The Real face of FMP’s

POSTED BY Jagoinvestor ON November 14, 2008 ONE COMMENT

People who have invested in FMP’s should read this … other should also . What is FMP : Read here FMP’s are considered as equivalent of FD’s , with better return , butits not exactly true … They are also risky and “lehman borthers”equivalent in India .. They are investing in sub-prime home loans inindia in the same way like Lehman did in US . Read a good report here : Another article from Outlook money can be read here : Note : This is just to show that people should not underestimate therisk involved with something … FMP rarely are considered as riskythings .. that does not mean , they can never collapse .. Read about Equity , Debt and Liquid Funds What is CRR and Repo Rate

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  1. myinvestorsplace says:

    Investor must have a clear idea from the basic market order to more advanced orders such as trailing stop losses and brackets, investor has to add a few tricks to their investing wisdom.

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