6 reasons for which you can withdraw from your EPF – like Buying House, Medical treatment, Marriage etc !

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Yes, you read it right ! . Most of the people do not know that they can withdrawal partially from their EPF account even when they are in the job for some specific and important reasons in life like buying house, marriage and paying for education fees.

Today I am going to share with you this very hidden and not so known information about EPF partial withdrawal. EPF is an important part of most of the salaried individuals, but there is lack of awareness of how it can help you at times when you are pressed for money in life.

If you have worked for several years like 5-20 yrs already, you have accumulated a good amount in your EPF (Employee Provident Fund), but most of the people feel that its locked in and they will only be able to get it only at the time of retirement or will be able to withdraw/transfer it when they leave their job.

EPF withdrawal for house purchase, marriage or medical emergencies

6 situations when you can withdraw money from EPF account while you are working

Here are those 6 major milestones in life or reasons for which you can take out the money from EPF account

  • For Marriage Purpose of Self, Sibling and Children
  • For Education of Self + Children
  • Purchase/Construction of House or Flat
  • Repayment of Existing Home Loan
  • Repairs/Alteration of Existing House
  • For Medical Treatment

Different rules for different situations

Para 68 of Employee Provident Fund Act 1952, defines how much you can withdraw, under which condition, after how many years of service and finally how many number of times. But before you move forward, its important to understand two important terms – which are “wages” and “years in service”.

You should know these two terms because how much you can withdraw for some reason has some restrictions and defined like this  – “You can withdraw maximum 36 times your monthly wages, only after 5 yrs of service”. So you will get confused on the terms like wages and years of service .

Most of the people confuse “wages” with the monthly take home salary or gross salary and do not understand how to calculate “yrs of service” because they have changed their jobs and keep moving from one company to another and have not transferred their old EPF account to new one.

So lets understand these two critical points

What is the meaning of “Wages” ?

Wages means Basic Salary + DA (if any) . So if you are earning Rs 80,000 per month take home,. but your Basic Salary + DA is only Rs.25,000 per month and rest 55,000 is other components, then for calculation purpose – “wages” will be Rs.25,000 only and not Rs.80,000 which is generally confused with.

What is the meaning of “X yrs of Completed Service” ?

How old is EPF account is the sum total of how many years you have worked. Do not confuse it with how long are you are employed in current job.

Because Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a centralized pension system, if you ave worked for 3 yrs , 4 yrs and 2 yrs in 3 different companies, then your EPF account would be considered as 9 yrs old, provided you have transferred your old EPF accounts to the current one.

So in this example which I just gave, even if your current job is 2 yrs old, if you have transferred your old EPF to your current one, your “yrs of service” will be 9 yrs, and then you will be eligible for many benefits which we are going to talk in this article.

Incase you have not transferred your old EPF account to current EPF account, then in that case you will be at loss, because there is no data of your past employment in the current EPF account and you suddenly might not be eligible for various withdrawal benefits, because many of them require atleast 5 or 7 yrs of service.

So the first step you should do is transfer your old EPF to your new EPF account. Incase you have been facing issues while transferring your EPF account, file a RTI now and get it done !

What is Form 31 ?

Form 31 is the main form which one has to fill and submit to employer inorder to withdraw money for various important situations mentioned above. Along with form 31, you also need to provide specific documents depending on the case. You can either ask for Form 31 from your employer or download Form 31 from EPF website.

Fill this form and submit it to your employer who will then verify it and process it. Note that you should not send it directly to EPFO office, because it has to go through your employer only. Below is the form 31 attached if you want to have a look at it.

How will you receive the money from EPFO ?

When you fill up the form 31, you need to you need to fill up your bank details and also give a cancelled cheque and once your employer and EPFO verifies it and process it, you get the money through NEFT or RTGS in your bank account.

Incase the amount is less then Rs 2,000, you also have option to get it via money order.

6 situations when you can withdraw from your EPF

Below are those 6 important reasons for which you can withdraw from your EPF , now I am going to explain each of them in detail. Here they are –

Reason #1 – Marriage for self, children and siblings

You can withdraw from your EPF account for the occasion of marriage if you have completed 7 yrs of service. The interesting part is, you can avail this facility 3 times in life (during your service) and the maximum amount you can withdraw can not be more than 50% of the “Employee share” in EPF account.

You should be clear that even Employer contributes to your EPF account and that is not considered for this withdrawal. So even if your EPF account total balance is Rs 10 lacs, that whole amount is not considered for calculation purpose, only your own contribution and interest on that amount is used for calculation purpose.

