How to pay Income tax online in 5 min ? Use Challan 280

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Today I will show you, how you can pay your income tax online using challan number 280 on the income tax website. Most of the people rely on their CA and other service providers to paying income tax. Salaried class mostly don’t need to pay additional income tax most of the times at the end of the year because anyway their employers pay it on their behalf.

how to pay income tax online in 5 min with the use of challan 280?

However, one might come across a situation where they have to pay their income tax themselves in following situations like.

  • If TDS deducted is less than the actual tax liability?
  • If you have got a notice for balance tax to be paid
  • If one has any other income apart from salary

What is Challan 280?

Challan 280 is the form which is required to be filled when you want to pay your income taxes. This can be done offline at the bank, or you can also pay it online. We will see both of them

How to pay income tax offline at the bank?

One can physically go to the bank and submit the filled challan 280 form along with the money. You can download the challan 280 from Income Tax website.

How to pay income tax online?

Another way to pay the taxes is by filling up challan 280 online and making the payment through your net banking facility. I have included the steps one needs to take below. Also, you can see the video below to learn the steps.

Step 1#: Choose the option “Challan 280” from income tax website

The first step is to visit this link and click on the option “Challan 280”.

challan 280

Step 2#: Fill details on the Challan 280 form

Once you click on the challan 280 link, you will be directed to the page which will ask you various details.

How to fill challan 280

  • Choose (0021)INCOME-TAX (OTHER THAN COMPANIES), which is to be chosen by individuals
  • Choose an assessment year, which is next year for which you are paying income tax. So if you are paying income tax for the year 2013-2014, the assessment year will be 2014-2015
  • Enter your PAN Number, address, Email, Phone etc
  • For Type of Payment, you can choose “(300) SELF ASSESSMENT TAX” if you are paying the final income tax for the year, or “(100)ADVANCE TAX” if you are paying the advance tax.
  • Choose the bank name from where you are going to make the payment and finally click on the “Proceed” button which will take you to the next page for confirmation of all the details entered by you

Step 3#: Verify Details and proceed for payment

On the next page, you will be asked to verify all the details you had filled. It’s important to check that the name mentioned on this page is for the same person for whom the income tax is to be paid. It should match with the PAN card holder name, also match the assessment year, email and phone number and other details.

confirm details before paying income tax online

Step 4#: Enter your login details for the bank

On the next page, you need to enter your bank username and password, so that you can make the payment finally.

make payment income tax online
Step 5#: Fill the Income-tax payable and make payment

The next step is to enter the income tax amount and other details as applicable and then finally hit the payment button.

income tax online payment

Step 6#: Download the PDF receipt and also get it in your email

Once you make the payment, it will give you an option to download the challan receipt in PDF format. You can save it on your computer. Also, you will get the email containing the challan copy anyways.

Challan 280 Reciept

I hope you got a good idea of how to pay income tax online. In case you have any questions, please ask in the comments section below.

73 replies on this article “How to pay Income tax online in 5 min ? Use Challan 280”

  1. Arun says:

    Thanks a lot, You have done a fabulous job..

    1. Thanks for your comment Arun

  2. KRISHNA says:

    Helped a lot. Thanks

  3. Vivek says:

    Bank name do not list citibank or standardchartered, and i do not have any other bank account.
    Please suggest how do i pay the tax online.

    1. I am not sure then. You will have to visit the banks offline and make payment using cheque !

  4. Ankit says:

    Good article to fill challan 280. my question is after i generated the challan where i should fill these details like challan number,date and code in my ITR e form.

  5. Anil says:


    I received FD interest with 10% TDS and need to pay the balance self assessment tax as am in 30% tax bracket. Do I use Challan 280 or 282 as 282 mentions interest tax ?

    1. Hi Anil

      This query belongs to CA domain, hence we are not the right people to comment on this issue.

      I suggest you get in touch with a CA for this in your city.

      We also have a CA partner incase you want to explore that, Just fill in your details here and they will give you a complimentary call back


  6. Gaurav says:

    I have filed ITR online and done the E-verification. Now in my ITR-V some amount is showing as “Tax Payable”. As TDS deducted was less than my actual tax liability.
    Please guide me:
    How can I pay my remaining tax now? (Can I use Challan-280?)
    How it can be reflected against my PAN?
    After filling the remaining tax, how I can get revised ITR-V?


    1. Hi Gaurav

      This query belongs to CA domain, hence we are not the right people to comment on this issue.

      I suggest you get in touch with a CA for this in your city.

      We also have a CA partner incase you want to explore that, Just fill in your details here and they will give you a complimentary call back


  7. Vijay says:

    I have paid my challan 280 online. I did not get a CIN number to be entered in the ITR . Is there a place i can get the cin from somewhere using my pan card ?

