Short Review of few Mutual Funds

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I did a short and crisp review of some mutual funds for a friend . thought of sharing this here.

Franklin India Prima Fund – Dividend

151/208 138/157 61/75 are the ranks for 1 ,3 and 5 year . Not a great one to cheer about .
Risk Grade: Above Average
Return: Grade Average

Tata Infrastructure Fund-G

Not a very old fund but its a good one. Infrastructure space can be a big hit considering 4-5 yrs time frame and with the blessings of UPA. Better diversify money in this space along with other infrastructure Mutual Funds.

With 25% CAGR returns since launch , its looks good.

Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund – Dividend

Numbers look good but there are better funds available.

Birlasunlife Frontline Equity Fund-Growth

Extremely good fund to have in portfolio. It has shown strong performance in all the time frame of 1 ,3 ,5 yrs and 30% CAGR return since launch. Better to stop Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund and redirect the money to this one.

HDFC Equity Fund – Growth

Again a good fund to have in portfolio.

What would I do If I were at your place.

– Stop Franklin India Prima Fund
– Stop Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund – Dividend (5k)
– DSPBR Equity or DSP Black Rock top 100 or HDFC Top 200
– Increase your Exposure in Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity Fund
– Share your 10k in UTI Infrastructure and Tata Infrastructure

Do you know difference between Divident and Growth options in mutual funds ?

General Recommendation

  • If the investment is for long term wealth creation dont go for Divident option
  • Monitor and review your mutual fund once every 6 months
  • Not sure if you are allocating money in mutual funds after understanding your Risk-appetite or not . Check that out, No Debt side ?
  • Do not have more than 5-6 mutual funds
  • Look at other sectoral mutual funds on banking and financial sector with long term view

look at a video explaining how to choose a mutual fund

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Disclaimer : Information taken from and analysis and views are personal

188 replies on this article “Short Review of few Mutual Funds”

  1. Kaustav says:

    I am single, Male, 28 years living in Bangalore. Save approx 50K per month. Moderate risk taker.

    My father is a conservative saver, however I took the plunge into Mutual Funds 2 years back with 5000 SIP per month just to test the waters after analysis online.

    Here are the the funds in which I am invested now –

    1. HDFC Balanced Fund (G) – 1K
    2. ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Equity (G) – 1K
    3. ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund – (G) – 1K
    4. UTI Equity Fund (G) – 1K
    5. Axis Long Term Equity Fund (G) – 1K

    I checked my E-CAS statement recently and was happy to see it delivered results of approx 13% overall.

    I am a little confident of Mutual funds now, so I have decided to put forth another 10K per month for mutual funds.

    This is where I plan to invest –

    1. HDFC balanced fund (G)- 2K
    2. ICICI balanced fund (G) – 2K
    3. SBI Magnum Balanced Fund (G) – 3K
    4. Birla Sun Life Bal. 95 Fund (G) – 3K

    Want a stable upwards growth, keeping seed money intact.

    1. I dont suggest to add more funds as of now . Just increase the amount in existing funds

  2. VJ says:

    Hi please guide me I am very new to market my age is 27 and I am planning to invest 6k till next 30 yrs which fund is best ? I hv shortlisted 2 now any 1 I hv to select from that
    Birla SL Frontline Equity or Icici Value Discovery fund ?

  3. abhay says:

    Does size of fund affects its performance. Birla SL Frontline Equity is now having asset under management over 12K crore.

    1. I have not yet tested it !

  4. Hi… I am looking to generate funds to prepay my home loans. I am investing 1.25 lacs monthly by way of various SIPs toward retirement / home renovation, etc. I have an EMI of about 60k a month and an outstanding loan amount of about 41 lacs. I would like to pay off my loan completely latest by 2020. I am able to invest a further 20-25k in SIP towards creating a corpus with a 4 year time frame in mind. I am thinking of starting a SIP with DSP BR Micro Cap Fund – Reg (G). Any suggestions with regards to the same?

    1. Its a very good fund , but very volatile ! .. If you are ok with the risk part, then you should move ahead!

  5. Sanjay says:

    Hi Manish,

    Currently I am investing in ICICI FOCUSSED BLUECHIP fund..should I move to BIRLA FRONLINE EQUITY?

    1. Dont move.. its a good fund !

  6. VASUDEV says:

    Hello sir,

    Planning to start
    1) birla sun life frontlie equity fund – 5000/- per month
    2) BSL MNC fund- 4000/-
    3) BSL pure value fund- 2000/- per month.

    Is it OK sir or I should change the plan.. Want to invest for 10yrs

    Now I’m 32yrs

    1. No these funds look good !

      1. vasudev says:

        I dint get u sir…. Because u wrote ” No these funds look good ”

        U mean u say these funds are not good or these funds are good..

        Kindly guide sir..

        Thank u

        1. All funds are good ! , continue then

  7. Nidhi says:

    Hi Manish,

    Does this look sane,

    Large Cap
    SBI Blue Chip Fund (G)
    Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity

    Diversified Equity
    ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund
    Motilal Oswal Most Focused 35 Fund

    Small And Mid Cap
    DSP-BR Micro Cap Fund – RP(G)


    1. Hi Nidhi

      Yup . These are good policies. You can go with these

  8. Arjun says:

    My investment is sip monthly as below. Please advise me if any changes are needed. Sip period is 10 years+

    1. Birla sun life top 100 growth 2000
    2. Frankling blue chip fund growth 2000
    3. ICICI focused bluechip 2000
    4. Franklin high growth comp 2000
    5. Reliance equity oppr 2000
    6. UTI Oppr 2000
    7. UTI MNC 2000
    8. Franklin smaller growth growth 2000
    9. Franklin build india fund growth 2000
    10. Hdfc midcap opportunities growth 2000
    11. Hdfc prudence growth 2000
    12. Hdfc balanced growth 2000
    13. Tata Balanced Fund 2000
    14. Liquid reliance money manager 10k
    15. Liquid Birla sun life treasury optimizer 10k

    1. Arjun says:

      Total monthly value is 26000 in equity MF and 20000 in liquid. I feel this is very safe selection. What is your views?

      1. Arjun says:

        If you observe, the 26000 in equity is divided as:
        8000 large cap
        6000 diversified
        4000 small&mid cap
        6000 balanced funds
        2000 thematic infrastructure

    2. I think you need to bring these down to 3-4 funds

  9. Anand says:

    Hi Manish,

    I want to invest for short time less than 1 year.
    Which is the best fund house and policy I should go for particularly when market is undergoing volatility.
    I want to invest 1 lakh
    Please advise?

