Resolve your Consumer complaints in India in Personal Finance

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Have you been mis-sold any financial product? If yes, then you must be confused about how to approach the consumer forum and talk to the company’s customer care to get justice. While there is no guarantee, neither there is any magical formula on getting justice. There are a few rules and some tips which you can keep in mind while trying to resolve consumer complaints and approaching consumer forums in India. So I asked Ankur Singla of, to share some tips and tricks which you can use. works in the area of resolving consumer complaints in India against large brands. So here is what they have to share –

Consumer Complaints in India

Customer Care escalation

If a bank or insurance company (or any other company for that matter) mis-sell a product or provides a deficient service, you are entitled to get relief from the consumer forum. Before you decide to file a complaint, make sure you have done the following –

  • Spoken to the company‘s customer care,
  • Escalated the call (simply ask the junior customer care representative that you would like to speak with his senior) and tried reasoning with them
  • Approached the industry ombudsman – our experience with banking and insurance ombudsman is mixed. Sometimes you don’t hear from them for months, sometimes they are prompt and the bank or the insurance company back down simply upon the matter being sent to them.
  • If none of these have worked for you, and you are still unhappy, you can consider approaching a consumer forum. Here is how:

Approaching Consumer Court Forum in India

Step 1

Send the company a notice. A notice is a letter, hand-written or printed on plain paper which explains what exactly happened, what you are unhappy about, what you would like the company to do and what you would do in case the company does not resolve the issue. Here are some tips on writing this letter:

1. Do not misstate facts. If there has been some lapse from your side, please expressly state it.

2. Specify all the details which would enable the company to resolve your complaint faster (who you spoke to, invoice number, request number, product id, date of purchase etc.).

3. Do not use foul language or threaten. However, be firm.

4. Provide a 15 day period for them to resolve your complaint.

5. Make sure that you mention a line to the effect that if the company fails to resolve the issue, you would be forced to file a consumer complaint and take other action as well.

6. Send this letter by registered post acknowledgment due or by courier. Make sure you tell the courier company that you would be requiring the proof of delivery (POD) from them. It usually comes to you in 15-20 days of sending the letter.

Step 2

At this stage, usually, the company will call you back or email you and start taking your complaint seriously. If they offer you relief or some kind of incentives, coupons, free products or services, do consider their offer seriously. Don’t try to over-optimize (we have had a lot of customers who ask for ridiculous amounts of compensation – which would not even be given by the consumer court forums. Therefore, the company decides to wait and let the consumer approach the forum).

There is also the possibility that the company will not reply to your notice or reply to say that they would not be able to solve your complaint. In such a case, you are left with no option but to go to the appropriate consumer forum.

Step 3

Consumer Forums are divided into 3 levels – District Level, State Level, and the National.

If the total amount involved in your complaint (worth of the goods or services and the compensation you ask for) is below Rs.20 lakhs, then you will have to approach a District Forum. Typically, you have to file your complaint at the District Forum under whose jurisdiction the company or its dealer or its authorized agent carries on business. To understand which forum you can file your complaint in; please see this article – Understanding Jurisdiction of Consumer Forums.

Typically it will take about 6-18 months to resolve a complaint through the District Forum. If the stakes involved are high, either side may appeal to the State Forum and the matter may take longer. You have the option to appear before the District Forum yourself or through a lawyer. Usually, people do not have the time to appear themselves, so they hire a lawyer. A lawyer can charge anywhere between Rs.2000 to Rs.20000 for a consumer complaint depending upon the complexity of the case, his/her experience, and your willingness to pay.

During the course of the case, you might have to appear 2-4 times in the District Forum. Don’t be intimidated by this – the judges are generally customer friendly and you are only required to state the facts.

Tips on writing the complaint

  • Here is a link to the format in which the complaint has to be written. It is pretty simple and you can do it yourself.
  • Make sure all the paragraphs are numbered and you state all the relevant facts properly.
  • Make sure you have supporting documents to prove your case.
  • Please add a simple clause saying that the consumer forum you are approaching is the correct one and has jurisdiction over the matter.
  • You can also go directly to the nearest consumer forum and ask at the helpdesk to help you with your complaint.

