LIC of India policy status on SMS

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Do you want to get your LIC Policy Status and  details by SMS ? If yes, now there is some good news for you , you can get basic information about your LIC policy very easily by sending an SMS. You can get general information like Bonus amount vested till date , details of nominations etc by just send one SMS t0 56677. This is a free service from life corporation of India (LIC)


where –

Premium – Instalment premium under policy
Revival – If policy is lapsed, Revival amount payable
Bonus – Amount of Bonus vested
Loan – Amount available as Loan
NOM – Details of Nomination


AskLIC 8955940009 NOM

One can also get LIC pension related information by SMS



a) IPP Policy Status, (STAT)
b) Existence Certificate Due, (ECDUE)
c) Last Annuity Released Date, (ANNPD)
d) Annuity Payment thru (CHQ/ECS/NEFT) (PDTHRU)
e) Annuity Amount (AMOUNT)
f) Cheque Return Information (CHQRET)

What is Your LIC Policy Number?

The LIC policy number consists of nine digits and can be found at the top left hand corner of the schedule of your policy bond. Did you knew this information ? Kindly share if this worked for your LIC policy .

70 replies on this article “LIC of India policy status on SMS”

  1. Purshottambhai Dudhat says:

    i have sent sms for loan but we have received reply “This keyword has been expired” so pl. provide explanation for this facility
    Purshottam Dudhat

    1. I think you should try once more .

  2. manish patel says:

    i have sent sms for bonus and loan but we have received reply “This keyword has been expired” so pl. provide explanation for this facility
    Manish Patel

  3. ishwer agarwal says:

    dear sir,
    i wants to know the status of my policies, pls give me all policies status,

    ishwer agarwal

    1. which policy ? File a RTI for htis

  4. Maitrayee says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am also getting the reply as “keyword has been expired”. Is there any other way of getting the bonus information?


  5. Alok says:

    Alas – yet another toll of rising costs…. The no. 56677 response is “the keyword has been expired”

  6. Jeet Sharma says:

    I forgot my Policy Number and Agent’s name as well. How to get the Policy details, on the basis of Mobile Number, Date of Birth or Address?

    Please help

    1. Where is your policy document ?

  7. spverma says:


    1. What can we do here ?

  8. Raajesh says:

    Hi ,

    Dont know somebody already updated.. still… If you include , then it will say “Contact Branch”. So you need to put your policy without brackets.. eg., ASKLIC Loan will give you “Contact Branch”. If you send sms as ASKLIC 123456 LOAN, then the actual loan amount you will get in SMS.. hope it may help someone…

    1. Thanks for updating that 🙂

  9. hanumantharao says:

    I have registered my lic policies in the lic wesite 2 years back but I forget my ID and password. How can I know my Lic policies status in the website

    1. KRANTI says:

      Go to FORGOT PASSWORD option.

  10. Ramesh says:

    I tried but got ‘BLANK_RESPONSE’ as the reply message, any idea what could have gone wrong.

    1. NO idea .. how old is your EPF ?

      1. Ramesh says:

        Is this for EPF account bcos I tried for LIC Policy which is almost 11 years now.

        1. NO idea in that case !

  11. sahil says:

    this service will be really helpful to get policy details on finger tips…:)

    1. Yes . .come people get it in seconds and some in hours !

      1. sahil says:

        time is very imp factor, but LIC should try to use Trasactinal gateway for immediate delivery

  12. Alok says:

    ASKLIC PolicyNo LOAN work for me!
    however it says “GROSS LOAN Available” Amount. what does that mean, i could take all the amount available in gross loan or there is any catch

    1. Alok

      It should be the amount you can actually take !

      1. Bvn says:

        This is wonderful.It worked for me.If we take loan against policy when we should re pay them.

        Please help me in providing this information.


        1. Your question is not clear to me

  13. Surendra Jain says:

    Its really wonderful information, Manish you really keep doing amazing things. Though this facility may be available for long but no one even from LIC office ever told me even though I keep visiting.

    It will definitely help to get status on Bonues, which otherwise is difficult to get.

    Thanks Manish for this valuable information

    1. Good to know that Surendra ..

  14. brajesh kumar says:

    please reply on cell no 09424640357&07800154405 by sms of policy no 577975870&264586479

    1. You can get the sms on your own , why do you need others support ?

  15. Shital Bhole says:

    I forget my policy premium amount. And I want to know my policy premium amount. How can I get the amount of premium.

    1. Just SMS ASKLIC PREMIUM to 56677

  16. Kajal says:

    Hi Manish.
    Forum has a topic for this policy but there are no details about it.

  17. kajal says:

    Hi Manish,
    Can you please let me know your views on New bima gold – money back policy of LIC. I have invested money in this one.


    1. Kajal

      Its not a good policy from long term return point of view – get more info on our forum :

  18. ganesh shanker gupta says:


  19. S.Chatterjee says:

    Thank you. It will be very helpful for me if I get a loan from LIC.

