My Second Book – “How to be your own Financial Planner in 10 Steps”

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I am happy to share this news with you all, that my 2nd book is going to release in next few weeks, whose title is “How to be Your Own Financial Planner in 10 Steps” . The book is published by CNBC 18. The book is now ready for pre-order, so you can order it now, it will be delivered to you as soon as it hits the stores which will happen in just few more days.

How to be your own Financial Planner in 10  - Financial Planning Book in India
Pre order Book

About the Book

By the time you complete this book, your financial life will have taken new shape!. You will have worked on 10 different areas of your financial life, in the same way a certified financial planner works with you. The book has the ability to guide you on how to plan the 10 most important areas of your financial life. There are two types of investors in India, those who plan their financial life and those who plan nothing and just let their financial live move with the flow. The second group is extremely large, and this book is targeted at this group.

Many investors who are DIY (Do It Yourself) investors can use this book to plan their financial life and be their own financial planners at some basic level. The book has the 3 elements of education, planning and action items all packed into one. Written for the common person, in simple language, the book deals with the most important financial worries and questions.

What are you waiting for ?

Anyone who feels that he can do his own financial planning and with a little support and direction he/she can plan his financial life, then one should buy this book. There are 10 chapters which cover 10 different areas of your financial life and helps you understand those areas, what you need to do about it, how you should mess it up and guides you to plan it out in simple and easy language. Each chapter has action oriented exercise at the end of each chapter, so while you go through each chapter, you will keep on making your action item list and finally complete things. I would say grab the book today, because this is the best it can be. If you need external support, you can always go for our online financial advisory services.

UPDATE – First Book Name is Changed

I have one more news to share. My first book “Jagoinvestor – Change your relationship with money” was a great success. However we are changing its name to “16 personal finance principles every investor should know” to make sure that the name of the book reflects what the book is all about. The book content is exactly same, just the name is changed now. So its now in new avatar.

16 personal finance principles every investor should know  Financial Planning Book in India - Personal Finance Book in India
Pre order Book

Thanks for your love and support, because of this awesome community, it was possible to give shape to these 2 books. While the first book is more on the principles of personal finance which every investor should know, the second book is all about planning and taking action. I would be waiting for your reviews about the book.

103 replies on this article “My Second Book – “How to be your own Financial Planner in 10 Steps””

  1. Parthi says:

    Hi Manish,

    I got a mail from Jagoinvestor stating the below. But when I clicked the link for those books, the cost is above Rs.400 each. How to avail this offer?

    “50% Discount on all our books ! .
    If you are a SAVER by heart we have a news to share with you. Our all three books with CNBC TV18 are now priced at Rs. 250/- each on flipkart which is rare to find. This pricing is temporary, extremely tempting and is BAAP of all offers.”


    1. The offer was only for few hours !

  2. Atharva says:

    Hi Manish,
    Congratulations on release of your new book! I got a copy and have started reading and analyzing the decisions I have made till this time in my life. I am on chapter #3 health insurance Page 49 , where you have explained the premium and age relationship 36-44 would cost ~7K, 46-49 would cost ~ 11K and so on …
    For example I am 44 yrs. old and would be paying ~7K premium … what happens two years down the line , when I would be 46 yrs. will the insurance company allow me the same old premium of ~7K or with nominal increase ? or will I be pushed in the bracket of ~11K …. As you have mentioned in the chapter that the insurance will have to be renewed per year (so will it be for some varying premium?) if Yes , then what advantage from premium cost perspective I would be gaining in starting early ?
    Appreciate if you can explain and enlighten me with this aspect. As my understanding is health insurance doesn’t work like life insurance where the premium is fixed throughout or fixed period of once life. Any options available in market where the premium can be made fixed for definitive years ? .. as far as my understanding goes … one buy’s at 46 or 50 or 60 it will still be in +/- 10 % range of existing catalogue price derived by the Insurance company.
    Best Regards,
    Atharva, Pune

    1. No it will not be pushed to the new bracket if you are an old customer. the new higher premiums are only when you take the fresh policy with old age. However your premium can still go up , but thats for everyone ..

      1. Atharva says:

        Thanks Manish for the clarification.
        But this increase would be as per the slab of age range isnt it ? which could give 30-40% saving for early starters. If possibile please send me a pointer data charts where i can compare the rates for premium starting at early age and try to compare with starting with later age ..for last 5 yrs (though historic data might not be very accurate, indicator of future)

        Thanks, Atharva

        1. I am not sure if there is any chart like this available .

  3. Amit C says:

    I have just completed reading your book & want to thanks you for writing this book. You have explain everything about financial planning in such a simple language that even a beginner can understand & make positive changes in his financial life.

