How much money would it take for you to feel “Rich”?

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“How much money would it take for you to feel “Rich”?”

I recently came across this interesting question on my Facebook timeline and the answers given by people were very interesting. I thought of sharing it with you all and discuss this insightful and interesting point with you all.

feeling wealthy and rich

I want to become RICH and I am sure even you want to become one. We all have different definition of “being rich”.

Below are some of the unique and interesting answers which were given on the question – ““How much money would it take for you to feel “Rich”?

Read these answers carefully and it will tell you a lot on what is a person’s belief system about money and wealth. Here they are !

  • My dad gave me 200 rupees when I was going to work for the first time back in 2005, I’m rich till I have 200 bucks in my pocket
  • Once I have no loan
  • All the money my boss has
  • When I own my private jet..
  • Money can’t buy Richness… It has to be in your nature..
  • Fifty thousand a month
  • As long as it pays the Bill and afford my material needs and few luxury to some extent
  • 10 crore per month
  • Answer depends upon ones needs or greed
  • Fill 10 x10 x10 room with 1000 doller note
  • 1 crore per month
  • only my husband, He with me I feel rich
  • One roti with dal fry
  • Only mother and father nothing else no money required
  • 1 Rs. more than Bill gates
  • At least 1 lakh to spend per month. No taxes either.
  • Modiji hain na… we all will be rich very soon!
  • Just a safe place giving shelter to me in any condition with a bowl of rice to eat with chickens from the farm and a cigarette to smoke before switching off to bed
  • So much money that I could feed all the people on earth who have no food n clothes n no shelter… I want that much money..

Had Fun?

I am sure you must have enjoyed reading various answers mentioned above. While they all look fun and crazy answers, deep down they are telling how these people see money and what is their relationship with money.

The answers tells us something about them as a person and how they see MONEY in their life. Based on the answers, I can see 3 ways people think about “Feeling Rich”

Category #1 – Attached to an absolute numbers

People who have given answers like “10 crore per month” and “Once I have no loan” are thinking purely from a absolute number in mind. They are currently having some particular income or net worth, and they feel that once they reach a new height called Y, it would be a great situation to be in. They will then feel “RICH”

This kind of belief system builds when one is looking at money as a tool to acquire things in life. You know you need some particular amount of money to buy a house, go on a vacation, buy a car and meet your day to day expenses, and you look at a number which is surely enough to buy those things. I feel this is a very natural definition of “RICH” and most of the people start this way!

Category #2 – Comparing with Others

There are investors who feel rich not at absolute level, but in comparison with others in society. So answers like 1 Rs. more than Bill gates” and “All the money my boss has” tells that the person mainly wants to have more than someone else. Its not about his requirement or desires, but how he/she feels in contrasts with others.

I think this is quite dangerous, because there will always be someone wealthier and happier than you and even if you have enough resources in life, you may feel miserable looking at others. Surely not something I would recommend.

Category #3 – Not giving money any importance

There are some answers like “Money can’t buy Richness… It has to be in your nature..” and “only my husband, He with me I feel rich” and even “Only mother and father nothing else no money required”

I personally have mixed reaction to these kind of answers. At one level, It feel great and really good that a person places more importance to relationships, values and memories. Money is a human created thing and there is really no limit to greed. Its good that a person givens answers which shows their detachment with money and shows that their happiness is not entirely dependent on money.

However, now at a different level, these answers also look to me a little unthoughtful. Money is surely a reality in life. I am not saying that you acquire obscene amount of money, but people around you (if not you) want to live a convenient and decent lifestyle. Just saying that “No money is required to feel rich” is not everyone’s cup of tea.

You might be a person who don’t need money to he happy and feel rich, but what about your spouse, your kids and your parents? Do they also feel that way?

A common man who has to pay rent, pay school fees of children, put ration in home and do all sort of real life expenses. One can’t deny the fact that money is required in life for most of the things.

So keep a balance between both the things. Every thing has a role in life. Money is not important, but important in life and its quite easy to make these statements when you have enough food at home and your future is sort of taken care.

Can there be a 4th Category?

I am not sure if there can be other categories or not. I was not able to think beyond 3 categories myself. Can you think of more?

Btw – Can you answer me (and to yourself) the same question – “How much money would it take for you to feel Rich?”

Can you share your answer in the comments section?

59 replies on this article “How much money would it take for you to feel “Rich”?”

