Buying Health Insurance in India? Follow this 13 point checklist

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A lot of changes has happened in health insurance industry over last 5 yrs. The overall health insurance industry to some level is standardized and new regulations are in place. A lot of investors have bought their mediclaim policies many years back when rules were raw and when few things were in favor of insurers, not investors.

buy health insurance in india

Given the changes, I thought, it’s the time to edit the whole article written long back and update all the points. So here you go.

Health Insurance products now have far fewer hidden bombs to surprise you now, For instance

  • All Health Insurance policies are now mandatorily issued for life-time.
  • Insurance companies cannot levy claim based loading once the policy is issued.
  • Insurers need to give a clear 3 months advance notification to existing customers before increasing premiums or terms in a policy.

What’s more, thanks to the competition brought in by specialized health insurance companies, there have been many interesting features added to the otherwise standard mediclaim products.

So now I am putting up 13 points every investor should read before they buy health insurance. These 13 points can act as the guide for someone who wishes to either buy a new health cover or wants to upgrade their health insurance cover. These points are not tips as such, but various dimensions revolving around the health insurance buying decision-making.

Point #1 – Don’t be too late in buying a health insurance policy

I have seen too many customers, especially the well-educated ones, literally trying to find a health insurance product which has all the “dream” features bundled into a single product. They want high cover, less premium, best claim settlement, no loading, OPD cover, extreme fast claim settlement, maternity and high-end benefits.

But sadly, such “dream” products do not exist in real-world. One has to understand that these health insurance products are highly complex and their premium pricing and features are linked to various parameters. You can’t get a product which has everything you wish.

At times, it happens that 8 out of 10 things required by the customer is present in the policy, but 2 out of 10 is not there, and what do customers do? They try to find some other policy which has all 10/10 things covered. This just leads to procrastination. There are millions of investors who are delaying taking health insurance from many years and this is the single biggest mistake one can make.

The risk of “No cover” in the future

The biggest problem with this approach is that, you might be denied a cover later in life, because you might have crossed that age limit, or you might have catched some illness which will not be covered now.

If there is one advice, just one advice, I would give anyone on Health Insurance. It would be this – “Never Delay. Set a deadline, buy that policy and get covered.”

Buying a good enough policy early is 10X better choice than buying “best health insurance policy” after 5 yrs. So the first thing you need to do is, be 100% clear that you are buying a health insurance product NOW. Focus on core big features which really matter, and don’t get too attached to tiny points which either do not match your requirement or are different than what you want.

Point #2 – Assess who do you want to cover and their health status

It is important to finalize the list of people you want to cover. Also, take an account their current health status. Make sure you cover most of your family members for whom you are responsible for. At times, people buy health insurance for self, spouse and kids and ignore parents.

  • If all are young and healthy, no hospitalization history, no chronic ailment detected, you are going to be spoilt for choice!
  • If you have members who are above 50 and/or have a medical history/condition then you should be prepared for some pain (more on this later) which will most probably include having certain time bound exclusions in your policy. Or you might have to pay higher premiums.

Point #3 – Assess your lifestyle

The greatest health insurance is taking care of your health. Keep a check on your own lifestyle, as well as your family’s. If you/your family is fit, following a healthy routine or regularly exercising, have healthy food habits, doesn’t smoke, has no history of excessive drinking, you’re in a good place with regards to risks and coverage required. If not, then you have a much higher risk to hedge. This, apart from inflation, needs to be taken into consideration, when deciding the sum insured.

If not, then you have a much higher risk to hedge. This, apart from inflation, needs to be taken into consideration, when deciding the sum insured. But be clear that just having good health or good lifestyle is not an excuse to ignore health insurance policy. Leading a good lifestyle just protects you from illnesses, you still don’t have much control on accidents, or some diseases which can still happen even though you have a good lifestyle.

Point #4 – Individual Covers or Family Floater?

You also need to be clear if you want to buy individual cover for each person, or a family floater policy?

Family Floaters seem to be a no-brainer, as they are very efficient. The idea is that not all family members will be hospitalized in the same year. You get a large cover shared amongst all family members for one of you to claim. The price is lower/efficient than buying individual covers.

But hold on! .

If one of your family members is older than 50, or has health issues, or lifestyle issues as discussed earlier, it would be sensible to look for an individual cover for such a member in addition to the family floater. You shouldn’t have a “high risk” member as part of your family floater, as if he/she has frequent claims, year-after-year, other members could be left without any cover, when they would need it.

individual vs family floater health insurance

If you don’t have the choice, and are getting a great deal with a family floater policies then go for a very high cover (in the range of 25-30 Lakhs). More on this in the next point for discussion.

Point #5 – Zero down on Sum Insured from Long Term perspective

The biggest mistake one makes when buying Health Insurance, is when one factors today’s costs and decides the insurance coverage, whereas in reality, you are likely to make claims around 25 years from now

Hospitalization costs today would be ranging from Rs. 50000 to Rs. 3 Lakhs. Assuming you are 30 today, at an modest average healthcare inflation of 7.5% for the next 20 years, single hospitalization bills will range (hold your breath!) at around Rs. 13 Lakhs when you are 50 years old.

What’s more, if you live even a mildly unhealthy lifestyle(as discussed earlier), you may have to bump the cover by another 25%, as you are at much higher risk, unless you take things in control and improve your lifestyle immediately. Think in terms of the long run, you may not need this policy right away, but in the future, you will most definitely benefit from having a higher cover.

OK, don’t sweat; we have smart ways on how to get a Rs. 16 Lakhs within your budget. Read on.

Point #6 – Compare Hospital Room Eligibility Capping

Now this is the big one. This single condition could depreciate the value of your health insurance with inflation. Something most agents/insurers won’t like you to know.

Many Health Insurance policies have room rent capping, which means you are eligible to claim expenses only up to a room costing below this capping. In case you opt for a room above this cap, you will have to bear the additional proportionate expenses on your own. Let me give you an example

Lets say, as per your policy you are room rent limit is Rs 4,000 per day . Now if you get hospitalized and you choose a room (for if you are forced to choose) which has room rent of Rs 10,000 . You might think that you will just get 4,000 per day for room rent from insurance company and other charges you will get as per the limit. But thats not true.

In reality, your room rent limit is 40% of the room rent chosen, hence all other expenses will be paid by 40% margin only. Means if your actual bill for ICU has been Rs 20,000 , and even if it’s in the limit, you will still be paid just 40% of 20,000 = Rs 8,000 .

If your doctors bill comes to Rs 50,000 and even if it’s in the limit , still you will be paid only 40% of that, which is Rs 20,000 . So overall you will be at a big loss only because of the room rent capping limit.

room rent capping

I hope you are now clear on the implications of the room chosen at the time of hospitalization.

Also factor in the inflation

One day rent for a Private room averages to around Rs. 4000 per day, today. At an inflation of 7.5% for next 20 years, the room rent would be in the range of Rs. 20000 per day.

Now, if you have a policy with room rent capping of Rs. 5000, and you opt for a private room with rent of Rs. 20000 per day. Insurance company is liable to pay you only 25% of all the costs claimed by you, in spite of your claim being within the sum insured limit.

Given a choice, your preference of health insurance should be in the following order:

  • Policies with Private Room eligibility.
  • Policies with No Room Rent capping.
  • Policies with Room Rent capping.

You must be surprised as to why have I suggested Private room eligibility policies above policies without room rent capping. The reason is simple, in my opinion; policies with no room rent capping have larger chances of being abused. Insurers could bear higher losses due to no control over the extravagance of a few customers. In the long run, it would be consumers who will pay for such extravagance of a few, through higher premiums or revision in the terms of the product, so that the Insurer can contain the overall losses.

As mentioned earlier, the above priority is to be kept in mind, in case you have a choice. In case you don’t (due to health conditions, age etc.) it is important to not give up and hedge your risks to the extent possible, by opting for a sum insured with the highest room rent limit. This way you will be able to contain some part of this ‘auto-depreciating’ cover!

Point #7 –  Check for any sublimit/co-pay

There are clauses like sub-limits and co-pay in most of the insurance policies. They put a sub limit on a particular expenses (like 2% of sum assured). Make sure you are very clear about them and are fine with it.

There are few Insurance products that have limits for specified surgeries also. So even if your sum assured is Rs 5 lacs, they might restrict a particular surgery expenses to 50% of your sum assured.

co-pay clause policy

Check with the products you have shortlisted. Also check for words like “limits”, “co-pay” or “deductible” in the policy. These are set deductions in claims. Ensure you have understood, and compared what these mean, before your decision to purchase is made.

Point #8 – Hospital Network is Important Parameter

While you compare the key features discussed above, you should also compare the hospital network of the shortlisted Insurance companies. You must compare these for areas you/your family is likely to be hospitalized. Though such lists are dynamic and can change anytime, it still gives you a good idea of the network that the Insurer has in place, in case you need to use it for a cashless treatment.

Check it out below to see the number of hospital and their names near your house (based on the pin code you provide them)

hospital network health insurance

While a good network of hospitals is something you should definitely look at, but it should not be your primary parameter to judge a health insurance company.

Point #9 – Finally, go through Policy Wordings

Ask your Insurance Broker/Agent to provide you with the policy wordings of the product you have liked. Ensure you go through the Customer Information Sheet yourself. This is a one-pager that summarizes all the key conditions you must be aware off. Every health insurance product needs to file this with the Government (IRDA). Ask questions till you are satisfied.

I would strongly suggest look at the policy document sheet yourself online. Just go to google and search for “<health insurance policy name here> + “brochure pdf” and you will surely get the PDF document online. go through it and read it. below you can see, how I searched for Appolo Munich Optima Plus brochure online

health insurance brochure

Point #10 – Go for Super-Topup

In order to get the 15-17 Lakhs health insurance cover that would inflation proof you for the next 20-25 years, it is very sensible to buy a Super Topup policy. Recommend, that you go with a Rs. 5 Lakhs base cover with a Super Topup cover of Rs. 15 Lakhs. This can save close to 25-30% of premium vis-a-vis buying a Rs. 20 Lakh base plan.

2 important things here

  • Ensure there is no room rent limit in your Super Topup policy.
  • Ensure you buy a Super Topup Health Insurance along with your Base health Insurance policy tenure and they have similarly timed renewal dates.

health insurance super top up

You can read how super top up works in this article .

Point #11 – What to ignore while buying a policy ?

Now that you know what you must compare and consider, you must also know what to avoid?

Features like Ambulance, Daily Hospital Cash, Domiciliary, and any other benefits that don’t get used often, have a low consequence in the overall scheme of things. Hence, in my opinion, these should be overlooked, so that you focus on the bigger covers.

So focus on the network of hospital, fees for doctor consultation, Room rent Limit, ICU charges, Check if they are paying for medicines or not and these kind of expenses which make the the major part of your overall bill.

Things like Ambulance charges are not more than Rs 2,000 , if you have to pay it from your own pocket, even that its totally fine. Why to choose a policy based on that parameter ? Its always a bonus advantage and nothing else. So learn what to ignore and what to look at.

Point #12 – Ensure you appoint a good advisor

By now, you may have realized Health Insurance is a complex product and a good amount of research has to happen (but do not over do it). It is therefore recommended that you appoint a health insurance expert to help you shortlist products, explain the terms, answer your queries etc.

You even need a post-sales services like claim assistance and helping you out in co-ordinating with the health insurance company if you are stuck. If you find yourself a policy through an Insurance Broker, if required, he/she may also be able to help you through dispute resolutions with Insurers, in the long run, if any.

Let me show you an example of a claim rejection case with Max Bupa (company was right in rejecting the claim) . One of the readers among you had bought a policy through Max Bupa (through some individual agent, not broker) and he bought two different policies for himself and wife . He wanted a maternity cover and the agent told him that its covered in the policy. It was even written in the policy document, but it was clearly written that both husband and wife have to be in a single policy (floater policy) . But agent and client both didnt pay much attention to it.

And after 4 yrs, company rejected the case based on their terms and conditions (the claim itself was not valid) . Below you can see the scanned letter which company had sent to the client. Here company was correct in rejection of claim because client wanted something which was never covered in the policy. However if had paid more attention or had a great advisor on his side, he might have been informed in a better way.

claim rejection example

Remember that unlike Life Insurance or many other policies, Health Insurance could have repeated claims through yours or your family’s lifetime. It is therefore important to have someone who can hand-hold you through the tedious paperwork and the otherwise time consuming processes of Insurance companies.

In the cases where you want to cover the family members who are above 50 and/or with pre-existing disease, it makes a lot of sense, to go through an insurance broker who deals in multiple insurance companies. Out of sheer experience, the broker will be able to help you zero down to few Insurance companies who are liberal. This will help you avoid the pain of doing medical tests with Insurance companies where chances of getting a policy are very low.

Point #13 – Review your existing policy and look at options to Port

If you have an existing policy which does meet the above mentioned 12 points, and you are still young and healthy, I would recommend you to look at porting your mediclaim policy to a better company around 2 months before your next renewal.

Unfortunately, if you have already made claims in your existing policy, or have any chronic ailment to declare for any family member, the chances of portability are very dim. I would then recommend you look at upping your cover with the same insurance company, and look for other options (like Super Topup) by which you can hedge the negatives in your existing coverage.

Buy your health insurance company NOW !

I recommend that you at least start looking at various options and take your decision quickly. That’s all folks. If you have any questions, comments, feel free scroll down to post your comments. Happy to help.

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    As I m now planning to move back to india. how to plan the insurance? I already had a family floater policy which is opened after the accident, I cant claim due to 3 year lock in pre existing criteria? is there way to get rid of this 3 year exemption on pre-existing to get the medical claim paid.
    I need a suggestion so that I can resign my present job.

    1. Sorry ,but you cant bypass the pre existing illness thing .

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    thanks and regards

    1. Hi Abdul

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    1. Hi Jithender

      There are many plans which might be suitable for you. Can we do further discussion on this . Just share your details on this form and our team will call and contact you (No charges)

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    Can you please suggest me which Insurance is best in the Industry, looks like every one is provide me all the Benefits.

    Apollo Munich is providing restoring concept no idea abou that..

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    I also have acidity proble for which i take medicine(sompraz 40 mg) daily. So is it a diseases?? does it comes under pre-existing diseases??

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    1. Jagoinvestor Admin says:

      We think our pro membership will help you as it fits in your requirement. We have various benefits under it like life insurance, health insurance, mutual funds and your financial analysis too..

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  12. CB says:

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    1. Jagoinvestor Admin says:

      Hi CB

      Thanks for the query.

      Yes , there are policies available which come with individual cover initially but can be converted into family floater later.

      And though 10/10 may be possible but the cost factor for such a policy will also go high.

      So my suggestion would be instead of looking for a policy with 10/10 focus on your core needs while buying a health insurance policy.

      We offer detail guidance on health insurance policies under our pro membership .

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  35. JD says:

    Hi Guys, all the points are covered well. But the most important POINT is left out. Please…please …please people, once you have identified what you need in a policy, kindly REVIEW the image and policy claim reviews / compliants of customers online, for that particular Insurance company. You will be shocked with the reviews, complains and insights. Judge it yourself. Manish will agree with me on this Point. Wish you all the best of Health and Life.

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    father age : 52
    mother age : 48
    Confused among the types and features of plans.

    1. Hi naveen

      Thanks for asking your health insurance question. We will get on call with you and help you resolve your query. Please fill up your details at

      We will call you back


  37. Viswanath says:

    Hi, I am looking for a polciy which would cover expenses, income loss because of partial/complete disability. This can be because of some illness or accident.

    I am not able to find right policy to cover this risk. fyi i am a software employee.


    1. Viswanath says:

      @Manish – any suggestion?

      1. I think the best think you can do is right now is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

        You can then take the decision.


    2. A good term plan along with some riders will solve the issue.

      Please fill up this form here and my team will get in touch with you to solve your issue

  38. RAJIV says:

    Which option will be better;; A] To go for a indemnified health insurance with star health or opt for health plan of fixed benefit like JEEVAN AROGYA from LIC…
    Can you please guide.

    1. We suggest a proper health insurance plan. Dont go for Jeevan Arogya

      My team can help you on this and help you choose the right plan for you. Just fill your details on the form below


  39. reggio says:

    please let me know of a good mediclaim policy for family floater

    1. Hi reggio

      Thanks for asking your health insurance question. We will get on call with you and help you resolve your query. Please fill up your details at

      We will call you back


  40. Sushil says:

    By seeing many recommendations I took Apollo Munich Optima Restore of 5L.
    I already have Oriental health insurance of 3.5L from my employer which covers my family.
    Now confused should i take top up plan or critical illness insurance.

    1. I think a top up is a good option. You can buy a religare or a L&T top up.

      Just fill up this form and you will get an expert from our trusted partner network


  41. Sushil says:

    Hi, I want to buy a family health insurance for Self(28.9yrs)+Wife(25.8yrs)+Son(93days) for Sum Assured 5L

    After filtering from
    (a) No CoPay (b) no room rent limit (c) No Claim bonus

    Confused between
    1) ApolloMunich Optima Restore
    2) Max Bupa Health Companion
    3) Religare Care

    Which one will be best out of these ?

    1. You can go with Religare . I suggest taking a top up policy too to enhance your cover.

      Can you share if you went to coverfox by clicking a link at jagoinvestor? Or you went directly to their website without clicking a link at Jagoinvestor?


  42. sachin says:

    Currently covered under Oriental Family Floater Plan GOLD Myself (38), Wife (38), Children (10,11) and mother (60). Should i continue or change?

    1. What is the cover? You might want to enhance the cover?

  43. VikasDobhal says:


    I wanted to take health insurance for my parents, me and my wife can you please suggest some plan and what to cover. Does breast cancer treatment covered under health insurance?

    Parents details:
    Mother – Age 55
    Father -Age 65 ( minor blood sugar which is normally under control and has prostrate surgery 2 years back)

    Me and wife:
    Wife – Age 31 (No medical history)
    Myself – Age 33 (medical history only had shoulder surgery 6 years back)


    1. Hi VikasDobhal

      Thanks for asking your health insurance question. We will get on call with you and help you resolve your query. Please fill up your details at

      We will call you back


  44. vatsal says:

    Hi Manish,

    Great post. It cleared many doubts. I would like to know your opinion on my requirement.

    I want to cover myself(age 24 yrs) and my mother(age 52 yrs). I have no other dependents as of now. My mom was used to suffer from asthama several years ago. However it is under control. Should I go with individual plans or I should buy a floater plan? Also is the any particular policy which you would suggest?


    1. I suggest go for separate plans because its always a good idea to seperate it with parents. Do one thing , fill up this form and my team will call you and help you take the policy in right manner

  45. JayantiDwivedy says:

    Very informative article.
    One query: How the reimbursement will change if I have two concurrent policies. Two policies as company provides one and I have taken additional policy.

    1. What do you mean by ” How the reimbursement will change ?”

  46. SRIKANTH says:

    I wish to buy a suitable health insurance policy for my son for Rs 5 Lakhs, who is 23 years and working in software industry ( his employer has provide a health insurance of Rs 2 lakhs. My son is not married and has no dependents.

    1. Hi SRIKANTH

      Thanks for asking your health insurance question. We will get on call with you and help you resolve your query. Please fill up your details at

      We will call you back


  47. Philip says:

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks very much for your help.

    Smruthi from Coverfox had called me and helped me in choosing the right plan.
    Many thanks for your help once again.

    God Bless You

    1. Glad to hear that!

      DId you click on the link provided at the blog and entered your details there? You got call from them after that?

      Or you went directly to their website and got it ?

  48. Umesh Pimpale says:

    Hi, I am 30yrs old & married with no child. I need to buy Health Insurance Policy which covers my entire family (myself, wife, my parents & future childs). My parents are above 60yrs old. I am very much confused about getting right decision. Can you suggest any good policy which covers my needs. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Umesh Pimpale

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


      1. Umesh says:

        Thanks Manish for your reply. I will surely follow your advice.

  49. Aseem says:

    Need help

    1. Hi Aseem

      Thanks for asking your health insurance question. We will get on call with you and help you resolve your query. Please fill up your details at

      We will call you back


  50. Servendra says:

    My father has been expired in 2007, after that my mother has gone through a treatment for depression, anxiety and hypertension. In 2012 , one of my friend’s mother gone through angioplasty treatment, fearing vulnerability of my mother and to assure her a better treatment, I bought a Apollo Munich easy health insurance policy of 2 Lac in May, 2012. In Oct, 2014 My mother caught Diabetes, Hypothyroidism and Hyperurecemia. There was a clause in Policy wording for pre-existing decease cover with a waiting period of 3 years. Today 4 years have been passed without any claim and policy renewal date is near. What should I do? Should I renew my policy or should discontinue it? had i committed any mistake in buying insurance policy?
    plz do reply…..


    1. servendra says:

      her age was 45 years when i bought policy.

    2. No there is no mistake in buying the policy if you have revealed all the information correctly at the time of buying the policy. Better renew the policy !


  51. Philip says:

    First of all a big thank you for the wonderful post.

    I would like to buy a health insurance cover (first time) for my family (family floater). I plan to take a base cover of 5 lakh and a top up cover of another 10 lakhs.

    Could you advise which are the options available.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Philip

      Thanks for asking your health insurance question. We will get on call with you and help you resolve your query. Please fill up your details at

      We will call you back


      1. Philip says:

        Thank you very much for your call.

        Eagerly looking forward to your solution.

        1. Sure if you have filled up the form, we will help you to pick up the good plans

  52. Javed says:

    I am 28 from Mumbai and want to buy a health insurance for my families of 5 members can you please suggest me.

    1. Hi Javed

      Thanks for asking your health insurance question. We will get on call with you and help you resolve your query. Please fill up your details at

      We will call you back


  53. Rishi says:

    I am 30 and my spouse is 29 both are healthy and pre existing disease. Just wanted to buy a good mediclaim policy of minimum of 5 Lakh with no room capping. Suggest if apolo Munich is fine???

    1. Hi Rishi

      Thanks for asking your health insurance question. We will get on call with you and help you resolve your query. Please fill up your details at

      We will call you back


  54. radhey says:


    I am looking for family health insurance of 7 lacs.currently i have 7 lacs employer health age is 38 and currnetly have no health problem.Have wife and 4 yr kid.I need to choose in between religare care NCB primium and max bupa health companion. So unable to take decision which one is good plan for me.Please help.


    1. Hi radhey

      Thanks for asking your health insurance question. We will get on call with you and help you resolve your query. Please fill up your details at

      We will call you back


  55. kksclt says:

    Even after informing the Agent all about the diseases they have not informed the company and provided me the insurance . Next year before renewal I revalided the same and norticed that the agent had fooled me and he hasnt provided any supporting document which could help Star in declining the claim. On top when I addressed this this is the reply given by the company . They tell al lthe mistakes are customers and agents dosent have any role in this . This is how they ash away . So never go with a company which is already predecided to be with fraud agent and cheat customers

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    RE:- Policy no P/* Policy. Senior Citizen Red Carpet Policy

    We acknowledge your representation regarding the issue in incorporating PED in the above mentioned policy.

    In this connection, we would like to inform you that it is the responsibility of every customer to disclose all the previous medical history in the proposal form and our intermediary assist only to fill up the form.

    Informing orally to the agent/SM is not sufficient and the declaration of the previous medical history has to be mentioned in the proposal. The proposer has to verify the proposal before signing.

    At the time of taking our policy which is on..20*, you have not disclosed the medical history in the proposal form which amounts to non-disclosure of material facts leads to the violation of principle of utmost good faith and making the insurance contract voidable.

    We, based on your request vide telecom, advising you to submit the entire medical documents regarding the ailment which is to be incorporate as PED

    By evaluating the risk element, we will communicate you. Be extra cautious when you are planning to go with Star. I suggest you to take insurance with other companies .

    1. Thanks for sharing that kksclt

  56. Kvj says:

    Hi , I am a 32yrs old married spouse is also of 32 years age. We don’t have kids yet. We both have health coverage from our current employers. My requirement are:

    1. Would like to buy health insurance which covers family (Spouse and my self as on date)
    2. Can I add my kid to the policy later?
    3. Looking for long term benefits

    It would be great if you can help me with these details.

    1. Hi Kvj

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  57. sunil says:

    Respected sir,
    I am Govt.employee .my age is wife is also 34 and my daughter mother is 54age help me for right and perfect health policy.

    1. Hi sunil

      Thanks for asking your health insurance question. We will get on call with you and help you resolve your query. Please fill up your details at

      We will call you back


  58. RAAKESH says:

    Hi…would like to know whether to upgrade the existing health policy or go for portability to a better health insurance company.? Have no claim bonus in the existing health insurance policy

    1. It depends on which policy you have as of now. Do you want us to connect us to our health insurance partner who can help you in this matter? Just pass on your phone to us

  59. raghu says:

    I want to take a health insurance policy for my parents, sister and myself.
    Father’s age: 57, Mother’s age: 53(undergone hernia surgery in the past), Sister’s age: 14, myself: 25. Please suggest a best health insurance for us.

