JagoInvestor Completes 3 yrs

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JagoInvestor.com recently completed its 3 yrs in Nov 2010 and following is the interview taken by one of the fellow bloggers .

Yet another milestone for Manish Chauhan, founder of JagoInvestor.com. It’s been three years since Manish started blogging and on Nov 5th 2010, JagoInvestor.com celebrated it’s third anniversary. After three years of run up, JagoInvestor.com boasts of a massive 6500 RSS followers which is still growing and a treasure-house of articles where you can find almost anything on personal finance. On this occasion, here are some snippets of a tete-a-tete I had with Manish on his journey over the last three years and his vision for JagoInvestor.

Jagoinvestor completes 3 yrs of blogging

Q1) Which is your best personal finance book and why ?

I have not read any book on personal finance nor I am aware of any pure personal finance book which gives a good idea of everything on personal finance at this point in India. However there is enough material on Internet and loads of good websites and blogs which gives great education on personal finance.

More than knowledge, Personal finance is about attitude and applying common sense in area of personal finance. There are few things which a person has to understand and on top of it he himself can build all the knowledge and analyze things . Incase some one has any idea about personal finance books in India , please give the names in comments section !

Q2) What is your vision for JagoInvestor in the next 5 to 10 years ?

Personal Finance is a huge area with opportunity. I see JagoInvestor being synonymous with “Financial Literacy” and  “Psychology changing website” which along with providing personal finance knowledge also provides counseling in the area of personal finance, I want to build a program which would span over few months or may be 1-2 yrs which if any one who is interested in financial freedom can join and they can totally transform their way of looking at personal finance. The program can turn a novice into a pro in area of personal finance. (Would like to read comments from readers on this point)

Overall JagoInvestor’s main motto is to “change investors relationship with money” over time.

Q3) You did you manage running a personal finance blog despite being from a different background ?

There is Chinese proverb, “start doing what you truly love and you will never have to do any work !”. Common sense has no background and I consider personal finance as pure common sense fueled with a passion to change one’s financial life. As I like number crunching and I consider myself a logical person, I started a blog one fine day without realizing that it would become this big today, readers liked it and it was making difference in their life, which motivated me to work hard and make sure I keep running this movement of financial freedom.

Q4) What would be your top three advice for investors ?

Top 3 advice I can suggest some one is

  1. Start investing time to understand how important personal finance is in one’s life, thats one thing we work for and our quality of life depends on.
  2. Take pain of cross-checking each and every aspect promised by products, like investors in endowment plans should calculate what is the return they are getting and how 1% more return can impact their wealth in long run.
  3. Shift from free advice to paid services and value them, paid does not mean costly, if you get more value than what you pay, thats even cheaper than FREE. This mind set of getting FREE FREE FREE in each and every aspect of life actually turns out to be very costly in long run.

Q5) Top 3 urgent changes required in the personal finance space ?

a) Shift from sales driven attitude to value-based model in selling : When even you get a call about some product, all you hear is how great the product is, how much return it gives and blah blah.. all the focus is on the sales and even the conversation you hear is driven by sales. The biggest change which should happen is the whole model should be based on how the product will help customers in achieving their goals, a client buys a product because it helps them in life, not because its GREAT.

b) Training to agents and IFA’s : There is good number of magazines/portal for investors to help them in taking informed decisions, however I don’t see anything which helps agents and other IFA’s/CFP’s to understand how they should change their strategy in acquiring clients and giving value service to them. We need some services like these.

c) Basic Financial Planning for each Indian : While financial planning is a detailed thing in general, each person should have access to cheap basic planning for their life goals such as child education and retirement at least. There has to be a model which gives them inexpensive plan for their most basic goals in life.

Thanks to all the readers of Jagoinvestor for giving me an opportunity along with them to create this platform for learning personal finance.


Would like to hear your comments on how do you feel associated with jagoinvestor and what changes has happened in your financial life ?

The Interview was from thewealthwisher.com

58 replies on this article “JagoInvestor Completes 3 yrs”

  1. VIGNESH says:

    Hi manish

    Congrats!!!! Manish!!! congrats!!

    Doing a wonderful job… I like ur dedication and thanks for enlightening people like me…

    I am wishing you and your jago investor to reach many people and the enlightening process need to continue…..

