Should you repurchase a new Term Plan ?

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Did you buy a term plan few years back? Many of you did. Aegon Religare was the first company to launch its term plan in India and from that point, lots of companies have launched their online term plans. Recently I got a comment from one of the reader who had bought his term plan from Aegon religare long back and they increased his Sum Assured by 25% because they have reduced the premiums recently

I had taken AR iterm couple of years back. today i received an email saying my sum assured is increased by 25% of original to keep it at part with the new iterm rates. This is a good experience from AR – Says Muthu Krishnan

Term Insurance premium is constantly coming down from many months and new companies entering this online term plan business are making sure they keep down the premiums due to competition. The new entrant in this field is Bharti Axa eProtect plan which has lowest premiums compared for 25-30 yrs group at the moment.

“Term life insurance premium depends on the mortality experienced by a life insurance company,” says Suresh Agrawal, executive vice-president, Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance. “As the mortality experience of the insurer improves over a long period of time, it is passed on to the customers in the form of lower life premium for the new customers.”

However the point we are raising today is, what about those people who had already taken term plan 2-3 yrs back? It can be online or offline doesn’t matter, the point is that they are paying a very high premium compared to a new policy which they can buy.

For instance, someone who had bought a policy with sum assured of 50 lacs before 1-2 yrs must be paying around 7,000-8,000 premium, however if they dump their old policy and take up a new policy they will get it much cheaper despite their higher age now. So the good idea would be to look back at your term plan and see how much are you paying and how much is latest premium in the market for the same company or some new company?

Important point before you take a new term plan and change your Policy

1. Older the Policy, better it is

A very important point worth noting here is that in Life Insurance any claim which comes within 2 yr is considered as “early claim” and it’s scrutinized in detail, very detail. However a policy which is more than 2 yrs old does not come under “early claim”. So, if you have already completed 2 yrs or close to completing 2 yrs, this is one thing you will lose out when you take a new policy. However its just a point you should know, it’s not something which should stop you.

2. Look at your health changes

You need to see how your health has changed after you had taken the term plan, if you have developed any illness in between then for you the premium will increase (loading) after the medical tests. So even if the premium might show cheaper on the calculator, after you do the medical, the new premiums can actually be much higher than your old premium. So better look at that aspect.

3. Take a new term plan and then close the old one

The best way of moving ahead with new policy and dumping your old one is to first apply for the new term plan and once you get it, then close the old one. Do not just close the old one and then take a new one because in case there is some issue in getting a new term plan or if you are unsatisfied in between, it will be a bad situation to be in.

This topics brings another question in mind – Should there be Life Insurance Portability in Future ? Do you think its something desired or not ? Did you understand when you should switch to a new term plan ?

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  1. Jay says:

    I want to purchase new term plan of HDFC Click2protect plus. I come to know that medical will not be required for me as I am 25 years old.
    SHould I go with it ? I had minor operation at the age of 22 years by Ayurvedic way.

    Thanks for your help in advance !!

    1. Yes, you can go for it !

  2. Pat says:

    Hi Manish,
    Here is my dilemma – around 7 yrs back I bought LIC’s Amulya Jeevan for 30Lacs (30 yr term) after going through the. required medical tests. However later I was detected with some congenital heart conditions which is considered as high risk profile. Now I want to increase my insurance coverage so I tried to purchase additional insurance from the private guys (ICICI Pru, HDFC Ergo, Bharati AXA etc) all have denied on medical grounds. I am not sure why this didn’t happen by LIC 7 yrs back.
    Anyways now I want to buy additional policy again from LIC. However I don’t want to disclose about the old policy details in the new one. I don’t want to risk the old one for the new one.
    What is the risk here?
    I am ready to take chances for next 2 yrs so that Sec-45 kicks in, under which they can’t call a policy to scrutinize.
    Let me know your thoughts.


  3. Jwalant Desai says:

    Dear Manish
    I like your all your sugesstions.
    Thank you for making people life & money easy .

  4. Varun says:

    Hi Manish,

    Great information on term insurance ! I need your suggestion on my life insurance query. I am paying a premium of Rs.21,000 Per Annum for three different endowment type policies of LIC. The SA is around 10 lacs and I am 26 years old. I am considering of terminating these policies and going in for a term insurance (with HDFC) which will allow me to have a greater SA by paying less premium. I can invest the remaining amount elsewhere and get greater benefits. Kindly provide your views on this.


    1. Yes, This is exactly the way we plan for our clients 🙂 . Go ahead . you are on right path

      1. Varun says:

        Great, thanks. A few more follow up questions. I have already paid some premiums for my LIC policies. Would I get a certain amount back on termination, since these are endowment type policies? Also, is HDFC a good option for term insurance for me? I am a HDFC back customer for many years and am happy with their service plus their term insurance reviews are good too. Also will an online term plan be good in my case? I would prefer to go through an agent(like most others) 🙂

        1. When you make them PAID UP (after 3 yrs of payment) , you get your premiums back on MATURITY , not at the time when you close them . But if you surrender them , then you might get something . I suggest you read this article –

          HDFC is a good option . But why do you want to go with agent here ? What is the rational here ?


          1. Varun says:

            No reason really for going through an agent. Just the usual mentality 🙂 The online thing for life insurance is relatively new hence the confusion. I guess online one would be better then? Also, how is SBI for the online term insurance?


            1. Varun says:

              Also, would a 50 lakh SA be sufficient?

            2. There is no reason for going to agent other than you dont have internet to buy the policy.

              50 lacs is sufficient or not, is a question only you can answer because I dont know your situation . The best way to do it is , you tell me how this 50 lacs can be utilized by your family in case of your death !


            3. Varun says:

              Got it ! Thanks !

            4. Varun says:

              Hi Manish,

              So I got a 50 lakhs online term insurance plan from HDFC earlier this year. I now feel I should get more cover. I am thinking of going with HDFC again and buy a new policy from them. What do you suggest?