    1. Hi raghu

      Thanks for asking your health insurance question. We will get on call with you and help you resolve your query. Please fill up your details at

      We will call you back


  60. Pradeep says:

    Hi Manish

    I am 32 years old
    I have a wife (30), 2 kids (daughter – 2 years, son – 7 months)

    I already have a company cover for 5 lakhs
    I was checking the preimums etc online for my category for family floater and I feel that it would be a rare case that I am going to run out of the company provided cover and the premium differenece between people of 32 and 40 seems negligible.

    I am thking of taking a health insurance when I am around 40.

    What do you suggest? Does it make sense to go for health isnurance right away?

    1. You can surely do that, But then you are taking the risk . I mean if something happens to you in between this, it will not covered later. Thats the main reason to taking it early !

  61. Haritha says:

    Hi Manish, am 32yrs female looking for health insurance for myself, my parents 62, 53 & my sisters 34, 36yrs unmarried, after reading your blog, am looking for more awareness before i purchase one. My mom is heart patient undergone angioplast, now should i go for family floater or individual or should i go for both??

  62. arunthayalan says:


    Some health insurance companies provide “At least Private Room” and “Private Room with no Limit” which one be preferred

    1. Private room with no limit !

  63. vivek says:

    need health insurance.

  64. Ravi says:

    Hello Manish,

    I Would like opt for best health family floater option,(around 5 to 10 lakhs)
    me 37 year and wife 30, 2 kids under 5 years
    Can you suggest best options as per current circumstance ,
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Ravi

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  65. Romit says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am confused why I should consider the medical cost 20 years down the line right now. Can’t I simply increase the cover every 3-4 years by 1-2 lac and pay the increased premium. I am saying this because as far as I know the premium I am paying today for an amount is not locked for me for the life time. Insurance company can and generally does increase the premium every 2-3 years anyways. So why I should pay premium of 20 lacs cover when I need just 5 lacs cover today.

    1. Yes Romit

      You can do that, and infact its a very good point for discussion. The only issue in your approach, is that risk of not getting more cover in future because of you contacting illness or issues in between. Imagine you get 5 lacs of cover right now and in next 3-4 yrs, suppose you catch some illness like BP issue or Diabetis, or you get unhealthy or anything , now when you want to increase the cover, the premium you will pay will be with loading or the company might simply refuse the extra cover.

      So you can do that, but then you are taking that risk, which I think is ok


      1. Romit says:

        Manish can’t the insurance company increase the premium by adding loading while renewing or refuse to renew the insurance incase insurer’s fitness has reduced even when the coverage amount is not being increased? In other words, is the risk you are talking about not there when we are not increasing the coverage amount?
        Is the insurance company legally bound to renew the insurance every year till the max age specified in policy if they have given the insurance once?

        1. Companies are bound to renew the same contract for lifetime provided you keep paying premiums on time. But if you want to increase the sum assured, its like you are taking the additional cover now and its like a new policy, so the underwriting (risk accessment) has to be done. Either they will increase the premium (if you are a bit more risky), or if your case is very severe (like you become obese suddenly beyond the limit, or suppose you had a case of diabetis, you something or that order) , then its a company decision on if they want to provide you extra cover or not.

          So thats the reason we say that in the start itself, take the highest cover which you can afford and it also takes into consideration next 1 decade atleast. If you anyways are going to have 10 lacs cover in 3-5 yrs, I strongly discourage taking 5 lacs now and increasing it after 3-4 yrs .

          I think the premiums these days are not that high to break our heads in this . Cover high, and focus on your life , focus on increasing your income 10X , many important things in life compared to how we can save 1-2k or 5-10k here and there, that too on yearly basis. This is how I think, please feel free to not follow it 🙂


  66. Hitesh says:

    Hi ,

    I have health insurance from a group insurance policy with Iffco Tokio ( JIO- trust policy) for 10 lacs and personal policy for my parents for 3 lacs each from oriental. I have 2 queries as below
    1. When i claimed for my mother’s accidental fracture claim with Iffco tokio , there 30% deducted ( 20% co-pay and 10% non-partner hospital) . Now can this deducted 30% be claimed in personal policy of Oriental ?
    2. My father’s left foot below knee was amputated 4 months back and now we are going for prosthetic foot for him. Are expenses for this prosthetic foot eligible under helath insurance claims ?



    1. 1. No

      2. That will depend on your policy document, see if its covered or not!

  67. Rahul says:

    Hello i am 34 and my wife is 31
    My two daughters 3yrs and 2 yrs. I have taken hdfc ergo heath policy for my family. This policy is expiring on 24th march is this a good policy to continue or any other option.

    1. Its fine .. you can be with it !

  68. aashima kapoor says:

    Hi . i am 25 years old and have gone through 2 pilonidal sinus surgeries.I wanted to buy a health insurance which could cover doctor consultaaion as well as medical test.I can pay annual premium up to 7000.Kindly suggest a policy.Also if policy should not be bought on-line,how to find health insurance brokers?

    1. Hi aashima kapoor

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  69. Abhishek says:

    I have a helath insurance for my family 2 kids+spouse+mother+father from company where I am working. Limit for full family is 4 +4 lakh. Should I buy any personal plan too ? If yes what parameters I should look

  70. pritam says:

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for the nice article. I am following your blog for many years now & opted for a newsletter and save all emails received. Honestly it helped me to be aware of investment strategies & acted on them too. Despite all this I don’t consider myself a great investor but I keep getting motivation from your articles!
    About health insurance, Me & my wife are covered by my employer but not my parents (65 & 67 yrs old respectively).
    Recently my mother had to undergo cataract surgery, although the expenses were not much but again it made me aware that there are much more expenses likely in the future, which might drain my investments. Hence need to buy health insurance to cover all the family members. (Or should I buy only for my parents, considering me & wife are already insured). I already checked but could find only “Happy Family Floater – Gold” with 6 lacs cover only, which contradicts to what you teach in this article about considering the inflation factor etc. Please guide me. Thank you

  71. Yatin says:

    Hello Ashal,

    Need your help in understanding the MAXGAIN Working.

    Last year my loan amount was 19.38 and i kept 19.58 as surplus equal to almost 1 EMI (18350/-), before each EMI day i transfer that 19K to Saving account and that transfer back to my OD on EMI day as 18350, During the entire year , i Saved all interest as per below calculation . However,its looks like some discrepancy.

    1) My Available Balance gets reduce from 19.58 to 19.41 (almost as that of Amortization schedule of Principal amount around 18K)
    2) What ever interest i saved since i always keep book balance positive so no interest at all in EMI must show in my Available balance ( in this case around 200K must get added to the original 19.41+ 200K intrest that i saved this year?
    3) The bank is not able to provide me the correct details? Is my understanding is correct?
    Description SBI H L MAXGAIN OD (OCT13)
    Book Balance 19,147.50
    Available Balance 19,41,551.50
    Limit 19,22,404.00
    Uncleared balance 0
    Drawing Power 19,22,404.00
    Currency INR
    Rate of Interest (% p.a.) 9.60%
    Lien Amount 0

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Yatin

      This was a guest post by someone else and I am not having a good understanding of the Maxgain.


      1. ankit says:

        I want to take health insurance policy for my parents..father age is 54 and mother’s 51..which company should i go for private or government..sum assured should be in b/w 5-10 lacs..

        1. Hi ankit

          Thanks for asking your health insurance question. We will get on call with you and help you resolve your query. Please fill up your details at

          We will call you back


  72. Naresh Kumar says:

    I am working as SDE in BSNL and my wife is working as lecturer in DAV college. I have medical reimbursement facility for self and dependents from employer whereas my wife has no such facility from her employer.She has purchased health guard individual policy from Bajaj allianz having cover of 3 lacs and 2nd renewal of policy is due in March,2016.Now I want to
    1. convert this in family plan with cover of minimum 5 lacs.
    2. to consider other better available plans from other insurance companies.
    could you please suggest/

    1. Hi Naresh Kumar

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  73. vinit says:


    I am 45 years old male and have pancreatitis and undergone for a surgery for that,Now I willing to take a term plan for Rs.2500000.00 for my kids and wife.Please suggest me any good plan,

    1. We suggest HDFC life insurance for this. Fill up this form if you want to arrange a call back!


  74. Kiran says:

    Hi Manish, Thanks for your valuable post i still have a question in my mind we are four in my family 2 adults and 2 kids i am planning to take a policy for 4 to 5 Lakh as per your suggestions planning to go for a Family Floater but can you suggest me regarding the room rent (scenario is ‘if ever admitted into hospital i don’t want to make any payments from my end’ ) please suggest me on this ……

    1. Hi Kiran

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  75. CHINMAYA says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for a very insightful article. Had few questions –

    * If I take two Family floater (2 adults + 2 children) policies from different insurers, policy “No-OPD” without OPD cover (say Rs. 4 lakh insured) and policy “YES-OPD” with OPD cover (say Rs. 1 lakh insured). Can I use “YES-OPD” to cover OPD expenses, And the “NO-OPD” policy for hospitalization expenses.

    * What will be the claim distribution in case OPD expenses in year are Rs. 50,000/- and hospitalization expenses are Rs. 3 Lakh ?

    * In this case should I take a super top up with threshold of Rs. 6 lakh ?

    * Is it better to buy Health Card instead of “YES-OPD” policy in above example ? (even though Health Card does not come under IRDA)


    1. The health insurance does not cover OPD . Its only day care procedures which required hospitalization for few hours and you are discharged in few hours.

      1. CHINMAYA says:

        Manish, Thanks a lot for quick response. I was actually referring to the ICICI Lombard iHealth Family Floater Health Plan. Which has OPD option also available in it. Hence request your view in this context ? Thank you..

        – Chinmaya

        1. I will have to check that .

          1. CHINMAYA says:

            OK.. Thanks Manish. Will await your inputs

            – Chinmaya

  76. Raghuram says:

    Hi Manish,

    I appreciate the great job you are doing! I have a quick query on insurance is it advisable to buy all insurance from one company. I have iterm from Aegon is there any added advantage if I buy their health insurance and so forth. Is there such a thing brand loyalty?


    1. Hi Raghuram

      There is nothing like that. YOu should buy the policy from a company which you trust and if the product is good

  77. Somesh says:

    Hi Manish,
    I am a regular reader of your blog and admire your work. Hers my query which is stopping me from getting a health insurance
    I read that ICICI ,reliance and other insurance companies increase the premium amount after some years when u are more towards age prone disease. Increase like 500% or 5 time the premium amount (Internet is full of such examples) and people generally don’t pay and their policies get lapsed. And they are made these things as one of their practice(corrupt practice). Since these type of acts are not caught in claim settlements or any other category this does not get showed up in statistics.
    In this scenario does a person should go for public sector health insurance products ? Or how to tackle these scenarios as I see there are lot of cases/complaints which are pending with IRDA in this matter.

    Please advice.

    1. Hi Somesh

      Health insurance was a very area for India 10 yrs back and there were no standard rules at that time. I agree that in past there have been few cases which will lower your trust with some companies, However from last 3-4 yrs, the regulations are changed and the rules and policies from the regulator IRDA is strong. Now things are much much better and you can safely go with any insurance companies.

      I suggest do not take your decisions out of few things you have read on net which were applicable many years back.

      I think the best think you can do is right now is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


      1. Somesh says:

        Thanks Manish….Always at rescue…..

        I want to learn more about personal financial planning(other than whats on your blog like how to switch mutual funds etc. ).
        1 Month back you had workshop in Hyderabad but unluckily I was not in town so cannot attend are there any plans in near future (Tentative date might help).

        Thanks Again

        1. YOu should then come over to our next workshop in that case.

  78. vishal says:

    hi sir

    sir can you guide me which health policy is better among ORIENTAL bank mediclaim policy vs PNB orienatal royal mediclaim policy
    thank you

    1. If these are the policies which are from bank, then I would suggest dont take it. Rather take it directly from Oriental.

      I think the best think you can do is right now is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  79. SANJEEV says:

    I am a 45 Yr old self employed looking to buy mediclaim policy for my family of Are their any practical advantages of going with Government mediclaim companies?

    1. Hi SANJEEV

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  80. Alok says:

    I am 28 and engaged in govt. service and covered by company. I’ll be covered after my retirement by my company. So I am still confuse whether I should go for another health insurance plan or not. Could you please help me to resolve this confusion.

    1. The main thing you need to check is for what amount you are covered and for what ? I was at SBI and this was the same question of the employee there and the manager their asked them to take one insurance for themselves and not entirely rely on SBI for this.

  81. Dave says:

    Really good article !! Comprehensive

    I am 45 years age and employed right now in private sector. I am covered well by company provided health insurance. Couple of agents/ broker tried to preach me about health insurance and it will be beneficial once I retire or leave the job.

    I am of a opinion that I can start health insurance whenever I retire (possibly earlier than the age of 60). Are there any downsides to this thought ? If so what are those ? Will it be too late to start something ?


    1. If you can answer these questions, then surely you are good to go for health insurance at retirement.

      – How do you guarantee that your company will not remove the health insurance in next few years?
      – What is your plan incase your company terminates your job or you leave the job and the next employer also has the health insurance for you?
      – Are you ready to take the risk of having the health insurance company decline your health insurance at later stage of life because of some illness which has developed?

      I think you need to rethink on the way you look at health insurance. I know you might be resisting taking it now because you already have a health insurance from employer and taking another one looks like a waste in premium. But thats a flawed way of looking at it. Think of it in a way that you are giving the control of your mediclaim to yourself which is independent of a 3rd party and you will also lock in the illness which will be covered later in life.

      I think the best think you can do is right now is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


      1. Dave says:

        Thanks Manish for quick response.

        Of the 3 questions, answer for first 2 questions is … I will buy a health insurance “then” However the whole uncertainty revolves around the third question. What if the “then insurance company” denies particular illness.

        As you’ve told in your another article, the whole insurance business revolves around probability of occurrence and we consumer dont know when its going to occur (BTW I read your another article on Business Model of Insurance companies .. a real good one !! ) The probability of occurrence of such an event will increase by age.

        But the question is do I pay for that right now just to build “history” with insurance company or parkit in an investment that yields me more than 10% (stocks?) This is the question I am not able to answer so far.

        1. I would have suggested to go for the separate health insurance policy right now, especially when your company cover is not as high as 10-15 lacs per year. If its a lower amount like 3-5 lacs, then what do you do when yours bills are in range of 10-12 lacs ? I know its a worst case scenario, but then its only you who has to decide if you want to transfer that risk or take it on yourself.

          I know its tough to visualize a scenario that there is a requirement of separate health insurance now, because you might be looking at distant future and health insurance now does not make absolute sense. However I also want you to look at the impact its going to make on your wallet . If you earn 100X and if your health insurance premium is going to be 1X per year, the way I see it is that you should take it. Its better to let 5X or 10X go in next 5/10 yrs and you be with a good policy . there are anyways waiting periods for many illness, which will be covered anyways after 3-4 yrs. So if you buy health insurance today, then for few things you will be covered anyways after 3-4 yrs.

          You take the call finally on this .

  82. ireadwhere says:

    I have been researching for an health insurance advice , went through many and found they all have an hidden benefits in giving advice to us , but gives me bit confidence over choosing a health insurance policy . Great service . Thumps to all those who are behind this work. Definitely I would choose a health insurance on you recommendations. Kind regards

    1. Great. Incase you have any health insurance requirement, then I think the best think you can do is right now is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  83. Manoj says:

    I want to buy family floater with max. Benefits and compatible premium.

    1. Hi Manoj

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  84. Balasubramanian says:

    I am 58 years and my wife is 53 years. We live abroad but plan to move over to Chennai in a few months. Want to take a family Health Insurance Policy. Both of us are diabetic. Appreciate your advice. Thanks Balasubramanian

    1. Hi Balasubramanian

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


      1. Balasubramanian says:

        Dear Manish

        Thanks. I do not live in India at the moment. How could I get advice? Regards Balasubramanian

        1. IT will be over emails . A lot of NRI’s buy the policies even when they are out side india. Just leave your details for now


  85. raji says:

    Please advice a health policy for a family of 3 members – 41, 39 & 9 years

    1. Hi raji

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  86. ksrao says:

    I am 53 and working in the government sector. My son has recently secured a job in an MNC company but he is planning to study MS in the USA next year. Do you advise him to take any health policy and if so which policy would be better? Please advise.

    1. Hi ksrao

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  87. anu says:

    Very informative article. I’m also looking for advice on which policy would suit me best. I am 55, husband is 59. Two children, 24 and 27.

    1. Hi anu

      Looking at your query, I think your case is complicated and you should discuss and consult a financial planner, because just a random answer will not help you at all.

      If you are interested, I suggest you look at our financial planning service also and fill up the form there to have initial discussions


  88. Sharada says:

    We have a family floater of Rs 5 lakh with Cholamandalam ,taken in 2009.We have not had any claims.We r a family of 4-My husband 43,me 37 yrs and children 8 and 5 years.We have been worried that it might not be enough.Meanwhile an insurance agent has suggested Apollo Munich.They r asking us to take another 5 lakh with top up plan while retaining the old policy.Waht is ur advice

    1. Looks good to me.

      I think the best think you can do is right now is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  89. Kaushal says:

    Sir, please advise me a best health insurance only for my Me/Wise / Child Age(32/32/05) maximum 3 to 5 Lakhs, have no health Problem till date im fit and fine, I’m confused among all the private health insurance companies. Please help.

    1. Hi Kaushal

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  90. nitesh.jha23 says:

    Sir, please advise me a best health insurance only for my parents 5-10 Lakhs, it should has the less number of PED years. Or else, I want to take a insurance for 4 members (Me, my wife and my parents). Should I buy two individual insurance for me and my wife and another one for my parents? I am highly confused among all the private health insurance companies. Everyone has some bad review on Please help.

    1. Yes, I think it makes sense to buy a family floater for yourself, wife and kids and separate plans for your parents.

      I think the best think you can do is right now is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  91. Jaykumar says:

    Hi Manishji,
    I used Coverfox for computing Health Insurance Plant.

    With respect to Room Rent Eligibility different Insurance Cos have different offerings.

    Room Rent Eligibility Mentioned Are:-

    1) XXXXX /-
    2) No Limit On Room Rent
    3) Single Private Room
    4) Single AC Room

    So out of 4 which one will fall Private Room eligibility & Room Rent capping.?

    1. Did you talk to them ? I suggest get on call with them for this.

      I think the best think you can do is right now is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  92. mk says:

    Sir , please suggest me a mediclaim that cover myself and my live in partner and her son .

    1. Hi mk

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  93. i am chandrashekhar i bought health insurance for my mom . she is 60yrs old with pre -existing disease of diabetes i already declared that to religare company & they shocked me with amount of 5000+ as a loading amount .when i asked them about it they said there are chance of revised premium only 1% . but when i gave them call they said since the sugar level is high this loading amount is attracted. sugar level in the medical report shows little higher but in excellent control as per their reports . my only concern is when the customer are so honest to declare every thing they must address it to customer that since the age is high & also have pre existing disease your premium will attract loading amount so the customer like me will not feel cheated.

    1. Hi Chandrashekhar

      I dont see any reason why you should react like that. Dont take me wrong . I know your premium increase has irritated you , but think like a business person. When you insure anyone , the premiums are bound to increase if there is any little chance of risk . When we are on the other side of the table (customer), we will always think of every action by insurance company as some kind of cheating. Its not like that.

      I suggest you take up the insurance because atleast it is available. Dont take emotional decision of letting it go because in future it might not be available at all. Think about it.


      1. chandrashekhar says:

        HELLO Manish!
        I would like to thank you for your advisable comment . i am ready to buy an insurance i have no hesitation in buying with an additional amount its just if they would have said it while buying it that loading amount will be attracted it will be very beneficial for my mom to be mentally prepared. since she is 60, the generation at that age is still conservative regarding insurance concept . any how she has accepted it & she is only one who was insisting for this. i mean if an insurance company says it openly customer will be more open minded. any how kindly don’t take this as an argument or some rude expression i just keep this point since i have taken help of this website before choosing insurance plan & feel to post this on website so people like me who wish to take up an insurance at 60+ age with pre existing diseases will consider this point to their premium amount.
        Thank you.

  94. AjayBhutada says:

    Wanna purchase Health Insurance Policy for My Father (Age 58 years) and Mother (Age 55 Years).
    Wanna know best company policy for the same. Residence is at Dist: Nanded; State: Maharashtra

    1. Hi AjayBhutada

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  95. Damini says:

    My health inusrance plan through my employer starts from 1-apr and is upto 31-mar each year. What are the disadvantages if I buy a super top now say from 15-oct? the question is based on the article mentioning that renewal dates must timed for base and top-up.

    Should I wait for another 6 months before buying a top up? what do you advise? Thanks

    1. Yes, its advisible 🙂 .. its more managable that way !

  96. VIPUL says:

    I have Religare family floter paln. Is any other plan available with more benifit and less premium so that I can do portability?

    1. I think that will be too much optimization 🙂 . Be happy with this one which you already have

  97. Narsi says:

    Hi Manish,

    Any article on comparing the Govt health Insurance plans. I tried and did not find any comparing information on any websites. If you come up with an article it will be a great help for every one.

    1. Will try to do that soon

      1. Narsi says:

        Thanks Manish. Waiting for the article.. 🙂

  98. sachin says:

    Me and both my parents are currently covered with LIC Jeevan arogya. My question is portability allowed in health insurance policies?/
    I want to change my insurer to oriental.

    1. I think LIC Jeevan Arogya is not a proper health insurance plan like others..

      1. sachin says:

        Ya. I want to know about the ‘portability’. Just like mobile number portability in which we change the service provider, we can change the insurer. But I don know on how to do it

        1. You can do it , but you should do a detailed discussion with an expert on this . I suggest you leave your details on

  99. Hemant says:

    Hello Manish ji,

    I am 31 and my wife is 29. I am confused whether family floater shall be beneficial over Individual plan.
    My wife has undergone for foot surgeries for Flat foot with Hallux Valgus (foot deformity) and is recovering now. Would this will be considered as pre existing disease/condition?
    I am looking for an insurance which should not have any room rent limit and co payment/ICU charges/doctor fees.
    Can you suggest a plan or insurance company to go with.

    Thanks in advance

    Hemant Chawla

    1. Hi Hemant

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  100. Sanju says:

    Hi, I am 40 years old and diabetic I am planning for a policy including my family mother of 58 years and wife 32 years and son 5 years. Which is the most suitable if individual and also if group policy? company and policy.

    1. Hi Sanju

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  101. Girish says:

    Dear Manish ji,

    I have a health insurance policy with star health for 3 Lacs. This year, I have renewed it for third time. At the time of renewal, I wanted to change my agent as it is not providing me services. But the company says that we can not change the agent during the policy. What options do I have? Please advise.
    Thanks in advance

    1. You can change the agent at the time of renewal . You need to provide a filled form along with renewal

      1. Girish says:

        Thank you Manish ji

  102. B K Murthy says:

    I am 53, my wife is 49. We have no ailments so far. What policy would be best for us?

    1. Religare would still be one of the good choice as your age has not crossed 60. If not religare , I think ORiental would would for you. You should first discuss things in details and then close your policy. Go to and leave your details first . YOu will get a call from them and they will help you with the policy


      1. B K Murthy says:

        While comparing insurance companies reviews in must not be overlooked.

        1. Thanks for your comment B K Murthy

  103. sampath says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am basically from normal family. My parents are illiterates, but they struggled to give me better education. Now i am working. I want to take care of my family. My company provides a coverage of 2lacs per anum(It is a floating plan).I am planning to take one more policy for my parents. I want to insure them with 4 lacs or more. They dont have any pre-existing deceases. recently we observed my father BP level is increasing up. Is BP comes under decease list. If yes, how do i choose the policy for my parents. I just inquired policy bazar representative, he is suggesting me MAX Bupa. I still have a doubt that these guys will help in claiming process as I dont interact with them directly. How can i approach a broker and buy a correct policy for my parents.

    My father age is 50yrs approximately
    My Mother age is 45 ys approximately.

    Awaiting for your reply.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Hi sampath

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  104. rohansharma01 says:

    I have Apollo Munich Optima Restore Policy. The premium for renewal of policy has increased, I have not claimed last year. Does the premium of all the policy increases with age?

    1. Yes, for all policies, the premium increase with age in health insurance

  105. Sandeep says:

    I have individual policies for myself and family from NIC of around 3.5L each (room is capped at 10%). I want to add a Super-top cover of around 20L (2adults & 1child). In case of a claim for which the room rent was Rs.7000 per day will the Super-top pay the amount over and above the 50% (Rs.3500 room) that my base policy will cover after deductions? If not should I instead go for a new policy of 20L?