Once the consumer complaint is filed, the consumer forum sends a notice to the company asking them to respond to your complaint. A lot of times the company will realize that you are serious and probably, to avoid spending 10-15k on their own lawyer, simply resolve the complaint. However, in banking, insurance and financial sector, most of the large players prefer to take the customers through court and often keep appealing against successive defeats in front of consumer forums.

So, why don’t people file consumer complaints?

Despite the ease of using consumer forums, a lot of customers don’t end up filing a consumer complaint.  It’s a quick cost-benefit analysis – it sounds like too much time, money and effort to pursue it. Sometimes the stakes involved are not that great; also Indian customers have a Chalta Hai Attitude. Once their issue is resolved, they move on with their lives. However, if you are really frustrated with something, it is important to know how to file a consumer complaint.

Just like the RTI, filing a consumer complaint is a powerful tool for consumers. If you are unhappy with a product or service, just follow this process and you should come out happy on the other side.

5 important lessons from solving consumer complaints

1. As a customer you can be wrong as well. So make sure you understand the terms and conditions when you buy financial products and services. A simple Google search like “5 things to know about mediclaim insurance” could lead you to some useful articles.

2. There is no such thing as a free lunch. If something is too good to be true or sounds like a great deal, simply avoid it. It’s most likely something that will end up scamming you.

3. Escalation of your complaint to higher authorities of the company is an art. Don’t write angry emails. Don’t do a version of the Delhi-style “Jaanta Hai Mera Baap Kaun Hai”. Remember there are human beings on the other end. Write politely, reasonably and not very long emails/letters (unlike this article).

4. Some banks/insurance companies’ CEO has an escalation department of their own. So if you can find their email id or guess their email id, just copy them in. Their secretary will check it and probably your complaint will be heard quickly.

5. Prevention is the only cure. Life’s too short to waste time talking to customer care. Avoid such situations.

You can reach Ankur at Ankur @ Ankur is a graduate of the National Law School of India, Bangalore and worked at a corporate law firm before starting Akosha. I am sure your Consumer Complaints will be solved

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  1. Akanksha Negi says:

    My mom served LIC for a year, years back. She did get a client who agreed to go ahead with a policy. Now after almost a decade, when my mom has left the job and is a housemaker, she is now threatening my mom in a money fraud case when she did not get the interest amount from LIC.

  2. nagaraju says:

    Respected And Hon’ble Sir,

    I am a poor Un-employee. And I am searching for Job. I went
    to A local Placement in Warangal, Telangana State. And they Demanded
    me Amount for Job and They took Rs.70000 (Seventy Thousand Rupees).
    From Many days they not showing job to me. And not returning my
    Amount. In this situation, What can I do & How to get return my money
    from them?

    Thanking You Sir,

    Pardon me If any mistake done in sending in this mail.

    Waiting for Your Kindly Reply & Suggestion Sir

    Your Faithfully,
    S.Nagaraju, Warangal

    1. Hi nagaraju

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


    2. Jagoinvestor Admin says:

      Hi nagaraju

      Thanks for asking your question. However, I dont think I am eligible to answer your query as its either out of scope of my knowledge or its not related to money matter directly


  3. Vicky says:

    dear sir,

            i am writing this letter regarding the pick up that is done by mistake from your courier person,

                            i am giving the details and mistake done by you 



                 FILES ARE ATTACHED 





    1. How can we the blog owners help you on this matter?

  4. adarsh says:

    hello, I have booked a row house in pune with a pre lounged scheme. its being three years since than but on the site there is still only farming is going on. i inquired about the builder also and he is invovle in so many police complaints related to fraud and false promises. he and his father were continuously promising me to refund all the money i paid them but not keeping their promise as its their nature. I have all receipt, all record of cheque I paid him by and all the email exchanged after canceling the project. but i haven’t got any money back. what can i do now?