This is applicable for the marriage of

  • Self
  • Son or Daughter
  • Brother or Sister

So for an example, lets say you have been working for 10 yrs and your sister’s marriage is coming up, you can withdraw money from your EPF account for this purpose.

You will need to provide the full address of venue, marriage date in form 31, and also attach some proof of wedding like Marriage invitation or the bonafide certificate of the fees payable and give it to your employer for verification and processing.

Reason #2 – For Education of Self + Children

You can also withdraw for education expenses for self and children. This is valid only for post matriculation educational expenses. By post-matriculation, it means after 10th standard .

So if you are admitting your child to any college or university for graduation or post graduation or any other professional course, you can withdraw from your EPF account. But this can be availed only after 7 yrs of service and the maximum amount you can withdraw is 50% of your own contribution.

This can be used for maximum 3 times in your lifetime, but this 3 times also includes the “marriage” as the reason. So the point is , for Marriage or Education purpose, you can withdraw for maximum 3 times in total.

Reason #3 – Purchase/Construction of House/Land

If you are planning to buy or construct a house OR purchase a land, you are eligible to withdraw some limited money from your EPF account once in lifetime. Here are some of the rules which you need to satisfy

  • The house/land should be on your name or your spouse name or jointly in the name of you and your spouse (no other combination is allowed)
  • You should have completed 5 yrs of service.
  • If you are purchasing land, the maximum permissible amount is 24 times monthly wages.
  • If you are purchasing or constructing a house/flat , then the permissible limit is 36 times monthly wages (including the acquisition of land also)

So for example –

If you are buying a flat and your salary per month is Rs.80,000 , but your basic salary + DA (wages) is only Rs.25,000 per month, then for calculation sake, your wages is Rs 25,000. So as per rule, you can withdraw upto 36 times your monthly wage, which is 36 x Rs.25,000 = Rs.9 lacs from your EPF account.

If you do not have that much money, then you will get less than 9 lacs. This is not a small amount if you think about it. When you take the home, there are so many costs involved and one is so hard pressed for money that time, Even few lacs is a big enough help.

The property in question should be free from any dispute or emcumbrances to avail this facility (here are 20+ terms you should know about real estate). Also the property should be registered and a proof of registration must be given to get this facility.

Reason #4 – Repayment of Existing Home Loan

This one is surely going to move a lot of you readers I know :). If you have a home loan, you can even withdraw some part of your EPF money to prepay your current home loan, but for that you need to have 10 yrs of service. However you can avail this only once in your lifetime, and this one time limit is clubbed with the last reason (3rd) above.

So one can either withdraw money from EPF account for purchase/construction of house or repayment of house loan, not both !

The property must be in the name of self, spouse or jointly registered with spouse.

A lot of people have a joint home loan with father, mother, siblings – but in those cases, you wont get this benefit. The amount you can withdraw will be 36 times of your monthly wages.

The money you will get under this clause, can be taken from self contribution and employer contribution in EPF. You will need to provide the proof for house agreement, sanction of house loan and some other documents as asked by the EPFO office.

Also the money will be issued directly to the lender bank, not to you (incase you thought you can trick the EPFO and enjoy the money for some other purpose). Next, you can use the money from your self + employer contribution.

Reason #5 – Repairs/Alteration of Existing House

At times, when your house is little old (after many years), there comes a time when you want to make some alterations and changes in current house and it burns your pocket. You might want to do some construction work, or lets say change your home tiles, or add a new room in existing house.

In all these cases, you can use EPF money for this purpose. However there are few rules

  • The maximum money you can take is 12 times your monthly wages
  • The house should be more than 5 yrs old after construction completion date.
  • You should have completed 10 yrs of service
  • You can avail this facility only once
  • The house should be in the name of self, spouse or jointly with spouse

Note that this money can only come out of your own contribution, not employer’s contribution

Reason #6 – For Medical Treatments

If you have health insurance, then well and good, but if you don’t have it and if you are hospitalized or have to undergo some major surgery, you might have to shell out a lot of money, but your EPF account can be of some help to you partially.

You can withdraw money from your EPF (Provident Fund) for a medical treatment for self or anyone is family in following 3 situations (any one, not all)

(a) The hospitalization is for more than 1 month (for any reason), or
(b) major surgical operation in a hospital, or
(c) if one is suffering from T.B., leprosy, paralysis, cancer, mental derangement or heart ailment and having been granted leave by his employer for treatment of the said illness.

The best part is that you can withdraw the money anytime in your service.