    1. Your policy of super top up will cover only if the hospital bill is more than your cut off .. means in this case 3.5 lacs, so hospital bill has to be more than 3.5 lacs

  106. Anilkumarsindhu says:

    I am Anil Kumar Sindhu 31 yrs old living with my wife 29 yrs old. My son 4 yrs old. Living in delhi. Want to cover my family via health insurance. We dont have any healh issues till date.

    1. Hi Anilkumarsindhu

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  107. kabi says:

    please let me know rumaitted is cover under helth policy? if yes can you give me company name.

    1. I didnt get your query . What is rumaitted ?

  108. sanket says:

    Hi Manish,
    I’m Sanket, from Pune and willing to buy a health Insurance for family as
    Mother: 55 years
    Self: 32 years
    Wife: 26 years
    Kid: 1.5 year old
    Could you suggest me a best policy which I should buy with super top-up and private room eligibility

    1. Hi sanket

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  109. Rahul says:

    I have New India Assurance 8 Lacs Family Floater (self 48 + Spouse 45+ Son 21) policy is running since 7 years without claim.
    Last year I purchased Top up of NIA 8 + 22 Lacs.
    Just gone through your advise, NIA has 1 % room capping. What should I do?
    Please advise.

    I have one more top up of ICICI Lombard for 4 lac deductable + 10 Lacs each of us.

    Thanks for your kind support in this noble cause.

    Best Regards,


    1. I am not clear when you ask “what should you do?” . Whats the problem you are facing with it ?

  110. Nayan says:

    Hi Manish

    I want to take 10laks medical sum assured under floater policy covering me, my spouse and my 3yr old kid. Shall I buy two different policy of 5laks each from two different company, secondly should it be combination of private co. & govt co. Please advice.

    1. Hi Nayan

      I suggest just keep one policy

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  111. pranit says:

    Dear sir,
    i need health insurance plan for me 27 yr male and my mother 59 yr age……pl suggest me plan which will have 2-3 lac coverage and good no claim bonus… suggest affordable plan

    1. Hi pranit

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  112. varun says:

    An exceedingly nice & informative article. I have a query. I am planning health insurance for my dad(57yrs) and mom(53yrs). I am confused whether I should buy a Family floater or an individual policy for them. Family floaters have lesser premiums but what if the proposer dies? I have read the policy can be transferred in the other (surviving) person’s name. How difficult is it from a practical point of view to get this policy transferred? Also, will the new premium for the surviving person be renegotiated depending on the age of the person at that time?

    1. Hi varun

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement.

      Its suggested to take individual plans for them.I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  113. RAJESH says:

    Hi Manish,

    Very good article. Thanks.

    Please help me decide. I want to ensure myself (36 yrs), my wife (30 yrs) and my daughter 4 yrs old.



    1. Hi RAJESH

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  114. Anand says:

    Dear Manish,
    Very insightful articles on Life & Health Insurance. I wish I had read your article before I took the Term Plan for 75 years, but premium paying term is until 65 years. My question is regarding health insurance, where the bank I work for, provides family floater cover for Rs.5 lacs with an option to top-up Rs.5lacs by paying an additional premium. I am 41 and have 3 dependents(wife +2 kids aged 9 & 6). Should I take additional health insurance from external insurance firm.

    Thanking you in advance

    1. Hi Anand

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  115. Ravi says:

    Recently I ported my policy from a public sector Mediclaim insurance policy to MaxBupa Health Companion Insurance Plan. BEST policy with great feature and price point (cheapest) . Any one looking for a good heath insurance should check this policy before deciding:

    1. Hi Ravi

      Thanks for your sharing your valuable comment on this topic. Please keep sharing your views in future also


  116. shilpi says:

    My company has provided me with medical insurance via E-Meditech worth 3lac for each (myself,my husband and my daughter). Do i need to take top up policy or what should i do.Please help.

    1. IDeally you should take your own policy yourself. As a second choice, a top up policy can be taken

  117. Jestine says:

    I am inclined towards Apollo Munich Optima restore – family floater plan
    myself 37 / 32 / 5/ 1

    however after reviewing the Claim settlement ratio, I am a bit concerned

    will you please recommend a policy for 10 L family floater

    1. I think you can go for it .

  118. ASHA says:

    I am totally confused i am not able to select the Health Polices…can you please suggest for me

    1. Hi ASHA

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  119. Dr.Nama says:

    Hi…I would like to know about a policy best suitable for my father,58 and me29….family or individual.

    1. Hi Dr.Nama

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  120. Shweta says:

    My question is that I want a health cover that takes care of the entire family and secondly also post September I will be in Japan so which policy can help me with it.

    Secondly can you comment on how is Cigna TTK? How convenient would be their claiming procedure…?
    Has anybody claimed in the past?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Shweta

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  121. Bharat M says:

    Can u suggest family floater plan for husband & wife for sum assured 4-5lacs covering all d benefits,
    Have narrowed down my search to Cigna Ttk, Religare & Apollo Munich which is best

    1. Hi Bharat M

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  122. Bharat Manyal says:

    Can u suggest family floater plan for husband & wife for sum assured 4-5lacs covering all d benefits,
    Have narrowed down my search to Cigna Ttk, Religare & Apollo Munich

    1. Hi Bharat Manyal

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  123. Vaibhav says:

    Hi Manish. I am 33 years old, single and with no loans/liabilities so far. My dependent parents are 73 and 63 years old.
    The only hitch in buying a policy is that I’m moving abroad for between 1 to 5 years. Should I buy a policy now or when I return to India?

    Please answer separately for life and health cover if possible.

    1. Hi Vaibhav

      The more you delay, the more difficult it will be to get it. So I suggest just take it now .

      I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  124. Shweta says:


    I need a suggestion whether I can take the Star health insurance -Senior Citizen Red Carpet plan for my parents?

    But there is Co-payment criteria in this policy. Can you pls suggest

    1. You can get it . COpayment is not always bad .

      I suggest talk to once and see which is the best policy you can get

  125. jb says:

    Excellent article. I used this article as a reference to buy my family’s health insurance.
    One more point should be included health insurance that covers terrorist acts and natural disasters.

    1. Thanks for your comment Jayashree

  126. Mandar says:

    I am 32 year old, my wife 27 yrs and daughter 4 month old. My parents are 65 and 50 yrs old. Is it better to buy three policies ?:
    1. One for both parents
    2. One for for daughter
    3. One for for me and my spouse.

    Also suggest policies providing Super Top Up.

    1. I would suggest , buying 1 policy for yourself , wife and kid . And individual policies for parents.

      I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  127. Joseph says:

    Hi Manish

    Nicely compiled article about buying health insurance. I am looking to take a family floater for my self spouse and child. We have not health issues but as a precaution we are looking to take one. Can you suggest any of the current insurers who are good in the market having no cap on room rent, covering medicines + hospitalisation+ doctors with no copayment charges and all of the above you mentioned in your article?


    1. Hi Joseph

      Religare has a good policy and suits your requirement also , here is a detailed review –


  128. Dharmendra says:

    Hi Manish,
    Very good article. Very clear. Thanks.
    Please help me decide. I want to ensure myself (38 yrs), my wife (33 yes) and 4 years kid.
    I have zeroed town to Religare CARE with NCB, Apolo Munich Optima RESTORE and Star Family Health Optima.
    1. Which is the best policy (value comparison)?
    2. I could not see anything like “Super Topup”. Is it same is “restore”? Which policy provide that?
    3. Should I take critical illness cover additionally? Do these companies provide that? Should I buy it together with health policy?

    You may suggest other policies, if you feel that there are other policy which provide a better value proposition.


    1. Dharmendra says:

      I want to go for sum insured 5-6 lacs.

    2. Religare I understand more at this point , so cant comment on others

  129. Deepu says:

    Hi Manish,

    We have a Citibank good health policy (New India Assurance) under which my husband, myself and my daughter have a cover of Rs.500000 each for over 14 years. What I need to know is this is under the Citibank group ( credit card) cover and if I want a Super Top up as mentioned in your article, can I get it from the same Insurance provider. Secondly if I need to break away from this group insurance and take it directly with New India Assurance would I still be eligible for the loyalty bonus. Finally do I need to take additional cover for critical ailments like cancer or would all policies cover that?

    Looking forward to your advise

    Best Regards

    1. Hi Deepu

      The policy you are talkign about is mainly a policy taken because of tie up . Its already 14 yrs, so we can assume that it will last longer. But I strongly suggest that you take a policy through company directly . Read


  130. Rohit says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have read in other forums where customer said that after 7 years of claim free duration, insurer increased premium of health insurance.
    Can you please throw some light on this? Can they increase premium at a later stage?

    1. Hi Rohit

      Age bracket changes the premium anyways, Its true for all companies, however claim based loading is not allowed now . Can you share the exact comment which you read ?


      1. Rohit says:

        Hello Manish,
        Here is one message posted on mouthshut:

        “I had purchased ICICI Lombard in 2008. Till 2015 I had not made any claims and therefore my sum insured grew to Rs.600000/- due to No Claim Bonus. In 2015, for my wife’s surgery I had to make a claim. The claim was for a cash less hospitalisation, which the company had settled in full without any hassles. For this service I give full 100 marks to the company.

        But it was a shock when I was asked to renew my policy and the premium came to Rs. 42, 237/- for two years. My last premium paid was Rs.23, 190/- in 2013. I am 54 years and my wife 53 years. Some how this jump in premium does not satisfy me. If the company had given me bonus then they should not calculate the premium on the bonus value. That’s what I feel. I hope ICICI Lombard will review their views. I can be contacted on 939003xxxx. ”

        Does it mean that they will keep on increasing premium with age?

      2. Rohit says:

        Here is another:

        “My ICICI Lombard Health Policy number is 4034i/CHI/716****/00/000. I have this health policy since 2008 and renewing it after every 2 year for amount Rs. 8800 around, as per the rules. Now suddenly these people are asking me to renew this policy for Rs. 20000 & saying that they have added new features and your old policy is now no more.

        I asked them to continue with existing feature but they are saying that, old policy does not exist now & I have to pay 20 K to renew this policy since my age has also increased. Right now I don’t want to pay premium more than double of what I was paying earlier.

        How can they change this product and charge me more than double? Is it valid to change the premium when age is increased? Right now I want to continue with this policy with same premium, since it is old one. Please help me on this.”

        1. Hi Rohit

          I think there is no issue with ICICI . Health insurance premium are not fixed like life insurance. it increases as the age band changes. Note that in start of age the change is very less, if someone moves from 25-30 yr age band to 30-40 , the change will be small . But in older age, when the bank changes the premium difference is very high . Its not ICICI , but with all the companies.

          In the example you have given, I think the old person didnt read his policy documents properly and was not aware about this fact. Read my article to understand this better


          1. Rohit says:

            Hi Manish,

            Actually after reading that article only I started finding about ICICI Lombard because I have taken that policy for 10 Lacs.
            I found that there is no sub-limit on room rent and no co-pay
            no-claim bonus is there
            I am not sure about “Restore of Sum insured”

            Should I port into Religare?

            1. Rohit

              Ideally if the policy is good enough, you should stay with it. A more detailed analysis is required to understand if you should port it or not .

              I suggest get in touch with coverfox team by clicking on and talking to them about this.


  131. pranav says:

    I want to take health insurance with coverage of maternity benefit. I am confused about the company which provide this benefits. Is there any public sector company available which cover this benefit?


    1. Hi pranav

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  132. Satish says:

    Hello sir,

    At the outset, sorry about the long post…

    I am taking up a medical insurance plan provided by my employer through United India Insurance Co. Ltd with cover for my dependent parents (Mom 51 & Dad 61 yrs old) in addition to spouse and my child. The original coverage is for 3 lacs for which the company pays and for an additional cover of 1 lac I have to pay 10163 INR. Now, in addition to this, there is provision for an optional top-up cover. I am confused with the wordings that read as below.
    Optional Top Up Cover
    An optional top-up cover of additional sum insured is also available in addition to any of the abovementioned base plans. Coverage for you and your family members will be as per the base plan opted for. The additional premium payable for the same is as per details mentioned below:
    For 200000, premium is 4836 INR and for 300000, premium is 5481 INR and for 400000, premium is 5804 INR

    Features of the top up cover
    The terms and conditions are identical to those of the basic policy comprising of co-pay, disease/ailment wise capping, pre and post hospitalization benefits, etc.
    All sub-limits and capping will be applied as per sum insured of the base plan.
    Top-up cover will get activated when sum insured / disease / major surgery sub-limit is exhausted. Once the sub-limit is exhausted, the same sub-limit clause becomes applicable again in the top-up (Up to Maximum Top Up Sum Insured opted).
    Top-up cover utilization for hospitalization expenses will be covered under cashless benefit subject to policy admissibility.
    Expenses related to maternity benefits are excluded from the scope of the top-up cover.
    Items deducted under a claim processed under family floater (of the base plan) like excess room rent / ICU rent / non-payable items / co-payment amount cannot be claimed under top-up cover.
    I have the following questions
    What is your advice on the top up cover?
    Also how do I find out if I can carry forward with the same insurance in case I leave this company?
    I am not savvy with the wordings on the insurance policy / terms. Would you suggest that I take an additional plan separately?

    Thanks in advance for your support

  133. Devendra says:

    Dear All

    I want a health policy for My self+wife+2 Children
    Sum assured 3 to 5 lacs

    Kindly suggest which policy company is better then any other & why


    1. Hi Devendra

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  134. Sir /mamI want know about medical insurance which is cash less pls tell me about for the best medical insurance company

    1. Hi Jyoti

      Now a days, almost all the policies are cashless. YOu can do on thing . I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  135. Ashutosh says:

    Hello Manish,

    I am going to move abroad in couple of months . I don’t have a health insurance in India but i will have one in Germany because it is mandatory there . I am currently going there for an indefinite period of time . And there is a chance that i may or may not return to India for a long time .

    But in case even if return to India , let’s say for example after 3 years, should i go for a health policy right now and pay the premiums while i am working abroad ?

    Your suggestions would help me understand this situation better .


    1. Ashutosh

      If you are coming back in 3-4 yrs , then it makes sense to take the policy right now because these health insurance is for long term future and not immediate need. I would say YES . The best thing you can do is that you can go to and leave your details there. You will get an expert call on this and help !

  136. vips says:

    Hi Manish
    I’d like to buy health insurance covering me, my wife and my parents. Now, my father’s age is 61. So when I choose family floater, the premium take the highest aged person into account and it gets too expensive.
    How do I go about buying health insurance ensuring premium is not too much to bear? Should I buy multiple insurance, One for me, my wife and mother, and individual for father? Please advise.


    1. Hi Vips , you should take one single policy . Your premium will not be very high if your age is below 40. Try to check Religare care policy. I have already written about it here –

      Also I suggest you leave your details at and you will get expert help on this


      1. Vipul says:

        Thanks Manish.

        My age is 28. My wife’s 27, mother’s 54 and father’s 61. SIngle policy gives me a higher premium as it calculates on the basis of highest aged among the family.


        1. Hi Vipul

          Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

          You can then take the decision.


  137. Rahul says:


    Thanks a lot for the effort that you guys have put in. This article is really helpful and I have recommended it to a lot of people. I was going through the IRDA annual report and noticed that people pay a lot of attention to claim incurred ratio. But I have a different opinion.

    Claim incurred ratio should be high but not very high. I am perfectly fine if the health insurance company is making profits as long as they are able to provide the best of services at the time of need. And hence, in my personal opinion, private companies are mis-represented here because they are relatively new and have more expensive products. Hence, their ratio will be lower than the long-standing companies. I think a rati around 60-75% should be fine. Company is profitable, will not change terms and keep continuing the product.

    The right metric to look should be the claim settlement ratio. But I was not able to find that metric in IRDA report for Health Insurance products (not for life insurance products). Again, this will be little biased towards long standing companies but still a a better metric to see than claim incurred!!

    So, two questions:
    1. Am I missing anything in my interpretation? Please share your thoughts on claim incurred and claim settlement ratio?
    2. Is there a document I can access to compare the claim settlement ratio in Health insurance companies


    P.S. I am researching to buy health insurance for my parents worth 5 lacs. Hence, zeroed down to Apollo Munich Optima Restore (no rent limit). Open to suggestions based on people experience. Looking for a top-up / super top-up plan that goes well with it.

    1. Ravi says:

      Please check Max Bupa – Health Companion Health Insurance Plan – Health Companion Individual/Family. This is the cheapest and best value for money in the market based on my research on all the Health Insurance product in Indian market.

      1. Thanks for your comment Ravi

    2. Hi Rahul

      Thanks for your sharing your valuable comment on this topic. Please keep sharing your views in future also


  138. pradeep says:

    pls snd me .

  139. Vipul says:

    Hi Manish
    I’d like to buy health insurance covering me, my wife and my parents. Now, my father’s age is 61. So when I choose family floater, the premium take the highest aged person into account and it gets too expensive.
    How do I go about buying health insurance ensuring premium is not too much to bear? Should I buy multiple insurance, One for me, my wife and mother, and individual for father? Please advise.


    1. In that case, you should buy a seperate cover for yourself + wife + kids and for your father take a seperate one .

      Another good option is to buy it from Oritenal and put your kid as primary one , that way the premium will come down a lot .

      I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  140. BSChauhan says:

    My father age 77 yrs kindly suggest for policy Mediclam

    1. Hi BSChauhan

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  141. aditya says:

    I am aged 30 and want a insurance for wife and 2 month baby.

    1. Hi aditya

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  142. satya says:

    M looking for a health insurance which can cover. …me my wife and my new born baby … age 35 smoking abd no alcoholic wife 25 year heathy born
    Kindly provide suitable policy which can cover ….
    1.Critical illness
    2.No capping …city wise/diease wise etc
    3 . portability feature
    4.Waiting period suitable
    5 . chhattisgarh state wise better
    Can serve health issue of my newborn baby n future baby sufficiently
    6.good claim settlement.

    1. Hi satya

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  143. ANKIT says:

    hii manish,
    i want to know about medical policy.
    Actually we r four members in my family & we don’t have any previous medical problem. My father & motherage is 54 & 48 . Me & my sis age is 16 &15. So would u please suggest me “How much cover is sufficient for us & which company policy is better).

    with regards

    1. I suggest you take a separate plan for yourself and sister. And for your parents you take separate individual policies. Better take a minimum 5 lacs policy

      Also I suggest, that you go to and leave your details to get expert help !

  144. srinivas says:

    My wife applied for Synd Arogya Family Floater policy ( United India Insurance Co) in 2007 and the policy was issued with a period of validity from 05/02/2007 to 04/02/2008. It covers our 2 children, her parents besides myself. Since then, the policy was regularly renewed without a break up to 04/02/2012. But in the year 2012, the policy was renewed from 13/02/2012 (Valid from 13/02/2012 to 12/02/2013) i.e. Instead of renewing from 05/02/2012; it was renewed from 13/02/2012. In the subsequent year, it was renewed from 13/02/13 to 12/02/2014.
    I need clarification as to whether the policy is continuous from 2007? Or As the policy is renewed from 13/02/2012 instead of 05/02/2012, do you feel there is a break in the continuity of the policy?

    The policy is renewed without break and the current coverage is for Rs. 5 Lakhs. My present age is 40 yrs and my wife is 37, kids 7 and 10, her parents aged 60 and 55. My elder son was diagnosed with congenital heart problem after I took the policy and he is on daily medication. I did not make a single claim so far. But the policy stated that pre existing diseases will be after 3 consecutive claim free years without any hopsitalisation for the pre existing ailment. Presently the policy’s maximum coverage is Rs. 5 lakhs and there is no chance to increase it further,.

    Can my policy be transferred/ ported to another good company with out losing no claim benefits and coverage for pre existing diseases? Is there is any chance to increase the insurance coverage? Please suggest good alternatives.

    Thanking you sir

    Yours faithfully,

    (GS Reddy)

    1. Yes, I think your policy is in force and it can also be ported . I suggest you reach out to and leave your details there and then they would help you on this


  145. VICKYTHAKUR says:

    HI SIR

    1. Hi Vicky

      Reliance has a good policy, but I think you should also check out Max Bupa , L&T and some other plans too . I suggest reach out to and leave your details there


  146. Anshul says:


    I have taken a Mediclaim policy for my mother aged 57 years from New India Assurance for a SI of Rs 3 lakhs. She has hypertension and from the past 4 years we have been renewing this policy without any claim. I am presently looking out for extending her SI to Rs 5 lakhs along with that if possible go for a portability option.

    Need your help on below questions :

    1) Which insurance company is best in market to provide good health coverage with better claim settlement ratio.
    2) If I go for portability option and take up health insurance from any other insurance company, then the waiting period of 4 years will not applied by the new insurance company.


    1. Hi Anshul

      1. Best policy can be check only when other details, age, requirement is there.
      2. If you have not had any claims in the past then, portability is possible .

      I suggest checking out things from Coverfox on this. Go to and check out

      1. Anshul says:

        Hi Manish,

        Thanks for your reply. I have gone through your blog wherein you have given pointers about Religare Care Health insurance policy and found it good for my mother for a SI of 5 lakhs. I checked with Religare , but they are not agreeing to provide portability from my mother’s existing New India Assurance Mediclaim policy as she has BP and Thyroid problem.

        1) Is it right for a Health insurance company to decline health policy for portability if the person has existing disease like in my case ..mother has BP and Thyroid problem. We havn’t made any claims in our existing policy from the past 5 years. What is IRDA doing about this ? In such a case, portability is only valid for people who have no existing diseases.

        2) In almost all cases, no health insurance company is going to provide health cover considering my mother existing problem. What options do I have ?

        3) Shall I continue my mother’s New India Assurance policy of SI 3 lakhs and take a new health insurance policy for 5 lakhs from may be Religare and get fresh waiting period of 4 years.

        4) Religare Care doesn’t cover Critical illness, Could you please guide what all diseases come under Critical illness.I wasn’t able to find anything on their brochures.

        I am actually totally confused and need your expert advise.


        1. Hi Anshul

          1. Yes, a company can deny if there are health issues or if there were claims in past in old policy

          2. Have you tried for Oriental ?

          3. Yes, that seems to be the best option as of now

          4. Major illnesses like Stroke, Cancer etc comes under that. But thats a secondary thing .. right now focus on the pure health insurance only./

          I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

          You can then take the decision.


  147. Rohini says:

    Hi Manish, greetings!!…I currently have a health insurance with my employer in chennai for my parents with a family floater of 5 lakes…however I may not continue in this job for long and for safer side I want to take a separate insurance for my parents – dad(61) and mom (52)…no pre existing disease except dad had a kidney stone removal surgery and was covered in the policy with my employer…now I am looking for some good cover outside that can covers most of the ailments and kind of reliable in market…I am kind of doing research and want to take the best for them….can you please suggest. 1) good insurance for parents age 61 and 52?
    2) whether to opt for individual or floater cover with super top up
    3) will a base cover of 5 lakes be a nominal cover
    4) what other factors should I consider?
    5)I have gone thro star health ,Apollo Munich and icici Lombard……yet to go thro oriental as I just got to know abt it from this wonderful forum…can u please suggest a good one for me
    6) I’m settling abroad with my hubby n dad in a couple of months and we have a insurance in that country…shud I take one in India too?

    Sorry for the long post …I had so many doubts in my mind and was excited to see this forum and immediately drafted them ….

    Thanks much

    1. 1. Oriental is one good option ..

      2. Super top up along with a base cover would surely be great !

      3. Yes

      4. Check this

      5. Compare Oriental also and then take decision. Oriental in general is good

      6. If you are not coming to India, then it does not make much sense to take it in India


  148. Sravanthi says:

    Hi Manish,

    Suppose, I take a basic cover of 2L as my employer offers me a health insurance now. Can I increase my cover after some years when I am not working. Will the premium be increased considering the existing policy or will it be considered as a new policy and waiting period will be imposed? What would be the consequences of this? Please suggest.


    1. It will again require your health checkups and the premium will be as per your new age. So its suggested that you take a good cover right now itself


  149. Suresh Babu says:


    Nice article, greetings.

    I’m 55 yrs and under medication for diabetes, BP and cholesterol but all under control. My wife is 45 yrs and 2 sons aged 22 and 17 yrs. I am confused between Mediclaim and Health Insurance policy. Could you please suggest a suitable one for me and family.

    1. Mediclaim and health insurance are same thing

  150. Thiagarajan says:

    Dear Manish Chuhan, Greetings ! God speaks through you, your words changes the lives of many families. My Best Wishes for your selfless service.

    1. Thanks for your comment Thiagarajan

  151. Nikhil says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the article. I’m a regular follower of your articles.