    1. If you have paid online using your netbanking, it would have the records . Try to talk to customer care . See the challan reciept

  8. shiv says:

    I have paid online assessment tax but scheduled for next day, i have not received any email or sms about receipt & amount has been debited from account. Please advise how to get receipt of the same?

    1. If you have paid it online, you can get it from your netbanking account.

  9. Naveen says:

    I have paid my Tax using challan 282 instead of 280. How to rectify this issue with Bank and Income Tax Department?

    1. Hi Naveen

      A CA is more qualified to answer you query, hence I suggest better get in touch one.

      We are not right people to talk on this


    2. SSNeve says:

      Hi Naveen
      Same thing happen with you corrected it ?

  10. rupesh says:

    when deposited tax will be reflected in Form 26AS

    1. In few days time , it should reflect

  11. Raja says:

    I have got interest of almost 1L on FDs, however the bank did not deduct 10% of tax and neither is the FD interest information updated on form 26AS. I have not submitted any form 15 to the bank for the same. It is a co-operative bank and hence probably they have not deducted the TDS on the FD interest. In this scenario, how do I go about filing my returns?

    1. Do I need to pay additional tax even though the amount is not present in form 26AS?
    2. If I need to pay additional tax, how do I calculate it over my Form 16 that I have received from the company

    1. You need to then include your FD income in final income and pay tax as per your slab

  12. aman says:

    i have paid tax by challan 280 two days back. how i proceed and how it will shown in my pan ? what should i do?

    1. You need to put that while you file your returns

  13. sam says:

    Hi Manish,
    I due have some interest accrued in my SB account which is over 10 K (say 30 K). I assume the self-assessment tax needs to be paid for actual interest – 10 K (80TTA) = 20 K. However I have a small doubt on challan 280
    1) Should the basic tax be on this 20 K + interest amounts (234 a/b/c) as calculated in ITR form +3% education cess?
    2) While I fill in ITR, the amount to be paid is calculated as 30% of 20 K. Is this the amount I need to pay via challan 280? does this amount also include the interest + education cess?

    Please advise


    1. Yes , option 1 seems correct . 10k will be tax free !

  14. karthik says:

    Hi Manish

    I am planning to pay tax thru online website. I have received my Form 16 from employer. added to this i could sense that the interest in saving account is more than 10000/-. Not sure if i have to file the tax online with Form -16 and later need to used Challan 280 ( for interest exceeding 10,000/-).

    Hope i don’t need to wait and show the amount paid thru Challan 280 ( I mean while e-filling the tax thru online website). Can you clarify pls.

    1. sam says:

      I believe challan 280 needs to be paid BEFORE you submit returns. If you wait for assessment order is passed, then you will have to pay penalty along with basic tax+interest+cess.suggest to complete the challan 280, pay online and then use the BSR and CIN numbers while filling the TDS schedule in the ITR along with details from form 16..
      1) Advance tax is to be paid before financial year close. something like a voluntary payment
      2) self-assessment tax is to be paid after financial year close, BUT before fling returns
      3) Regular assessment: I think this is if IT dept scruitnizes your returns and finds that you need to pay additional income tax. This will attract penalty.


    2. Hi karthik

      I am not the right person for this. Its suggested to take help from a tax filing website or a CA

  15. Rajat says:

    Thanks Manish, it is very easy. Now my question is I have earned some dividend from shares, do I have to pay tax for those? Will I have to declare it in the return? I have mutual funds as well, but I have not redeemed any of them in 2014-15 fiscal. Is there any capital gain if I had not withdraw/redeem any MF?

    1. No ,dividends dont have any tax in investors hand . No declaration also

      No capital gains on MF , unless you redeem them !

  16. adesh says:

    Hi manish…just wanted to to file an ITR..?

    1. Adesh

      If you want to do it yourself, then you can check out some videos on youtube, Its a bit complicated. Else pay a CA and he will do it for you

      1. adesh says:

        Thanks Manish..I just thought I might find the exact video on ur website since there are many irrelevant videos and its the most basic thing most of us don’t know..!!

        Though after so many years of blog writing somebody might decode it and you seemed the right person..Its ok I will search.

  17. abby says:

    This article is very informative and explanation is also very clear. THANK YOU.

    1. Thanks for your comment abby

  18. Anjan says:

    Manish, would you care to clarify one doubt in my mind? I usually file my IT returns as soon as the forms are released in May/June and also pay any dues using Challan 280.

    Then 6 months later, IT office sends a Intimation Letter under 143(1) which is inherently a demand notice asking me to pay the amount due in taxes. Now since I pay any dues while filing my returns, do I need to pay again? Why does the IT office send a demand notice even when I have already cleared my dues?