            5. Yes its a good option .. go for it

            6. I have sent an email to you

            7. varun_99 says:

              Thanks Manish !! You are the man 🙂

  5. Vijay says:

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for the good article.
    I am vijay 29 yrs. old getting 6 lakh per annum salary. In dec, 2012 I had taken 50 lakh term insurance from SBI smart shield for Rs. 12,000 ( with ADB & CI). Recently I had taken another 50 lakh term insurance from AEGON-RELIGARE online for about Rs.7,000 (with additional raiders ADB & CI). Now online we are getting a low price premiums with the same benefits. So, now I want to move on from SBI to some other company. Please suggest me a good insurance provider for about 50 lakh term policy with good benefits or should I stay with the SBI? Let me clarify.

    1. Aviva and HDFC are good options . try that !

      1. Vijay says:

        Thank you for your kind reply Manish. As per your suggestion I had applied for Aviva. Now I have another doubt.
        I have 5 lakh. Religare Care health insurance policy ( for me and my wife floater plan), which was taken recently. Now I am looking into critical illness policy. Is it critical illness policy worth to take? If it is required, tell me your suggestion about any good policy.

        1. Critical Illness policy is a good thing ,but you are the best and last judge to conclude if you need it or not . Do you want a big lumpsum amount if you detect these big illness or not is the question you need to answer ! .


  6. Raj says:

    Suggestion Needed

    Hi Manish,
    I’ m already having equity diversified MFs in my portfolio. Do you suggest that it will be also wise for me to go for children plans from the insurance players for my childs? If yes, do you have children plans that comes in to top of mind that I can consider?


    1. NO to children plans !

  7. Rajeev says:

    Hello Manish,

    I am 35 yrs old, male, married, sole earning member.

    I have an OFF-line/Regular Term plan from HDFC (SA: 1 Cr, Pol Trem: 30 Yrs, Premium: 31,000). This is the only Life insurance I have.

    Checked AVIVA ilife online Term plan (SA: 1 Cr, Pol Trem: 30 Yrs, Premium: 18,000)

    So, there is a 13,000 difference in annual premium.

    Should I switch? What do you suggest? and why? Bit of reasoning, words of wisdom would be great 🙂

    Many thanks | Rajeev

    1. Why was your premium so high in first place ? Was there any illness. It might happen that in Aviva your premium increases when you reveal that point . Nothing else is the problem .

      1. Rajeev says:

        Thank you Manish for the reply.

        Got no health issues, but I smoke. That’s what pushes the premium up, I guess. While taking this OFF-line/Regular Term plan, I did some comparison. Premium was around 30k with most insurers for smokers.

        Actually, Aviva ilife online Term plan (SA: 1 Cr, Pol Trem: 30 Yrs) @ 18,000 is for moderate smokers. For non-smokers it is lower, i.e. 13,000 approx

        So, you are recommending switch and you don’t see any inherent “catch” with online policies. Am I right??

        Many thanks | Rajeev

        1. Yes , I dont see any catch . Just go with online term plans . But is this 18,000 fixed for smokers ? I dont think so , after you pay 18,000 , there are still chances that your premium increases after medicals and their underwriting . Not sure on that though !

          1. Rajeev says:

            Thank you Manish. Will do some online term then 🙂 Guess Aviva would be OK as an insurer; or do you recommend some other provider??

            Going by my earlier policies/experience, the premium is pretty set for smokers and doesn’t tend to increase (unless, I guess, you declare some crazy smoking habit during medicals) Any which way, one has a review period of 30 days. If the premium doesn’t make sense, one can drop the policy.

            Many thanks | Rajeev

            1. Yes aviva seems good , go ahead

            2. Raj Yadav says:

              Hi Manish, I have been a regular follower of your blog. Really very informative & helpful. I have booked HDFC click to protect for SA 50L last year, term 30yrs. I am thinking of taking one more term plan of 50L to cover home loan. I just went through TATA AIA iRaksha Supreme online plan. Policy term is 40yrs and premium is also competitive, Rs. 8500. Other plan which offer 40year term are from Aegon Religare. But CSR of aegon is very poor compared to TATA AIA. Should I go with TATA AIA? other option are Aviva iLife (35yrs term) and ICICI i care (30Yrs term). Please guide me which is better options in TATA/Aviva/ICICI?

            3. I would say Aviva or ICICI , TATA is too new in this , and I would suggest waiting .

            4. Raj Yadav says:

              Thanks for your valuable advice.

            5. Jwalant Desai says:

              Dear Manish
              Kindly clarify more for why not to choose TATA- AIA for 40 years term plan wrto HDFC click to protect 30 year plan.

            6. Arjun Dasgupta says:

              Now Aviva is up for sale, what should happen to the investors? which is a better to go now?

            7. Nothing is happening to Investors . Whoever buys it (Mostly HDFC as the talks are there) , so you will have policy with HDFC later. Do not panic so much

  8. Raj says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have the following LIC policies. Could you please comment on which one should I drop/stop and go for a term plan?

    1) LIC Jeevan Anurag
    2) LIC Komal Jeevan
    3)LIC Beema Kiran
    4)LIC Pension Plus
    5)LIC Jeevan Bharti.
    6)New Bima Gold.

    All are of average 4 years old.


    1. I would stop all of them , If I were you


    Hi Manish,

    After reviewing your article about term insurance importance, i have decided to purchase a term plan from Bharti Axa. I am 40+ and need plan for at least 20 years as by that time my younger son will be around 23 yrs. Can you please advice whether Bharti Axa is a best choice or I can go for some other company?

  10. Vishal Jain says:

    I have taken term plan after reading your articles. But I still have some traditional money back policies and ulips going on. I want your suggestion whether i should make them paid up or should i surrender them (surrender value in most cases is less then premium i have paid all the years).