    1. Go for liquid fund from any fund house

  10. bkmurthy says:

    Top 5 Holdings Unrealised Gain/Loss % Wise
    More 
    Date Instrument Amount Unrealized Gain/Loss % XIRR
    03-Sep-2015 Tata Balanced Fu 9,133.23 1.48 3.08
    03-Sep-2015 HDFC Balanced Fu 9,010.44 0.11 0.24
    03-Sep-2015 UTI Top 100 Fund 9,889.01 -1.11 -2.35
    03-Sep-2015 SBI Magnum Midca 10,677.55 -1.50 14.81
    03-Sep-2015 HDFC Prudence Fu 8,667.93 -3.69 -8.19
    Top 5 Holdings AUM Wise

    Valuation Date Instrument Market Value Purchase Value
    03-Sep-2015 SBI Magnum Midca 10,677.55 10,840.50
    03-Sep-2015 UTI Top 100 Fund 9,889.01 9,999.98
    03-Sep-2015 Tata Balanced Fu 9,133.23 8,999.99
    03-Sep-2015 HDFC Balanced Fu 9,010.44 9,000.10
    03-Sep-2015 HDFC Prudence Fu 8,667.93 9,000.10

    Manish, could you please explain what the above numbers mean? Do you have any advice to give? My monthly investment is Rs. 5000 per month (1000 per fund)

    Thank you

    1. I think rather than putting things in text, please upload a snapshot somewhere and give a link

  11. Abhay says:

    Hi Manish
    I have started SIP in UTI Opportunities 10,000 per month.
    I want to invest further 50,000 per month for that I have shortlisted following funds
    Franklin India Prima Plus-20,000
    Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity-20,000
    Franklin India Smaller Companies- 10,000
    Is it ok or need any changes in both fund and SIP amount

    Please advise
    With Regards

    1. You need to resubmit the SIP processing. We can help you on that if you want

  12. MrSureka says:

    Hi, which fund is better, ICICI Value Discovery or Birla Sun Life MNC Fund? Investment horizon is minimum 7-8 years.

    1. There is no answer for this. No one can share that

  13. anubhav says:

    hello sir ,

    i m 31yeras old and My Current Investment is as below

    icici focussd blue chip fund – 5000

    uti mnc fund -2000

    idfc premier equity fund – 2000

    icici pru value discovery fund -3000

    axis longterm equity -1000

    What should I do , Is it ok ?? or need improvement please guide.

    1. Looks good to me !

  14. Nishant says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am investing in below funds through SIP:

    ICICI value discovery fund (rs. 1000)
    ICICI focused bluchip (rs 2000)
    Axis long term equity (rs 2000 )

    Now I want to invest more 2k/month.
    I am thinking of HDFC Balance fund or any mid-cap fund.
    Please advise me based on a portfolio for long term wealth creation. [>10 years]


    1. HDFC midcap opportunities is a good alternative !

  15. Raj says:

    Hi Manish, I have started SIP of 3000 in below MF 1000 each for long term of 10 years. 1.HDFC prudence fund (G). 2. HDFC mid cap opportunity fund (G). 3. ICICI focused blue chip Eq. Fund (G). Want to invest 2000 more. Please give your advise whether I am on right direction

    1. Yes these funds are good enough . You can just increase the SIP amount in same funds, dont add any more


  16. Vinod says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have made my portfolio with below funds:

    Icici value discovery fund (Rs. 1500)
    Axis long term equity ( Rs. 1500)
    UTI MNC fund ( Rs 1500)
    SBI Pharma fund (Rs 1000)
    HDFC Balance fund (Rs 1000)

    On monthly basis via sip, my time frame is for 7-10 years. Please let me know if any change need to make in my portfolio.


    1. This looks good to me

  17. vikas marwaha says:

    hi manish ji

    which fund i m invest 1500rs for gud return
    1 birla sunlife top100
    2 sundram smile
    pls suggest me for gud return

    1. birla sunlife top100 is better

  18. Amit says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am a long term investor having following equity fund in my portfoli with monthly SIP..

    1/ Franklin India Prima plus
    2/ICICI prudential balanced advantage
    3/ HDFC prudence fund
    4/ HDFC Mid cap
    5/Reliance Equity opportunity fund

    Please advise if I should add anything more or any reorientation is needed

    Regards/ Amit

    1. Dont add more .. This is good enough !

  19. ashish says:

    Dear Manishji, thanks a lot for empowering us with weath creation ideas.
    I have started SIP to eet my core needs. my time horizone is 12+ years. I have invested Rs 12000/- PM in HDFC Equite (G) and Rs 13000/-PM in HDFC Top 200 (G) both are Direct plan. I also have PPF Account and Rd of Rs 12000/- PM. Please comment on my portfolio and ialso want to increase SIP of 5000/-PM Shall I increase the amount in same funds or go for another large cap fund?
    Thanks for your valuable time.

  20. Monica says:

    Hi Manish,

    I want to build my core portfolio.
    Started with HDFC Top 200 (Rs 2000).

    As per my research i narrowed to
    – Quantum Long term
    – UTI Oppurtunities
    – DSP Black Rock equity

    Any view on better option in your view for long term investment [5-10 years].

    1. All these are very good funds , you can go ahead !

  21. Jayan says:

    Hello Manish,
    I am new to MF and recently I purchased below funds, t can I continue this else please suggest some better funds.
    I am planing to invest 8000pm.
    1. HDFC Equity – 1000
    2. HDFC top 200 – 2000
    3. HDFC mid cap – 1000
    4. SBI Emeriging business – 1000
    5. SBI Bluechip – 1000


    1. You can keep going .. why do you want to discontinue them ?

  22. Manish Grewal says:

    Dear Manishji,

    I have invested in
    1. Uti wealth builder fund-series2-SIP
    2. Icici us bluechip equity fund-SIP
    3 . Dsp blackrock us flexible uquity fund-SIP
    Though I have seen the performance of uti fund was fery worse.
    Please suggest if I should stop this.Also please suggest the alternative.
    Also please suggest one more diversified equity fund for long term investment.

    1. Are these all equity diversified category ?

  23. Saugata Das says:

    Dear Manish,

    Need your help big time. I am on the verge of starting 4 SIPs for Rs. 1000/- each per month through the bank with whom i am currently banking (IDBI). The adviser there has shortlisted some funds for me to chose from. I am somewhat confused. Please help me shortlist 4 from them (all in growth options).

    The list is a sunder.
    Franklin India Prima Plus, Franhlin High Growth, Franklin India Blue Chip, Franklin India Prima Fund, Franklin India Tax Shield (ELSS), SBI Emerging Business Fund, ICICI Pru Discovery, HDFC Top 200, Relience (i forgot the name – pls feel free to suggest any from this fund house that u feel like), Birla Frontline.

    Look forward to your help..

    Best Regards,

    1. I like

      HDFC top 200
      SBI emerging Business
      and Franklin India Prima

      1. Saugata Das says:

        Thank u Manish..just one more clarification. Ref. your suggestion I just want to reconfirm, Franklin India Prima is better than Franklin India Prima Plus, right?