    In a single line: U have changed my life by providing Financial awareness


    1. Vignesh

      Great to hear that .. thanks a lot


  2. Vazzy says:

    Best wishes and hope to see Jagoinvestor complete many, many anniversaries as this. Best of luck Manish!

    Thanks for enlightening and educating us !!!

    1. Vazzy

      thanks for your wishes !


  3. Sridhar says:

    Hello Manish, Congratulations to Jago Investor for completing 3 years. It has been a great blog and it has definetely educated many people on financial planning. Please keep up the great work.


    1. Thanks Sridhar 🙂


  4. ramgee says:


    Congratulations to JagoInvestor on turning 3! It is great to see the consistency and constant update and the variety of investment topics that your site covers. Please keep up the good work!


  5. rakesh says:

    congratulation !!
    congratulation !!
    congratulation !! for 3 times For 3 years complet !!!

    one should always visit site once a day for ur finacial securities & profit .

    for ur done good work & valuable service with free of cost ALL THE BEST !!

  6. Mithra says:

    Congrats! Manish
    Wonderful job..Your site helped me a lot to know about the Financial World..
    Keep up the good work.. All the Best

  7. Pallavi S says:

    Heartiest Congratulations Manish !!!
    Kudos to keeping this blog fresh and informative as ever. I myself am benefitted big-time 😀 …. thanks for all your hard-work & dedication. Best Wishes.
    – Pallavi S.

  8. Hi Manish,
    First of all, many many hearteous congratulations to you for completing 3 glorious years of spreading financial literacy among the masses and helping them take informed decisions. I hope this journey of your continues unabated. Actually people like you, Raag Vamdatt and Ranjan Varma inspired me to start my own blog on personal financial planning which is still an infant compared to your sprinter.
    I very much agree with the point you raised in the interview that its time for people to move to paid advice from free advice. Free advice on the face of it seems free but proves costly in the long run. And by the time the person realises this, the damage may have been done already.
    Best Regards
    Gopal Gidwani

    1. Gopal

      Thanks 🙂 , I agree with your points .


  9. Nita says:

    Congratulation Manish for your dedication . It really requires the strong determination to keep going such a good work.
    Your suggestions, articles are have proved very helpfull to me . It has helped me to take many financial decisions.
    I find your articles very informative .

    Thanks once again and keep going 🙂

  10. Mani says:

    Dear Manish,

    Congratulations and Wish JagoInvestor a Very Happy Birthday!!! May JagoInvestor fullfill the dreams and aspirations of all its Members wherever possible.


  11. Chinmoy Sur says:

    You are doing greatest job in personal finance management! Keep on – we are all with you forever! God bless every Indian read this blog regularly!

  12. Congrats Manish! You are doing phenomenal work educating and informing folks.

    –Kunnath Santhosh

  13. Ramesh Mangal says:

    Congratulations for a path-breaking website, filled with loads of financial information in a very easily-understandable language.

    Regarding the Finance Books, I would like to point out the list given by Mr. P V Subramanyam which has a very good list.

    My personal favourites are: “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham, “Winning the Loser’s Game” by Charles D Ellis and “The Only 3 Questions You Need to Know” by Ken Fisher.

    1. I agree with Yogesh

      Customer service upto some extent also depends on how hard you are commited to get customer service , The other party will always have less interest in your work , but with constant followup , give them a tough time 🙂 . It works in most of the cases


    2. Ramesh

      Thanks for your wishes. That list on subramoney website is very big , and I am not sure how much of it is of use for common people wanting to learn about personal finance .


      1. Ramesh Mangal says:


        The three books that I have mentioned all deal with personal portfolio management and strategy. You both need to have a strategy and sound principles as the base. Diverse views are also important. 🙂
        If somebody wants to learn, he has to have some good books.
        Otherwise, get a good financial planner and read and follow your site. 🙂


  14. Ramesh Desai says:

    Hi Manish, Congratulations!

  15. Dear Mr. Manish,

    Congratulations. This blog and your writing style is very usefuly for our family and also for our coming geneation who want to know more knowledge. Many Many happy returns of the day! God bless You for your good works.
    Long live Jagoinvestor.

    You are doing a great job.

    Good Luck!!!

  16. Krish says:

    Hi Manish,
    Congrats!!! This blog is sure an eye opener to each and every one.

    You are doing a great job.

    Good Luck!!!