    Things that I like about this book:
    1. Simple language.
    2. Explain with real life example.
    3. Provided template / formula whenever required.
    4. There is action plan at the end of each topic.

    I am sure that if I follow simple steps mentioned in this book, then I will live happy financial life.

    1. Thanks for appreciation Amit . I am delighted !

  4. Siva Mohan says:

    Hi Manish,

    Received the book today @ Office.. looking forward to read it..

    Siva Mohan

    1. Good to hear that Siva .. would like to know if you got some value out of it !

  5. Ashish Garg says:

    Hi Manish,

    Just got your 2nd book delivered. Hope to read it fast and get some good guidance to plan my finances and investment.

    Its just a few months that I came across and ever since it has given me quite a lot of information and guidance. I wish you all the best and keep doing the great work!!!



    1. Good to hear that Ashish … look at the book as a passive planner who is helping you do some minimum level of planning things . You should focus on the actions .. Would like to hear about your experience 🙂

  6. vivek chowdhry says:

    as per your blog i have planned my portfolio. when i had any doubt regarding investment or financial planing i usualy come to you blog. for a long time i was busy and didnt got any time to check my portfolio. recently i have changed my mutual fund portfolio and visited your blog also for help. found it as beautiful and helping as 6 mnths back. i got to know that your 2nd book is out so without wasting time i orderd one from flipkart. thank you for maintaing such a nice blog. good work ….keep it up
    thank you…. Dr Vivek

    1. Good to hear that Vivek 🙂 .. let me know how did you like the second book !

  7. Ramanan says:

    Hi Manish

    I regularly read your website, though I have never posted and read your first book as well. I am a big fan of yours and for any financial query, let it be MF, term Insurance or CC related issue, I do not forget to come and check your site and I get my answer after reading couple of posts, and there was no need for me to ask my specific query.

    Ordered your 2nd book from flipkart and eagerly waiting for the same



    1. Good to hear that Ramanan 🙂 .. Glad to know that you find most of the answers yourself !

  8. Harish says:

    Hello Manish,
    Congratulations for your second Book !!!
    I have read your first book and eagerly waiting for this one.
    When will this book be available? I have already placed the ordered .

    1. thanks Harish .. It should be available in few days !

  9. REJI says:

    Sir, I have booked for your book (how to be your own financial planner in 10 steps) and eagerly waiting for the same. Everyday I call up flipcart for the delivery of the same.

    1. You should get it in few days ..

  10. Anil Bhardwaj says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have read your first book and found that the second book is available though Flipkart, so I booked one. Thanks for all of your efforts in maintaining this website and the books.

    Anil Bhardwaj

  11. Siva Mohan says:

    Congrats Manish. Thank you for this excellent site. Your first book is a great read and hope the second book lives up to the expectations.
    Booked it today. Please keep enlightening us.

    Siva Mohan

  12. Raj says:

    Good Work..! Congrats for the 2nd book..!

  13. Amit says:

    Congratulaions Manish on your 2nd book . Loved your first one .
    Nandish and you both are doing a splendid job . Keep us enlightened .

    Just booked 2nd one on Flipkart .

    1. Thanks a lot Amit 🙂

  14. Pramod says:

    Congratulations Manish !!
    Eagerly waiting to receive the book with a Hope that this will be at a higher level (compared to the 1st one) and will be more helpful.

    1. I have tried my best 🙂

  15. Sushanta says:


    Ordered on Flipkart. Hope it is going to be a great experience.

    Congrts….your blog is really an eye opener for a common man.

    1. Good to hear that .. it will surely benefit you !

  16. Amol says:

    Congrats Manish!

    I booked my copy:-)

    1. Good to hear that Amol

      1. Amol says:

        Recieved my copy yesterday from flipkart:-)

        1. Good to hear that Amol 🙂 … will require your feedback on flipkart 🙂

  17. RD says:

    Hey Manish,
    Congratulations and thanks for enlighten our finanancial life… :).

  18. sanyam jain says:

    i m a regular reader of your blog and let me tell you that you are doing brilliant job by sharing your knowledge here.

    I am sure that your second book will be as good as first one and will set a new milestone…

    ALL the best

  19. George Joseph says:

    Dear Manish

    Could you list down the topics which are covered in the new book


    1. Life insurance, health insurance,emergency fund, short/long term goals, retirement, CIBIL , Estate Planning, Organiseing your financial life and repayment of your loan ..