    1. If 3-5 yrs have passed, then better make it PAID UP


    Hi Manish,

    How are you?
    I have been reading the Jagoinvestor blog for the past 6 months & to a certain extent I can say that I have read almost every article. The articles presented by you are very nice & simple to understand. A couple of topics made me to think about my financial life & ways of enhancing it by just a new approach. All these facts motivated me to buy your book, CHANGE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY, hoping that it would give more details about the topics.
    I read the book & took actions, which I consider most important. I loved the idea of Master Document kit mentioned there, which I was following already.

    Here is a list of actions I took after reading your book.

    1- Term plan from Aegon Religare
    2- Term plan from Bharti AXA (facing problem with this & need help/advice from you.)
    3- Medical plan from Religare
    4- Looking for a Personal Accident Plan
    5- EPF Transfer
    6- SIP
    7- PPF

    Also now I have got a bit clarity on financial instruments.
    But as I mentioned earlier, I need a help/advice from you regarding a term plan.
    I paid for a term plan from Bharti AXA on 31st Dec-12, my medical checkups done on 5th Jan-13 & I just received an SMS from Bharti AXA that my policy has been issued on 15th Jan-13, but till now I have not received my policy documents. I checked on their website also, in my policy details, there is no information regarding dispatch, which shows that till now policy documents are not dispatched. I tried the customer care number, but it is always busy & not able to talk to any executive, requested for a call-back & mailed them 5-6 times, but no response. So I am thinking to cancel the policy because of poor service within 15-days free look period.
    Please suggest what should I do to cancel the policy so that I can take it from some other company.

    1. Pragit

      Thanks for appreciation and I am glad you took so many actions . Now check my 2nd book 🙂

      Regarding your term plan, I think you should be a little more patient .. this happens at times, try to reach the customer care again and leave the email saying that you will move to banking ombudsman 🙂


  12. Rahul Misra says:

    Hi Manish,

    Three years back, i bought a Birla Sunlife term plan wth 50L cover for 25 yrs. I am paying annual premium of 17000.
    The policy states that on completing 25 yrs , i will receive the total amount invested (approx 4 Lakh).

    Kindly suggest , should i go for new policy with less premium,

    1. Yes, please take a Pure term plan which does not return anything .

      1. DB DESAI says:

        How can I buy the book CHANGE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY?

        1. Online here – . Note that the book name is changed now !

  13. Mukesh khattar says:

    Dear Manish,

    I am 37 year old and going to turn 38 in next month. I want to buy term plan for myself for about 1 cr. The questions are

    1 should I go in with one company or I split my amount with two companies.

    2 Buying online or offline makes any difference to claim settlement because the premium is different for two.

    3 I have decided Icici prudential and HDFC for the same based on their better claim settlement ratio (wider base with ICICI) despite paying high premium with ICICI. What is your unbiased choice?

    4 Would it mske semse to take a [lan which goes upto 75 years with aegon religare (but they have poor claim settlement ratio.

    5 I have heard companies raise their premium after getting medical done siting nonspecific reason and if you dont agree to continue , they deduct cost of medical test from premium and give you back small amount (say 5000 from premium of 25000). Is it true and how to avoid this because afer paying premium you are at their mercy.

    Waiting for your reply

    Thanks for your help in advance.



  14. Jagadeesh says:

    Hi Manish,
    I am 25 years of age and I wish to take online Term insurance.

    I dont know which one out of these two policies, AVIVA i life or KOTAK to select.
    Please help me.

    1. Go for Aviva if you are confused

  15. prateek says:

    How is aegon religare, now with all companies offering with similar premiums

    1. Its still good .. note that new companies will always have lower claim settlement ratio compares to older one

      1. prateek says:

        Thanks for the reply.
        As a complete newbie I have my apprehensions with these new players lasting in our country for the period of policy(say 40 yrs), with economic policies changing every decade.
        New york life I suppose left, but talking of stable players like LIC the premiums are almost double for similar sum assured. A dilemma.

        1. Yes, it left .. but nothing happened to the policies , they are still going on with the indian player !

  16. NITIN C DHAKOKAR says:

    Dear Manish,

    I want to buy Term plan insurance my age is 32 am married, with 1 kid.

    Which term insurance should buy ( thinking on HDFC click 2protect)
    Thinking about buying 65lac

    I have new york life whole life plann ( 3.50 Lac sum insurrance) & Jeevan saral ( 2.50 Lac)

    Plz help me in this regard

    1. What help you need here ? You can go with Kotak , Aviva or hdfc !

  17. Shani kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    I have just take a I term plan form Aviva Rs 35 lac , Today i received a call from Hdfc for a new term plan, My annual income is Rs. 1.80 lac. I have already taken Aviva health secure , appolo Hhealth munic plan. is it better to take a new term plan of Hdfc. on call she tell me the claim settlement of hdfc is better than aviva. please sugest me. sir

    1. Do you really need a new term plan ?

  18. Charan says:


    Thanks for the wonderful article.. I am 27yrs old and even If I go for a max period 30yrs term policy, it would lapse at 57yrs only and thereafter there would not be any cover. Do you suggest me to go for a term policy now? or should i wait for few more years to go for a term policy. I am in a confusion. Please help. Suggest me some alternatives on how to go ahead with term policy.


    1. Why would you need a lot of cover at age 57 ? can you give logic ?

  19. Mohamed says:

    Hi Manish,

    I wanted to go for a term plan and before deciding I wanted to get the clarification for the following
    1. Currently I am a tobacco user and if tomorrow if I leave the habit will my premium come down?
    2. I heard from my friend, that we can extend the policy term if we are surviving after the term period. Is that so? If yes, which insurance company provides such feature?
    3. What should we ask with the company before taking the term policy?