    1. Police complaint for FRAUD is the only option now !

  5. MD RAZI HAIDER says:

    Dear Mr.Manish
    I Lodged a case with district consumer forum at Ranchi(Jharkhand)
    But the judge didn’t care for my hearing and gave the judgement in company favour.
    How to open that case with District consumer forum or state consumer forum.
    Is there any online option.
    Because I got transferred from Ranchi to Bhagalpur(Bihar).
    I would like to get it hearing again for my case of Life insurance with Maxlife Insurance


      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  6. kamalakkannan says:

    s/o M.Ramasamy,
    470, Mariyyamman koil street,
    Ezhuthur post,
    Tittagudi Tk,
    Cuddalore Dt, PIN 606303
    Tamilnadu, India.

    Respected sir,
    At our village a ration shop keeper, G.Sekar has corrupted a lot for the past ten years. I have complained it to PGPORTAL, CORE and so on. Now he has found out that I have complained against him. So, always,he scolds me and my mother R.Sellammal, with very bad words and raises hand to beat me. he always roams about our house. he feels he cannot earn the crooked sum narby Rs 50,000 a month any more. so, he is very aggressive to attack us with his groups. so, now, I have left Ezhuthur for Trichy. My mother alone stays in our house at Ezhuthur. Please protect her from G.Sekar. Please warn him severely and stop his attempts. He possesses the blank stamp paper signed by me and my mother. He tries to grab our house now.

    Yours simcerely,

    1. Thanks for your comment kamalakkannan

  7. Vijayaraghavan says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to you to get your opinion on how I can proceed further on an issue that I am currently experiencing with Hyundai service at Bangalore.

    Earlier this month I met with an accident with my car because there was some problem with the wheels and the vehicle went out of control. I believe that either one of the front wheels (left wheel) went out of alignment and did not synchronize with the other wheel or otherwise both wheels did not steer around as you would expect when you steer the steering wheel. I had to toe the vehicle to the service center. Below are the challenges I have experienced/experiencing with them now:

    1) They did not care to accept my version of the problem and simply downlplayed it.
    2) They did not care to give me a repair estimate sheet for more than 2 days.
    3) They also are not responding to my queries regarding the parts they are replacing and I feel that it is highly exaggerated.
    4) They have refused to even check for any possibility of mishaps like I had encountered.
    5) They claim that the wheel went out of alignment because of the accident though there was not damages on the wheel whatsoever.
    6) I engaged Hyundai but before they visited the service center the service center folks intentionally damaged my wheel cap and made some scratches on rim so as to prove that there was some impact on the wheel.
    7) When Hyundai visited the service center for inspection they said that there was indeed an impact on the wheel because of which it went out of alignment and the same is clearly visible from the damages (damages look quite original but I am 200% certain that they were man-made)

    The vehicle is 5 – 6 yrs old now.

    Kindly advise on how I can take this up as Hyundai and their service center are clearly downplaying a matter that could have been very fatal to self or someone else.

    1. You can go to consumer court on this issue if your case is strong. But only after 30 yrs of complain 🙂

  8. Rajender says:

    I live in Ajmer and had an Asus mobile phone put to service on the date of 04/09/2015 at Asus‘ Jaipur Service center. During this period of Asus Customer-care kept on replying my phone calls/email correspondence that the required spare part was not available in India this was causing delay.
    After 39 days on 12/10/2015 I received information that the phone had been repaired. I reached the service center on 15/10/2015 but found that the phone showed the same problems it had before servicing. So the technician took the device into service again. Now as of 27/10/2015 Asus Support reports that the phone is now repaired to their satisfaction. Also they have offered me 1 month of extension of warranty on my device.
    But by today’s date 54 days have already passed since my phone is under repair, so I am unhappy with Asus’ resolution of extension of warranty by only 1 month. During the whole process I have incurred mental and physical troubles and Asus have been quite irresponsible and unresponsive to my calls/email correspondence. Other than this I have suffered financial burdens of my travel to and fro Jaipur Service Center twice. I have written to them requesting compensation in the form of warranty extension by 9 months or to come out with befitting negotiations, to which they have denied.
    Now I am in a complete mindset to bring this issue to Consumer forum and seek redressal. I feel my case is quite valid because they made me wait for so long (nearly 45 days) and also are reluctant to extend the warranty (towards compensation) by at least equal no. of days.
    I have the required evidences to prove the financial, physical and mental losses I incurred. Please advise whether my demands are legitimate or not.