    I’ve a query in terms of Health Insurance. I’ve a individual health insurance of 5 Lacs and employer insurance of 3 Lacs in which parents are also covered but only to a limit of 1.5 Lacs. Recently our company’s TPA has launched a top-up scheme where in one can go for 3 Lacs or 5 Lacs of additional cover for a small premium. So the total cover available is 6 Lacs and 8 Lacs out of which 1.5 Lacs is restricted for parents. Once the threshold of 1.5 Lacs is exhausted, the additional cover will be provided. I wanted to know if this is a good option to go for considering the benefits to parents.

    I would like to know your suggestions on it.


    1. YEs, you should go for it .. Especially for parents ,because you will face difficulty for them

  152. Bobby John Lawrence says:


    Am 36 yrs old and do not have any Health Insurance till now from India. I am an NRI and to date i been covered under my Company’s health insurance. i am interested to go for a policy in india. my dad is 73 and my mom is 64. she is a breast cancer survivor. i would like to know the options of going for a family floater and individual policies. appreciate your help as i am ignorant of the policy systems in India

    1. Hi Bobby John Lawrence

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  153. Anil says:


    My Age is 32 and I am diabetic, I have one daughter and expecting another one.

    Currently, I have Employer 3 lacs health insurance policy. I can pay preuimum of 10K per annumer,
    Please suggest me which Family floater plan should I take


    1. Hi Anil

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  154. Sridharan says:

    I am planning to buy individual policy (sum insured = 3 lakhs) for my parents who are 50+. In that policy PDF file which I downloaded from internet, they have mentioned that we can enhance sum insured at the time of renewal but renewed amount do not covers the disease acquired during preceding policy periods. But when I contacted their customare care, they told me that enhanced sum insured would cover the disease acquired during preceding policy periods . I am confused. What should I Do next? Please suggest me good Individual policies

    1. Mahavir says:

      Hello Sridharan,

      The waiting period for pre-existing diseases will be applied on the enhanced sum insured for the diseases that occur before you have enhanced the sum insured.

      For instance, if X had no disease when he originally bought the policy for Rs. 2 Lakhs Sum Insured. Now he makes a claim in Year 3 for Heart Disease. Subsequent year he applies for upgrade to say Rs. 5 Lakhs. Now, Heart disease would be covered only for 2 Lakhs up to 4 years (PED waiting period) from when the sum insured was enhanced. . After these 4 years, Heart disease would be covered upto 5 Lakhs.


      1. Sridharan says:

        Thanks Mahavir for clearing my doubts

    2. Hi Sridharan

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  155. Johny says:

    Hi, I want to purchase insurance for 65+ parents. Mother has donated one kidney to father 10 years ago. I’m primarily looking for covereage for non-kindey related illnesses. Is there any company who can cover for them?

    1. Mahavir says:

      Hi Johny,

      Regret to say this, but it is very difficult to get cover for your mother. Would suggest you contact a Government bank (Bank of Baroda, PNB, IOB, Canara Bank etc. ) and get covered through their bank mediclaim policy. The services are not good, and you may have to follow up for claims, but you still have a cover, instead of none.


  156. Sahil says:

    I am 30 and my wife is 31, we both have 3-5 lakh health insurance each from our employers. My mother is 56(housewife) and my father is 59(employed by central government). I have taken insurance of 2-3 lakh for my mother from my employer’s associated insurance provider(Bajaj Allianz).
    I am looking to top up the insurance for my mother to at least 10 lakhs and also include my father also. Please help with choosing the right policy for the same and also let me know if i should bu floater or individual or any outside policy at all for myself & my wife also?

    Thanks in advance.

  157. Sudharshan says:

    Hi Manish,

    First of all, thank you for this great article. Its really informative and an eye-opener. And you are doing a great job in pursuing your dream 🙂 Its really great to see such people still there in our modern country.

    Coming to my problem, i have taken a education loan on Sep 2009. Total amount i have taken is Rs.1,89,562 and with all the interest, it is now Rs.2,98,650. Repayment period started this January and i was able to pay only 10,000 till now. Since i was not able pay my EMI’s, my account went NPL. They have sent me a resolution letter. I went there and negotiated with the manager. He gave me two options, one is to settle a amount of Rs.2,80,000 within a period of 30 days or to pay Rs.1,30,000 and pay normal EMI’s for the course of 54 months with interest 14.10. I have agreed upon settling the loan which now i feel is a very bad idea after reading your article. So, i kindly request to give you a good solution to this problem or a suggestion. Please tell what should i do in this situation ? Shall i cancel the deal and go with repaying the EMI’s or someother option is there ? please enlighten me about this.

    Additionally, i also have a bike loan which i’m paying perfectly for the past year and its gonna get over soon. Hope this information helps.

    Thank you,

  158. Hariharan says:

    I would like to take a family floater policy for wife, myself and expected new born baby after 2 months.
    Is it possible to include the baby in the cover after taking the policy?

    1. Yes, its possible ..

      Hi Hariharan

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  159. Brij Mohan says:

    I bought a health insurance policy from ICIC Lombard around 3 years back for my sister, with cover of 2 lacs. Upto 3 years they kept their promise and provided no claim bonus and other incentives as promised.
    The premium was around 3000 pa, now in 2015 while trying to renew the policy they sent me the price just a week in advance and the premium was revised almost 3 fold, around 8000 pa. Forget about giving a 3 months notice in advance they have not given even a month notice in advance.
    After I tried to reach them through mails, they even crossed their turn around time of 72 hours and finally responded back when I reached their 3rd level of escalation with the following mail:
    Dear Customer,

    Greetings of the day!

    We deeply value your relationship with us and are committed to provide you with the highest level of service simply because our customers deserve the very best. Since the launch of the product, the health industry has seen various changes and developments in the health insurance domain.

    In addition to this, recent health insurance guidelines has brought in certain changes in the health insurance policies which are not present in our existing product and makes it imperative for us to provide you with an enhanced product that suits your requirements. Some mandatory changes, as applicable in all the health policies, are listed below:

    • Lifetime renewability

    • No Claims based loading on renewals

    • Additional Sum Insured of 10% of Annual Sum Insured provided on each renewal for every claim free year upto maximum of 50%. In case of a claim under the policy, the accumulated Additional Sum Insured will be reduced by 10% of the Annual Sum Insured the following year.

    In line with the regulatory changes and to provide you with the best available features, we have decided to withdraw the existing product w.e.f 1st October, 2013. We are pleased to confirm that our new product is compliant as per the health guidelines.

    You may visit our website for a copy of the same. Our new Health Insurance proposition for you will continue to offer the same features as your current plan. Along with it, you will have additional benefits and coverage like:

    • Reduced PED waiting period of 2 years for Sum Insured Rs 3 lacs and above

    • Lifetime floater benefit (earlier it was restricted to 60 years of age)

    • Value-added services like free health check up coupons, online chat with doctor, Dietician and Nutrition e-consultations, discounts on offer with our health care partners etc Your current plan(s) will continue until, but not beyond, your next renewal date.

    You shall also be entitled to Continuity benefit on Pre existing diseases and other time bound exclusions and additional sum insured wherever applicable. Given the rising health care costs and the additional benefits mentioned above the new product will come with upward revision in the premium. Along with this, our new product will have some optional benefits which can be availed at an additional premium:

    • Sum Insured option upto Rs 50 lacs

    • Option to reduce Premium with Sublimit option

    • Critical Illness and Personal Accident covers for financial security during life’s exigencies

    • Option to choose from a wide range of coverage like Maternity Benefit ,Outpatient treatment with Wellness Services and Preventive Health Care, Nursing at Home cover, Compassionate Visit cover and Medical Evacuation cover for evacuation to the nearest hospital under a medical emergency condition.

    If you have any further questions or comments regarding this matter, please feel free to call us at 1800 2666 or email us at

    Wishing you and your family a healthy living!

    Warm Regards,

    Priya Mhatre
    Customer Relationship Team
    ICICI Lombard GIC LTD.
    My question is
    1. What is that extra facility they have provided which shoots the premium 3 fold in just 3 years
    2. What is the gurantee that they will not increase the premium once again.

    Seems like they are openly cheating people, and problem is notice of 2 weeks wont left you with much option other than just accept their blackmailing.

    And moreover I am based in United States and my sister is in Jamshedpur, she can’t just keep fighting with these people all alone.

    I am planning to reach next level of escalation now, but who will take responsibility as she is uncovered by health insurance now, as I denied the charges and decided not to go ahead with these blackmailers.

    1. Hi Brij Mohan

      I am not sure on this . You can reach to the next level of escalation and see the reply. Also inform us about it


    2. Mahavir says:

      Hello Brij Mohan,

      Please don’t discontinue the policy. You still have a grace period of 30 days after expiry. In case you have not crossed this grace period please renew it for now. Let me explain.

      The earlier product had certain conditions that were not exactly customer friendly. These conditions have been disallowed as per the new health insurance regulations.

      For instance, the earlier ICICI product had an maximum age of 70 years, which meant that after the age of 70 your sister would be without health insurance coverage. The new law forced Insurance companies to stop their existing products and introduce new products that complied with these regulations. Now, bringing in all these changes has resulted in increase in premium.

      Ofcourse, the premium hike looks very high, but if you look at it the other way round, a Rs. 2 Lakh cover for Rs. 8000 is still better than your sister being exposed to healthcare expenses of Rs. 2 Lakhs. Even if you end up making one claim of Rs. 1 Lakh in 10 years you will recover this money.

      Hence, I would suggest review this policy in the grace period, if possible. Next year, 2 months before renewal you can apply for portability through an multiple insurance brand adviser like Coverfox.

      Hope this helps.


  160. SANJAY KISHORE says:


    I had taken Royal Sundaram Family Health Policy through CITI Bank in 2013. The details are as follows:-

    Sanjay Kishore
    Sum Assured: 4 lac

    Shalini Yadav Kishore
    Sum Assured: 4 lac

    Atulya Vaibhav Rai
    Sum Assured: 3 lac

    Advitiya Vaibhav Rai
    Sum Assured: 3 lac

    My renewal is due next month. I have received a letter to renew the policy but dramatically the premium amount had been increased. I have been asked to pay Rs. 16928. Earlier the premium amount was Rs 14406.

    can you suggest me better policy? Can I port?

    I am looking for rs 10 lac family floater policy


      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  161. Rishav Goel says:

    Star Health And Allied Insurance …. Senior Branch Manager of AD – 48 Branch Office, Saltlake Kolkata, MR.SABUJ KUMAR NAG, HARASSED and used SEVERE ABUSIVE LANGUAGE when I went to him regarding policy claim issues. He also candidly claims that he is just interested in selling policy and doesn’t care whether the claims are justified or not.
    Mr Panda, the Sales Agent, before the treatment assured me with all background checkup and consultation that the certain medical ailment is totally covered under the policy but after undergoing treatment, I got a letter stating denial of claims for the same. I highly urge Senior Executives to look into atrocious matter and take severe actions against such poor inefficient Manager who uses power of the chair and indulges in filthy vernacular to get rid of problems. I request other people to SHARE this and to shift their policies to reliable companies.
    Policy Number – P/191119/01/2011/000050

    1. Hello Rishav,

      You must complaint. Please check this link:

      The entire process is out here:

      Once you have tried a couple of steps let us know, we can guide you further.

      Mahavir from

    2. Hey Rishav Goel

      Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. It was a great learning.


  162. Simanta says:

    Hi Mahavir,
    First of all, thanks for sharing this excellent post.
    Can you kindly advise for me- I am in doubt which will be better for me and my family. Want to do 5 lacs policy for 4 persons.(40 years me & wife, one son : 5 yrs & another son 5 month.

    1. Hello Simanta,

      Advise on suitable health insurance depends on various factors (Health condition/Medical History/Location etc.) as mentioned in the article above.

      Would recommend you to leave your number here, and we will have an expert guide you through. Note, you have no obligation to buy from us – you can stop our calls at anytime.

      Leave your details at:

    2. Hi Simanta

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  163. srikamth says:

    Excellent Post. Very Useful.

    1. Thanks for your comment srikamth

  164. Ankita says:

    My friend had contacted Coverfox for a policy. He shared all the information with the executive who assured that Policy will be issued without any concerns. He was happy. But later he got a loading intimation & when he asked coverfox executive, he was told they cannot do anything as this is a per Insurance company’s terms & conditions. They said if he is not happy he can refund the policy.

    Is this the way Coverfox functions? I am surprised with this careless attitude & would not recommend anyone buying from them as their focus is only on sales & not on service or understanding the customer’s details & keeping him informed about possible outcomes.

    Just having a fancy website & funny blogs wont keep coverfox up there. There is no seriousness about business.

    1. Hi Ankita,

      Apologies for not being able to meet your/your friend’s expectations.

      I understand from your comment, that the prime issue you are raising is with respect to the tonality used by our advisor when communicating that the Insurer has applied certain additional premium loading on your friend’s policy.

      Would like delve deeper into this to understand what exactly happened. Request you to please share details of your friend here, or you can email me on my email address: mahavir (at) coverfox (dot) com for us to look into the matter, and respond with resolutions and next steps.

      Please be assured that beyond the look of our portal, we are a bunch of committed professionals working towards making Insurance transparent and convenient for its customers both before and after sale.

      I will personally ensure that this problem is resolved to the best of your satisfaction.

      Mahavir Chopra
      Director – Health Insurance,

    2. Hello Ankita,

      Following up here.

      We have investigated the matter deeper. Your friend was in touch with 2 of our team members – 1) our Advisory team member and 2) our Client servicing team leader.

      There have been multiple discussions where our client servicing team has advised/explained your friend on how the loading system works. Since both the parents have diabetes, loading applied by the Insurance company was not invalid.

      We will however still take your feedback positively, and ensure we better our communication, give proactive communication about possible loading, and become more conscious/sensitive/empathetic in such scenarios like cancellation/loading.

      Apologies again,

      Director – Health Insurance,

      1. Ankita says:

        How does it matter Mr. Chopra both the teams are with Coverfox. Are you saying your teams work in silo & do not know the regulations?

        I would not recommend anyone to buy from you if this is the state of things.

        Anyways. Thanks

        1. Dear Ankita,

          Premium loading are not as per any “Regulations”. These are decisions taken by the Insurance company on unique case-to-case basis. Hence, as an advisor to the customer, we do not give any assurance on how the Insurance company will underwrite (assess risk) on your declarations.

          At Coverfox, we have made best efforts in multiple calls to educate the client on why these premium loading have been applied by the Insurance company. We also offered assistance to the client to get his proposal submitted to another Insurance company.

          All said and done, and as mentioned earlier, we will still take your feedback positively, and ensure we are more sensitive to meet expectations of our customers.



  165. Piyush Kothari says:

    Hi Manish/ Mahavir

    Thanks alot for this informative article on Health insurance. I learned a lot things from it.

    I have some questions about insurance companies.

    # PSU or private insurance company (I live in a small town Neemuch in MP where only PSU insurance companies offices available)

    # Local office of insurance companies are matter or not for health insurance.

    # Is there insurance company matters or we have to look for insurance plan in first place.

    Which company we have to choose, if you don’t want say any specific company name than how we can choose it. Please provide some filters to choose right company. I have three concerns in my mind for long term (imperishable company, good service & premium increment in future.

    # Do i buy online or buy from any local insurance agent.


    1. Hi Piyush Kothari

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


      1. Piyush Kothari says:

        Dont bother to just copy paste & reply. You are not bound to reply any of us. If you dont want to.

      2. Hi Piyush

        I would have talked to coverfox to get a reply on your case, because it requires a deeper understanding which I don’t have. Hence I had redirected you to them directly , so that you could get your answers in the fastest way possible .

        Its not that I dont want to answer your query, but it was a simple query and I had to anyways coordinate with more expert in this area.

        Incase you felt bad for that, I apologize !


    2. Hello Piyush,

      # It does not matter whether you buy a PSU plan or a Private Insurance co. plan. You can always make reimbursement claims. In case Cashless hospitalization is key for you to make a decision I would recommend you to check our portal where you can compare Network Hospital coverage for your pin-code Insurance company wise.
      I looked up for one of the pincodes of Neechum (458441) and did see decent number of hospitals covered. However I am unable to place how far these are from this location.

      #Local offices will provide you comfort to submit your claims physically. But you will limit your choices. Also, in case of disputes, exceptions, local offices do have a drawback that they would be able to manage only upto a certain extent
      Local offices do not matter for Cashless claims, as these are processed from a single location, on a national level

      #Insurance company credibility does matter. You will need to do thorough research to find out whether a company is really good at their service. It is better to depend on a professional intermediary and their experience with Insurers when they recommend products – to understand credibility. Intermediaries like brokers have massive experience managing claims from their customers to be able to guide you correctly. All Insurance companies pay the same brokerage to Brokers like Coverfox, and hence there is no room for bias.

      #Online provides you neutral comparison. Agents communication over calls/online is recorded, hence tends to be cleaner. Agents deal with local offices, whereas a good online insurance broker will deal with direct head offices, and hence the influence to get quick resolution is much higher.

      Trust this resolves your queries.

      Mahavir Chopra from Coverfox

  166. RAMESH CHANDRA says:

    hi, I am year 41 old and looking for health insurance policy for my entire family(2+3). having 3 kid, 2 , 7 & 12 years respectively. Looking for sum assured 3-5 Lac

    Pls suggest good one. I am also getting call fm Apollo Munich as well. Pls advise if this is good company( health optima restore )

    Pls advise.


      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  167. Amit says:

    Hi, Could you please let me abut the waiting period.
    I have a group medical insurance cover from my existing employer and if i want to buy medical policy from e.g Religare or Max Bupa will waiting period condition is applicable if i share the existing policy number (employer).

    I heard from someone if we share the existing policy number then we can ask for no waiting period.


    1. No Amit

      Its not so straight forward. But if you have not made any claims till now, then I think something can be done. I suggest you go to and leave your details there, They will guide you. Also let me connect you to them directly


  168. Saurabh Darshan says:

    Hi! How about ICICI Health Saver ? Been investing since last 5 years. My Aim was health insurance for family + tax savings in Sec 80D + equity linked return in invested money. Rgds

    1. Hi Saurabh Darshan

      I think its a ULHP , right ?

      I do not recommend it as such. Why not take a proper health cover for 80D and invest seperately for 80C

  169. Krishna says:

    I have taken a L&T my: health medisure super top policy. However, policy is given only for a year and it looks like I have to renew every year. Does it mean that insurance company can deny any time for the renewal? this is as good as not having any policy. Please comment.

    1. NO

      Yearly thing means that you paying for a year. and then will pay it again. Renewals are all life. But you can always stop it if you want

  170. gayathriiyer says:

    Hi, A very good and descriptive article! We have been looking for buying health insurance for myself (34 yrs) and my wife(30 yrs) for sometime but faced with below 2 questions:

    1) For now, my work covers all medical expenses (including hospitalization expenses) for both – me and my wife. Hence, we have been putting off buying as we have not been able to reach a conclusion on whether it is required now at all. Our take was to buy health insurance – if in future I change my job or if any changes in terms of reimbursements at work. Please advice.

    2) Is there any advantage in taking insurance now – in terms of freezing the future premiums? (like- in case of life insurance where premium is same for the entire payment tenor – and makes sense to buy early) – is the logic same for health insurance also- as in if I get good premium today at current age- will it be same every year/ every time I renew?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. You definitely need a health cover even if you have company covers. Tell me 4 things

      1. What will happen if you move to some new company and they don’t provide you health cover and over the years when you were in first company, you developed an illness?

      2. What is the guarantee that your current employer will not remove the benefits in coming times?

      3. What after retirement ? Do you think after many years you will get the cover easily ?

      I strongly suggest that you buy a policy for yourself

      I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  171. pavan says:


    I am physically handicapped like my right is blind please tell that i am eligible to buy health insurance or not

  172. Amit Patil says:

    Dear Manish/Mahavir,

    first i want to say Big Thank you, for great efforts.

    I am 31 yrs, i have parents, my wife and two daughters (1.5 yes) dependent on me. I am looking for good family floater with sizable term. for which i should go.

    I have purchased health cover from L&T for my mom and dad is that one is good. if not should i continue investing or stop it (investing since last 2 yrs).

    Best Regards,
    Amit Patil

    1. Yes L&T is a good one .. you can continue that

  173. J vijayalakshmi says:

    Which insurance companies offer super top up health insurance without capping on room rent.

    1. Hi J vijayalakshmi

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  174. Manasi Gopalakrishnan says:


    You have mentioned about claim based loading in your article.. can u please explain what it is?


    1. Earlier (Before 2013) Insurance companies used to charge additional premium over and above the standard renewal premium in case of adverse claims experience in the past year.

      This is now not allowed as per Health Insurance Regulations laid down by IRDAI.

    2. It means that company cant raise the premiums because of the reason that you made a claim in your health insurance policy. The premiums can increase, but it will happen because you moved from one age bracket to another. Not other wise


  175. m.nithyanandam says:

    it was very usefull information before buying health insurance policy.

    1. Welcome .. Glad to know that m.nithyanandam ..

  176. ashit kumar basu says:

    Myself got retired my spouse is 50 yes old.I like to have a health insurance plan only rs three lacks.for any emergency I can suggest me which co I should prefer.I contacted religate.maxbupa.cignattk.bhartiaxalife.
    May may I get yr suggestion in my prescribed email I’d before finalisation the matter.I don’t have any other insurance in my life.
    Thanks with regards
    Ashit kumarbasu

    1. Hello Mr. Basu,

      One will need more details before objectively recommending the best insurance plan for you. Details that would be required are like medical history, and current health condition. You need to get through an unbiased adviser who is an expert with all products.

      I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.
      You can then take the decision.

    2. Hi ashit kumar basu

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  177. Sachin M says:

    I want to take Health Insurance Policy (Family Floater) for 2 Adult (Age – 34 & 30) and 1 Kid (2.11 Years).

    I have zeroed down on New India Assurance , Apollo Munich & Oriental.

    Kindly help me picking up one.

    PN – There are no pre-existing disease.

    Sachin M

    1. Hi Sachin M

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  178. C Naik says:

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly suggest best health plan with family floater with below requirement….
    1) family members-2 adut(40 years and 36 yeras) and two children ( 7 year and 8 months). Have no history of prior hospitalisation for atleast last five years beside wife preganancy 8 months back.
    2)super top up with private room eligibilty or no room rent capping.
    3)No claim bonus/high claim settle ment ratio with cashless hospital network in Goa.
    4)With critical illness rider
    5) permanent disabilty cover.
    6) minimum exclusion and maximun inclusion with regards to critical illness
    7) with minimum sublimit.
    Also sugest one good Term policy for 50 lacks. My age is 40 years ( running). No smokin/No tobacco use/No history of existing illness.
    Policy should include maximum nos of critical illnesses and also permanemet disability due to accident or illness./ good claim settlement ratio.

    1. Hi C Naik

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  179. arun gupta says:

    Excellent Article I ever have read. Everything explained in a perfect manner. Honest Guide.

    1. Thanks for your comment arun gupta

  180. Hariharan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for sharing great info.
    Here is my scenario. I am 37, not married yet. My father is 67 an mother is 62. They have been diagnosed and found that father is diabetic. They have covered under an Insurance policy which is bought my brother who is working in a corporate. He had paid 20,000 for covering 1 lakh policies for each of my parents. Now i want to cover 5 Lakh policy for three of us with yearly medical checkup, free surgery(including minor one) and cashless room rent etc. I don’t mind paying high premium however i need to make sure that i won’t be paying any money in case of emergencies. Also need your suggestion on accidental insurance policy as well. I have zeroed in on ICICI earlier however many of acquaintance are suggesting starhealth. I am confused and i heard very bad about MAXBoopa especially on claim part.


    1. Hi Hariharan

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  181. Milind says:

    I am 53 years and my wife 49 years. This is the first time we are buying medical policy , so far we have been covered by our employer. Pl suggest best options in PSU and Private for basic cover of 5 lakh and top up of 15 lakh

    1. Hi Milind

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  182. rajpal singh says:

    my age is 47 would like to know is there any long term health policy for my family of 4 for single premium,long term means how many years

    1. Hi rajpal singh

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  183. karan says:

    Dear expert

    suggest me a best & clear mediclaim policy.. for my family..we are live in new delhi.
    in family( me-30 yrs, wife-25 yrs, child- 2 mnth)


    1. Hello Karan,

      There is no a single policy that can be suggested. You need to contact an expert who can help understanding your needs and suggest the most suitable plan for you.

      You can talk to Coverfox representatives, without any obligation to buy from us. It is a free service. You can stop the calls when you want them.

      Request a call back through the following link:

  184. Abhi says:

    Hey Mahavir,

    I have an Oriental Happy Floater for myself (25) and my parents (51, 46) after consultation from a leading broker in mumbai. I was planning a hospitalization when it struck me that the PPN list of these public sectors companies in pune has disempanelled most renowned hospitals in pune, after the recent fiasco regarding the rates been given to these hospitals. The Hospitals that remain on the PPN list, in most metros too, are mostly tier 2.