    Mohamed Ashikh

    1. 1. No

      2. I have not heard of anything like that, I dont think its correct, ask your friend to give you proof of it

      3. You dont have to ask anything. Just take the plan from the company you trust !

  20. Raj Shah says:

    I dont remember wether I have given details of old policies before taking 50lac bsli. How can I find it. It was purchased via agent. Will the company accept those details now.

    1. Yes company will accept it now , just contact them and tell them about it

      1. Test says:

        No. They will not accept and should not accept.
        The Legal Contract is in force and Utmost faith should be observed while filling the proposal form.

        1. Its not like that , they accept it , yes if they want, they can just not accept it , but it does not make anysense from business point of view ,

  21. KIyer says:

    I like your third point. I did the same.
    I closed my LIC plan only after I bought Aviva i-Life.

    1. Good to heart that !

  22. Khushboo says:

    Hi Manish,

    My husband is looking to buy a term plan for himself, worth Rs. 1 crore. he is 29 yrs old and this is his first term plan. We were considering HDFC Click2protect & Birlasunlife Protector plus term plan, which one do you think is better?? Please suggest if you think there is a better term plan. Also, we are not looking to take any of the riders


    1. HDFC would be a good choice compared to Birla one !

  23. Kirti says:

    Hello Manish,

    I just came across your blog. I am 36 years old & in November 2010, I had taken LIC Term plan Amulya Jeevan of 50Lacs for which am paying premium of Rs. 18,600/- wheres Aegon Religare offers premium of around Rs.10,000/- for 1crore online plan, Term 20yrs.

    1) Can I go for the same or would you like to suggest any new entrant?

    2) Should I also consider/opt additional riders like accidental death, critical illness, women critical illness etc?

    3) Apart from LIC’s Term plan, I also have Jeevan Saral since September 2008 for which I am paying Rs.60,000/- & Marriage Endowment-Education Annuity (Table-90) since November 2010 for which I am paying 29,700/-. Are they worth, looking at such high premiums or should I surrender all LIC policies ???

    Looking forward for your reply.


    1. 1. Also look at KOtak , Bharti Axa

      2. Do you need them ?

      3. Surrender !

      1. Kirti says:

        Hi Manish,

        Thanks u soo much for your reply.

        1) I went to few Insurance providers sites & found out the premium (incl. taxes) for SA 1 crore :
        HDFC offers policy for 25 years @ 14,270. Medical test they will decide if required or not.
        Kotak offers policy for 30 years @ 16,349
        Bharti Axa offers policy for 20 years @ 9,214
        Aegon Religare offers policy for max 39 years (upto age 75) @ 10,674 & for 25 years @ 10,337
        Please guide me which one should i go for ???

        2) I am confused if I should take riders or not, only AR offers riders at some additional cost.

        3) Is it advisable to make Jeevan Saral as paid up as I have completed 3 years & paid 1.20Lacs.

        Again looking forward for your reply 🙂

        Thanks a lot Manish.

        1. Kriti

          1. If you just want a name, then I can say HDFC Life , but truely speaking you need to ask yourself which one you trust most and go for it , all are same .

          2. This is wrong question . Take which one is required in your life , Do you need AR rider, are you ready to pay additional premium for the benefit you get out of it , you need to answer it , not us

          3. Yes, these are junk policies, better get rid of it , make it paid up or make it surrender !

          1. Kirti says:

            Thanks a lottttttttttt Manish !!!

  24. Ankur says:

    I am 27years old.

    I am thinking of buying an online term insurance and has few queries in my mind.

    1. As I am 27years old, most companies offer insurance for 30years term or 60 years age. Thus I will be covered only upto 57years.

    2. Which companies are reliable for term insurance. Normally people says that if you are declaring everything, your family will not have problems in claim settlement after you. But what if the company is insolvent after 5 years or so. Then you have to buy a new plan from some other company but at that time your age is more and hence the premium. Is HDFC, ICICI can be considered more reliable than AVIVA, AEGON RELIGARE etc.

    2A. All companies have a fixed format of application for insurance. So How you can declare the things which are not asked?

    3. Is natural death covered? Reason of asking is because many companies say ” Sum Assured will be paid in case of your unfortunate death”. What does unfortunate mean.

    4. I am thinking that I buy a plan from HDFC for say 50lac now. Considering this is more reliable than Aegon reliagre/Aviva/Bharti Axa. And later say after 3/4 years I take another insurance from Aegon religare for another 50lac. Do I need to tell while taking insurance from 2nd company that I have an insurance from another company already. Does it affect during claim settlement. Will my family get claim from both separately (50lac + 50lac) or they will share total 50lac among themselves and give my family say (25+25 lac).

    5. What are the companies which are offering Permanent disability benefit/rider i.e. pay some amount if I encounter disability due to some reason.

    1. Ankur

      1. Most of them will provide upot 57 , but companies like AR can give it for next 40 yrs .

      2. All companies are same, do not worry on this , IRDA has strong regulations on keeping a check on regular basis .BUt at the end, you need to go with company you trust

      2A – No , not all company have fixed format, just see what they ask , and tell them

      3. Yes , Unfortunate is used because DEATH Is unfortunate always 🙂

      4. Yes, you have to tell them , in the form they ask anyways if you hold insurance of other company , just make sure you fill it, if you let your agent fill it , then agent might not fill it . Family will get full amount from both , thats 50+50

      5. thats not in online term plans, for that you need to go with offline plans , kotak , Aviva , ICICI are options

      1. Ankur says:


        I tried to find replies to these silly questions at many places but then encountered your blog. It provides replies to almost all queries for a common man.

        Great service. Thanks.

        1. Good to hear that 🙂

  25. Mihir says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am holding AR iTerm since couple of years now. I have taken 25L cover at 6976. Recently they have upgraded my SA to 28,69,000 and included Terminal Illness cover as indicated by few of my friends in earlier posts. If I calculate roughly it would come around 11.5% of increase compare to 25% in some posts here. Is this increase in terms of percentage is fixed or it may vary depending on the SA? My second query is recently I got my renewal update and to my surprise the premium has been increased from 6976 to 7107. I am trying to contact AR representative and get the details but just wanted to bring this in light if someone has the same experience.