    1. Yes, you should approach consumer court now ..

  9. sandeep says:

    Hi sir.
    rohit kumar is the person of ahemdabad ph7069953549 is outsoursing project.i found it on internet.when i contact him he agreed me to deposited the amount for the project when i depsotth.e amount he not providing any project to me nd blklist my no.can i tk any legal action on that concern person.plz sugest me

    1. I think its was a fraud ! .. Complain to police now

    2. Myshikayat says:

      If you are frustrated with seller don’t worry us are here to solve your problems. You can online complaints in India with us. For more details Visit our web site @myshikayat and you can call me on this number 0172-503114.

  10. Natasha says:

    can a trust file a consumer complaint?

  11. Shikhar Ambastha says:

    I have filed the consumer complaint in consumer forum Ranchi, & the forum accepted my case on the basis of “cause of action”, because company is mumbai and ambala based. I am asking can I send Forum notice through e-mail for hearing to opposite parties as they have now changed their address. I just know their old address, current contact number & e-mail through their website but not their new address. Can court help me in this issue.
    Company is registered through “Ministry Of Corporate Affairs” and was showing “active company” & I have the address shown at that.

    1. Hi Shikhar Ambastha

      Your cases is a bit complex and I think we are not the right people to comment on it.

      My suggestion would be hire someone who is professional in this area and consult them


  12. MANJUNATH says:

    Hi i had hsbc loan which is settled .Also when i checked in cibil report score is 593 due showing Rs16661 i raised complaints with hsbc bank after providing all documents they told it will take some time make balance 0 also i took a 8 gold loan which is due from lost last months till i get cibil report not paid anything if i clear all gold loan my cibil report is going to improve or not ok thank you


      Yes, it will improve if you make the payment !

      1. MANJUNATH says:

        Thanks for reply manish .In HSBC a/c as said earlier days past due it is showing 900 800 859 828 798 is showong in decreaing order Till 169 in all colum how to remove ,how manys days it will be there .In that payment end date is 01/09/2011.somebody say that it will there till 7 years ,afterwards become zero .For home loan this is negetive if my score improve. How to overecome plz suggest me
        Thanking you

        1. You cant do much for DPD section ..

  13. nafisa says:

    We took a mortgage loan on our property which is a flat in July 2013 in one of a private finance husband used to pay the monthly EMI through ECS.he paid regularly till September 2014. He passed away in November. I am the main husband is co applicant.Now I want to close the loan. I have the insurance cover from ICICI Lombard. They said the insurance will cover for both of us.but on the insurance paper only my name is husband is the earning member. I am house much % wave off will I get on the loan husband has taken loan for 15 lakhs. Till now he paid in total 4 lakhs. Now I want to close the loan and pay the amount in a single payment. Could you please suggest me if I can get %reduction in the money. I would appreciate if you could give me a fast reply. Thank you very much in advance sir.

    1. Hi Nafisa

      I think there is a problem here. If the insurance papers have just your name, you will not get benefit !

  14. asifa says:

    i took morteggeloan in private finance. property is on my name. me&my husband are applicants. he is used to repay loan. he has been passed away. i want to close the loan. can i get any waveoff benifits for loan closer? please suggest me. reply soon

    1. Hi asifa

      You need to check with Bank lender on this

  15. arun says:

    maine apni bike 22 feb ko service k liye service station ko di thi
    jab main use bapus lene gaya to wo damage thi uska margaret tuta huya tha
    or wo use change karne k liye mana kar rhe hai
    bike ab bhi service station par hai or slip mere pass hai
    kya main is case ko consumer court me daal sakta hu
    agar haa to kaise
    please send me answer hurry

    1. Hi Arun

      Yes you can approach the consumer court on this . Once you give the bike to them, its their responsibility . Approach the consumer court in your jurisdiction

  16. Paramjot Kaur says:

    I had booked a courier from Okhla Head, Delhi to Ludhiana, from Trackon Courier AWB No. 430380740. The courier was booked on 22nd Dec,14 but it has not been delivered till today. Neither have they updated the status of consignment. Despite repeated calls to the company’s customer service centre, the matter has not been taken up seriously. The service is really very pathetic and I would advise people to refrain from choosing this courier service. Please help me.

