Jagoinvestor Workshop in Bangalore -13th May [Video]

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We conducted a paid workshop recently in Pune called “Design your financial life” . The idea was to take participants beyond financial products and involve them in the thinking process. It was a fun filled day with lot of participation and some really good money conversations which made people really think about their financial lives and how they are leading it till now. Here are some snaps and video testimonials of participants.

Workshop in Bangalore | 13th May (Sunday)

The next event is scheduled in Bangalore on 13th May 2012 (Sunday). The seats are limited and there is a Rs 200 discount for the first 10 people who will apply the discount coupon ACTIONTAKER . They will save Rs 200 on the ticket. It will be a full day event from 9 am to 6 pm at Shilton Royale , 9, 100 Feet Road, | Koramangala, Bangalore 560 047 (Near Sony World). The resigtrations are based on first come first serve basis and it will close by 10th May 2012 .

Spend one day for your financial life

We really want these event to be your event and not just a jagoinvestor event. Its an opportunity to spend a full day dedicated to your financial life. We really encourage people to take those 10 hours for out of 1 full year and just focus on how you want to shape your financial life for future. There will be lot of sharing’s , conversations on money and some exercise’s which will really help you get a deep insights in the area of personal finance.It might be the case that you are interested in this workshop but not registering right now , in that case just let us know that you are interested and still thinking.

Pictures from Pune Workshop

Personal Finance Workshop

We really want to make this workshop a readers event and we want couples to come together so that they can jointly spend a full day in this workshop.

51 replies on this article “Jagoinvestor Workshop in Bangalore -13th May [Video]”

  1. Pranav says:

    Any other workshop coming up in bangalore???

    1. Hi Pranav

      We might come up very soon with a workshop in Bangalore ! , mostly in June/July !

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  3. Shyammani says:

    Start of the day with registration of the workshop 🙂 🙂
    Hope it proves to be the good one…

    1. Good to see that .. I am it will be a worthwhile investment for you !

  4. Rahul Chaudhary says:

    After month long scoldings from Jassi, I too have finally Registered!!! …
    Well its not for Jassi but for me that I am joining,
    Hope that I inculcate a financial vision after this workshop…
    Looking forward to it excitingly.

    1. Rahul

      Welcome .. I am sure you will get a great value out of the workshop !

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  6. Ranajit says:

    Any good reason why?

    1. Ranajit

      Because we need atleast 100 people to show interest in any city , when we plan it only 30-40% of the people out of those 100 actually turn up by paying fees . So to get a participant of 30-40 , we need 100-150 INTERESTED people and from Kolkata , we have not even 10 intersted people

  7. Ranajit says:

    Waiting for this workshop in at Kolkata & Siliguri.

    1. Ranajit

      We are not planing it around Kolkata .

  8. Raj says:

    Is there a seat limit for this? I am not sure if I will be in India on 13th May, so cannot register now. But if I am in India, I wouldn’t want to miss this event!

    1. Raj

      We have a limit of total 50 people and half of it is booked at the moment .. You can register whenever you are sure you will be in Bangalore ..

      1. Raj says:

        Thanks. I will definitely not be in Bangalore, but if in India, I will travel to Bangalore for this.

  9. Raj says:


    I was applying got ICICI Prudential iCare term insurance, and saw this in the final page terms and conditions:

    12. The maximum benefit payable on death, excluding the Accidental Death Benefit under ICICI Pru iCare Option II, in respect of all policies issued on the same Life Assured will be limited to the maximum Sum Assured applicable for this product. The additional Accidental Death Benefit payable under ICICI Pru iCare Option II in respect of all policies issued on the same Life Assured will be limited to Rs. 5,000,000.

    What does this mean?

    I have 20 lacs Sum Assured from other policies
    I buy this policy with Sum Assured 50 lacs
    Does this statement imply that if there is a claim, only 30 lacs will be paid?

  10. Sushil says:

    Nice to know it. Registered the moment i noticed it!
    Coming with an open mind for discussions 🙂
    Seriously looking forward to learn the values and apply them in daily life.

    1. Great to see that Sushil .. look forward to meet you !

  11. Arvind says:

    Ahh What Luck !

    Will not be there in Bangalore to be a part of the workshop.

    1. Arvind

      Dont worry .. you can attend a chennai workshop or some other time in bangalore !

      1. Arvind says:

        All trips cancelled…

        Got registered too… Eagerly waiting for this Sunday 🙂

        1. Thats some great commitment 🙂 , will look forward to meet you

  12. Ganesh Kamath says:

    Jagoinvestor has been a great source of inspiration and information for me in the area of finance and I have learnt a lot and actioned upon my financial life which I has been postponing for many years now. Looking to gain better insight on planning and execution of financial life through this workshop

    1. Ganesh

      Sure .. I am confident it will be very helpful to you !

  13. Shankar Ramasundaram says:


    Are you planning to have this in Chennai?

    Regards, Shankar

    1. Shankar

      Yes , but its not planned yet and we are not sure when it will happen in chennai

  14. Jayachandran says:

    Hi Manish,

    Good to know about workshop . But I am in down south in chennai .:)
    At 30 , after enough financial mess i made , i took my first step .I just got my jago inv book from fliPkart this even .
    Now burning the jungle 🙂
    My thanks and best wishes to the team .

