February 5, 2009

The basics of Trading with example of Reliance – For beginners

What is Trading?

I see many people who want to try there hands in trading .

Trading means buying and selling something with a short tenure in mind. Short tenure can be day, week or months. You can trade Stocks, Derivatives like Futures or Options or you can try out Commodities or currencies too.

The sad part is that many people just enter this trading business without much preparation and knowledge and burn there hands like anything. they continue loosing money every day, week, month and cant figure out why they are loosing.


Understand some things :

Trading is a profession, and its highly rewarding in every ways. BUT !! Trading is one of the hardest thing one can ever attempt, trading is simple but not easy. It takes years for one to master it and become successful as a trader.

If you are trying to learn trading and want to do this in your life. I can suggest somethings:

  • Start Learning about markets and do it for at least 1 year (not 1 month)
  • Learn Technical Analysis and try to do some analysis on your own.
  • Read good books and make sure you have read it really well.

Once you have done this. Then you should paper trade for some time, may be 2 months. After you have paper traded and can see that you can trade well on paper, then start with small money (you must be ready to loose this money) … Do some real trading with this money and see how you perform.

Trading is a highly rewarding and satisfying profession. You can earn good money and you are your own boss. Trading can be fun and challenging. But Trading is the most challenging and highly risky profession one can attempt as I already said.

I have put up a simple Technical Analysis Example for Reliance, It discusses buying or selling Signal for Reliance in coming days. You can see it here

Why Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis helps in taking much better decisions for buying and selling. Its a must for short term traders, however it also helps people who have longer time horizon, With Technical Analysis you can make better entries, exits and manage your decisions well.

Some reading Material for people who want to learn technical Analysis is here

1. https://www.investorsintelligence.com/x/why_technical_analysis.html

2. https://www.cmsfx.com/en/forex-education/online-forex-course/chapter-3-technical-tools/technical-analysis/

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Future Generali
Future Generali
15 years ago

Thanks for this very informative post. This is a nice blog and will be looking forward to read more from you.

15 years ago