    1. Not sure why its coming to 11% only in your case .. check with AR , they will be able to explain this

  26. vimal says:

    thanks for helping us . I and my wife both working, can my wife be proposer for my life term plan? reason for that is my 80/c limit of 1 lac is exhausted with housing loan pricipal amount and ppf. she left with 30000 to 1lac 80c limit

    1. Yes she can do that ..

  27. Samrudh says:

    Nice post Manish.
    I have iPru. Planning to buy Aviva iLife now…

    1. Yea .. you can do that .. also another option is Bharti Axa

  28. Dipender says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am 38 years old and have 5 policies comprises of life insurance and educational plans amounting the premium of Rs. 1.71 Laks per annum. Now after seriouly going through my previous investments(it seems worst now !!!), I have decided to stop or surrender most of them and want to take up new life insurance as “Term plans for sum assured of 25L+25L+75L=75L” and want to divert rest of the premium amount to MF s and planning to open PPF accounts also:


    Policy Name /Start Date /Annual Premium /Sum assured

    LIC New Beema Kiran /April-2002 /Rs. 2988 / 2.50L
    ICICI Life Time Super /Jan-2007/Rs. 50,000 / 5.00L
    ICICI Life Stage Assure /Nov-2010/Rs. 50,000 / 2.50L
    Kotak Life Insurance – Smart Advantage /Nov-2009/Rs. 50,000/ 10.00L
    Kotak Life Insurance – Headstart Future Protect /Oct – 2009 / Rs. 18,000 /Rs. 2.70L

    All seniors are kindly requested to provide their valuable input in all respect. I am keen to know which policy to stop and which to surrender.


    1. Dipender

      Yes .. you are paying a lot of money yearly for junk . Better take a term plam for 2 crores (1+1) and just start investing in Mutual funds SIP + PPF . that should be the best thing . Stop these policies now

  29. RanjanPandit says:

    Combining two term plans is a good option.. Just learnt.
    I am planning to buy i-Life now..

    1. Good to hear that Ranjan .. just take actions fast !

  30. Tisha says:

    Manish your view on combining offline and online term plans? ex. i-life and life shield?

    1. Tisha

      You can do it , perfectly fine to do that 🙂

  31. Sunshine says:

    hi Manish:

    I presently have a term cover for 4cr from ICICI Pru Life Insurance. I am planning to switch this year (the annual premium comes up in April) to a different provider and also increase my cover to 6cr. I would like to preferably buy these in the online mode. What cos / products would you recommend?


    1. Sunshine

      Why do you want to change the insurance company ? Some new options for you are HDFC and Bharti AXA


  32. Purvesh says:


    I have one question. All new online insurance are coming with “No medicals required ” offer. Will it affect the claim settlement later? As all online insurance plans are new, no body knows the claim settlement ratio. They can reject the claim by saying you have not provided correct health information at inception. Isn’t it a good idea to buy a plan which includes medical test. I am planning to buy one from HDFC click2 protect and they do not require medicals.
    I already have i-Protect from ICICI prudential with medical (this plan is no longer available).

    What are your views about all this?

    1. Purvesh

      No medical plans generally have higher premiums , thats the reason they do factor in the health issues you might have but are not aware of, but personally i feel you should go for with medical plans only . I think it will be done if you take it for more than 50 lacs cover. I will publish an article on this issue in 1-2 days !

  33. Tisha says:

    Hi Manish,

    I already have a term insurance plan from Aviva (i-life) I want more coverage so should I go for Aviva Life Shield as well?

  34. Jubeen says:

    Please find the extract of IRDA bilangual annual report 2010-11 Page 291.Hope This will be relavent here:

    ANNUAL REPORT 2010-11
    BOX ITEM 1
    In the business of insurance, the timely settlement of claims is a vital function that needs no special emphasis. The
    claims settlement record of an insurer is, therefore, the touchstone of its performance. In order to ensure that the
    insurer is in the position to promptly settle all its claims, it needs to do a careful evaluation of the risks that would arise
    out of the underwritten contracts and price their premiums accordingly. Underwriting expertise is often what differentiates
    the performance of one insurer from another; and if an insurer fails to anticipate claims correctly, it runs the risk of
    erosion of capital and of solvency/liquidity issues. On the servicing/market conduct front, insurers need to develop a
    robust claims processing mechanism which is speedy and policyholder-friendly. Excessive time-lags in settlement of
    claims or higher percentage of repudiations speak badly of the insurer’s approach to its business and to its policyholders.
    It is often said that life insurance is a contract between two unequals – the mighty institution with legal know-how and
    all other resources at its command on the one hand, and the lay policyholder/claimant without much understanding of
    law or necessary resources to take on the insurer, on the other. Recognising this fact, the primary laws as well as
    subordinate legislations have included a number of provisions intended to protect the interests of policyholders/claimants.
    These provisions, which are discussed below have gone a long way in ensuring prompt settlement of all genuine
    • Section 45 of Insurance Act, 1938 stipulates that no life insurance policy can be called in question on ground of
    mis-statement of facts after two years from the commencement of policy unless the insurer shows that such
    statement was on material matter and that the policyholder knew at the time of making it that the statement was
    false or that it suppressed facts which were material to disclose.
    • Proviso 8 of the IRDA (Protection of Policyholders’ Interests) Regulations, 2002 lays down the guidelines on
    claims procedure in respect of a life insurance policy as follows:
    • A life insurance policy shall state the primary documents which are normally required to be submitted by a
    claimant in support of a claim.
    • Any queries or requirement of additional documents, to the extent possible, shall be raised at one go, and
    not in a piece-meal manner, within a period of 15 days of the receipt of claim.
    • A claim shall be paid or be disputed giving all the relevant reasons, within 30 days from the date of receipt
    of all relevant papers and clarifications, except where an investigation is warranted in the opinion of the
    • Where an investigation is warranted, the insurer shall initiate and complete such investigation in not later
    than 6 months from the time of lodging the claim.
    • In case of a delay on the part of the insurer in processing a claim, the life insurer shall pay interest on the
    claim amount at a rate which is 2 per cent above the prevailing bank rate.
    • Redressal of Public Grievances Rules, 1998 provide for appointment of Insurance Ombudsman for redressal of
    policyholders’ grievances. The powers of Ombudsman as laid out in proviso 12 of the Rules include receiving
    and considering any partial or total repudiation of claims by an insurer and delay in settlement of claims.
    The Authority also conducts periodic on-site inspection of insurers during which the insurer’s compliance with the cited
    provisions is verified. Insurers found violating the law/regulations are liable for regulatory action. In addition, the Authority
    has installed an elaborate grievance redressal mechanism, Integrated Grievance Management System (IGMS), which
    enables consolidated access to grievances lodged with insurers and those lodged on the website of IRDA. All grievances,
    including those which are claims-related, are captured by IGMS and tracked by the Authority for manner of disposal
    and time-lags. Insurers too have internal claims review mechanisms/processes through which they try to ensure that
    claims are settled promptly and that no claim is repudiated on flimsy grounds or without adequate documentary evidence.