There is no requirement that, you must have completed X number of years in service. Even if you have been in service for just 1 yr or 2 yrs, you can still withdraw money for medical treatment – But at the same time, the maximum money you can take is limited to 6 months wages, which is not a very big amount, but still atleast you get some help and this option is there.

This benefit can be taken anytime you want and for any number of times during your life time. So in a way, your EPF will come to your rescue in times of need, at least partially if not fully!.

But, there are few documents you will have to produce and give along with Form 31 and those are

  • A certificate from your employer which states that the Employees’ State Insurance Scheme facility and benefits thereunder are not actually available to the member or the member produces a certificate from the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation to the effect that he has ceased to be eligible for cash benefits under the Employees’ State Insurance Scheme
  • A certificate from eligible doctor stating the fact that hospitalization of one month is required or there is a requirement of a major surgical operation or certifying that one is suffering from the mentioned illness – i.e T.B, leprosy, paralysis, cancer, mental derangement or heart ailment.

All the rules mentioned in a single chart

So that was all the rules I wanted to tell you, I also want to give you a single chart which has all the above points at one place.

epf withdrawal chart for house purchase, marriage or education expenses

An example of someone with 10+ yrs of experience

To give you a more clear picture, here is a simple example which will help you understand how much a person is eligible to withdraw in money terms. I have assumed that a person has completed 10 yrs of service and his wages per month is Rs 20,000 and his current EPF balance is Rs.10 lacs.

epf withdrawal example house purchase


Your EPF account is primarily for your long term wealth creation, Do not use it only because the money is available through that because its a place where your money gets accumulated each month without your intervention.

However in case of crisis situations and when you are not able to arrange for money from anywhere, its a good place to chip in and withdraw the money.

Let me know if you want to share any new information or have any doubts. I would be happy to answer them incase I know more

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  1. shruthi keerthi says:

    Hi Manish,
    I am working for one company, wherein i have completed 5 year and 6 month, can i withdraw money from my PF for my marriage. let me know the procedure and the complete details.

    1. Jagoinvestor Admin says:

      Hi shruthi keerthi
      The partial withdrawal can be done only after completion of 7 years of your PPF account.

  2. Raushan says:

    I have worked in a company for around 4 years then I switched to another company and have been working for 3 months.My total work experience is less than 5 yrs.I want to withdraw my PF amount to pay my education loan.
    Am I eligible to withdraw my PF amount full or partial or PF advance.

    I have not transferred my old PF account to new PF account.

    Do I need to transfer my old PF account to new one

    1. Jagoinvestor Admin says:

      Hi Raushan
      You can not make a partial withdrawal from your PF before completing 7 years. And transferring your old pf to new one will avoid any further problems in future. So as per my opinion you should go for the transfer process.

  3. Ankit says:

    i have PF account from 4 year can i withdraw it for my marrige?

    1. Jagoinvestor Admin says:

      Hi Ankit
      You can withdraw from your PF account only after completion of 7 years.

  4. Arun says:

    Is there any time limit for partial withdrawal after transfer of PF from previous employer (service more than 7 years) to current employer?

    1. Jagoinvestor Admin says:

      Hi Arun
      Yes there is a limit. You can withdraw Only 50% of employee’s contribution, not more.

  5. Mustaq Nawaz says:

    Hi, I Worked in a company for 5-1/2 years and recently resigned. Now, I have joined another company. Can I able to withdraw my PF amount. And my current employer is asking me to provide my old PF number. If I provide my old PF, can I still able to withdraw pf amount. Please suggest.

    Thanks and regards,

    1. Unless you are unemployed , you cant withdraw the money from EPF !

  6. Bharat parve says:

    Can we withdrawal PF for purchasing of Shop

  7. Manzoor Elahi Khan says:


    while withdrawing the amount we have to consider only employee share or we can withdraw both employee + employer share for buying a plot, i know we can withdraw only 24 times , this 24 times applicable only of the employee share or (employee + employer share )


    1. You can withdraw the full amount !



  9. Naveen John Lartius says:

    Can I withdraw from PF to attend Private Computer Professional course from Private Organization?. If yes then what documents are required.

  10. V. M. Mahedu says:

    Hi Manish,

    I want to take a loan form my pf for Repair my house. All the conditions needed are met, except the condition of 10 years service, can I get the loan. My Total Service the employer is 8.5 years.

  11. Anusha Chandana says:

    I want my PF for home loan. If I try to withdraw will it be transferred directly to my home loan bank account or it will be transferred to my account? Please let me know.

