November 24, 2008

Returns with options trading

what kind of markets have these been .. a slight news of hope is causing stocks to rally to so much amount which they used to rally in a year .

As i write this Citigroup Corp shares have risen 68% in just 1.5 hrs of trading . 68% in a day !!

That’s a kind of return which mutual funds are really jealous of . Last month when there was some bad news about UNITECH , it plunged by 50% in a day only to recover back 40% the next day ..

Last quarter DLF lost 33% in 2 days on the news of US FDA banning its drugs in US . and then it again came back to its normal levels .

When DLF lost for 2 days , I had seen DLF PUT options went up 50 times in 36 hrs …and on the third day when it was up again by 20% , then its CALL options went up by another 5 times . means if you got everything correct and bought call and put options at right time , you could have made 5 Crores ($1 million) with 4 lacs of money ($8000) . that’s 25000% return in 60 hrs . there is an assumption that you bought things at right time which is almost impossible … but with little luck and study at least 1000% was possible for sure …

I thought of buying DLF puts after it fell for 1st day , but because of fear , i didn’t buy it .. and it went up by 800% next day ( i remember it correct , it went up from Rs 4-5 to Rs 40) , that’s 800-900% return in 2 hrs .

I am sure Citigroup option traders would either have made a killing or killed themselves . 🙂

Anyways , options are extremely dangerous products , its not advisable to get into them unless you are sure what you are doing ..

Read the basics of what are options

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13 years ago

hello Manish,

I want to know about tax?
We purchase stocks pay different kinds of tax, sell stocks pay taxes,
whether we gain or loss we pay tax that’s ok, but what about when we declare our income at end of year then is it again we have to pay tax on our purchase of shares in which we earn profit or loss.


14 years ago

Hi, can we trade options on individual stocks in India? are options traded on exchanges in India? What do we need(like demat a/c, trading a/c etc.) to trade options on index ? pardon my ignorance.

15 years ago

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15 years ago

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15 years ago

Do you sometimes think that the market index is going to rise? That you could make a profit by adopting a position on the index? After a good budget, or good corporate results, or the onset of a stable government, many people feel that the index would go up. In short, Options are nothing but giving the buyer the right to buy something on a future val date for the price which was pre-determined.

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