  35. Praveen says:

    Intimating about health complication after policy in force? This I am hearing for the first time. You need to cross check with the company again on this. I hold Kotak policy and not heard of any such requirement from them.

    Anyways, I suggest you to go with HDFC and get the medical done. Dont fall into the trap of non-medical of ICICI as it will cost your family dearly in case of claim arises. There is not much difference in the claim settlement ratio between ICICI and HDFC, but I personally had bad experience dealing with ICICI.

    1. avinash thosar says:

      but i am surprising and trying to find out one question? why there is so much range of premium variation in term insurance policy for different insurance companies? which one is appropriate? is it premium amount is the only factor any one should consider while buying term insurance?

      1. Avinash

        Premium difference is because of many reasons like COST , Experience with claims , Underwriting rules etc etc . you should choose a policy based on your trust , cost and features !

  36. shweta says:

    Dear Manish

    I have sent you a friend request on linked in so I can discuss more with you about financial planning. For now me and my husband we together earn 1 lac a month and every month we pay 30,000 towards car loan and home loan.

    we want to further plan our investments and i have a ppf account but will get one open for my husband. along with this we have a few jeevan anand for the 2 of us. we now want to know more ways of saving money and know more on term plan as we are paying huge loan and want to secure it.

    is there a way i can discuss it with you as you seemed to be a learned person in these matters. we are a young couple and want to be smart in planning our future for ourselves and for each other.


  37. Suhas says:


    I had been just wondering…can we update the information with the insurance company later on ?….say for example I take the new term plan from X company and mention all my existing insurance policies in them.But incase I close the existing policies after getting the new policy can I update the same with the X insurance company…….& also do that update will help after already getting the fixed premium ?

    1. Suhas

      Notifying them for any closed policy is not required and not going to help in anyway !

  38. Mithun says:

    The new entrants will deliberately reduce the term insurance premium to grab the market. And there will always be an uncertainty in the case of settlement in the case of private players.

    Does anyone is having any idea whether India’s largest player & monopolist(LIC) is not reducing the term premiums ?

    1. Mithun

      It does not work like that . LIC will be coming up with their online term plan soon

  39. Rakesh says:


    Very good points. I am eagerly waiting for LIC’s online term plan.

  40. pattu says:

    One other issue is being over insured during the switchover. Say you have 1 crore policy from X and Y companies and 1 crore is all that you are worth.
    Say you want to buy a 50 L policy from company with intent of discarding policy from Y.

    If you apply to Z you need to declare X and Y policies. So according to Z you already have 1 crore. Why would they issue another 50 L policy? You could tell them about your intentions etc. but if your Y policy expires a few months away you will be over insured during that period even if Z gives the policy.

    If you die within that period the claimant will have to details of X,Y and Z to each company. This may result in issues?

    If the gain from switch over is only a few thousands is it even worth it? Inflation will reduced this difference in time anyway.

    1. Pattu

      Fair point .. Agree that this issue will happen which you mentioned .However a small section will fall into it as far as what I can see . Also savings of few thousands over many years can mean something for few people . Its a personal choice and decision on how you look at it . however I can see how you look at it and somewhere I feel that way too .. Dont Fix if its not broken ! . Right

  41. Sukumar says:


    The article is very informative. Most of the policy holders not aware this.

    1. Sukumar

      Good to hear that you got aware because of this !

  42. Hemant Dighe says:

    Dear Manish,
    I have also been provided the benefit of 25% increase in sum assured as well as inclusuion of terminal illess benefit in my -iterm policy by Aegon Religare. It is a good move on their part as I too was thinking of switching over to another term plan on account of following two aspects:
    (i) Drop in premium rates of term plans
    (ii) LIC’s proposal to launch online term plans
    The first point has been wisely addressed by AR by passing on the benefit of lower premium rate scenario to the policy holders.
    However, I feel that at this point of time, those who wish to buy a new plan or switch over to other plan should wait for the launch of LIC’s online term plan as it is already overdue for launch before deciding upon the strategy as the credibility factor of LIC still stands unmatched.

    1. Hemant

      Nice to see that AR has passed this benefit to their existing customers ! . Didnt expect it !

  43. pattu says:

    Good points Manish.

    Claim settlement ratios as always are also important.

    What maybe of interest and and perhaps of relevance is what did you do with your term policy. Its more than likely that you got yours offline and a few years back (SBI term if I remember right?). Are you going to change yours?

