICICI bank no proper is action
    taken the lodge of compliant copy is with me that can produced.

    They also called me to my relatative place and abused very bad language and threaten to
    capture their property.
    Now what should i do ? Help me out in it. As, now i won’t pay them a single penny but i want
    to fight against them.help me out with the further proceedings…

    Due to my age I lost the job in the year 2009 that time my company is closed and father was
    hosiptalised because of collection agency person of ICIC BANK threatened taken Rs 25,000/=
    from my father without my knowledge still ID card photo copy is with me. That time on wards
    conditions was worst in the year January 2009 and subsequent he expired in the year Nov
    2011 because of collection agency lot of money is spent on hospitalation you are responsible
    for it.

    I described the matter to you Pl give the details of that DSL ADDRESS, PERSON NAME TO take
    the action against them.
    As card provided by ICICI bank collection agency is authority to your organization not to me
    and other member of family.
    I will the settle the amount when family will be stablised or make settle the amount of Rs
    5000/= after 3 months in installment basis

    I will make suicide note will be given to advocate the expenses will be borne by the ICICI
    BANK and collection agency department

    Thanks and Regards

    Vijay kumar.D

    1. Thanks for sharing that with all of us

  97. sachin says:

    Hello Manish,

    I am a IT Engineer, from Pune , Maharashtra. 4 years down of the line, I have brought Home Loan from LIC HFL. and recently (3 month before), again brought Top-Up loan on the same property from LICHFL.

    But every time ,I had very bad experience with LICHFL. So I want to transfer my loan to some other bank. Is it possible ?

    In LICHFL agreement, they mention that for pre-closer need to pay 2% extra.

    Last year I get to know that , Supreme Court made amendment that pre-closer fees should not taken from borrower.

    Please suggest me .

    Thanks, sachin

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Sachin,

      It is possible to transfer your loan keeping in mind the various charges that you will have to pay. Consider the transfer fee and the difference in interest rates and only then take a decision based on whether it is advantageous to you or not.

      Also, does your home loan have floating interest rate? If yes, pre-closure fees are not applicable on home loans with floating interest rate. However if it is fixed interest rate, these charges are applicable and therefore you should take these charges also into consideration.


    2. Its only for BANKS and not NBFC (like LICHL) ..

  98. mahesh katarmal says:

    i, Mr. Mahesh Katarmal, Partner Of M/S. RAVI AUTO SERVICES, is a Dealer Of Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd. We have our office at 271, Dr.Annie Besant Road, Opp. Ceat Building, Worli,Mumbai-400030 We are in the business of selling Petrol and Diesel to the Motorist and Truckers through 3 petrol pumps in Maharashtra:

    Dear Sir I Have To Address You As Under,

    We would like to bring to your kind attention that we are valued customer of HDFC Bank since the last 10 years. We both have enjoyed a very good relationship with no untoward incident having occurred at both our ends.

    We Are Preferred Customer Since Long Years. We Are Carrying On Business Of Selling Petrol, Diesel And CNG As Authorized Dealers Of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. As Per the tie up between Our Corporation Bharat Petroleum And hdfc Bank, we have been instructed to Open An Account With HDFC. Also The Credit Card Swiping Machine installed at the outlet is of your bank only. We Are Swiping high Amount Of Transaction In LAST 10 YEARS through hdfc swiping machine. More over I like to inform you that apart from this account I am having more than 25 to 28 Relation with hdfc bank in terms of Car loans, Insurance ,Saving Accounts, Credit Card, Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds, and many other current and saving Bank Accounts. In The Regular Course Of Our Business We Collect The Cash From Our Cash Customer And Regularly Depositing the same In Your Bank. We Are Depositing Cash In Same Home Branch Account Even then Your Bank Is Charging Us A Cash Deposit Home Branch Charges. As an explanation in this context, we would like to inform you that we have a high selling Petrol Pump at National Highway No.4, and we have cash transactions to the tune of Rs. 15/- Lac per day and this money is being deposited to your Vashi Branch situated at Sector 7. Our Customer ID 20104196 is in the name of Ravi Auto Services. We cater to all trucks plying from JNPT to Gujarat, Delhi, Rajasthan and other big states therefore our cash sales is large. This money too is deposited in Vashi Branch and then transferred to our OD account at Prabhadevi Branch for onward payment to BPCL and other parties.

    Initially there was no cash transactions charges levied on us. However, we were charged Rs.1,42,015-/ in the year 2010, which was reversed after we took up the matter with senior officers from your Bank. Again, in Aug-2012, we were charged Rs. 1,10,713.90 as cash deposit charges for cash deposited in your Vashi Branch for the period 2nd Aug 2012 To 13 Oct 2012. I Immediately Met Your Concerned Officer Mr. Nishant Shah (R M ) And Also Addressed A Letter to him. The entire Amount was Credited back into our account within two months of our complaint date.
    The Total amount is Rs.7,94,420.00 (SEVEN LACH NIGHTY FOUR THAUSAND FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY ) Debited in our Account

    I hope you understand that this causes us lot of harassment to as we have to again & again request and follow up to your officials for reversal of these charges.

    Hoping And Anticipating A Favourable Answer At Your End.

    Yours Truly,

    Mahesh Katarmal

    1. Thanks for sharing it !

  99. bhiru says:

    what should the public do if some dalal take loan in others name without the knowledge of that person? these dalal people with the help of bank staff take maximum kcc loan in others name illegally which are fake loan….the documents given for these loans are fake and the manager knows everything. If someone try to protest there illegal act than that person is brutally tortured with the help of police force. therefore no one is daring to protest against their ill act… they already take away morethan THREE CRORE Rupees from the Bank… what should we do to stop their illegal act???? Please suggest and give the main complain id of UNITED BANK OF INDIA… you will be highly apreciated

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr.Bhiru,

      This appears to be a case of identity theft. You may try and approach the Banking Ombudsman for recourse on this.


    2. Have you filed a Police complaint on this ?

  100. Moin Haidar says:

    Hi, I have citibank a/c in Hyderabad. I live in Chandiarh. Recently I used Axis bank ATM to withdraw 50,000 having 5 transaction of 10,000. Unfortunately each transaction happened twice and 100000 amount debited from the a/c.
    After 2 months of investigation, citibank says transactions were valid and we can not help anymore.
    Can I complain to Chandigarh Ombudsman or it should be Hyderabad one?

    1. It has to be Chandigarh Ombudsman where the incident happened !

  101. Suparna Gnaguly says:

    Hello… I have made a transaction of Rs.45000/-using my icici net banking . Soon after the transfer I realized the payee represents some fraudulent group. I requested payee’s bank (Axis) to ‘stop’ this credit. Axis told NEFT is irreversible , so they freeze the amount. It happened in March-2014. I have placed my application to ‘icici’ requesting recall of this transfer, but they did not recall saying ‘NEFT’ was done by me , so no penetration or fraudulent act was taken place. My transferred money is lying with Axis bank account and Axis is saying they may release the fund if receives ‘recall’ request from ICICI.

    Please guide me about.

    1. Actually bank is right here . Because you did the transfer, there is no fraud as such and NEFT cant be stopped like this .

  102. Dr. Pradeep Khedkar says:

    Hi Manish,

    I need your advise on this.

    I had Home loan account maintained since 2006 in Chinchwad Pune Branch of SBI–Home Loan Account No–1089419602.
    I had Savings account also connected to Home loan account—10894017750.
    In 2013 I got 12.69 Lacks Loan from SBI Chinchwad (Approved from RACPC Wakdewadi Branch) Morgage loan on same property—Act No–32890914603 and I am paying regular installments of the same morgage loan since last 1 year till date.

    On 2nd May 2014, I requested Chinchwad branch home loan dept to close home loan account by taking due ammount from me if by rules it is possible to close it. I also informed them that this home loan account is connected to Morgage loan account on same property. They enquired with their higher authority and confirmed me that this loan can be closed by rule and original documents can be returned back to you after closing loan. They said to me that morgage loan has nothing to do with basic home loan account closure.

    On their(SBI Chinchwad home loans dept) instructions I transferred 3,83729 Rs and closed home loan and got NOC for the same loan. They also guided me to Shankarsheth Road Pune branch to collect original documents. I followed their instructions and collected my original documents on 2nd May 2014– very same day of closure.

    4 days before after I informed RACPC Wakdewadi Branch, I realized that SBI Chinchwad branch has closed my Basic Home loan account by unlawful manner. Branch manager also agreed that closing home loan account is not allowed as per bank policy. He agreed that it is human error and can not be reversed. He also requested me to return original documents.

    Because of SBI Chinchwad branch mistake now I am not eligible to apply for new loan as extension of morgage and on top of this I am forced to close my morgage loan account as well by SBI and RBI rule.
    I requested them to correct mistake by branch and reverse my closed home loan account and return my paid ammount—Rs. 3,83,729
    I also told them that—-I am not in a position to close morgage loan account. I will continue paying installments as I have paid this till date. Also notified them–I am ready to return original documents to bank in a hassle free way.

    I have verbally assured them that I will not remorgage my property in unlawful way.

    They are not ready to co operate and just repeatedly telling me to submit original documents.

    Please advise me about my further stand about matter.

    Dr. Pradeep Khedkar

    Kindly advise me about

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Pradeep,

      Do you have any written communication from the bank where they have mentioned that the closure of your home loan account will not affect your mortgage loan account?

      If yes, then you can present the same to the bank and ask them not to close your mortgage loan account. And still if the bank officials do not agree for the same you can raise the issue with the Banking Ombudsman.

      The link for lodging online complaint with Banking Ombudsman is https://secweb.rbi.org.in/BO/precompltindex.htm

      You can apply for Banking Ombudsman only if:
      • The bank has rejected your written complaint or
      • You have not received any reply within a period of one month after the bank has received the application or
      • You are not satisfied by the reply given by the bank.

      Also with regards to submitting your property papers, since this is a Loan against property your property papers need to be mortgaged with the bank.


    2. I am not very much aware on what can be done in this matter, but I can connect to a SBI agent whom I know, he might be able to guy you ! , let me know if I should !

  103. magesh says:

    hi manish,
    i am a partner of a firm called siva blue metals, tuticorin (tamil nadu). i have unused company cc a/c in icici bank for more than 2 yrs. actually i forgot about the account. my company do have some term loan taken from icici bank but doesnt have anything to do with this cc a/c. since they gave term loan for machineries they requested us to open a bank a/c. actually the problem is i manitained a balance 0f rs 10000/- in the a/c for all these days. now in april’ 14 they have debited the amount saying some charge for non transaction and send us a statement today. they never informed us about the charge before doing so and i wanted to know is there any provision for them to do so. if not what step should i take legally. i wanted to take them to court is that possible.

    1. There is no provision on your end. Its all there in company rules and no bank tells you each and every small detail like this . I am not sure if you can do anything here . .

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Magesh,

      Firstly, go through the form signed by you while opening the account. The charges for dormant accounts should be mentioned in there.

      Also, the bank would not inform consumers when such charges are deducted, as they have already been informed and accepted by you. We do not think much can be done in this case.


      1. magesh says:

        thank you for ur reply guys

  104. Manish Hansaliya says:

    SBI BANK (A/C no – 12345678910123) CHEQUE AMOUNT Rs.10000/- DEPOSITED IN TO IDBI BANK (A/C no – 9876543210123).
    i give written complaint to SBI on date – 05/03/2013
    and i give written complaint to IDBI on date 12/03/2013.
    There was balance of Rs.15,716/- in my SBI account, I issued a Cheque of
    Rs.10,000/- from this account also deduct Rs.10000/- from SBI account.but not credited in to IDBI. And received the noticed me the memo that there is insufficient balance in your account.IDBI scroll/scan my cheque more than four time without single time inform me every reject memo IDBI deduct rejection charge on me as a penalty of Rs. 240/-.

    after send mail to – cgmcsd@rbi.org.inr
    So yesterday received call from SBI please give the number of your IDBI bank
    but IDBI any of person are not ready to talk with SBI.
    and lastly IDBI says we are deposited your amount Rs.10000/- in to your IDBI account with in two days of working.

    what kind of action taken on IDBI Bank.

    Manish Patel

    1. Yes, if it has impacted you very severely , then you can demand a compensation, file a complaint with banking ombudsman

  105. lagerahonatubhai says:

    Anti-corruption movement
    C/o-prathna sangh, bhadra ashram, athwalines, b/h. govt. qtrs.
    Near Surat district court. Surat.
    Coordinators, Narendra patel (lagerahonatubhai)
    M-07802050596, email- lokandolansurat@gmail.com,lagerahonatubhai@gmail.com

    Legal notice-urgent-important-Show cause notice-reply within two days to avoid legal prosecutions


    All concern directors, management, authorized signatories, partners/beneficiaries/group of companies’ associated directors/executives/staff/concern, franchisees/agents/distributors etc… all person directly or indirectly of following company/website domain/portal/email id/ bank accounts/associate firms by any means of any agreement/appointment/contracts etc.

    1. Vintech Shoppe Pvt. Ltd. 3rd Floor, Alay Complex, Above IDBI Bank, Parvat Patia, Surat. 0261 – 264 76 76,+91 997 893 3860, cmd@hrpbusiness.com ,customercare@hrpbusiness.com,
    CIN- U52390GJ2010PTC060062, Registration Date- 30/03/2010, Registration No. 060062, Mr. Jignesh Panseriya, Vintech Shoppe Private Limited currently have 2 Active Directors / Partners: Jignesh bhai Panseriya, Ghanshyam bhai Virjibhai Panseriya,
    (1) Real Estate and Land Development (Vintech Infrastructure)
    (2) Health Care (Nutema Lifecare Pvt Ltd)
    (3) The HRP Co-operative Credit and consumer Soc. Ltd.
    (4) Hyper Mart Malls (Vintech Retails Pvt. Ltd.)
    (5) HRP Franchise Concept (Network Marketing).
    (6) Vintech Tours and Travels,
    (7)Vintech Shoppe Pvt. Ltd. (HRP multilevel Marketing Business)
    (8) Vintech Fashion
    (9)Vintech times.
    2. Bankers- IDBI BANK,
    3. franchisee
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    Surat,Mobile : 9925906266,
    5. Mansukh Khasiya,Shop No: 412 to 414
    4 th Floor , Swastk Plaza ,Near Tulsi Row House , Yogi Chowk
    6. Mansukh Khasiya,Shop No: 412 to 414
    4 th Floor , Swastk Plaza ,Near Tulsi Row House , Yogi Chowk
    Surat,Mobile : 9925906266,
    7. Bhavesh Chauhan, 202, Kankavati Complex, Above Bank of Baroda near S.M.C Vegetable Market, Singanpore Char Rasta to Causway,
    8. Manish Loriya and Dinesh Kapuriya, Shop No 204, North Angle, 150 Foot Ring road, Near Ashta gate, Opp, Ambedkar City Busstop, Rajkot – 360004, Mobile: 9427562244
    9. Rakesh S Patel, Limbadiya chokdi,Limbadiya to Khanpur Road Panchmahal,
    Mobile : 9979464921
    10. Bhavesh Devmurari and Kishor Ramanuj, 1st Floor Mahavir complex Opp Bus Station Palitana, Mobile: 9016756033
    11. Dharmedra Bhoraniya and Dinesh Dalsaniya, shop No-103, Shivam Complex, beside sky mall, near Gandhi Garrage, Sanala road Morbi, Mobile: 9909875264,
    12. Shailesh Prajapati, G/F 49, Someshar Mall, Near Modhera Circle, Mahesana-384001, Mobile: 8758609688,
    13. Vijay Prajapati, G/F 49, Someshar Mall, Near Modhera Circle, Mahesana-384001,
    Mobile: 9904175795,
    14. Shailesh Prajapati and Vijay Prajapati, G/F 49, Someshar Mall, Near Modhera Circle, Mahesana-384001, Mobile: 9904175795,
    15. Dilip Davra, 1 st Floor Om Complex, Beside MRF Showroom, Junagadh Road, Jetpur,
    Mobile: 9274034142,
    16. Alpesh Davra and Dilip Davra, St Bus station road, kanakiya plot opp.LIC office near jyoti Studio bulding Jetpur, Mobile: 9428225495,
    17. Arvin Vataliya and Dilip Galani, 2nd Floor Goti Complex, Opp Patel Park, Ranjitsagar Road, Jamnagar, Mobile: 9537533712,
    18. Devshi Chavda, and Bhimshi Chavda, 1ST FLOOR VIJAY COMPLEX, OPP KRISHNA HOTEL AT NANDANA TAKLYANPUR DIST-DWARKA, Mobile: 9913373745,
    19. Pradip Mandani and Sanjay Kakadiya, Shop No-7, 1st Floor. I20 Complex, Valiya Road, Ankleshwar, Mobile: 972616660,
    20. Jignesh Pansuriya, 1st Floor, Avadh Arcade, Near Radhe Hotel, Station Road, Vadiya,
    Mobile: 9327130965,
    21. Ramnik Bhagat(Morbi) and Rakesh G Patel and Abhay Ramani,9, GROUND FLOOR DEVRAJ MALLIN FRONT OF HAVELI, THAKKAR NAGAR , BAPUNAGAR AHMEDABAD,Mobile : 9724154433
    22. Other team who associates to make website, marketing, office staff, office and resident owner who gave them rent and other all agent of upline who have made fraud happen by Ponzi scheme.
    23. Agents and investors, members listed below and others till date complain and chargesheet.list of 504 stated below.

    Subject-show cause notice- why not legal prosecution and other complains to higher authorities made against you all above stated and all concern persons/business entities ,for different allegations made by citizens/members?. Reply and present your part (with necessary proofs/documents/records) by meeting with us within two day to avoid further legal actions.

    We are non-government, nonpolitical organization of Gujarat, who are fighting for different issues like human right violations, corruption, public fund misuse, power abuse, exploitations etc.
    We have received complain from Different witnesses and innocent citizens with appropriate proofs who were been cheated by Ponzi scheme run jointly by above listed person and on said proofs, we hereby notify you for allegations under frame to charge against your all concern above stated persons/business entities.
    we had no other way left to make issue show cause notice subject to matter which is highly effective to Indian business system and morals, ideals and established principles.so please clear at this stage and don’t take said show cause notice otherwise way and cooperate to disclose maximum details you can to satisfy us to avoid any legal further action or disclosure of said notice and follow-ups.
    As a part of Natural justice principle we must heard your part and check your documents before allegation legally, so hereby you are informed, noticed and issued show cause notice to be replied within a two days written as well as personally to check your presentations by calling on m-07802050596 or by email- lagerahonatubhai@gmail.com, lokandolansurat@gmail.com, at Prathna sangh, athwa lines, surat hall.
    You are running your Ponzi scheme under following and other business plan like as under- (as stated on website and literature)
    Business Plans
    You can develop your business just in 425 Rs.
    If you make 15 PV left: 15 PV right in 45 days, you will be owner of 1 loyalty unit.
    Then you will be liable to get income as per loyalty unit which depends on company’s monthly turnover.
    If you are not interested to make 15 PV left : 15 PV right , you can enter in our business by investing with any one of our franchisee package which are mentioned below:

    Franchisee Package Product Value Loyalty Unit Package P.V.
    425 Life Time 25 % Discount 0 1
    11215 13800 1 31
    21615 25875 3 63
    41135 52200 7 127
    78695 102600 15 255
    153815 213750 31 511
    304055 431250 63 1023
    604535 862500 127 2047

    The regular interaction and association with leader will lead willingness to customer to join the business for benefits.
    You can buy any of the package mentioned above and become franchisee of HRP.
    Along with the product package you will be given a SMART CARD issued by Company.
    The value of the product will be forwarded to the smart card given to you.You can use this balance amount to buy any product of Nutema Life Care Pvt. Ltd. throughout your life, from any of our franchisee outlet or online .
    Balance of the product value will be used only to purchase product, it will not be transferred to cash.
    While purchasing product through smart card if there is no sufficient balance then you have to pay through cash. 25% discount will be given on cash purchase for lifetime…

    Sales commission is released weekly and its account is cleared on weekly basis.
    Sales commission is calculated on weekly product sale ,1 PV left : 1 PV right = Rs. 50
    Sales commission will be given only once on every sale of product.
    Counting of sales commission will be done from Thursday to Wednesday and cheque will be released every Saturday.
    Maximum ceiling of weekly commission is Rs. 5000. If the sale commission is less than Rs. 1000 then cheque will not be issued and balance will be directly transferred to the smart card.
    Commission amount can be withdrawn from any of our branch as Franchisee using your smart card.
    TDS as per Government rule and 10 % admin charge will be deducted from your sales commission.


    Loyalty unit income is based on follows:
    (Company’s Monthly Turnover *5%) / Loyalty Unit Achievers.

    Commission based on loyalty unit will be released on every fourth Wednesday of the month and its cheque will be issued on following Monday.
    Our every franchisee gets this Loyalty income which is also known as Honesty income or Ajivan Income.
    As this income depends on company’s monthly turnover hence it will not be a fixed or guaranteed income and also not possible to say the exact commission amount of Loyalty unit. It will be provided to the Franchisee throughout the life time, in absence of Franchisee, income will be continued to register Nominee till the total reimbursement of per ID reaches Rs. 72000 from starting.
    TDS as per Government rule and 10 % admin charge will be deducted from your Loyalty unit commission.

    Main allegations are stated in brief as follows.
    1. Your business modes operand was similar to PONZI schem, MLM, money circulation etc companies which are under legal prosecution.
    2. You have motivated black money to generate by without pancard membership to maximum members/distributors/agents etc.
    3. You have to deduct 20% TDS deposited in government nor advance payment made. As per written promises you have not distributed return to member registered in your company click4future company. Your payments are irregular, and your website is fake registered and collected in said bank .now a days your website has blocked some member and not replying them and not given their money back with return.
    4. You have made constant policy, rules, and scheme change
    GROUP has committed all types of violations –
    1. Banking regulations
    2. Multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme, money circulation act, under Section 2(c), 3 of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes Banning Act 1978
    3. Foreign Exchange rules violation under FERA (to be checked)
    4. Viollations of provisions of Companies Act
    5. Cheating & fraud under IPC Sections 34, 120(b), 406 and 420, Section 511 of IPC
    6. Bypassing of regulatory system, KYC norms, co-operative societies act, SEBI, RBI, Company law boards and statutory controls under investor protection act etc
    7. Other violations like Anti- Money Laundering (AML) / Combating of Financing of Terrorism (CFT) Standards (to be checked)
    8.other violations of consumer protection rights, income tax, labor act,PF act, ESI act, Insurance act and other international laws, financial controls and directions laid by international justice court, cyber laws, privacy laws, human right violations, reserve fund norms of co-operative acts etc.
    8. Committed income opportunity fraud which also violates consumer protection provisions. income opportunity’ racketeers has hide their intentions psychologically, and financially, abusive criminal objectives behind legally-registered, privately-owned, limited-liability, commercial-companies The racketeers behind these counterfeit corporate structures have obviously got their agents to make false declarations to the citizens and legal statutory bodies.as to their actual purpose. ‘Income opportunity fraud is personal violation. Although there is no outward physical injury, certain victims have described the betrayal they felt, as the psychological equivalent of rape. Whilst a few victims have sought the help of mental health professionals or advocacy groups, most have suffered alone. Psychological effects of income opportunity fraud are like, Income opportunity fraud victims’ trust in their own judgment, and their trust in others, has often been destroyed. They generally cannot seek the support of family members or friends, because family members and friends often have been exploited at the victims’ instigation, producing increased feelings of guilt and self-blame.
    Income opportunity fraud often leads to the different feelings or emotional reactions amongst its victims are shame, embarrassment and guilt the sense that the victim contributed to his/her own, or to others’, victimization
    self-doubt, shock, disbelief ,societal condemnation and indifference (produced by the attitude that victims merit what they got as a result of their own greed and stupidity), isolation (victims suffer in silence rather than risking alienation and blame from family members and friends),anger, resentment and a sense of betrayal toward the recruiter for taking advantage of the recruit, frustration with criminal justice system, fear for the victims’ financial security, increased concern about victims’ personal safety and well-being, or that of victims’ families. The financial cost of income opportunity fraud can be evaluated. However, less easily measured, and perhaps the most devastating cost of all, has been the emotional impact of this crime on many of its victims. Such harm is often the result of the victims’ loss of the financial security, family home, previous social contacts including marriage partners and relatives, business/ employment/ career, Inheritance, retirement or other savings, professional or personal credibility, mental health professionals cannot analyses emotional harm caused by violent crime. And results in fear/terror: powerlessness, tress, increased blood pressure and heart rate, hyperventilation, panic, inability to eat or sleep, loss of enjoyment of daily activities,Depression,Short-term effects on income opportunity fraud victims have included preoccupation with the crime (thinking and talking about it constantly, replaying the crime, wondering what could have been done differently, etc.) inability to concentrate or perform simple mental tasks, concern that other people will blame victims for what has happened, increased strain on personal relationships (divorce or withdrawal of support),In extreme cases, income opportunity fraud has led some victims to attempt, or to commit, suicide.NGOs and government agencies that help crime victims have not reported significant levels of income opportunity fraud victims, in part because the victims themselves are often too embarrassed to come forward. Many feel they have only themselves to blame when, in reality, it has been gangs of calculating and skilled confidence tricksters who have been to blame for these widespread criminal acts. Although income opportunity fraud victims are not alone, they often suffer their losses alone and in silence. Shame, guilt, embarrassment, and disbelief are among the reasons explaining why only a low percentage of fraud victims overall make any form of complaint to law enforcement. However, the percentage of income opportunity fraud victims who have complained, is far lower. Some income opportunity fraud victims experience such high level of shame or fear about the loss of personal and professional respect and credibility that they choose not to disclose their victimization to anyone, including family members, friends and professional colleagues. Many consider their losses are not large enough to report. They chose not to get involved, believing that law enforcement agencies will not take the crime seriously, or believing that nothing will result from reporting the crime. Sadly, this is often the case. Income opportunity fraud victims can fear confronting the person(s) who defrauded them. They also can fear other peoples’ judgmental attitudes towards a public disclosure, particularly when they have not even told anyone close to them that they were the victim of a crime.
    9. Knowingly disclosed information and manipulated right information to cheat mass of people by organized group. No tangible assets of the Company could be seen, Balance sheet, profit & loss account – nothing is available, the so-called business, on-line business is nothing but dubious one. In such a short period, Company says it has created lakhs of
    members and get crores of rupees investment/turnover. Opening accounts of the multi-level marketing distributors/
    agents/franchisee etc and trading agencies dealing with MLM etc.
    Especially, strict compliance with KYC and AML guidelines contained in
    circulars issued by RBI not implemented.
    • Representatives of the above firms had opened accounts at various
    bank branches at different locations in the country and numerous small
    cash deposits were being made in those accounts. The firms and their
    agents had reportedly promised very high returns on deposits and lured
    common people to part with funds in the name of certain investment/
    deposit schemes. These funds, running into crores of rupees, were
    being pooled at the Principal Accounts of the MLM firms and the funds
    were eventually flowing out of those Principal Accounts for purposes
    apparently illegal or highly risky. These firms had managed to get
    very large number of cheque books issued from the banks .The small
    depositors were depositing the money in the accounts of MLMs at places
    far away from the places where the accounts were actually opened which
    was facilitated by Core Banking Solution (CBS) offered by the banks.
    Since the operations of the firms are essentially deposit taking
    activities involving unusually high returns, the ongoing repayments of
    interest and deposit amounts in respect of existing deposits would
    depend on continuous and uninterrupted flow of fresh deposits with
    increasing volumes.
    • As per written promises you have not distributed 30% of company
    turnover amount as reward and not paid, irregular, offline and without
    and tax deduction or tax paid product/payment given.You have made
    constant policy, rules, and scheme change and like minimum of 10% of
    payout would need to be redeemed under Re-purchase and subject to a
    maximum points in a calendar month. Added and which effected
    original scheme on which you have promised income to your distributors
    and Distribution ship is valid for one year (from date of activation).
    The renewal of the distribution ship would be done as per company
    policy said norms were not considered in first membership terms. The
    company reserves the right to alter/change the business plan, rates,
    prices and charges or terms and conditions. Notice of such change
    shall be deemed to have been given and received by independent
    Distributor with the same being mentioned in the Website. Independent
    Distributor agrees to it and would abide by such changes and
    undertakes complete responsibility to stay abreast of such
    developments communicated in such fashion. But in said case said above
    stated group has violated it by without consent and without informing
    before a month time nor get distributors taken in confidence for
    acceptance. Total remake is not allowed. Minor changes can be considered
    in this norm. Frequency of product promotion and the reward points
    associated to each promotion would be decided by your companies and societies mentioned but no clear strategy announced on which base it is
    implemented. said opponent were running scheme, and members were registered and scheme is for the making of quick or easy money on any event or contingency relative or applicable to the enrolment of members into the scheme or a scheme for the receipt of any money or valuable thing as the consideration for a promise to pay money on any event or
    contingency relative or applicable to the enrolment of members into
    the scheme. One must get enrolled into the scheme
    to join others into the scheme for commissions. Huge income is
    promised by the company within a short span of time. The scheme of the company is Binary scheme. Binary scheme means one person has to enroll two persons and again these two persons have to enroll two persons each and again these four persons have to enroll two persons each and this chain continues endlessly. As the network and chain of members get extended, the upline members will get more commissions. It is promised by the company that the commission is paid not only on the personal efforts of joining members into its scheme but also on
    the efforts of joining new members into the scheme.
    It is promised by the company that the commission is paid not only
    on the personal efforts of joining members into its scheme but also on
    the efforts of joining new members into the scheme.
    The promoters of the scheme very well knew that it is certain that
    the scheme was impracticable and unworkable making tall promises and
    for the benefit of very few who have joined the scheme at the initial
    stage. If each person keep on enrolling two persons, at the 15th or
    18th level all the Indian population and at the 24th level all the
    World population will become the members of the company and there
    would be no member left to join/enroll into the scheme of new members
    by the already existing members. This will result in heavy loss of
    money of the enrolled members. The scheme will collapse under its own
    weight. Because of misrepresentation and deceptive words, lakhs of people have joined into the scheme of the company all over India and the company got quick and easy money of crores of by cheating and looting all these lakhs of people.