    1. Jayachandran

      Good to hear that Jayachandran 🙂 .. We will do the workshop in Chennai some time soon 🙂

  15. Great stuff, Manish 🙂

    I will surely plan to attend these sessions (maybe the Delhi one when you have) once I am back in India.. will be great to share views and interesting to know different investment Ideas and mindsets people have…

    1. Sure Aman .. we will plan something soon in delhi 🙂

  16. Vivek K says:

    You may consider having a tie-up with superseva. It is an organisation who offer services including selling tickets of various events across the Bangalore city, to employees of various companies. They can be reached at 080-49051666.

    1. nandish says:

      Thanks Vivek K for giving us this information. We will surely explore this one

    2. Thanks Vivek .. let me have a look at it .. I think as of now ayojak serves our purpose !

  17. Phani says:

    I am in as well.. just purchased the ticket..hopefully turns out to be a worthwile investment !

    1. nandish says:

      Awesome. Nothing happens outside of your intention…Set your intention clear on why you are participating and what you would like to create and you will get that. From now till the workshop date keep thinking what needs to be done to live an amazing financial life….because that is what we are going to discuss during the event.

  18. Mahesh A R says:


    Will both of you be there in the event ? Iam from Bangalore and really interested to join the sessions… Would you be able to give us hint / trailer on what all you would covering during the day ?


    1. nandish says:

      Hi Mahesh yes we both will be present in the event and we would love to meet maximum people that we can. All I would say is if you are true jago investor than come and participate….Stay away from three dangerous words “I know this”….Just be open to hear to some of experiences we had so far while blogging and coaching people…It is a delight meeting and and being in the room with manish…He is so clear in his mind and in his thinking it will just blow you away…It always benefits when you dedicate your one day to your financial life, listen to some good conversations and really take out time and work on yourself……This is the first event happening in bangalore and it would be a lot of FUN to meet face to face…I would be sharing my own experiences, some of our coaching clients would also be attending…..we are not going to do any sales, we are also not trained public speakers….we are simply going to share and help you see things which helps you in designing your financial life…..dont keep any expectation…just come and let things unfold……..When a new opportunity comes in front of us it actually weakens us, we start thinking will it help, will it give me something, will it be the usual stuff, will der be something new….dont listen to all this music and simply take the required actions

  19. Rakesh says:

    Hi Manish / Nandish,

    When are we going to have one in Hyderabad…
    Looking forward to it…

    1. nandish says:

      Take lead in your city and we will help you in organizing one at the earliest….We have Hyderabad on the list and will surely plan one soon

  20. vj says:

    I want to opt for the Husband/wife ticket but we have 2 young kids, it would be difficult to make an arrangements to leave them some where and come for the workshop, (not sure if it is crazy to ask) are there any children play areas in the Shilton hotel so that we can bring the kids along and leave them in the play areas ?

    1. Hi VJ

      Let me check with That hotel on this and will get back to you . Its a Sunday , wont you be able to leave your kids at some friends place ? For a day ?


    2. nandish says:

      vj I appreciate your commitment to participate and it is simply awesome. In the pune workshop we had one couple who participated with their little Daughter….Entire group was surprised as that little girl did not disturb even once to the group or to her parents…..Manish is going to ask if the hotel people have some arrangements or not…This is a very valid point and not at all something crazy to ask and I am sure you asking this question will help many other couples. We want more and more couples to come and engage in some good conversation around money and they together make a commitment to live a good financial life

  21. Veman says:

    I am in, purchased ticket. Hope this investment to understand investments will be fruit-full.
    I have few expectations from this workshop , the imp one is Financial freedom(passive income,etc.).
    May be nandish/Manish can just share what we can expect from this workshop

    1. nandish says:

      Great Veman to have you in the program. Thank you for being a part of our vision of doing one seminar in each city. This is an investment you have made in yourself. Yes we are going to have financial freedom and creating passive income as one of the topics…… I would say rather than having high or low expectations from the event just come and participate with an open heart and mind because when you do that you really walk out of the room as a different person. This event is an opportunity to engage yourself into the conversation of living a good financial life….Most Programs and workshops are always seen as some kind of magic pill….most of the motivation we get in seminars and programs are temporary….We really want people to come to the event, do some work, also get some SHOCK THERAPY, apply some fresh ideas to their financial life and make a commitment to not just plan their finances but design their finances….This is going to be your day so make a commitment to have a lot of FUN and take as much value you can….looking forward to meet you at bangalore

  22. Shruti Mehrotra says:

    Waiting for this workshop in Jaipur.

    1. nandish says:

      Would you like to take some leadership in this area so that jaipur event happens at the earliest. Would you like to get on call with us and discuss how you can make it possible….I am sure if we put some efforts we can have program in any city that we want.

    2. Shruti

      we have no plans to do it in Jaipur as of now .. the closest will be in Delhi 🙂

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  24. Jassi says:

    Registered!!! We are coming 🙂

    1. nandish says:

      Awesome. Great to have you in the program. We look forward to meet you and priya.

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