    This defeats the very purpose of taking a bigger sum assured when I cannot avail cashless facilities from better hospitals in the city when in need. Its kinda frustrating too.

    I was thinking of porting to a private insurer like Apollo which has a extensive number of hospitals on its network, plus without the hassel of a TPA too.

    But then as you say most times, these insurers havent been tested with claims from older people as much as the public insurers.

    This is a classic insurance buyers dilemma I guess 🙂

    What would you suggest, me sticking with Oriental and having a strongly service oriented broker or porting off to an Apollo or a Religare? I need to take this decision before renewal as postponing this will create porting issues as my parents age would be considerably high in a couple of years.

  185. ravi says:

    hi..myself ravi… i wanted to know the difference between the appollo munich health insurance & the same appollo munich health insurance offered by canara bank..there is a lot of difference in the premium, canara bank premium is too less compared to the regular appolp munich.. i am in a confused state which one to opt…are there any hidden conditions in canara bank appollo munich health insurance. kindly help me out and thanks in advance

    1. The main difference is that the control of the policy is with you in case you buy it directly from Apollo, whereas in case of bank policy the control is with bank. It comes cheaper (with almost same benefits) , because its mainly a short term plan. What if in 2-3 yrs the bank and appolo relation ceases to exist for some reason. Then you dont have any thing in hand, and you have lost 2 yrs. Then gain you restart the process.

      Its a short term temptation with no long term benefits and I suggest you dont do that. You should mainly buy a health insurance policy on your own. I say that you go to and leave your details there. They will give you a call and help you understand everything about it


      1. ravi says:

        thank you..

  186. Melvin Varghese says:

    I want to buy a family floter for me and my parents. My dad is 60 and he recently got a heart attack and a angioplasty done , mom is 50 with no major problems . Should a i look for seprate policy from my dad. which policy do you suggest ?

    1. Hi Melvin

      Its tough for your dad to get health insurance policy now, because the event has occured and now its not going to make any business sense from company point of view. I suggest you talk to our health insurance partner coverfox on this . Go to and leave your details there

  187. AMIT JOSHI says:


    1. Hi AMIT JOSHI

      We will have to find out more on this . It requires discussion, do one thing

      You can visit and fill up your details there, you will get an expert call


  188. Ashish Gupta says:

    Very useful post. And very eye-opening info on room rent. Bought policies twice in past. Wasn’t aware of it, while I consider myself having gone through wording. Seems like have to go through like lawyer with fine tooth comb!

    1. Hi Ashish Gupta

      You should have done that !

  189. sujai says:

    i have taken health insurance policy (max bupa -sliver ,coverage of 2 lakhs ) for my
    father Age =60,
    policy taken on Feb-2014 ( under grace period now)
    The premium (Rs:13561) seems to be costly, No claming done it now
    can i go for insurance portability ?
    if so which is one is good to adopt?
    please suggest

    1. Sujai

      You can go to and leave your details. They will help you on portability !

  190. mahesh says:

    please visit ; and tell me this policy is genuine or bogus……???????

    1. Looks Fake to me

    2. Hello Mahesh,

      This is not a fake policy. It is a group health insurance policy for Jain Community.

      Imagine you are the Insurance company, can you take a premium of Rs. 7000 and provide a 60 year old with a heart problem with a sum insured of Rs. 5 Lakhs with no waiting period for existing diseases? How will the Insurance company ever make money? Where will the money come from once the collected sum is exhausted? At Rs. 7000 cover, even if 1000 people enroll – the premium collected is Rs. 70 Lakhs for a cover of 50 Crores – with no limits, no waiting periods.

      It is not sustainable as a cover, at all.

      Such policies start with a great intent, to serve the community, get a lot of fanfare from ignorant population looking for “sure lottery” type of health insurance.

      In my career I have seen too many such policies dying out leaving members/customers high and dry after a couple of years.

      Please avoid.

  191. Girish says:

    Respected Sir,

    1. My name is Girish and I am 39 years old (Wife 35)I would like to take health insurance for us (no children yet).

    2. I would like to take health insurance for my parents, Father (70+) mother (60) and I have one elder sister (age 41-deaf)

    Could you advice me on the good reliable health insurance which can help me.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Hi girish

      I will connect you with our health insurance partners .You can also visit and leave your details

  192. Gaurav Doshi says:

    Hi Manish,

    This is a fantastic Article.

    Even inspired by you and other articles I have complied my list. Just sharing if helps the audience. Not as informative as yours but an attempt. But they are 25 points.


    1. Hi Gaurav Doshi

      Thanks for your sharing your valuable comment on this topic. Please keep sharing your views in future also


  193. anuj kumar says:

    I m 30 yr old married having single newly born baby.
    Father-53yr old
    Mother-48 yr
    Which policy suited me best with regards yours 13 point suggetions

    1. Hi Anuj

      Relgiare Care is one good option . I think you can explore that. I suggest leave your details at and you will get all the help

  194. raman mehta says:

    Hi i am 46 year old and till now was using group health insurance policy of the organisation which i used to work for. now i want to purchase an individual health policy for myself. Is it too late to do that ? what can be the repurcussions of buying health cover at this age ? i am 98 kg though i dont suffer from any disease.

    please guide me

    1. Hi Raman

      I think at this stage, your premium might go up because of the weight. We cant say anything anyways. I think you need to talk to experts on this . Do one thing, go to and leave your details , you will get a call from our health insurance partners and they will help you


  195. Sushil Kumar Pandey says:

    i want to take health insurence policy for myself & my parent.
    my age – 28 year
    father – 60
    mother – 56
    please advice best option to choose.

    1. Hi Sushil

      Just leave your details on and you will get a call with expert .

  196. shaz says:

    I always wonder if I need to take a health insurance for my parents as my DAD works in Central Govt.-Postal Department and as far as I’m aware Govt. will bear their hospitalization costs but could not find the details of it anywhere! What do you suggest?

    1. Shaz

      Ask your father to have clarity about it with the govt office. How to claim that etc

  197. Rushit Doshi says:

    Hi Manish,

    Excellent article on Health Insurances. However just like all the above, i too have some doubts.
    I am 28years old, single , working in the middle-east. I am looking forward to take a policy that will cover medical as well as cover the same for my Mother (58 years old diabetic) and Father (60years old).
    What sort of policy can i opt for. Moreover should i go with the tried and tested, govt. backed companies or private sectors? which one is more reliable?
    I would be really obliged if you can help me figure out the right policy


    1. Hi Rushit

      I think mix of Oriental + Religare might fit in your requirement. But a good discussion on this topic is required. I suggest you do one thing . Leave your details at and the team will connect with you on this matter and assist you


  198. Vijayakumaran says:

    My date of birth is 10-01-1964 and Spouse below 50 years which policy is better if I reside at Palakkad Kerala. Presently I am at UAE and have a medical cover for me 10 LAC Dhirham

    Please advice a best policy for my family prefer from LIC

    1. Hi Vijayakumaran

      Please leave your details at and you will get the help on this topic


  199. Madhumita Das says:

    Hi! I’m a Central Govt. officer. I’m 43 years old. Annual income approx. Rs 14 lacs. I have a daughter aged 11+ years. We are both covered under the CGHS. Neither have hospitalisation record. No critical illnesses. Do I need Health insurance cover, if so how much? My service is transferable. Do health insurance policies cover hospitalisation in any of the Metro, Tier I and Tier II cities in India?

    1. I will reply you on this very soon .

  200. Suresh says:

    Hi Manish
    This was an excellent informative read !!!. Thanks for sharing
    I stay in Pune and would like to for a family floater plan @5lks for now.
    Few of my colleagues recommended me “Bajaj Allianz” but am also reading abt ReliGare. Upon comparison of the 2, if I dont see a considerable or any significant differences in policy, which one should I opt for ? Can you plz advice.
    Am looking at network hospitals and long term sustainability of insurance companies as criteria for selection. Kindly advice


    1. SUresh

      Religare is good policy. I think all you need to do is leave your details on . You will get call from our health insurance partners who will help you on this .


  201. Nilesh Mahajan says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am 40 yr old and my family includes 37 yrs wife, 11 yr son and 6 yr old daughter. I am looking for best health insurance options. I am ok for family or individual cover.

    Which companies are better, PSU or private one. I dont have any advisor.

    Is it OK to buy full plan like 50lacs or start with base plan like for 15lacs and then add top up.

    Pl advice.

    1. Hi Nilesh Mahajan

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  202. Hiii Manish. Thanks a lot for this useful information article. I wanted to know more information about health insurance plan for complete family. Some my friends says that Bajaj Allianz and Oriental Insurance are better in today’s date. Can you help me ????

    1. Hi Siddharth Singh

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  203. Hiii Manish. Thanks a lot for this useful information article. I wanted to know more information about health insurance plan for complete family. Some my friends says that Bajaj Allianz and Oriental Insurance are better in today’s date. Can you help me ????

    1. Hello Anupam,

      Oriental and Bajaj Allianz definitely have some good plans that you can explore.
      Most suitable plan for you completely depends on your age, health condition, people you want to cover. There is no one-size-fits-all “best” plan.

      In case you want customized recommendations without any obligation to buy, you can leave your details at the following link:

    2. Hi Anupam Rastogi

      Thanks for sharing your health insurance requirement. I think the best think you can do is leave your details at . And you will get a expert assistance on selecting and buying the right policy for you.

      You can then take the decision.


  204. Raghav says:

    I follow your blog regularly. I see now that coverfox is the health insurance partner for jagoinvestor. Previously it used to be Medimanage, right?

    Previously Mahavir Chopra used to post on behalf of medimanage. Now he is in coverfox.

    Are you recommending coverfox or medimanage or Mahavir Chopra???

    1. Hi Raghav

      Great that you asked that question.

      Medimanage is still associated with us in some of the other way, we recently directed all our action month participants in the month of december to Medimanage and a lot of our clients and readers who are comfortable with them still buy with them. They are a great company with huge experience. I have my own policy with Medimanage only.

      Coverfox is superior in terms of presentation and overall UI and has a freshness that medimanage lacks. Also Coverfox has a superior line of products like Travel Insurance, Auto Insurance, Health Insurance and Life Insurance is also coming up very soon. Their integration with companies is really amazing . You get your policy in 2 hours at times. So if I keep my reader in front, Coverfox seems to be a better recommendation.

      Mahavir is a great friend and super knowledgeable in the area of health insurance. He was with another company for 2 years (not in medimanage nor coverfox), when I came in touch with Coverfox Founder and helped with some of my inputs in the area of health insurance, its a coincidence that Mahavir is now with Coverfox) . I there will be some other company which is best for my readers, I will start recommending that company later .

      So to answer your questions , I am recommending anything which gives a better experience to my readers and then with any company or person 🙂 . Thanks for raising this, I am sure many others had this question, so glad you brought this point forward 🙂

      Have you visited coverfox ? What are your inputs ?


      1. Raghav says:

        Yes I agree with you in terms of UI and freshness is concerned. Their site looks very refreshing and seems to be more concerned about the customer.
        But this all is front end.
        How are they going to provide the service? How long are they going to sustain in business? I think these things matter most, right?
        Unfortunely this information is very hard to get.

        One more question.
        I have narrowed down to religare care for my health insurance.
        But I am thinking about the solvency a private company Vs PSU company.
        I will claim insurance may be after 20 years. what is the guarantee that either Religare or coverfox is going to be in business by that time?
        If coverfox is not there who is going to support me?
        If Religare is out of business, what should I do?

        Yet another question.
        What is your take on a seperate critical illness policy?

        1. Hi Raghav

          Thanks for your compliments with respect to of our portal. You can visit our portal – and scroll down on the home page to check out the services we offer.

          You are completely right when you say that all this is front end, and service is finally what matters. Every company starts small, what matters is the foundation on which it is built. As an organization Coverfox is founded by seasoned technology professionals from IIT Mumbai and other celebrated institutions. Our investors are funded by marquee funds that have invested into renowned businesses like Justdial, Makemytrip, Flipkart, Bookmyshow, and many more. We are committed to make buying and managing Insurance policies as simple, clean and convenient as possible.

          You are again absolutely bang on that you should have a 20 year outlook with respect to your purchase. In this matter, please be informed that Insurance companies are regulated for liquidity, compliance (like banks) in India by IRDAI. We, as a country have one of the most stringent norms, that ensure that Insurance companies cannot go bankrupt leaving customers high and dry.

          You will have to take bet on an Insurance company and an intermediary to offer you support. No one, even big brands cannot guarantee they will survive for 20 years.

          Lastly, IMO Critical Illness is an important policy that one should buy in today’s day and age. With fast advancing medical science, I believe more and more people will not die, but live with a Critical Illness.

          Mahavir Chopra

  205. NMP says:

    Sir, My age is 61. I have a floater health plan of 5 Lakh with National Insurance . I want to have Top up plan but they refuse saying they do not have such provision. Can I have topup plan with other insurance company. If yes plz. Suggest one. Thanks, Narendra.

    1. Yes, you can have a Super Topup plan from another Insurance company. There is no requirement of having Topup from the same insurance company.

      Some of the good super top up plans are L&T, New India, HDFC, Religare etc. –

      In case you need help in comparison or shortlisting plans, you can submit your details here:

    2. Hi Narendra

      Yes you can take it from any other company . Do one thing, fill up the form here – and you will get a personalised help on this

  206. Prabha Bhalla says:

    My husband , my daughter and I hold a Apollomunich cover Optima Restore policy.
    My daughter has been covered for 15 lacs. She recently had to be admitted for an autoimmune induced optic neuritis and was in the hospital from 9 pm to the evening of next day . Since the hospital has its timing of 12 noon check in /check out. We paid for 2 days hospitalization. Apollo now regrets the claim we put in stating that the number of hours spent was less than 24 hrs. How does this matter. Do they underatdn the admission process itself takes time and in an emergency you have to rush instead of following the non existent fine print interpretation !!Apollo is more of a marketeer . My husband and I wna t to move from it

    1. Hello Prabha,

      If you need an opinion on the way forward with respect to the rejected claims. Request you to email the claim papers and the rejection letter to – We will go through the papers and let you know our interpretation, and also suggest you the way forward.

      Mahavir Chopra

  207. Shaji says:

    Very good article.Its an eye opener.
    My Q is,I am an NRI(Age 41)and having Medical coverage by my company and its valid world wide.I am planning to settle in India after 10 years.Is their a need to buy a Health insurance in India now,or should I wait till I go back to India.Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello Shaji,

      Its better you buy a health insurance now. In case any of your family members suffer from any ailment in the next 10 years, it will become difficult to get a good health insurance policy later. Your choice reduces drastically once you have a health issue.


      1. Shaji says:

        Thank you so much.Really appreciate.

        1. Shaji

          I suggest you leave your details with , so that they can assist you in the process

  208. vijayakumar r yadav says:


    Is it advisable to take a Super Top up Health Insurance in addition to the one provieded by the Employer. Say a L&T Medisure Super top up with threshold of Rs. 5.00 lacs. What is the optimum amount to be insured in super top up. I am 45 yrs and plan to take a super top up family floater.

    Any suggestions / advice.


    1. Hi Vijay

      Supertopup can be taken, but your base policy might go away if employer just removes your benefit . Then what will you do in future ?

  209. Parambir Singh says:

    One more that can I do portability with other company in case bank and insurance company break their contract?

  210. Parambir Singh says:

    Dear Manish,

    I always consider your feedback on various things while financial planning. THANKS:-).
    I have taken Religare Health policy in which premium was due in this month. But I did not pay the premium ,because I planning to take group insurance of oriental family floater through PNB which is provided to the bank account holder only. Can you help me that is there any drawback to take group insurance through PNB? I quit to continue the Religare policy because they are charging high as compare to PNB policy.
    Looking forward to hear from you.

    1. Parambir

      I think it was not a right decision . JUst not continuing the policy because of premium is not right . The policies from bamnk are of short term nature and not great for long term .

  211. Thank yo so much Manish for your immediate response. Basically I am looking for a specific health insurance plan which covers my entire family and the policy has almost all features.

    1. Ok In that case I think Religare is a good option for you , but lets discuss once with coverfox and only then take the final call. Can you please pass on your phone to me on email I have sent you !


  212. anupam says:

    Good day,
    Thanks for the insight regarding the Health Insurance. I have taken a Apollo Munich Optima Restore family Floater of 10L. After reading this article not sure if I have done the right decision.

    It says daily cash for choosing shared accommodation is INR 800 and does not give detail about the other cappings

    PLease advise

    1. Hi Anupam

      Did you check the full brochure, It would surely have other details of cappings , if there are any ! . Overall that policy is good enough !


  213. Ayush says:

    Hi Manish,

    Religare care health insurance states that the sum assured would be topped up (upto a maximum of the sum assured) in case it is exhausted in a year.
    Does this mean that if I buy a policy of 5 Lakhs sum assured, I am actually buying a policy of 10 Lakhs? Kindly clarify.


    1. In a way YES . But its when you exhaust the limit, but when you use it for the first time, so if you have 5 lacs policy and if you use 1 lac, then it will again be restored back to 5 lacs.

      On the other hand if you use it for 3 lacs, then again it will be restored to 5 lacs. But the restored amount cant be claimed for the same problem for which you claimed in that year. I mean if you were hospitalized for issue XYZ , then only the remaining money is available for that same issue and not the full restored amount


      1. Ayush says:

        Thanks for the clarification Manish

  214. Vippan Raj Dutt says:

    Hi Manish/Mahavir,

    Thanks for a very informative article.

    I have following queries :

    a) My organization has fairly good medical policy for serving / retired employees and their dependents. Do you still advise me going for Health Insurance ?

    b) After few years (5 – 8 years) my two children will cross age of 21 and will hopefully not be dependent on me for medical support. How should I plan ?

    Regards, Vippan

    1. Vippan

      1. IF you are assured that those policies will not change and are written on stone , then its fine you can not buy the health insurance provided the features it provides you are good, but if you are talking about generic facility, then please know that most of the employer are slowing moving away from the benefit. I will do a story on this very soon

      2. I think in that case you can get their individual policies.

      I think you should talk to an expert for the planning part . Let me know if you want some one to give you a call and explain you on this .


  215. Sandeep Wagh says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thank you for Nice article.
    Currently I am 35 years old
    I have regular Individual Health Insurance for my family ( self, wife and daughter) each covered Rs 1 Lakh. I have taken the same from New India Insurance co.
    I have covered my family for health Insurance since last six years or more and so single claim so far.
    However, as i could see there is more advantage to go for floater and i asked New India to convert from Individual to Floater but every time they refused such transfer from Individual to Floater. they told me that in that case all your benefits acquired in previous years and NCB will be lost. rather they can’t convert to Floater.

    Please advise is this true? or can i switch to another Insurance company for floater option?

    Sandeep Wagh

    1. Yes, thats correct. They cant just convert it like any policy. There are lots of things involved in that.

      What you should do is try to see another option in family floater and then discard your individual policy after few years. Let me arrange for a call back with an expert on this matter


      1. Sandeep Wagh says:

        Hi Manish,

        I will wait for further information on this matter.

        as I am out of country so if there is anything i can see portal from here.


  216. Hiii Manish. Thanks a lot for this great article. I wanted to know more information about best health insurance plan for complete family. I heard little bit about Apollo Munich Insurance for family. Is is best or is there any better insurance plan better than Apollo Munich Insurance

    1. Anupam

      There is no “best” policy or company in health insurance. It all depends what all is important for you and what are your needs. You need to compare and decide. What I will do is help you in that through our health insurance partner. Let me email you


  217. RAHUL KUMAR says:

    Hello, I want a health insurance (family floater)policy for my family which included me32yrs, spouse30yrs two kids 1 is 2yrs and 2nd is 1 yrs and mother56yrs. Which company policy I would go for. Iwant 3-5 lakhs cover for all.. Pls help me


      Just go to and fill in your details, you will get a call to help you in choosing the best policy for your situation


  218. anuj gupta says:

    Hi mahavir n manish
    I want to take health insurence for my father(53) n mother(47). my father has bp and diabetes and mother is fit but as preexisting condition on most insurance has 4 years and some change to 3 yr on extra premium it is quite heavy to pocket..i was comparing and went to oriental pnb group mediclaim policy and found its premium is low for 5lac(only 7k as compared to other 17-18k) and constant till 80 yr and too pre existing term is only 3 yr ,most of features are similar to oriental happy family plan( silver one).Kindly suggest me whether i should go with it and if not then suggest other policy please

    1. Hi anuj gupta

      Those policies are special arrangement between banks and insurance company and they are suited for short term because the moment the agreement between insurance company and bank goes for a toss, you are again left with no policy . So take it only as the last option .

      I have already explained this in detail here in this article –

      As of now I suggest that you leave your details at and get a call from coverfox to discuss on your issue at length !


  219. Romit Chhabra says:


    In the updated article you have suggested that we should keep 20 years of inflation in mind while deciding the insurance amount. Won’t it be better if we take cover according to current prices and keep it increasing every year or two? And I must tell you that your article came right in time. Only yesterday I had started looking for health insurance.

    1. Romit

      The problem with increasing it year after year is that you might not get it year after year, because each year you will have to go through health checkup and if you develop some illness in between, you will not get the policy at all . So the best thing you can do is , right now take the best cover you can get and afford like 10 lacs to 15 lacs . If your age is low then the premiums are really not that high .

      And if you cant do that, then take the lower cover right now but still take it from a 5 yr point of view and top up the cover later using a super top up cover.

      I suggest you leave your details at and discuss more on your required on call


  220. kumaraswamy says:


    1. Hi kumaraswamy

      At this stage , I think Religare Care is one good option, but just one policy cant be choosen, you need to also look at some more options . Just go to and leave your details. you will get a call with personalised assistance !

  221. Nilesh Shroff says:

    Hi, I am Nilesh first of all thanks for such wonderful article, secondly I want you to pls suggest me a sutaible Health insurance plan which can full fill above all parameters.

    1. Hello Nilesh,

      There is one-size-fits-all Health Insurance plan available in the market. You need to contact an unbiased advisor/broker who would understand your requirements and help you shortlist/choose the most suitable product fitting your requirements/budgets etc.

      We have partnered with Jagoinvestor to provide premium advisory services free of cost or any obligation (to buy from us). You can get recommendations from our experts. You can submit your details here:

      Mahavir Chopra from

  222. Raju says:

    My self Raju, looking for family floater Health Insurance.My age is 32 years and spouse age is 30 years.We having two kids (male)First one is 3.5 years and second one is 1.5 years.I am diabetic person.Please suggest me which policy better.

    1. Hello Raju,

      There is one-size-fits-all Health Insurance plan available in the market. You need to contact an unbiased advisor/broker who would understand your requirements and help you shortlist/choose the most suitable product fitting your requirements/budgets etc.

      We have partnered with Jagoinvestor to provide premium advisory services free of cost or any obligation (to buy from us). You can get recommendations from our experts. You can submit your details here:

      Mahavir Chopra from

  223. Saket says:

    There aren’t any “Fee-only” Health insurance advisors. I belive that The Health-insurance consultants (mostly web portals charging no fee for consultation) will definitely try to steer the insurance seeker towards products of their own preference rather than the insurance seeker. This is inevitable- that’s only how a o-consulation-fee system can survive.

    I know a few ‘Fee-only’ personal financial advisors but haven’t come across and fee charging Health Insurance Consultant (individual or website).

    All the health-insurance consultting website charge no money for providing advice. And that’s why I am cynical about these.

    1. Hi Saket

      Its a good point you have raised. I think if we do a bit of discussion on these, it would help everyone. Let me put my points on the issues you raised.

      – Health Insurance commissions are mostly standardized. The commission an agent/broker get is very much same from all insurance company (but can differ slightly), so there can be a bit of chance of biasness , but I think it would be very less.

      – You need to understand difference between broker and agent. An agent represents INSURER, the agent sells only that company insurance. So its risky to ask him which company is best, because he will come up with all the reasons justifying that his company is best. On the other hand brokers represent customers and they can help a customer buy any policy they wish for. A broker can only list down all the policies for you, and give you options suitable as per your requirement. I guess if you ask right questions, then you can get right answers . If you give your requirement like “I want X, Y and Z” , then anyways they cant give you an option which does not have it . Also I think customers today have that thing in them, that they can instantly find out the intention of the other person.

      I think customers need to move out of “suspicision zone” and start trusting (atleast try) some companies. Final decision is on customer only.

      – If you dont trust the brokers, still research everything on your own and then finally buy the same policy through brokers only , because they will help you with long term support (they keep getting commissions so they are liable to help you) . Note that you cant bypass agent/broker and get it cheaper anyways.

      – Not charging for advice – I think its part of the business model , big brokers as their business model decide not to charge customer because they make profit with that itself . If they decide to charge, I am sure some customers will be ready to pay for it, but its a small percentage.