    We think to file your case against different government and police but
    as a part of natural justice system we are oblige to give you an
    opportunities to present your case with supporting documents. These
    above stated points are just sake of allegation which are not proved
    and made on base of assumption and oral complains of few members who have paid money in your scheme.
    Hope to have positive reply with necessary proofs which can be
    considered for taking next step decisions.
    Witnesses and others has approached us we have list of person has been cheated by your scheme. If within 48 hours of email received we has to file criminal offense against all involved in scam by running fake website and Ponzi scheme and make complain to arrest you and all involve with all your family members till your arrestment with seizure of all your properties, bank account and passport and investment made etc.
    We hope to call me immediately after receiving this email.
    For lok andolan Gujarat

    Narendra m patel
    Coordinator, Surat m-07802050596.

    We can complain with Subject- – approximate- more than 1000 crore fraud, heavy government tax theft and cheating of Indian citizens-register first information report (FIR) against said group and associated persons for biggest financial scandal, fraud by MLM (multilevel marketing) scheme of income opportunity fraud whose modus operandi is similar to different disclosed scam. Make Arrestment of concern person with bank account /web site/email/mobiles, passport, property, computers /data/ records etc. sealing, seizure and sent for forensic laboratories for further investigation and make official announcement to all citizens of India to come forward to register witness with promises to keep them confidentially, undisclosed and record their statements under Crop 164, magisterial inquiry proceedings under sealed cover.
    We can complain to Police commissioner, Surat with Note-Copy of this complain forwarded to list attached officials directly with specific request of immediate issues necessary instruction to surat police commissioner as main center of crime is surat, so take immediate legal preliminary action of registering complain and start proceeding and requested parallel to form committee of intellectual officers from all following department to make detail inquiry jointly with videography and then request to president of India to issue necessary order to have detail probe by central beauro of investigation or local through. With request that Public interest would be adversely affected if the said group is allowed to carry on its business any further. For applicable suo-motu legal action to all concern designated agency/authorities/officers/public servants with request to ascertain the identity of the complainant/applicant/witnesses/victims etc under “Whistle-Blowers” Resolution, act, provisions, rules, acts etc. We can also complain to followings
    Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

    2. Government of India

    3. Ministry of Home Affairs

    4. Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D)

    5. National Crime Records Bureau

    6. Central Forensic Science Laboratory

    7. Gujarat Forensic Science University


    9. DoPT

    And To
    1. Central registrar multi state co-operative societies
    2. SEBI
    3. Central vigilance commissioner,
    4. Reserve bank of India
    5. Company law board
    6. Company registrar
    7. All State registrar of co-operative societies
    8. Central investigation beauro
    9. Ministry of agriculture and co-operation
    10. All state director general of police
    11. All state vigilance commission
    12. All state anti-corruption beauro
    13. All district police superintendent or police commissioner
    14. All state’s all district collector
    15. All state chief secretaries
    16. All state Lokayukt
    17. All state governor
    18. All state finance minister
    19. All state chief minister
    20. Supreme court of India
    21. All state high court registrar
    22. National human right protection commission
    23. All state human right protection commission
    24. All state district principal judge
    25. All state’s all district collector
    26. Central information commissioner
    27. All state information commissioners
    28. Chief income tax commissioners
    29. Chief provident fund commissioner
    30. Chief labor commissioners
    31. All branch managers of all involved bank where opponents accounts, or through any transaction happens
    32. National women commission
    33. All state women commission
    34. All state police complain authorities
    35. All companies and societies registrar
    36. All rti activist,NGO,investor protections,vigilance officers,
    37. All consumer protection right
    38. Broad casting beauro
    39. Registrar of publication
    40. Media
    41. All MP, All MLA of all state
    42. All redressal of public grievances authorities
    43. Nodal Public Grievance Officers

  106. nithin says:

    beware of taking Loan in ICICI bank, especially home loan, no transferency in system, ” no right nor respect for customers” beware,

    most corrupt employees even top management

    1. Can you share your experience in more detail , we have had many good experience of ICICI Bank and some bad one’s !

  107. JACKSON says:

    Hi Manish,

    First of all, thanks a lot for this informative article.
    This is very very useful information for all common people like me…

    I need your inputs and guidance on an issue which I am facing with SBI.

    I have a complaint to file with regard to Property Insurance which was deducted from my Maxgain loan account (SBI). They (SBI) deducted this amount after 6-7 months of my EMI gone; I never agreed for any such Property insurance with SBI at the time of Loan application; but now they are saying that this is being deducted as per sanction terms. But Bank never informed to me regarding this deduction when I signed a bunch of documents just before Loan sanctioning/the first release of my Loan amount.
    Due to a situation that, I had to travel abroad the next day, I signed all documents related to Home Loan without reading any clause regarding Property Insurance at that point of time. But, the officials/documentation department of SBI did not INFORM me anything in this respect that I am also signing clause related to Property Insurance along with the other Home loan documents.
    Now, even after I submitted a written letter to Branch to CANCEL this property insurance and Refund it, they are NOT doing so saying that they cannot do anything since this was there in the sanction terms.

    As per my understanding, Property insurance is NOT MANDATORY for Home loans as per RBI guidelines, and it is purely the discretion of Customer to go for it or not. Bank CANNOT force the customer to take this by including this the Loan sanction terms and without informing this to Customer.

    But SBI is not listening to any of my points. They have Mis-lead me and made me to sign some documents without disclosing the fact that I am also agreeing to pay the property Insurance.

    Is the above complaint to be raised to Banking Ombudsman (if I had signed to agree for this deduction)??
    I am still abroad, and my doubt is that: Is it possible to file this complaint Online from here? Is my physical presence required in india to further process this complaint?
    Can you also send me the link where I can do this Online complaint.

    Thank you very much.


    1. Actually you are correct here to say that its not mandatory and you should not be paying, but from legal point of view, the fact that you have signed the papers means that you read it . PERIOD !

      So I am not sure on what grounds, some judge will decide if you are correct or wrong .. But you should anyways put a case with Ombudsman and see what happens !

  108. Kartikaye Mathur says:

    I have received a notice from the bank stating about some dues which need to be paid for settlement.
    When I enquired in the branch, I was told that my account was debited by 1000 INR when there was no balance (i.e. zero balance) in my account through an ATM withdrawal transaction. For the same I received a notice for settlement.

    – I requested for a statement of the above said transaction, following which I harassed by the branch manager saying that they will not provide any statements and if I do not pay the amount, It will be raised under my CIBIL history.
    This transaction happened to to an error in Bank’s software, which was admitted by the branch manager.
    I would like to express that I have made no such transaction and if its Bank’s mistake then why after 3 years I am being told about this incident and on top of this being harassed and asked to Pay penalty.

    – Secondly to my knowledge, we cannot use an ATM of savings account when there is no balance left in the account.

    Being a responsible customer and with a clean history, I am ready to pay the settlement after I am provided with a
    valid proof of my transaction, which to the best of my awareness has not happened.
    Moreover the branch manager accepted that it was due to some technical glitch.

    It would be a great help if someone can guide me in this issue
    Kartikaye Mathur

    1. Hi Kartikaye

      I think you are right here , First thing is that no CIBIL status can be updated based on a saving bank transaction , so mostly the branch manager is lying and trying to intimidate you . Next complain to banking ombudsman right now itself on this matter and if its a PSU bank , raise a RTI for this matter and ask your questions . Name the branch manager in this RTI ..


      1. Kartikaye Mathut says:

        Thanks a lot Manish for your guidance.
        I tried to file a complaint on RBI website and uploaded my issue. How to make sure that my complaint is recieved or raised as there is no intimation on the same.

        Will really appriciate if you have some information on this.

        1. There is no fast way to do this, wait for few weeks and see if you get a reply, also try to do the same OFFLINE as well !

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Kartikaye,

      CIBIL is a credit bureau which acts as a central repository and collects, maintains, updates credit information related to all borrowers. All lending institution report this information to the bureau on a periodical basis.

      The bureaus stores data related only to “credit” i.e. loans, credit cards, overdrafts etc. Savings, investments, Income tax are not credit transactions and hence are not stored by CIBIL.

      Your ATM withdrawal incident would not be reported to CIBIL and hence be assured that your credit history would not be affected.

      As rightly suggested by Manish, you should go ahead and file a complaint under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006. Before you take this step, ensure that a complaint is first raised with the bank and only in case of unsatisfactory/no response, go ahead with Banking Ombudsman.


  109. kakoli says:

    I have a fixed deposit with KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK LTD MY S.B A/C No- 05560120011601 and vide F.D.NO. 9611213090, Rs.7,00,000/Maturity amount 7,73,007..MY FD Amount susequently deposited to the nominee Account.

  110. nisha says:

    As said earlier, I had raised a complaint with the banking ombudsman. Acting to it, the standard charted bank has made my outstanding balance (undue since 2005) zero. (It is not a settlement, the bank decided to cancel all dues realizing the mistake when ombudsman interfered)
    I am planning to figure out whether this has been reflected in the credit reports as well. When last checked, the status against the said account was shown as “written off”. The bank had zeroised it now and has agreed to correct it in CIBIL too. So if the bank has corrected its mistake, what should be the status?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Nisha,

      Could you provide further insights on what the mistake was basis which the due was brought down to “0”?

      As per the information mentioned by you, the “written off” remark should be ideally removed from your credit report and a date closed should reflect against this account.


      1. nisha says:

        Basically, the issue was – I had 2 credit cards, the bank took an amount of Rs 900 from one towards the annual fee of the other without notifying me. The amount was taken from a correctly paid bill (bill was paid for the exact amount vide a cheque) and I wasn’t informed about the annual fee on the other. On going after them, they put it back, but it took them 6 months. During this period the deficit created in the paid bill had accumulated late charges amounting to Rs. 700 in 2005. Follow ups weren’t properly resolved and it was really hard making calls every day to the customer care, each call taking about 30-40 minutes to explain.
        They didn’t inform me anything about the so called outstanding amount, not even on an annual basis till 2009. In 2009, they made a threatening call saying I must pay Rs. 26000 or they will take action. I too decided I am going to the ombudsman as I had the check number using which I had paid their last bill to the exact amount. The rest wasn’t my fault, it was theirs. Why should I pay for it??
        They didn’t call me after that, and my CIBIL statement showed ‘written off’ which I mistook for its dictionary meaning – i.e. now the bank has given up and will not be asking me for money. My stance was that I wasn’t going after any one just for the sake of some cruel satisfaction. So I too dropped it there. But now, after another 5 years, they are back, asking for 95000, withholding my land papers even after I paid my mortgage loan off, and tarnishing my financial image by tht entry in CIBIL.
        Since, I had taken this to the ombudsman and now the bank has made the outstanding to zero. The CIBIL clearance is yet to happen though. That is why I wanted to know wht result i should be looking forward to. Thanks for your reply, and mayI ask you, will my credit score go back to 750+ from the current 600 something if such change is made? Or has these years already damaged my score irreparably?

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Nisha,

          Yes, there would be an improvement in your credit score, however we would not be able to comment on the increase since the score is calculated based on various other factors.

          Also, along with the removal of the “written off” remark and the outstanding balance changing to “0”, ensure that the late payments reported under the DPD (Days past due) section is removed.

          If the late payments are not removed, then the possibilities of your future loan applications being rejected would still remain.


    2. Wait for 40-50 days .. then check your CIBIL report once again and then check .. You status must be clear then

  111. BALAJI.K.S says:

    I have holder of BANK OF INDIA Swasthya BIma Policy Health insurance plan from bank of india. i completed 4 sucessfull years. But this year(2014) i have to pay my premium on 13.01.2014. i deposited money on 10.01.2014 for medical claim. but bank has not debited the money and policy got cancelled . unfortunately my son met with an accident and spent Rs.50000/- to treatment. bank’s are telling that i have not informed the bank while depositing.
    please any one guide me what i have to do in this situation. can i file case against bank in ombudsman

    1. Where did you deposit the money for mediclaim ? If you just deposited in your account, then its not like paying premium. You have to transfer it to the medical insurance . How have you been paying for all these years ?

  112. Pankaj says:

    I have issued a cheque of Rs.24630/- to party but the same was passed by my bank by Rs. 54630/- please advice.

    1. This is purely a bank mistake , assuming you did all the right things inside the cheque . What does your bank say ?

      1. Pankaj says:

        Yes, all things are correct in cheque as it was a system printed. My banker says that it is fault of the bank & branch where it was presented by party and we can do nothing. However I write a letter to my bank but no response from my bank even after 15 days.

  113. Shanku Dutta says:

    I am Sri. Shanku Dutta , I was apply a RTI application to The Principal Public Information officer, Legal Department, United Bank of India,Kolkata-01, dated on 18.11.2013 along with application fee of Rs.10/- by Indian Postal Order SL/No- 16F 556997. In favor of The Principal Public Information officer for my account information relating to payment of Reinvestment certificate A/C no – 1960/15/97 and Reinvestment certificate A/C no-961/15/97.maintained at Siliguri Branch UBI Bank under the RTI Act.2005. After few days I received a letter Ref. H.O./LD/RIA/398/13 /2013 dated on 27 November 2013 and advise me to correspondence directly with the Regional Public Information officer. ,Siliguri North Bengal Region, I was sent letter for corresponding directly with The Regional Public Information officer. North Bengal Region. but no any reply from their region yetnow.
    therefoe what shall we do now? please send us some advice.

    shanku Dutta

    1. It has been a lot of time, now file another RTI stating the old one !

  114. chinnarao palla says:

    I deposit 10000 rupees in A/C NO 20047684500 ,A/C holder name is HARICHARAN DEY,and he was getting a massege of amount credited on the same date of 31 aug 2013,but the amount was not credited till now,the amount diposited in SBI, main branch,srikakulam,branch code-0919,please help me because M/S DEY wants the same amount from me.
    thank you sir

    1. This issue can be solved only by SBI , no one else . Please contact the branch or customer care

  115. VIKAS GARG says:




    1. Hi Vikas

      Take it forward to banking ombudsman and for sure this guy will be taken care of .

  116. K.V.SUKUMARAN says:

    Sir, I got a term loan under the scheme of CGTMSE for machinery 24 lacks ,CC limit .5 lacs , BANK GUARANTEE TO BHEL 6 LACS ( NON FUND BASED) all the above our contribution 25 % excluded.
    Even though we paid the CGTSME SERVICE charges 1.5 % of the loan amount every year regulatory we made the registered Mortgage the industry land favour to the bank.
    In this regard we wish to know about the scheme details .
    (01) Whether the scheme require the collateral security under the scheme ?
    (02) Whether the Bank Guarantee will comes under the scheme or not ?
    More over the all above we have send frequent reminders to the BRANCH MANAGER”S IRRITATING ACTIVITIES TO THIER REGINAL OFFICE & HEAD OFFICE,

    In this circumstancees what shall we do now? please send us a clear reply .
    Awaiting your valuable response at the earliest please.
    tamil nadu
    mobile No

    1. I think the best thing you can do right now is file a RTI ask for these questions , so that things are legal and on the paper !

  117. nisha says:

    I had been checking this post and it is really something to see that a post created in 2011 attracts so many responses to this day. That shows the relevance of the post and the how people appreciate the effort you had put in. So first of all a big congrats and thanks to Manish for this page.

    I have an issue with the Standard Chartered bank which brought me here. It was in 2005 when they transferred an amount from a duly paid bill of Manhattan Credit Card to the Standard Chartered without notice. I wasn’t even informed of the same. On follow up, they agreed to pay back, and did that after 6 months. Meanwhile the late fee and charges mounted and they claim I now owe nearly a lakh to them. Due to this my name is in CIBIL list. I had been paying back a home loan from standard charted without any defaults. And my credit history with the other banks (and even with standard chartered) had been flawless. For this single mistake from their part, I am being penalized.

    I was kind of desperate and didn’t know what to do. I kept contacting the bank, but they never let me go past the call center or the recovery department. My issue had deeper roots, which they refused to look into. After gathering sufficient documents, I followed up for another 2 months and taking inspiration from your blog, i have now moved to the ombudsman. I haven’t heard from the ombudsman, but the bank called me asking for details about my complaint with the ombudsman. So I guess something is happening.

    Do you think I can get my CIBIL score corrected if ombudsman considers this case? Is there any reason for them to withhold my property documents even after paying it off to the last paise only because of this issue?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Nisha,

      If the revert received from Banking Ombudsman is in your favour, then yes the bank would have to report the rectified data to the bureau. Our suggestion would be that you obtain your CIBIL credit report after the matter is resolved to check the updation of your data.

      Also, if you have repaid your home loan completely then the bank cannot hold back your property papers. In short, your credit card dispute is not related to your home loan although availed from the same bank.


      1. nisha says:

        Thanks for the response and the clarification. I must thank you because this blog had been a major source of support in my approaching the ombudsman. And due to that, though the ombudsman has not intimated me of anything (not even of registering my complaint), I now see the bank taking action.
        From the side of the bank, they called, promised action and now say that the balance is ‘zeroised’. They have also informed that they are in the process of returning my home documents and clearing the CIBIL defaulter record. But already, because of this one entry, my CIBIL score had gone down to around 640.
        So I have 2 doubts now
        1) Does the ombudsman have a system of informing me about its proceedings (like about when a case is registered)? Will they call me for a hearing? Or will I only see the bank taking action?
        2) Will the correction by the bank take my CIBIL score back to 720+ (or whatever it should have been if this error was not made by the bank)? Or will I have to fight another battle to get my score into an acceptable bracket?
        Hoping to hear from you

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Nisha,

          Kindly refer the link http://www.rbi.org.in/commonman/English/scripts/againstbankfaqs.aspx to understand the process of Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006.

          Based on the judgement of Banking Ombudsman, if the bank reports the rectified data to the bureau, then yes your score would improve. It would be difficult to comment on the increase in numbers since the calculation of score also depends on the payment history, outstanding balances, credit utlisation, number of secured and unsecured loans, enquiries etc.

          Once the bank has intimated you about the rectification of data in their records, provide for a period of 45 days before you validate the same by obtaining your credit report. This is because banks usually report data to the bureau on a periodical basis, which ideally is monthly.

          Do ensure, that the bank reports the rectified data to all the credit bureaus of which it is a member i.e. CIBIL, Equifax and/or Experian.


          1. nisha says:

            Actually I was oblivious about the other bureaus other than CIBIL! It is unfair that we must go around checking and rechecking (each time speeding 1500 + for all of them together) to find whether they have updated or not! And all these for no fault of mine! Whereas, anytime, the banks have access to these records. So they should be informing us of the updation!
            Anyway thanks for the info!

    2. Thanks for sharing your case, anyways you have filed your complain with ombudsman, as the next step you should also reach out to consumer court so that your resolution is faster .

      In the meanwhile take more efforts to reach out to the bank and their offices to resolve this !

  118. Vikas says:

    i m totally harassed by Oriental Bank of Commerce on Pakhowal road branch, Ludhiana as they change time of lunch 1.00-2.00pm, 1.30-2.30pm & today they saying lunch is from 2.00-3.00pm even i m unable to read any instruction of timing of lunch anywhere in bank. suggest me can i make comlaint of same or not, the door is chained close not allowing anyone to enter in branch

    thnks & regard

    1. Are you saying that they do this every day for eveyrone ? Or just for you ?

      You should file RTI to their manager and ask them clearly what is the LUNCH Time and when will be they open after lunch ?

  119. MANISH says:

    Though we have made the complaint for failed ATM transaction as mentioned by you we haven’t recieved any response back from BO office our BO is Kanpur. More than period of 6 months have passed we have also send the reminder but no response has come. Pls. help me what should I do?

    1. Manish

      Did you put a offline complaint or online ? Also tell your bank that you are also complaining on consumer court on this !

  120. suriya says:

    Standard Chartered bank sent me Credict Card Enhancement Pack without prior notice, i made more than 10 complaints to their customer care but they are not responding correctly, now they are asking me to pay Rs 8000. They are keep on increasing outstanding amount to be paid each month. They are not closing my account also, i didn’t purchase anything using that card, what to do for this..?

    1. First, complain to RBI, Consumer court on this, and please surrender it back , I keep hearing about these practices from them !


  121. Sharmistha says:

    Just wanted to update in the above mail that I paid 40000 not 4000.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sharmistha,

      If the credit card terms and conditions does not specify anything with this regards then, as a first step you would have to inform/lodge a complaint with the credit card issuer. Only in case of no response for 1 month or unsatisfactory response would you be able to file a compliant under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006.

      We would suggest that you first take these initial steps as the further course of action would depend on the response of the credit crad issuer.


  122. Sharmistha says:

    I had a balance amount of 50000 to be paid for the manhattan credit card.
    I paid 4000 within the due date & the 10000 got credited to the credit card account within the due date from different merchants as I cancelled few transactions. But the bank did not consider the amount of 10000, which got credited from the merchant’s side & charged interest. I wrote a mail to the bank. But they told that the interest cant be reversed as they don’t consider the amount credited from merchant side. But this condition is not mentioned anywhere in the credit card’s terms & conditions. Should I make a complaint to Banking Ombudsman?

    1. Yes, in that case you should complain to banking ombudsman

  123. sumedh nagrale says:

    Internet/online fraudulent transactions amounting to Rs. 53198 has took place by using my PNB credit card details on 17.12. 2013.

    As soon as I got first fraudulent sms for online transaction at 11.18 PM, I started calling PNB credit card customer care to block my credit card. Customer care could block my card only after some waiting and several disconnections of call. And that gave time to fraudulent transactions even after my try to prevent it.

    But given the option of “Block credit card by SMS” as directives given by RBI point A (viii) in their letter No. RBI / 2012 -13/424 DPSS (CO) PD No.1462 / 02.14.003 / 2012-13 dated February 28, 2013, this fraud could have been stopped well before . I have not even received any acknowledgement of card blocking till date.

    Mr. Praveen Bharathi , Sr. Manager, PNB credit card dispute section has informed me that there is no real time fraud monitoring system in PNB. And also doesn’t recognize the transaction pattern of the customer in real time. So that could be the reason to take place this fraud just in 13 minutes (from 11:18 pm to 11:31 pm).

    But as per RBI directive point A (v) Bank should frame rules based on the transaction pattern of the usage of cards by the customers in coordination with the authorized card payment networks for arresting fraud. This would act as a fraud prevention measure (By June 30, 2013). And also point A (x) Banks should build in a system of call referral in co-ordination with the card payment networks based on the rules framed at (v) above.

    Unfortunately PNB could not provide above real time system by the time stipulated by RBI in their directives and hence this fraud could takes place.

    Surprisingly, even after my call to Customer care and blocking of card, no concrete steps were taken to avert these transactions. No efforts were taken to stop /cancel/freeze the account of transaction. Neither they took my blocking call seriously nor did they act promptly. They simply asked me to fill the transaction dispute form so that they can take action only after my authorization. My question is calling from my registered mobile number and giving my authentication to customer care that caller is a card holder, couldn’t give them power to stop/reverse/cancel/freeze the transactions.

    It just seemed to me that my hard earned money doesn’t mean anything to them. It grows on the tree in front of my home.

    Further, after submitting TDF next morning on 18.12.2013 , bank replied the following after 6 days:
    “We would like to confirm that as you cannot recall this transaction done on your card, the card details could have been compromised. We would like to advise you that transactions on the Internet cannot be carried out without entering card number, expiry date and the three digit CVV value given on the reverse of the card plastic, besides one VBV password created by you and known only to you is also needed for making this transaction.
    Under these circumstances the Bank would not be able to raise a charge dispute for the transactions and we would request you to raise the issue with the merchant directly or if you feel some body has cheated you please lodge complaint with the police for seeking remedy and send the copy of FIR for our record.”

    The above reply is nothing but the running away from liability of ‘chargeback’ due to lack of alertness/security of PNB and Visa. I would like to mention the fact that VBV password was not shared to anyone by me.

    One of the merchant “Sujav Business Pvt. Ltd” has provided the information of person who used my card information for transaction. The name, address, mobile no., and email id used for transaction is nowhere matching with me. So it does prove that I have not done these transactions. And as Visa has mentioned in their web site that Visa has real time monitoring then how come my name,address,mob.no,email id does not match with fraud person. How come the real time monitoring of PNB and Visa could not sense the interval (1min, 2min, 3min etc), email id, mobile no and card number of these transaction. It is really hard to believe and their system of security has failed to save my money as well as mental agony and hence full liability to refund the amount lies with PNB and Visa.

    As per the “Code of commitment to customer” , ‘Point 8.14.1 General information ( f.) If you do not recognize a transaction, which appears on your card statement, we will give you more details if you ask us. In cases, where we do not accept your contention we will give you evidence that you had authorized the transaction, in question.’
    It is to inform you that I have already sent an email asking the full details of transactions, web site etc , but till date PNB has not replied.

    Such irresponsible and immature (running away) behaviour towards customer and lack of security alert system has caused such unfortunate incidence.

    I once again confirm you that transactions in questions neither made nor authorized by me. And request PNB and Visa to refund the money at the earliest.

    Kindly help me in this regard as PNB doesnt seem to refund the me.
    Your help will highly be appriciated.

    Thank you.

    Sumedh Nagrale

    1. Sumedh

      Your next step has to be to complain to banking ombudsman on this

      1. sumedh nagrale says:

        Are there any similar cases where consumer got the disputed amount back?