    1. Thanks for sharing that .. You can only complaint to trackon and no one else. You can go to consumer court on this

      1. Naair says:

        Hi Manish,
        My home from SBI is sanctioned but not disbursing due to home loan property insurance and two blank cheques to be deposited with the bank for which I am not comfortable. I asked in writing and the manager is denying to give anything in writing. At last I have to succumb to their wishes I think. They told it will hardly take a week and now it’s almost 35 days. I being a govt servant each and every document is perfect and no objection in that. But they are delaying the same with one reason or the other. Kindly advise.

        1. You should file a RTI in that case.

  17. Baban Banerjee says:

    You advised us to lodge a complain as it was a cheque bounce issue. I have got in touch with an advocate he will be sending a legal notice to the CCLIVE institute & will take it further from there.

  18. Baban Banerjee says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks so much for your reply. But my question is I stay in Bangalore and this institute is based in Delhi so will the Bangalore police handle this?

    1. How did Police come into scene here , what is the case exactly ?

  19. Baban Banerjee says:

    CCLive claimed to have collaboration with institutes such as IIT and the likes. I had registered for a course : “Executive Programin General Management from IIT Delhi DMS (CEP) 2013 ” with them some 5 months back and deposited the registration money, first instalment etc of approximately INR 33, 708. After the money was transferred after few days, on 20th Oct’2013 I received an email from them that the course has been cancelled and my money will be returned. the email read this : “Dear Sir. Greetings For the day!!! This is to inform you that EPGM Program From IIT Delhi (DMS) has been cancelled due to some unfortunate circumstances. In lieu of the above, we have started the refund process and every candidate who paid will be refunded within 30 – 45 days. So kindly revert with your bank details so that the amount can be transferred into your account. We would also request to kindly provide the payment detail (i.e. Transaction ID/ DD No./ Date/ Amount) so that we can also reconcile our account in order to avoid any inconvenience. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. For any further query feel free to contact us.” On 29th October received an email with the below text : “We have received the bank details from all of you. We shall be processing the refund and the same shall be credited to all of you in the account details mentioned by you . You shall receive an update of the same shortly.” Since then I have sent them 4 emails but nobody responded then on 7th Jan I told them that I am going to complain this to consumer court & they responded back on 9th Jan : “Extremely sorry sir, Refund Courier sent today.” After this I did receive a cheque submitted it in my bank but it bounced and didnt get the money. Send them an email back on 22nd Jan. They replied back on the same date : “Let me check this out. with accounts dept will revert shortly by EOD.” after that again no response for several days I kept sending them email . On Feb 3rd they replied : “please deposit the cheque on the date it is to be presented. Please don’t be frustrated.” Again on 19th Feb they replied “It is to inform you that due to some problem with our Bank we are not in position to make your payment through the cheque we issued you. Kindly send us your Bank Detail so we will deposit directly into your Bank Account. we will inform you after deposit in your account.” Today its April 7th and I haven’t received the money yet.
    Before they were atleast replying to my emails but now they are not even doing that. Please let me know what would be my next step. Thanks in advance.


    1. As cheque has bounced, this counts as a criminal case now . Complain to Police, this looks a FRAUD to me !

  20. Sudhir Deo says:

    I have some what different problem.
    I took car loan from HDFC bank in 2008 on 5 yrs term, paid EMIs regularly till the term ends in yr 2013. In yr 2009 I had taken home loan of Approx 12L and repaid it in year 2011.
    In year 2011 I had taken home loan of 27 L from SBI and paying my EMIs regularly. I yr 2013 I took Home loan plus of 8L from SBI again and paying it regularly. I have been using three Crd cards, Axis Bank, Stnd Chrt & ICICI bank for last 5 -6 years without any defaults.
    Recently I received a call from HDFC bank asking me to pay a due amount of a credit card aprrox 2.15 L. It was quite surprising as I do not hold any HDFC credit card ever. I also do not have any bank a/c with HDFC . It is a case of unauthorized issuance of credit card on my stolen ID. The card has been issued on wrong address.
    I have never checked my credit rating before as I never required to do so. Now what would happen to my Credit rating and how to check it.