      Let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks for asking this great question and initiating the discussion


    2. Hello Saket,

      Great question. Thanks for bringing this issue out.

      Almost online insurance advisory portals, they will not force you to buy from us. Its not possible to force someone to buy over phone anyways. Beyond a point you can always block numbers, avoid calls you receive.

      At Coverfox, we follow a simple philosophy.
      a) We do not take differential commission from anyone – though most Insurance companies want us to take such additional money.
      b) We don’t take targets from Insurance companies. Our positioning is clear we are in the business of helping Customers “self discover” the product most suitable for them.
      c) Our Tele-advisors are only given one brief for recommending a product. “Recommend 2 best product yous would buy, if you were the customer.”

      While all of the above may look “hard-to-believe” – We would invite you to come over and experience us.

      PS: By the way we were also willing to experiment on fee-based advisory model, where you are free to buy from anywhere, but the problem as Manish writely pointed out is the “post sales service”. Health Insurance can have frequent claims and hence service is a priority with most customers we have interacted with so far.

      Mahavir Chopra from

      1. A.Sundaram says:

        Dear Mahavir Chopra,

        Have sent you a msg in Whatsapp- could you please have a look at it and respond?Thanks.

        1. Hi Mr. Sundaram

          I thin you should ask your question here itself. Asking on whatsapp or phone directly might not be reverted back . Also from where did you get the number ?

          1. A.Sundaram says:

            Dear Manish,

            There was no query.I wanted to engage with Coverfox for my personal insurance (I felt Mahavir and his team are worthy of our support and hence this was a very small gesture).I got the Mobile No. from Mahavir himself (not yesterday but on 5/4/2011-Tuesday @ 3.58 p.m.)

  224. ASHISH GUPTA says:


    I have an Medical insurance for my parents from RELIGARE (CARE) and its premium comes to Rs. 23900. I want to know if i can get better from other company compare to this premium. Previous, i paid Rs. 19200 for two years and now i have to pay Rs. 23900 as my father age is now 56 and that change the age bands.

    Please advice if i can get better than this.

    1. Hi Ashish,

      Would nor recommend any changes to the existing cover. Religare Care is a good policy.

    2. No Ashish

      Health Insurance works in this manner only. Any insurance company you go to , its going to work the same way . Also Religare Care is a high quality policy. Dont move from it !

  225. Ravi says:

    Dear Sir

    Can anyone tell me the extra premium charged for term insurance on a Type 2 Diabetic person of 35 years old and no other health issues at all.

    As one of the insurer charging the exoborant 125% on the base premium after medicals

    Any other life insurers with lower premium loading rates? please let me know

    1. Hi Ravi

      Its not a fixed number. Only after your medicals or when you apply for it, they can tell you how much will be the loading. It can be different for different insurers !

      1. Ravi says:

        Yes, but what is the min-max range for a normal Type 2 diabetic person?

        1. I cant say that Ravi ! , Its something the health insurance company will share with you !

  226. ashish says:

    Hi Manish,

    My mother is 58 and father is 68. They both never had any health insurance.
    My mom had cataract operation for one eye 3 months back.
    Now am planning to buy a health insurance.
    My father has normal knee problems.

    Can you please suggest which plan I should go with & also is it good time to buy them an insurance?

    Please help.


    1. Yes, its surely a great time . You can go to and buy the policies after comparing them !

  227. akshay says:


    my father got angioplasty done in May 2014, he is 74 yrs old and now good in health.
    can i opt Nation insurance’s VARISHTHA HEALTH INSURANCE policy for him with critical illness option.
    or please share few more options with me.


    1. I am not sure if at this stage he can get any insurance or not. However let me connect you with our health insurance partner for this.


  228. sagrika says:

    hi manish
    i had purchased reliance life care for u plan two years back. i am 33yrs and my husband 36yrs and child 2 yrs for 5 lac. now they send me renewal of your heal
    th plan form as my policy reliance life care for you plan has been withdrawn by IRDA. they advise me to continue with us with another plan reliance care for you advantage plan.
    what i should do? should i continue? or change plan with other company by portability. as public sector company oriental providing portability?
    your expert advise please.
    thanks in advance

    1. I think a better idea is to get a new health insurance now . You need a quality product for long term for your health insurance needs . I suggest leave your details on and you will get a proper guidance to choose the right product


  229. Arun says:

    Hi Manish & Mahavir,

    First of all Thanks for your detailed information on each and every insurance policy. Your R&D helps many including me.
    I want you to throw some light on a thing which I heard. Some of my friends and relatives have had very bad experiences with the insurance companies, they concluded that whatever the claim is, the settlement received is very very less than the sum insured. My aunt who had her pace maker placed spent around 12L but was told that she will be receiving only 1L as claim settlement. But her Sum Insured is 3L. It has been around 1.5yrs after claiming she has not got her settlement. She is insured for about 6 years in the same company. This is her first claim. Is there any cap(which is not specified in their policy wordings) among the insurance companies to avoid their loss? If they are not following their own policies, how and to whom can we report to?
    Please provide your thoughts.

    1. ARun

      Truly speaking , most of the disappointment happens because of not understanding the policy rules. There are surely caps applied and its communicated before hand, if you read the policy 🙂 . Also it depends which company policy it is. Companies do not cover certain kind of expenses and illness and surely some charges like registration charges etc.

      Do your relatives have policies taken from banks with special tieups ?


      1. Arun says:

        Thanks for your response. No. My relative has taken that policy during her employment. She is a government teacher(HM).

        It is totally acceptable that they(insurance companies) adhere to their policies. If they blame our medical condition to be experimental or say that its a preexisting disease(like the situations depicted in the documentary Sicko), to whom shall we report this? Definitely people suffering from health conditions cannot afford or practically take up the test to sue the companies legally.
        How helpful will be IRDA for people in those situations? Especially for delayed claim settlements… as the whole point of getting health cover is to handle the emergency situations when we are financially at stake…

        1. Its very helpful , but delayed help at times. If you feel that for any reason you are cheated or given bad service, you can surely claim your case against insurance ombudsman !


        2. Hello Arun,

          We are willing to go through your papers and help guide you through the complaints process.

          You can send the scanned papers to me at

          There are no charges for this. Free service for awesome Jago readers!

          Mahavir Chopra

  230. sameermadhok says:

    Dear admin/advisor
    Kindly suggest
    I am 28 male want to select health insurance plan for myself only of sa of 4-5lac kindly suggest me which company I should go for.
    Below r my few choices after go through the plans
    Apolo munich
    United insurance
    PS.. also email me the reply
    Sameermadhok Dehradun

    1. Hi Sameer, you can look at Religare Care as the best option … But its a generalised suggestion and not customised to you . Its suggested that you study more on this . You can also take our professional help on this with a basic fees –

  231. Aarti says:

    Hi Manish

    I want to buy family floater health insurance plan (Me+ spouse+ 1 child). It is the very first time I am going for any health insurance. Also I cannot pay mush premium, so please suggest me best health insurance plan for my family.

    Secondly, can I buy an individual health insurance for one of my family member, she is a diabetic and has very good control on this. Please suggest ..

    1. Hi Aarti

      Just fill up this form , and you will get all the help from us on health insurance !


  232. Abdul says:

    Hi ,

    This Abdul from Hyderabad , before posted , which is best insurance company In Shaa Allah my city. More cashless hospital and faster claim sletalment

    Please as soon as replealy
    Thanking u

    1. You can go with Religare Care – If you need our professional support ,you can visit –

  233. Subhajit Bhunia says:

    Hi, I am from Kolkata. My B-date is 26/04/1969. My wife’s is 02/12/1982. I want to buy a family floater of sum assured Rs. 5 Lac. There are some policies, renewable till life long & there are some till 65. Premium amount also varies from policy to policy & company to company without reasons much to my understanding. Kindly suggest 2-3 options, keeping in mind the benefits & premium amounts as well. I want to have us & our offspring (will arrive soon) covered for a maximum period of time without much hustle for a possibly low premium. Don’t have any significant diseases & don’t have plans for any operations in near future. Already have a group medi-claim plan of Rs. 1 Lac in office.

    1. You can look at policies like Religare , Max bupa , Oriental as options .. I am sending you a mail ..

  234. Abdul says:

    My mother age 47, she has already policy icici Lombard last 4 yrs. next month is renewal, that sum assure 2 lakhs , she is a diabetic and BP patient. I want increase the sum assure up to 10 lakhs, I go with super top up OR new policy . Which is way good suggest to me. If I go new policy which is best.

    Thanking you

    1. it would be tough to buy a new policy at this point of it. Its better to ask for the higher sum assured with the current health insurance company itself !

    2. I believe you should take a fresh new policy . Having a comprehensive health cover is more important

      You can take our professional help –

  235. Abdul says:

    I am age 31. Sum assure 5 lakhs. I looking for heath insurance with my family, wife26, daughter. 3 , son 1.3yr. Best companies when claim settlement and easy cashless. I heard so many co. In which I confuse 1. Religare 2. Apollo Munich 3. Max pupa 4. Stare heath and united India , which co. is best. I go individual , 1+1, 1+ 2, which type policy choose. And 2+2 (sum assure 5 lakh) with super top up 10 lakhs. For super to up which is co. best. Like L & T. Will take two policy other co. in future will be get diabetic, doctor Told to me. Please be suggestion to me sir.

    Thanking u

    1. Hi Abdul

      YOu should just take one cover of 10 lacs, which would be a good choice !

  236. Puneet says:


    I’ve bought a cover of 5 Lacs with HDFC Ergo recently.

    Please advise if it is a good decision.


    1. Yea , 5 lacs is a good enough number . Atleast you are covered for some amount

      1. Puneet says:

        Thank you sir.

        Please advise if going with HDFC Ergo was a good decision as I hardly could find reviews on them.

  237. Anand says:


    I am looking to take a medical insurance policy for me and my family. Request you to share your mail id so that I can mail you my requirements. Any support would be appreciated.



  238. manasa mishra says:

    pl. don’t do such policy through any advisor.

  239. manasa mishra says:

    I have purchased a max buppa family floater plan on Feb 2014. where as undergone treatment for my son surgery at Chennai appollo and spend rs. 2lakh .though my son also cover rs. 3.0lakhs under that policy max buppa rejects completely my request through sms and I have paid all money. the statement was it was a born problem ,so policy won’t covers it.

  240. shashikanth says:

    Dear Manish,

    Firstly i wanna thanks for the valueable information shared on health insurance.
    Please need your suggestion immediately.
    I am searching forward to buying family floater newly.I am 31 years and my wife is 27 years.My daughter is about 3.3 years.
    Please suggest me good family floater Insurance for 4 to 5 lakhs.
    I am in urgent of buy the health insurance for my family.

    Thanks for good info about the Health Insurance.

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. Hi Sashikanth

      There are various options like Religare , Maxbupa etc , but you cant just pinpoint on one and say that its best . One needs to understand your personal requirement.

      Let me mail you on this to help you more


  241. Anshul says:


    I’m 25 years old single and looking for a health insurance for myself for a cover of Rs.500000/-

    I already have a group mediclaim of Rs.300000/- from my employer.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  242. Krish says:

    Hi Manish,

    Can you help me … Currently I am having family floater from Oriental insurance for SA 10 lakhs…Now I am thinking of purchasing individual policy for 5 lakhs each for me and my wife. Which plan I should go for ?

    1. Hi Krish

      You can look at Religare or Max Bupa .. let me know if you plan to purchase it and we can help you on this .

  243. Shankar says:

    Hi ,

    I want to take medical insurance for my father who is 59 years old. While I worked in India, the company that I used to work provided insurance for my parents. Now I work overseas and I have to take medical insurance for my parents. They do not have any medical insurance till now apart from the one that has been provided by Company and it will expire this month.

    In addition to that I would like to mention that my father has history of hospitalization every year and he is diabetic, has rheumatoid arthritis. So I am mainly looking for policy which will cover preexisting ailments and provides good coverage as well.

    I would request to provide / suggest some policy on this.


    1. Hi Shankar

      Mainly the policies which cover pre-existing illness does not exist, but lets see what best we can do . I am mailing you to schedule a call with you


  244. Anurag says:

    Hello Manish,

    I am 28 & my Wife is 26 & my mother is 49, we don’t have any sickness as of date but as a preventive measure and also for Maternity or a policy which covers pregnancy hospitalization cost, which health care policy we can opt for future prospective,

    Thank You

    1. Hi Anurag

      Let me know more about this and we will help you

  245. Shailesh says:


    We are a Family of 4- My wife & me are 49 years of age and two kids aged 22 & 20. I had the following policies.

    New India – 100000 each for my wife & me.
    Bajaj – 200000 each for my wife & me.
    Bajaj – 315000 each for my wife, me and 1 kid
    HDFC Ergo – 315000 each for my wife, me and the other kid.

    I made a blunder and missed renewal of HDFC Ergo and New India as I was very busy. I had a bad advisor and did not remind me once. Now I cannot renew. I need to take additional cover and want to take max cover possible for my Wife & me as well some cover for the kids.

    Please advise whether

    1. It would be a good idea to have just one main policy and 1 top up policy as someone advised or
    2. I can have two or 3 companies providing the cover and 1 top up cover. Please also advise which companies I should consider. I read some very informative comments and have shortlisted companies with Lifetime cover only.

    1. Have you completed this ? I would like to help you on this

  246. Roshan says:

    Hi Sir,

    I need to know if any Health Insurance Policy reimburses for Viral diseases and other general Hospitalizations. And if Appendicitis is covered in first year of Policy operation. I went through various Health Insurance Plans, so far could not find a better one where in General Surgeries are covered during the First Year.I dont think its of any use going for A Health Plan.I am exhausted reading Policy Wordings.

    1. No , there cant be any policy like that . I think you first need to understand the concept of insurance in general and what it is exactly . It will only cover the unexpected expenses and not the expected one’s !

  247. Sijo says:


    I would like to buy a family helath insurance policy (Looks like Appolo munich Easy health insurance plan almost matching). My question is, how do we ensure the approavl of from the insurance company in case of a hospitalization, which avoid the claime rejection later with a reason “Hospitalization was not required for the case”? Is there any simialr mechanism with any insurance company now?

    Your response will be greatly appreciated


    1. Hi Sijo

      If you are hospitalized as per the terms and conditions , then you can avoid the issues later, Let me email you on this

  248. Ketaki R says:

    Hi Manish,

    Like I read in above document, no pre-existing diseases are covered. My daughter is born with cardiac issue, so will she not be covered if I opt to add her in my existing health insurance policy? Or taking individual for her?
    Her treatment for cardiac is already done and she has recovered completely.

    Please pour in your thoughts.


    1. Hi Ketaki

      The problem is that even if the illness is recovered , health insurance company might not include it in the list of things covered for the child, however anyways you should take the policy .

      1. Ketaki R says:


        then what would be best suitable? Oriental Happy Family floater? or Apollo Munich Easy health Family?
        Oriental does not cover existing illiness, while Apollo covers it

  249. Abhishek says:

    Hi Manish,

    My mother is 64 years old we bought a policy from MAX BUPA with a coverage of 5 and 4 lacs extra cover however the premium is very expensive do you think if it is possible for me to switch another company where the services will be good at the time of emergencies.

    Thanks & Regards
    Abhishek Ghai

  250. manohar says:

    Hi Manish,
    I am Ram, last year my son has under gone Intussusception surgery. If i take a health policy now howmuch time will it take for any insurer to cover for a surgery. Is there any insurer who will cover immediately or which insurer covers at the earliest for a surgery.

    1. I dont think they will ever cover it . Once a major illness has occurred, its never covered !

  251. Ankur Singla says:

    Hi Manish,

    Mys Self Ankur (Age: 39 DOB:july 1975) had my wife dob (may 1978 ) and two children of 10 and 4 year. I want to buy family floater policy. i had annual income of 5 lacs. From our family no body is suffering from any disease. but my and my wife fathers are suffering from High BP, diabetes , Cardiac problem. Please suggest a policy keeping these points in views. You can mail me also at: . Urgently waiting for response

    1. You can look at Oriental as an option !

  252. eyadram says:

    Hi Manish,

    Please suggest a health insurance for me (single,27years and in healthy condition).

    Thanks and Regards//

    1. You can look at Max Bupa , Religare Care !

  253. Achin Agrawal says:

    Hi Manish,
    My Father is 61 and my mother is 58.
    My co. is providing an insurance of 5L (1L per person and 4L from family buffer) to parents on 9k per person Vidal Health TPA…formerly TTK Healthcare TPA Pvt. Ltd.
    Is this a good or should I opt for an external co?
    Which external company would you suggest?

    1. You can check for Oriental or Religare Care !

  254. Avdhut Nbandhe says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have Group medical insurance for 1.5 lakhs from my company for dependents & spouse. I don’t think this is enough in today’s world, should i go for a new health insurance or add topup? So which insurance would you suggest as my current insurance provider is ttk healthcare.
    My mother is 60 & father is 69.I also want insurance which should cover all maternity related charges & new born baby expenses.

    Moreever please suggest are OPD charges are covered under any health insurance & if covered what are they.

  255. Anup says:

    Dear Sir,

    My father age is 58 & mother age is 52, please suggest me best mediclain policy .


    1. Oriental would be a good choice !

  256. Arun says:

    Hi. I have taken health insurance policy for my mother from NIC. She has been suffering from Hepatitis C (HCV). Policy has bee taken from corporate so it covers pre-existing diseases as well. For HCV treatment, no hospitalisation is required. Treatment will go on for 48 weeks with weekly injection which costs around Rs. 8000/injection. Could you please suggest if insurance companies cover such treatments?

    1. Yes they will cover these treatments , but they should be happening later after taking the policy .. they should not be already happening ,else they will not be covered !

  257. Manmohan singh says:

    hi sir
    My name is manmohan singh.My Eye sight is very week so any company which cover laser or other treatment for the same.

    1. I dont think it will be covered at all . Note that insurance is all about covering unexpected, not the known things !

  258. Rameshkumar says:

    This is Kumar. I have New India Mediclaim 2007 policy for last seven years. Sum assure of 1.5L each in 4 of my family (spouse and 2 kids) and 1.5L for my mother. Next month is my renewal, I wish to increase the sum assured, and hence can I go for family floater policy (or) convert in to Mediclaim 2012 policy.
    I knew that in family floater mother can’t be included. Hence mother can be continuing the same policy.
    I am expecting your valuable suggestion.


    1. Have you talked to company on this .. is it possible to increase it ?

      1. Rameshkumar says:

        Hi Manish,
        Yes it’s possible. pl. suggest which is best option ?


  259. Srinivas says:

    Hello Manish,

    Oriental hiked their price. See below. Now for 3L coverage premium is Rs.11852.
    Earlier it was Rs 6597. My dad’s age is now 57. do you think this is still a good bet ?

    This is to inform you that Oriental has revised the premium for Happy Family Floater. Now the premium will get calculated according to Senior Most Member’s age. Hence there is a difference in the premium as compared to last year

    1. Yes I know ..

      Even I have that for my father and myself and even I have gone for the revised premium .. go for it ! . Nothing wrong !


  260. Krishna says:

    Hi Manish,
    I have Group medical insurance for 2.5 lakhs from my company for self+spouse+1child. I don’t think this is enough in today’s world, should i go for a new topup insurance or new group medical insurance? If either of one, which insurance would you suggest as my current TPA is medimanage and planning to go for another 3 lakhs.

  261. Balaji says:

    Hi Manish,
    please suggest good policy for my father 59 years 11 months old, suffering from diabetis

    Thanks .

  262. goru.ravindra says:

    Hi Mahavir,

    Very useful article to work on health insurance. I have confusion like which company should i opt for if i want to cover for my parents and me (father age 49 , mother age 45 my age 26). Now i can invest upto 15000/- per year approxmately.

    Kindly suggest good plan. Thank you

    1. Oriental is a good one !

  263. Sushil says:

    Hey Manish,

    Apologies for confusing you. actually there are 2 questions above

    Question 1: I have a company family floater of 5 lakhs from United Insurance. Should I go for additional insurance of 5 lakhs for me n my spouse only as the premium is low or should I add my sr citizen parents also to it. I feel I can have one plan for 5 lakhs for my spouse and me and reserve the company insurance for my parents (God forbid) if need arises

    Question2: Which according to you is the best critical illness plan for the age mentioned above of my wife and me. My research shows Max Bupa critical illness is good – your suggestions?

    1. 1. Yes, that looks a good idea

      2. There is nothing like best, its all about which company you trust more than other and features you like, Dont over think on this .. go take action !

  264. Sushil says:

    Dear Manish,

    You are doing a fabulous service to all us and I feel each one of us can give back to society the way you do. Hats off to you!!

    Had a small query:
    I have an Family floater United India Insurance policy of 5 lakhs via my company

    I want an additional Medical Insurance which covers critical illnesses. I am 30, my wife 26 and Dad and Mom 70 and 63 respectively.

    Should I go for a separate family floater or shall I cover my wife and me with the additional insurance and save the company insurance in case parents need it?

    Also, in your view, considering our age which critical illness insurance is the best? Is Max Bupa good?

    Would really appreciate your help in this

    Thanks again

    1. Sushil

      First, do you know difference between a health insurance plan and a critical illness plan ?

  265. poonam says:

    i wanted to gift a health insurance policy to my brother, his wife and his son..he is 51 year old, his wife and son are 44 and 16 respectively..they are not suffering from any disease right now.
    suggest me some good health insurance cover policy for them.

    1. It a great thought .. You can take a plan from any good health insurance company like Religare Health Insurance or Oriental or Max bupa ! ..

  266. ks2410 says:

    This is an interesting article. I turn 39 this year. I am looking to buy a Health policy that covers my family (Spouse + 2 children (5 and 2 years old). Along with that I am also looking to include my mother (66) in this. She does have a independant coverage currently but would like to be covered along with the family.
    I work in the corporate world and do have a coverage for myself, spouse and children. However this may not be sufficient going ahead and hence looking for a health insurance (family floater?) for the entire family. It wouldn’t be a very large insurance amount though since I already have some coverage.
    Would appreciate if you could share your views.

  267. vian says:


    I am a working professional. I am paying heavy taxes due to lack of financial planning and investing. I can save upto 20K/M. Please suggest me how can I reduce my tax and increase savings.

    1. With this much of information , one cant give you any suggestions, are you taking benefits of 80C to its full , claiming all things like HRA, LTA or not ?

  268. Simran says:

    Hi Manish,
    I want to gift a good health insurance to my parents this month.(56 yrs and 54 yrs respectively.)My mom has minor BP problem and with God’s grace my dad is fine. Please suggest me something.I am looking for an insurance which would cover them for major as well as minor aliments.

    1. I can suggest you Oriental Health INsurance … its a good company with good plan , reasonable premium !

  269. mani says:


    Hope you are doing well!Need your expert advise …….I am 44(have hypothyroid) my husband is 46 working abroad,two children age15&10…..need to pick up a policy ,please suggest one in which all four can be included or else one in which me and the children can be covered(as I guess my husband needs to be present in person for the medical as he is above 45)

    what is your view on Reliance health gain?

    thank you.

    1. You can go for Oriental , you dont need medical upto 60 yrs in that !

  270. Deepak says:

    Hi Manish: I am 32 and my wife is 29 is a 55% physically challenged person. Can you please suggest us the best policy for Physically challenged person. Most of the companies are not covering her due to her disability. i personally tried 2-3 insurers.

    1. Hmm .. actually yes , this can be an issue . A company might not want to cover her for the situation . Not sure what can be done here, please discuss is over here –

  271. I have a Medi Classic policy of Star Health Ins. for Rs.3 lacs and my age is 61 years. Is there any other Insurance Co who is giving better deal than this as compare to the premium of Star which is Rs.15,732/-

    1. Yes, you can get a better deal from other companies like BANKS, but features and service will not be that great !

  272. Satts says:


    I am planning to take a health insurance for my aunts, they are 66 years old, no much major complication other than BP. I heard that IHO is offering the best policy for a coverage of 2-3L for annum. Can you please let me know if this is good or something else wich suits my requirements.


    1. IHO is not a health insurance company, better go with a proper health insurance company only

  273. PRAMOD KUMAR says:

    I am a Bank Officer have medical reimbursement facilities from Employer subject at certain terms & conditions .
    In our family we are Four members i.e. My self (41 Years) Wife (37 Years) Daughter (15 Years) Son (12 Years).

    I have annual Income of Rs 6.50 Lacs from salary.

    Please guide regarding to best health insurance plan for us preferably from Govt. Sector Insurance Provider companies .



    1. Oriental is one good bet !

  274. kumar says:

    hi like to take a policy i am 46 yrs my wife is 41 yrs have 3 children below 15 years. have got quotes from ICICI and bharathi Axa, kindly advice i am looking at a premium of around 15,ooo/- .
    kindly advice

    1. YOu should go for Religare Care

  275. Asheesh says:

    Hi Manish / Mahavir,
    Thanks for the good article.
    I have some different situation. I have family floater of 3 lac from Apollo from last 3 year but thinking to either increase the coverage amount or taking additional floater plan of 2-3 lac from other good company (this time preferably from Govt company) . My age (34 yr), wife (28 yr), daughter(3 yr).