  17. Pradeep says:

    Congrats Manish 🙂

    Jago investor will achieve many more milestones like this 🙂

    Thanks for your effort for making Jagoinvestor such a wonderful blog.

    Congrats again

  18. sagar says:

    Congrats Manish sir,

    I have just started earning money and your website has been eye-opening for me and is helping me a lot in taking decisions.

    I just want to know your background and how you achieved it being not from this background?

    Thank you

    1. Sagar

      It was passion and consistency in my work 🙂


  19. sagar says:

    Congrats Manish sir,
    Could you tell me your background ? and how u achieved this success being not frm this field ?

  20. Vijay Hegde says:

    Congrats Manish…. Although delayed but wishing you many many such milestones.

  21. Thanks everyone for their wishes 🙂


  22. gopal says:

    Happy B’day Manish for your brain child.

  23. Raju Shinde says:

    Congratulations Manish.

  24. Krishna Chaitanya says:

    Hearty Congratulations Manish. Enjoy 🙂 …way to go.

  25. Muppaneni Rajesh says:

    Congratulations! Manish & complete team of JagoInvestor. Keep up the good work. I was endear to your site by one of my friend & liked it ever since. We wish you & all your team great success.

  26. Asish says:

    Hi Manish, gr8 going! Keep it up 🙂

  27. chris says:

    Congrats & thank you for the simple way of explaining personal finance.

    May you have many more jagoinvestor anniversaries

  28. khalid says:

    Congratulations!! Manish, how much page views per month you achieved in 3 years ?

  29. Dev says:

    Congratulations JI!!
    Keep waking us up when we are ready to ‘fall’ asleep again.
    Congratulations once again.

  30. Rakesh says:


    Congratulation and Happy 3rd Anniversary and Many more to come.
    I have benefited a lot from JagoInvestor and have become wise when it comes to manage my finances.

    Way to go…….


  31. Kirti says:

    Congratulations and best wishes on your blog’s 3rd successful anniversary. Your inputs on financial planning come handy and add value to our knowledge..Great job ….

  32. pattu says:

    Happy Anniversary! My financial literacy took off only after I landed on your site. Great going. I am sure thousands would have benefited like me. Wish you the very best in future.


  33. Prasanna says:

    Congrats Manish! You are doing too good.
    Jagoinvestor has done a lot of changes in the approach towards financial planning. It has certainly helped me to develop some Vision towards my Financial Goals.
    There is equal emphasis on DO’s as well as DONT’s. I myself have learned more about the DONT’s 🙂 and they made a lot of diffrence in my portfolio.
    Thanks Manish

  34. kshitij says:

    Congrats for completing 3 yrs. May it see many more such years.

    Cake kat gaya, kha liya, chalo ab celebrations khatm, jut jao wapas article likhne mein 😛

  35. prabeesh says:


    this blog has definitely been eye opener for me in many ways thank to you and regular guys in comment section

  36. dhawal sharma says:

    hello…MANY-MANY happy returns of the day….May this blog continue to flourish, grow, and spread FINANCIAL LITERACY to all….and yes, that cake looks yummmmm.. 😉

  37. Saurav Sinha says:

    A BBBIIIGGGG Congrats 2 Manish & Team for this day…. GOD BLESS U All!!

  38. Avinash says:

    Hi Manish,

    Heartest congrts ! You are doing a great job! Keep it up

  39. Rajni Kant says:


    PF industry needs u……..

  40. Vishnu Vardhan says:

    Congrats Manish, This blog is worth to be as home page on the browsers.

  41. prasad says:


    Congratulations on third anniversary.
    Can you write a post on “how to calculate the taxable income earned from futures&options”.
    I have a confusion will illustarte in the following example

    I have bought 1 lot Nifty future earned 10 points .Paid 5 points brokerage.
    Is my taxable income from this trade is 10 points or 5 points?

    Please explain

    1. Prasad

      Thanks for your wishes, Please ask your question on forum as its not relevent as per the post ! : https://www.jagoinvestor.com/forum/


  42. raju says:

    Congrats JagoInvestor and Manish

  43. Jason Braganza says:


    Your baby’s on the up & up! Yay!

    Cheers to JagoInvestor & Manish Chauhan 🙂


    This interview was too easy.
    Next year, I’ll be asking the questions buster 😛

  44. Hemant B says:

    Congs Manish.


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