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POSTED BY Jagoinvestor ON September 24, 2010 COMMENTS (32)

From long I could see that their is a need of a good platform for you all to ask questions and get them answered . We have a lot of smart people on this blog and why not utilize their knowledge in answering everyone else doubts. So I was working from last few days on a Question & Answer platform which has neat interface structured way of asking questions and other cool features. So finally I have have a forum which is very neat and has a very simple interface to ask questions. Users can register there and then become a member and help others to solve their queries and also share new things which they learnt. Dont forget to register and ask questions to win some prizes (read till end) . Click Here to go to Forum

JagoInvestor Forum Features

Some features of the forum

  • You can ask a question and give a category like mutual-funds , real-estate , life-insurance etc along with tags to them .
  • Other readers can reply to questions asked
  • The best thing about forum is that you earn points when you give a great answer and others like it (There is a thumbs up or down button with each reply.
  • Top 5 users with highest points are displayed on the forum
  • For each user you can see all the questions asked and answers by him.

Forum Link :

Rich User Profile

JagoInvestor Forum User Profile

Another best thing about the forum is that each user can have his profile page and can showcase his information about his website , twitter and Facebook profile and all the questions and answers he has contributed to. It also shows how many votes you have got from other users who liked your answer and this helps in showcasing your knowledge. You can also provide your description about your self  in detail so that others can know you . I would request every one here to get involved in the forum and ask questions , how ever silly they are and there are many (really many) smart people around who can answer those questions . I can guarantee they will not be unanswered (may be late answered) .


Top 3 winners

Within next 30 days starting from today, the top 3 users will get book called “Retire Rich Invest” by PV Subramanyam delivered to their home 🙂 . The 3 winners will be

  1. User with top number of points One random user from the list of all users
  2. User with most number of answers given (one liners just for the sake of answering will not be considered)
  3. User with most number of questions asked

100 Complimentary gift for registrations

For the first 100 people who ask any question, I would send them

  • A personal finance management excel sheet
  • An ebook on Mutual funds 🙂

Winners will be announced after 1 month . Note that users who have already registered would be considered 🙂

Please post your comments and feedback

32 replies on this article “Ask your doubts at Questions & Answers Forum”

  1. Basil Varghese says:

    Hi Manish and Nandish,
    First of all I would like to congratulate Jagoinvestor team for the financial advises. I learned a lot from your expertise articles.
    Further reference to your nice article about “What is Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) dated 28-03-2010 and your highlighting “STP is still better than putting money in Bank and doing a SIP, because at least you money is earning some returns on debt part in STP”.
    I am planning to invest 50K/Monthly in 6-8 MF through SIP for 10 year period.
    Would like to know the capital money in bank FD@10% interest to generate 50K monthly for the SIP payment or maybe I am missing some important points. Pleases enlighten?
    I am looking forward to your reply.
    Once again thanks Manish and Nandish for coming up with Jagoinvestor and for your financial guidance.
    Basil Varghese

    1. Basil

      Also , why do you need 6-8 funds , its too much ..

      Just do SIP in 3-4 funds .


  2. amar says:

    do you also advice on IPO’s? if yes how is Coal India IPO?


    1. Amar

      No i dont advice on IPO


  3. John M Varkey says:

    Dear Manish, After carefull analysis, I have started a SIP in equity on a weekly basis for long term. Based on that monthly investment will be TCS Rs.4k, Tata Motors 4K, Tata Chemicals 3.2K, Titan 3.2K,Tata Steel 4K,Tata Tea 2K,Voltas 2K,Sesa Goa 5.8K,Dabur India 4.6K,Opto Circuits 3.9K,Union National Bank 4.2K,Uco Bank 5K,Yesbank 4.2K. This is a long term plan. Everybody has a faith in Tata Group instead of Ambani’s there fore fundamentally good Tata Group cos selected. Private nationalised banks also selected for long term plan because that will have more growth potensial. I would request your help and advise. Recently Icicibank started the option for SIP in equity. This is helping irrespective on the market fluctuations, i can be in the market.

    1. John

      I am not analyst of Equity , its more riskier than mutual fund, so you are taking more risk than mutual funds , just be careful .


  4. Hemant says:

    x User with top number of points x One random user from the list of all users

    You have changed the rules 🙁

    There is a bit problem: in most famous 😉 my name is coming as Hemant Beniwal & Top Commentators its coming Hemant B (it’s not increasing my number of comments from yesterday 🙁 )

    1. Hemant

      There is a bug in the theme , a person can give points to himself , so that criteria is taken out. Again it will update the comments number , wait for some time, it does not get updated at the same time, it takes 1-2 hours.