    My questions are :
    (1)Will the insurance from 2 different company help at the time of claim settlement ? How it will work at the time of hospitalization / claim settlement ?

    (2) One company or two company is good at the time of hospitalization / claim settlement ?

    (3) Which company should I go this time considering good claim settlement and long term / life term renewal and good customer service .

    (4)I am planning to take family floater plan for my uncle family of 5 member ( uncle age – 43) with no existing health issue . Which will be the best on claim settlement and long term / life term renewal and also considering the small city where lot of private companies are not there.

  276. Nilesh says:

    I am 25 years old. I want to have any health plan. but i confused b/w HDFC’health Suraksha, Star health, NIC. I can pay 5000 annual Premium.
    pleaase suggest me best avalble plan.

    1. You can go with Religare Care !

  277. sarayu says:

    Hi, I am 52 years old and my husband is 48 and a half years old. His Employer covers the family for a sum of 3 lacs per annum. We do not have any pre existing illnesses and would like to start a medical insurance aside from what is provided by the Company. What would your advise be for us?

  278. somashekar says:


    Nice blog, Very informative..
    I’m purchasing a health nsurance for my dad..He is aged 59..he is covered under his department policy..
    now when is to retire at 60 I got to get an insurance plan for hi,,
    Last year had one from my company..But how good are the offereing from companies which terminate when we quit the company.

    Can you please guide me to get the perfect policy..
    His age is 59 years
    He has had a bypass surgery last year.
    No other ailments.

    Please please suggest

  279. Daxesh says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks you for sharing such a nice article regarding Mediclaim policy.

    I am 26 years old and I am covered by health insurance from my company. But My parents does not have any health insurance. My father age is 54 and mother is 48 years old and they don’t have any other disease. I have inquired about mediclaim for all family but all broker so called adviser advised me to buy individual policy for me alone and another for my parents.

    So I have inquired about the same and find that Appolo Munich is covering all the benefits without any cap on room charges and other terms like 80:20 expense. But many person told me about claim settlement ratio which is better in PSUs than private. So I request you to suggest me suitable policy for me and parents.

  280. Ajay says:


    My wife is having diabetese since last 4 year and taking medicine(under control).I need floater health insurance for me(age 35), my wife and 2 children(age 6,15).I already have 5Lac innsurance from my company.But i want additional personal insurance also for safer side.Kindly suggest which policy should i purchase.


  281. Jagadeep vudatha says:

    Hi Mahavir,

    Firstly I would like to thank you for the wonderful article you posted, I feel many people raised many questions which you clarified.

    I would like to take a long term health policy for my mother (age -56) and myself ( age-32) can you suggest which policy is better, which may cover almost everything

    I will be waiting for your advise.


    1. Hi Jagadeep

      I think you should go for Oriental Happy Family Floater Policy !

  282. Sushil says:

    Hello Mr Manish,

    My Parents are aged 54 & 61. For them I am looking for insurance of min 3 Lkh and max 5 Lkh. In my company premium for adding parents to my policy is very high. For 3 Lkh its 22K and for 5Lkh its 27K.
    Can you please suggest any policies which will either cover both of them together or as an individual for my father (since he is 60+) any best policy with reasonable premium for expected coverage?

    Thank You.

    Dear Friends,
    If you have any experience on above query please respond on same.

    Thank You.

    1. Sushil

      You will get what you will pay for. If you need cheaper premiums, you will get lesser benefits . So my suggestion is that first get it very clear .

      Next, Oriental is once policy I can suggest you. It has decent plan and pricing !


  283. ANNAMALAI says:

    SIR, I (age 47),my wife(age 47) and my daughter (age 20) live in south tamilnadu.
    I have family floater from New India assurance for 2 lakhs.Now it seems premium rates increased.
    suggest me a suitable plan .
    Also kindly inform individual policy for my family members or family floater which is better?

  284. Amol says:

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for the great post. Can you please guide me to decide which health insurance best for my family considering following
    1) father – 65 years, mother – 59 years, myself =32, wife=28, child=2 years
    2) i have 2 lakh sum insured as floater for my family , provided by my organization
    3) I need additional 5 lakh sum insured
    4) parents have history of high blood pressure.
    please guide


    1. I think a good option for your feature and premium wise would be Oriental Happy Family Floater policy !

  285. vikram says:

    I am vikram aged 28 years old. I want to purchase Health floater insurance Plan. Which company would be BEST as per cash less and customer satisfaction.


    1. Religare , Maxbupa , Appolo , all are good options !

  286. Hariharan says:

    Thanks for replying Manish! Please also answer the previous question.

    Does my dad who is 55 now, need to take up a medical examination to get into this policy? and should we go with Family Floater ‘SILVER” or ‘GOLD’

    Thanks for you much needed help,

    1. Yes, they will have to take up the medical exam ! as directed by company

  287. Anil says:

    First of all thanks for replying to your site visitors.

    I am 32 and my wife 28. We are planning for baby by the end of this year. Please suggest the best health insurance policies of about 6 lac cover. I am even OK with multiple policies like Nagrik Suraksha Policy + XYZ .

    1. Better take a single policy from any good company like Oriental , Max Bupa or Religare for 6 lacs . Rather than multiple !

  288. Hariharan says:

    Hi Mr. Mahaveer & Mr. Manish,

    I’m writing to you from Chennai, and i’m looking for a plan that covers self and parents!

    Age details of my parents :

    Dad is 55 and Mom is 50.
    Both with good health with no medical problems in the past.

    I’m 26 and i don’t have a plan either. Please suggest a plan to have them covered for a min of 5 lacs. Or even a plan for all three of us. Whichever is the best!

    Please Note : My dad is 55 now and does he need to take up a medical test for a new health insurance?

    Thanks so much for your wonderful insights and service.

    Hariharan R

    1. I suggest Oriental health insurance to you !


  289. Guru says:

    I am 47 years old and would like to take a health insurance for self, wife and two children. Budget per year is 15k to 20 k. Coverage around 6 / 8 lacs. Please suggest the policy name / insurance company. Also advise whether to get the policy through agent or online.

    1. I suggest you look at Oriental Health Insurance Family Floater plan for 6 lacs covereage

  290. Sourabh says:

    Dear Manish

    I am looking for a family floater for my family and in-laws (me 32, wife 32, son 4 and son 1, mother in law 65)
    me my wife and children are covered for 3 lacs medical insurance by my company.
    We all do not have any past alignments or major surgeries.
    I am looking for policy which covers major operations, illness, pre and post hospitalization, and also domiciliary treatments..
    Can you suggest suitable policies from reputed companies (companies with whom we dont have to followup a lot when family member is in hospital)

  291. praveen says:

    Hello sir
    I want an policy for me 33yr,spouse 31yr,child 4yr,my father 58 ,mother52
    i am confused with many policy companies,pls suggest better one for 6 lk above with combined for all or other,now my spouse is carrying 8th month and not needed maternity benfit

  292. Sayan says:

    Hi Manish

    Suppose you have a mediclaim policy provided by your employers covering the parents and you also have an invidual family floater. In case of claim can we use both the policies? Will any of them respond to cover any loopholes present in other?

    1. You can choose anyone and other will not affect . You should first choose the group cover !

  293. sanjay_k_shah says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am 57 yrs old. My wife is 52 yrs and two sons of 21 yrs and 18 yrs. Till few month back me & my family were covered by Company. Now I have started my own company and hence will like to take health cover. What is suitable policy – Family Floater? Or Individual? Will my children also will be covered in floater scheme? Between all I will like to take a policy to the tune of Rs. 10 to 15 Lakhs.

    Which is the best insurance provided in my case?

    One more question, in India do we have “domiciliary ” coverage? Who provides that?



    1. Sanjay

      YOu can opt from options like Religare Care, Max Bupa, Oriental etc . They are all good options . A lot of policies provide domicilliary but you need to check if the policy document mentions it or not ! . Children will be covered in family floater !

      1. Sanjay says:

        Dear Manish,

        Thanks. two questions.
        1) Is it preferable to have adult children in family floater or should I have individual policy for them?
        2) I will prefer to have private room (not suit) during hospitalization, but your articles mentions very high premium in later part of life in such a case. ( I am already 57). Should I incorporate room rent limit? In future can I change this clause?
        3) Which policy has best / easiest claim settlement?
        4) What is your comment on ICICI Lombard and L& T?


        1. 1. Any ways you cant have adult children in family floater, its not allowed

          2. When you take the plan, its mentioned in the policy document what kind of rooms are covered in the plan

          3. Claim settlement is not something which has a fixed formula, every company has good and bad experience.

          4. I personally have not read a lot about them .. so I will not be able to comment anything on that


  294. R Sen says:

    I’m presently insured with United India’s Health Insurance 2010 for 1.25L each * 3 members of family (me 44y, wife 37y & child 9y) and applied to Apollo Munich for Port’ to OptimaRestore of 5L Family Floater – but they refused. What should I opt for now…Should I remain with the existing one or should I opt for a change…Pls advice via email…Thanks…R Sen…

    1. What was the reason for refusal ?

  295. Prem says:

    Dear Manish Chauhan, I am living with my spouse in India. I need your help in choosing a Health insurance policy which covers both me and my spouse and my parents (family) with life time renewal option and maternity coverage we r planning for child now Send me your valuable opinion to select a good one wisely from a wide range of policies available in the market which doesn’t includes loading, copay and daily cash limit

  296. Divya Goswami says:

    Hi Manish ,

    Good afternoon.

    I have a gold family floater from oriental health insurance with sum assured for 10 lacs.
    Following ppl are insured under this policy:
    a) Me (30)
    b) My spouse (30)
    c) My father-in-law (58)
    d) My mother-in-law (55) – High blood pressure

    As per the recent circular from Oriental health insurance, the person who is the eldest in the policy would be considered as primary. Hence the premium calculated for this year is 46000 which is on the higher side as compared to the last year’s premium – 29000.

    I am not sure whether I should continue with this policy or not.

    Also, with this policy only I am able to claim the deduction of 15000 under 80(D), not my husband.

    Please let us know
    a) If we should continue with this policy or not?
    b) Shall we buy 2 seperate policies of 5 lacs each so that we both can get the tax exemption.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Divya Nirupam Goswami.

    1. a) yes, you can continue the policy

      b) Dont take action only thinking tax exemption point of view ..

  297. manjunath.hugar says:

    i have want to purchase family health insurance policy which covers most of the illnesses and which can cover most of the hospitals in bangalore ,hubli(karnataka). i am married . my wife age is 33,daughter age is 7 ,father age is 72,mother age is62.kindly suggest me family health insurance for life time which suits my above requirements

  298. Balamurugan says:

    I am in Chennai age 35 married having 2 children. wife 30 years, 1st child 6 years and 2nd 8 months. My father have diabetes and heart problems. So far thank god i didn’t have any. I want to safeguard myself and my family in all sort of health problems whether serious or chronic etc. I am earning 2.5 lach per annum. As well as i want to get some solid returns if we have not underwent any health problems. Is it possible to get returns in terms of money from family health insurance?

    1. No , its not possible and you should not even aim for it . Because its not for returns , its for protection only

  299. Macbeth says:

    hi Manish , thanks for such a detailed blog. It was indeed an eye-opener. I would like your advise on two doubts that still runs in my mind. One, can a diabetic take health insurance plan? If yes, which company do u suggest. Second, if we are living out of india, should we buy health insurance after we return back or advisable to buy as early as we could in our life? Thanks in advance.

  300. Sahil Doshi says:

    Hello Sir, I am looking for heath insurance policy for my father, he is now 61 year old. My colleague refer me for HDFC ERGO health insurance policies, he told me that he taken HDFC ERGO insurance two months ago & he is paying low premium as compare to other policy holders. Please suggest me about this?

  301. sudheep says:

    Hi Mahavir/Manish,

    I applied for oriental insurance through medimanage for my father(64) and mother(62) .The medical tests were conducted and the reports were sent.Nothing was specified by the doctors as need treatment or immediate attention.
    But they reject the application sapecifying the following preexixsting condition

    1.Cortical Cyst.
    2. Bladder Deposits.
    3. Enlarged Prostate Gland.
    4.Residual Urine Volume
    what i can do further.
    Please advice me if i go for another insurer (with premedical tests)or i have to go with star redcarpet(i think this is the only one with no premedical tests)

    1. You can also try with Oriental

  302. Abhimanyu M.P. says:

    Dear Mr. Manish,
    Taking your advice into consideration I have zeroed in on two companies (am looking at a 5 lac annual cover).

    I am a diabetic (TYPE-II), diagnosed three months back,now most of the companies say that the pre existing disease will be covered after a period of FOUR Years.Are there any which cover for a shorter period and in the event pls advise and oblige.

    Thanks and regards,


  303. Abhimanyu says:

    Dear Mr Manish,
    First of all I could like to thank you from my heart for the advice you provide along with the guidance to people for the past many years . Really appreciate it.

    I am 44 years old , presently unmarried and single, from north kerala.I have a policy by the company I work for having sum assured for Rs.3.00 lacs.I was recently thinking of buying a health insurance- cashless for myself, and in doing so registered myself in a website, did some analysis in terms of policy cover say 5 lacs, free annual whole body check up,no of disease being covered etc.

    Now in the process I am being daily bombarded by phone calls and e mail after I registered my number in the website , redulting in confusion and chaos. I have selected Religare/Apollo/Star/Cholamandalam for a sum assured for Rs.5.00 lacs.Kindly advice and suggest.Some companies offer doubling the claim in the event on no claim in the first claim, , some giving claim for a fixed amount etc …all this leaving me pretty confused. ..and I ask your advice…Should I go in for National/United insurance health or the private ones mentioned above….

    Thanks and keep up the good work…


    1. I think you are trying to get to the “best” product. which is adding to confusion, I think just pick one good company which gives you a sense – “I can trust these guys” and just move forward, I would say go ahead with Max Bupa or Oriental


  304. KR says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am 23 female and bro 29 yrs. (we both work)

    Mom 48 and dad 57 yrs and looking to take a policy and are confused on which policy to go with individual or family one.

    Should I and bro take a separate policy for 3-5 lakhs each and another one for parents (5-10 lakhs) or any other way?

    Thanks in advance.

  305. S Zainvi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want a mediclaim policy for self and family. Myself 37 years, wife 32 years, son 11 years (who is type 1 diabetic) and another son 1 year old. Please suggest best policy for a total cover of 10 lacs, considering the fact that one son is diabetic.

  306. deepak says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for providing precious information regarding health insurance.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Deepak Singhal

  307. Milind says:

    Few words of praise :
    MediManage is superb..They are give biased free advice and they promise to help you in claims too..ONE of the best things I liked is their genuine advice and not pushing people towards private sector and high premium insurance companies.I myself have purchased Oriental Health Insurance through MediManage.

    1. Thanks for sharing that !

  308. sudheep says:

    Manish / Mahavir,
    following are my details
    me sudheep -30 yrs
    spouse-27 yrs
    mother-61 yrs(diabetic)
    father-65 yrs
    i did not have any health insurance policies yet.
    please suggest me a good policy which will also cover maternity expences.
    i read thgat SBI group mediclaim will cover maternity and preexisting conditions without waiting period.
    does i go for the same or does i i need to take an individual policy.
    is there any drawbacks for the SBI ploicy than an individual one.
    thanks in advance

    1. Hi Sudheep

      Please open a thread on our forum to discuss this –

  309. Dev Mehra says:

    Hello Sir… Great article i must say… very thanks for all this information… but as layman i still could not fully understand some terms. i simply want to ask you, that i need to insured my parents for their health, they both r going to be 56 years old. which health insurance should i buy for them. please help me out… thanks 🙂

    1. You can look at Oriental Happy Family Flaoter

  310. Rahul says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the very informative article. I am looking to buy a family floater policy for parents. They are aged 64 and 62 years. I was thinking of an cover of Rs. 5 lacs. Could you kindly suggest a good policy.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. I generally suggest Oriental Family Floater for old people .

  311. Deepak Jain says:

    Hi Mr. Mahaveer & Mr. Manish,
    I am looking for a Health insurance, i want to insure myself-53, my spouse-52, son-19, daughter 29 and son in law 29.
    This is long term policy which i need, what is difference between falily floater and individual policy, which policy should i take.
    your help in requested.
    Deepak Jain

    1. Please look at Religare Care or Max Bupa .

      Family floater means your whole family is covered under one single cover and can use from a big cover, Individual cover is for single person

  312. Prakash Dhabadi says:

    Hello Manish,

    I am trying to buy an insurance plan here in India. My family members include my wife, and two kids (Aged 11 and 8). Which insurance company would you suggest to go for me. I am trying for @ 3 – 5 lacs per annum.

    Appreciate your help on this.

    Prakash Dhabadi

    1. Religare Care is a very good option . ANother good one is Oriental Happly Family Floater

      1. Prakash Dhabadi says:

        Thank you so much Manish. I forgotten to mention one more thing. My current age is 46 yrs. So I hope Religare care or Oriental Happy Family floater is a good option. Let me know if you think otherwise .

        Thanks Once again.

        Prakash Dhabadi

        1. You need to look at both and decide after looking at features !

  313. SHANU says:

    Dear Manish Chauhan, I am living with my spouse in India. I need your help in choosing a Health insurance policy which covers both me and my spouse (family) with life time renewal option and maternity coverage we r planning for child now Send me your valuable opinion to select a good one wisely from a wide range of policies available in the market which doesn’t includes loading, copay and daily cash limit

    1. You cant get all the things in one policy . Religare care is a good option, but with some limits and features will be available after couple of years !

  314. Himanshu Sood says:

    Hello Manish/Mahavir,

    Excellent work and excellent helpful advices.. Your advice has always helped me in past ….

    Looking for your advice again. Please suggest best medical insurance for my self (28 years)and my family (Father , 57 years and Mother, 53 years.) .

    FYI…I am already holding Tata AIG wellness executive policy but not all happy with their service . I am looking for some policy which also provide general hospitalisation facility and best in market.

    Himanshu Sood

    1. You should then check out Religare Care or Oriental Happy Family floater !

  315. Vinay says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the very informative article as always !!!

    I am 28 years old and my wife is 25. I want to go for family floater health insurance policy but I am confused with how much Sum insured I should go with?Can you please tell me how do we arrive on it?
    Also can you please tell me how is Star family floater optima?


  316. Manjunath says:

    Hi Manish,
    Very informative and well explained. Thanks for this article.

    I would also like to post a question to you, Please suggest best medical insurance for my self and my family
    I am 40 years old and my wife 34 years and my kids are 8 and 5 years, currently i have medical insurance from my company, but i would also like to have one on my own.
    -Thanks in advance,
    Manjunath S

    1. Yes, its a good decision .

      Please check Religare Care for your self or Oriental Family Floater

  317. Hanumanth says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am planning to take health insurance for my mother and father they are 45 to 50 yrs old. Can you please suggest which insurance company is better.

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    1. Oriental is a better one

  318. Sindu says:

    must add to it. i suppose,so far we are free from any known disease

  319. Sindu says:

    Quite an informative article i should say….after having so much if information i am still confused as to which one i should choose.Mine is a small family,myelf 41 yrs,my husband who is abroad 44 yrs and a 16 yr old son.which policy i should take up? recently i had a discussion with one of the LIC insurance advisors about jeevan arogya.but the problem was that they did not cover common ailments like cataract surgery,hernial repair,prosate surgery,hysterectomy ( these are the most common complaint which we can expect in old age.).So please suggest an insurance policy sutable for my family.
    Thanks in advance !!!

    1. You should take a proper health insurance policy ! like Religare care !

  320. adarsh says:

    Dear Manish
    After reading your article on company group health insurance cover ,i have decided to buy health insurance cover for my family.
    I am confused on which policy to take for my family. Details given below:

    1. Self-23yrs , mother-67yrs(senior citizen).
    2.At present i have health insurance cover of my employer company for myself and my mother?
    3. I live in Delhi, mother stay in Indore.
    I would highly appreciate if you can recommend a health insurance company plan that would provide cover to me and my mother .

  321. Shankar R says:


    I had a Mediclaim policy earlier, because my company was covering all i left continuing the policy. But for the past 2 years my company is not covering. Hence Iwould like to take a medical insurance.

    My age- 39, Wife-34, Kid -5 years.
    Dad-74, Mom-67. (Dad has diabetes, Mom has BP.

    Can you suggest me a good policy to cover all, How much cover should i do.
    Do i need to go for a separate policy for my immediate family and my parents, in that case which policy.

    I live in Bangalore and if you know any good agents also pls let me know.

    Need your kind advise and help.

    1. You should take a Religare Care family floater for yourself and wife/children and for your parents take from Oriental

      1. Sam says:

        Hi Manish , Self (39), Wif6e (37), Kids: 6 yrs and 3 yrs old. Father (71) diabetic, Mother (63) BP issues…. can you suggestsome health insurance policy ? Also for personal accident bajaj doesnt cover the kid below 5 yrs, is it ok to go for apollo ? how is their track record ? thanks, Sameer

  322. Nirav says:

    I am 29 yrs old type-1 diabetic and wanted to know the best possible options currently available.
    Also, I heard that recently New India Assurance has stopped charging extra premium from diabetics, although the waiting period still persists. Can you throw more light on the same?

    1. Nirav

      You have all the options available because you are still so young . Just talk to all companies and they will quote you the premium

      1. Nirav says:

        Thanks Manish,

        Any idea about the recent update by New India Assurance regarding standardizing the premium?


        1. Can you share more about it ?

          1. Nirav says:

            Sure Manish,

            There was an article in Times Of India, Aug 1st 2013, that New India Assurance has decided to stop charging aditional premiums from diabetes and hypertension patients.
            Below is the link:


            1. Thanks for the link , Will have a look

  323. Prasenjit says:


    I am 22 years old living in Kolkata (Self-employed)..I am looking for my individual health poilcy with cover of around 1 lac-2 lacs…Right now,I am 100% fit with no previous hospitalization record..Can anyone suggest me the best health insurance policy? (I am confused looking so many companies)

      1. Prasenjit says:

        Thanks a lot for your reply…

        I was planned to go with Apollo Munich Easy health individual plan,after your recommendation I am looking carefully on Oriental..

        I am worrying about another fact,in all user’s review regarding all health insurance companies are very negative..So,I am thinking about whether it will be a good plan to buy any health insurance…Kindly put your comments on that..

        1. Dont look at mouthshut. Its so easy for a competitor to create a fake id and put all negative things ! .

          1. Prasenjit says:

            Thanks a lot for your prompt reply..

            After comparing every insurance plan,now I will go for any one of the following Religare Care(medimanage reco), Oriental(your reco),apollo munich(my initial choice)..I will choose a cover of 2 lacs for my own only,22 yrs old,100% fit,no previous hospitalization record..

            Can you put your final comment on that,what would be the most suitable for me?

            1. Just go for 1 term plan and 1 health insurance plan . That should be good enough

  324. jb says:

    I am a single mother aged 42 with a son aged 7.5 years. which medical insurance will be good for us?

    1. I think you should opt for Religare Care or Oriental !

  325. Ajju Sridhar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for kind support i will contact with them and apart from that just before I found my child hood friend through other friends of mine… And my friend he is working in a (MAX-BUPA HEALTH INSURANCE), like, It will also covered all major diseses with day one care facilities & medical reimbursement…

    He given me assurance that if earlier any medical history like diabetic, BP if it is in controlled and no other any major problems then he will take care about this issue..

    So, If my parents were pass in health examination test then shall i go with max bupa ????

    If not thenplease let me advise another option ??????

    Please its my humble request ..

    Eagerly waiting for your response

    1. Yes, in that case you can go ahead with Max Bupa .

      1. Ajju Sridhar says:

        THANKS A LOT SIR 🙂

  326. ajju sridhar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Sorry i forgot to mentioned my mom & dad ages

    My mom : 52

    My dad :60

    So, please awaiting for your quick response

  327. ajju sridhar says:

    Dear sir,

    Actually im 30 yrs old next year april im working in muscat-oman …And most important thing iam planninig from last 2 yeras to take the health plan to my mom & dad but, still iam unable to take it due to the policy agents because they all are confusing me..
    My concern is my mother she is having a knee pain problem which was recently started and my dad is having a some blodder stone problem which was now cleared but, my mom & dad they both were diabetic patients that is also controlled and it is in a normal condition now..

    But, still my fear from my heart is not going because iam far away from parents so, they should not get any financial in the case of medical urgency…. My parents are every thing for me and moreover iam not worried about premimums only iam expecting a good cashless services which cover almost any major surgeries so, please according to your kind support i want to do somethings to my parents which they will live to be happy untill their last day of their life so, please help to come out from this confusion please guide me promptly….