    1. I think it will be given to bank directly or the builder if its a fresh purchase !

  12. Mahesh says:

    Hi Manish,

    I got married recently… is it possible to withdraw PF under the reason Marriage for self? also i have 5.5yrs experienced in present organization not merged with previous company PF (new one).

  13. Krishna says:

    Hi Manish,

    I would like to know whether we have to courier the UAN-31 form directly to EPFO office or thru employer,because I saw in another like of yours,you have mentioned to courier directly to EPFO office..Please clarify.


  14. rudy says:

    I want to withdraw for buying flat. can you tell me if 5 years of service is considered within same organisation or multiple, as i have joined new organization 6 months back.

    1. Read the article, its already mentioned in that

  15. Vijay says:

    Hi manish,

    I’m looking to buy Resale Flat in that will i able to withdraw the PF amount ??

    1. Yes. Kindly see eligibility rules in article

  16. Maheswari says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have been maintaining my PF account since 6 years. But that is an overall period, there is a break in my career after first two years and later got that old PF account to my current employer after getting started again. In this, will my service be counted as continuous as overall it is 6+ or will it be still counted from the service after the break I took. Could you please help me understand the term continuous service in my scenario.


    1. Jagoinvestor Admin says:

      Hi Maheswari

      It is period of service. In your case it will be 2+ your current employment tenure.Since you were not in employment in between.

    2. vaishali says:

      hello sir ,
      this is vaishali currently working in school i completed 4 years . shall i get loan against epf

      1. Yes you can get it

  17. kalpesh says:

    I want to my pf amount because of my house repairing purpose ….

  18. ravi says:

    hi manish
    i had taken loan for open plot, now i want to take a open land and construct a house in my spouse name am i elgible again for taking loan

  19. Sagar says:

    You have given in the example that the total balance is 10 lac and the amount for withdrawal is 7.2 lac based on 36 month basic. However if the balance is 10 lac and the 36 month wages amounts to 8 lac then will the whole 8 lac be given or what is the norm for purchase of flat.

    1. Hi Sagar

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  20. sudheerk says:

    Hi Manish,
    In the case of purchasing a house or flat under construction(which will be ready in 1yr), how can we show the proof that flat/house is registered in our name?. Builder will give clearance certificates etc only upon payment of full price of house/flat and then we can go for registration. Is registration document mandatory for withdrawal of PF or sale agreement/sale deed also works out?. Please let me know

    1. I am not sure of the full details here. You need to check more on this with EPF department only

  21. sunita says:

    In the example given of person with 10+ years experience, and EPF balance of 10L, there seems to an error in sr no 1 and 2, since only 50% of own contribution can be withdrawn and not 50% of total EPF balance.

    1. Can you point where is that error ?

  22. vijay says:

    Hi Manish ,
    It is advisable to purchase a land or flat for investment purpose by withdrawing the money from PF.

    1. Yes, thats what we have discussed it here ~

  23. Satya says:

    Hi Manish,
    I have purchased a plot recently and taken loan from bank… and completed 5 years service as well.
    Is it possible to withdrawal PF amount to pay the loan.

    1. I am not sure. If its just a plot, then may be NO

    2. Ajay says:

      Yes you can

  24. DebaDatta says:

    I have completed 5yrs service in my current organization. Would I eligible for withdraw my partial /advance loan from PF account for my sister marriage purpose?

    1. I dont think sister marriage is a valid reason to take our EPF money. Please recheck

  25. Pradip says:

    This is really informative article. I did not know we can use EPF money for home loan repayment. I had taken 35 lacs of loan 2 years back. Now I think loan amount is reduced to 33+ lac. My question is, is it worth of withdrawing EPF money to repay the loan amount? Once there is no loan then we can start investing whatever EMI amount we were paying on each month. Any comments.

    1. Yes, its a good idea . Do it !

  26. Hardik says:

    Thank you so much Manish. This indeed is a fantastic article and helps a great deal to first time home buyers.

    What is the typical cycle time have you seen in case of such PF withdrawals? I know if one asks for full withdrawal, PF Office has 45 Working days SLA.


    1. I got mine after 2 yrs .. But many people get it in few months. I think you should expect anything from 6 months to 1 yr ! . Use RTI in between to speed up the process

  27. sajith says:

    HI Manish,

    I have a house, but it is in my Parent’s name. Does that mean I cant take a loan at all for alteration.

    Will they do a verification, if I give the address.


    1. No , you cant take it .

      1. sajith says:

        Thanks Manish. Are you aware that they do strict Verification process. Anyway it is our money right ?

