Jagoinvestor Workshop in Pune – 12th April (Sunday)

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We are back with our offline workshop. This time it will be held in the city of Pune.

We invite you to block 12th of April (just one Sunday) (mark 12th of April on your calendar) so that you can participate in our one day workshop. We are inviting you because our workshop will add a lot of value to your existing financial life. So far we have seen and observed that our workshop helps investors to add new and different dimensions to their financial world. In the whole process they learn to slow down so that they can examine what’s going on in their financial world. With our help and support they also define and adopt new set of actions and strategies to create an amazing financial life.

jagoinvestor workshop

Why we conduct these workshops?

We do offline workshops so that we can connect with some of our readers at a deeper level, round the year we write articles, reply to thousands of comments and work with a few hundred investors one on one and in that process we learn, grow and expand as professionals. Our Workshop gives us an opportunity to share outrageously all the knowledge and experiences that we acquire round the year. The program is an opportunity to get our readers more and more action oriented.

Why you should come for this workshop?

  • You will learn how to improve your financial life with your current set of resources and income.
  • You will learn how to plan for your financial life goals
  • You will interact and learn from other’s people’s financial life
  • You will dedicate one full day to get better with money management
  • You will learn to add new dimensions to your financial life
  • To understand that personal finance can also be fun
  • To give a whole new direction to your financial life

It’s time at add jagoinvestor workshop to your financial journey

It has been a few years now conducting “Design your financial life” workshop and the experience has been amazing. It is a wonderful space to be in, in which the group learns and starts to fall in love with the process of wealth creation. We do not teach tricks and tips to build wealth in fact we help you to discover your own personal process of creating wealth.

This time we want more and more couples to participate so that they can get on same page when it comes to personal finance. It is extremely important that husband and wife both take equal interest when it comes to money management. We are offering special discount to those who want to come with their partner. (You can even come with your parents, siblings or friends and can claim the discount)

The workshop we conduct are highly interactive, it has lots of activities and fun exercises which helps you to discover your relationship with money. The sessions are interactive and very easy to grasp for any kind of investor, beginner or advanced. In short there is something for everyone in this workshop.

Listen to workshop Participants who attended in Past




Register for the Workshop in Pune

Single Ticket SOLD OUT
Couple Ticket
(Discount of Rs 500)


What you get as a participant?

  • You get a FREE Financial Health check-up Report worth Rs 499/-
  • One day workshop with some personal finance tools like budget sheet, Mutual fund tracker etc
  • Invitation to join our inner circle

Invitation to join and participate

From the bottom of our heart, we invite you to join and participate in pune workshop. Come alone or with your spouse or parents, siblings or friends but see that you do not miss this opportunity. Do not let time and money to get in your way and book your seat at the earliest because we will be taking only 35 participants this time and registration will close after some days.

This workshop is strictly for investors and not for advisors or finance professionals. If you have never participated in any personal finance workshop let this be your first workshop. If you have any questions you can write in the comments section.

You can also visit our Workshop Page to Register and Get more details

41 replies on this article “Jagoinvestor Workshop in Pune – 12th April (Sunday)”

  1. Satish says:

    Hi Manish,

    Any plan to conduct such kind of workshops in kolhapur?

    1. No Satish

      We do workshops only in Pune, Mumbai , Bangalore and now we will do it in Hyd, Chennai also

  2. JAYAN.K.S. says:

    Hi Manish,

    Find your articles very Interesting.

    Would like to know when you will be conducting a workshop at Cochin, Kerala.

    Also inviting you to ” Gods own country”

    Regds Jayan

    1. Hi Jayan

      No we dont have plans to do it in Kerala . The closest we will do is either Bangalore or Chennai !

  3. Ravindra says:

    Hi Manish,
    I know I am too late for this.
    I need to attend this, can you please lend me with 2 tickets.

  4. Girish says:

    Hi Manish,

    I know I am too late for this.
    I need to attend this, can you please lend me with 2 tickets.

  5. C.Ramakrishnan says:

    when such a conference will be held at CHENNAI . AND IF YOU CAN MAIL IN ADVANCE WILL BE ABLE TO PLAN .

    1. We will share that ..

  6. Rajesh Khandelwal says:

    Thank you Manish for your prompt response.

  7. Rajesh Khandelwal says:

    Hi Manish,

    any plan to conduct such kind of workshops in Ahmedabad / Vadodara ?


    1. No Rajesh

      We will not be doing it there.. The nearest place for you would be Mumbai ! , which we are planned some time in May/June


  8. sweta says:

    hi Manish
    I havent received any email yet from you as i booked tickets for financial planning in pune scheduled on 12 april.
    kindly revert with the same.
    thank you!

    1. Hi sweta

      I have emailed you for more information.

  9. Pukhraj Ranjan says:

    Dear Manish Sir,

    My parents and I really want to join this course. However, we are busy on the weekend of 12th April. I live in Pune and my parents live in Mumbai. Can you please tell us when the next course will be in Mumbai or Pune?

