October 29, 2019

Retirement Time Bomb (60 min video discussion)

Here is a 1-hour deep discussion on the topic of Retirement Planning and how India is set to have a massive problem in the coming times (and it’s still going on).

In this video, I talk with Mr. PV Subramanyam (also called as Subra) who is a retirement expert and has also authored a best selling book called “Retire Rich – Invest Rs 40 a day”

What is covered in this video talk?

Here are the discussions which are part of this 60 min talk.

  • What is Retirement (it’s not what you think)?
  • Investors attitude towards retirement
  • Retirement Time Bomb – The future of India
  • Job Opportunities which can be created if Govt address Retirement issue
  • Top mistakes investors do in their retirement planning
  • Where to invest for your Retirement?
  • Why retirement planning has become famous these days
  • How “bad retirement” puts the burden on children
  • A quick and simple way of estimating your retirement corpus
  • Early Retirement – What it means and is it possible?
  • Suggestions for someone who is already late for retirement!

It was a fun-filled talk I did in Pune, and I plan to do more of these talks with various other people in Industry. So keep a watch on it.

Do subscribe to our youtube channel, if you don’t want to miss out on the upcoming videos. Do let us know what you feel about the video and also share your views about retirement planning.


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Abhijeet Patki
Abhijeet Patki
4 years ago

Excellent conversation… I have been following you both for many years and get great insights about financial planning..

Would like to see more of such videos.

4 years ago

great !artical ..thanks for the sharing

Anuradha Singh
Anuradha Singh
Reply to  kiran
4 years ago



4 years ago

Wonderful discussion. Thank you for asking all questions that were already boggling me 🙂