  124. Geeta says:

    Dear Mr. Manish,

    I have gone through your article about Banking Ombudsman. I want your views about my case because I am still confused whether I should file a complaint or not?

    I was using a standard chartered credit card. The problem started from June 2012 when they charged annual fee (here I would like to inform that in first year they have also waive off the annual fee on my request), on my request they waive off the charges in the month of Dec 2012 but in between I have not paid any amount which is related to the annual fee, like annual fee, s.tax etc. From June12 to Dec 12 they charged late fee, interest, s.tax on the outstanding balance. From June 12 to Dec 12, I had made all the payments which were related to my actual transactions except annual fee & other charges related to annual fee.

    I was following this matter from bank from June 2012 to till date. I have explained this matter so many times through mail through calls but no result. Finally when the issue not solved in frustration I cancelled my credit card but still I am receiving outstanding balance statement & frequent calls from SCB for settlement of this amount. Now the amount is accumulated to approx. Rs11,000/- & last call for settlement is given to me is Rs.8,000/-. I am feeling like totally cheated & harassed by such a reputed bank. I dont understand why should i pay this amount which is totally not of my concern.

    My only query is when a bank waives off any charges like annual fee. They should waive off all the charges related to that charges or not?

    Please guide me.

    1. The rules are governed out of the terms and conditions document which you must have signed in the start . By logic, if they waive off a charge, then obviously anything related to that should automatically be waived off too . But still look at the terms and conditions . Also have you moved to banking ombudsman or not ?


  125. vimal singh says:

    which amount limit we can complain in banking ombudsman

    1. UPto 10 lacs I guess for district forum

  126. Nitin Kumar says:

    Need your views, I am existing Home loan customer of Axis Bank, recently I applied for Loan Top-up , Loan sanctioned on 5th oct , processing cheque was deducted on 18th oct’2013 …its been about 2 months, still no disbursement of loan…I have been following up here & there and getting excused like…salesman left job, bank is not able to locate my original property papers etc….

    Whom can i complain and how can i claim for mental harrsament & financial obligations due to delay in payment.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Kumar,

      We would suggest that you first write an official email to the bank raising this issue and mentioning each and every statement of facts, as verbal communications cannot be used to validate the facts in future. Await their response as the further course of action would depend on their reply.

      In case of no response or unsatisfactory response, you could also consider filing a complaint with Banking Ombudsman by visiting the link http://www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/bs_viewcontent.aspx?Id=159

      Also, ensure that the interest rate charged by the bank is from the date the loan amount was disbursed to you and not from the date of sanctioning the loan.


    2. Nitin

      You can complain to Bank grievance cell first and then to banking ombudsman . Sadly there is no fast recovery from this problem

  127. Manoj Choudhari says:

    Hi Manish,

    Please help me with below issue:
    I have State Bank of India Housing Loan taken on June 2008 for 10 Years.Initially the interest rate was 10.5% P.A(Linked to Prime lending rate).
    But after 2010 the interest rate started increasing (It was 14.5% P.A in November 2013).
    My EMI amount increased in 2010 and i would get a call from bank officials to repay the extra amount.i paid the extra amount which was due.
    I went to bank in November 2012 and inquired about the rates and they said that the rate has increased the rate change in the system happens automatically.
    (At this point the loan officer and Bank manager did not tell me that i can switch to base rate which was 4% less than the Prime lending rate.It was notified by SBI on March 2011.Can be be found online in all leading newspapers)

    I had been to bank on 1st week of November 2012 to get the interest certificate for claiming tax benefit.That time the loan section had new officer and he said why i am paying high rate and said that i can switch to base rate.i filled an application form and my Rate of Interest was changed to 10.3 from 14.5 on 28th Nov 2013.

    My question is:
    Can i ask refund for the bank for high interest paid from March 2011 to November 2013.(In comes to around 70000 Rupees)?
    The bank did not send any letter to switch to base rate or they informed us when we were in Bank for inquiry.Instead they would call us to pay the extra amount for increased interest rate.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Choudhari,

      If the loan was availed under the floating interest rate type, then there might be a possibility of your interest rate changing from 10.5% to 14.55% interest rates. The bank rightly so demanded for the additional EMI resulting form the increased interest rate.

      As mentioned by you above, adequate notification was provided by the bank in newspapers of shifting from Prime lending rate to Base rate and hence the available option to the existing borrowers.

      You will have to read your loan agreement in detail to understand the request for refund and any other change in your re-payments (EMI) which can affect your cash flows. However, you could approach the bank directly to clarify and ensure the same.


      1. Manoj Choudhari says:

        Thanks for your reply.
        I am not complaining about increase in the interest rates.
        What i am complaining is about:
        SBI sent a notification in newspapers about the switching to base rate in March 2011. But the bank did not inform me through letter and also when we talked to manager about reducing the rate,He did not inform about switching to base rate.
        It was the newly appointed officer who changed my rate to base rate.
        That caused me to pay high interest rate for 1.8 years till Nov 2013.
        That extra amount is around 70000.
        Please advice if i can claim that amount.

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Manoj,

          I would request you to read your loan agreement there might be the possibility where any announcement regarding the change in the product features (for eg. interest rate) to be published through the media.

          There is only one way to find out whether you can claim the extra amount, is by discussing the scenario with the bank official.


        2. Hi Manoj

          this can be termed as “Deficiency in Service” … You should file a case against RBI on this . Also you should file a RTI to SBI on this and ask questions !

    2. I think its deficiency in service and you should file a case against them

  128. sunil singh says:

    Me and my brother contacted icici bank to open saving account but officer at branch told that as you are staying in chawl ,icici bank cant open your account instead of all documents having with us. Can I complain about it .

  129. Sanjiv Kamat says:

    Hello, I was using credit cards of Standard Chartered bank and in 1 month my due date was passed and I had forgot to pay my bill, but when I got reminder email from bank I had paid more amount than actual then after 2 months I got email from bank your bill still pending and we cant hold your account more, and they had given some particular amount to be pay.

    But I was surprise when I had paid my bill continuously how come so big amount will be pending. Then I had spoken with customer care & clarify all my doubts and that time they told yes you had paid all your bill and your excess amount with us is approx 6,500/-

    After few days they send us email writing we cant hold your account kindly clear all your bills and close your account. I again spoken with customer care that my excess amount with you, if you dont want to keep my account in your bank you pay my excess amount which is approx 6,500/- and close the account

    They had closed my account but yet not refunded my amount.

    Hoping a positive response from you.

    Sanjiv Kamat..

    1. You should have thought twice before taking cards with standard chartered 🙂 . All you can do is reach to their grievance cell now and then to consumer court .


    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Kamat,

      Kindly clarify the following:
      • The total amount that the bank owes you
      • When and how would this account be reported on your credit report

      Insist for a closure letter and NOC from the bank. We would suggest that you opt for a written communication with the bank as this can be used for future validations.

      In case of no response or unsatisfactory response, you could also consider to file a complaint with Banking Ombudsman by visiting the link http://www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/bs_viewcontent.aspx?Id=159


  130. RSRB Kumar says:

    Thank you very much Manishjee for the guidance.

    I have already approached the Banking Ombudsman.
    By the way, the bank in question is CITY UNION BANK (CUB), a private bank with 500 branches.

      1. RSRB Kumar says:

        Dear Manishjee,

        After complaining to Banking Ombudsman, City Union Bank further finally came back with a letter to me. They want to first investigate outside the bank rather inside even though their employees are erring. Initially he replied to me through e-mail (without copy to Ombudsman) as below :


        In your case, the honouring of the FDR issued, together with the principal and interest contracted, on the date of maturity of the deposit is solely the onus of the Bank and its management. As a representative of the management of the Bank, let me reiterate that the commitments of the Bank are verymuch intact and you can rest assured that your deposits placed with our Mangalore Branch will be placed at your disposal at the material time.

        It is only a question of time in our quest for exploring the possibilities of recovery from the culprits, before making our erring employees to replenish and restore your deposit with due interest from the date of deposit of the same.


        But again a letter came from the bank (with a copy to Ombudsman) asking me to come to India with my laptop, connect to internet and login in the presence of officials of City Union bank. I am confused with this stand of the bank. Shall I approach again to Ombudsman? As the bank sent a copy to Ombudsman, whether Ombudsman himself will take objection to the bank’s stand? What shall I do now?

        The incident took place in July-2013. I was in touch with the bank since then. I came to India in Septembr-2013. But Bank has never told me to “connect laptop, connect to internet & log-in”. Why bank is asking this now after 6 months that too after complaining to Ombudsman?”

        Please advise

        1. the thing is what bank is asking to do is unrealistic. You should again complain to banking omnudsman

  131. RSRB Kumar says:

    Dear Manishjee,

    Hope you are doing fine.

    I am working in Saudi Arabia. My salary is transferred to City Union Bank and then subsequently I opened a Term Deposit (Cumulative Fixed Deposit) with City Union Bank.

    Within 10 days of deposit, bank has prematurely withdrawn the deposit and transferred the money 2.5 lakhs to some unknown account through RTGS. When we questioned the bank, bank is telling that based on e-mail request they have done this act.

    This incident took place in Jul-2013. I have requested the bank to re-instate my deposit. But bank does not answer anything in writing. When my father (who is mandate for the NRE account) approahed the branch, manager talks vague. It is almost 3 months, my e-mails are not being answered.

    Should I approach Banking Ombudsman or Consumer Court or any other wings where I get justice? Please advise.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Yes, you should reach to banking ombudsman . I hope you are talking about UNION BANK OF INDIA . Right ?

  132. hidayathulla says:

    I Lost Rs.43000 from my sbi account unauthorised withdrawls 1000×43 times. in the month of April 2013. Immediatley I contacted the nearest branch can able to save some money after blocking. I also contacted my home branch sbi and lodged the complaints they have responded but till now my money is not reimbursed. Again I contacted them and given complaint twice but still it is not materialized. So please
    suggest me what to do

    1. Complain to Banking Ombudsman !

  133. janki says:

    hi, Manish
    i lost 20000 from fraudlent withdrawl icici bank i contacted icici customer & blocked my card i contacted to the bank manager i given written complaint letter to him he rejected it 3 months happend i didn’t get any response please suggest me what can i do

    1. You should contact banking ombudsman !

  134. Hony Capt (Retd) Dhan Singh says:

    Dated: 08 Oct 2013


    I am an ex-serviceman, whose particulars are as under:-

    JC-182182X Honorary Lieutenant Dhan Singh, (on retirement granted Honorary Captain, whose pension is not eligible).
    Retired from Corps of Signals (Army) on -30 Nov. 2000 (A/N)
    Enrolled in the army – 02 Nov 1968, Served in Army: 32 Years.
    PPO No: S/042713/2000, Corr/6CPC/150670/2011 & Corr. No S/Corr/6CPC/279809/2012.
    Bankers at: State Bank of India, Bapoli, Distt-Panipat (Haryana) SB A/C No. 11562831682.

    My monthly pension is remitted less than my entitlement by bank, also excess TDS is deducted. I have asked number of times through e-mails/application from The Chief Manager, State Bank of India, Centralized Pension Processing Centre, Plot No 1& 2, Sector-5, Panchkula (Haryana).PIN-134101 and my bankers viz. SBI Bapoli, Distt. Panipat (Haryana) to intimate me details of my pension (Basic, DA and deduction of commutation value and net entitlement etc.).

    SBI Chandigarh intimated that the requisite details can be had from the Bankers. Bankers stated that the subject issue is not in their ambits and Chief Manager SBI Chandigarh should provide the information. I am facing monthly loss due to less remittance of amount on account of my pension and dodging attitude adopted by the bank staff.

    It is not understood as to why an ex-serviceman is being penalized merely due to mistake on the part of Bank staff. Financial loss is being borne by me without any valid reasons.

    E-mail addresses of SBI Panchkula and SBI Bapoli are as under:-

    a) Chief Manager, State Bank of India, : sbi.04469@sbi.co.in
    Centralized Pension Processing Centre,
    Plot No 1& 2, Sector-5,
    Panchkula (Haryana).PIN-134101

    b) Branch Manager : sbi.06984@sbi.co.in
    SBI, Bapoli
    Distt – Panipat (Haryana)
    PIN – 132103

    c) Hony Capt (Retd) Dhan Singh : singhdhan50@yahoo.in
    H.No. B-65, Vikas Nagar, Phase-2
    Hasatsal, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi – 110059
    Mobile – 09654109144

    You are, therefore, earnestly requested to instruct the dealing agencies, as shown above, to intimate me details of my monthly pension to me and deduct correct amount of TDS, at the earliest.

    With Warmest regards,

    Yours Sincerely,

    (Dhan Singh)

    1. Thanks for sharing you case !

  135. Kamal Kishore rawat says:

    I booked my complaint on 1st May, 2013 My Complaint No is 2012 1301 4007 912 against Oriental Bank Of Commerce. I Got Acknowledgement wherin the above complaint no was said to have been sent to concerned Bank (OBC). I am still waiting for reply or what is the outcome of the complaint.

    1. Which complaint are you talking about ?

  136. Amiet says:

    Hi Manish, I have deposited a top up loan draft from citibank in my SBI babk account home branch & validity of the draft was 1 month & it was outstation DD.
    SBI did not credit it saying some admin issues & returned the DD to me 1 month later, even though I have reminded them of the need repeatedly in last 30 days. Since it was a top up loan, my old loan was also merged with it & now both are cancelled & my citi account is asking the payment of complete Principle in one go. I don\’t know what to do. I have met SBI manager who asked to try loan from other pvt banks. Can banking ombudsman help? Your help will be appreciated.

    1. Yes, if its bank inefficiency issue , then banking ombudsman will help, but the thing is that in reality it will take many months ! to resolve. You will have to bite the bullet for now and find about solution . The quick thing you can do right now is contact the grievance cell of SBI and talk to them

  137. bhavesh patel says:



    1. complain at banking ombudsman !

  138. Vaidehi Shukla says:

    I am a resident of Gurgaon and have visited quiet a few private banks near MGF mall and Sushant Lok for getting a locker. There are many lockers available but all the banks mention that an initial investment in some plans that are available at the bank is mandatory or a minimum deposit of 1-2 lakhs is essential. Knowing the RBI rules, it seems fishy. There are many executives mention that their branch managers forbid them to give lockers to customers with a minimum deposit. Is this correct? And if not where do I complain on Banking Onbudsmen? How can we solve this issue?

    1. First, complain to banking ombudsman on their website as well as write a physical letter and if the bank is PSU , write a RTI letter. Check out this article which will help you – https://www.jagoinvestor.com/2013/05/bank-lockers-safety-and-rules-in-india.html

      1. Vaidehi Shukla says:

        Thanks Manish…will look into this.

      2. Dhan Singh says:


        Please refer to your reply in connection with my earlier request.

        I have written to you with a fervent hope that you, being on the fountain head of the bank organization, will solve my problem and issue direction to the concerned dealing agencies for rectification of the anomaly. It is a problem with the bank staff who do not generate actions on my request despite repeated requests. Otherwise the issue is not bigger. If they are remitting monthly pension to my banks, what is harm in intimating the details of the amount( viz. Basic Pension, DA, deduction of commutation value and net payable amount) to me. With these details I will reconcile my calculation and point out the discrepancies. Also they are deducting extra TDS, which should be revised to correct one.

        Your suggestion to me for writing a RTI letter is a evasive reply from such reputed institution and seems that you are washing your hands off form the responsibility of issuing directions to the relevant agencies. In fact, it is in house action on the part of bank organization which can be solved without any hiccups. In nutshell, I have not been relieved with your reply. I think, your good self being part of bank organization and who is in the helm of affairs to issue such directions for better functioning of the bank is not writing to bank instead you are suggesting me viable.

        Thanking you.

        Yours Sincerely,

        Honorary Captain (Retired) Dhan Singh

        1. I am head of bank organisation ? Which organisation Are you talking about . I am a blogger 🙂

        2. Honorary Captain (Retd) Dhan Singh says:


          I am extremely sorry for writing above contents to you as I was thinking you ombudsman.
          Any how, kindly intimate me correct address, if possible, where I can redress my grievances.

          With warmest regards.

          Dhan Singh)

  139. Sangita Patel says:

    Why I should pay extra 2054/- & 254/- for my credit card acc.?
    Pls. check it.
    Thank u ir.

    1. What do you mean ?

  140. Sangita R Patel says:

    Sir, I have ICICI Credit Card (4477 4650 0246 7000) since last 10 yrs.
    I am using it very well & I do payment also in time.
    But Aug. month’s bill is showing Rs. 2054.77 as INTEREST CHARGES &
    253.97 as Service Tax.
    Which is totally wrong in bill.
    Last month bill Rs. 42702.42 is paid on dt. 12,July 2013.
    So pls. do needful.
    Thanking You.

    1. Hi Sangeeta

      How can I help you on this ?

  141. Rakesh H Patel says:

    I have ICICI Bank savings Acc. in Surat,Gujarat.
    My Acc.No. is “005201006121”.
    On 27,July 2013 bank deducted Rs. 1500/- from my acc. without any intimation.
    Description was-INWARD CLEARING ZONE.
    Pls. help me to solve this problem.
    I request you that ICICI Bank credit same amount which is debited frm my Account.
    Thanking you Sir.

    1. I think only bank can give you explaination on what is that charge !

  142. BEA VIJAYA KUMAR says:

    sir, i have an a/c in HDFC, NARSAMPET ,a/c no.is 23541050000021, it is a salary a/c and having the facility of zero balance. for near about 9 months my salary is being credited in this a/c but unfortunately a/c automatically changed to normal a/c as said by bank personnel of the branch and from a/c near about Rs.2800/ – ( exact y amt. was not noticed by me, this is rough amt.)was debited towards AMB charges , repeated requests made by me credit amt.even though they credited with Rs.1800/- , remaining amt. was not credited till date. Again on 7.6.2013 my a/c was debited with Rs.2890/- towards AMB charges though my salary regularly credited in my a/c.
    On 11.6.2013 i made contact on 9949493333 and lodged a CRM complaint request no.HYDC0613017619, and again i contact them on 24.6.2013 and enquired about my complaint they told that it may cleared within 7 working days ,but it is almost 15 days elapsed my request was not cleared, plz look into the matter and inform me

  143. Paul says:

    Yes, I checked clearly nothing like that, if for 6 months they send sms and not charged suddenly they charge and that too without informing the account holder then naturally i am upset, this is the trend going on with almost all providers, talk is going on, lets see, if an RTI is raised, how much is the cost and how much is the expense, one will find that bank will be making excess money just through this sms banking service in the name of giving better service. You know they first say they will deduct and if not require I have to go to their branch spending more than 70 to 100 Rs, by email, calls, and auto expenses. Banks have got good mind in their team if they want to they can redraft their intimation like this “Bank is providing alerts to account holders for free and since sending sms costs money and with our huge client base we are unable to provide this service for free and will be charging a marginal amount of Rs.5.00 per month for sms service from account holders, in case you wish to continue with the sms banking service, please register your name by sending sms on (number) and you continue to receive the transaction sms service and every month Rs.5 will be debited from your account” instead of “Rs.5.00 will be debited from sucha and such date and if you wish to unsubscribe, please visit your nearest branch”

    1. Hmm .. yea I get your point ! , Complaining to banking ombudsman should help but how many investors will do that ?

  144. rustom says:

    Dear Manish…
    I have had remitance from abroad to my account in India HSBC. According to my company and contract all charges for remitance are oaid by the company. In any case HSBC charged me a deduction as fees and another as some govt tax. Apart from this an amount of 10 usd is missing. The company verifies a certain amount that they have remited and confirm no charges are deducted from the remited amt from their bank side. The amt recieved is always 10 usd less than the amt remmited and then i pay hsbc charges and also a tax which they say is a govt thing.

    II have asked them where is the 10usd missing and they claim it is an intermediatory bank..whereas my company assures me that their bank has no intermediatory bank and transferes the amt directly to my account..and if there was a charge from their bank they would cover it. Also no other employee across the globe gets this deduction.
    Also there si no reciept nor notification of the deduction, I simply do not know where the 10usd dissapears..after it being transfered from the remiting bank….one thing is for sure the remiting bank is transfering the whole amt..lets say X….and then i recieve X- 10 .
    I have re written to HSBC with all mals from my company clarifying the amt remited and no charges being deducted from the remiting side….what option do I have to tke my complaint with HSBC India further

    1. Tell them if they do not give you propert deep explaination you will move to banking ombudsman and then to consumer court !

  145. Priya says:

    Thanks a ton Manish! I will follow up on this and keep you posted.

    1. Sure . Let me know what happened asap . We will take up this one !

  146. Priya says:

    Hey Manish , Hope you are doing good! After going through one of your articles about the FD which every bank demands for a locker, I went to the SBI bank branch where I have my home loan and asked them for a locker. They said they dont have big locker but they have a small one available but for that I will have to deposit Rs.1,10000 as an FD. I argued with the lady that RBI rule books dont say so and enquired about yearly rent, to which she said its Rs.1200 PA. I told her that I will deposit 3600 , max 4000 as an FD and not more than that. She asked me to meet the bank manager then. The bank manager told me the same thing and I argued with her as well but of no use. When she thought that we were not inclined to open an FD , she said we can take insurance policy as well. We did not agree to that as well. Upon asking her why should we deposit such a huge amount, she said its a business expansion initiative blah blah!

    So my question is , in my case is it necessary to give a written complaint to the bank , wherein we know the bank is already following this malpractice and they are not going to take any action ?

    Can I directly register a complaint with the Banking Ombudsman for this issue ?

    I believe I can also file an RTI for this but not sure which is a better option – Ombudsman or RTI . Please help!

    1. Good that you took this initiative , Dont worry , you will get the locker for 4000 only . I will guide you on what you should have done .

      1. At that moment itself, you should have told bank manager that you are filing a RTI against HIM (Bank managers are CPIO officers itself and are suppose to reply to RTI) . In the RTI reply, he himself has to reply you that only 3 years charges + breaking charges has to be paid.

      2. I suggest put a RTI to him or refer to this article – https://www.jagoinvestor.com/2012/12/rti-application-for-psu-banks.html .

      3. You can complain to Banking OMbudsman only after 1 month when you have already complained to bank and have not got satisfactory answer. So first complain to bank and then in next one month , complain to Banking ombudsman

      4. I would say just meet the Bank manager and tell him about your plan and that you know the rules to the core and he should not mess up with you

      For any issue mail me and we will get the locker for you in correct manner.


  147. Paul says:

    I received a sms from Axis Bank that my account will be debited with Rs.5 every month for sms service rendered to me. First of all though this is a small amount on what authority does bank debit without the account holder’s concurrance or written instruction, Just imagine Rs.5/- every month from 1 account holder and just imagine ther are 1000000 x Rs.5/- how much they make whereas they buy sms in bulk, this is one of the scams that needs to be brought out, the only sufferer i the end is the common man. I am to reverse this

    1. Paul

      I think you had applied for sms requests when you opened the account, and it must have written clearly in your agreement that its a limited time free offer or the terms can change later. Check with bank on that . If you do not need this service, better disable it .

  148. Credexpert says:

    Dear Neha,

    We would suggest that you read the loan agreement to confirm the liability of the heirs in event of death of the borrower.


  149. Neha S says:

    I want to complain against HDFC Bank. My father took loan from HDFC Bank under the kisan credit card scheme whose overdraft limit was 6 lacs. He expired in july, last year. I got to know from someone that the heirs are not liable to repay the loan after the borrower’s death. But the bank did not inform us and asked us to repay the loan. We paid more than half of the loan from all the savings we had and now our financial condition is not good.
    Can I file a complaint against HDFC Bank for getting back the amount we have paid?

    1. I dont think you can do that now !

  150. Navaneet says:

    Hi Sir/Madam,

    I want complain agenst my Bank (HDFC), Please guide How to complain online.

    0086 15190866039

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Navaneet,

      Have you already lodged a complaint with the Bank and when?

      If you have not lodged a complaint then we would suggest that you lodge a complaint and wait for one month.

      If yes, has the bank failed to respond to your complaint within one month? Was their reply satisfactory?

      If you have received any reply from the bank and you feel it is not satisfactory then you can escalate that complaint to Banking Ombudsman and await their response.


    2. Thats what the article shows you right ?

  151. Sumeet says:

    I was having credit card with Standard Chartered Bank from 2005 till 2008 which i did not use and even tugged with the receiving letter for these three years. After expiry of card in May 2008, Bank started giving me calls that i have outstanding amount of 6500/- and need to clear it as card is already deactivate for expiry. I asked them to provide me the statement to justify the dues which i can look and understand. Customer care told that they don t have records and can not provide statement and saying to pay outstanding. This had gone for 3-4 months for which they stopped calling me and I also felt that bank is unnecessary harassed me to get amount for which they dont have records.

    After when I went to apply home loan in 2009, It was not approved due to defaulter in CIBIL with 6500 dues, I went to the Bank and repeated the same conversation to give me the records but they were not having. I was in need of home loan to sort out the matter, I and Bank decided to pay half amount 3500 and close my dues and also update CIBIL on this to remove my name from database. This was agreed and written by Bank in the letter head signed by Manager authority on receving 3500 payment. It was also mentioned that it will take 60 working days to update in CIBIL and I trusted them and went away.

    Based on this letter, my home loan was approved for which regular payments are going. In 2012, I went to apply for car loan and it was strange to see that my loan was again not approved due to dues from SC and accrued to 12000 in 3 years. The same I again got approved from the letter from SC in 2009.

    Since, I have started writing mails to SC on the commitment letter in 2009 and asked them to update my name which is showing 13000 amount. Their reply to emails are that my card was invalidated and those dues has accrued to 13000 in 2013. My repeated communication to them on 3500 payment and deletion my name in CIBIL has not being responded and not satisfied on it. It seems they are not considering the matter written in the letter.

    Please suggest what needs to be done here? I need to get my name removed from CIBIL and no amount to be paid as its Bank who did not update CIBIL on time and amount is 13000 even if settlement is in 3500/-

    1. Sumeet

      This matter can not be dragged like this now , better approach consumer court and settle the matter finally .

  152. lakshmi says:

    Dear Mr. Manish Chauhan
    It’s a joint SB account of me and my husband in SBI bank. The ATM card is in my name. On 25.10.2012 my husband used this ATM card and withdrew Rs 1500. He didn’t get the slip at the end of the transaction, but the machine showed out of order. So he went to the nearest another ATM to know the balance in our account. In the mini statement he saw one more transaction or Rs. 10,000 after 3 minutes of the first transaction of Rs. 1500. We are shocked how anyone can take money without our ATM card and pin number. After a long struggle with the bank we made a complaint to the Banking Ombudsman and on 04.04.2013 we got our Rs. 10,000 only. When we asked for the compensation RBI ombudsman told that ATM card was operated by my husband, when the card is in my name. So we will not get any compensation or even interest for the amount. We told RBI that it’s a joint account. But they didn’t agree. I want to know whether there is any rule that my husband should not use the ATM card even though he is a joint account holder. Is there any possible way to get compensation and interest for the amount.

