November 6, 2013

Missed 2nd Episode of Plan F – Watch it here !

Did you miss 2nd and 1st episode of the show Plan F – Your Financial Fitness Plan. We have been working from last few months with DSP Blackrock team, to create this personal finance show. Each week one of Jagoinvestor reader features in the show, where Cyrus Broacha talks to them about their financial life to add some fun element and then 2 IFA’s from industry give their expert comments on the case study and finally at the end someone from Jagoinvestor Team (Either Me or Nandish) give 3 insights which others can learn from the case study financial life.

It is the first time some known figure like Cyrus has been introduced to the world of personal finance and it has created quite a stir in the world of mutual funds on what Cyrus is doing in these kind of shows. Personal finance is generally perceived as Boring thing and introducing Cyrus would bring in some fun element to the show. He talks to the participants of the show in his own style and also digs out more about their financial life in his own style.

Shooing for the show in Mumbai

All the IFA’s, Jagoinvestor Team and the case studies travel to Mumbai and we are enjoying a lot together. We have fun talking and it is one of its kind to see how these kind of shows become a reality. We are also happy to meet our readers and have their contributions in making this show a reality.

Two episodes are already aired and we have got some praises and appreciations from readers and other viewers . If you were not able to watch them on CNBC TV 18 due to some issue, not a problem , here are those episodes on youtube. Watch them below

Episode 2 – Case study of Shreekumari Dholakia from Mumbai

You should watch the full episode and look at the views of Shreekumari on how “expenses” are so much part of life from birth to death and her passion towards financial freedom.

Watch on Youtube directly

Episode 1 – Case study of Mr. Ramesh Jalan from Kolkata

If you missed the 1st episode too .. you can watch it here below

Watch on Youtube directly

Watch 3rd Episode 9th Nov (Sat 7 pm)

You should watch the 3rd episode coming on next Sat 7 pm (repeat telecast Sun 8 pm). The 3rd episode is going to feature Mr. Ramkumar who is from Mumbai , a self employed personal. You can watch the promo of 3rd episode below

Download Some Bonus Material

We have created a mutual fund guide which is given as downloadable PDF to everyone, along with 12 financial literacy content in form of PDF’s (created by Jagoinvestor). You can download them by registering at below links

Download Mutual Fund Guide – Click Here
Download 12 investment lessons – Click Here

Register at these links and you can get the PDF’s . Let us know what you think about the show overall.

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10 years ago

Very good show.. please upload video of episode 2 on your youtube channel also.

10 years ago

This comment is against the program format, not about Jago investor blog and I think not many will share my opinion but still.
I tried to watch the episode but it took almost 10 minutes into the program to even to get to the core discussion and even after that it is a drag. In fact you watch the last comment by Manish for about 30 seconds and you don’t miss anything.
I prefer books and blogs to TV shows and this show reinforced that preference. Books and blogs are generally to the point and if not I can just skip the un necessary stuff. I understand an entertainment program trying to extend to as much as time as possible but at least the professional programs should value the time.

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Reply to  kalyan
10 years ago

I absolutely agree with you Kalyan. I watched both the episodes and felt that the core issues were not even discussed. A show dealing with such a serious topic can do without an entertainment segment from Cyrus (nothing against him) and even more so because it comes at a cost of not discussing the core issues in depth. I would love to see if the experts can analyse the portfolios in a lot more depth. But, as usual, great job by both Nandish and Manish in the last segment.

Chetan Ambi
Chetan Ambi
Reply to  Vishal Kapoor
10 years ago


I have watched both the epidodes and even I am thinking on the same lines as Kalyan and Vishal. But nothing against our jagoinvestor.com. It would be good if experts can analyse in detail. Frankly speaking it would have been much more better if you or Nandeesh were leading the program start to end giving your expert opinion. Please let us know what you think.

Nandish Desai
Reply to  Chetan Ambi
10 years ago

Chetan thank you for all your love and appreciation. We are learning many things out of this process and we understand your point of view(all three kalyani, vishal and you)