        1. There cant be any answer like this . Its like saying Cauliflower is better than Ladysfinger . Right ? You can never say like that . Anyone can be ahead of others later, what you need to see at the moment is which is better. thats all

  24. Saravanan says:

    Hi Manish,

    Your ananlysis and suggestion are really usefull.

    Kindly help me for some sugestion

    Currently i am started inversting in Quantum Long term equity fund Rs.5000 Per Month. Also i am planing invest
    Rs.5000 on HDFC Prudence. Please advise


  25. Saugata Das says:

    I am planning on investing Rs. 2000 p.m. (SIP) towards Birla Sunlife Fronline Equity Fund (Growth option) and Rs. 1000 p.m. (SIP) toward ICICI Pru Discovery for the next 3 years. Is it a good option? What kind of a returns can I expect from these (% per annum)? Also if you think any of the above mentioned funds is not a good idea, kindly suggest alternative. Any other suggestions (additional) are also welcome 🙂

    1. They are good options .. but you cant predict the returns like this , over a long term you can expect 12% ..

      1. Saugata Das says:

        Well noted Manish, however, one of the marketing guys of one of the above mentioned funds was insisting that it is better for me to invest in bulk instead of going in for SIPs in these funds. Hence, am a bit confused. Kindly advised which is a better option – SIP or bulk..

        Thanks in advance.

        1. It will always matter what is the timing , when you are at the bottom , lumpsum is better, else not .. but how will you identity it 🙂

  26. Saravanan says:

    Hi Manish Chauhan,

    I just started investing on Rs.2500 monthly for HDFC Top 100 Mutual fund

    below is my plan for monthly investment, kindly pls assist on good mutual funds to satisfy the below
    1st kid (age 6) studies – 2500 monthly
    1st kid (age 6) marriage – 2500 monthly
    2nd kid (age 1) studies – 2000 monthly
    2nd kid (age 1) marriage – 2000 monthly
    my pension plan (age 33) – 5000 monthly

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Go for HDFC Prudence and Quantum Long term equity fund

  27. ups says:

    Hello Manish ji….Thanks for this very useful website. I am 23 years old and started earning around 18 months back…I have less than zero idea about investment ….. for a person like me what kind of investment would u reccomend? I dont want to invest for too long a time period(> 5yrs)as I might need liquid money for future studies, marriage etc….
    If I want to invest, say 5k per month….can u give an example of how my portfolio might look like?

    1. Ups

      There is one article written exactly for people like you who are starters –

  28. Basith says:

    Short and Crisp!
    Also maximum mutual funds to be invested should’nt be more than 3. The purpose of investing in mutual fund is then defeated as mutual fund itself balances by having large number of shares

    1. Yea .. thats exactly what we say !

  29. Sandeepan says:

    Hi Manish,
    Your articles are really good. Thank you for such valuable information. I am planning to invest an amount of monthly Rs 2000/- each in the following funds:

    HDFC Top 200
    DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity
    Birlasunlife Frontline Equity Fund-Growth
    Birla Sun Life India GenNext Fund
    Goldman Sachs Gold Exchange Traded Scheme (NSE: GOLDBEES)

    I am looking at the investments from a long term perspective (5-10 years). Could you please advise if the above portfolio would be good? Or are there better options? I am 31 years of age.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Just choose the top 2 funds , and invest Rs 5000 in each .. Thats good enough !

      1. Sandeepan Dasgupta says:

        Ok. By “top 2 funds”, I believe you mean the following two:

        HDFC Top 200
        DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity

        If not, please let me know.Thank you very much for the advice 🙂

        1. Yes you are correct . I mean those 2 only !

  30. Johnson Thomas says:

    Hi Manish,
    Below is the portfolio in which I have invested currently and is active.
    Please let me know if its good and well diversified or if I need to change something:

    Can Robeco Eqty TaxSaver (D) – 1000Rs
    Franklin India Tax Shield (D) – 1000Rs
    Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) (D) – 1000Rs

    Large Cap:
    UTI Opportunities Fund (G) – Rs 1000

    Small and Mid cap:
    SBI Magnum Emerging Busi (G) -Rs 500

    Now I want to invest in Diversified Fun as well, but not getting the right one.
    After a research in web sites, following diversified funds seems doing well, but which one could better ?

    Bilra SL India GenNext (G)
    Mirae (I) Opportunities-RP (G)
    Quantum Long-Term Equity (G)
    Reliance Equity Oppor – RP (G)
    UTI Equity Fund (G)
    UTI India Lifestyle Fund(G)
    UTI MNC Fund (G)

    Johnson Thomas

    1. Its good overall , do not invest in more funds now .. this is enough . If you want to invest more money, use the same funds

  31. suman says:

    dear all

    Planning to start SIP in following, review and advice

    ICICI focused bluechip -G 2000
    UTI opportunities- G 2000
    Reliance Pharma -2000
    hdfc balanced -2000
    idfc premier equity -1500
    hdfc midcap -1500
    icici discovery -1500

    1. Thats too many funds. who recommeded so much to you ?

  32. Rikin says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have been investing monthly since the last 2 years in the below schemes, all are growth options.

    Reliance Regular Savings Equity – 4000/ month
    HDFC Top 200 – 2500/month
    HDFC Equity – 2000/month
    HDFC Prudence – 2000/month

    Should I continue to invest in these schemes for a long term period of 10 years ? I can invest 5000 more, can u suggest any schemes, I was thinking of UTI Opportunities fund Growth ?

    1. You better reduce your HDFC holding and take UTI Opportunities . Also one can not say if you can go with these funds for 10 yrs, you need to review it each year

  33. vikash says:

    I have started two SIP of Rs. 2000 per months. As on date the investment is in 1. DSP Black Rock Small and Mid Cap Fund -Regular Plan- Growth is 50,000 and its current value is 48,214 and 2. HDFC equity fund growth is 48,000 and its current value is 46,596. I was taken these SIP for long term planning say 10 yrs. But after 2 yrs I am not sure whether this is worth to hold or not.

    1. You are looking at it too early .. Dont worry , just keep investing . Look after 5 yrs

      1. vikash says:

        Thank you very much, Manish.

        1. vikash says:

          Manish, apart from the above mentioned two SIP, I want to have 3 more SIP investment(2000 each) for long term 10-15 yrs. I have been already investing in PPF and NPS for last 2 yrs 5K per month. Can you please suggeset three more SIP.

          1. Why do you want 3 more SIP ? reasons !

            1. vikash says:

              I have an idea that SIP investment is a safe mode of entry into the capital market for a person having little knowledge of investment and not disciplined in investment. I want some of my savings to be appreciated with the pace of development of the country. I will appreciate your comment.