    Sudhir Deo

    1. Go to , apply for your report and get it , see the remarks, contact the bank HDFC and then try to sort it out even though you are innocent, Only you know you are innocent and you need to prove it !


  21. Rajeev Kumar says:

    The all information given by the Mr. Manish via the above post is really helpful. In my opinion every consumer might use this information before take any action against specific company or organization. This information includes all points which helps consumer to create a powerful complaint against specific fraud from company side.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views Rajeev !

  22. kunu mahali says:

    hello sir,
    i had deposited 1 lac in seashore private limited,cuttak, with 2% divident every months, i got 3 yrs smootly, but from 4th yrs onward ,it became stop, CMD of company has been arrested,but now o n bail,crime branch has cease their bank account so far.i am not gettieng so far any news, so should i go for district consumar forum for compalint,or where. plz help me .

    1. You can complain to Police. it seems to be some scam to me !

  23. Suryakant says:

    Country vacation Hyderabad has done fraud with my membership, when i took membership they said i will have 30 years of vacation in India including 5 yrs of international vacation. and we have agreement of 5 years of international vacation and even i have documents for my 30 years of India vacations. But after few days of membership when i contacted them, they are saying I have only 5 years of vacations. I sent many mails, sms, sent post, called their customer care and even went their office and met few executive but no one is bothering to resolve the problem, No one is replying the mails. Now i don’t have any other option than filing a complain against them into Consumer Forum. But i read in newspaper that their are more than 2 lacs application pending in district consumer forum then when will my turn come? that’s why till now i was waiting.

    1. Consumer court might be a bit slow, but they give justice if you have all the proofs which are in your favor , I suggest file a case for sure !

      1. Suryakant says:

        hey thanks, is there any other way, because they are not replying for my all communication. even after gave the warning for consumer forum. They know i am working person so i can’t go legal because of time consuming. But definitely i will take legal action. There are many guys who has same problem with these guys but i think they didn’t ask for any documents. when i showed my documents to their executive they said definitely i will get money back with compensation. but they are not resolving the problem because they are thinking if i will not go legal then i can’t get any money, they tried to lure me with some more offers but i didn’t accept it. So now just waiting some more time then i will take the action.

        1. Then better file a real one .. Yes it would require time , but you will win at the end if your case if strong

  24. Saurabh Sinha says:

    I have sent a return shipment to using DTDC courier services. The courier was sent on Dec 24, 2012 from Hyderabad to Gurgaon (AWB No.: H11622540). Status of the courier is still in transit. The delay has caused me a loss of Rs. 900.
    The worst part is their customer care services. I called their Hyderabad customer care services approximately ten times and have dropped 3 mails to them. The representative responding to the call behaves as if I am expected to deliver the courier myself. They refused to register my complaint. They never replied to my mails.
    Thanks to Gurgaon representative that they atleast registered my complaint. But still no help with it.
    Please have a look into the matter. And do let me know how to proceed further in this case.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Saurabh Sinha
    Ph- 9550246583
    Courier Tracking ID: H11622540

    1. Better move to consumer court nwo

  25. ANKUR SHARMA says:


    1. is the right place to complain for consumer complaints !

  26. sai says:

    Hi, i have a problem with cibil for my personal loan, in 2010 my in-law has taken ready credit oan amount of Rs.40,000 for which has has paid only 20,000 as a settlement amount which he never knew that it was going to badly effect my wife’s credit history and settled the loan. now as we are in requirement of the loan banks are rejected the file because of cibil problem. now what should i do to come out of the cibil problem. shall i approach bank, pay the remaining amount and request them to remove the name from CIBIL. is it possible. please guide me.

    1. Yes, you need to pay back the outstanding amount and in 45-60 days the bank should update your cibil report, but not sure by what margin it will bump up your score. The chances of you getting loan after this increases, but nothing is sure !