    I have a term plan from LIC. I was wondering about getting more insurance but after I used your recent child education planning calculator I realized I had the correct amount.

    I read somewhere that as long as your annual premium is less than 2-3% of your gross annual salary there is not much issue. Even LIC scores in this regard for me.

    Changing a term plan for lower premium is a needless exercise. It is akin to investors chasing after better returns without a goal in mind.

    The lower rates help the under insured get additional insurance.

    1. Pattu

      Its actually very much related to how senstive to all these things . Some people raise these all questions (new term plan for low price) , so those people can refer to this post. You are going the right way ! .

  44. archana says:

    hello manish, thanks to u as getting alot of information from ur site. my question is m having jeevan saral policy, 36000/year completed 3 years now i want to discont it and take a tem plan so that remaining amount i can invest in ppf to increase the investment. if i will b able to get full money back from lic or not? is it a good decicision?


    1. Archana

      You will not get all the money , you will get just 25-30k total , but it would be a good decision to stop the policy

  45. Abhijeet says:

    any updates on the launch date of LIC online term plan…waiting eagerly to see how LIC plays the online game.. 😉

    1. The product is ready, but the launch is getting delayed

  46. Sudhir Goyal says:

    This is an excellent article from Jagoinvestor on Term Plan.

    Avinash Thosar,

    Regarding LIC high premium on Term plan, they have a semi monopoly kind of situation and a brand image, which private Insurance Companies have yet to establish. In spite of Regulator IRDA people feel LIC will honour all the claims while Private Insurer may Reject them.

    However this is NOT TRUE. Fault lies to an extent with us the customers.
    Advice to all those who apply for new on line Term plans while their old term plans are inforce, please mention all your earlier plans. Do not hide any facts regarding your health or your earlier plans or any other information asked for in the Proposal Form, so that any Insurance company does not find a reason to reject God forbid in case a claim arises.

    Any comments from other Readers are Welcome.

    Sudhir Goyal

  47. avinash thosar says:

    thanks for updating on term plan ? but the why Life insurance corporation of india more than 70% insurance sector steak holder in india charging high premium of for the same? and what are the records of the private insurance companies like aegon about the death settalment records?

  48. Amit Garg says:

    Hi Manish

    Thanks for the info. I want to clarify that if I take a term plan now and in future settle abroad or go out for long assignment (status change from Resident to NRI), will the policy be valid? Do I have to inform the policy provider?

    1. Raja says:

      Yes it will be valid. No. This information is as per my agent. So should be double checked.

  49. Abhinav Gulechha says:

    Hi Manish

    Thanks for the post. Need to add a small point. While its a wise idea to get the new policy before letting the old policy lapse, it is also very important in the proposal for new policy, to mention the details of your existing cover. In case those details are not informed/ inadvertently missed out, company has the right to reject the claim on ground of suppression of facts.


    1. Abhinav

      Yes , thats a valid point

  50. Vivek K says:

    In case I decide to take a new policy do I need to declare the existing policy that I am planning to close after receiving the new one?
    Why do companies ask for existing policy details anyways?

    1. Vivek

      Yes , existing policy details will have to be given .

      1. Jig says:

        If i have Term plan of 1 Cr which i want to close and wana go with new 1 cr policy with different insurers. How to proceed?
        How the company will allow me to take 1 cr more if i have already 1 cr coverage though i am going to close but company is not aware of that. 🙁


        1. Jig

          If you close the old policy completely before taking the new one, then its just like you are applying for FRESH policy , then your age , your existing health , your illnesses all will come in to picture .

          But if you are applying for a new one and at that time the old policy is still in force (you are planning to close it after you get the new one) , that would be violation of terms and conditions in that case . Dont do that .


          1. Jig says:

            So what you are suggesting right now is differ from your blog statement.

            Close existing then applying new one. OR
            Apply new one & then close existing one? if this is done, we have to inform them about our existing policy ( which we are going to close after new policy is activated) this is the confusion

            1. Gaurav says:

              I have exactly the same query…Please let us know what you do…

            2. Jig

              Those are 2 ways of doing it , and both have advantage and disadvantage . If you dont close the old one and apply for the new one, the advantage is that if the new one gets rejeected, you still have old one and can continue that, but disadvantage is that you might not get the high cover because you already hold a lot of insurance . So you have to decide which way you want to go ! .. I hope you got the point now .


  51. Alok says:

    Please also clarify the different reasons of claim rejections..

    1. Jig says:

      Have you gone through the soft book of term plan by manish?

    2. Alok

      There is only one reason , when some thing is hidden in the policy

  52. Jagbir Singh says:

    Good article Manish. I am having Amulya Jeevan from LIC which I bought earlier when confidence in Private insurer were low, along with iProtect (now iCare) from ICICI Pru. Now almost all private insurers are offering cheaper plans, I am considering switching LIC to HDFC’s click2protect policy, so would have two term plans each for 50L. I believe if I am furnishing true information while taking policy, there’s very high chance of honoring claims otherwise your contact information is there in my IFE (In case of Financial Emergency) document. 🙂

    1. Jagbir

      Yes .. there should not be any issue if you are honest in your form 🙂

  53. Hi Manish,
    This is an informative article on the term plans. I appreciate that you could suggest ways for the people who have already been locked in higher premium plans. But you suggest to keep the original plan and take a new one. What kind of hurdles do you expect to be encountered while applying for a new plan, specifically in the context of having an old one ?

    1. Rajesh

      If you see the end of the article . Its clearly mentioned that older the policy better it is. Also taking a new plan is suggested only if you are really saving a good amount on premiums and getting extra features.

      1. Manish,
        Thanks for replying. And what about the “Life Insurance portability” that you have mentioned ? Is there something floating around to bring-in such a policy ? I think that would be one big thing the personal finance sector requires now.