    Mrs. Lakshmi Raja , Chennai

    1. Whose card it is ? Yours or husband , just because its joint account does not mean he can use it .

    2. And when Banking ombudsman has said no interst will be given , I am no one to comment on that 🙂

  153. DR (MRS) RAJESH CHAUHAN says:

    Please refer to complain no 466 dt 4-5-2013
    1) First footage not showing the face of the person withdrawing the money
    2,3,and 4th footage CCTV machine not working or not capturing the video.
    submitted for your expert comments please

    1. Which footage ?

      1. DR (MRS) RAJESH CHAUHAN says:

        CCTV FOOTAGE of ATMs from where illegals
        withdrawal have been made

        1. Whats your question ?

  154. Simhachalam k says:

    My name is Simhachalam and my SB A/c No: 20020776207 in SBI Gandhinagar branch Hyderabad . I’m maintaining this account past 3 years, I’m satisfied service but past few months onwards my ATM, other bank transactions are attracting service charge, actually my first five other bank ATM transaction should be free. In this regard I made a complaint bearing No: CS11607752909. dated 04/20/2013

    I got a call from your employee and updated irrelevant information and closed the above complaint. Please look into this issue.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Simhachalam K,

    1. You can file a complaint with banking ombudsman on this .

  155. DR (MRS) RAJESH CHAUHAN says:

    Please refer to complain no 466 dt 4-5-2013
    1) First footage not showing the face of the person withdrawing the money
    2,3,and 4th footage CCTV machine not working or not capturing the video.
    submitted for your expert comments please

  156. O P Choudhary says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    IBPS Authority & Banking Ombudsman
    through your website
    Why Ibps SpecialistOfficer(SO) cut-off marks kept similar between OBC and SC/ST?
    SC/ST cut-off marks should be less than from OBC.
    It’s unrealistic. SC/ST students are very unhappy for this.
    Please think about it and reply as soon as possible.

    1. Do you know where have you posted your comment ?

  157. Mr Gambhir says:

    Hi Manish,

    I had made a ATM withdrawal from a Kotak mahindra Bank in Oct 12 using my ICICI bank debit card. The transaction message was sucessful even though no money was dispensed. I complained to the Kotak Mahindra staff inside the ATM booth but they asked me to complain to ICICI Bank. After 3 months, ICICI Bank has given the final letter of rejection. I have filed an online complaint with BO against ICICI bank on the ATS link. Even after 2 months, my application is showing “Under process’ on the ATS link. Pls let me know, how much more time it would take & what should I do in the meantime.

    Mr Gambhir

    1. Banking ombudsman takes time .. dont worry , you will get the interest on the money if your case is genuine

  158. DR (MRS) RAJESH CHAUHAN says:

    ON 5-2-2013 I CAME TO KNOW ABOUT THEFT OF Rs.160187/- from my SB acount through 16 ATM withdrawals over4 day ie feb 2,3,4,5 in 2013 .MY ATM card is still in my safe custody .No SMS alert recieved for withdrawals.
    On 6/2/2013 I submitted a written complain to the concerned branch (sbi ballabh garh) and to my area police station(PS SHAKAR PUR) FIR was lodged later
    NO response from bank, ..
    On 10/2/2013 I comlained to SBI chairman thr eMAIL
    A complain was booked but complain was closed unilatrally without any communication to me
    A fresh complain was lodged with same outcome
    A written complain to RBI ombudsman was lodged but no satisfactory response till date
    An RTI dated 6/3/2013 to know the status of SMS alert revealed that SMS was not captured by CBS and bank doesnot have information of TELEPHONE NO on which SMS alert was sent .This information was given on date 18/3/2013. But soon after theft I started getting SMS alerts on my moble inpite of giving no request for SMS alert to bank
    Appellate authority of bank RTI system was informed about non satisfactory information provided by bank in respone to the RTI.

    1. the only option is to complain to banking ombudsman !

      1. DR (MRS) RAJESH CHAUHAN says:

        A written complain to RBI ombudsman was lodged,they have communicated on 21-302013 only once ,informing that a letter has been written to the concerned bank and will take further action after reply from the concerned branch but no further communication since 21-3-2013 .
        What should I do now?
        with regards
        Dr.(Mrs) Rajesh Chauhan

          1. DR (MRS) RAJESH CHAUHAN says:


            what should be asked in RTI

            1. Whatever you want to know , those questions

  159. Abdul Rehman Dalayat says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have my query on forex charges. I work for an European MNC from Apr’2009 till date. Am banking with HDFC Bank for last 13 yrs & this is my salary account. Every month my salary differs from the forex charges USD of the day they credit into my account. In the last FOUR yrs that is till date I have lost Rs,1,01,031.63 in form of differences. I have discussed this with the bank for last TWO yrs but don’t see any results.
    Can I take this up with Ombudsman for my LOSS & what else can I claim from Bank.
    Pls help as this can be used for some needy people.


    Abdul Rehman

    1. Yes, you should take up this with banking ombudsman

  160. suraj vastrakar says:


  161. suraj vastrakar says:

    here is what i complain to ombudsman banking on 04/07/2012 whish is as under :——————————
    Office of the banking ombudsman
    C/o. Reserve Bank of India
    Pt. J. N. Marg
    Dear sir,
    (Sub:-non refundable of rs.10000/- by state bank
    ,sec-1, shaktinagar Rourkela)
    Dear sir ,
    This is to inform you that I (abdul sattar)
    am a customer of sbi bank ,sec-1 shaktinagar branch Rourkela, having
    my SB a/c no.-30016020732.On date 13.12.11 ,rs.10000/- is deducted
    from my a/c from atm 13471 UNI(as it mentioned in the passbook).but on
    that day ,I used my atm card nowhere.then I complained it to the bank
    .on date 23.12.11 , Rs.10000/- is credited to my account.but again on
    date 30.12.11, Rs. 10000/- is deducted from atm 13641 UNI. my atm card
    was not used anywhere on that day too.when I complained it to the
    branch manager why this happening he was also shocked. .after filling
    up complain form(c.no.-AT42923370113 as I got in my mobile message),he
    told he will look into the matter. i asked for acknowledge
    receipt,then one of the staff proudly said to fill up the complain
    form and to go. after 15 days when I went to meet branch manager(timir
    ranjan mohanty) ,he’s telling that either you or your son must have
    used the atm at united bank of india giving a bank’s statement copy(I
    am attaching that statement and passbook’s copy).i told that you prove
    it that I used the atm.we went to him 3 to 4 times.lastly he refered
    to us to go sector-5 bussiness center .their staff said to complain it
    to the police they will check it by cctv record.in this way I am
    harassed by their service.and my money is lost.that’s why lastly I
    complaining it to you to go through the matter.and I want my money
    back with fine.
    So I there fore request you to kindly take action about it.and help us
    to get my money back.
    Date: 04/07/12
    thanking you !
    Place: Rourkela
    your sincerely



    p.o.+vill –


    Cell no:-09692215568
    THIS WAS MY COMPLAIN TO ob rbi. but it was not fruitful to me since they supported to sbi bank
    so plz help me what should i do ?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Sattar,

      As you have already filed a complaint under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006, and have received their reply as well, the next step is to file a complaint with the consumer court.


  162. Akila says:

    I would like to know if there is any OMBUDSMAN for PF queries and deviations?

    1. It comes under RTI , so you can file the complaint

  163. Akila says:

    Does PF also has an OMBUDSMAN?

  164. mohammad akram says:

    Dear sir

    At 14/5/20I2 I had met a major accident in which my right leg has been seriously damaged I am under treatment till today I am unable to walk, work or do anything. I have been still getting icici bank letter of recovery till date
    During this period I am unable to pay my house loan and the bank has sent me a recovery notice under section 13(4)of rule 8 .Therefore sir I need some time for the payment of the amount as my financial condition is not up to that mark in the present time. Please help me with conclusion

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Akram,

      We would suggest that you approach the bank and present your case to them requesting them to restructure your loan by increasing the tenure and reducing the EMI. Although post the restructuring there would be a “Restructured” remark on your credit report but this is always better than non payment.


    2. Hi Akram

      I have my sympathy with you , however for loan repayment , banks will not consider these points for long . They will follow the usual process for recovery even in your case, its business for them

  165. Umar farooque says:

    I have visited SBI ATM at around 8:30 am on 11th Feb-2013 to withdrwal amount, there was three atm machin in SBI ATM booth, i have used first and swap my ATM card,
    and it asked me PIN number i have entered but it desnt shown any response,seeing not response i hit the clear button as well as cancel several time,
    but but that also didnot it was hanged,after not getting reponse for long time, i use another machine, i used that and made my transaction success of Rs.500,
    and got receipt and i came out side the ATM as there was huge queue it was showing balance amount 19706.80.it was correct then i scratch the receipt.
    from there i went to take bus to MCTC(towards Mysore), and get the ticket from conductor and sitted in bus, then i got sms that showing the transaction of amount 500 withdrwal and balance is 9706.80,
    followed by this i got another sms showing that Rs.10000.00 with drawl and balance is 9706.80,Then i checked in my mobile banking balance was showing that 9706.80,
    i shocked and went back to atm and checked out some information but there was no security and peoples are in queue,
    i see all over but no information i get nothing then there was telephone number for help or enquiry i dialed number serveral time but it was in correct/disconneted number displayed there.
    I thought it may be technical problem may i will be refund back and went towards bus because i had kept my luggage bag in bus only
    and i ran towards bus, and went to mysore, then keep trying to call to customer care of axis bank, after several hours i got connected, they lodge my complaint,
    but till then i am in mysore.After the customer Care Complaint i also visited to Branch Office Axis Bank,where my account is located and personaly expalin my problem to Mr.Srinath,He lodged again complaint and
    gave assurance of Refunded once it will be received response from associated Bank(i.e State Bank of India).But after several calls and sevaral days waiting for response later
    they again ask me to wait for 17days,and gave assurance of refunded,but till date they are misbehaving and not giving proper guidance for my valuable 10000 rs details,
    so please i request you to take any action towards my complaint and i am very get sick of that money that i worked month together it my salary amount which is me to very important,
    i really begging you for this, i need my amount please.
    It is clearly shows that in Our fastest Growing technologies Country, there is no security,and faulty ATM machines have used in India’s Largest Banking and there is no time out session have maintained in ATM machine Software.
    Please how i lodged the Complaint against Axis Bank.

    1. I think the issue where is that faulty machine where you had not logged out of ATM and some one else used it after you were gone , also there was assistance and security personal there at ATM , this is clearly deficiancy in service . I suggest filing a consumer court case here .

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Farooque,

      It seems you entered your details in the first ATM and without logging out, moved to the second ATM. This could have resulted in the log in being still open when the next person used the first ATM – and seeing your log in still open, he could have drawn out the Rs 10,000 – whether by mistake or with the intention of taking your money. We are not sure what the bank would do in such a case – however, since you have already filed a complaint with the bank but have not received any response for them for over a month now, we would suggest that you file a complaint under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006 by visiting the link http://www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/bs_viewcontent.aspx?Id=159


  166. Vipin says:

    Hi Manish,
    I was having a HDFC salary account from 2008. After leaving that company in 2010, my Salary account changed. But still, i was maintaing that account for transaction purposes. Few days back, one of collegues alerted me saying that HDFC is debiting some charges from the accounts. I went to my account and saw that some charges were debited saying AMB charges. I was not sure what was that. I called up the Customer care and they told me that those are Average Monthly Balance charges. But i told them that mine is a salary account. But they told me that it has been converted to savings account in 2012. I argued that, the Bank has not informed me about that. They replied back saying that its there in the Welcome Kit.
    I was frustrated and browsed some documents and there was a circular from RBI on Dec. 26, 2002, saying that bank has to HIGHLIGHT the AMB charges when the account is been taken. But this was not followed. They can argue that, since it was a salary account no AMB charges were applicable. But when the account is been converted to savings account, its their duty to HIGHLIGHT that.
    I have raised an issue with the bank for this purpose. But they are explaining me how the AMB charges are calculated and Why it is been charged on my account. These details i knew in my first call itself.
    I also read through the Terms and Conditions of HDFC Salary account. There they have mentioned that Bank can change the account type, if the salary is not credited for more than 3 months. Also they have mentioned that the bank can close the salary account, if the salary is not credited for more than 3 months
    My question was
    1. Why my account was not closed, if they knew that salary was not getting credited according to their Terms and Conditions.
    2. Why they have not informed me about the AMB charges when the salary account was converted to savings account accoring to RBI rules.
    3. Why they have put the onus on the customer, to inform about the employer change, when they are not informing about the account type change.

    I just wanted to know, whether the questions are valid and can i approach Ombudsman, if the answers from the bank are not satisfactory. Thanks.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Vipin,

      The T&C of the bank states that they can change the account type, if the salary is not credited for more than 3 months and can also close the salary account, if the salary is not credited for more than 3 months. So we assume it could be either of the option and in your case the bank has changed the account type.

      We would suggest that you refer to a recent circular of RBI to know any amendments in the same. The fine print would help to clarify the matter before filing a complaint under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006.

      Also did you file a complaint with the bank? You can approach the Banking Ombudsman only when you have filed a complaint with the bank and they have failed to respond to you or you are not satisfied with their reply.


      1. Vipin says:

        Thanks so much for the reply. Thanks for the in-sight into T&C. I accept that it was specified in T&C that the account will be converted to savings, if the salary is not credited for continuous 3 months. I failed to read that when the account was taken. But when the account was converted to savings, it is as simple as i’m taking a savings account from HDFC anew. So isuppose, its the duty of the bank ,to HIGHLIGHT/intimate the AMB charges applicable. Please find the RBI circular below. Read the 2nd and 3rd paragraph.
        Ref No. DBOD. Dir. BC. 53/13.10.00/2002-03

        December 26, 2002

        All Commercial Banks
        (excluding RRBs and LABs)

        Dear Sir,

        Minimum balance in savings bank accounts

        Reserve Bank of India has not issued any guidelines regarding the minimum balance to be maintained in savings bank accounts. The banks have been prescribing the minimum balance to be maintained taking into consideration the cost involved in maintaining and servicing such accounts and also levying specific charges, if minimum balance is not maintained. There is, however, no uniform approach in this regard.

        2. It has been reported to us that banks do not apprise the customers about the requirement of minimum balance at the time of opening of the accounts and also do not highlight the implication such as levying of charges etc. if the minimum balance is not maintained. Banks also do not ensure to inform the customers about any change in the minimum balance requirement.

        3. We have had the matter reviewed and advise that henceforth banks should inform customers regarding the requirement of minimum balance at the time of opening the account in a transparent manner. Any subsequent changes in this regard should also be intimated to the account holders. The banks may decide the manner in which the information is made available to the customers.

        4. Please acknowledge receipt.

        Yours faithfully,
        (R.C. Agrawal)
        General Manager


        Please correct my understanding if I’m wrong. I have already raised this with bank.

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Vipin,

          Yes, as per the circular the bank should have intimated you about the AMB charges. But do check if there are any amendments or updations in the circular. As you have already raised the issue with the bank, wait for 1 month for them reply before filing a complaint under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006.


          1. Vipin says:

            Happy to inform you that he Branch Manager had called me this afternoon and offered to credit back the AMB charges to my account within 3 working days. Thanks for all the information.

        2. I am not sure is this “conversion” is looked as a new account opening .. If you feel it is , better raise it with banking ombudsman

    2. I am not sure if that circular is a RULE , or a guidance as good practice to banks !

      1. mohammad akram says:

        Dear Sir,
        I have received your reply in which you had mentioned to re-construct the loan.
        I would like to know that will you re-construct the loan amount on my capital amount or capital with interest.
        Kindly let me know to whom to speak at official person for re-construct of my loan amount.

        Please co-operate and help me.

    3. vikram says:


      Can anyone provide me the link for online banking ombudsman form please.
      I got this link, but when i attach an attachement (pdf file), it doesnt get attached and it says invalid mail attachment. http://www.rbi.org.in/scripts/bankingombudsman.aspx
      can someone please help.


      1. Before you do that, did you also file it offline because there have been cases where offline requests are looked at with high probability

  167. ATUL says:

    Hi Manish,
    Hope you r doing well, I had a UTI Credit card and made a big purchase and wanted to convert in to emi, but the bank service was so poor that i never got connected to customer care after hanging on phone even hours. I tried communicating with e-mail but they responded that this mail id is not registered with them. I was helpless could not do any thing. I paid all the money,the money of purchase but did not pay the extra charges. As if i would have converted in to emi hardly,i could had to pay anything extra with emi.I never received statement on time. I left the issues as i was feeling helpless.I was almost starting of 2008 when axis was taking over from UTI.
    Now when i applied for a loan,i found my Name as defaulter.I started calling the bank again and started to check about issue, I came to know that almost 500/- to 1000/- charge is now 7551/-. After chasing bank bank by calling and writing to Grivances cell,they offerd to do settlement at 50% amount ie. 3000 some change. I have come to know that if i do the settlement of any loan or credit card bank would never give me loan.
    I just wanted to know that i can take my case to banking ombudsman as bank has always failed to provide service and for mental harassment.
    In the mean while bank slapped with somany charges untill the amount becomes big.In between duration i changed my house but my friends were in same address and they have been harrased by bank people.
    Please tell me, what is the best approach, As i have approached even Head-Service Quality (Axis Bank),they are not ready to listen anything. what i should do ?? please suggest..

    1. Atul

      Can you point out why was the charge put on your credit card and was it as per terms and conditions or not . Note that there are thousands of cases like yours and the common issue. Some of the issues are from bank side , agreed , but you can not said that you did everything you could have done . A small charge will become a big one given the penalties and the charges over time . Now if you can show that it was never your fault , then you can get away with it . But just saying that customer care was busy for a lot of time or days , that is not something which will play as a base .

      Bank statement not reaching on time is a deficiency in service, but can not be a ground to not pay the charges or what ever you owe . If you feel , its really not your mistake as per the terms and conditions of the credit card, then with all your power go to banking ombudsman or consumer court and you are 100% guaranteed to win the case. But in short term, I dont see you coming out of this issue .

      I would say pay the money right now and contest later, because if you loose after 1 yr, this 6-7k would have become 30-40k 🙂

    2. ATUL says:

      Hi Manish,
      Thanks for your immediate reply. I have cleared all the money.Now what should be my stand point? As bank is also bound to provide service,but when i have not received the service,what i should do here. Axis bank people has given me so much pain. Bank needs to provide me statement at least on time,after generation of bill. In that time i never received any statement at all. It was the time when UTI was taken by Axis. According to my purchase i have been paying without knowing the statement and charges. I know bank can not show me dates of receiving statement,as it was never delivered in my hand.
      Manish i have many cards but never experienced such a worst service like Axis.what ever be the reason, i never received proper service from them as per terms of RBI. Bank simply kept quite until they made the amount in big digit.Even after asking so many time they were not able to reply me my mail,at that time my mail id was not registered with them,Now how they are able to reply?? How my mail id became registered???
      Please suggest me,how i should take my case to Banking Ombudsman or consumer forum,I would be really thankful for your suggestion.

      1. Credexpert says:

        Dear Atul,

        You can file an online complaint under the Banking ombudsman Scheme 2006 by visiting the link http://www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/bs_viewcontent.aspx?Id=159.
        The bank should have responded to your request to convert your payments into an EMI. However it was not the banks responsibility to send you the monthly statements. Also did you inform the bank about the change in your address?

        Make sure that you read the “Grounds of complaint” under the scheme before you file a complaint.


        1. ATUL says:

          Dear Credexpert,
          Can i know whose responsibility is to send statement, How ppl should track there expenditure????? without statement ???? If yes that is what i was doing,but i do not know, for which thing they have charged. Hope you are aware once you receive statement you would come to know, correct??
          Here is the issue,if you do not receive statement, you can only beat around bushes and you will end no where..
          How about once you receive statement after 4 months and you see bank has already slaped you with hell lot of charges???
          you would surely require some clarification,right??? How about you try communicating to customer care hang on phone for hours and unable to get connected?????
          you would try other alternative.. intelligent idea very common now a days, you will e-mail bank..
          How about bank does not responds you with unique answer, you mail id is not registered with us.(It is 5yr back communication). How,Today with same mail id they are able to communicate?????
          They did not even called customer untill the amount became 5000+/- from 500/-, what is this policy??????

          I was just looking for some expert advice but ppl are giving generic and ordinary answer. I would really welcome some one expert advice. I can not let bank to keep cheating AAM ADMI. I know bank will have to pay me compensation for this issue that is the reason i have paid complete amount.
          If i do settlement, I can not go to Banking Ombudsman.

          1. Credexpert says:

            Dear Atul,

            It is important to understand that as a borrower you are obliged to pay the bank and co-ordinate with the bank in case of non receipt of statements. As already mentioned, yes the bank should have responded to your request to convert your payments into an EMI but non receipt of statements cannot be a ground for non – payment of dues.

            Also please clarify whether you communicated to the bank about the change in your address? Did you file a complaint with the bank? You have mentioned that you tried to communicate to the customer care but could not get through. You would be able to file a complaint under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006 only if you filed a complaint and the bank failed to respond to your complaint.


            1. ATUL says:

              Dear Credexpert,
              I do not understand,How you feel to maintain the CC when you do not have clarity for “Amount to be paid” blindly you can not go and keep making payment even not having any outstanding.. It is very important for bank to inform a customer for their outstanding.If bank keeps sleeping due to their transition work or any other nounsense activity, a customer should not be blamed for same. It looks like you are not able to understand my issue properly.. Do not worry, i know to handle the things. Again I require someone expert advice NOT GENERIC.

      2. I think you should complain to banking ombudsman about it and claim for damages .. but make sure things are as per terms and conditions !

  168. Amit Singla says:

    i registered my complaint to BO on 6/10/12 but till date i did not got any solution please tell me how to proceed further.

    1. You need to be patient .. file a RTI and enquire against it !

  169. Sree Charan says:

    Manish, It is really a eye opening forum, particularly for youngsters..

    I would like share a incident which took place recently, I had switched to a new company, and the day of my joining was stitting with HR and filling all my mandatory forms.

    Then appeared a well dressed marketing agent of a Pvt, Bank (which handles the salary account of the company) for getting my salary account opened. He started talking about his bank and followed by paper work, first he asked me sign in two papers, I did because that was a accout opening form. Then he asked to sign in another sheet without allowing me to read it, Then came to know it was a Credit Card, for which I got wild and asked him what is it, he gave a reply Sir, Its a free a credit card for all the employees of this company, I asked:- Does your statement mean that your Bank is doing a charity job, without levying interst on credit cards. Agent Said :- No sir, no annual charges for first year.. This is the way they try to fool the people. I gave him a direct reply if the company says taking this Credit Card is mandatory for joining here, I dont want to join this company, in front of HR..

    Manish:- Request you to start a new forum, To explain the people who to want avail Credit / Liability product about the criticalities involved in it.
    1. What are the cause and effect of obtaining those
    2. What care should be taken before obtaining the same
    3. What kind of monitoring should be done once after obtaining any credit facilities
    4. What is the minimum technical / jargon words should they know about before approaching for any loan, (because this is were most of the ppl get misled).
    and things like this. So that we can on it particulary on this topic.

    With All Good Wishes

    Sree Charan

    1. Thanks for sharing that incident 🙂



    I am Arun Sinare manager from CVSD pune having cheque clearing problem for three months that has issued by MARATHWADA AUTO AGENCY-BEEDD towards bank of maharashtra- R K Math on the a/c of CVSD Pune (a/c no.60015766186)

    I also wants interest on my cheque amount that your bank is earning as surplus since three months.
    Sir you know who is responsible this matter but sir most important i having loss my business & facing economic problem to your banking service
    cheque details are-
    1. Ch. No. :440020 AMOUT -20000/- DEPOSITED PADMAWTI BRANCH DATE 17 NOV 2012
    2. Ch. No. :440021 AMOUT -20000/- DEPOSITED PADMAWTI BRANCH DATE 23 NOV 2012
    3. Ch. No. :440022 AMOUT -15467/- DEPOSITED PADMAWTI BRANCH DATE 29 NOV 2012
    All cheque are sangli urban co op bank ltd

    Arun Sinare
    Manager for
    CVSD pune.

    1. You should be complaining to banking ombudsman on this

  171. Asif Khan says:

    I don’t know if this is the right place. I wish to complain about my bank ICICI. I am unable to make any transactions online and this is ongoing since past 3 months now, with no resolution to it. Went to the bank and they say it is not blocked. Called the contact center and they say will take some time no specific SLA or follow up for the same. I am fed up of this. I miss so many offers online due to this.
    Can someone help to get a resolution from them?


    1. Your best bet now is grivience cell of ICICI and then Banking Ombudsman and then consumer court !

  172. g.dinesh says:

    I foreclosed my 2 nos personal loans of HDFC Bank and 1 no personal loan of Fullerton on April 2012 when closing my loan account i paid late payment charge and Bounds charges due to delay of EMI payment and i got NOC from the banks for closing of my account.
    Now Dec 2013 I apply for new Personal loan in HDFC bank my loan was rejected due to my previous loan track , and i apply in ICICI bank they also reply me your previous PL track is in DPD .
    They inform me your previous loan DPD is reflecting in CIBIL report , Untill removing my previous loan record from CIBIL , i cannot get any loan in future , so please reply what to do for this problem

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Dinesh,

      The late payments will be reflected on your credit report and as this loan is closed there is not much that can be done to remove these late payments from your credit report.

      Personal loans are unsecured loans and lenders are more cautious in approving the same. What is your score? Do you have any other loans / credit cards? If yes then, repay them regularly for a gradual increase in your score.


    2. Your DPD is messed up as you were irregular in payemtns, it will get cleared only after few years , read – https://www.jagoinvestor.com/2013/01/days-past-due-dpd-meaning-cibil-report.html

  173. Suraj says:

    sorry , by mistake i put my calling name Suraj. I get posted twice. sorry for that

  174. Suraj says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I read through all above discussions. I had a similar case which was discussed here by “Neil” and “Abhay Prasad”.

    Same thing happened with me. I have account with ICICI. In 2012, March I got three messages saying my account is debited with 27000/- Rs. I was shocked, accessed my account and found there were three transactions happened, out of that first two were reversed and third transaction actually debited the amount.

    I went told this to ICICI and local police station. I did continue follow-up with bank and police but Hussssss!!! Nothing helped.

    ICICI customer care first told me that this transaction is happened in Russia and someone did card swipe. Then they come up with new story that this has happened via internet banking and now they are saying that they cannot refund money as this transaction is happened via 3D secure Pin.

    I don’t know what 3D secure pin is and never received any such pin from bank. I never do online purchase except irctc ticket booking (which is also very rare)
    Now I am so much frustrated that I get angry even when I see/hear “ICICI” word.
    Could you guys please advise me what to do next?

    1. BEtter ask for complete explaination from ICICI and then complain to banking ombudsman on this. Ask ICICI what is the procedure they follow to prove that how the transaction took place !

      1. Suraj says:

        Hi Manish,

        Thanks for your quick reply. I enquired about detail procedure for investigation to ICICI. However I am still waiting for reply(Will get it in couple of days, they promised me so). I am pasting here a reply from icici senior manager which I have with me.

        Could you please have a look.

        It is unfortunate that, despite our good intentions, you have had to undergo inconvenience /discomfiture. We regret the inconvenience caused.

        We have re-looked into the concerns raised by you. We would like to inform you that the dispute / chargeback can be raised against the Point of Sale (POS) transaction as guided by the regulatory. Further, as per VISA guidelines, chargeback does not apply to Secure Electronic Commerce Transaction i.e. online transaction which are authenticated through 3D secured PIN.

        We state that the above transaction has undergone a 3D Secure authentication, which is a second level authentication specifically built in for online transactions done through Merchant Websites. It may be noted that, apart from the Card Verification Value (CVV) & Expiry date on your Credit Card, your personal 06 digit 3D Secure PIN was also required for effecting the said transaction. The 3D Secure PIN is purely personal and privy to the customer and would not be known to anybody, unless compromised otherwise. The Card holder is responsible for the security of his/her Card along with his/her personal 3D Secure PIN and should therefore take all possible steps towards ensuring the safe-keeping thereof. The Bank does not incur any financial liability arising out of the misuse thereof by unauthorized persons.

        We confirm that the said transaction was qualified by information strictly personal to you. The Bank is therefore precluded as per industry guidelines to repudiate the transaction with the Merchant on the basis of your dispute. Based on the above facts, we would to inform you that the disputed transactions for Rs.27000 is released in Bank’s favor as transactions were second level authenticated with 3D Secure PIN.