    1. Nandish Desai says:

      Mumbai dates are yet not announced. As soon as they get announced see that you book your seats

  10. Sunil Thakur says:

    Hello Manish,

    I’m trying to secure the ticket for the workshop and tried several times but it’s not working for me.

    Please suggest some other way to make the payment.


  11. Laxmikant Patil says:

    Hi Manish,
    Compliments to both of you for conducting such work shop to enrich the knowledge base of investor community.I am very much interested to attend this workshop.When are you conducting this workshop in Bangalore? Plz let me know.

    1. Sure . Will let you know


  12. Dr Mukul Machave says:

    Hi I want to attend the workshop. I am from pune,I wanted to know whether I can pay by cheque or cash? I

    1. Yes Mukul

      You can surely deposit cheque in our account. I will send you details


  13. baljit says:

    i am impressed with your knowledge, its interpetation and dedication in this blog. but i feel that u have “deversified” more and left your “Forum” , to die it’s own death.

    1. Hi Baljit

      To some extent, you are correct. Its becoming almost impossible for me to handle forum without the help of community . I reply to comments, do articles and that keeps me so much occupied that I am not able to handle the forum. I am looking for some volunteers or other people from community who can help me on that. Can you spare some time for that if possible ?


      1. baljit says:

        dear manish,
        volunteering is easy as well as tempting. i am retired at 52 yrs and thanks to forums like this one that my investments are generating enough passive income to fill my stomache as well as ego, so i have time and this field became my passion 4-5 years back, when i decided to retire at this age, and i was in search to correctly invest my retirement money . but the real question is that do i have enough knowledge to guide others (little knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge). in the bargain, i may spoil reputation of your blog and more importantly some one’s financial health. ( i have seen many “experts” doing it). your take…..

        1. You can just reply to those questions whose answers you are sure you know or can give some views . You can ignore those questions which you dont think you can answer. Its as simple as that.

          Also good to know about your past experience. I am sure many have a lot of things to learn from you


          1. baljit says:

            it is tempting to preach, so i will try to the best of my knowledge and capabilities in this field, let us see

  14. Sarang says:

    Hi Manish

    Appreciate your and team’s efforts in running these workshops as these will help people better understand the financial nuances. I am a regular of Jagoinvestor and keep reading your articles on various areas. One question I have is how will this workshop be helpful for advanced investors who must have invested in good Stocks, MFs, beneficial Insurance policies, good Home loan plan like SBI Maxgain, second home property for investment sake, Gold (Physical & ETF) etc? Can you plz throw some light on that?

    1. Hi Sarang

      The workshop has various kind of conversations in it. Its focus is not just to talk about the investment part, but some deeper level conversations like Financial Freedom, Passive income and good practices. I am sure most of the advanced investors will feel that some part of the workshop is not for them, but its fine. I see the whole thing as “A Day which one Dedicates to their financial life” and change some things which will give a new direction to it.

      SO if you are talking about your self, I would say come over for new ideas, to confirm that you are on the right path, to learn from others experiences . I am sure you will have few new dimentions which you will add to your financial life.


  15. gautham says:

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart for serving the investor community selflessly. Cant wait for the Bangalore workshop. I am shocked at the pricing. If you remove goodies like free health checkup report, free lunch, breakfast etc, it will come to about rs 2000. considering the other costs like rent etc, this is a steal. I suggest you increase the fee. only then the investor will realize the value and importance of the event.
    Note: I would also urge you to put the agenda/topics also. it will be helpful.
    thanking you again.

    1. Gautham

      Thanks for acknowledging that. We want to make sure that the prices we charge serve 3 purpose .

      a) Affordable by People coming to Workshop
      b) Motivates us enough to conduct a good program after removing the costs.
      c) Makes sure whoever is attending is serious enough to attend it and is a quality investor who is really serious 🙂

      Considering all these factors, we come up with the pricing 🙂

      Will inform you once we plan our Bangalore workshop .


  16. Manisha Vaidya says:

    I want to know more about the traditional and the term insurance plans.
    I am also interested in knowing more about investments in NPS…whether it is suitable for persons above the age of forty?

    1. Manisha

      You can read more about NPS first, I think there are better alternatives than NPS .


  17. Bhavaani Mamidi says:

    Any chances of conducting in Hyderabad?

    1. Yes, we will be conducting it very soon in Hydrabad.

  18. V.SRIDHAR MURTHY says:

    I am from Bangalore, I would like to know if you propose to conduct such a workshop in my city. Would like to attend.

    1. Yes, we will be conducting it very soon in Bangalore .

  19. Raghav says:

    Please let us know when it will be held in Bangalore

    1. Raghav

      Very soon in few months !

  20. Simhadri says:

    Can this workshop be conducted in Bangalore?

    1. Hi Simhadri

      We will do it in bangalore this year 🙂 . Wait for the days !

  21. nitesh kumar mootha says:

    Respected sir, my self nitesh kumar mootha
    I want to be a member of jagoinvestor

    1. Sure . Nitesh

      You can register for a login or newsletter with Jagoinvestor


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