            2. Its not a safe investment . First get some knowledge on this using our forum : . Also read more about this on our old articles –

  34. Saikat Pandit says:

    Hi Nishant,

    Streamlined your investment portfolio as below:
    (CORE Funds)
    UTI Opprtunities (G) – Large and Mid Cap Fund
    HDFC Prudence(G) – Balanced Fund

    (SATELLITE Funds)
    Reliance Equity Opportunities (G) – Multi Cap Fund
    Reliance Gold Savings Fund (G) – Gold Fund

    Please adopt core and satellite approach. Large cap and large & midcap funds will form core. Mid & small cap, multicap, gold fund will form satellite. Invest around 75% in core and balance in satellite.

  35. Nishant Raj says:

    Dear Manish,

    I have been investing in the following funds from last 2 years with an investment target of total 15 years.

    HDFC Equity(G) – Rs 2000 Per month
    HDFC Prudence(G) – Rs 1000 Per month
    Reliance Regular Saving Equity (G) – Rs.1000 per month
    Reliance Equity Opportunities (G) – Rs. 1000 per month
    UTI Opprtunities (G) – Rs.1000 per month
    Reliance Gold Savings Fund (G) – Rs.1500 per month
    Please suggest if my portfolio is ok or not.

    1. Nishant

      Better go for just 3 , 6 are more

  36. Pankaj says:

    Dear Manish,

    I would like to start with 500/month SIP for my newphew’s education (timespan=15 years). Please suggest me some good mutual funds schemes.

    Also, please let me know your email-id if you don’t mind.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Pankaj

      You have a lot of funds to start with , DSPBR top 100 , HDFC top 200 🙂 . Also you can use forum to ask any personal queries :

  37. Sadanand says:

    Hi Manish,

    Is it good to invest in Quantum Fund of Fund via SIP rather than starting SIPs in 3-4 different AMC’s MF? My understanding about Quantum Fund of Fund is that Fund Manager invests money in 3-4 mutual funds like HDFC TOP200, Reliance Growth, etc. I know that I need to pay double charges (1. Directly to Quantum MF while purchasing its units and 2. Quantum will pay charges to different AMC while purchasing their units); however it will reduce other overheads such as monitoring the performance of different schemes, paper work, etc.
    What is your opinion on this? I am planning to invest for 10-12 years time horizon.

    Details on Quantum Fund of Fund are available on below link –


    1. No Sadanand

      Does not make sense to put money in fund of funds .. better buy a balanced funds , thats all

  38. Nisha Bassi says:

    I have been investing in the following funds from last 3 years with an investment target of total 10 years.

    DSPBR Opp-Reg(G) (Rs 1000 Per Month)
    Franklin India Bluechip(G) (Rs 1000 Per Month)
    Franklin India Taxshield(G) (Rs 1500 Per Month)
    HDFC Equity(G) (Rs 1000 Per Month)
    HDFC Prudence(G) (Rs 1000 Per Month)

    This is the time for my annual renew.
    Please suggest If my portfolio is OK. I can even increase my investments by rs 2500 may be by increasing the allocation in existing or by having new funds.
    Please suggest.

    1. NIsha

      Looks good to me .. 5 can be reduced to only 3

      1. Nisha Bassi says:

        Thanks… but which 3 should be kept. And As currently i am investing 5.5K in 5 MF. As I have written I want to increase it to 8K Per month. So how should I divide these 8K in 3 best MF’s. Please suggest.

        1. 1,3,4 can be good to keep !

  39. Mohan says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have following Mutual fund SIP of total 10k per month in the following funds:

    a. Icici prudential focused bluechip equity fund ( Rs 4000 per month)
    b. HDFC Equity (Rs 4000 per month)
    c. IDFC premier quity plan A (Rs 2000 per month)

    In all the above funds, I have been investing in growth option and my horizon is for 15-20 years.
    This is a time for my regular annual review and hence I need your help in figuring out if any changes are needed.
    What is your take on my MF portfolio? Do you think I have a good portfolio to give good and stable returns. I would also like to know if there is any better replacement available for my multi cap fund (HDFC Equity)? I am asking this bcoz HDFC equity has too large AUM and also consists of too many stocks which I guess will start hampering returns in future. Any suggestion or thoughts would be of great help.

    Thanks in Advance for your time and effort.

    1. Mohan

      Your portfolio is fine ,. just continue .. Just be aware that its 100% equity and hence short term volatily will be there for sure and there are chances of portfolio going down incase markets go down , so please live with that in your mind


  40. brijesh says:

    hi Manish,
    I had invested about 1 lac in Reliance Infrastructure Fund-Retail-Growth Plan, at the start the Nav was 10 Rs, in July 2009, since then it’s been going down hill and is at 7.5 as of 31 Oct 2011. I’m very new to all this Mutual Fund and investment business, was hoping if you could advise me if i should continue with Reliance Infrastructure Fund-Retail-Growth Plan, or i should move my money elsewhere. Kindly help!!

    1. Brijesh

      You should not panic too much , more than the fund, its the market which is performing badly and your fund is mimicing it .. so also see its performance in good times ..


  41. chirag shah says:

    Dear manish,

    Thanks for helping investor to take one of the important decision in their life.

    Now my question is i have selected 2 funds for sip for 15 years

    1. hdfc top 200 (5000)
    2, dsp black rock balanced fund(5000)

    suggestion on these funds & what kind of returns i can expects & if you can suggest some funds for long term.

    1. Chirag

      Boith are good funds , just keep investing for long term and you can expect around 12% with high probability



    a)I am investing SIP in following folio’s for past 20 months:
    HDFC TOP 200 (Rs.2500)
    HDFC EQUITY (Rs.2500)
    DSPR TOP 100 (Rs.2500)
    DSPR EQUITY (Rs.2500)
    DSPR WORLD GOLD (Rs.1500)
    ICICI BLUE CHIP (Rs.2500)

    and just started a SIP with
    QUANTUM EQUITY (Rs.2500)

    Is this is right investment for the period of 5 yrs. or any alter required.

    i am having in mind to go for further SIP with IDFC Equity and Fiedility.

    pl suggest

    1. V Krishnamurthy

      Why so many funds? Dont feel that more funds means more diversification . Its hardly true , I think you should limit it to maximum 4-5 funds .


      1. V.KRISHNAMURTHY says:

        Dear Manish

        please advise in above which is to be added or deleted

  43. Krishnakant says:

    Hi Manish-

    I am very near to MF. I am planning for long term investments in MF. Please let me know the good MF to invest in.

    Thanks in advance!!


      1. Gaurav says:

        Hi Manish,

        I am going to start investing Rs 10000 in MF. I have reserched a lot and zeroed in on following three options. In all these funds, I will invest in growth option and my horizon is for 15-20 years I request you to review my options and tell me which one I should go for out of these three options. If you have any other better option in mind other then the three mentioned options below, then please tell me that also. I hate churning the mutual fund portfolio until and unless absolute necessary due to consistent underperformence and so I want to make sure I am chossing the best option.