  27. Pavan Kumar G says:

    I was holding a Credit Card and I wanted to close the card with full payment, I spoke to the customer care people and they said not to make the payment thru cheque and make the payment thru cash and they also confirmed they will not be charging me any cash pickup chargers.
    After the payment I received the bill with 100 charges for Cash pickup, I spoke to the CC department and refused to reverse the charges and I ignored.
    Later for my surprise the same is reflecting on my CIBIL with an amount of 5600
    Now the bank has been taken over by other bank and the current bank people are saying to make the full payment to remove the name from CIBIL.
    Can I take this issue to consumer firm and I don’t have any document other than by last bill copy of my CC
    Is there any way I can reduce the amount without affecting my CIBIL score or I need to pay the complete amount to the bank

    1. But how will you prove what all you said . How will you prove that you ddnt knew about the cash pickup charges ? What if you are really not saying truth (see it from law point) .

      I would say, better first make the payment, get rid of cibil thing and then think about going to consumer court !

  28. Sunil Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a customer of Aviva Life Insurance Co.Ltd. My Policy No is
    ALA3103671 committed on 31 March 2012.

    Sir, I have asked to company branch and customer care again and again
    for provide me my original document but they ignored it and they gave
    me duplicate copy of policy but I am return duplicate policy documents
    as per Aviva refund or payout process I am also courier(POD
    No.7859657691 overnite express Ltd )dated 01/08/2012 DUPLICATE POLICY
    DOCUMENT, My Photo ID Proof with one Photo and MY BANK STATEMENT WITH
    A CANCEL CHEQUEE along with Aviva Payout Form to Aviva life insurance
    company ltd.

    Sir, After all this I have not any trust at Aviva Life Insurance
    company because company have not provide me my original document in a
    long span of time in case of death claim how many time they will

    I am personally request to you please provide me my original document
    or my policy amount that is Rs.16900.
    I am also complain to Aviva Life and IRDA so I am attaching with this
    letter, reply of Aviva Life Insurance Co Ltd and IRDA.

    Please take some immediate action agency company and try to give me juguetes.

    Thank you

    Date : – 31/10/2012 Sunil Sharma
    Gali No 3, Vinod Nagar,
    Policy No.: -ALA3103671 Mill
    gate, Hisar.125001

  29. Subhani says:

    Hi Manish,
    This is Subhani,I had CIBIL score as 763 out of 900 as on 21/sept/2012 . previously, i had taken HSBC personal loan and it was settled in Jan-2012. Now I want to take home loan.

    Am I elegible to take the home loan and Bank will approve to give home loan to me.


    1. No , you have low chance of getting any loan , first you need to clear the remaining amount you have not paid on past loan .

  30. Yashpal says:

    I bought water filter 1.5 month back from Hi Tech Purification System.
    Vendor told me that Invoice and Gurantee card will be sent via Courier, But nothing receieved…If I call vendor, then he used to say that he will be dispatching etc….But it is almost 1.5 month I have waited. Please tell me if I can send him the Legal Notice on this account.
    Please let me know how to send hand written legal notice in this case

    1. Yes you can send the legal notice to them . Try using

  31. Sunil Kumar says:

    I see a complain same as well my problem and you solve her complain. My Policy No is ALA3095466 of Aviva Life Insurance co Ltd.
    I am not receive my original policy document till now, I am also inform Aviva customer care and request to hisar Aviva life insurance co ltd branch but they not give me my policy till date 15/09.1012 and ignore my complain.
    Right now I have not any faith at Aviva Life Insurance Co ltd. I am a heart petitions. If I fell any problem and happen some thing wrongs with me Aviva life insurance company Ltd will be responsible.
    When I am go to Aviva Hisar branch Mr. Parveen Khatri see me a fake signature of my on receiving format of Indusind Bank Hisar. That signature is fake signature. I am request to you please help me and provide me original policy document.
    Pls take some immediate action.

    Thank You

    Regards Date: – 15/09/2012
    Sunil Kumar
    H.No. 657 ward No 28,
    Patel Nagar, Hissar
    125001 Haryan

    1. I have already forwarded your issue to Aviva, they will get back soon

      1. sunil kumar says:

        manish sir,
        please take some action, they ask same stories. i am also ask to aviva I am also concern with Mr Hargobind for my policy he sad to me that he
        has not receive any policy documents for delivery.

