All Tax Saving Mutual funds are not same !!!

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All Tax Saving Mutual funds are not the same !!!

This post targets those who already know ELSS or Taxsaver mutual funds. But many people do not know that not all ELSS are the same.

tax saving mutual fund

They might know that Tax saver funds are Diversified Equity Mutual funds, yes they are !!! But still, they can be differentiated in the category of :

Aggressive Tax savers :

These are the ELSS who bet more on small-cap and mid-cap, stock and hence have more return potential.

Safe and balanced Tax savers :

They heavily bet on Large Companies, which are more safe then mid-cap or small-cap stocks.

A person who wants to invest in ELSS shall not put money in just 1 ELSS, but 2-3 different ELSS. Again Putting all money in the same type of ELSS is not good, as they will be of the same portfolio type ( i mean more stake in Huge companies and less in Mid and Small-cap)

Rather, they shall put money in ELSS both types.

Let us see some top-performing Mutual funds and their category:

Aggressive ELSS:

1. Birla Equity Plan – D
2. DSPML Tax Saver -G
3. Principal Personal Tax Saver

Safe ELSS:

1. HDFC Taxsaver
2. HDFC Long Term Advantage
3. SBI Magnum Tax gain


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11 replies on this article “All Tax Saving Mutual funds are not same !!!”

  1. Somesh says:

    Hi, how much of the money you invest into ELSS funds will not be taxed? Is there a limit?

    1. as ELSS comes under 80C, the limit is 1.5 lacs

  2. Chetan says:

    It would be of great help if u can update the list as of 2013 or new article on this.

    1. Chetan

      By now, you should have the ability to find good mutual funds on your own , you should be self dependent on this given you are on jagoinvestor from so much time 🙂 . What say !

  3. Ameya says:

    Please update the list or redirect

  4. pramod says:

    hey manish
    this is very old list.there are many new ones..please update else one can be mislead.

    1. pramod

      Yes , dont look at it , its a very old post .


      1. pramod says:

        yeah but i came here through twitter and facebook post…
        Manish Chauhan All Tax Saving Mutual funds are not same !!! #jagoinvestor

        1. My bad , its a old post , tweeted by a plugin 🙂


  5. Manish says:

    Can u update the list of Agressive and Safe ELSS ?

    1. You can choose between Religare Tax Plan and Taurus Tax Shield

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