        Option 1: 1 large cap, 1 large/mid cap, 1 mid/small cap

        a. DSP BR quity top 100 (Rs 3000 per month)
        b. HDFC top 200 ( Rs 5000 per month)
        c. IDFC premier quity plan A (Rs 2000 per month)

        Option 2: 1 large cap, 1 multi cap, 1 mid/small cap

        a. DSP BR quity top 100 (Rs 4000 per month)
        b. Quantum long term equity (Rs 4000 per month)
        c. IDFC premier quity plan A (Rs 2000 per month)

        Option 3: 1 large cap, 1 large/mid cap, 1 mid/small cap, 1 multi cap

        a. DSP BR quity top 100 (Rs 3000 per month)
        b. HDFC top 200 ( Rs 3000 per month)
        c. IDFC premier quity plan A (Rs 2000 per month)
        d. Quantum long term equity (Rs 2000 per month)


        1. Gaurav

          Option 1 looks ok to me , truely speaking after 5-6 yrs , your portfolio will see some change with high probability , so you can start from any of these .


  44. Nagarjuna says:

    Hi Manish,

    This is nagarjuna. I met one MF agent in chennai on yesterday. He told that only 125 Rs he will charge for 3 MF’s. The charges for the first month only. From next month onwards no charges and entire money will invest in MF’s. From 2nd month onwards the money will be deduct automatically from your account. Manish, his words are correcta? give me your advice. I would like to pay monthly and the money should deduct automatically. Is there any way like that?
    Thanks in Advance.

  45. Abhishek says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the reply. I guess you want me to increase 2k in existing 3 funds.

    1. Can you please suggest me in which of the three I should increase?
    2. I thought it will be good to have a multi cap in my portfolio. I may be wrong here, please correct me by giving your thought abt having a multi cap.


    1. Abhishek

      You can increase it in IDFC one , as its more closer to mid cap fund .

      More than which cap you are adding to your portfolio ,you should look at the asset allocation , do you have any idea what changes will happen to your equity and debt portion by including that multi cap fund . Truely speaking , you should not go this deep , keep it simple .


      1. Abhishek says:

        hi Manish,

        Thanks again. I believe that whether I add a multi cap or I increase my amount in IDFC (i.e. increase mid & small cap exposure), in both the cases I will increase my equity portion only which is actually what my aim is bcoz I already have a total of more then 50% of asset allocation in debt through PF & PPF (13k per month in debt and 8k in equity, so I want to increase to at least 10k per month in equity). So I have got to increase my equity exposure since I am still in my twenties. I hope this clarifies you my need.

        1. Yes , then just increase it in IDFC

          1. Vaibhav says:

            Hi Manish,

            I need your help in deciding if I need to make any changes to my MF portfolio. I am doing SIP of Rs 10200 per month in the following funds:

            a. HDFC top 200 ( Rs 5200 per month)
            b. DSP BR quity top 100 (Rs 3000 per month)
            c. IDFC premier quity plan A (Rs 2000 per month)

            In all the above funds, I have been investing in growth option and my horizon is for 15-20 years. As you can see that I am investing 25% in mid/small cap and 75% in large cap. My questions are:

            1. Is 25% in mid+ small cap and 75% in large cap a good strategy? If not then please suggest me changes.
            2. Are the 3 funds chosen by me good enough? I see they are diversified enough in different caps. If you think otherwise, please sugest me changes. Dont worry abt the debt portion as I already have taken care of that to reduce risk.

            Thanks, Vaibhav.

            1. Vaibhav

              Your funds are good one’s , but you have to review them periodically like 1-2 yrs to make sure you are with right mutual funds . More than mid-cap and large-cap you should see how much equity you are invested in and thats what will decide your risk .


  46. Nagarjuna says:

    Hi Manish,

    One small doubt. how to approach the Agent’s for those policies. where we have to pay money and take the bonds? Because i am new to investment. Please give better approachable agents for above. Among these how many policies are TAX exempted under 80c.

    Thank you Manish…

    1. Nagarjuna

      I already mailed you , did you get it ? You can search for agents in your city through Justdial

      1. Abhishek gupta says:

        Hi Manish,

        I need some advice on my MF investments. I currently have Mutual fund SIP of 8k per month in the following funds:

        a. HDFC top 200 ( Rs 3000 per month)
        b. DSP BR equity top 100 (Rs 3000 per month)
        c. IDFC premier quity plan A (Rs 2000 per month)

        In all the above funds, I have been investing in growth option and my horizon is for 15-20 years. As you can see that I already have large cap, large + mid cap and mid + small cap funds. So I want to get a multi cap.

        I need to increase my SIP amount from 8k to 10k per month. I did a reserch at my end and concluded to start investing 2k per month SIP in Quantum long term equity. The reasons for my conclusion are extremly low expense ratio, being a good rating for QLTE as a multi cap and good performance of the fund. Please advice me if my decision if good so that I may proceed. If you can think of a better fund compared to QLTE then please let me know. Also if you think increasing 2k in existing funds will be better rather then going for a new fund like QLTE then please let me know.
        Thanks in Advance for your time and effort.

        1. Abhishek

          I think you should limit the funds to 3 only , dont get into names to much ,., you are diversified enough .

          Better invest in same funds and review it each year .. It would be a good exercise for you to see how much extra diversification you are getting by investing in Quantum


        2. Nagarjuna says:

          Hi Abhishek gupta,

          I am nagarjuna from chennai. I would like to start to invest in mutual funds what u r invested. at first,how you are started? how you approached the agents or offices of those?

          Thanks in Advance.

          1. Abhishek says:

            Hi Nagarjuna,

            I would suggest you to check and search the office of CAMS in chennai. You can then just walk in to CAMS office and fill up forms for all three schemes there. They are registered point of service for HDFC, DSPBR & IDFC. This way you will save all the distributor costs.

            Thanks, Abishek.

            1. Nagarjuna says:

              Hi Abhishek gupta,

              Is there any MF’s in the above mentioned which are tax exempted under 80C to submit as tax declarations.

              Thanks in Advance.

            2. Abishek says:

              Hi Nagarjuna,,

              These are open ended schemes and hence do not offer tax benifits. For tax releif, you need to go for closed ended schemes which have a lock in period of 3 yrs.

              Thanks, Abhishek.

            3. Nagarjuna says:

              Hi Manish,

              This is nagarjuna. I met one MF agent in chennai on yesterday. He told that only 125 Rs he will charge for 3 MF’s. The charges for the first month only. From next month onwards no charges and entire money will invest in MF’s. From 2nd month onwards the money will be deduct automatically from your account. Manish, his words are correcta? give me your advice. I would like to pay monthly and the money should deduct automatically. Is there any way like that?
              Thanks in Advance.

