Akruti City , Have you gone Mad !!

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Double in a week ?

If you are watching Markets , you must have seen the movements of Akruti City . This company is a Mumbai based Company . The shares of this company is on the roll from last 10 days . In just 1 week it has zoomed from 994 on march 9th to 2145 on Mar 18th , that’s roughly a week .

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So, Now the company market capitalization (13421 Cr) is second highest in Real estate sector , just next to DLF (29229 Cr) . Its suddenly 3 times more valuable than Unitech !!

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My God !! , whats going on !!

90% of the equity is with promotors , and a very small fraction is with retail public , you can understand that everything going on is just the “kartut” (hindi word) of minority public .

Agreed that anyone who has entered the stocks some days back or 2 days back or 1 day back has made exceptional profits , But is it a right decision to invest in this as of now for short term gain or to ride the trend . A big NO!!

For sure some insider trading is going on with company , that’s the reason why stocks has gone mad . Retail Investors must not get very excited with these kind of things , These kind of sharp moves are not sustainable , to move in a healthy way , the stock must form a base (spend some time in a range ) and then start its up move slowly and with some corrections in between .

These kind of mad up moves without any pauses and slowdown are nothing but a bomb ready to explode .

If like someone who just entered the trade 1 week back and made 100% gains , other person can also loose 60-75% in just 1 week from now onwards . If you put money in this , Its not investing now , its Gambling !!

Suggestion : please stay away , Dont forget the mantra of “Not loosing money” rather than “Trying to get fast money” in stock markets . If you are bothered about lost opportunity , I can bet there more opportunities in market every day than all the combined opportunity in the world in all other aspects of life . Wait for just 1 day and you will get thousands of opportunities again .

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4 replies on this article “Akruti City , Have you gone Mad !!”

  1. Manish Chauhan says:


    yeah , you are correct

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well I guess correct word is “Market manipulation” then insider trading. As if I go the figures you have given that 90% of shares with promoters, it seems to be clear case of price distortion.

  3. Manish Chauhan says:

    Yes Joy

    You are correct , These kind of price movements happen only when “Big” people know of insider things and retail people have no idea about it . Later after some days or weeks when the news breaks out , then Prices crashes because that news was always discounted in that price and there was lot of over-reaction on upside which has to be corrected .

    So better not to get into these things , It can give great profits , but can ruin you to death … And thats what we must avoid .


  4. joy says:

    Dear Manish,

    Just right. It must be insider trading. I hope just it happned with Spice communicatio on feb.09, 300% gain within one week, from 26 to 86, more than 300%…wt u say..

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