  1. Abhishek shaw says:

    My belief system is saying to me bro you can’t be rich if you’re not paying 10% surcharge to govt. ????

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Thanks for your comment Abhishek shaw .. Please keep sharing your views like this..


  2. manoj kumar says:

    Thanku So Much. Very good article on site…as usual. Appreciate you sharing your personal experience along with book references.

  3. Prasad Gawde says:

    When the interest of the money accumulated till date can take care of my monthly expenses (thereby no need to earn further to add to that accumulation) then I would be Rich.

  4. Ritesh says:

    I will feel rich if, I have
    1) financial freedom (i.e:- I will not need to work for money, money will work for me)
    2) Good Health
    3) Good relationship

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Hey Ritesh

      Glad to know that you liked the article.

      Please share it on your social media profile so that it can reach more and more people !


    2. Vandana Manwani says:

      Thanks for your comment Ritesh .. Please keep sharing your views like this..


  5. jitender says:

    what is meant by rich money is not the only instrument to be called rich bcoz in commerce money means cash and a rich person also has other assets apart from cash which make him rich
    money is a man made instrument which operates in a system if the system is rigged than so does money
    if the system is correct but the person who makes money is rigged than so money earned by him is rigged
    money should be earned lawfully are legally in this way the person gets respect from society and system and one can lead a honest,secure,dignified and happy life and in this way if a person is able to meet his current needs and next 5 yrs or as the system turn around he is rich
    thinking too much about future is foolishness

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Thanks for your comment jitender .. Please keep sharing your views like this..


  6. Srinivas says:

    How much money would it take for you to feel “Rich”?

    My answer is “enough”.

    To me richness is not a feeling I get from money or possessions I get from my wealth. My way of defining life is via happiness and my wealth can partly be a source of it, but not all.

    My needs are minimal and as such many of them are already fulfilled/being fulfilled. My happiness comes from two main sources
    1. Power to / Helping others
    2. Enrich myself with knowledge so that I can be a better person. To be specific, this seeking knowledge helped me become knowledgeable specially about personal finance and helped me manage my wealth better.

    My (above)definition is helping me be happy with what ever I have for the past few years.

    Hence it is “Enough”

    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      Hi Srinivas

      Thanks for sharing your way of thinking on this topic. But is there a way to define ENOUGH? How much have you achieved ? 50% ? 100%?


      1. Srinivas says:

        Why I said enough is because, the quantification is subjective.
        For me, I feel 4-5 crore will be sufficient. I am on my way to achieve the same in next 4-5 years.

  7. avinash says:

    I feel rich if i have
    – no loan
    – financial freedom
    – good health
    – peace of mind

    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      Thanks for your comment avinash .. Please keep sharing your views like this..


  8. rajesh says:

    For me Rich means freedom in life. The word we use financial freedom could be part of that. What I mean freedom in life means:
    1. I should be able to do what i love and what makes me happy. (Not some thing which don’t like but still need to do because to pay bills)
    2. Freedom to think beyond the day to day work.
    3. spending quality time with family (People might say work life balance, but bit difficult in present if you take work to your heart.)
    4. Freedom to decide the activities of the day.

    As so many people told richness might have different definition to everybody. But the way I see once we can come out of the regular box of doing things for survival instead of being happy, through this one can be rich in mind which can help/lead the person to any extent of achievements.

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Thank you Rajesh for a very thoughtful opinion.


  9. Suvarna says:

    Once I start living in Financial independence, I am Rich.

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Hi Suvama

      Thanks for your comment


  10. Jagdish Joshi says:

    I totally agree with Mr. Padmesh’s thoughts. Thanks.

  11. Ankit says:

    Having 2X cashflow from passive investments vs average monthly expenditure

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Hi Ankit

      Thanks for your comment.

      Required Passive income amount is subjective. For me earning 10K of passive income monthly is ok for now but for feeling that I am rich 2 times of it that is 20K will not be sufficient at all.
      So, your perspective on passive income might be good in your case but not generally.


      1. Ankit says:

        Hi Vandana,

        You are correct. That’s the reason its called PERSONAL finance :). There is no silver bullet as each individual has very specific aspirations.

        Just to add, as your monthly expenditures grow (either forced due to inflation or voluntary due to improvement in lifestyle) growing the passive cashflow becomes just as important – Its a moving target. In other words, the 10K today is good, but needs to keep pace to grow to 20K and beyond.