  5. Hemant says:

    My suggestion is you can give this link just close to leave a comment box.

    Forum Link :

  6. pattu says:


    Great idea. One possible downside is agents offering biased advice or advertising themselves. Maybe its harmless but it doesn’t feel right.
    There are a lot of lazy people out there who don’t want to research before investing. Some of the questions are childishly naive!
    The forum if frequented by agents offers these guys an easy way out.
    As Hemant suggested some moderation would be good.

    1. Pattu

      Yes .. dont worry on that, Incase some one tries to put there number of email etc in the answers I will remove it and also ban them incase they do it numberous times

      The main idea of this questions and answers forum is just to support each other with our knowledge and also establish one’s identity among readers. Blog link is fine if its required , but I can see people trying to misuse it .

      I take Hemant suggestion and I am monitoring it .


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  8. Hemant says:

    @ Manish

    Give a proper visible(highlighted – flash/gif) linkage between both sites.

    1. Yea will do that , for now people coming to forum are from blog , so its the same public at the moment .


      1. Hemant says:

        @ Manish

        But the people who are first timers & coming through search don’t know that such thing exist. 🙁

        1. Done .. thats for pushing , else I would not have done 🙂


  9. nandish says:

    Its a spa of Personal Finance. You can validate your current finanical knowledge, get some fresh ideas, help people, get helped. I am sure More sharing leads to higher Personal Finance transformation

    1. Nandish

      Thanks , I am sure it will be a success with every one’s collective effort


  10. Ankur Lakhia says:


    I agree with Jagbir that publishing e-mail addresses is not good idea as it will attract lot of spammers.


    1. Ankur

      Yes , working on it , any suggestions on some plugin which can help . For now I have removed the Users link at all .


  11. khalid says:

    Congrates Manish for your new venture.

    I am joining.

    1. Wonderful

      We are waiting for you sir


  12. Rakesh says:


    I think it is a very good initiative. We will see more and more user particiaption and main thing is most of our questions/doubts will be cleared.
    Keep up the good work.


    1. Rakesh

      Thanks , I can see your participation . Keep it up


  13. @ Manish

    There should be a category display in side bar.

    Are questions arrive after moderation?

    1. Hemant

      For now questions do not arrive after moderation . I will do it If I see the need for it 🙂 . Right now only answers with more than 1 link

      Added categories in sidebar 🙂 . I was on the way 🙂


  14. Jagbir says:

    Mubarak! 🙂

    I still remember the earlier jagoinvestor forum and this new format is quite cool. Few suggestions from my side:
    1. After registration, it’s sending mail with password in clear text and no verification of mail id is there, so its like anyone can register using any id. when forum grow big, this might cause issues.
    2. Any user can see ALL Register user’s mail ids. Again a popular forum will attract spammers and this may get misused. Instead provide option whether an user wants to display his id/phone in public list.
    3. There would be single sign-on for both main site and forum. This will enable that I don’t require to enter my details every time for comments in main site and remain sign-in for forum as well.
    4. Not all users follows comments in main site articles, so while user enter comments, provide an option that says something like this: “Submit this question/comment in forum” and provide link of that question in forum. This would provide user an option to actively track his query/comments and also improves forum visibility.

    – Jagbir

    1. Jagbir

      Thanks for your comment . You will have to help me in some of these

      1) Is there a plugin which can perform moderation ? I am trying to find out . I can change “raw text for password” problem .

      2) The theme does not provide option to hide email . So I will have to use some plugin to hide it or atleast not show it , I hope you were talking about spamming bots and not humans 🙂 . I can use a plugin which can change email format and not show it in raw format , and make it unusable for bots , any help on plugins ?

      3) Do you use signon for main website . For now forum is differnet installation and I am not sure how much comfortable or skill ful I am to make it same database . So for now lets not have it .

      also I am plannign that main site does not have users registring , thats something we have to live with .

      4) Not sure how to do that .. will dig deeper 🙂


      1. Jagbir says:


        I am also not aware about specific plugins to do these things. btw, you should consider hiring a good programmer on part-time to build such fixes and for maintenance 🙂

        having sign-on in site has benefits for longer run like sending newsletters with ads, notifications, building users database though it should be optional to register or not register.

        – Jagbir

        1. Yes i will take care of it


  15. Congs for new initiative.

    But it seems tough for others to win prizes – I am sure you will be the highest score in all 3 categories 😉

    1. Hemant

      I am not included obviously , I have received my prize anyways 🙂 . More than 2k pageviews within 24 hours 🙂


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