        1. ok , looks like your Secure ID (6 digits) was compromised .. so its a ONLINE transaction .. Did you ever use the card on any website which was not secure ?

          1. Suraj says:

            I only used it for IRCTC ticket booking, Never else. in addition, I always ensure certificates and HTTPS in address.

            I asked them to provide me IP address from where transaction was initiated. but they said we cant provide you such information.

            1. I think you should move to banking ombudsman on this

        2. This will be a better question for our forum – http://www.jagoinvestor.com/forum/

  175. sahid hussain says:

    Dear All,

    my self sahid Hussain i have taken personal loan from GE financial services loan amount of Rs 21500 and clear some EMIs and i have some financial problem im unable to pay the EMIs and immidiately i contact to GE people and told them please take your amount and close the loan account they are giving me settlement letter and NOC letter and mention clearly loan amount fully paid no dues are pending and close my account. now i want to join in a private sector bank they are saying me your name was in CIBIL please clear it first then only we can give you offer letter.so immidiately i call to GE people please remove my name from CIBIL now Ge customer executive saying me we can do anything because your account is settle so we cant help you to remove your name from CIBIL and moreover i told them please take your amount if anything is pending from my side they are saying no we are not take amount from you its already your account is closed so please help me out how can i remove my name from CIBIL they are not giving me any alternate im ready to pay if any balance amount is there they are not listening my word and not removing my name from cibil.please help me

    Sahid Hussain

    1. Sahid

      Your name is in CIBIL does not mena that you are defaulter .. It might happen that your score is less or it might be the DPD section which is messed up .. can you send me your cibil report , let me have a look .


      1. sahid hussain says:

        Dear Sir,

        How can i attach my CIBIL report please confirm me sir do you have any mail id which i can attach my CIBIL report sir.

        Sahid Hussain

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Hussain,

      The credit policies of certain lenders do not allow them to accept the payment towards an account which is already settled – GE Financial Services seems to be one of them.

      Although, one possible alternative for your new job is that you can show your communications made to GE Financial services stating your willingness to pay the outstanding amount. This could help you to some extent.


  176. Bala Krishna says:

    I am Balakrishna. I have taken EUR world money card from Citi bank. They have entered my name wrong on the card while taking card. I have not noticed that.
    Recently, I have requested the Citi bank to send a draft in INR for rest of the Euros in my card.They have sent me a draft with the wrong name. Later I noticed that point, I have sent the original draft back to Citi bank to issue a fresh draft with the updated name and also attached some proofs to change my name correctly.
    Citi bank officials changed my name on the card finally and they have not issued a fresh draft with the changed name. I have been asking banking executives for last 20 days. They say they can send draft in 3 days.But they din’t do it. When ever I call they say again 3 days. But no use.I keep on following them from past 2 weeks. No use.
    What should I do regarding this? Please help me here.

    1. Complain to banking ombudsman on this and consumer court now

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Bala Krishna,

      As you have already written to the bank we would suggest you to wait for a period of 30 days. Post that period you can lodge a complaint with Banking Ombudsman.

      Please visit this link http://www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/bs_viewcontent.aspx?Id=159
      to know more about the Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006, the grounds of complaint and Complaint form.


  177. Rahul Jain says:

    Hi Can you help me in respect of the below letter i wrote to Standard Chartered Bank:

    I, Rahul Jain, was holding a credit card with Standard Chartered Bank. I had cancelled the credit card and at the time of cancellation the card had a credit balance of Rs. 4,544.57. After repeated request for months, the credit balance was processed and a cheque/ demand draft was sent to me.

    The cheque/ demand draft was collected by my office security but they misplaced the courier and it is still not traceable. Therefore, because of negligence on part of my office security, I have still not the cheque/ demand draft.

    I wrote my first e-mail to card.services@sc.com on 27 December 2012 requesting them to issue necessary instruction to stop the payment of the cheque/ demand draft so that it does not go into wrong hands. I also requested in the e-mail to issue me a new cheque/ demand draft or to directly deposit the amount into my bank account (details of which was also shared). After this e-mail also, I have written a number of e-mails to have the status update.

    In spite of writing repeated e-mails, I have not got any response to my request. I am highly disappointed with the quality of service your team provides. Especially, their answers are far away from the question raised. Either they don’t understand English or they don’t want to understand customer’s problem.

    I have even sent a fax also to the relevant department but even they did not bother to respond to it.

    My clear requests to you are as follows:

    1. Please issue necessary instructions to stop the payment of cheque/ demand draft already issued; and

    2. Issue me a new cheque/ demand draft for that amount. Alternatively, I would prefer to have the amount directly credited to my bank account. Let me know if you want me to share the bank account details.

    I hope that my request will be taken care of by you this time.

    1. You just need to move next to consumer court .. what else you can do if bank is not responding .. try to complain to banking ombudsman first

  178. varsha gandhi says:

    Can anyone plz give online email address of ombudsman bank as well as grevience forum of dena bank where i can complain against the bank?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Varsha,

      You can lodge your complaint by visiting this link http://www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/bs_viewcontent.aspx?Id=159.

      Also, first lodge your complaint with the bank, as one can file a complaint before the Banking Ombudsman if the reply is not received from the bank within a period of one month after the bank concerned has received one’s representation, or the bank rejects the complaint, or if the complainant is not satisfied with the reply given by the bank.

      About Dena Bank’s Grievance Redressal Cell, it would be available on their website http://www.denabank.com/index.jsp?lang=0&id=0


  179. Harshad Patel says:

    I am Axis bank Saving account holder. Last 2nd December, 2012,I visited ATM center (ATM ID:S1AC4488) where I made two transaction of Rs. 500.00 and 2000.00 without Inserting any PIN and amount which is essential for any bank transaction. How it’s possible? What is the security of my ATM card and saving account? Anybody can withdraw money from my account.
    I had made complain on Axis bank portal regarding this within two days of my transaction, till I have not got any response.
    Can you assist me for further step.

    Thanking You


    1. You mean you inserted the ATM and then were able to take back money without entering PIN .. thats scary ! ..

  180. mayank says:

    How much time does Banking Ombudsman takes after I file the complain? Its almost 2 weeks i have filed complain with Banking Ombudsman but i have not received any response from them.

    1. Mayank

      How did you file the complain ? Offline or online ? And as its a “sarkari” thing, I think you need to raise your tolerance level here .. it takes months and months to get any reply and justice ! , better move to consumer court if you are in hurry !

      1. Mayank says:

        Hi Manish, I have filed the complain online on RBI’s website

      2. Credexpert says:

        Dear Mayank,

        Have you lodged a written or online complaint? You will have to wait for 30 days after lodging your complaint. Post 30 days, you can track the status of your complaint on this link http://www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/bs_viewcontent.aspx?Id=159


  181. Buchaiah says:

    This article is very informative !! Thanks.

  182. Dear Sir,

    Please go through with my complaint on my blog post.

    हमनाम ने ऋण लिया और HSBC & ABN AMRO RBS परेशान कर रही हैं हमें !!

    1. Vivek

      I read your story . I think you should really complain to banking ombudsman on this .

  183. Ravindra says:

    What is the link to complain through ONLINE to the Banking Ombudsman? Your link is not highlighted in the page above.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Ravindra,

      Please go through this link of “The Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006” of Reserve Bank of India http://www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/bs_viewcontent.aspx?Id=159

      This link includes the Complaint Form as well.


  184. Credexpert says:

    Dear Naresh,

    As long as the bank has specified in writing that the home renovation loan is repaid, there is no need to worry about the verbally communicated information. Also the increase in your EMI from Rs.4,100 to Rs.5,400 is because of the interest rates and nothing can be done about it. However this EMI will be paid only for the next 156 months (i.e. 240 – 84 months repaid) and not for 300 months. There also seems to be some confusion and therefore is difficult for us to comment unless we have a detailed factual account of the series of events and communications.

    About your Banking Ombudsman complaint being disposed off, there are certain grounds of complaint and procedures which have to be followed before a complaint can be filed with the Banking Ombudsman. Please go through this link of “The Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006” http://rbidocs.rbi.org.in/rdocs/Content/PDFs/67933.pdf which will help you understand the procedures and take the appropriate course of action. It is possible your complaint got rejected on a matter of procedure as required by the Scheme.


  185. Naresh P says:

    Hello Sir,

    I need your help and guidance. Please help me.
    I had raised a complain with BO against Bank of Maharashtra on 29th Oct 2012. Till 7 December 2012, I was getting a reply from the BO Mumbai office that the Bank is yet to reply. Today Morning I got a mail from BO stating “Complaint No. 201213013002422 got disposed, under Not on the grounds of complaint referred to in clause 8 or otherwise not in accordance with sub clause (3) of clause 9”

    I was not called for representation of my case. Shall I raise the complaint again or go for appeal.

    Let me brief you regarding about my complain. In 2005 I applied for housing loan of Rs 4,36,000 (Takeover from HDFC bank) and a house renovation loan of Rs 2,14,000/-. The total loan amount was Rs 6,50,000/-. In the sanction letter of bank the bank clearly mentioned that there will be two EMI’s, one for Rs 4100/-, 240 months and the other for Rs 3000/-,84 months. However only one loan account was made on the excuse, that the property is one and hence only one mortgage agreement can be made.
    In 2012, I was expecting my renovation loan to be repaid and I paying EMI only Housing loan. But the bank was still deducting Rs 7100/- from my account.
    When approached to bank, the branch manager told me verbally that the two loans have been merged and I need to pay Rs 7100 for 240 months. However in writing they are saying that I have repaid my renovation loan and due to increase in interest rates I have to pay Rs 5400 for 300 months.
    I told them I am ready to with increased interest rate, but when asked for loan account statement, they are giving me a loan statement with balance of Rs 4,58,000/- for a loan of Rs 4,36,000/-. This too when I am paying my EMI on time every month.

    Many Thanks in Advance for sparing your time.


    1. Then file another RTI or just move to consumer court now

  186. Hari says:

    IDBI home loan dept made late process and the builder charged me 1.2L as late payment.
    Bank even not given sanction letter even after four months, now they are saying they had issue with the builder.
    Can I go to ombudsman? what are the evidence that I require for this ?


    1. Hari

      First make sure you are clear whose fault is it , if its a bank fault, then you need to go to banking ombudsman , if its a builder fault , you need to move to consumer forum .


  187. lakshmipathy says:

    Thanks manish for the awareness from this one.

  188. Shiva Sahu says:


    I have lodged one complaint in Banking ombudsman.But i am not getting the notification for the process going on or whether my request has been accepted by the Banking ombudsman or it got rejected.

    Is there any process for getting notification for any thing..


    Shiva Sahu

    1. Did you do it offline or online ? I suggest also put a request offline!

  189. R. CHITTI BABU says:

    Dear Sir,
    Need your suggestion in regard to ATM transaction.

    With regards


  190. Rajesh says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have taken a Home Loan from HDFC for 20 lakhs. Bank has provided a partial disbursement of 7 lakhs (this is the only disbursement we have got from bank to-date). At the time of first disbursement of 7 lakhs bank had asked us whether we would like to pay the EMI on the entire loan amount (i.e. 20 lakhs) or just on the disbursed amount (i.e. 7 lakhs). We opted for the entire loan amount because they said whatever additional we are paying will be adjusted against our principal loan amount. But this week (i.e 19th Nov 2012) when we asked bank whether it is possible for them to change our EMI from the entire loan amount to disbursed amount (i.e. instead of paying EMI on 20 lakhs can we pay EMI on 7 lakhs which is the total amount disbursed to us till date) for the next 4 months due to financial issues. The manager outright said it cannot be done, but on our persistence he sent a mail to us saying that he will check with his seniors and get back to us.

    I personally feel bank should not be forcing us to pay the EMI on the entire loan amount. Initially we choose the option of paying EMI for the entire loan amount and now when we want to pay EMI only for the disbursed amount we should be provided that option, instead bank is forcing us to continue with the EMI for the entire loan amount.

    I would like to know your opinion on this and can we raise this issue to Banking ombudsman or should we wait till he responds back after checking with his seniors.

    1. Wait for the bank reply and only when you are not satisfied with them , you should go to banking ombudsman !

      1. rakesh pujari says:

        Hi Manish
        Manishji Mujhe Ek Saval Hai,Maine 4 Mahine Pahile Bank OmbudsmanMain Maine Ek Complait Kiya Tha,900/ R.s Ka,Mujhe Paise To Mill Gaye Lekin Uska Kuch Muhavaja Kuch Bhi Nahi Mila. Jab Ki Maine Muhavaje Ke Liye Application Diya Tha,Iss Silsile Main Muhavje Ke Liye Kya Kar Sakte Hai? Aur Kis Se Complait Kar Sakte Hai.

        1. In that case BO might not have felt that you deserve the compensation .

  191. Neil says:

    Hey Manish, Its gr8 you are helping people by your blog….Thumbs up.
    I had a query actually on 31st of Oct some fraudulent Transactions have been done from my Credit Card which was of 1 Lakh Plus Rs,The transactions were done in Favor of a Saudi Arabian Company,. I called Icici Bank but they are now saying that these transactions have been done using your 3D secure Pin so they cannot do a thingand I have to Pay and I am not in a position to pay the amount at all because firstly i have not done thos transactions and moreover i have a Loan running in parallel,So please Guide me how to go about it.Some Queries :-
    1. What to do Now,Can i get my money back from that Saudi Company,If yes then How?
    2. Process of Bank ombudsman Complaint.

    thanks in Advance for such a gr8 Help.

    1. If that trasaction has happened with your passwords, then surely someone has taken that from you or hacked it from your side . What is the bank mistake in this , it mostly is the issue from your side !

    2. Abhay Prasad says:

      Dear Manish,
      I have an identical case to report where three on line fraudulent transactions were done on my credit card involving approx Rs 1.09 lakhs on 30 Oct 2012 (India time approx 1.30 am , 31 Oct 2012) from Riyadh , Saudi Arabia . I reported the case to Customer Care ,ICICI Bank immediately on 31 Oct 2012, the local police station and subsequently lodged my complaint with the Cyber Crime Branch. The Bank’s stereo set piece reply is the same i.e. that two transactions were done using your 3D secure PIN (one transaction was non secure) and the transactions could not have been done without the customer compromising the card details and PIN, hence I have to pay. I have categorically conveyed to the Bank that I have neither used nor authorized any one to use nor compromised my credit card details. My credit card details have been unauthorizedly accessed by unscrupulous persons in the Bank/ hijackers from outside, hence I cannot be asked to pay for the fraudulent transactions. I have also appraised the Bank that it is the Bank’s responsibility to protect the customers data/ personal information and the customer cannot be made responsible for fraud/ theft of credit card details/ hacking.

      I will be happy to know how Neil’s case was resolved and would look forward to advice on the subject to handle the case .I am also submitting my complaint to Banking Ombudsman.


      Abhay Prasad

      1. Abhay

        There is a great possibility that your card was duplicated . https://www.jagoinvestor.com/2013/01/credit-card-myths.html

        1. R.Giridhara Gopalan says:

          We have several cases of fradulent transactions on ICICI credit card. I also faced a similar transaction from http://www.rzd.ru in Dec and the same reply came from ICICI that it is 3D secure and like me there are several cases of such transactions at http://www.rzd.ru . I have filed FIR. What do I do now. Bank is not owning responsibility. See the link below



          also there are cases where banks have compromised on data and data was stolen from the bank. I have read such cases. What is the way out in such cases.

          1. R.Giridhara Gopalan says:

            Pl see this news. Banks employees can also be part of the fraud. What is the remedy for us in such a case. Can RBI Ombudsman help and reverse.


            1. R.Giridhara Gopalan says:

              Dear MAnish ,
              Can you suggest what can be done to reverse these charges

            2. Yes, first find out from bank if they can reverse the charges, if not, then contact banking ombudsman

            3. Yes banking ombudsman will help in these cases

          2. BEtter complain with banking ombudsman now

    3. sumedh nagrale says:

      So Have you got the money back after complaining to BO.

  192. Amit says:

    Hi Manish,

    Can I make a complaint against transactions made against stolen debit card as well?


      1. Amit says:

        Hi Manish,

        My 2 debit cards and 2 credit cards were stolen on the 1st of Nov’12 and used before I could block it. The bank says we cant do anything abt it – specially the debit card as the money has already been debited from my a/c. The bank says Merchant should have checked the signature on the card & the transaction slip – which he didn’t – so the bank cannot be held responsible for it. Can you pls advise me how do I lodge a complaint, against whom, where, when & what all documents will be reqd? What can I do to recover my money? Whom should I approach to lodge the complaint?

        1. In this case , bank should not give the money to the merchant because here only the merchant is to be blamed ! , you should file a case against bank ,stating that they should pay you bank and not merchant !

  193. Raj says:

    I am Raj Ade & holding salary account of HDFC Bank . On the Morning of 18 Oct 2012, I received SMS stating withdrawal of the amount Rs.48640.81.In this regard, I raised the complaint in HDFC Bank. But there is no action.
    So Please I hearty request you help us in this regards.

    1. Now you should reach banking ombudsman

  194. Santhosh says:


    I am getting a call and mail from ABN AMRO bank, saying that i am a defaulter and asked to pay Rs 21,000/ as settlement amount. After some time one person called me and said that he is a advacate representative of said bank and told me to pay Rs 10,000/- as settlement amount. I have requested bank personnel to provide me the details of due amount and date from which it is pending, so that i can verify my records and revert, becos there is nothing due from me on account of credit card issued by the bank. They are not ready to give the details instead they are telling that they will a cheating case and i have to face the same legally. Kindly advice how to go about the same.

    Santhosh mc

    1. Just visit the bank and sort out this matter once . They have to give you the details .



    As per my Baning ombudsman comp.No.201213001000766 dt.28/08/2012 regarding Tds amount not refunded on account of submitted 15 H in time every years my total tds amount is Rs.6135/- against SBI Mehsana Branch no any response by SBI or SBI Mehsana Br, stil today my comp. was 54 day pending so please closed my comp.and refunded my tds amt credited my sb account with sbi mehsana branch.0427

    1. You should now reach to consumer court on this .

  196. Anto Thomas says:

    On 8th October’12, I was trying to withdraw an amount of Rs.15000/- from the ATM attached to the Gokhale Road branch-Thane. During the transaction, though all my credentials such as PIN, Card & all the other commands were accepted, the money was not dispensed off from the ATM, however I got a transaction slip stating that the transaction was successful & subsequently the money was debited from my account. After this, I immediately called up the ICICI call center and reported the same. However after one day, I got a SMS from ICICI stating that the amount cannot be reversed as the transaction was paid completely. I re-raised this complaint again with them and escalated the matter to their nodal officer for a reversal on which they informed me that since there is no excess cash in their ATM box, the transaction cannot be reversed. Now I would like to know that as a genuine customer, what option I have for an appropriate remedy. Please advise.

    1. Anto

      This happens at times . Here bank is not able to trace the transaction . All you can do now is to complain to banking ombudsman on this .

  197. Dhirendra Rathod says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have a SBI account in Nagpur. I moved to Ahmedabad in February 2012. On date 5/09/2012 when I went for withdrawal at ATM by my SBI debit card, I came to know I have no amount left in my account. Immediately I saw transactions on SBI website & came to know that on 3rd & 4th Sept 69 thousand being withdrawn from my account, it is from ATMs in KOLKATA.
    I was shocked as I need to pay rent I as it is months starting I need to pay to other purpose also. I complained to customer care on 5th & in the morning called to my branch Manager & he told me that transactions were made using my debit card. I told him that the card is with me. He suggested lodging an FIR. You might know our system, how it is difficult to lodge an FIR & in this case nobody accepting my complaint in Ahmedabad & Police was suggesting me to go to Kolkata as crime happend there.
    Though I complained my branch by email and send copy of that to Police (KOLKATA, NAGPUR & AHMEDABAD) On 12th September I told my branch Manager to lodge complain as I am telling them and also giving them in writing that I did not withdrawn from my account. This is very harassing for me to go daily in Police station and request to file an FIR. They just sent me an email mentioning FILE AN FIR & send us a copy.
    After so much of pain I got success in lodging FIR on 24th September copy of which I sent to SBI branch by email. SBI did not responded so far.

    On 3th October I got a mail from CDC RBI Nagpur that they forwarded my complaint to Banking Ombudsmen (I copied most of my conversation to them from where they pick & forwarded the complaint) & gave me complaint no to further communicate with BO.

    My question is : 1.) What can I do further as I am in need of Money.
    2.) You might be very much aware of private company, it is very difficult to take time out from work and also to concentrate on work keeping all this tension. This delay is very harrasing for me. How much time will it take?

    3) From Ahmedabad they forwarded my FIR to Nagpur by post & I heard from my father who are living there that Police will again going to send my Complaint to Ahmedabad police as Crime happend in Kolkata. Nagpur police just did the investigation that I have a account in SBI. Dont know when this complaint will reach to Kolkata, Why dont SBI investigate?
    Please advice whatever you know in this regards asap.
    4) I emaild BO regarding my complaint, not yet gor any responce. What should I do and what they can do in my case?

    1. The point is there is a possibility that there is no fraud at all and you did it by yourself . This is how a bank will think and after all there is a possibility like this . So the investigation will take time .

      1. Dhirendra Rathod says:

        Is not its a banks responsibility to investigate OR to lodge an FIR if I (customer) telling them that I did not done any transaction and for which I have all the proof?

        1. Dont you think a “human” can take the actions faster and correctly at that moment rather than a bank !

          1. dhirendra says:

            Dear Manish,

            Please read my original post again. May be you will then have idea of incidences happened. I need guidence for further action.
            BO responded; lodge complain if you dont get any response from bank or if thay dont give satisfactory answer.
            Should I wait for police investigation to finish?

            1. Did you put a formal request with banking ombudsman or just emailed them on email id ? Put a proper form to them online and offline both . You can meanwhile also complain in the police

  198. Amirtharaj says:

    Hi Manish,
    I have taken a personal loan in AXIS bank on 08-07-2008 Account number: PP0900100076503.
    Cleared all payments and received NOC letter. But, still CIBIL records not updated in my account.
    I want to take a new personal loan immediately. What can i do now.

    1. Talk to bank , they have to udpate CIBIL on that

  199. Venkat N says:

    I had 2 Credit Cards from Standard Charted bank. My CC no are
    XXXXXXXXXXX 2511 and XXXXXXXXXX 5775.I Have instructed your Customer
    care for Closing of this account in 2006-2007 only. I am not using
    these cards since 2006 and I have not received any statements since
    that period.

    Brief History of Card no: XXXXXXXXXX 5775:
    1. Initially ,I have dropped a cheque at drop Box, before 20 days of the due date
    2.They returned my cheque, after the due date and mentioned there is a mistake in the cheque and arrange a payment. I have arranged the payment and requested Customer care for lay off the Late payment fee and they have agreed.
    3.In the next month statement ,again I found some late payment fee of 350 + taxes. Again, I have called Customer care executive and explained the same to him. He told to me deduct the late payment fee and Taxes pay the rest of the amount. Which I have arranged to them. (20 -Feb-2006- statement)
    4.I have surprised to see on my 20-mar-2006 statement ,previous balance + Late payment fee , and blocked my card. Again I have called the Customer care executive and explained the whole conversation happened between myself and Customer care executives. She told me that ,it was not available in the history. I was surprised that ,3 Customer care executives are made a false promise to me. After a lot of argument, she agreed to lay off the late payment fees. And also I have requested to close my card on the same day. After that I have not received any statements or any call or letter from the Bank.

    Card no: XXXXXXXXXXX 2511: This is also I told them to close the
    Card. I don’t have any outstanding balances at the time. After that i did not receive any card and not used since 2006.
    Now these two cards are in My CIBIL Report with outstanding of 30000/- each.
    in October 5th,i have called to Customer care executives and they told me that ,they have only last 3 months statements. For further queries and complaints they provided me a mail ID.
    I wrote a mail on 5th October, but still did not received any clarification. Please help me how to proceed.

    1. You should never rely on any oral communication , always remember that . Nothing is on record now what you said except the call recording if any . So officially now you are a defaulter, take the consumer court route now !

      1. venkat says:

        Thanks Manish for the replay.But at least the bank should follow some procedure,when they update the CIBIL as a defaulter.I think they should inform to me by some letter and give some time.They did not send me any sort of communication.I took a CIBIL Report in 2010 Jun,this was not there.Will this point is enough to fight with them?

        1. I dont think so , They Update CIBIL each month with all the updates, If there was anything to be paid , I think you should be responsible enough to do that, you should not depend on bank telling you that.

          1. Venkat N says:

            When i have called the Customer care executives,they don’t have past data (2006). They told me to write a mail to Head.Service@Sc.com , in their Grievance policy ,it was mentioned that “assure a response to letters / emails received through this channel within 5 working days”.But till date not received.They don’t have any branch in HYD. how to close these cards.I think this is the problem most of the standard charted card holders are facing.

            1. I dont know the quick solution to this , I think you should complain to banking ombudsman now

            2. venkat says:

              Hi Manish,
              Thank you for you suggestions.I have filed a complaint at BO and finally the bank agreed to reverse the amount the close the card. Thank you so much

            3. Good to hear that !

            4. Good to hear that Venkat !

  200. Mohit says:


    I’m based in bangalore and got a call this morning from a person claiming to be from GE Money. He said that I had taken a loan in 2004 and defaulted it and is threatening me with unsaid consequences if I do not pay up.

    I have never transacted with GE money. However I had applied for a credit card with an agent in 2004. I’m worried if they could have used my documents for procuring a loan.

    I want to know if I can be prosecuted for this or will I face any legal action.



    1. Yes, seems like there was some kind of identity theft ! .. Enquire on this and first get your CIBIL report .

  201. Amirtharaj says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have taken a personal loan in AXIS bank on 08-07-2008 Account number: PP0900100076503.
    Cleared all payments and received NOC letter. But, still CIBIL records not updated in my account.
    I want to take a new personal loan immediately. What can i do now.

  202. Timma says:

    Please help me in this.
    Got cheated by Axis Bank (Mumbai) loan agent.
    As I am looking for a personal loan, one day agent called me and told that interest rate 14.5%, processing fee 0.5%. After giving initial docs, I got a message from bank that it is 17%, 1.5%, then I said no. After some time agent came back and told that it is 16%, 1.5%, again I rejected. After some time, he came back and told it is 15%, 0.5%, then I agreed and signed the docs. But when I recieved the loan, it is 16%, 1.5%.
    I asked to resolved it, then from last 2 months, he is saying will be done today and till now nothing done. Now, he is not picking up my phone.

    I already paid 2 emi’s, money is still lying idle in my bank a/c.

    I complained to bank to resolve this and close the loan, they keep on replying that
    I only agreed to those rates. There are alterations in the interest rate part of doc, which are not done by me.

    Please help me, how to fight against this.

    1. You replied on words . Never do that !

      1. Timma says:

        Hi, you mean to say, I can’t do anything.
        I have SMS from the agent saying that, will resolve it.

        1. That will be a fraud case from the agent, If it was not written on any company document, then it really does not mean much .

          1. Timma says:

            Thanks for the reply.
            Can I do something against agent?

  203. baba says:

    Hi, one of my friends credit card was misused and did a purchase of 2 lakhs upon the alert he called upon the bank immediately but they refused to stop the transaction.
    How do we deal this issue.

    1. Baba

      Data is unsufficient to comment, not sure whose mistake was it

      1. Baba says:

        Below is some more data.
        The credit card got misused by some one for around 2 LAKHS rupees.
        The transaction got done in USA in DOLLARS(USD).
        Immediately he called the BANK(CITIBANK) and asked them to stop the transactions. But they refused to do so and said that they will investigate the matter after the money is transferred to the merchant.
        also there was no good response from them. Even after reporting to them, none of them called him or not even guided what he have to do(like giving complaint to POLICE etc)

        Next day he gave a complaint to CYBER POLICE as well. The POLICE really tried their level best. But the bank haven’t cooperated.
        Now the money got transferred to the merchant.He
        came to know that AIR TICKETS were booked using his credit card.