        1. Vandana Manwani says:

          Thanks for your comment Ankit .. Please keep sharing your views like this..


  12. Dr Rajdeep Saha says:

    Money is very useful for life but wealth is just one of the tools towards human wellbeing, not the whole of it. What we need in the world is not just “wealth creation.” We need to create wellbeing. Wealth is just one of the tools towards human wellbeing, not the whole of it. Wealth means making the outside pleasant for ourselves. But right now, people are going at it like it is a religion. Money is just a means; it is not an end by itself. We are making it too big for nothing. Is it bad? Is it good? It is neither; it is just a tool that we created.
    A person have three choices
    1)earn more money, can’t utilize it and suffer.
    2)earn less money, can’t have to utilize it and suffer.
    3) earn adequate money (according to him) manage it properly and enjoy life.
    PS: I’m a doctor by profession and supposed to have adequate money for living but still I’m helpless as my only son is suffering from a fatal brain tumor, treatment of which is unavailable & money can do nothing in this case.

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Hi Dr. Rajdeep

      Your comment was very heart touching for me. Thank you so much for sharing your views and wish you and your family all the very best, good health and more power to you.


  13. Ravinder Singh says:

    This answer is for those who are at the age of 58 & above & have educated & married children
    If you have your own house I believe a sum of Rs 30,000/- pm would take care of your day to day expenses & a health insurance would be mandatory
    Consequently if you have an equity investment of one crore and have a systematic withdrawal plan of 4% per annum hence this should satisfy your needs
    this should make you feel rich

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Thanks for your comment Ravinder Singh .. Please keep sharing your views like this..



    The difference between Income and Expense defines the richness of Individual.

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Haha good one!!

      However, this also varies from person to person. I might be spending Rs. 50K out of my earning of Rs. 52K so just left with 2K. 🙁 I won’t feel rich at any point of time.


  15. Deep Desai says:

    When my family doesn’t have to think about money before using it for things that make them happy.

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Hi Deep Desai

      Good thought and Thanks for your comment.


  16. Krishna Ghotekar says:

    Quite Interesting subject…
    I feel rich as long as i am on right track to achieve my objectives like:
    (a) retirement planning with monthly SIP flowing smoothly
    (b) kids education planning with monthly SIP flowing smoothly
    (c) my other monthly spending is within budget & also i can achieve my monthly savings SIP
    Well feel more richer, when i exceed my KPI (c) 🙂

    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      Hi Krishna

      Thanks for sharing that.. however would love if you can define it in one line and a crisp way !


  17. I think the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” has a particular answer to this.
    The author says, “If you have enough money to survive till you die and you don’t have to work for it, then you are reach”.

    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      But every person has his or her own definition!.. whats yours?

  18. Padmesh KC says:

    Great article with summarising replies within 3 categories.

    To answer the question, when I am able to spend a decent life without thinking second thought about our daily needs(not wants), I am RICH.

    KC Padmesh.,

    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      Hi Padmesh …

      Thanks for answering that!

  19. Mayur Sankalia says:

    May by this answer is some what wage but can be true also. Once the person have enough money and sure that the amount of money will be enough to sustain him and his family, the person will start donating money to the needy. I thing this is the point where I can feel as “Rich”.

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Okay, Quite good that when you can start donating without having any hurdles in your financial life.

      Thank you for commenting,


  20. Sandeep says:

    Very Nice Article and food for thoughts.
    Well, I personally feel I would feel rich always as long as I have money which can take care of my daily basic needs ( Home loan EMI, School Fees, Monthly expenses, travelling). Rest I agree that money can’t make someone happy, it has to be in Person Nature and behavior.

  21. Sandeep Wagh says:

    Very Nice Article and food for thoughts.
    Well, I personally feel I would feel rich as long as I have money which can take care of my daily basic needs ( Home loan EMI, School Fees, Monthly expenses, travelling). Rest I agree that money can’t make someone happy, it has to be in Person Nature and behavior.

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Hi sandeep

      Thank you for commenting and your perspective of being rich is what most of the people have.


  22. Nishant says:

    I think I’ve kind of sorted out the answer. If I earn 30 lakhs p.m. & make a net worth of 5cr., I think I’ll be more than done. Also I remember there was an article in Aug,2015 on WHEN CAN YOU CALL YOURSELF RICH IN INDIA?.Is the facts stated in that article are true as of today also? Or you need more money today than what you needed in 2015?