        1. Nothing like that is floating around . Its just a point that came to my mind and I wrote about it just like that !

  54. Shib says:

    Hi Manish,
    Great article and very relevant for financial planning. Regarding term-plans with medical test, what is the procedure… does one go for medical at own cost or company’s cost? Also, is the premium amount decided n paid after medical test or before?

    1. Alok says:


      Medical tests normally depends on company’s requirements & SA you opt for.
      – If tests are required, company only bears the whole expenses.
      – Premium paid includes medical tests cost & has to be paid before the tests.

    2. Medical tests are conducted by company , you dont have to pay for it . The premiums can be increased after the medicals if required

      1. Praveen says:

        However HDFC requires client to pay for the medical tests.

        1. I didnt knew that .. is that true for term plans also ?

  55. Saurav says:

    U did it again!
    Manish I’s contemplating on changing my life insurance policy y’day & came across eProtect by BhartiAxa. Rs 1cr cover for me is costing just Rs 7280 including medical test costs for 10 yr premium paying. 1 thing is holding my decision.

    Apart from a 50lac cover from BSLI, I’ve a term ins of 25 lac provided by my employer so I’ve asked them to give me my policy no. & other details asked by BhartiAxa. But being a Group Term Insurance scheme, I’s told tat there wont be separate policy no for me.
    So do I need to declare both of my policies to BhartiAxa?

    1. You dont need to declare the group policy . All you need to include is your seperate policies bought by you .


      1. Saurav Sinha says:

        Thanks Manish.

  56. Akhil says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for a very good article again. You are going a great job.

    Just want to add one cent in the article; you could elaborate more on that.
    “If an insurance policy is terminated before three years, the tax benefits under Section 80C are reversed.”

    Thanks & Regards,
    L&T Infotech

    1. Akhil

      Yes thats true for any policy which also have “investments” component in it , term plans do not come into that .


  57. Vivek K says:

    Good awareness article Manish. I think people should avail the benefit of this stiff competition, seldom consumers are on the better side of the deal.

    1. Vivek

      Yes .. but they have to look at those points which I have mentioned at the end of the article . There are disadvantages too !

      1. Vivek K says:

        Agree. Let’s pray that portability is introduced in life insurance as well, which should take care of the disadvantages.

  58. Alok says:

    Also, I would suggest to have a look on Claim Settlement Ratios list on IRDA website & don’t just fancied by lower premium policies.
    Having said that, I think LIC is an exception(96%) since they may be settling claims which are one/two decade or more old… Just think what SA ppl normally prefer in those days… Easy for lic to settle.

    1. Sucharita Sinha says:

      Hello Alok,

      Where do I need to check the Claim Settlement Ration on IRDA website-
      Request you to please let me know the navigation path.

      1. Alok says:

        Download “Annual Report 2010-11” & hop to Page No 384-385

        1. Sucharita Sinha says:

          Thanks a lot Alok !

        2. Sajal says:

          Nice and informative…. could you pl help me in understanding the meaning of that table in page no 384-385

  59. Mahesh says:

    Hi Manish,

    Yes, the information is correct that AR has upgraded my term plan also. Sum assured is increased by 25% & also they have added Terminal Illness Benefit in my term plan.

    1. Prakash says:


    2. Ravi says:

      Yes, i too hava a term policy from Aegon religare for Rs. 45 lacs and they have icnreased SA to 59 lacs along with terminal illness benefit.

      1. Nataraj says:

        Yes it is true, it has happened to me too. I had iTerm policy for SA 90 Lakhs and now it has been enhanced to 1 Cr 29 Lakhs along with terminal illness rider. Kudos to AR

        1. Thanks for confirming once again that !

          1. Prasanna says:

            Policy amount is enhanced, hope you would be happy 🙂
            They are providing life coverage till max age of 75 (or) policy term up to 40 years! Earlier it was 25.
            When I posted a query to Aegon, why not increase the Policy term along with life coverage, they said we will get back 🙂
            Sure they will not 🙂

            1. Prasanna

              I think they did what best they can do

  60. Kautilya Vora says: have anything to offer for persons like me who recently retired and really got lost in planning for dues likely to come from the co.Thanks and regards
    Kautilya vora

    1. Kautilya

      Not sure what exactly is your query ? Can you elaborate !

  61. Jig says:

    Good article and on time, actually for me atleast.
    I am going to pay premium this month for my offline ROP Aviva plan. which costs me 30 lac with 13215 for 30 yr policy. Reason for buying this one is , it was non medical , and available to NRIs. during the buying process i compared the ROP with offline cheapest one KOTAK. They were asking 18k for 50lac ( without ROP & for smoker). so i gone with AVIVA of 30 lac( they are offering max 30 in non medical requirement).

    Do we have any site/place to compare current term plans.
    Is there any chart/table available that max how much company can raise after medical test. it should be shown clearly that due to x,y,x problem our premium rate increased after medical.
    what do you think?


    1. Jig

      I think being an NRI , this one is a good plan for you . Its not easy for NRI’s to get a term plan anyways .. The portals will not give you premiums for NRI’s anyways . .so better enquire manually at 3-4 sites for the new premiums . And In case you are going to change the plan, better take the new one first and then dump the old one !


      1. Nikhil M says:

        Hi Manish,

        Thanks for such informative article.
        Do you have any idea about some other term plans for NRIs.

        Nikhil Mittal

    2. Hi Jig,
      Policy Bazaar give you a fair comparison for all.
      Try you hands here

      As Manish told here , it can be huge difference in the premium, e.g. If your DOB is 1-1-1982, then few years back minimum premium was ~8000, while now for the same 30 years tenture, it is Rs. 4,522 (45% lesser).


      1. Jig says:

        well they are showing mainly online plans which are not ok with NRIs. second after medical the situation will depend on your check up. so i was asking about any rule of thumb to amount of increase in regular shown premium if we are smoker/drinker ..

    3. Madhu says:

      Jig I feel your choice is nice.. Aviva plan is nice..

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