  20. Priya says:

    Hi Manish, this worked for me too, as I wanted to know the loan amount on my policy,but to my surprise I found that the amount of loan provided by the SMS and my agent is different , and there is a huge difference in that. Also, I checked the loan eligibility of my husband through the website. Though the premium which we have paid is only around 15k, the loan eligible shows as 80k ????? Would u be having any info about such errors in the LIC website ?

    1. Priya

      The loan amount eligble should actually be much lower than what you have paid in premiums .. if the paid amount is 15k and sms shows it as 80K , then the sms is giving wrong info .. in that case you should rely on agent info


  21. shaheen says:

    No, this is absolutely false information. You do not have to inform LIC before leaving the country. Whether the death occurs in India or outside India, sum assured shall be payable to the nominee, provided the policy is in force. It does not matter if LIC is informed or not. However, LIC would have to be informed upon death to claim the insurance amount.

  22. arjun says:

    Slightly off the topic here – but I wanted to know how/to whom should I write to in case I go abroad but decide to continue my term policy ?

    1. Arjun

      You dont need to inform anyone , just continue it


      1. arjun says:

        I read somewhere (don’t remember exactly where though)that in case something happened to me while I was abroad,LIC would not pay out unless I had informed them beforehand.However,I don’t know who is it exactly that I’m supposed to write the letter to .

  23. Mahen Rathod says:

    How to get the total amount present in my Policy which includes Policy premiums till date + Bonus ?

    1. Ivan says:

      Hi Mahen,

      Please register your policy in the portal. You will get all the details about the policy including the bonus accumulated till date.

      You can pay premium online as well. I have been using this facility from past 3 to 4 years and never faced any issues. You can generate a duplicate receipt anytime in the future for the payments done online.


      1. Mahen Rathod says:

        Thanks Ivan 🙂

  24. T S Ashok says:

    very good. It works for me. for nomination, it showed as No nomination on record..Thus , i need to provide the nomination immediately..

    1. TS Ashok

      Good to hear that .. so did you start action on putting your nomination details ?


  25. Pearlie says:

    Thanks for the info 🙂 Didn’t know about this feature..

    1. Pearlie

      Have you started using this feature ?


  26. Chirag says:

    Nice initiative by LIC..
    Thanks for Sharing Manish 🙂

  27. shaheen says:

    Another thing. When you send ‘Premium’ sms which should tell the “Instalment premium under policy”, it only tell you the next due date and nothing else.

    1. ga says:

      i need my policy detail thanks

  28. shaheen says:

    This information is not new and this service is available since 2 years. However it is NOT A FREE service. Each sms costs Rs.3/-.

    1. Shaheen

      Yes .. its an old service.. but a lot of people do not know about it yet .. I think Rs 3 is much lesser for those who travel all the way to LIC offices to get some informations which they can find through this service . Something is better than nothing .

      Also its just for informational purpose . Its upto the investor to decide if he wants to use this service or not .


  29. Dominic says:

    Recently I paid premium through my bank (bill payment) and I dont even know whether LIC received my premium or now. I have already registered this policy on their web portal and it says cannot retrieve information. Let me try this anyway.

    1. Dominic

      Did you try this ? what was the result ?


  30. Rakesh says:


    Thanks for sharing such valuable information, I was not aware about it. This will definitely help to get information on our polices.


    1. Rakesh

      Good . Which policy do you have ? This SMS facility is active on LIC website from many months/years .


      1. kselvam says:

        jeevan anand………….a life free of worries

  31. shankar says:

    Ichecked it. by sending sms “ASKLIC BONUS” its also providing bonus amount vested.

    1. Shankar

      Good to see that you used this and its working for you .. which policy do you have ?


  32. Vikas says:


    Thanks for the information.
    I sent 2 SMS to 56677.

    This successfully got me the nomination details.

    ASKLIC bonus
    got me reply as
    Contact With Branch

    So, I guess I will have to go to my home branch; LIC may not entertain me in any other branch.
    But, anyways, a very good implementation of IT by LIC which I have been a bit skeptical about … LIC … ah no … 🙂

    1. Pramod says:

      LIC provides the information about bonus for only the policies which are “with profit”. For other policies you will recieve “contact branch” reply. This is true about the guaranteed bonus policies also. For ex. Jeevan Sanchay money back policy has a guaranteed addition of Rs. 70 per 1000 SA per annum (it is no more sold) and LIC will send you the SMS to contact branch in this situation since it is not a vested bonus but a guaranteed addition.
      I hope this clarifies

      1. Vikas says:

        Thanks Pramod,
        That’s good and new information for me 🙂
        Mine is Jeevan Shree with Guaranteed addition. I called LIC on the phone number available on the website and again I was pleasantly surprised as they had every bit of information about my policy available.


        1. Pramod & Vikas

          Thanks for your involvement and feedback sharing . good to know the info you guys shared


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