            4. Nagarjuna

              He might be charging you his fees of 125 .Now we generally dont have any commission for agents , but you can still pay him the money incase you feel his service is good .

              Note that you will have to enable ECS facility in your form with SIP , if you want money to be automatically deducted each month


          2. Nagarjuna

            THe best thing for you would be to open an account with fundsindia and start investing . OR if you want an agent only , call JUSTDIAL and ask them for an agent name .


  47. Nagarjuna says:

    Hi Manish,
    I got valuable information from you. Finally i decided these 4 SIPs,
    If i am any wrong in these, give me advise,
    HDFC Top 200
    DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity
    Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity A
    UTI Opportunities or Reliance RSF Equity

    If i want start, how to meet the agent’s for these above policies.

    Thank you very much Manish..

    1. Nagarjuna

      Yes .. It looks good to me , but those are equity funds , they are risky , but over time they would not be risky , if you are disciplined


      1. Nagarjuna says:

        Hi Manish,

        One small doubt. how to approach the Agent’s for those policies. where we have to pay money and take the bonds? Because i am new to investment. Please give better approachable agents for above. Among these how many policies are TAX exempted under 80c.

        Thank you Manish…

  48. Nagarjuna says:

    I would like to invest 6 thousand rupees per month in 3 or 4 SIP policies which gives good returns after 20 years. Please mention the policies to invest..

      1. Nagarjuna says:

        Thx for your reply. I would like to pay every month for 20 years. Give top 5 SIP Plans for me through ur valuable experience in market risks…

  49. dinesh says:

    Hi Manish,
    so nice to see ur prompt replies. Hope u wont mind a reply to me…:-)

    Im a beginner and has 3 lakhs lumpsum at hand and want to invest Rs 5000 in monthly SIPs. So I have chosen funds as follows:
    ICICI Pru Discovery Fund (G) – Rs 50000 + Rs 2500 monthly SIP
    HDFC Equity Fund (G) – Rs 1 Lakh + Rs 2500 monthly SIP
    ICICI Pru focussed bluechip equity (G) – Rs 50000

    Is my selection of funds correct? I selected them post seeing their performance ranking in the past 3 years..
    Would appreciate your time…
    Regards Dinesh

    1. Dinesh

      Why dont you see 5 and more years returns also . That would make your choice more stronger . You can use to ask these questions


  50. yugal says:

    Thanks manish for your prompt response ,but now i am confused to choose between DSPBR Top 100 Eqt Reg-G and Franklin India Bluechip
    because both are large Cap and given gud return.

    I am planning to start Rs. 3000 SIP from this week till 5 years . I want to divide Rs. 1000 in three category .Do you think I have a good portfolio to give good and stable returns.please suggest me if i am missing something or choosing wrong MF.

    Equity: Large Cap
    1) DSPBR Top 100 Eqt Reg-G
    2) Franklin India Bluechip

    Equity: Large & Mid Cap
    1) HDFC Top 200
    2) Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Plan A

    Equity: Multi Cap
    1) HDFC Equity
    2) Reliance Equity Opportunities

    1. Yugal is a good place to ask these questions


  51. yugal says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am 26 years old and planning to have the mentioned below funds through SIP.Please Suggest

    1) DSPBR Top 100 Eqt Reg-G ( Rs 1000 per month)
    2) HDFC Top 200 ( Rs 1000 per month)
    3) HDFC Equity ( Rs 1000 per month)

    1. Looks good to me


  52. Abhishek says:

    Hi Manish,

    My portfolio consists of the following:

    1. EPF contribution (includes employer’s part) of 90k per annum.

    2. PPF contribution of 70k per annum.

    3. Mutual fund SIP of 8k per month (i.e. 96k per annum) in the following funds:

    a. HDFC top 200 ( Rs 3000 per month)
    b. DSP BR quity top 100 (Rs 3000 per month)
    c. IDFC premier quity plan A (Rs 2000 per month)

    In all the above funds, I have been investing in growth option and my horizon is for 15-20 years. As you can see that I am investing 25% (Rs 2000 out of 8000) in mid/small cap and the rest in large cap.

    What is your take on my MF portfolio? Do you think I have a good portfolio to give good and stable returns. I know I am investing a bit more in EPF/PPF as compared to MF which may hamper my returns in long term but I am fine with that as I prefer less risk. Any suggestion or thoughts would be of great help. Thanks in Advance for your time and effort.

    1. Abhishek

      Looks ok to me , but still Debt is higher than equity and not that great for young person (assumption) . Just reevaluate if you prefer “less-risk” or if you dont understand what is “risk” in real terms, Your equity funds will give much more than debt in 15-20 yrs with almost 99.99% probability . So its almost no – risk . you might be short of 1-2 crores in next 20 yrs just because you are not higher on equity . So re-evaluate, however if your return expectatins is 10-12% overall in long term , you are good !


      1. Abhishek Gupta says:

        Thanks Manish. I will revisit the debt:equity ratio as suggested by you. By the way I didnt see any comments from you regarding MF selection. Do I need to add anymore fund or reshuffle the SIP amount in the existing funds for better performance. My age is 27 Yrs.

        Thanks again, Abhishek.

        1. Abhishek

          For now 3 funds are ok . You dont need more . 3 funds in equity category is good . More than that will just clutter and not add any value from returns point .


          1. Abhishek Gupta says:

            Hi Manish,

            1. Can you give me a rough estimate as to how much can I expect from the SIP investments in these funds of 8k per month? I am guessing it should be something around 45 lacs in 15 yrs. Please correct me if I am wrong.
            2. Also how many years do I need to stay invested in these three funds to figure out if I need to make changes or not in my MF portfolio. I am assuming I should continue SIP for 3 yrs before concluding the fund performace. Please correct me if I am wrong.

            1. Abhishek

              1) Yes , very much around that considering you review the portfolio every year and keep making the changes in funds if required.

              2) Yea .. i would say 3 yrs is good .


  53. Henry says:


    I am planning to invest in SIP. I have selected the foll. funds –

    1) HDFC Top 200
    2) Kotak 30
    3) HDFC Equity
    4) Sundaram Select Midcap
    5) ICICI discovery
    6) Kotak Opportunities

    My risk apetite is high. I would like to invest 10,000 every month.
    Please let me know if this looks fine.

    1. Henry

      This looks fine , but why so many funds alike ? Just pick 2-3 funds .


      1. Henry says:


        Thanks for yor inputs.
        I was told by many that i need to diversify, hence the need for these many. I can moderate this to maybe 4. I have shortlised to the foll –

        1) HDFC top 200
        2) Sundaram select midcap
        3) ICICI discovery
        4) Reliance Regular savings equity

        Please let me know if this looks fine.