        Following he got the below update from the respective bank which is as below.

        All Citibank cards are enrolled for 3D Secure or Verified By Visa (VBV) and for all transactions done on merchant sites (domestic or international ) who are 3D Secure or VBV compliant, the bank will request for a 2 factor authentication. Due to an RBI mandate within India, all merchants are required to be 3D secure or VBV compliant. Should an online transaction be incurred on a merchant website which is not 3D secure or VBV compliant, the bank will decline the transaction, as per the RBI mandate. However, if a similar transaction is presented by an international merchant, the bank will authorize the same as transactions incurred at international merchants are not bound by the RBI mandate. The above transactions were incurred at an international ME and hence were not mandated to comply with the 2 factor authentication.

  204. NEHA GUPTA says:

    Hi Manish

    I have A Saving Bank A/C with Canara. On dated 29/09/2012.Itried to withdraw rs 9000 from my ac but due to technical error, my request was cancelled but I recieved the msg that rs 9000 is been debited from my account. As 29th was saturaday and due to the half yearly closing, the bank was closed on that day, So i filed the complaint on 1st Oct. The concerned person told me that your money will be transferred in a week but after 7 days i went there, they checked the status and I came to know that they lodged the incorrect date of transaction in their detail. They modified the complaint and still made me wait for 1 week more. Should I wait or file the complaint???

    Plz reply

    1. Better follow up with bank a little more, tell them that you will complain to Banking ombudsman if they dont do it in time and you should also get the penalty amount . they will act faster !

  205. jacob says:

    my mummy got F.D.acount in canara bank. no nominee was kept because she has been told that, it will automaticlly transfer to her husband name if something hapen to her.last year she passed away.my dad went to bank for queries,the banker told that nominee is not mention at all.further he told him to bring legal heirship .our family settlement has been done and the power of attourney has done for moving & nonemoving property in my name. is it ok for withdrawing of F.D.A/C

    please suggest

    1. Yes, thats what is needed now , if nominee is not mentioned, and no written WILL is there, then one has to bring all these things .

  206. Chakrapani Himanshu says:

    dear Sir
    I have a savings Bank Account with SBI, Hasanpur Road, Samastipur, Bihar. I am a employ of hasanpur college , Hasanpur Road. On 16/02/2012 as per college advise Rs. 165832.54 was credited in my aforesaid account. After six months on 29/08/2012 Rs. 40,000/- was transferred by Bank from my account to hasanpur College Hasanpur Road’s Account without my permission/ Cheque/ Withdrawal form/ any letter or my consent. after transferring the said amount the Bank till date not conveyed me regarding this transfer of fund.
    can a Bank transfer any amount from my account without prior notice to me or consent of mine.
    once any amount deposited in my account can be transferred to any other account without my permission?
    Please help me and give detail information.
    Chakrapani Himanshu.

    1. No , it should not happen if the amount which you got in first place was not a bank mistake , Did you get 165832 and it was purely yours or a bank mistake ?

      1. Chakrapani Himanshu says:

        This amount was credited in my A/C by College as my salary in February 2012 and on 29th august 2012 bank transferred 40,000/- to college’s A/C without any notice to me (till date). when I lodged a complain to customer care they told me that the excess payment was done in February 2012.

        1. If the excess amount of credit by bank as mistake, then they have the right to take it back, whats the problem with that, it was not your money anyways !

          1. Chakrapani Himanshu says:

            no it was my money. excess amount of credit was not a Bank’s mistake. the said amount was credited in my A/C according to the College Principal’s advice. After six months Principal told the Bank that I have credited excess amount to Chakrapani’s A/C, and then Bank transferred 40,000/- Rs. to the College A/C without any notice to me (till date).
            can a Bank transfer any amount from my account without prior notice to me or consent of mine.
            Once any amount deposited in my account can be transferred to any other account (0n Principal’s request?) without my permission?
            Plz give ur opinion and what is its legal aspect?

            1. In that case I think its in your favour, it happens once with me and ICICI bank took my consent to transfer it back , so you should file a case against the bank

  207. naveen says:

    I Rakasi Naveen customer of State Bank of India at Esamia Bazar Branch,Hyderabad, AP having a Savings Account since last 3 years or so , lost my money through a fraud cash withdrawl from an ATM in Bengaluru,Karnataka ( details of the ATM mentioned below). I do not have any add on card to my savings account and to my knowledge I was using my card securely and did not reveal my card or ATM password anywhere /anybody, but on 1st of August 2012 at about 7PM with my ATM card in my pocket, I received 2 messages continously on my registered mobile(9885393933) of the account withdrawing Rs 20,000 each . In total I had 40,000 withdrawn from my account. I immediately called on the help center to deactivate my card. I have reported the same issue at the account holding branch i.e SBI bank Esamia bazar branch from where I got the complaint numbers for the Transactions . Here are the Complaint Numbers
    After that i did not get any reply from the bank..after 1 month of the incident ie around 15 of october i filed a complaint of the same to the banking ombudsman,
    but till date there is no reply from the banking ombudsman.
    i kindly request you to advise me for help
    Thanking you

    1. You better take up this with consumer court now

  208. Srinivas says:

    Hi Manish,

    When I followed the instructions to submit an online complaint by uploading a pdf file with all the detailed information, I received the following email from Banking Ombudsman though this is not a fresh complaint. . Please have a look and advise.

    The Banking Ombudsman will not be in a position to take up your complaint as it is not covered under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006. As per the Scheme, the complainant must approach his bank/branch first for redressal of his grievance. Since you have not done so, we have redirected your complaint to your bank for suitable action.Please follow up directly with your bank/branch quoting that “The complaint was forwarded by Reserve Bank of India to the Nodal Officer of the bank through Banking Ombudsman Online complaint form on the website of Reserve Bank of India on 03-Oct-2012″ You may approach the Banking Ombudsman if you are not satisfied with bank’s reply / bank has rejected your complaint / you have not received any reply from your bank within a period of one month from lodging the complaint with the bank

    Banking Ombudsman (New Delhi)”

    1. Did you first complain to your Bank and only after 30 days , you applied for complaint with BO

  209. mohammed sadatulla says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    SUB : Harassment against Kotak Credit Cards after paying the Bill

    I have a Kotak Bank Credit Card no 4166461300063167 and on 10th of September as proof attached below made a payment of 861 form my Indusland Bank to Kotak Credit Cards as usual using webpay but after a few days I received a call first the collection department saying that the payment is not received by them . I got shocked that after making the payment also why these people are calling me so I immiadetly called up the bank and enquired they told me that they have not received the payment so they have a special division called collections they will just call and ask I will take a complaint against this non receivable of payment . It will take 5 working days I told ok fine after 5 working days I again called them up and asked them thy have received the payment or not they told no please contact your bank so I contacted my bank and they told me on 11 September kotak has already claimed the amount and bill desk is also claimed the amount sir so I again called the bank but this time again the agent told me sir I will take a complaint and it will take 5 working days but did not tell me to send me the documents I told ok then after 3 days again I got a mail from collections attached below when I called them they told me the case is been closed due to non receivable of documents so I again sent them the documents to the collections department and also to them but after that also the collections again called me and I received a statement charging interest and in the last after applying pressure I got a message on 29th september that they have receivd the payment . Sir I was not felling bad for any thing but why should I pay money and get calls from collections for not my mistake please take action against them sir.

    Sep 25 (7 days ago)

    to me


    We have not received your payment towards your Kotak Credit Card (xxxx xxxx xxxx 3167) for the month of Sep’12. Total outstanding on your Kotak credit card is Rs. 16521.42 .We request you to make at least the minimum payment of Rs. 1071.42 to keep your account in good standing.

    Please ignore this mail if you have already made the payment.

    To know more about the various payment options, please Click Here
    Please feel free to get in touch with Rajesh Veeti at rajesh.veetil@kotak.com, should you seek any clarifications in this regard.
    Please note that information relating to your credit history with us is provided to the Credit Information Bureau of India Limited (CIBIL), an initiative of the Government of India and the Reserve Bank of India. An unsatisfactory payment record on your card or any adverse credit history may impact your ability to avail credit facilities from any financial institution in future.

    Kotak Credit Card

    \Thanks and Regards
    Mohammed Asmath SAdatulla

    1. Have you reported this to banking ombudsman !

      1. mohammed sadatulla says:

        Dear sir i have sent a mail regarding this but i cannot understand the offline form if u could please please give me an example of how to fill the offline form i would be greatful to you because their is lots of confusion in filling up the offline form please request sir please

  210. sandhya tesra says:

    Dear Sir,
    I don’t know whether I am the first one to face this problem or not. I have a savings a/c with SBI, I have withdrawn Rs20000 from one of SBI ATM out of which i got five fake notes of Rs1000. So when i when to the bank to complain about the matter they told me that it is not possible as our staff verify the notes correctly which are deposited and they also told me that i have brought them from somewhere else which is absolutely not true. So can you please suggest me what to do to get back my hard earned money.

    1. Ask them to check the note number , they have the data about which bank note was put in the ATM , use RTI if needed

  211. Prasanna Kumari says:

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly give your suggestion on 26/5/2012 i withdrawd 1000, 2000 & 3000 i had 6402 balance ,it is a rural area often money wont be there so i used to withdraw in smaller amounts,after that my ATM didnt work ,it was showing unable to complete whenevr i tried to withdraw my Account is in Bangalore Syndiacate bank,i withdrew in kgf,i gave many written complaint to my Bangalore branch,they said that kgf Branch had sent a MEMO thats the reason your ATM is not working,later on they deducted 3000 from my account on 12th july & from that Day onwards ATM card started working,When i asked the reason they are saying you have done offline Transaction another 3000 you have recieved without having Balance,but when i took passbook entry ,it is showing only the amount what i have withdrawn
    ,but i didnt get any extra money it is wrongfull deduction,kindly suggest me in this regard how to get back my hard earned Money.

    1. You can only followup this with Bank … or complain to banking ombudsman !

  212. Krishna says:

    Hello sir,
    I have complaint Banking ombudsman via e-mail Id of him…Is it okay?
    Will he reply?

    Is it enough?


    1. Though its enough , but generally offline complaint work better, you should wait for few months on reply , after which you can expidiate it ,

      1. Krishna says:

        Thank you for ur response….
        Now, can i make a offline complaint also ? because already too late. that is why…

        actually i think he will respond to me in a month time…but you are saying it will take few months to respond….

        If you send your mail id means i will mail you my case details…

        1. Krishna

          Yes you can make a offline complaint also , it is suggested to make sure you get a faster reply

  213. ramesh says:

    Hi Manish,
    Great article. I have an account in corporation bank which is called as CLSB (a combination of savings and term deposit features) and while opening the account i had given a clear instruction for holding the investment for 36 months to get maximum interest.The bank was doing this until 2010 when they changed the duration to 179 days without my consent.Now when I ask the bank why did they change the duration , they say its company policy. Their prospectus clearly states that the duration will be based on what customer is giving in writing. Due to this i have lost money from 2010 till today and I feel the bank had an undue advantage by giving me low interest rate. Now, when i ask for the compensation they say its company policy and they did the same for all the customers.I hope banking ombudsman will be able to help me regarding this. I hope many customers would have suffered due to this and still they are not aware of this.Such things when un noticed these banks take advantage of the customers.

    1. Yes ,you should now reach to banking ombudsman and make complaint .

  214. Gokul Kumar M says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    Name of the Employee : M .Gokul Kumar
    Employee Number : 2382
    Designation : Senior Engineer – Business Development
    Location : Head Office, Bangalore
    Date of Joining IDEB : 28th July 2008
    Date of Resignation : 07th October 2009
    Date of Relieving : 06th November 2009
    No dues : Cleared from all the department as per IDEB Policy
    Details of settlement
    got from IDEB on
    Nov 12, 2009 : Rs. 2,36,498(Rs.Two Lakhs Thirty six Thousand four hundred ninety eight only.)
    These are my details. Since last Three Years I am frequently following HR department by phone & Mobile for my full & final settlement, till now I didn’t get proper reply for my settlement.Then they told me that i have to contact CMD Mr. Harkirat Singh Bedi . Once I met CMD Mr. Harkirat Singh Bedi Of the company at Delhi Airport on 04/04/2010. I informed this matter to him that i was not paid salary while working and after reliveing from job i was not given full and final settlement.He told me that i will give your settlement within a month but till not the IDEB had not paid single rupee to me.In meanwhile i had sent several mail and several calls to CMD for my final settlement but he never use to reply to me nor he will pick the call. When my wife was pregnent when i had no money with me i send some mail to give some settlement amount but still i had got any reply.This is the condition of IDEB Projects private limited.While working he took our blood (i.e. working day and night) and after working we didnt get returns instead we are cheated by non payment of salary.It didnt happen to me alone it had happened to all employess of IDEB .Can any body help me solve this issue i will be grateful to them.
    Thanks & Regards
    M.Gokul Kumar (8056260502) – gokulkumar7@gmail.com

    1. Gopal

      This is more of a case which Police has to handle .

  215. Phekan Jha says:

    Dear Amit,

    Many thanks for the great work you are doing.

    I recently retuned back to India from USA after 8 years . When I applied for Indian credit card I found out that I am a defaulter on CIBIL records. On ordering the CIBIL report came to know that Standard Chartered has 250,000 charge against me . On contacting Standard chatered for the said charges I was sent a mail stating that 250,000 ruppee has been charged for an unknown transaction of Rs 5000 in 2003 . Upon asking for the receipt of transaction no reply was forthcoming till date – this is now almost 10 months of folllowing up on this. I have written to both CIBIL and Std Chartered to remove my name as there was no transaction and no proof for the same multiple number of times over last 10 months. No reply has been forthcoming . Please advise so that this harrasment and fraudulent behaviour can be stopped.


    1. Phekan

      Have you raised a dispute resolution as mentioned here at https://www.jagoinvestor.com/2012/01/cibil-credit-report-mistakes-correction-steps.html . For these 10 yrs did you not get any intimation from the company , also I suggest you raise a complaint against them at akosha.com


      1. Phekan says:

        No receipt or proof has been forwarded to me till date . There has been no intimation in this regard neither by mail or phone over this period of 10 years.

        How would Akosha help me – Is this law firm ? NGO ?


        1. Its not a law firm , its a company which tries to resolve your query with company , go for it I would say , anyways its just 499 .

  216. Naresh P says:

    Dear Sir,

    Is there any timelimits for banks to reply to complaints? I sent a written complain on 26 July 2012 regarding my home loan and the manager just gave me the loan statement August last week. Unsatisfied with the response, I mailed to the Nodal officer for the region two days back, but yet to receive any acknowledgement.

    How much days should a customer wait before going to National head/ Banking ombudsman?

    Many Thanks in Advance.

    1. You can move to consumer court after 30 days of filing the complaint

      1. Naresh P says:

        Thank You Sir. Can’t I approach the banking ombudsman?

        1. Yes, thats what you should do at first !

          1. Naresh P says:

            Thank You Very Much Sir.

            1. Naresh P says:

              Dear Sir,

              After following up with the Nodal officer, I have received the below reply, Can you please help me with my queries,
              1) Is it possible for me to complain against the increased EMI and loan duration. What will be the procedure? Many thanks in advance.
              “We are in receipt of said complaint from said borrower & have noted the contents.

              It is reported that he was sanctioned Rs.4.36 lacs housing loan by take over from IDBI bank repayable in 240 months @ 4100/- pm..

              Further he was granted loan of Rs.2.14 lacs for repairs & renovation repayable in 84 months @ 3000/- pm.

              Thus as per sanction, the borrower was to pay Rs.4100/-for 240 months and Rs.3000/ for 84 months House repair loan ie.Rs7100/- for 84 months & Rs.4100/- for remaining period.

              He has complained that even after 84 months of regular repayment, Rs7000/- are being recovered from his account instead of Rs.4100/-pm.

              We have noted that there is regular repayment in account @7000/- pm instead of Rs.7100/- pm resulting in shortfall of Rs.8400/- upto 30.6.2012.The same is compensated in July to Sept.2012.

              Therefore, we should recover Rs.4100/- pm for remaining period of loan.

              However, due to rise in rate of interest from time to time, Loan Term has been extended by HO from 240 months to 300 months.

              At present rate of 12.00%,EMI for remaining period comes to Rs.5368/- say Rs.5400/- pm.

              You are advised to communicate the revised EMI to borrower & take his acceptance

              Further, amend the standing instruction for recovery of Rs.5400/- pm instead of Rs7000/- pm.

              Yours sincerely,
              S K Dwivedi
              Dy Zonal Manager”

            2. But whose fault is it ? I can see that things increased due to high interest !

            3. Naresh P says:

              Thank You for your reply, Sir.I doubt about the veracity of bank’s contention. I have asked bank for the amount (interest + principal) paid by me since last 7 years as statement. Presently bank is giving me a composite statement for Rs 6,50,000.

              Things will be clear once the statement is in my hand.

            4. Ok , let us know the details once you get the statements !

  217. Sourabh Gulia says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a very similar problem, i have searched everywhere on the Internet but still i am not able to find the place here i need to fill the online form to file a complaint.

    Please provide me the link to fill the form.

    1. No idea .. earliar there was a link for online complaint , not sure about present!

  218. VIPIN CHANDRA says:

    Meerut Cantt of SBI has lost my Title Deeds of my Property situated in Meerut U.P. The above Registry papers were given by me at the time of Home Loan taken by me in 1984. At present I am residing in Ghaziabad(U.P.) Can some body guide me whether I should approach Bkg Omb Kanpur or new delhi

    1. Yes you can approach them , but the point is you can only ask for compensation now , better discuss this on our forum – https://www.jagoinvestor.com/forum/

      1. VIPIN CHANDRA says:


  219. Kavitha Ganesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I had taken home loan from HDFC, submitted my mandate form duly verified by ICICI and given to HDFC agent in Dec 2011,with an assurance that the rest of the procedure will be taken care by them & came back to muscat. since Feb till May I am being fined,ECS MANDATE NOT RECEIVED FROM CUSTOMER. after many e-mail. I have gone through lot of mental pain, I need to know whose mistake is it?? Pls advice

    1. It seems to be an issue from ICICI Side .

  220. Amit Chawan says:

    Dear sir,

    From last 10 year,i have saving account in ICICI bank…My salary credited every month in that account from last 3 month from ANB Consulting pvt ltd company.

    On 7th aug 2012 my salary got credited Rs.44943/- on my saving account
    and Rs.44943/- debited on 8th aug 2012 on employer instruction..

    I given resigned on Dated 8th aug 2012 ,so as a revange ANB Consulting company given instruction to ICICI Andheri west branch to revert my salary and given reason to bank is “Amit chawan already resigned from company and by mistakely we credited his salary”.ICICI blindly trust on employer ANB Consulting company and deudct my salary Rs.44943/- from my saving account.

    On that deduction time no one call or confirmation ,i got from ICICI bank for cross verification..because of ICICI i am lossing Rs.44943/-
    and my employer (ANB Consulting pvt ltd) got advantages of that…

    i am expecting that ICICI should be call me or confirm with me before deducting that amount..so i can tell them truth..

    Now ICICI not taking responsibility..They simply say that i need to check with company HR.and my company HR is not ready to give me that salary as revange..

    No one can touch my saving account except me then how can ICICI revert that amount without intimation to me??? Then what type of security they have for customers like me ..

    Pls help sir and give me solution on this prb..

    Thanks & Regards
    Amit Chawan.

    1. Amit

      But is the salary valid or not ? Did you work for that month ?

      1. Amit Chawan says:

        Dear Manish sir,

        I Worked for that month (July 2012 ) and resigned on the next month dated 08 Aug 2012..and this salary is month for July 2012..Requested to you give me solution on this issue..

        Amit Chawan.

        1. So did you give them one month notice which is generally required, if not , then as per company rules, they will not pay you 1 month salary .

          1. Amit Chawan says:

            Dear Manish sir,

            I was in probation period..i joined this company in April 2012 and given resigned on Aug 2012..i was not permanent yet..so no matter of serving notice period..and its banking basic rule is that once the amount come in saving account no one can withdraw the amount without that person consent..then how ICICI bank debited that amount without my consent?? and this salary is for july 2012 which i served..Reply pls sir with solution..

            Amit Chawan.

            1. In that case better you complain it to banking ombudsman !

            2. Amit Chawan says:

              Dear sir,

              Thanks for the reply..

              Amit Chawan.

  221. singh raju says:

    i don’t want go with consumer forum because i am working in merchant navy so that means more then 9 month i am on board so how possible pursue with consumer forum if have other way so suggest me

    1. Thats the only way I can think of ..

  222. singh raju says:

    mr manish chauhan
    what happen about my complaint

    1. You need to pursue it with consumer forum

  223. Ravi Agarwal says:

    Could any bank can recover a personal loan from the gauranter where bank was not try to recover same from the first party from the last four year seriosely and after four or five year going to recover same from the gauranter without any notice kindly suggest me.

    1. Ravi

      Bank has full right in recovering the loan form guarantor , When the first holder is not able to pay it, its guarantor duty to pay it back , thats how the law is !

      1. Ravi Agarwal says:

        If the first party is available and contactable also. Could you suggest me from which side I can check details of banking recovery low please.

        1. So what if he is contactable or available, if his financial situation is bad , then bank will catch guarantor !

  224. singh raju says:

    dear sir

    i send bo judgement copy then after you say whats i do
    Saldanha, Sandra S Jul 23
    to manager.cgrc.l., me
    BO (H) /SS/ /C.No.5050/ 2012-13 July 23, 2012
    Shri Singh Raju Complainant
    State Bank of India Respondent Bank
    Shri Singh Raju
    The Branch Manager
    State Bank of India
    Srikakulam Branch
    Dear Sir,
    Complaint No.20111200905050-regarding misappropriation of funds from the account
    Please refer to your complaint received by this Office on June 23, 2012 against State Bank of India,
    Srikakulam branch on the captioned subject.
    The complainant had earlier lodged a complaint with is Office which was registered as complainant
    No.201112009003038 alleging misappropriation of Rs.7.45 lakhs from his account. On taking up the
    complaint with the bank, the bank submitted their version dated 18/2/2012 representing that they had
    provided all details to the complainant and he was fully satisfied with their explanation. They also
    submitted a satisfaction letter by the complainant dated 24/1/2012 prior to the date of the complaint.
    However, on the basis of the bank’s representation the complaint was closed as dealt with.
    The complainant again represented to the Forum that his grievance had not been redressed by the bank.
    Hence, the present complaint was registered and both parties were given a personal hearing.
    On the basis of the material submitted by the parties, it is observed that out of the Home Loan of
    Rs.16.00 lakhs sanctioned to the complainant by the bank, an amount of Rs.7.45 lakhs was transferred
    to his savings bank account on 17/12/2009. The complainant sought to withdraw this amount using a
    withdrawal slip. However, the amount was not paid to him in cash . It was instead transferred under the
    signature of their branch official to three accounts with the same branch. The details are provided in the
    complainant’s letter dated 18/7/2012 submitted to this Forum today. The credit vouchers do not bear
    the signatures of the complainant. The complainant alleged that the amount was forceably taken from
    him as commission for sanction of the loan. He submitted that one of the beneficiaries of the funds
    transferred from his account is the brother of the bank’s field officer.
    Considering the details of the complaint and the submission made by both parties we are compelled to
    take a serious note of the attempt of the branch to mislead this Forum through their version letter dated
    18/2/2012. The bank’s endeavour ought to be the facilitation of discovery of facts and resolution of the
    complainant’s grievance to the extent it stands substantiated.
    We note that although the disputed transactions pertains to the year 2009 it has been raised by the
    complainant only during 2012. The complainant has provided some oral explanations for the delay
    which is not taken on record. Nevertheless, the bank is advised to have the matter investigated by their
    Vigilance Department and take such action in the matter as deemed appropriate.
    The complainant alleged that the bank had initiated SARFAESI proceedings against him in order to
    victimise him. The complainant submitted that he would repay the entire loan of his own accord
    within one month and hence there is no need to appoint a recovery agent and pay their fees at the
    complainant’s cost. The bank is advised to examine this request of the complainant and convey their
    decision to the complainant in writing.
    The complaint is closed under Clause 13 ( C) of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006 as the matter
    requires detailed investigations beyond the scope of this Forum.
    Yours faithfully
    (Sandra Saldanha)
    p.Banking Ombudsman
    Encl:as above
    Sri V B Sriram
    Manager (customer Service)
    State Bank of India
    Dept of General Manager,(Network 2)
    V Floor,Koti

  225. Thomas says:

    Hi Manish
    I try to open joint account in SBI, I take filled form and Telephone Bill in my name , my Pan Card, and my Letter from employer for my wife for address proof, Id card but they are not accept this, I don’t know, the staff ask me another form for my wife,
    Dear can you please explain how I open joint account in SBI

  226. ZULQUAR says:

    Hi, Manish
    Thanks for the blog. I need some clarification. I have saving account in SBI and got issued a cheque book and very same day before getting cheque book, was in que to withdraw money, but they declined to give money on counter through withdrawl form. Here i have following queries.
    1. Is it not possible to have cheque book as well withdraw money from counter using withdrawl form?
    2. That day bank employee misbehaved and because of the incident my mother who is very old and suffered a lot as she is going through treatment of ailment. But there documentry evidence so how can i complain and where?
    3. Is it not necessary to have a complain book at every branch, if yes they told no its not a rule and didnot provide the same where i can i get the prescribed rule?
    4. The bank manager denied to accept written complaint so where i have to approach?
    waiting for your reply asap

    thanks a lot

    1. Zulquar

      You can complain to banking ombudsman about what happened .

  227. Jose says:

    I requested Bank of Maharashtra to takeover my housing loan from HDFC and also to grant me a renovation loan for my house in 2005. I applied for two different loans and bank sanctioned the loan (Total loan amount Rs 6,50,000). In their sanction letter also they clearly mentioned that I will be paying two different EMI’s of Rs 4100 for 20 years and Rs 3000 for 7 years.

    Now after the completion of 7 years, the bank is still deducting Rs 7000 from my account. When inquired, the manager replied stating that the bank has merged the two loans since start and now I have to pay Rs 7000 for 20 years. Is it possible to unilaterally merge the loans?

    1. I didnt get it , even if they merged it, why you need to pay for 20 yrs ? How much of your loan you have paid and how much is outstanding , thats the real question ! . If required, get answers through RTI !

      1. Jose says:

        Thank You Manish.

  228. Pritam Naik says:

    is there any online grievance filling and redressal mechanism for banking industry like the irda has

    1. Check on rbi website , i have not come across any

  229. sekar says:

    sir im having mortage home loan in GE MONEY FINANCIAL SERVICES COIMBATORE before i pre closed my loan entirely as per their norms then i ask my collateral security of my home document(worth about RS 70000000) @the time closing loans .after 25 days now they saying there is no such documents they are refusing to giving me. loan amount is(rs 6500000)pls advice me how i get document THANK U

    1. Better file a case with them now !

  230. prashant says:

    hi manish
    on my brother’s account at canara bank there was a LOCKER taken.He made his wife as joint account holder and with attorney.
    now when she took locker keys to her home without informing we gave the manager an application that in case locker is secretly opend plz inform us.
    but after few days the lady mailed him(to manager) some application/or anything on his email.
    when my brother n mother went to operate he stopped us.. and shouted at us in front of everyone as if we are thieves(account is in name of my brothr).

    manager is even not ready to show that email or copy of the same.
    neither did he informed any of the 3 phone numbers given in application by us previously (he assured us to do the same).

    he yelled us out of bank(account is 12 year old in same branch) saying that he will FREEZE LOCKER.

    my brother the rightful owner wants to open his own account having keys to the locker yet not allowed..

    please guide of procedure…
    and will banking ombudsman help me in this scenario.