        1. Yes, they do strict verification !

  28. Kusum says:


    Really informative , I would like to know if there is any TDS on withdrawal (if am withdrawing for buying a house 5 years of service completed.)

    1. No , if its after 5 yrs of EPF running !

  29. mahtab says:


    i requested for pf loan for my construction home as i have completed 5 years.. let me knw do i have to submit any bill or any agreement for the same

    1. That info you need to find out from EPFO

  30. Prashanth says:

    Thanks for the article, very informatiive.

    My father provided me rights to construct on first floor, so what calculation applies for me to construct a house on the first floor. Please advise.

    1. Hi Prashanth

      This query belongs to CA domain, hence we are not the right people to comment on this issue.

      I suggest you get in touch with a CA for this in your city.

      We also have a CA partner incase you want to explore that, Just fill in your details here and they will give you a complimentary call back



  31. lakshmi says:

    Hi, I’ve more than 5 yrs experience but with different organizations. Am i eligible for partial PF withdrawal for a house loan?

  32. Tanmoy Ghosh says:

    i have completed 6 years of my service with my company and i am about to get married soon. so can i withdraw some potion of my EPF for self marriage purpose?? and if yes, how much??

    1. Yes you can .. see the details in article itself !

  33. Dayle says:

    The total PF balance withdrawal for purchase of home is employer plus employee balance or just employee portion subject to a maximum of 36 times wages

  34. Rohidas says:

    Can i Withdraw 2 Time Pf Amount for 2 Different Home ? Please Guide

    1. No , its allowed only 1 time !

  35. Ruchit says:

    If i complete 5 yrs of service and if my marriage is planned after that, then can i withdraw my epf money?

    1. Yes, you can .. but you need to provide the proofs for that !

  36. Angeline says:

    I am a woman of 52 years old.I had withdrawn all my account 2 EPF but yet enough for my child’s education fund.May i know whether can i apply to withdraw some amount of my account 1 for my child’s education ?

    1. Yes, you can apply for that !

  37. Harish says:

    Manish, Nice article.
    I have a doubt. I am planning to purchase a flat in Bangalore and my wife is also working.
    Can I withdraw the PF amount of both of ours?
    I mean, can we withdraw 36 times of (monthly wages of) my PF account and 36 times of my wife PF account?

    1. Yes, only if you both the crossed the limit of 5 yrs of working !

  38. dolly says:

    thank yu so much its helps me a lot to clear my concept of epf benifits
    dolly shah

    1. Glad to know that dolly ..

  39. Amol says:

    I have completed 6 years of service in my current organization, I want to buy agriculture/farm land and want to withdraw pf amount.
    Please confirm me Is it possible to withdraw pf amount for buying agri/farm land?

    1. I dont think so , Its only allowed for a residential flat!

  40. Vijay says:

    I’m purchasing a Flat. I need to withdraw a portion of my PF money for the following reasons…
    1. To pay the down-payment amount
    2. For Registration charges
    3. For Interiors charges
    Are all of the above reasons valid. If yes do I need to mention it in Form 31?

    1. I think only the first point is valid, not others.

      But I am not very sure on that!

      1. Vijay says:

        Thanks a lot for your Answer

  41. Irshad says:

    I wish to take out some money from my provident fund for repair works of my ancestral home. I have seen that this provision is allowed under GPF but not under EPF. Please clarify. I am working in a Public Sector where EPF is followed.

    1. Its not allowed under EPF

  42. juliana says:

    I have completed 5 years of service in my current organization and have my brothers marriage coming up…. can I partially withdraw from my PF account

    1. I dont think. Its not a valid reason for EPF withdrawal

  43. Namdeo says:

    I have taken a nonrefundable loan for extention of house.But meanwhile i wish to change a decision to use that amount for purchase of new flat .whether i can use the amount for purchase of house though it is sanctioned for extentio n? if i used this for purchase of house then what to do for 2 nd instalment? pls.guide.

    1. Hi Namdeo

      Thanks for asking your question. However, I dont think I am eligible to answer your query as its either out of scope of my knowledge or its not related to money matter directly


  44. Priyanka says:

    Hi, Sir i would like to know whether there is any fee concession allowed based on PFA for students who are willing to take medical /engineering .

    1. Hi Priyanka

      Thanks for asking your question. However, I dont think I am eligible to answer your query as its either out of scope of my knowledge or its not related to money matter directly


  45. pooja says:

    Hi Manish,
    I am completing 5 years in October this year and bought a house in june.Can I ask for withdraw pf money to pay for purchase of house?
    Is there any tax applied on this money?