  54. Manish says:

    Hi Naveen ,
    My portfolio is as below
    Birla Sun Life Midcap Fund – Plan A (G)
    UTI Opportunities Fund (G)
    HDFC Top 200 Fund (G)
    HDFC Balanced Fund (G)
    ICICI Pru Discovery Fund (G)

    i started in mar 2010
    SIP of Rs.1000 each my target is 7 lakhs at end of 5 yrs.
    Is it achievale or i need to increase my SIP amt or any change in profile.

  55. Trupti says:

    Hi Manish,

    Just came across your blog and read couple of articles in MF investment. I did invest into tax saver MF. They are DSPBR Tax saver and Sundaram Tax Saver this year and now after understanding the potential of long term investment like retirement or child education goal I am very much interested to do consistent investment into MF thr. SIP (and monitoring them regularly).

    I have some list in my plate. I will be grateful if you could provide your valuable comment). My risk appetite is average OR above average.
    1. DSP BR Top 100 (G) (@ 1500)
    2. HDFC Top 200(G)(@ 2500)
    3. Sundaram BNP Paribas S.M.I.L.E. Reg-G OR OR
    Sundaram BNP Paribas Select Midcap Reg-G (@ 2000)
    4. Kotak 30 – (G)(@2000)

    Can you suggest me some good debt fund or how about some balanced fund?

    Please help me in my selection


    1. Trupti

      You can prune in one of the Sundaram funds , you may want to keep Midcap one . Dont get more of pure equity funds , there are already 5 (4 after you remove one) . Better get some debt funds now , floater funds would be a good option , read my article on that .


      1. Trupti says:

        Thanks Manish!

        Out of those 4 pure equity fund I am planning to replace Kotak 30 with HDFC Prudence with 3000 per month as it is good equity oriented balanced fund(studied in valuereasearch site).
        Two general questions
        –Is it right to keep expectation of 18% return from good mutual funds by considering a consistent SIP option for next 10-15 years. Growth in the stock market from last 8-10 years was great. But going forward, the growth would be little restricted(this is my view, might be wrong). So keeping expectation of 18-20% return wouldn’t be dream?
        — On an average how much return we can expect from debt oriented MF?


        1. For your first question , nothing wrong in keeping high expectations , but i would say key to happiness is low expectations

          For second question , you can say 10-11% .


  56. balbir2997 says:

    Hi Manish,

    I planned to buy some mutual fund in the next financial year, I went to some mutual fund agent to get the form, and I see following written on the form

    “Upfront commission shall be paid directly by the investor to the AMFI registered Distributors based on the investors’ assessment of various factors including the service rendered by the distributor”.

    Does it mean commission would be paid to agent on every my SIP? I thought there would be no commission paid as there is no entry load.

    Please advice 🙂

    Thank you,

    1. Balbir

      No entry load means that there will be no commission going from your SIP payment , however your agent has to be compensated from you directly now , if you feel he is worth paying , else go and directly invest through AMC.


  57. Abimanu says:

    Hi manish,
    thanks for good work,

    i am investing in SIP ,this is my portfolio.

    1) Sundaram tax saver -growth(@3,000)
    2) Canara Robecco tax saver-Growth(@3,000)
    3) Birla Sunlife Front Line Equity-growth(@2,000)
    4) PPF(@2,000)
    some times doing additional purchase in birla sunlife equity .

    now i am planning to put some 4,000 more in every month
    but i am having confusion that whether need to go for another MF or continue with in same mf by increasing SIPamount .

    .please suggest me,i am getting confusion,
    planning of long term of 10 years ,

    for new SIP , i had search some funds ,
    whetehr to choose some midcap funds like Sundaram SMILE or Sundaram Select MidCap or should i go for any sectorial fund or ETF

    what is use of debt fund ,is it less risky than Equity diversified ?? is it one should have debt fund also in portfolio.

    waiting for your response.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Abhimanu

      I think you are jumping to “investing” without “planning the financial goals” . , why are you doing all these investments ? What is the time frame ? What will the the maturity proceeds be used for ?

      Better first take action on listing down how this money will help you and when is the target date , the steps you are taking are the secondary ones .
      Debt funds are less riskier than equity funds , there is no compulsion of having a debt fund in portfolio .


  58. Uma says:


    Good work. I am new to mutual fund investment. Kindly suggest me a fund to do SIP for 5 years and also i want to know how many years if we do SIP it is better. Kindly suggest me the fund. I am investing in JM basic fund in SIP for past 2-1/2 years, in another 6 month it ends, kindly suggest me whether i can continue or stop it.


    1. Uma

      Thanks for comment 🙂

      You can choose some funds from this list I have suggested . Equity investments are for long run and longer it is better it is from return and risk point . In anycase SIP should run for 4-5 yrs to show some results. anything less than that is risky .

      Are you not interested in debt oriented funds ? what is your return expectations ?


  59. Krishnendu says:

    Hi Manish,
    I have already learnt to calculate CAGR and IRR from your site. But I am trying to understand under what circumstances one should apply either CAGR or IRR to calculate return on an investment and what is the difference between the two.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. manish says:

      Wow .. this is an excellent doubt 🙂

      CAGR is a specific case of IRR . so IRR is daddy if CAGR .

      When we make payments on equal intervals like every month or every year , we use IRR to calculate the returns . When the amount you pay at every interval is equal , you can directly put a formula for CAGR , but when the amounts are different then you do IRR .

      Got it ?


      1. Krishnendu says:

        Hi Manish,
        Thanks a lot for your clarification. I am trying to sum up my understanding of the matter.

        a> When we make payments (but the amounts are different) on equal intervals like every month or every year we use IRR.

        b> When we pay equal amount at equal interval we can use CAGR.

        c> When we pay different amount at different intervals we use XIRR.

        Please correct me if I am wrong.


        1. manish says:


          you are correct .. Just understand the fact that CAGR is a special case of IRR ., when amounts are same , in that case we can use the direct formula .


  60. Balbir says:

    Hi Manish,

    While going through some of your post, I found these term,
    which I am still trying to understand.

    what is IRR and CAGR ? how to calculate it for a give fund ?
    Also what is absolute and annualised return?

    I have 3 ULIP plan, and two of them I would surrender and opt
    for MF with SIP. But to make my own decision I would like to
    understand above mentioned jargon words.

    Thank you,

    1. manish says:

      For IRR read :
      For CAGR see :

      Annualised return is return which you got per year .. So if you buy something at 100 in year 2005 and you get 20% in a year . It will become 100 * (1.2)^ 3 = 172.8 in 2008 (3 yrs) .

      Here the annual return is 20% but the absolute return is 72.8% (72.8/100)


  61. Shantharam says:


    What is your view about index funds ? i came to know that they are good for better returns and are relatively strong as they invest in index stocks.