        As per my observation the policy documents was lost from Hisar Aviva
        Branch so they blame to other. Policy documents are very important and
        confidential documents so how is possible that policy documents
        handover to any agent or other company’s (Indusind Bank) employee.Your
        information is wrong so you don’t waste your time and my time.
        I am also told you that when I am go to Aviva Hisar branch Mr. Parveen
        Khatri see me a fake signature of my on receiving format of Indusind
        Bank Hisar. That signature is fake signature.

        1. Sunil

          Now you should file a complaint with consumer court if you are dissatisfied with them .

  32. Chhaya Sagar says:

    Hi Manish,

    I had saving bank account in Bhandari Bank recently RBI cancelled its licence. Now, the bank has been closed, but I am not given my money back. I had approx 23,000/- in my account. I have written to RBI and Banking Ombudsman as well yet I haven’t received any reply from them.

    Can you pls. guide what to do to get my money back.


    Chhaya SAgar

    1. Chhaya

      I dont think this was a recognised bank under RBI , I mean its not under those banks where you have a insurance upto 1 lac of your deposits . So as the bank has turned bankrupt and seems to be involved in fraud, it would be tough to get back the money . Why on earth one wants to deal with this bank , why did you depoist on this bank at all ?


  33. ram says:

    I bought a commercial office condominium from a builder which has cheated me and I wish to file a consumer’s complaint. Since it is a commercial office condominium that I bought to rent out, does it pose any problem going to the consumer’s court since it is commercial in nature?

    1. Ram

      What was the cheating ? If its commercial then you are free to rent it out , no issues in that


  34. seenu says:

    Hello manish, me 35, married, 2 yr kid, combined annual inc 1.2L
    I had brought ICICI pru endowment cashbak policy 2004 (13514/yr) (2L). paying premium regularly. i did not receive regular cashbak cheque( some percentage at regular intervals). If I ask the 2008 dues now , they seem to walk off….will i get what was supposed at that point of time or with added interest for 3 years.

    I also have lic jeevan anand 5l policy, hdfc children double benefit plan (6L)

    Should i continue this or junk it. What is the surrender value , what is its actual returns or real usefulness.
    please suggest term plan -shud i add on to the above or revamp all the others and take term insurance

    Thanks for switching on the think tank.

    1. Seenu

      Ask for the clarification from ICICI on the cheques and cc it to banking ombudsman too ..

      Regarding other policies you have .. better junk it .. and restart your insurance part again .. Focus on action


      1. seenu says:

        Thanks Manish for your reply.
        I am afraid will I be losing if I surrender all these tradional policies so called POLICIES ….traditonal mindset..really would not even thought of all these aspects if i had not seen ur site.Please advise some plan

        1. Seenu

          No , you will not loose all your money , but definately you will loose some part of it .. endowment plans only give your full money incase you complete the whole tenure and the total return comes out to be around 2-4% most of the times .. better you get out of it soon


  35. Saurav Sinha says:

    Yes guys… I think we can convinently re-quote Paulo Coelho’s words : ” When you want something, the entire Internet conspires in helping you to achieve it “…


    1. Nandish says:

      Well said Saurav

  36. Saurav Sinha says:

    I must say there is some commection Manish… know what I’ve been thinking on taking this very topic to learn & apply in my life & help others for the coming year & here U are, giving me such a nice understanding of it. Ur previous article on medimanage was the one I was planning to search…. so 2 out of 2 matched within a matter of days.

    Thanks Sid for sharing the link.
    GOD Bless U yaar.

    1. Saurav

      Great to hear that 🙂 . Keep readiong and sharing it with others


    2. Sid says:

      Thanks Saurav…I believe thats what make Internet so intresting…The resources are there, it just that you have search for it….All the best…

  37. Sid says:

    oops…I had forget to share the link…here you go…

  38. Sid says:

    Thanks for sharing the process of getting queries resolved. Just to append to the process you mentioned, I have got a collection of links that should be helpful in getting specific information like SEBI grievance, credit card grievance etc.

    1. Ankur says:

      Do share those links Sid. 🙂

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