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Hi Nishant,

      Your point of view is sorted and this is still very high perspective as per economic dynamic. Most of the investors think in same way.

      And I think money needed today will be obviously higher than what you needed in 2015 because of inflation and life style changes taken place in Indian economy.


  23. Mohit says:

    Good 1.. after a looong time, a post which talks personal finance and makes you think too !

    My “rich” is also largely from the 1st category, i.e. an absolute number/ net-worth. Mine is ‘house paid off’ and ’25-crore’ investible assets (and making 9% off it year-on-year). And I agree with what you said about 3rd category – Denying the importance of money is like not respecting it for what it is! Such attitude/ignorance is almost laughable too I think.

    I can think of a 4th category although it comes after 1st is attained. Money & Relationships. I read somewhere that each person needs to have 4 to 5 people in his/her life who they are close to and can talk about most subjects under the sun.
    So besides money – I think have 4 or even 5 such people is being rich.
    If you have have 2 or even 3, you are still okay.
    1 and you are “middle class” still.
    But no one? I guess that makes all the ‘money in the bank’ looks empty….

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Hi Mohit

      Your perspective is very thoughtful and it will help other readers to define their perspective on rich.
      Thank you so much for commenting.


  24. Diwakar paswan says:

    At present 1 cr will work find but 10 years from today I can’t predict.

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Hi Diwakar paswan

      Your perspective is pretty sorted & clear. Thanks for commenting.


  25. Nandan says:

    Attaining the sum total of future value of each of my goals. That is freedom for me from having to work for money.

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Thanks for your comment Nandan .. Please keep sharing your views like this..


  26. Jaydeep Amrania says:

    For me.. Being rich would be.. Owning a 3BHK (with No burden of loan), Not having any other financial liabilities, Having reasonable amount of savings to meet the emergency needs for my family and an appropriate level of consistent income which could meet my family’s daily needs and my investment goals, even after achieving the above stage.

    Current Status – Earning a bit, saving a bit and exploring the possibilities to achieve above…

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Hi Jaydeep Amrania

      Thanks for your comment.

      It is really good to see your perspective of being rich.


  27. anil chauhan says:

    5 Crores as of today which is invested wisely should be enough for most of the middle class people in India.

    1. Vandana Manwani says:

      Hi anil chauhan

      Thanks for your comment.

      Don’t know how you came up with 5 crore, but yes this amount will be generating around 80,000 of monthly income for next 50 years if you consider both inflation and return at same rate (8%). However, for a middle class it is not realistic to invest this much of amount.


      1. Mohit says:

        5 crore will generate 80k??? at 8% it will generate 3.3L per month pre-tax! I think 3.3L is good enough for next decade atleast for most rich lifestyles.

        1. Vandana Manwani says:

          You haven’t taken 8% of inflation in this calculation. Please take inflation and recalculate.

          And around 80K is when you have invested your money in an asset class where you are getting Inflation adjusted rate of return as 0% (i.e 8% rate of return). If the same amount you invest in an asset class where you are earning 9% return i.e Adjusted real rate of return of 1% then you will be able to withdraw Rs. 1 Lac per month for 50 years.

          I hope now you got my point.

          1. Mohit says:

            Hi Vandana,

            But I also disagree when you say “8% inflation and 8% return”. I am sorry but financial-industry does it to psyche out us, little guys 🙂

            inflation rate of India in 2018 is 5.24% (source: google) and FD rate of HDFC Bank in 2018 is 7.75%. So 2.5% real rate of return based on 2018 numbers. Even for a safe-estimate over long run, one can easily take 2% real-rate of return.
            It means a simple DIY investor can still make 3% SWR (safe withdrawal rate) on a 5cr corpus over next 50yrs, and will still not run out of money; intact will leave more than the principal amount as their legacy!

            1. Jagoinvestor says:

              Hi Mohit

              Manish here .. Do you really think the inflation published by govt (5.24%) is the inflation which the upper middle class people experience in their life? The govt numbers are for daal, rice, sugar etc etc which are basic things. If you create a new inflation index and put things like healthcare, vacations expenses,school fees, eating out, rent etc you have no idea what will that index tell you. The real inflation which most of the people experience is in range of 7-10% easily

              Just take school fees or Rentals as a benchmark or just see a normal family eating out expenses over last 5-10 yrs, how it has gone up !

              So from that perspective, I think what you said about the SWF does not hold. What are your views?


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