    God will bless you & Your family members…
    Serving to human is serving to god ..

    So please awaiting for your replay

  328. Ritesh says:

    Really nice article and great information.

    I need help in selecting the good Health Policy for my Parents (Age: Dad 57 years and Mom 52 years). My dad is suffering from Hypertension (high blood pressure). In 2010 he got hospitalized for the same.

    I tried Religare health insurance plan. However, it got rejected based on the Hospitalization report (Conclusion on MRI report mentioned is “Multiple small fresh non-homorragic infarcts in right cerebral hemisphere in right MCA Territory”)

    Can you please recommend any other policy which I can try for my parents.

    1. Did you try Oriental Happy Family Floater ?

      1. Ritesh says:

        Hi Manish,

        No, I have not tried Oriental. I have only tried Religare Health insurance and it has been rejected.

        1. Then go for oriental , being a PSU, it might give you with higher probability

          1. Ritesh says:

            Thanks for the suggestion. I will try for the Oriental Family floater policy.

            Just wanted to confirm on the maximum renewal age for Oriental Family float policy. Is it a lifetime policy or is there any maximum age limit on this policy?

            1. Its a lifetime policy !

  329. Rajesh says:

    Great article providing real insight into lot of aspects.

    I am presently 46, my spouse 45 and two daughters 16 & 13 yrs. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis and hospitalized 3 years back. I am in a confused state unable to decide which is the best policy for me and company for me. I am looking to have a cover of 10lac for my family preferably on a floater. Could you kindly recommend a good policy for me and oblige. I am presently covered by my company through a corporate policy.


    1. I would recommend you to look at Oriental and Religare Care once !

  330. Sundeep Rai says:

    Dear Manish,
    I am 35 years, my wife 33 years and my son 6.5 years old. Now, which health insurance policy I have to purchase. As I am looking cashless policies in which most of major as well as minor diseases is cover

    1. Mahavir Chopra says:

      Hello Sundeep,

      Health Insurance will cover you for Long term hospitalization costs, which is the large risk you should look at covering. Small medical costs can be covered through your regular income. For your retirement, you should create a reserve for such expenses.

      Note, there is no one “Best Health Insurance policy” which you can buy. It all depends on your needs, preferences, location etc.

      Contact a good health insurance broker like who could help you with unbiased need based advice.



    2. I think Religare Care would be a very good option for you

  331. Shyam says:

    Dear Manish Sir,

    As worried I was while going through different websites and insurance plans, I happened to visit this forum where you’ve answered so patiently to advise seekers like me, felt a spur of relief that I will get my answers here. Really appreciate the efforts you’ve put in here.
    I tried to go through all the queries here trying to find if i can find my answers, but the thread is so long that I decided to ask finally. Please help me with your subject expertise.

    I am a 27yrs old bachelor. My 68 years old mother is my whole family. A patient of diabetes (though under regular check up hence under control) & low BP apart from having old age related problems like arthritis and body pain. Realized very late that I should’ve taken up a health insurance policy for her and me as well.

    Having a long term perspective in mind that more family members (spouse, kids etc) will be added in future, could you please advise on some suitable options. Can afford a total premium up to 15-20k max for a cover for me and my mother.

    Since you’ve recommended to many people above to go for a plan that has life time renewal benefit, would really want that criteria covered. Also would want minimum waiting period for inclusion of preexisting condition coverage. Any more advice will be really helpful.

    Thanks a million.


  332. SUDHAKAR says:

    Dear sir,
    My mother’s age is 59 I want to make a health insurance for her plz suggest me a good insurance policy which has a good claim history in both PSU and private insurer also and plz mention pros & cons of both

    1. You can go with Oriental in that case

  333. Sreejith says:

    Dear Manish,

    Thanks for the article. I was checking the Oriental happy family floater policy for my family. Although the renewal says Lifetime, it highlights the policy will be converted to standard plan after 65 years. (I found this during comparison). Is this true and if so, is this still a good policy? If converted to standard plan, will I get the same coverage if I opted for 8 lakhs now? How often the premium increases in health insurance? I am currently 32, wife 28 and kid 2 years old.

    1. What is this standard plan , what is its definition ?

      1. Sreejith says:

        Hi Manish,

        I am unaware of what is the standard plan. The same was found when checking proposals in in the Renewal column. It says “Lifetime” in the Renewal with a highlight of “Converted to Standard Plan after Proposer age is 65Yrs.” I cannot attach a screen shot here otherwise could have. Is it something that is saying it will be converted to Individual plan?
        If so, will this mean I lose all the cumulative bonus, pre-existing illness coverages etc. I would get on the Family floater till I attain 65 years old?
        May be you can check with Mahavir please.


        1. Mahavir Chopra says:

          Hello Sreejith,

          As per the new IRDA regulations, all health insurance policies are required to be refiled and converted into lifetime renewable policies, from 1st October 2013. Eventually, all health insurance policies would be converted into Lifetime policies.

          You have 2 options, book your policy now at the current premium rates, and terms, and by the time of your renewal, you would have a lifetime policy.

          Or you wait till the revised policy is launched by Oriental. Should be out in this year itself.



  334. Amee says:

    Dear Manish,

    Really liked your article and want your suggestion on taking up a new Insurance policy for my family. Currently we have a floater from max Bupa which covers all 3 of us. However, I want to change the policy now and have recived quotes from ICICI Lombard however, upon asking questions their representative said very clearly that first you need to take policy and make payment and then we can discuss what will be covered and what wont be covered. I find this extremely hilarious.
    Anyways, my husband is 39, I am 34 and we have 2 sons 8.5 yrs and 5.5 yrs respectively. However, my older son is a Thalassemia patient and I am aware that this is not covered under any Insurance at all. He is due for his Bone Marrow Transplant the next year and will be Thalassemia free in a years time.
    We are not suffering from any kind of diseases and are in good health. What kind of Insurance and cover would you suggest. may I also ask you which company I should be selecting as I am very clear on customer service and follow up. I also want to know if Individual policies would be more beneficila to us rather than the family floater? Also we would like to go with a company which will have no age caps. Kindly suggest.
    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Warm Regards,

    1. Dont go with that agent for sure .

      You can look at companies like Oriental , Max Bupa or Reliagare ! for 5 lacs of cover to start with

  335. sandeep says:

    Hi Mr Manish,

    your article was really helpful and enlightening.You have mentioned that Religare and Oriental are better for older people. I wanted to take insurance for my parents.I am already having company sponsored insurance.My father is 59 yrs with diabetes and hypertension, mother (55) is having coronary artery disease and diabetes. Between Religare and oriental, which would be better? or is there any other which is better.

    1. Oriental is a good option to try !

  336. Bhagwant says:

    Hi Manish,
    I want to buy good health insurance policy.
    I am 29 year old and single person as of now. will married next one year.working in MNC.
    I want to purchase policy for me as of now. Please advise me which company health insurance would be best. I have no medical histroy as of now

    1. Try out some options like Religare Care and MaxBupa !

  337. Jayanthi says:

    Hi Manish,

    It was nice article, I am following all the articles in jagon… Kudos to you.

    I have problem I m not sure which health insurance policy I can choose. Most of the agents suggesting different health insurance policies but I am somewhat skeptical and confused.

    I am looking for insurance which can be hassale free and better in claim process, entire family coverage for lifetime of 70 yrs for all of us.

    Can you please suggest me which policy holds good.

    Below are dependents details:

    1. Father – 55 yrs – Diabetic
    2. Mother – 50 yrs – Gone through 2 surgeries
    3. Myself – 31 yrs – None
    4. Wife – 29 yrs – None
    5. Son – below 1 yrs – None.

    1. I would say try for Oriental !

  338. Vicky Panchal says:


    I’m looking for Health isurance for my family
    Self – 28
    Wife – 27
    Father – 60
    Mother – 55

    Planing sum assured of around 6 to 7 lakhs. Checked on net & found Max Bupa Family first & oriental Happy Family floter good options. But there is a huge difference in premium wihch basic covers are standard in both (in my understanding). I’m confused here & request you guidance which one to choose.

    Best Regards,

    Vicky Panchal

  339. Ajay says:

    Hi Mahavir/Manish,

    Appreciate your work guys..

    I am looking for your advice for a health insurance for my family
    family member’s are
    father age 61 has BP
    mother age 58 has diabetic, thyroid
    elder brother age 31 his wife age 25
    sister age 21
    me 29

    I am covered through my company. what will be good for us. do we go for a single policy like family floater or we get split into groups, as my brother does not earn much enough now(to get benefit as some private company provide almost fixed premium throughout life except health inflation and cover maternity ) and i and parents will go for one policy. please advice me for long run.

    kindly reply soon as i am from a very small town where i didn’t find any adviser who can advice me unbiased.

  340. sameer says:

    hi mahavir,
    appreciate your article…
    kindly advice options for a health insurance policy for my family…
    me and my spouse aged 28 yrs each..
    my father aged 63 yrs diabetic, mother 57 yrs no morbidities..
    my father in law aged 65 yrs diabetic, mother in law 55 yrs no morbidities..
    i like max bupa but i’m not sure of the coverage for my parents and in laws even after going through their web site. whether to include them in a family floater or get a separate policy for all of them… i’m also unsure how reliable the company would be over the next 40 yrs… your guidance would be of great help.

  341. Damandeep Thakur says:

    Hi Manish,
    I am looking for medical insurance for myself and family. Even my brother is also planning to take one.
    Myself:31, wife:30, son: 6 months, father: 59(diabtic+cardiac patient), mother: 42 (BP patient, but its high just smtime). Brother 29 (yet to get married).
    Should we go for some family floater / both separate and include parents in one of them/both separate and include parents in both?
    Also, which provider do you suggest considering proper coverage, easy process and long term?

    1. We dont have enough information on the claim process for new companies, however I can say you can go with Aviva, HDFC , kotak !

      1. Damandeep Thakur says:

        Thank Manish!
        Could you please reply to first question as well
        “Should we go for some family floater / both separate and include parents in one of them/both separate and include parents in both?”

        1. It will not be allowed by insurance company if parents are older . Also adding them in one policy will make premium less, but then restrict things .

  342. suria unnikrishnan says:

    Hi..I would like to take a health insurance policy for my parents (father aged 59yrs and mother aged 50 years). They do not have any history of ailments. I would like to take an insurance cover in the range 5 to 7.5 lakhs. Could you please suggest me some good products?

    1. Oriental is a good one !

  343. Vijay says:

    I am considering going with Religare for now and down the road switch to Apollo Munich. The primary reason being the co-pay of 20% that comes with Religare when you hit 61. However, I am not yet well informed on details of health insurance portability. If there are any clauses or restrictions. Wondering if you’ve covered the portability details in another post? I’ll soon be scouring the net for more information on that aspect.

    1. I think you should still go with Religare . What if you cant switch later ?

  344. Ankit Bansal says:

    hello sir

    sir mare pass phale se united india ke policy ha 2007 se ragular Rs.2,25,000/- ke abhi tak mane koi claim nahi liya ha per mare abhi marriage hui ha abhi mare age 30 year ha aur mari wife ke age 23 year ha ab ma us ke policy karana chata hu family floater me per jo aaj ke best policy ho wo aur hamare new born baby hone per after delivery cover ho aur sab critical illness cover ho ap kis company ko rafer kare ge aur policy portability ke liya kya karna chiye plz help me

    1. You can look at Religare Care or Max Bupa

  345. rakesh says:

    Dear manish,

    i want to take one health policy for may family..
    my self.36yrs,my wife27,my daughter 1.6y..
    critical illness should cover more… which is best policy…

    1. Check with Max Bupa or Reliance Care !

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  347. Malyadri says:

    I am looking health insurance for my family (My self:42 yrs, wife:37;Son:12, Dau: 7; Dad:61; Mom:56. and sum insured is 3 lacks. Please suggest me.

    1. Oriental is a good one

  348. Amit says:

    Hi Madhusdhan,

    You can look for health polices at You can compare over 30 plans not just on price but various factors like payment speed, complaints, cashless hospitals etc..

    1. Hi Amit

      Nice website I must say .. are you guys building this ?

  349. Madhusudan says:

    Please suggest a good medical policy for self 50 yrs, wife 46 yrs and son 15 yrs.

    Is there any policy which covers aged parents aged 86 and 81 respectively.
    I prefer family floater. By HIS grace, all in good health. I had a mediclaim policy and had a claim free period for almost 12 yrs.

    1. Hi Madhusudan

      I am not sure if there will be any policy which will cover your parents at this stage even if they are well . You can try Oriental Happy Family Floater plan at this moment .

  350. Hemanth says:

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for the wonderful eye opening article.
    I own a Health insurance provided by my office for 2lacs. During emergency, it wont be enough. So need to go for a family floater medical insurance for 5lacs covering Myself (27 yrs) and my mother is (52yrs).
    I am planning to get married next year. Whether is it possible to add a new member in the existing plan?
    I wish to go for a health insurance which has 1) lifetime renewal 2) zero copay and moreover 3) cash settlement in time.
    Can you pl suggest me a good product.

    1. Yes, it should be possible to add new member, but better check with the policy on this aspect once ! . You can look at Religare Care !

  351. Ashutosh says:

    Hi Manish,

    I saw the conversation and was happy to see the positive comments where people got their answers. Thanks for good job !
    I have a concert, my 1 year old child is diagnosed with undescended testis and now needs to go for surgery. Is there a mediclaim plan I can buy which will cover the expenses, I can wait for couple of months if required.

    1. Ashutosh

      Sorry to hear that, but Ashutosh , your comment clearly shows that you do not understand what insurance is all about. Insurance will not cover “known” expenses . Its only to cover the unexpected and unknown things.

      So there will not be any policy in this whole universe which will cover it


      1. Ashutosh says:

        Thank you for your reply Manish.
        I spoke to an agent from Religare and he said this is a daycare procedure and is covered. I will check with him in detail.
        Please suggest me a good mediclaim plan. I want to buy one for future. I am 29 .

        1. Its covered , but only for future , Not for known issues and known and planned one ! .. Read the terms and conditions and only then go for the plan

  352. Mothiram says:

    Hi Manish,

    I would like to enrol a medical policy for my Father-in-law as he needs to undergo a Knee replacement Surgery. Can you advice which insurance will be the best for this treatment. Also I heard that we are eligible to claim only after 1 year of premium paid.

    Kindly clarify.



    1. Mothi

      It wont be covered if its already planned and expected

  353. Senthil says:

    Iam staying in south africa, I dont the real fact which company is providing good health insurance in India.

    I want to take medical policy for my mother (51 age) who residents in Chennai , India.

    She have a shoulder pain due to some bones have slightly aged.
    She also have investigated last year and doctor advise to take some medicine for
    cardiac disease at initial state, Doctor said it not big problem for her at this stage, if she continues one drug continuously.

    She also have to consult with neurology very often monthly once.

    Which scheme should be benefit for her

  354. anshu says:

    hi.. i want you to pls help me out with one question. if i am having / applying for any insurance policy but i consume alcohol also, not on daily basis but once or twice a month. will i be eligible to get claims for the diseases , i mean any disease say cancer??
    is there any law which says that the person who consumes alcohol is not liable to get claim and if so, then what is the use of that policy? because 80 percent ppl consume that. Pls clear me out with this concept of alcohol and health claims . thanks in advance… regards anshu

    1. Hi Anshu

      The first thing is CANCER is never covered in any policy for anyone . Now when you declare with them that you take alcohal , then they might increase your premium, but then you will be covered for everything else mentioned in the brochure !

  355. vivek says:

    I am 24 year old and in my family there are only one younger Brother (18) and my mom (45) i need a health care policy which can cover my entire family.
    please suggest to get good one 🙂

    1. Good idea to cover them at a younger age. I would say go for Religare Care !

  356. maryanto simon says:

    Moreover I’m in trivandrum and I’ll be needing a family coverage.Thanks

  357. maryanto simon says:

    I’m 57 years old and in good health I suppose…….I had a little cholesterol lately and now after food control…its OK….yet still I wish to join an insurance(health)….kindly advise me the best in India.Thanks….expecting your reply at the earliest

    1. Go for Oriental !

  358. rahul kothari says:


    I am 28 & My wife 26, we are newly married..
    My parents are between 50-55 age…

    Which health insurance should i select, to cover all of us?


    1. Oriental and Religare care is a good option

  359. Prashant says:

    Hi Manish, I am 29 years old and is looking to buy a health policy for myself as well as for my parents (61 and 54 years old and my brother who is 25 years old), can you suggest me which is the best option for me ? I need coverage of 4 lakh per person


    1. Oriental is a good option .

      1. Prashant says:

        Thanks, so for how many years should I take the coverage ? is 2 lakh each per person fine or less ?

        1. You tell me . What is the maximum bill you can imagine in worst case . I would prefer a minimum of 5 lacs for myself. if you are fine with 2 lacs , then go ahead !

  360. Varaprasad says:

    Hi Mainsh,

    I need to take health insurance policy to my brothers family he is at the age of 35 yrs self employed and having 2 child (total 4 members) and they are from AndhraPradesh. Can you please suggest me which is the best policy suited for their family.

    Waiting for your reply.


    1. Oriental is a good option !

  361. Ashis says:

    My parents health insurance from start health is going to complete by end of this month. My father is also about to complete 60yrs after another 3 months. My Mom is 55yrs.
    I dont like star health as they do have lots of hidden costs. Please suggest a health insurance to switch from star health, which I can continue for lifetime for my parents.


    1. Oriental seems to be better !

  362. tarun says:

    I have a query regarding health policy. I want to cover my family(me+wife+my childrens) in a health policy-age is right now 42 yrs. then which is the best polcy in term and services. could your help out this

    Thanks and regards


    1. You can look at oriental !

  363. prakash says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for such a nice post and explained way of all the policies.

    I have a query regarding health policy. I want to cover my parents in a health policy-age is right now 69-70yrs. is that possible? if yes then which is the best polcy in term and services. I also want to include my family(me+wife+my child) along with same policy.

    waiting for your expert reply.
    Thanks and Regards

    1. I think you can get it from Oriental !

  364. Vishal Jain says:

    Hi Manish / Mahavir,

    This article is very informative. I have been following jagoinvestor for more tha a year now. I have understood the importance of term plan and sip. I have read both your books, now reading the 3rd one. Also I have enrolled for 100moneyactions last week.
    Somehow the concept and working of health insurance is not clear to me yet after reading so much about it. My family members include me, my wife and my parents. All of us are working. Currently we have a family floater insurance with some psu. I feel that it is not good enough and i should buy a new insurance.

    1. Can i get a family floater insurance for all my family members? Also, in future when we have kids , can they be included in it?

    2. My parents are aged 52 and 45. So, should i take a separate policy for them or combined?

    3. Also if you could suggest some good options to choose from.

    I really appreciate the work you guys are doing, because of which people like us are no longer ignorant about personal finance matters.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Mahavir Chopra says:

      Hello Vishal,

      1. Yes, you can get a family floater for all your family members, but we recommend you have a separate floater for parents and another for your immediate family.
      2. You can take a floater between your parents of around 6-8 Lakhs SI.
      3. We cannot recommend products here, as each product is good, and depends on your requirements.

  365. Arijit says:

    Hi Mr.Manish,

    Great to read all your advice.

    I want to buy a Health Policy for my Mother age 59.As per my limited knowledge I found Religare as the one but i need your advice.I will take a cover for 5 lks for her.She don’t have any pre-existing illness.

    I also want to buy a health cover for my daughter (1 year) and my wife (27 years).What will be the best choice and what limit i should take to avoid any extra charges to increase the limit.


    1. Religare is good . however for aged people , Oriental is suggested

      1. Arijit says:

        I also want to buy a health cover for my daughter (1 year) and my wife (27 years).What will be the best choice and what limit i should take to avoid any extra charges to increase the limit in future or addition of Co-Payment policy.

  366. sandip says:

    Dear Sir,
    At present I am working in UAE and settled here with my family since last 4 years. I am fully covered for the health insurance provided by my company. When I was in India, at that time I have taken ICICI Lombard family floater plan of 3 lakhs for me & my wife, 6 years back and in last 6 years I have never claim. My wife is diabetic patient and looking to the complications to the diabetic patient in the later age, I want to increase the insurance amount by another 7 lakhs. Is it possible?
    (1) If I take new insurance with any company and at the time of purchasing insurance disclose her diabetes and don’t claim for the next 4 years. In that case any claim after the 4th year will be approved by the insurance company??
    (2) Her age at present is 40 years. (13/12/1972) and my age is 45 years (06/09/1968) my son’s age 14 years (02/07/1998)
    If I disclose the diabetes that what will be approximate premium for the insurance of 7 lakhs??

    1. 1. it will depend on the company , if they agree to this .

      2. It can be told by company only , not us !

      1. Sandip says:

        Thanks Manish for the reply. But I don’t understand what you want to Conway. Kindly explain me in more detail.

  367. sree raj says:

    am 39yrs old and my wife 36yrs and my 3 kids 9yrs,8yrs,7mnths,which policy is gud for my family.. i am very much convienced wit ur information regards the policy , and iam much confused with many policy company in the market guide me and help me to take a right policy for my fly
    thanks sree raj.

    1. You mean health insurance policy ?

  368. manoj says:

    Hi manish,
    This is manoj, i took health insurance from royal sundaram life insurance for my father,mother and my self..after seeing reviews about royal sundaram many are saying its fraud and service is bad… i am in confusion wether to continue or to cancel it,in this month only i had taken that insurance………..can u help me out wether to continue with royal sundaram or to switch to some other insurance……please provide one best insurance company which suits for my family….
    father(age 55), mother(age 51) myself(age 25)….all are medically good at present…

    1. YOu can take from other insurer , if you do not feel comfortable with them , but I dont see much issue

  369. Sandeep Kumar Bhadra says:

    i want to do mediclaim for self, wife & son. i am 42 yrs , my wife 41 yrs & son 13 yrs. I want a cover of Rs.1000000 to Rs.1500000. should i go for private or plubic sector. pls do suggest which is the best company.

    1. Religare Care is a good option

  370. Chanchal says:

    I am looking for a Policy for my family(Self,wife& child)ages are 32,25 & 3. is there any policy that covers maternity as well as we are planning for the Second.

    1. Yes almost all the policies cover maternity , but after 3-4 yrs

      1. Chanchal says:

        What will the best option with hassle free claim

  371. Minnu says:

    Hi Manish/Mahavir,

    I am 33 years of old.
    I am looking for a Family Floater Plan for me,spouse and one year old daughter.
    Please suggest the one among the following

    Oriental Happy Family Floater
    Religare Care
    Apollo Optima Restore
    Maxbupa Family Floater GOLD

    Thanks in advance

  372. Gaurav Beniwal says:

    Mr. Chopra

    Great article!!

    Can you help me in choosing right policy for me & my parents ( 54 & 49 years respectively ). Moreover, I am already covered by my employer.
    SI = 5 lacs
    Max renewable age – no limit
    No co-pay

    Looking forward for your reply.

    1. Mahavir Chopra says:

      Hello Gaurav,

      Consider ICICI Complete Health, Max Bupa Family First, Oriental Happy Family Floater, Religare Care.

  373. janardhan says:

    in march my father had undegone operation tht amt is 3lac .before i donot have insurance . i f i take ploicy if i can claim or not is there any solution

    1. I am not sure what are you talking about ?

  374. janardhan says:

    now i want to take health insurance ,my wife is pregnanet carrying 7 month,whether i will cover amt at the delivery ,which is best ploicy .

    1. No policy will cover it

  375. Raj says:

    Hi Manish,

    I currently have 3 memebers in my family myself,spouse and younger brother. Age for all is between 23 -27. Can you please suggest good Health Insurence for us which covers all three members.

    Also, if you know any good advisor for this in Pune city, it’ll be great.


  376. karthik says:

    Anybody at any age with any(most) pre-existing condition can buy health insurance
    but should digest co-payments and sub-limits. buy it from inter-mediators for comparisons the best mediators would be policy bazaar and .
    eindiainsurace BPO is doing a better job for claims or settlements
    or finding a non network hospital.
    please try both

    1. Thanks for that info

  377. Debyuti Bhadra says:

    This is Debyuti from Kolkata, Please suggest me (age 26) a plan for me and my mother (age 56) of sum assure of 2Lakh.

    1. Oriental is a good one

  378. Sameer says:

    Assuming I have two Health Insurance plans, when making a claim do I have to approach both the insurance companies for the settlement or can I file a claim with either one of the company for the full amount of the claim?
    For example considering I have Health Insurance for Rs. 2 lac from both ICICI and Religare respectively. If I undergo hospitalisation amounting to Rs. 1.5 lacs then do I have to file a claim with both the companies and get a settlement equal to their share or can I file a claim with either of the companies that I may choose and claim the entire amount?