    1. Yes

      Banking ombudsman should be able to help you . Other point is that the PSU bank comes under RTI , so you should be able to use RTI act for that.


      1. prashant says:

        thank you.

  231. Jayanta Sukul says:

    I have taken a Home loan Of 3.75 lacs from SBI (Barrackpore railway Brunch )
    In the year 2005 and repaid it in the year 2012 and recieved the NOC from the bank. But Now The Bank is unable to return my Property paper and house deed.
    They are giving dates after dates , So I am in a great trouble Please Help me and guide me what shall I do now?

    1. You can only file a legal case against them

  232. Pankaj says:

    Way back in 2007 RBI’s Banking Ombudsman helped me in getting Internet Banking facility at State Bank of India branch at my hometown. My complaint was forwarded to SBI Regional Offices and they action-ed upon my request within in a week’s time.

    Recently RBS Bank have arbitrarily closed my Credit Card and I have raised complaint to Ombudsman as Escalation matrix of RBS failed to address my complaint in past 2 months. RBI BO forwarded the complaint to RBS Bank; RBS sent me a Standard Reply which I am not satisfied with. I have again written to RBS with a copy to RBI.

    Hope a resolution soon! What more options do I have?

    1. I think you should keep on pursuing the case and should not settle with their standard replies .

      1. Pankaj says:

        I had a long standing relationship with RBS Bank and erstwhile ABN Amro Bank. But, in recent times they have acting strange firstly they reduced Credit Limit to mere Rs. 1500/- and than closed my Credit Card (for non usage of card without) any prior intimation.

        When I objected and complained to RBI BO; they are quoting Clause 6(b) of Card Members’ Agreement which states “The Bank may terminate the Credit Card facility immediately at any time at its discretion or at any time restrict the use without assigning reason or cause and without any notice thereto. ”

        This clause gives discretionary powers to the bank and I believe this is a “One Sided Clause” Infact most of the Credit Card Issuers have similar clause? I hope RBI would surely take some action on it.

        1. I dont think RBI will do anything about it . Credit card is a benefit or a service they are offering you . NOTE the word “offer” , they can withdraw it anytime as per their policies. If its in contract and you signed it , means you accepted it, legally you can not go against it !

          1. Pankaj says:


            I so happy to tell you that my RBS Credit card have been reinstated after 4 months of follow up with RBS Bank. Infact, in all their correspondence they had refused for reinstatement of Credit Card by citing “One Sided Clauses” of Card Members’ Agreement.

            As I mentioned in my earlier comments that I had complained to RBI Banking Ombudsman, New Delhi; they have positively responded to my complaint by advising the bank to reinstate my card.

            Thanks to office of RBI Banking Ombudsman I finally have received the reissued card 🙂

  233. Jasvir Singh Negi says:

    Banking Ombudsman
    C/o Reserve Bank of India
    M.G. Road, Post Box No.82
    Kanpur-208 001
    UP & Uttarakhand Zone


    Respected Sir ,
    It is bringing to you kind notice that I Jasvir Singh Negi serving in Elite paramilitary force Border Security Force at Jammu and maintaining a salary account bearing No.10438616224 in SBI ADB Padampur Sukhroo (Branch IFSC CODE 5848) , Kotdwara.I had applied two times i.e on dated oct’2011 and March’2012 for conversion of my salary account into PMSP account with all necessary documents, but in response neither my account is converted nor any intimation is given to me from your kind office. On scrutiny of the A/C summary of my account, it has been observed that the auto credit sweep facility has not yet been activated in my account which should be automatically activated as with the conversion of my account into PMSP package and in addition to all this not issued Silver ATM Card and Multi city cheque book to me. Consequently I am bearing the loss of interest which I would get during auto credit sweep over my balance amount .
    Regarding in this issue I post a registered letter to branch Manager ADB Padampur sukhroo, Kotdwara on 09 June 2012 but till date the status of my saving account is same and yet not converted to PMSP
    It is therefore requested to your kind branch please provide me all facilities related with the PMSP account and intimate me as soon as possible so that I can avail the benefits of PMSP account.

    A/C NO-10438616224

    1. Pankaj says:

      @ Jasvir Singh Negi and other readers

      Please avoid publishing your Confidential / Private information on Public forums like here as it may get misused by fraudsters.

      Regarding your complaint to RBI BO have you got a resolution or still awaiting resolution.? You can file the complaint online on RBI’s Banking Ombudsman website.

  234. my name is incluted in cibil report i checked with my DHFL bank but they told me my home account is not any dues so who put my name in cibil and how.

    1. Did you see your report ? Check it first and see which loan is appearing there !

  235. Gurmeet says:


    My name is Gurmeet. Bank Ombudsman does not work. Last one month before i had submitted a online complaint but i got only one reply that your complaint has been forwarded to the bank after receiving the reply they can take further action. But after that i not received any messages by Bank Ombudsman.

    So i request to all of you please do not forward your complaint to banking ombudsman as it is wastage of time nothing else.

    1. Gurmeet

      It really takes a lot of times, but people have got benefitted by it

  236. Shaukat Siddiquei says:

    Today on 20th jun 2012 i called up my banker ICIC Bank at their customer care number 9831378000 to have a query regarding my bank account i am holding since last 9 years. The query was addressed by the phone banking officer Mr Ajay Nagreddy, when my query got over i was about to disconnect the phone, before i could do so there was a question from the above mentioned officer whether I use internet banking ? I said no i have never used it neither i wish to use as its not safe. He tried to convince me that its safe and started telling me the procedures for operating the internet banking and provided me with the User ID…. for the same. The conversation started with him at 4.58 pm and ended after 15 minutes 10 seconds. At 5.22 pm I got an SMS Alert from ICICI Bank which says “We have recorded wrong attempt for resetting of your net banking password. If you did not try to reset the password, please contact customer care immediately”. After seeing the message i got stunt that how is it possible as i did not try to reset ever because i was driving after the conversation got over with him. Immediately i called up the customer care again and reported the message alert to them. I was surprised to note that the girl called Ms G. Bhawani was unable to explain and indirectly accepting the wrong thing done by her colleague Mr Ajay Nagreddy who had provided the User ID. Finally when she was unable to explain, she put me on hold and made me talk to her Supervisor Mr David Raj, he too also apologized but could not give any logical and convincing answer. I CAME TO A CONCLUSION THAT IT WAS MR. AJAY NAG REDDY ONLY WHO PROVIDED ME THE USER ID AND BEFORE I COULD RESET MY PASSWORD, HE HIMSELF TRIED TO RESET IT WITH A FRAUDALENT MINDSET. How can we trust these financial institutions where fraudalent mindset employees are working ????

    1. You should report this to ICICI Bank and try to make sure that some strict action is taken

  237. Dhruv Aggarwal says:

    I had cleared my personal loan 6 years back which was in my mothers name and ICICI bank wrongly fileda case after that 2 times which i won. Now from some days again my family is receiving an unwanted calls from ICICI bank. The person name is kapil yadav and his number 8745973133. He is abusing my mother and my sister badly and calling again and again and harassing us. I have switched off my number on which i am receiving calls. last call i received is on 19th June at 11:00 AM on my sisters mob number. Request you to take strict action against these morons.

    1. If he is bank employee than you can file a case on this , else I think he might be a fraud

  238. SUJIT KUMAR MODAK says:

    The Oficer-in-Charge
    Grievance Cell of RBI

    Sujit Kumar Modak



    With due respect, I want to state that, I am a pensioner of West Bengal Govt. and my pension Acct.(Acct No. 0330010219686) is with United Bank Of India, which is located in Chapra, PO- Bangaljhi, Dist-Nadia, WB,

    On 05 Jun 2012 when I enquired, I came to know that, Rs. 14500/- have been credited in my account as pension, but, Rs. 147/- have been deducted by Bank as their surcharge. Query from Asst. Treasury Officer of my Pension Disbursing Office revealed that, surcharge should not be charged on pensionary benefits.

    I have informed the above mentioned fact to Branch Manager, but he declined to accept my written application and take action against my complaint.

    I request you to look into the matter and direct the concerned office for quick disposal of my complaint.

    Thanking you.—–

    Sujit Kumar Modak
    Vill- Chapra(R.B.Road)
    PO- Bangaljhi
    Dist- Nadia (WB)

    UBI Acct No.0330010219686

    1. You should better file an RTI to know this , it will really work

  239. Dr Sanjay Borse says:

    I am having a SB AC with Axis Bank, wanwadi, Pune Branch (AC No. 110010100374095). I applied for home loan for construction of my house and a rep of the bank came to my res for collection of all the documents. He got all the relevant documents and also achaqueof Rs 5600 as processing fees. He checked all these documents and was satisfied since whatever documents he asked were in place. He promised me that the loan will be sanctioned within a week. After about 10 days he asked few more documents which were given to him. After 10 days he gives me a letter of sanction of the loan. Then after 15 days he calls me and says that the loan can not be given without mentioning any reason. I insisted to give the reason. He says reason can not be given, the loan is not doable. I am an Army Officer drawing a decent pension and also is employed as General Manager in a big Company after my voluntary retirement. I am very much in aposition to repay the loan without any hassle. However all my plans of finance for construction of my house have gone for a six due to non disbursement of the loan and I had to take a pvt loan at a higher rate of interest. Secondly the loan is not disbursed after its sanction for no fault of mine. Now they are also not refunding my processing fees of Rs 5600. I have suffered lot of mental agony in addition to the financial losses due to the nondisbursement of my loan for which I am very much eligible. Now I demand refund of my processing fees and also compensation of Rs 50000/- for all the mental agony and the financial losses I suffered due to this.

    1. Let me put some points

      1. Did you have any loan in past ? I mean do you have any credit history , there is something called a “Credit report” and “Credit Score” now a days in India which is first looked upon and if you do not have any past history of repayment at this stage OR some bad history , then it will be rejected

      2. The other reason can be because you do not have any ACTIVE income , its a pension and not sure if they would like to entertain you at this stage of life

      3. Did you ask them that the processing fees is refundable or not even if the loan application is rejected, did you sign any papers etc ?

      If you are dissatisfied , then first check with the bank about this and then file a case with consumer court or banking ombudsman . If your case is genuine , you will get the justice , but a little delayed .

      1. Dr Sanjay Borse says:

        Dear Manish, I have paid all my installments of HDFC loan in time without fail and the loan is cleared in the year 2009 only. I have a very good credit rating as far as I know. Secondly in addition to the pension I am also drawing a regular salary since I am working as GM in a reputed Company. I am not a regular retiree from Army It was a Voluntary retirement at the age of 46. My another car loan from Axis bank will be finishing in Oct 2012, I am paying its EMI very regularly and it is nominal ie Rs 7615 only.

        1. In that case its very strange to hear that they have not issued you a loan . Did you apply for your CIBIL score and report . Have a look at it first . I am sure there is some issue with your report . May be your loan has a remark like SETTLED or WRITTEN OFF

  240. SANJEEV BAWEJA says:

    Hi Manish
    Pls help me in one matter, i have applied for CAR LOAN DSA of HDFC Bank in Karnal, Haryana in Nov 2011. Bank concern person told me all formalities for DSA. I have submit document. After some days bank have said for open current account in bank branch and also said for service tax regstration no, address stamp, proprietor stamp. I have opened a current a/c in branch and also taken service tax no on 07/12/2011. This is the mutual approval of DSA. During this bank FI for office nd Shop done, CIBIl Check and all internal formalities whatever done by bank. I again nd again go to bank but no reply for DSA confirmation given by bank, daily some accusse, concern person not on seat, wait for 2 days, one week, etc. In first week of May bank denied to give DSA becoz of CIBIL Status( Credit Card settlement in my account only RS 9000/-), I have give time for 7 month for DSA, In one shot bank cancelled my application. I have only want to know if CIBIL is neccessary formalities for DSA, than why bank not checked it before all procedure, in six month, i have paid rent, electricity bill, my hrdwork, my time. Bank have wasted it. Now its very difficult to surrender Service Tax, Total expenses on Letterpad, Sign Board, Service Tax all waste near about loss of 50000/- and six month. May i want to know can i submit a complaint in Banking Ombudsman. Pls help. i m very harrassed due to bank. Its not waste my 7 month but also stand a question mark on my future.

    1. the simple answer to this is see where bank has not followed terms and condition, if they have done anything out side of agreement , then you can contact banking ombudsman and file a case in consumer court

  241. Ravi Shankar says:

    Hi Manish,
    thanks for quick reply!! really appricate…

    I could not understand the process of online complaint to banking ombudsman.

    Really thankful to you.

  242. Ravi Shankar says:

    Someone has applied HSBC Bank credit card on behalf of my PAN card without my knowledge. as well as HSBC bank has issued that card without verification and personal enqury. Even the personal detail/ information (mother name, address etc) in HSBC credit card does not match with me except date of birth. As I have applied for home loan then got that CIBIl is showing due of Rs. more then 1 lac. against my name. And my home loan got stucked at bank. HSBC Bank has transferred credit card portfolio to JM Financial. Then I made a call to JM financial office. They are saying that you need to pay principal amount (which is more then 14k) to settle this HSBC credit card due amount. Due to this fraud HSBC Credit card my rating is quit less in CIBIL record. Please suggest what should I do..legal step or ….

    1. Ravi

      This is a fraud case , You should file a complaint with HSBC and also report it to banking ombudsman after you are dis-satisfied with the Bank , I am sure bank has not done its work properly . This should surely not let you get any loan . Do something about this

  243. arun says:

    hi manish ,

    i lost around rs 60,000/-(during july 2011) in 15 fraud atm withdrawls from diff bank atms in mumbai n hyderabad within 2 days before i could block the card . the atm card was allways in my possession. i had complained to the mumbai cyber crime branch, my sbi branch and chief general manager sbi but til date there is no prog. pl tell me wat to do now. thanks.



    1. Arun

      U will have to escalate the issue to banking ombudsman

  244. Haneefa says:

    I need to report Banking ombudsman ?

    1. Haneefa says:

      because i didn’t compliant to Banking ombudsman.

    2. So why dont you do it , the procedure is explained in the article

      1. Haneefa says:

        i have no idea abut it plz can guide me ?

      2. Haneefa says:

        the compliant to Banking ombudsman state base email address ?
        i am from kerala .

  245. Umesh Bhuptani says:

    ok sir thanks you

    1. Haneefa says:

      Dear .Manish
      My son went to canara bank ATM to withdraw 5000 RS using my CB debit card on 10th may 112.
      But he didn’t receive money from ATM, I got a transaction massage my mobile
      And the amount was deducted from account ,then I sent complaint to Branch manager
      Till no any reply and the amount not credit to my account .
      So plz I need your help to resolve the issue

      1. Follow up with bank and Banking ombudsman , you are liable to get Rs 100 per day as penalty on this . Dont worry .. You just need to pursue it and you will get the money with penality !

  246. Umesh Bhuptani says:

    Thanks Manishji, RBI guideline is favoring me and bank has taken wrong action this is what I found out and bank just says Apology only

    nothing more
    lets see if some one else can reply
    thanks any way

    1. Complain to Banking ombudsman on this !

  247. Umesh Bhuptani says:


    I am holding current account in Standard Chartered from last 25 years, would like to know if Bank has kept our cheque for 20 days without depositing same to our account and while asking came to know account was freeze due to non compliance of KYC, but No notice or intimation given to us for same and KYC formality was under process and all of sudden can bank Freeze account like this? Now Bank is not replying properly for this matter , verbally says sorry… what we can do against them? Please comment thanks..Umesh

    1. I thikn more than comments section , this should be discussed at our forum which would be more responsive to question like this . I am myself not aware about the RBI guidelines on this : https://www.jagoinvestor.com/forum

  248. singh raju says:

    dear sir

    i sent my complaint by post to banking ombudsman,after one month i got acknowledgement and c no 3038 but after few day ob sent your complaint was closed then after i asked why close my case so she sent one attachment this is bank sending false document after that i sent mail and inform her this is false roll play by bank
    so she said your case was closed
    pls help me

    1. Your next step should be to complain to the consumer forum

      1. singh raju says:

        dear sir

        in that case your officer was given wrong judgement there for bank was very cool and relax so i want go for a case on your judgement officer so i need email id or phone number she never ask before closing case that time only she see a letter it come from complaint bank so i want case on that officer please help me and one more thing she dont know hindi & local language

          1. singh raju says:

            yes your officer her name sandra saldanha from Hyderabad

            1. But we are a blog, which institution are you talking about ?

            2. singh raju says:

              her email id is sandrassaldanha@rbi.org.in so please investigate who is she

            3. But why are you asking us this ? How are we connected to all this ?

  249. Esther says:

    personally going and depositing cash in bank on my loan account

    1. Thats really bad … Didnt they take any post dated cheque’s for EMI payment ? What you should do it complain to Banking Ombudsman on this , you should mail the bank along with CC to banking ombudsman

  250. Esther says:

    I hv housing loan in Allahabad bank , but my salary a/c. is in SBI hence i requested Allahabad bank for payment through ECS from SBI, for this at-least four – five times i went Allahabad bank but not guided properly. I am old lady and in health condition I can’t move properly.

    Pl guide me to whom I hv to approach.

    1. Esther

      So right now , how are they taking the payment for house loan EMI ?

  251. rahul kumar says:

    i have taken a laon againt my pension of Rs. 60000 on 17/01/2009.
    my monthly instalments is of Rs 3100 and they all are deducted regularly with interest.
    the last instalment is deducted of Rs 3100 with interst on 01/10/2010.
    after this i start getting my full pension without any further dedution.
    but on 01/06/2011 the another amount of Rs 3100 is again dedcted with interest.
    the bank acess my account money without prior permission and secondly thts the main reson that why the bank dont deduct this last installment on time.
    one more thing i want to raise is that the bank employyes visit my home and they sign application regarding that we r satisfied with that problem .
    the manger also refuse to give me the loan agrement papers that i need to see what is the rate of interst and how many instalments is to be paid to bank.
    the manger of the bank dont talk me well he is just challnging that u can file the case in court and also asked to give me the signed application which is signed wrongly by my mother . my mother is a illlittrate

    the manger also said that why u taken this loan.
    what i have to next, is their any action on the bank or wts the next step shuuld i have to take i already file the companied on rbi bo on 31 march. how much time it take to resolve this

    1. this is not correct. complain to banking ombudsman now !

      1. rahul kumar says:

        is der any action against bank of compensation given to me…how much time it take to get complanied solve from banking ombudsman i already complined on 31 march 2012

        1. It takes a lot of time Rahul .. some times it takes months and some times years ..

  252. namrata maurya says:

    thnx to tell me bad cibil information,

  253. namrata maurya says:

    since august i am fighting for this and pathetic thing is now no one replying of my any letters the hdfc banks and ombudsman also……………… how much time??????? u know, they made new rule of cibil report by which you can not apply for any other facilities m i right??????? what should i do?????????

    1. Namrata

      The CIBIL will be bad for you if your have a bad score

  254. namrata maurya says:

    my credit cards due date always comes on 9th of every month, this is the matter of August2011, As usual my due was on 9th of August and due amt was Rs 10,499, which I paid by IDBI bank cheque no 140123 On the date of 06.08.2011 at Vile Parle West ATM, Opp. Station., but when I came to know that cheque have not presented in bank I enquired it at my bank as well as HDFC credit card department, they said that they have not received cheque yet and advice me to wait for some day, but after 3-4 days again I enquired in my bank about the cheque but they said that cheque have not come in the bank for clearing, then again I called in HDFC credit card department and asked them about the status, Again they told me that they have no record about that, then I asked them that if I pay it by Other mode, will you deposit the cheque, if you find that later, and they assured me that if I paid it by other mode such as ATM transfer or by cash they will never deposit cheque as they will confirm the payment dues status before depositing any cheque, after this assurance I did ATM transfer on the Date of 16.08.2011 from HDFC ATM. after all this happened on 19th of August HDFC credit card department has deposited the cheque in my account in spite of payment made by me and cleared all my dues upto 09th August 2011, and their assurance, the cheque returned unpaid due to short by some amount which I kept for some other purpose, after all these I contacted to HDFC credit card department and asked them about all these but they didn’t have any reply, instead of apolizing, they sent me statement and levied late fee charges and other charges on me, since then they are harassing me, I am asking them to refund my 250 Rs. charged by my bank and reverse all charges as all mistake done by them but they are not ready to do so, and on the date of 22nd October 2011 they crossed their all limit by sending two people at my home, I was not there as I am working person, they started to abuse my mother and sister badly in front of people even they called me on my cell number and started to abuse me also I continuously requested them to please talk like a gentlemen but they didn’t listen me, even I recorded that conversation, I wants to know is this the way to behave with client? Is this right way? Has they have right to use this kind of third degree and vulgar language? Is government and RBI has given them right and power to abuse client in front of society and people? Please answer me.
    After all this, I again contacted to HDFC authority and explained them all but they were not ready to accept that, then I sent them CD of that recording but after that also they did nothing and continuously harassing me by calling again and again , by legal notice by sending people and by misguiding me.

    when I demanded for compensation they had refunded this amount, and after receiving my compensation demanding letter Mr. Savio Fernandes had called up me and had argued with me that “whatever the things have been happened with me and my family that comes in banks rule, and there is nothing happened against banks rules, the persons visited at my residence, abused my mother and my younger sister in my society, the persons who called me on phone and thwarted me, they has rights from bank, the bank will not give any compensation for this, is this right sir??? Whatever Mr. Savio Fernandes has said, is true??? Even I ask him to give me in written mail; whatever you said then he denied it completely. Since August I have never refute to make payment, I know I am holding credit card which is nothing but bank money, for which I have to repay every month as I done before august, but now not on cost of my respect and family respect, When it is clearly mentioned in RBI Regulation Norms that:
    Banks /NBFCs / their agents should not resort to intimidation or harassment of any kind, either verbal or physical, against any person in their debt collection efforts, including acts intended to humiliate publicly or intrude the privacy of the credit card holders’ family members, referees and friends, making threatening and anonymous calls or making false and misleading representations.
    f. If a complainant does not get satisfactory response from the bank/NBFC which is a subsidiary of a bank within a maximum period of thirty (30) days from the date of his lodging the complaint, he will have the option to approach the Office of the concerned Banking Ombudsman for redressal of his grievance/s. The bank/NBFC which is a subsidiary of a bank shall be liable to compensate the complainant for the loss of his time, expenses, financial loss as well as for the harassment and mental anguish suffered by him for the fault of the bank and where the grievance has not been redressed in time.
    Reserve Bank of India reserves the right to impose any penalty on a bank/NBFC under the provisions of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949/the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934, respectively for violation of any of these guidelines.

    my this case not get solved till the date, when you are saying this much good for this, then why not my case solved till the date…………..
    kindly reply friends……………

    1. namrata

      Did you file your case against them in banking ombudsman ? I am sure you will get compensation , it will take some time , but what happened from bank side is not acceptable .


  255. Muthu Krishnan V says:

    This is standard cheating practiced by many banks. When I transferred my home loan to IDBI, the bank guy tried to add the insurance amount under the carpet saying that it is compulsory etc otherwise we will not sanction loan. I asked him to show the clause in the agreement where it says so. He could not show that. he said that we cannot sanction loan. I told him I do not need the loan. After couple of days, he called back and said that they will give loan without insurance. I took it and then closed it within a couple of years.

    Banks want to get commission out of this but probably 3 – 4 years EMI just goes off paying off the insurance amount only. My friend was also trapped similarly in ICICI and he did not even know that he need not take the insurance 🙁

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience and what you did. I think they just take customers for granted and they feel that people will fall for what ever they demand just because they feel they are too needy


      1. Muthu Krishnan V says:

        my comment was meant for the axis bank insurance thread, dont know how it landed up here.

  256. nitin mittal says:

    Subject:-Complaint against Axis Bank, Asset Sales Centre, Ghaziabad for wrongfully charging 4.25 lacs to my home loan account NO. PHR063600379939C
    Dear Sir,

    I want to submit before you that I applied for a home loan to Axis Bank, Ghaziabad Branch considering good interest rates and transparency. The property was Amrapali Heart Beat City-I, Sector-107, Noida and I was sanctioned a loan of Rs 45 lacs. In this duration 100s of papers were signed by me telling me that these are all formalities and are needed.

    However when the first disbursement was made then I came to know that the total sanctioned amount is Rs. 49.25 lacs. When I enquired I was told that the balance 4.25 lacs is the amount of insurance policy that the bank has paid to the Max New York company for a full cover of 49 lacs for me and my wife for a full tenure of 25 years in single shot.
    This was never told to me clearly and I cannot bear such a loss. The purpose of bank was to earn unlawful commission from insurance agency at our cost. Also the cost of insurance is much higher than the prevailing market rates. I and my family feels cheated by this unscrupulous activity and seek you help to save our hard earned money.
    As nobody in the bank replies properly and only assures that the insurance will be returned if loan is prepaid . this is only a way of fooling customers. The bank has not only disbursed 4.25 wrongly but also charging interest on the same.

    It is, therefore, requested kindly do something in this matter so that my loan amount is reduced back to 45 lakhs. Also please the interest charged on this insurance amount should also be waived off.
    Looking forward to your help
    With warm regards

    1. Nitin

      This is really a cheating .. I am sure they asked you to sign the documents and those insurance papers were in middle of it .. Kindly make sure that when you sign the papers , you read it fully !

      1. Jatin Kacha says:

        Yes, exactly.

        We should be very carefully read all document while signing all loan papers.
        I was also thinking to get 25 L. load from the same bank. This issue now make me to hesitate and opens the eye how banks cheat customer..!

        I am thinking of to go for Tata Finance, Manish, is that ok to go with Tata Finance. Do you have any review on that..?

        1. No Jatin

          I have no idea on that .. but you should really start a thread on our forum and discuss this, you will get responses in hours 🙂 : https://www.jagoinvestor.com/forum/


          1. Jatin Kacha says:

            That’s a good idea..!

            Though i was knowing about your forum, but i didnt though of that options.