    I could not get anything about index funds in your blog. Which index funds do you feel are good ?


    1. manish says:

      Index funds give good stable returns but they still do not beat equity mutual funds . So people with lesser risk appetite should invest in Index funds . I prefer ETF compared to Index funds .


      1. Shantharam says:

        Yes…even i prefer ETFs… any idea about Nifty BeES and Nifty Junior BeES ? they are categorised as index funds though they are of ETF nature..

        1. manish says:

          ETF’s are nothing but Index funds only , but with added feature of being tradable on Stock exchange 🙂 .


  62. Manish mani says:

    Hi manish
    if u don’t mind , then join me on orkut.
    Manish kr. Mani
    belgaum , karnataka.

    1. manish says:

      Sure .. send me a friend request


  63. Manish mani says:

    Hi manish
    thanks 4 ur comments.
    U r doing great job.

    Manish kr. Mani

  64. Manish mani says:

    Hi manish
    thanks for the comment.
    i m 26 years old.So i m investing 10-15 years.
    And now i m thinking invest 50k in NFO or currently mf’s.
    Plz comment what’s ur opinion my previous and resently mf.

    Manish kr. Mani

    1. manish says:

      Dont invest in NFO .. go for long term players ..

  65. Manish mani says:

    Hello manish
    i m resently invest in mutual fund ,so plz advice me.
    My portfolio consists
    all in sip
    1.Relance regular saving fund (@2000)
    2.Magnum contra
    3.Reliance diversified power sector(@2000)
    4.Sundaram sle. mid cap (@2000)
    5.Icici infrastructure (@1000)
    6.Fidelity tax advantape (@1000)

    plz adivce whether i should add anything more or remove of any fund or any reorientation is needed.


    Manish kr. Mani.

    1. manish says:

      @Manish Mani

      In general its a good portfolio , just make sure if you are fine with Sectoral funds or not ..

      At the end , No one can tell if this is good or not without knowing your risk appetite and your goals and what is your time frame .


  66. manish says:


    May be you should go for the HDFC 200 or Kotak 30 type to funds .. Or the mix of these funds and some ETF’s .

  67. Manish Chauhan says:


    First 3 looks like sectoral , Make sure it fits your risk appetite and understanding . Dont not take what you dont understand

    The other 3 are ok , but I am not sure if they are the best choice . However they should provide decent returns if not the best .

    Might want to monitor it and change some if you want . See the list of best funds on my blog .


    1. Purnendu Bagchi says:

      Manish, thanks for the comments. Recently, I have done some minor modification to the portfolio. Liquidated Rel Infra and invested the same in Reliance Reg saving equity. Liquidated part of ICICI Pru Infra and reinvested in ICICI Discovery Growth. Started SIP in Sundaram Sel Focus and SMILE. Pl comment

      1. manish says:

        yup this is much better .. You can also think about ETF’s .. They will have lesser risk .


  68. Anonymous says:

    Hi Manish, only recently I have started investing in MF. My portfolio consists of

    1.ICICI Pru Infra Retail Growth
    2.ICICI Pru Focussed Equity
    3.Reliance Infrastructure growth
    4.Reliance Reg Savings Equity(SIP@ 2000)
    5.Reliance MIP Long Term(SIP@1000)
    6.Quantum LT Equity(SIP@2500)

    Please advise whether I should add anything more or any reorientation is needed.


    Purnendu Bagchi

  69. karthik says:

    Hi Manish,
    Just did a complete anaysis of my MF portfolio.. the findings were little surprising – Sundaram (88) and HDFC equity(58) have very high Midcap & Small cap concentration. HSBC equity has the least (15). DSP and Reliance vison have around 30% Midcap concentration. This is similar to Birla frontline. Any thoughts on this?.. Also any good fund that u can suggest which is concentrated on Giant/Large cap? What is the ideal Large/Mid cap split for stability?

  70. Manish Chauhan says:


    Great !! , I envy you for "getting lost in the Forest" part 🙂


  71. karthik says:

    Hi Manish,

    Great Pictures!!!..Iam based in bangalore but not part of BMC.. I usually trek with my Colleagues (as ameture as me :))..I have trekked sakleshpur,Kumaraparvata,kudhiramukhu and Ombadu gutte..
    Ombattu Gudde was the most interesting one as it was not as popular as others and also we got lost in the forest and found our way out only after 2 days with the help some kerala guys who told us they had come to hunt elephants for thier tusks .. :)We finally reached bangalore soaked in blood (some injuries and ofcourse leachees 🙂

  72. Manish Chauhan says:


    yeah , I trek 🙂 . Recently back from MM Hills and Nagamali trek , See my flickr pics :

    I have not treked Ombattu Gudde peak . Would like to do that … Are you a part of BMC ? if you are in bangalore 🙂

  73. karthik says:

    Thanks a lot Manish.. Do you do trekking ? Have you trekked Ombattu Gudde peak?..

  74. Manish Chauhan says:


    Even Reliance Vision has high concentration on Midcaps and Small caps .

    Stopping it and putting money in Birla Frontline Equity is a good option . However I would have continued it in some existing fund. Dont have too many funds , 3-4 good funds is better .


  75. karthik says:

    Thanks Manish…My understanding is that HDFC Equity,HSBC Equity and Reliance Vision are all Diversified. Sundaram and DSP are Mid cap concentrated . Please correct me if Iam wrong..
    Also Iam thinking about switching one of Diversified funds(HDFC/HSBC/Reliance) to Birla Frontline equity.. Whats ur Optinion..Which one should I switch?

  76. Manish Chauhan says:


    Your Mutual portfolio consists of funds which have very high concentration in Midcap and small cap companies . especially Sundaram Midcap and DSP TIGER .

    Reliance vision is overall a good fund , but you can change it as there are better funds in same category .

    Some of your funds have given 70-100% returns in last 3 months , though its something worth getting excited , also understand that these same funds will hurt very badly when bad time comes .


  77. karthik says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have the following funds in my portfolio
    1.HDFC equity
    2.HSBC Equity
    3.Sundaram Midcap
    4.DSP tiger
    5.Reliance Vision
    I have been doing SIP on these for the past 2-3 years but looks like Reliance Vision has not been upto mark for last 2 years ..should I change any of these funds ..Whats ur opinion?

    1. Sunil says:

      Your portfolio is looking good and i would like to suggest you for to add two more fund out of ICICI Pru. Discovery Fund, Reliance Gold Saving Fund,Reliance Monthly Income Fund and Reliance Regular Saving Fund, HDFC TOP 200

  78. Manish Chauhan says:


    see next post in 1-2 days on that


  79. Anu says:

    Hi Manish… Hoping for your reviews on the new Reliance Infrastructure Fund.

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