Attend Jagoinvestor Workshop in Mumbai on 17th May (Sunday)

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Last week (on 12th of April) we conducted investor workshop “Design your financial life” in Pune, it was a great learning experience for participants and for us. At the end of workshop it was amazing to see how each participant’s heart got filled right kind of commitment to walk on the path of financial freedom.

Here are is the message from one of the Pune workshop participants to investors community

Hi Manish and Nandish,

First of all let me thank you for sharing very important basic concepts about INVESTMENTS…(Not SAVINGS) during this workshop. Me and my wife both enjoyed this workshop very much and in future we would like to certainly attend another one.

Let me also congratulate both of you. Two of you compliment each other nicely and form a very good team.

The workshop was very simple yet an eye opener for many of us who attended it. We never realised that we were making such huge mistakes in buying certain financial products, life insurance policies etc. which drained our hard earned money so far. We were not giving proper logical thought.

YOU MADE US THINK ABOUT HOW TO DEVELOP RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY. This is the most important concept which I liked In this workshop. The name JAGO INVESTOR perfectly suits.

I would like to mention here that our education system does not include syllabus on money related matters which is in fact most important matter once we become graduates and start earning. I sincerely appeal to all the parents and young children to attend this workshop once. I am sure this worshop will change their views about investing the money for ever. The more early you start the more better it is.

Thank you once again. It was worth taking the pain for coming all the way from Ahmedabad to Pune to attend this workshop.



More comments from other participants

This is really great workshop for all age groups, especially for the young students who just started their career. I would say please do come for the workshop as our school system doesn’t teach us importance of financial planing, all they teach us is that “mitochondria is the power house of the cell”. 🙂 These guys are genuinely taking efforts to financially literate the people. The workshop worth more than its fee. – Vivek Ratnaparkhi

The program is really well designed to convey the crux of the personal financial planning. It really acts as eye opener for all participants. The program introduces to basic financial planning concepts in a very easy to understand way – Vijay Kumar

The program gave me a list of actions I need to take for my financial life. It stressed the importance of written goals. Financial freedom was the best take away – Rupali Desai

It enhanced my knowledge on finance. It was an eye-opener program for me. I can manage my finance more clearly now. A small amount of saving can become a large amount in long term. Only thing is we have to put “Effort” – Supriya Singh

It was really good and my knowledge was increased about financial planning. I used to avoid the discussions related to financial life, but now I know the importance of it and can contribute towards it – Rakhi Gulmire

Here are some of the pictures from Pune Workshop

Jagoinvestor Investor pune workshop

Jagoinvestor Investor pune workshop

Jagoinvestor Investor pune workshop

Jagoinvestor Investor pune workshop

Jagoinvestor Investor pune workshop

Video Testimonials of Pune workshop Participants

Opportunity to participate in Mumbai

We invite you to block 17th of May (just one Sunday) so that you can participate in our Mumbai workshop. We are inviting you, because our workshop will add a lot of value to your existing financial life. So far, we have seen and observed that our workshop helps investors to add new and different dimensions to their financial world. In the whole process, you will learn to slow down so that you can examine what’s going on in your financial world. With our help and support, you will be able to define and adopt new set of actions and strategies to create an amazing financial life.

Why we conduct these workshops?

We do offline workshops so that we can connect with some of our readers at a deeper level, round the year we write articles, reply to thousands of comments and work with a few hundred investors one on one and in that process we learn, grow and expand as professionals. Our Workshop gives us an opportunity to share outrageously all the knowledge and experiences that we acquire round the year. The program is an opportunity to get our readers more and more action oriented.

Why you should come for this workshop?

  • You will learn how to improve your financial life with your current set of resources and income.
  • You will learn how to plan for your financial life goals
  • You will interact and learn from other’s people’s financial life
  • You will dedicate one full day to get better with money management
  • You will learn to add new dimensions to your financial life
  • To understand that personal finance can also be fun
  • To give a whole new direction to your financial life


Register for the Workshop in Mumbai

Single Ticket Rs 3,800 Buy Single Ticket
Couple Ticket
(Discount of Rs 500)
Rs 7,000 Buy Couple Ticket
Venue and Timing Details9 am – 6 pm (17th May, 2015)
292,Bellasis Road, Mumbai Central
Opp City Centre Mall

  • The hotel is walking Distance from Mumbai Central Station
  • Lunch and Breakfast is included in the program fees


What you get as a participant?

  • You get a FREE Financial Health check-up Report worth Rs 499/-
  • One day workshop with some personal finance tools like budget sheet, Mutual fund tracker etc
  • Invitation to join our inner circle

It’s time at add jagoinvestor workshop to your financial journey

It has been a few years now conducting “Design your financial life” workshop and the experience has been amazing. It is a wonderful space to be in, in which the group learns and starts to fall in love with the overall process of wealth creation. We do not teach tricks and tips to build wealth in fact we help you to discover your own personal process of wealth creation.

This time we want more and more couples to participate so that they can get on same page when it comes to personal finance. It is extremely important that husband and wife both take equal interest when it comes to money management. We are offering special discount to those who want to come with their partner. (You can even come with your parents, siblings or friends and can claim the discount)

The workshop we conduct are highly interactive, it has lots of activities and fun exercises which helps you to discover your relationship with money. The sessions are interactive and very easy to grasp for any kind of investor, beginner or advanced. In short there is something for everyone in this workshop

Listen to workshop Participants who attended in Past




Invitation to join and participate

From the bottom of our heart, we invite you to join and participate in pune workshop. Come alone or with your spouse or parents, siblings or friends but see that you do not miss this opportunity. Do not let time and money to get in your way and book your seat at the earliest because we will be taking only 35 participants this time and registration will close after some days.

This workshop is strictly for investors and not for advisors or finance professionals. If you have never participated in any personal finance workshop let this be your first workshop. If you have already participated in our past workshop we invite you to share the event brochure with your loved ones. If you have any questions you can write in the comments section.

You can also visit our Workshop Page to Register and Get more details

14 replies on this article “Attend Jagoinvestor Workshop in Mumbai on 17th May (Sunday)”

  1. Karthik says:

    Hi Manish,

    Any plans for Chennai Investors ????


    1. Not yet confirmed for Chennai, but lets see this year

  2. Denny says:

    Are the registrations for Mumbai session closed? I get page not found error when I try to register

    1. Yes, its closed now . We are already Full !

      1. Piyush Shah says:


        Any chances of spot registration tomorrow at Venue against some cancellation?


        1. Piyush

          the event is FULL now. You will have to wait for the next session now


    2. It was closed Denny . You can attend the next one when we do !

  3. Virendra says:

    Hi Manish,

    Any plans for Delhi NCR ?
    We need you 🙂


    1. Hi Virendra

      Cant confirm that , but lets see if we do it this year !

  4. Rohan Shirodkar says:

    Hi there , I along with my friend am desirous of attending the workshop which is scheduled to be held on 17/05/15.But there’s a small problem.
    My friend would also like to join in with me but due to some circumstances he’s not sure if it would be possible for him to attend.
    So if today I book my seat today and tomorrow if the seats get booked can I bring my friend along with me ? Can he pay on the spot if in case he gets the chance to attend at the last moment?.
    Kindly let me know ASAP if this is possible as he too is serious about attending this wonderful opportunity

    1. Hi Rohan

      I have already emailed you 🙂

  5. Kaushik Bhattacharya says:

    Do you have any plan for any workshop in hyderabad?

    1. Hi Kaushik

      Its on the cards. But not 100% confirmed. Mostly this year will do one round in Hydrabad sometime around 3rd or 4th quarter


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