      1. George Joseph says:

        Thanks Manish

  20. smitha says:

    hi Manish,

    Congrats!. Here’s wishing you all the success. And no, i haven’t read your first book, but have benefited immensely from your blog. I will try to read your second book, you see time and not money is the problem.

    Once again all the best

  21. Prathap says:

    Hi Manish,

    Congrats and All the Best Wishes for your Second Book.

    Looking forward to read it.

    – Prathap

    1. Thanks a lot .. I hope you have read my first book ?

      1. Prathap says:

        Hi Manish,

        I have read your articles in Jagoinvestor website. Yet to read your first book. Read the sample chapters. Will order both the books together.


  22. vijay singhal says:

    congrats..hope it will b as good as 1st one..

    1. Thanks a lot .. I hope you have read my first book ?

      1. vijay singhal says:

        ya..absolutely i have read ur 1st book and it started my investing journey..n i will definately purchase ur 2nd book also..

        1. Glad to hear that Vijay !

  23. Sunny Modi says:

    Dear Manishbhai,

    Congratulations & All the best for your book launch & it must cross records of any body had in the past. I will also be part of your book coming soon.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sunny Modi

    1. Thanks Sunny .. I hope you have read my first book ?

      1. Sunny Modi says:

        No till not. But must read your 2nd version of book.

        1. ok great to hear that !

  24. Manish seth says:

    Hi Manish

    Many congratulations on the launch of the new book.

    Great going.Wish you all success for the book.

    1. Thanks a lot .. I hope you have read my first book ?

  25. Mayank Gupta says:

    Congrats Manish on your second personal finance book. Hope to see more updates from you

  26. Arun Rathi says:

    Great News.
    Congratulations Manish.

    Warm Regards
    Arun Rathi

  27. KUNAL DHOTRE says:

    Manish…. unable to make payment though HDFC net banking and credit card also feeling very sad. Kindly reserve a copy for me.


    1. Dont worry .. Its a flipkart issue 🙂 .. you can order it by COD (cash on delivery) , so they will give you at home and take cash ..

  28. Dhaval says:

    Congrats !!!

  29. Girish says:

    Why are they giving 30% discount right in the beginning?

    1. Competition 🙂 .. what else !

  30. Chetan Ambi says:

    Congrats Manish!!

  31. Kapil Mohan Gupta says:

    Just curious to know when can I expect the delivery ?

    1. The moment it comes out 🙂 .. wait for few weeks !

  32. sandhu says:

    very nice, will recomend to youngesters in family

    1. Sure :).. please do !

  33. Shashi says:

    Congrats Manish !!!

    1. Thanks a lot .. I hope you have read my first book

  34. Nitin says:

    Congrats, Placed the order to get the book 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot .. I hope you have read my first book

  35. Kapil Mohan Gupta says:

    Pre-Booking Done !
    Will love to join Wealth Club but surrounded with lots of concerns 🙁 Will drop you an email about that.

    1. Thanks a lot .. I hope you have read my first book .. sure.. please email us regarding wealth club !

  36. Allavali says:

    Congrats Manish… way to go…. 🙂

  37. KUNAL DHOTRE says:

    Best wishes for awaited book of the year.


  38. Ganesh says:


    Many congratulations!! Wish you the best of success with your new book.

    Does it also come in a kindle version for people not in India ?

    1. Thanks Ganesh

      There is no Kindle version !

  39. Amit Sawhney says:

    Congrats Manish. Great going.

  40. Samir says:

    Dear Manish,

    Most awaited book for me. Wish you all success for your new book. Great job done so far. 🙂


  41. sarita says:

    Pre-ordered my copy 😉

    1. Good to hear that Sarita !

  42. Murali says:

    Congrats Manish…I have ordered in Flipkart just now.

    1. Great ! .. will look forward for your reviews !

  43. Chitra says:

    Congratulations Manish!!! Great to hear that.. 🙂 cheers..

  44. Suhas says:

    Congrats Manish…I Pre ordered from flipkart right away.Will share the review.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks :).. will look forward for it !

  45. Aditya Karnik says:

    Congrats Manish.
    Keep writing as always.

    Warm Regards,

  46. Amit says:

    Congrats Manish!

    I am sure your second book would be as good as the first one.


  47. Ravi says:

    Congrats Sir

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