    1. Yes, you can do that

      No tax on that amount !

  46. Suresh says:

    My PF contribution started credited from 01-01-2012. I will be going to abroad opportunity by Oct 2016. I would not complete 5 years PF contribution. Since it is abroad job, I would not able to make any contribution to my PF account right.

    Scenario 1. If I withdraw it on Nov month, then I think it is 30% flat taxable. Is it correct?

    Scenario 2. After few years, say 2019, once I return from abroad, If I withdraw, then it would be 7 years from opening (but contribution made for 4 years 9 months only).
    Will it eligible for Tax exempt?

    Scenario 3. After few years, say 2019, once I return from abroad, If I start working on Indian company, I believe I can continue with same PF account for my PF contribution. In this case, I cannot withdraw at all. right?

    Please help me.

    1. Hi Suresh

      You can only withdraw it once 7 yrs are over.

  47. Pranav says:

    Hi, I need to withdraw PF for personal debts taken for a self surgery occurred last year. Can I withdraw PF on the basis of this surgery which was done last year? Please Help.

    1. No, once the expense is done and now its too late . I dont think you can withdraw the EPF based on that reason now !

  48. ROHIT says:


    I have booked a flat 8 month before and need to withdraw from EPF account to pay my contribution along with bank loan. I have been into service from past 5 years. please confirm of i can withdraw the money from EPF considering the flat has been booked 8 months before.

    1. Yes you can withdraw from EPF for this purpose !

  49. Haritha says:


    My PF Account is became inoperative account. Then how can I withdraw money from that account.

    Awaiting for your reply.


  50. mayur says:

    hi , i m purchasing flat from individual that case money will come to my a/c or that owner a/c

  51. Nilesh says:

    Dear Manish,

    I have completed my 5 yrs service i want to withdraw money for buying a land.
    What will be the proof required for purchasing a land. & how much i can withdraw?


    1. Hi Nilesh

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  52. venkat says:

    Hi ,
    I have a question, when we withdraw the money from PF for buying a house- will they give us only employee share or (employee + employer) share?


  53. Snehalatha says:

    My Total Experience is 9 Years , but i have PF Account created 3 years back (ie on 2013 April), will i eligible to with draw the amount ??
    Right now my take home is 60000 Rs

    1. If you are employed right now, then you cant withdraw !

  54. srinivas says:


    I would like to take some amount from my PF account for purchase of a house. I paid some token advance to the owner of the house and executed a purchase agreement for the same. Now I want to apply for the PF withdrawal or the loan. Can you please let me know if I submit the copy of the purchase agreement along with form31 and declarations needed will help me getting the PF advance.

    If we need to register the house on my name first I need to pay the entire amount which I may not be able to do without availing PF loan and some other adjustments.

    Can you please let me know if purchase agreement between the seller and buyer is enough for PF withdrwal.

    Thanks in Advance,

    1. Hi srinivas

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  55. Naveed says:

    Hi Manish, I have withdrawn a portion of my PF 6 months back for my sisters wedding. Now, I want to withdraw the remaining balance for buying a flat. DO you know if I can withdraw again now?

    1. I think you can do it. There is no restriction on that.

      On another note, will it be possible for you to share the process in detail about how you did it for your sisters wedding ?

      I have written the article, but I have no idea on the process. If you can help me with that, I can share it on blog which will help millions of people ?

      ManishHi {name}

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  56. Ravi says:

    Sir I have site loan Rs1500000 at rate of interest 13.75% .I want repay site shall I get PF withdrawal. I completed 19 yes service. My PF ac Balance is Rs 2.8 lakhs.please guide me.thank you.

    1. Hi Ravi

      To withdraw the EPF, you can always fill up the form 19 and submit it to EPFO office. After few months try to follow up with RTI


  57. RanjanJha says:

    When i leave the company, will i get the 100% of the amount i and company has deposited in my PF account?

    My basic salary is 7000Rs. and my PF contribution is 840rs (my contribution) and if i worked for 12 months.

    Will i get: 840*12 (my contribution) + 840*12 (organizations contribution)

    10080+10080 = 20160? Please clarify

    1. Yes, correct, you will get that + interest also !

  58. Manoj says:

    Hi Manish,

    I want to with draw money from my PF account for buying a Land now.

    Also after 5 years or later can i withdraw money for buying a new house.Is it possible to withdraw again after 5 years for purchasing new house?What will be the proof required for purchasing a new house withdrawal.