    1. Ashish Garg says:

      The possible reason could be difference in any penalty that may be applicable on delay in paying the taxes.

      In case you have been taxes on time (either your employer deducting it from salary or you may be paying as self assessment) then please check for any calculation error.

    2. A lot of times they calculate it in their own way which might be the RIGHT number. So you pay the difference !

  19. Gautam says:

    Dear Manish,

    Thanks for the guide. My income is less than 200000 and TDS deducted is around 20000 from the company.

    Should I fill (300)SELF ASSESSMENT TAX as “0” to claim entire amount as it is already paid as an advance tax by my employer? Is it “Zero” IT return?


    1. Hi Gautam

      Your cases is a bit complex and I think we are not the right people to comment on it.

      My suggestion would be hire someone who is professional in this area and consult them


  20. vinay100 says:

    Thanks for the info manish.. i would also like to ask you to check about the LPG gas insurance provided by LPG distributors as this info is not provided by any one and the cliam process. That would be of a great knowledge for all of us if u would like to share it with us.

    1. Yes, I have listed that as to do article . WIll write soon

  21. Neel Kamal says:

    dear Manish,
    I deposited advance tax online and got its receipt on my computer screen
    when I clicked on the “SAVE” button to get copy of my Tax Receipt, computer showed SERVER ERROR and the image of the said Tax Receipt washed away. Please advise me, how I can get copy the Tax Receipt.
    Regards – Neel Kamal

    1. Did you get an email for this from income tax department ?

      1. Neel Kamal says:

        not yet and I don’t think so, because Manish ji, I want to know only the process from you to get duplicate copy of receipt of the amount I deposited as advance tax which I lost due to server error, then why should I be got any mail from Income Tax Department?

        1. Ashish Garg says:

          I think some of the banks do have the facility of regenerating the Tax payment challans. I have noticed that on HDFC Bank website.

          1. neel kamal says:

            hi ashish, though I have already checked on my bank’s website but found nothing, anyways thanks for the reply

  22. Dr Birabar Jena says:

    Thank u Manish.U have done a commendable and timely job of helping a common taxpayer to make online payment of Income Tax who are usually confused in the matter.

    1. Welcome .. Glad to know that Dr Birabar Jena ..

  23. geevis says:

    Informative and useful article.
    Eases out making online payments of tax.

    1. Welcome .. Glad to know that geevis ..

  24. Gopal KR says:

    very useful information to all of us.

    1. Welcome .. Glad to know that Gopal KR ..

  25. Sunil says:

    Wonderful article.
    Thanks for enlightening us.


    1. Welcome .. Glad to know that Sunil ..

  26. Hi Chirag

    You can use this form to contact us

  27. Swaminathan says:

    Very useful video and information. Thank you very much.

    1. Welcome .. Glad to know that Swaminathan ..

  28. subhash partani says:

    Nice informative and indepth knowledge in every issue

    hats up

    1. Welcome .. Glad to know that subhash partani ..

  29. mukunda chiplunkar says:

    very good vedio demonstration. thank you.

    1. Welcome .. Glad to know that mukunda chiplunkar ..

  30. Kishore Mulay says:

    information at the right time. thanks.

    1. Welcome .. Glad to know that Kishore Mulay ..

  31. d vijayakumar says:

    what is cpc in incometax and how will i get that certificate online

    1. G S M says:

      For Vijayakumara, CPC, Central processing cell, see my comment above. to get the certificate, logged in to your bank online, and look for Download or view Form 26, (e.g ICICI it has left pane option), it will take you to CPC website… Another option is to sign up on the CPC itself..

    2. When you pay tax or file your returns, you get email with proof

  32. G S Mahajan says:

    Good article Manish,
    adding to this, TIN-NSDL never confirm when the money is parked for that PAN for challanned Assessment year ( takes 2-3 days by a BANK so far), one can use below SMS facility to confirm whether the tax is credited in the given PAN or not. Here is the documentation.

    Second option is to logged in to the TRACES portal ( and view your Form 26, there is a specific section called “PART C: Details of tax Paid other than TDS or TCS” for any given year..

    I switched the company in the middle of the year and my current employer were not considering tax liability of my previous employer, in that circumstances I followed above steps to pay extra taxes, so that I will not have to fill up revised return post year ends!


    1. Hey G S Mahajan

      Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. It was a great learning.


    2. Soumitri says:

      Hi Manish,Mahajan,

      I paid my self assessment tax by going through the above instructions.
      I got my challan copy from the bank site.

      But it is not reflected in Form 26.
      Also I SMSed to the above said number.
      The reply came as “No records Found”
      Will it take some time to reflect ?


      1. Hi Soumitri

        I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

        Its a bit long cut, but works well


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