            Thanks for suggestion. 🙂

  257. Munis Gupta says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am working with Indianoil Corporation Ltd a Maharatna Company and currently posted at Patiala. I have an account in ICICI bank vide account number 004601031068 at Ajit Nagar Branch, Patiala and have this account since 11 years. I had applied for hosing loan of amount Rs. 25 lacs in mid of Jan-12 to Sh. Abdul recommended by my privilege bank official Sh. Batish. He checked all my documents and confirmed me that you loan will be sanctioned with in 10-15 days. I informed Mr. Abdul that I have registry date on 15.03.2012 so kindly complete all formalities as soon as possible and my loan must be sanctioned latest by 15.03.2012.
    But after one month no response came from your bank side and neither Mr. Abdul was responding to my phones. I informed Mr. Batish who had recommended that Mr Abdul is not responding to my phones neither have i got any feedback from ICICI bank. He again ensured me that your loan will be approved very soon. I reminded him that I have to make registry on 15.03.2012. On 24 Feb after one month of applying loan I got SMS from your bank that “ amount of Rs. 13788 is debited from your account vide cheque no-7732”. No written communication was sent by icici bank. I contacted Mr. Abdul that what is progress of loan and I again reminded him that I have to make registry on 15.03.2012 so kindly do needful. He again ensured me that bank has sanctioned your loan. So bank has charged processing fees after one month of applying loan in spite of claiming that loan can be issued within 10 days.. On 06.03.2012 I got a telephonic message from Mr. Abdul that you loan is not sanctioned. I asked what the reason is. He said land verification team has raised some objections. He also informed me that they generally want their visiting fees to clear the loan. I asked him why I pay money to them if everything is OK and same has been informed by you. I have given all documents to you and you have verified each and every thing now at this moment you are saying bank has raised objections. Then what you people was doing from last two months. You very well know that I have to make a registry on 15.03.2012 and there is no more time to raise funds. I contacted Branch Manager Mr. Virdi, he also not helped me in fact he is also part of nexus which are involved in malpractices.
    Dear sir, I have applied for loan for built house in ICICI bank in mid of January-12 and gave all documents required by ICICI bank, bank employee has also visited the house and all documents were with them. They have verified it and ensured me that your loan will be sanctioned. Then why they took two months to take decision for loan. Mr. Abdul and other bank employee very well knew that I have to make registry on 15.03.2012 and they have deliberately lingered on the process of loan for long period and makes false promises so that I could not have time to apply loan from other bank and they will take advantage the situation and charge money as they want from me to sanctioned loan. This is what happening in ICICI braches at ground level for genuine customers who have paying capacity to pay loan. At ground level there is nexus between ICICI bank employee and third party who is deputed to verify the land and they are deliberately create situation in which customer could not have other choice but to bribe them as they want. Third party bank have hired for land verification is not paying adequate salaries to their employees and forcing them to involve in malpractices. Even they have shallow knowledge and they are not qualified. Since they are representing ICICI bank hence ultimately they are ruining the name of Bank. ICICI bank has not sent any communication regarding loan proceeding TILL DATE. Branch Manager and their friends sitting in bank office also misbehaved with me and my wife. Is this way of ICICI working?
    I have some queries from your bank.
    1. What is minimum time to clear loan.
    2. Why ICICI bank has not sent any written communications to me for sanctioning or not sanctioning loan.
    3. Is Mr. Abdul who is sitting in ICICI bank recommended by Sh. Batish is authorized person form your bank to sanctioned the housing loan. What are his duties and responsibilities?
    4. Do ICICI bank communicate in written to customers regarding loan proceedings.
    5. Send me all proceeding in chronological orders regarding my housing loan proceedings.
    6. Send me the list of responsible persons who deliberately delayed my loan and involved in malpractices.
    7. What action will ICICI bank take against them. Send me copy.

    1. Munis

      I think you should complain to banking ombudsman on this and claim for compensation

  258. P.S.R.SWAMI says:

    I am a senior citizen aged about 66 years. I made a complaint to BO, Hyderabad against Andhar Bank, Banjara Hills Br.Road No.1, Banjara Hills Branch, Hyderabad 500 034 since the Bank debited my account twice for each of the withdrawals of Rs.10,000/- through ATM of different Banks (SBI and Axis Bank). The transactions pertain to August 2009 one and Sept.2009 two. I never doubted the entries in the pass book and did not check them till a withdrawal of Rs.3,000/- through ATM on 4-04-2011 was debited twice. On my complaint the amount of Rs.3,000/- which was wrongly debited to my account was credited to my account on 21-05-2011 but the Bank did not pay the penalty for delayed credit. On occurrence of this I verified my account and found the double debit in my account on three dates for withdrawal of Rs.10,000/- on 9-08-2009 debited twice on 10-08-2009, for a withdrawal of Rs.10,000/- on 20-09-2009 debited twice on 21-09-2009 and another withdrawal of Rs.10,000/- on 21-09-2009 debited twice on 21-09-2009. When I was issued the ATM card in May 2009 I was informed that the daily withdrawal limit was Rs.10,000/- and I never drew more than this any time till March 21-03-2011 on which date the when I inquired the Bank informed that the limit of withdrawal was raised and on this date I withdrew Rs.10,000+5,000.On my complaint in 2011 about these transactions the bank informed that the SBI and Axis Banks informed that the transactions were claimed as successful under NFS. On my complaint in August 2011 (thereafter I left for abroad and returned in Feb 2012) the BO, Hyderabad informed that since my complaint warrants consideration of elaborate documentary and technical evidence the complaint is closed under clause 13(c). Now I intend to appeal to the Dy.Governor, RBI.

    1. Thanks for sharing your incident, we really think you should complain to the RBI now .

  259. babulal jatav says:

    sir my name babulal, i have wdl 2500 twentifive thousand from my a/c on dated 03/03/2012 fromBagwai KO center. it was deducted from my a/c but it,s not show in record of K O OPERATOR , BAGWAI. so they had not pay my money . i have complant of this matter to branch manager , SBI Bhiter ; Gwalior but no proper justification given by him to me .my CIF no . is 86241924360.SIR PLZ TELL ME WHAT CAN I DO TO GET MY MONEY.THANKS.MY MOB NO IS 8889646100

    1. Threaten them to complain to banking ombudsman and really do it .


      How I can file Complaint to Banking Ombudsman on line?In the site I do not find any option.Please help.How I can convert word file into PDF file?Please mail me your advice

      1. Is it not mentioned in the article ?

  260. Antima says:

    How do you check the status of complaint filed online with the banking ombudsman?

    1. Antima

      I guess thats not very effective and no way of doing it , file an RTI to know about your complaint status


  261. Nitin says:

    Hi Manish,
    Few months back, i have given the check if IDBI bank, Bhopal branch, to open the Demat account. The check was of 10000/- and there was about 12000/- in the account at the time the check was deposit. It was dishonored by the bank by saying the there are insufficient funds but it was not the case. The check was submitted to the Nagpur branch and it was the mistake of the Nagpur branch as admitted by the assistant branch manager in Bhopal (my home branch). After saying again and again to the home branch, I have not received the money back. Only I am getting the words that they have asked the Nagpur branch to give back my money. The amount is though very less of 233/- but the way i am treated for my money, is really very bad. Just to add that the amount was charged in the month of August. So please suggest me how should I proceed or my case is not at all eligible for logging the case. I have the bank statement which shows the deduction.

  262. Ganesh Narayanan says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am from Chennai. I lodge a comliant against SBI with BO. My case got registered and recvd the RBI complaint No. How do I track the status of this complaint. Is there any URL to track the status or do I need to followup with OB or SBI to retrieve my lost Money. Appreciate your quick help.

    1. Ganesh

      No idea on this – try asking it on our forum http://www.jagoinvestor.com/forum

  263. ajay kumar singh says:

    Dear Mr Manish Chauhan,



  264. Dear Sir,

    How can passable… Not satisfy your mailing result…..

    This matter on 10/12/10 Axis bank ATM. swipe our card and enter the pin number but Axis bank ATM system given to answer Please enter the your pin number again type our pin number on keyboard but system hanging and cancel but deduct 10000/- amount in my HDFC A/C.

    But not received the 10000/- amount of Axis bank ATM.
    I don’t know anything (revert my money)……

    (This is my account detail Card No 5264190117866516 and HDFC A/C No. 00111000151178).

    Birendra Kumar

  265. Seetha Padmanabhan says:


    I’m from Chennai. We have a home loan from Standard Chartered Bank and as you know they are charging the highest interest rate in the market. We are eligible to pay 25 % of principal outstanding every year without any pre-payment charges. Last month Jan’12 we made a payment of Rs.1,00,000 and the bank representative said we could pay only 25% (which comes around Rs.94,000) and the rest will have penalty of 2.76%. We accepted it and made the payment. But we were shocked to see the statement from them whereby they had charged us Rs.2678 for the entire Rs.1 lac we paid as the part-payment penalty. We shouted at them telling that they are trying to cheat the customers and now we are in mental agony because of them . We want to make a complaint of it to the BO. Could you please advise on it??…Thanks.


    1. Seetha

      You can complain about it , but eventually nothing is going to happen because the charges must be mostly as per terms and conditions only .

  266. bharani says:

    Hi manish,

    I opened a ICICI demat account 2 years ago. Since it was a corporate account they have it free. Only charged for Re.1 just for the sake of it. After months of waiting I did not get the trading user id and password mailer to home from them. When enquired in person I found that the post had returned back to them since no on was present in my home at the time the courier was delivered. I tried to get that consigntment back but did not. They I got fedup with the service and opened a new demat with Sharekhan. Now after 2 years they keep sending post to pay the outstanding amount annual maintenance charge of 500 rs per year and now I see they are demanding for 1500 rs for an account which i have never logged in, since i dont have the userid and pwd with me.

    Is this fair? Am I to be blamed for not receiving the post? how can they activate the account and charge me money without any intimation..I am afraid whether my CIBIL score may get impacted due to this.

    Please help.

    thanks and regards

    1. Bharani

      SO you knew that the demat account was opened on your name and ICICI had sent it to you, but you were not at home .. Now the account is still active and the charges have accumulated.

      This should not impact your CIBIL score as of now because these things are not counted as of now , but I would recommend clear this mess as its a small amount as of now , you never know if these things will be counted later.


      1. Bharani says:

        Thanks for the reply Manish. I was under the impression that the account will get activated only after logging in using the details. what you said makes sense.. the account is still active.. irrespective of am doing any transaction.. As you said, I will clear this mess now.. thanks again.

  267. sunita kulkarni says:

    Acknowledgement Mail from RBI, Maintainable Complaint NO. is 201112002002138
    but not received any reply. sbi credit card gurgaon harrashing us like any thing through mails calls and messages. sir kindly do needfull. other wise no way before us accept poision.

    sunita kulkarni

  268. Pushpa says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have opened an account with Kotak bank last year as i was trying for a personal loan. Some agent from this bank asked me to open SB account and i opened it. And he said it is zero balance account and i dont need to maintain any balance in this account. But after this he din’t come back and i dint take any loan also. But after some days when i checked my account balance it is showing negative balance.

    Recently i have got a call from some representative of Kotak Bank and they said my account is having negative balance and are asking me to deposit some 15000/- as the minimum balance to be maintained in that account was 10,000 and from the remaining 5000 they have to deduct 4000(appro) negative balance. If i deposit this whole amount within this 31st of Jan then they said they will waive off all the maintainance charges(negative balance of 4000 change). But when i asked her to send some confirmation about this she said only for this branch we have this offer but not to any other branch. Without getting any confirmation how can i beleive them and deposit the money. Do really banks will have those kind of policies or simply to get the maintainance charges they will be telling this.

    Please suggest..


    1. Pushpa

      First point is that other than SALARY ACCOUNTs , there is no option of ZERO balance . so agent lied to you . There is always some minimum balance in your account ..

      Banks generally waive off the penalities by giving one chance to customers .. go to branch and confirm this once and then take action


  269. Mr. Debmalya Basu says:

    To, From:- DEBMALYA BASU,
    The Branch Manager,
    ICICI Bank, ALIGANJ Branch , ,

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Enclosed please find the Xerox copy of the financial statement of 2011 of my savings account No:-032501000008,
    which is not only ridiculous but highly irregular, irresponsible, neglectful, and has caused me the following immense troubles.
    1. First, it has caused me a lot of unnecessary inconvenience as I had to personally visit the mother branch to get my doubts clarified regarding the reflection of the erroneous tax deduction of amount Rs 3375/-( Rupees Three Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Five only) as no other branch could give any proper reply. On visiting the branch I was not able to get any convincing reply from the Deputy Branch manager, who told that it as the account is under “Auto-sweep” mode it will take a long time to find out the actual amount of interest accrued on the corpus I am having in my account.
    2. Then, to my most surprise and shock, I came to know from the same person that my PAN is not updated, which is almost next to impossible and absurd matter and she cited that this may be one of the reason for which the tax has been deducted @ 20% as under RBI guidelines. This is an account which is more than 11 years old (transferred from Vasant Vihar Branch , New Delhi) where non- updation of PAN number is just an absurdity. Then also , I would like to know why I was not intimated about such irregularity and how the bank has operated the account without any PAN number for such a long time. Not only that, I received 2 copies of 15-G forms by courier immediately after 4 days of my visit to the branch, but did not receive any details which authenticate the deduction of the tax amount as justified.
    3. If , I refer to simple arithmatic and consider Rs 3375/- as 10% of the accrued interest then 100% of the accrued interest becomes aproximately Rs3,37,500, for which what amount of corpus to be maintained in the account for 12 months @ 8% interest can be calculated by a student of 8th standard very easily. Even if I consider Rs 3375/- as 20 % of the accrued interest then 100% of the accrued interest becomes approximately Rs 168750/- , for which again it should be calculated what amount I should have maintained for 12 months in a savings account. Hope I need not to give further clarifications to make you understand that it is an error on your part for which inconviniences melted on my way. I would also like to let you know that the present corpus which is lying in the account is the amount which I received as my pensionary benefit while retiring from Indian Air Force , in February 2010, which is also Tax Free , as per GOI rules and regulations, for your kind and necessary information.
    4. In view of the above, as a very old customer of this bank, I request you to view this matter very seriously and look into it to find the actual reason. You are also requested to substantiate the entire harassment I undergone in every possible way and also financially.Hope I am very clear in my above lines, and solicit an early action and information from your side.

    Thanking You,
    Yours Truly,



    1. Sushil

      You can discuss your issue on our forum : https://www.jagoinvestor.com/forum/

  271. uday kiran vadapalli says:

    Recently i’ve lodged a grievance against a bank with banking ombudsman
    i received complaint no also.
    let me know how to track the status??

    1. Uday

      try here :


      1. uday kiran vadapalli says:

        The link is leading to complaint lodging.
        I need website for tracking.

  272. Ashwani Kumar says:

    3rd September, 2011
    Hon’ble Finance Minister
    North Block, New Delhi-110001

    Subject : 1. ICICI Bank is indulging in unfair trade practices to
    Dupe innocent Home Loan Customers/ operating in
    self styled fashion without fear of Law

    2. ICICI Bank Levied Pre-Payment Penalty on Principle
    O/S Rs 1,10,749.00 to the tune of Rs 16,039.05 @ 14.48%

    3. Principal O/S Rs 1,05,698.00 was, as per ICICI Bank
    record attached, but they hiked it to Rs 1,10,749.00

    4. Original Loan was granted by ICICI Home Finance
    but to avoid purview under HFC they seems to have falsified records to dupe the Public in India, People already facing heat on account of Interest Hike, inflation, economic slowdown, job losses, Price Hike to name few.

    5. The inflation, Price hike, Economic Slowdown takes time to control but this practice is easier to control and will benefit masses and will enhance the image of the Government being pro masses.

    Most Respected Hon’ble Finance Minister,

    I beg apology for encroaching upon your valuable time, but today I exhausted all channels in HFC & Ministry of Finance, who in turn referred it back to HFC, leveling me back to square one. The facts of the case are penciled down as under;

    1. I have availed home Loan from ICICI HOME FINANCE vide Loan account Numbers LBDEL00001012853 & LBDEL00000957380, offer letter attached in “Appendix 6” page no’s 20 to 23.

    2. The ICICI Bank levied pre-payment penalty against Account Number LBDEL00000957380 @ 14.48%, on Principal O/S of Rs 1,10,749.00 amounting to Rs 16,039.05, closure letter is enclosed in “Appendix 3” page no. 1.

    3. The Principal O/S as per ICICI Bank record is was 1,05,898.00 but raised it to 1,10,749.00, record downloaded from ICICI Bank is attached in “Appendix 3” page no. 4.

    4. Had I paid installments stretched over 13 months, I would have ended paying Rs 1,12,882.00, whereas they charged me Rs 1,30,396.31, copy of cheque attached in “Appendix 3”, “Page no. 2”.A clean penalty to the tune of Rs 17514.31 for paying early, besides putting other interest charge etc..

    5. The Bank also levied pre-payment penalty on 2nd Loan Account No. LBDEL0000101285, Principal O/S 3,66,592.00 @ 2.21%, of Rs 8101.68.

    6. Needless to mention but the time value of money principal applies here that “a Rupee today is worth more than a Rupee in the future” Banks should give discounts rather than imposing pre-payment penalty.

    7. I represented my case to housing Financial Corporation vide letter Ref. ref. no. NHB/ICICIBANK/HL SETTLEMENT/1 Dated 14th June, 2011, copy enclosed in “Appendix 5” pages 16 to 19. The same was registered vide ack. Letter ref. no. NHB(ND)/Complaint Cell/577/7531/2011/7439 dated 22nd June, 2011, copy attached in “Appendix 5” page no. 15.

    8. The same case was returned by NHB vide letter ref. no. NHB(ND)/Complaint Cell/577/11654/2011 dated August 25, 2011, citing jurisdiction issue. The copy of reply is enclosed in “Appendix 5” page 12. It seems that NHB did not go deeply in the documents/ references I made in my letters enclosed in “Appendix 5” pages 12(1) to 13 & 16 to 19.

    9. The fact remains that Loan Offer letter was originally issued by ICICI Home Finance, enclosed in “Appendix 6”, pages 20 to 23, subsequently the loan revision letter as well as “Provisional statement for claiming Deductions under Section 80C(2)(xviii) & 24 (b) of the Income tax act, 1961” was also issued by ICICI HOME FINANCE, please refer “Appendix 7” , pages 24 to 26 &“Appendix 8” pages 27 & 28. Please also refer “Appendix 10” pages from 58 to 78, Loan Agreement inked between ICICI HOME FINANCE & us.

    10. The above mentioned documents establishes beyond all doubt that HFC was mislead by ICICI Bank and they tried the same to me by writing letter dated July 13, 2011, copy enclosed in “Appendix 5”, page 14. Now let us say even if ICICI Bank is acting as per law by managing readings between lines or using whatever technique then this is not pro-people but pro-Bank. A Google search would reveal how many people are suffering, sucked by Banks and the complaints are falling on deaf ears, becoming part of the web achieves.

    11. The same complaint is also lodged with PG Portal vide Ref. No. DEABD/E/2011/01013 dated 21st July, 2011.

    12. Even this information was also filed with Competition Commission of India under Section 4(2) of CCI-Abuse of Dominant position by ICICI Bank, vide letter Ref. No. :CCI/ICICIBANK/HL SETTLEMENT/1 Dated 14th June, 2011, Copy enclosed vide “Appendix 4” Pages from 8 to 11, but without response till date. It needs special attention of CCI as it is not affecting individuals but masses running in Millions.

    13. Unless stringent action coupled with unusual penalties viz. 100 times or more the amount realized/ extracted is imposed on Banks, they will continue to extract /extort money from people, and affected parties will grow manifold day by day causing resentment among the masses.

    14. Hon’ble Finance Minister your intervention at this crucial juncture is sought to benefit masses by restoring the money collected by Banks for the last two or three years with penal interest. It will also boost the image of the government especially at a time when countrymen are bleeding on account of inflation, price hike, interest hike, fuel price hike, to name few. It will be viewed as populist measure in favor of masses/ families suffered, suffering and are suppose to suffer in future in the hands of Lending Institutions/ Banks.

    Thanking you for your precious time and looking forward positive action in favor of your own Countryman.

    Truly Yours,

    Ashwani Kumar
    BE(Electronics & telecommunications),MBA(Mktg.)
    FIETE,MIE,C.Eng(Chartered Engineer),FIV
    10, Surya Kiran Apartments,
    D Block, Vikas Puri,
    New Delhi-110018
    Copy to:
    1. Chairman & Managing Director
    National Housing Bank
    Core 5A, 5th Floor,
    India Habitat Centre,
    Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

    2. Hon’ble Minister of Corporate Affairs
    NEW DELHI – 110 001

  273. Dear Manish
    Sub.Complain for debit Rs. 5000/- from my NRI account: Reg.

    Plz. help me as per below mentioned details bank is no reply positive in my fever for in this case. I am so many time physically visit of banks representative toking only this case is time taking job. i do no when time is end. and here with proof attached reply for banks axis/icici.Subject: Re: ‘AXISIBRM=014-822-151’ Complain for debit Rs. 5000/- from my NRI account: Reg.
    From: “NRICELL” Sat, 10 Dec 2011 10:56:00
    To: You and others
    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Please find the email below from your branch NRI customer which is self explicit. Kindly revert to customer suitably under intimation to us.

    Thanks and regards,

    Jayshree Satam
    Team NRICELL
    ICICI Bank replay:-From: “Senior Management Desk”
    Sent: Mon, 12 Dec 2011 17:14:14
    To: “apyadav1502@rediffmail.com”
    Subject: Re: ‘ICICICARE=043-384-502’ ICICI BANK LTD
    Dear Mr Yadav,
    We refer to your appended e-mail of December 9, 2011 addressed to the Managing Director which has been forwarded to the undersigned for due analysis and redressal.
    We understand that you have complained about the disputed transaction of Rs. 5000/- to your banker i.e. Axis Bank.We regret our inability to provide the CCTV clippings due to technical issue.
    We request you to take up with your banker for further redressal of your grievance. Further, we wish to inform you that, as per NFS network operating rules, the Bank whose ATM was used to withdraw funds is not obligated to provide the CCTV footage to the card issuing Bank.
    We request you to meet th e above response with understanding and acceptance.
    Manager -Senior Management Desk
    Note:- Sir plz look in to this mater all ready this mater is vary vary take long time.

    Date 29.08.2011
    The Branch Manager,
    Axis Bank,
    Branch: Naya More, Bokaro

    Sub: Complain for debit Rs. 5000/- from my NRI account: Reg.
    Dear Sir,
    Myself Anand Prasad Yadav, Joint account holder Ritesh Kumar Yadav S/o- Shri Sukdeo Rai, At- Qtr. No: 63 workers flat, Baridih, Jamshedpur (JH). I am a permanent account holder in your bank since more than one year. My account No: 910010004421372 and I open my account in below mentioned branch address:
    Bank Name: Axis Bank, Branch Off. Voltas Building, Bistupur, Jamshedpur (JH).
    Sir, I would like to inform you that on dated 26.08.2011 Rupees 5000/- debited from my account that is showing in my bank statement, cash debited from ICICI (ATM) sec – 4 Bokaro.
    In addition, it is confirm that I am not use my ATM card on the above said date, so I humbly request you to please look into the matter as soon as possible.
    Thanking you,
    With regards,

    Anand Prasad Yadav.
    Hotel Malati Mahal,
    B-9 Sec-4 , B.S. City
    Bokaro ( JH)
    Mob: 9608085097

  274. Latha says:


    I am also facing a same situation. I have account with ICICI bank.

    My husband made ATM transaction from State Bank of Travancore ATM on 12th September 2011. He made 4 chain trasactions at the same time for Rs. 10000,10000,10000 & 7000. On those third one failed (Rs.10000/-) and he got a receipt telling “Transaction not successful.” and he didnt get money. So he made the 4th transaction of Rs.7000 and got money.

    But after 2-3 days I checked my ICICI account balance and went to know that the money(Rs.10000/-) is deducted from my account. I contacted one of the ICICI customer care guy and he told within 7 (maximum 10) days the money will reversed to my account. I was waiting. But I didnt received it after 10 days.

    I went to ICICI brach and registered a complaint on 23rd September 2011. Unfortunately I didnt get any reply for that complaint. Again I went to the branch and talk with the officials. They told they got the reply from State Bank of Travancore like the trancation was successful. But on cross check, the time given by the SBT people was different(6.50 am) from the one I made transaction (8.30 am). So they told that they are going to resubmit it again. So again I was waiting and calling the customer care on a day to day basis.

    At last one guy from the customer care told the complaint was registered againt a successful transaction, so he is registering another complaint for another transaction (on 15/10/11). No reply for that also. So I called the customer care and got the same reply(transaction was successful). Again that customer care guy told, he is registering complaint for the remaining two transactions also. So I would get a positive feed back and registered two more compaints (19/10/11).
    Thanks to him for atleast without calling the Customer care I got a SMS reply telling the same answer.

    I am fed up with calling customer care.I lost my money, time, energy, and belief on ICICI……really hopeless….

    Again I called CC and they told to send a mail to customercare@icicibank.com, you will give a solution within 24 hours. But no reply for that mail.

    So I registered another compliant from ICICI site to head of Customer care, Krishnan Govindan. I got a reply fro that telling the same thing transaction was successful. Agin I called cc, and talk with some top manager. He told they enquired with SBT, all the transactions are successful. So they cant do anything more on this matter.

    I dont have atm receipt for that transaction, I have the suuccessful three transaction receipts on that day. Is it possible to give complaint to BO on this matter? How can i prove I ddint get money on that transaction???

    Expecting an early reply. Hoping I will get my money back…..

    Thanks & regards,

  275. Vidya says:

    Dear Manish,

    I hold a savings account in citibank. On 16th November 2010, I made 4 withdrawal transactions at Axis bank atm. I tried to make 4 withdrawal transactions of 10000, 10000, 5000 and 5000. Of which, the 3rd transaction has failed. I lodged the complaint through phone to customer care of citibank the same day about failed atm transaction. They gave me provisional credit but based on confirmation from Axis bank that the transaction is valid, they reversed the credit, on dec 1st, 2010 meaning that 5000 got debited from my account though i did not get the cash. I disputed this with bank executive, but he has said citibank cannot do anything more in this regard and I have to approach Axis bank.

    On comparison of the transaction advices & statement of axis bank which citibank sent to me, I find that Axis bank has confirmed that the transaction is valid for the 4th withdrawal transaction of 5000 rs which was successful & I did get cash for this, however, the earlier transaction, the third one, for 5000 rs. the same day had failed. Bank had not looked into the status of this and given feedback. It is clear that bank has not done proper and complete investigation. I approached axis bank manager of Kalyan nagar, who did not want to take any responsibility for this matter and again redirected me to their head office. I could not follow up this matter after this as this was not getting anywhere and I got busy with personal engagements.

    This month, I again, approached citibank with detailed letter, giving the facts of the case along with transaction advices, but they reply that they have debited based on axis bank’s confirmation. They have not looked into the dispute and incomplete investigation of axis bank.

    Now, can I get help from bank ombudsman to get my money. What other compensation can I claim for the inconvenience put through. Am I eligible for interest for delay in solving the matter. I have lodged the complaint about failed atm transaction the same day to citibank, but now, its been over a year . Does RBI rules permit resolution of cases after a year has passed.

    1. Vidya

      You can approach Banking Ombudsman as you have already for followed up with Bank .. if you have any proofs with you , keep it .

      Once more mail to manager of AXIS bank with cc to banking omnbudsman (also mention in email that you are going to banking ombudsman now) . this should do some magic . As you are liable for an interest + Rs 100 per day penalty for all the days they have not gave back to you . So in best case 36500 🙂


      1. Vidya says:

        Dear Manish,

        Thanks for your reply and guidance. Here, axis bank is the third party. My registered complaint & followups are with citibank, while after they directed me to approach axis bank, I contacted the local branch manager of axis bank who did not offer help or accept my written complaint but redirected me to their head office. All my documentary evidences, mails and phone calls with customer service has been with Citibank, as that is where I hold my account. a) What is RBI’s stand on this- do they put the onus on the bank where we hold the account or is it on the third party bank where the transaction failed. b) I followedup with Citibank again last week and the latest is manager says I did not dispute within 60 days from the date of purchase transaction and hence they are unable to assist. While my original complaint is indeed within the time frame, their investigation was about a different transaction. If there is a faulty investigation, is the onus to revert within timeframe with the customer ( I feel it should not be so, as the customer may not be skilled to investigate. What is RBI’s stand on error in investigation of failed transaction. c) If the cash does not get dispensed, how can a customer prove that cash was not received, in case the bank disputes it. Thanks for your time.

        1. Vidya

          when money is not dispenced from the ATM , it is recorded in their internal system , so you dont have the proof, but the proof is ther ein bank recorsd ,

          You should now complain to BO


  276. Jayan says:

    Thank you very mauch for speedy responce and valubile direction

  277. Jayan says:

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    My name is JAYAN. P, I the account holder of SBI Jalahalli, Bangalore. My SBI account No is 30111705796. I withdrawn a sum Rs.10000/- from Induslnd Bank ATM at Tezpur, Assam on 12/10/2011 at around 11.26hrs through my ATM Card No 6220180096300273065. After the transaction I revealed that a sum of Rs. 10000/- was extra deducted from my account.
    I submitted a