    1. No , only once !

  59. Shetty says:

    Hi Manish,

    I intend to apply for a PF loan for “Purchase of house”. However I have take a home loan against the property.
    Will I still be able to apply for the PF loan ? Would it count as an encumberance ?
    I do not have 10 years of service (only 5+), hence I cannot apply under “Repayment of housing loan”.


    1. I am not very sure on that,. Please check that with PF office itself !

  60. Alldryn says:

    Hi Manish,

    A big thanks for answering these many questions; but we have more questions 🙂

    In the light of April 1st notification by EPFO, for purchase of flat, can I withdraw both employee’s contribution as well as employer’s till May 1st, 2016. Also, heard that it will take minimum 45 days for EPFO to process any claim. So do they consider the application date (some where in 1st/2nd week of April ( ie. before May 1st)), for effecting such new amendments/postponments. Please comment.

    (News link: http://www.dnaindia.com/money/report-epfo-puts-on-hold-new-provident-fund-withdrawal-norms-till-april-30-2197028)


    1. I think they will consider the date when they recieve the application , but I am not sure !

    2. Prasann says:

      I am in the same situation. Let me know what happened. I am applying for EPF withdrawal for purchase of home and with the new rule in 2016 suspect can withdraw only from Employee+interest contribution.

      1. THat rule is withdrawn now . You can now withdraw the EPF for house purpose !

  61. Jitendra says:

    Q. Purchase of house from builder, EPF withdrawal will come to my a/c or builders a/c ???? Rules says it will go to builders a/c directly but I heard from many people that it comes in employees a/c. Please clarify ?????

    1. It will go to builders account !

  62. Ayaz says:

    Very Informative articles!!

    Dear Manish,

    I got partial amount in PF, still i am waiting since 2 months to get my remaining amount.
    What is the reason i got my partial PF ?

    Thanking in advance for your reply.


    1. Hi Ayaz

      NOt very sure on that .

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  63. Rajan says:

    Hi, I need to withdraw (partial amount) from my PF account, i have completed 5 years in a company. I need for construction purpose.
    – Property is name with my Father (retired), shall I withdraw the amount. As per PF rule, only member or spouse or jointly can take the amount.
    – secondly, i have already taken a home loan for same property, shall i eligible?
    Please suggest, or any other options.

    1. Hi Rajan

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  64. Raj says:

    Hello Manish,
    I completed 6 years of service in current organization and wanted to withdraw money for constructing house.suppose if i have pf with employee contribution as 3 lakhs and employer contribution as 2 lakhs can i not withdraw both amounts? Please suggest

    1. From what I understand , you cant .. and anywhere there is a X times limit there !

  65. HarshaKumar says:

    Hi Manish, very precise article and aptly put. I am working for an organization for 10 years now. I am planning to start a business on franchise basis. Can I withdraw a portion of my PF for this purpose. Thanks for your answer.

    1. I dont think so .

  66. MaltiGondule says:

    My total service is near about 20 yrs , EE is 135000/- Now i want some Rs for my brother marriage, can i withdrawal EPF

    1. No , its not a valid reason for withdrawal

  67. Priyank says:

    Hi Manish,
    Thank you very much for putting this information precisely and in crisp way!!
    I have below questions on EPS contribution:
    1> I withdrew EPF some 6 years back. I am wondering whether I also received EPS. My question is – do you get EPS amount when you withdraw EPF?
    2> Where can I see EPS accumulated? I have my UAN account and I can see all my previous EPF accounts and accumulated EPF amount, but not EPS.


    1. 1. You only get it if you have filled a seperate form for EPS withdrawal

      2. I think you will have to file a RTI for that, or within UAN login there is a way to generate the passbook.

  68. Hard says:

    Hi I left the organization 6 yrs back and now I am claiming for my PF, but they informed me that I can only withdraw 50% of my total amount, while the rest I will get when I complete 58 yrs. Is there any such rule?

      1. Darshan says:

        under no circumstances can you withdraw employers contribution ?

        1. NO

          Only your legal heirs will get it on death of EPF account holder

  69. Shrikant says:

    Is your article still applicable after the new budget?

    1. Only for the employee portion, not for employer portion !

      1. Alldryn says:

        So, after the new budget, we can withdraw only the employee portion for ‘purchase of a flat’ ?

        1. Yes, only employee portion !

  70. Robin says:


    I served 5 year in my last job from Jul’09 to Aug’14. Now Since Aug’14 I am working in another company, not transferred my EPF from older to current company. So can I withdraw my last company entire EPF amount as on date since my EPF account is more than 5 years old now.

  71. Archana says:

    Hi Manish,

    My pf has been deducting for the last 12 years & i am still working in the same organisation. Now i want to withdraw my pf for the registry and the final settlement of the remaining amount at the time of possession of flat. I am also availing home loan for this flat. So I am very confused about the reason for the same. Please help.

    Archana Chauhan

    1. You can ask it for the home buying reason only !

  72. Rajesh says:

    I have completed 10 years in my company and my basic and da is around 17000/month and I would like to repay my housing loan around 3.2 lacs and as per my pf passbook I have my contribution and interest sum around 1.82lacs and employers about 1.2 lac and rest will be in pention can you help me to calculate the amount I can withdraw

    1. Hi Rajesh

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  73. Gopal says:

    Hi Manish,

    My PF has been deducting for last 17 years including the previous and current company. I had transferred the PF when I switched to current company 9.4 years back. In case I leave the current company….. am I eligible for pension or I have to complete 10years of service in current organization to get the pension amount.

    Thanks in advance!


    1. But only if you have completed 58 yrs of age !

  74. vikash says:

    Hello Manish,

    i and my wife is working in the same company for last 10 years and recently we booked a flat jointly. we had applied for pf withdrawal from company trust . but the company refuse to pay both of us on the same flat. finally they agree to go ahead with my wife withdrawal and my pf withdrawal rejected on the same flat ground. request you to kindly guide us. whether we are not eligible to withdraw for same property as per govt law

    1. I am not aware of this Vikash, better use RTI for this

  75. Chandan says:

    Hello Manish,

    I have very quick query, I will be completing 9 years in one company and 1 years of start of my carrier I have not choose PF option. So total duration for PF contribution is more than 8 years.

    Currently my Jan 2016 salary says basic amount is 29577 and no DA. I have finalized one property for 1 BHK flat in Mumbai, today.

    So according to my current salary can I get 36 wages amount like 29577*36 Months?

    Also my wife is in same company but from last 2 years and there is one more loan which she want to make pre-payment of existing loan, so can she do the same? So how much she can get if her basic amount is 29000?

    Her outstanding of Loan is 280000 only. Please suggest me.

    Also can I withdrawal my gratuity? Please help me on the above question.


    1. You are eligible for it, but not your wife. You can try for it … File an applicable to EPFO for that.

  76. Albert says:

    Hi manish,
    I want to buy a site immediately,so i need some money from my PF,How long i have to wait for receiving the money.

  77. Sindhu says:

    Hi Manish,
    I am planning to purchase a site and for which, I am looking for PF Advance. I have made an advance agreement with the promoter. All the necessary documents for PF advance are there with me. The situation is like, if I get a better property than this, I might switch to the new one.

    If I apply for advance with the current documents and I use it for some other property, will it be a problem later. How the verification happens? Please help.


    1. THe payment will go to the builder directly I guess. Apply for this with EPFO and see what they reply.

  78. Ananyomus says:

    HI manish

    I have completed 4 year in current organisation and i want to withdraw some funds from my PF for pregnancy operation of my sister.
    currently my PF is managed by in-house trust of company.
    do i am eligible to do so , if yes then what are procedure ??

    1. I guess it will be the company to decide if it falls under medical emergency or not !

  79. Rony says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have completed 2 years of service. recently i have switched to new job. I urgently need money for my marriage. In this case can i withdraw money from my previous company’s PF account. The HR told me to send a mail stating i have not been employed anywhere after 60 days.

    1. I dont think it will happen urgently ! .. its going to take some time in process!

  80. Archana says:

    Me and my husband both work for same Orgn for past 5yrs and 9 yrs resp. Now we need to withdraw EPF for purchase of house and we are very much eligible as per rules.
    But the flaw is that the PF amount was with Trust of the orgn till July 2011 and there after transferred to EPFO with the accumulated amount. Nothing remains with Orgn now.

    Is there any rule that, employees are eligible to withdraw only after 5 yrs from the time of transfer to EPFO (here, after July 2016)? We were told by our company HR that, earlier few applications were rejected stating this reason, i.e – the amount transferred with EPFO is not 5 yrs completed.

    But logically, legally, technically this is unfair to put such rules.

    Pls guide on where this can be confirmed so that we or going forward no employees would face this issue.

    1. Hi Archana

      I am not sure on this rule actually. You will have to get clarification from EPFO only . Check with help of RTI if required

      1. Archana says:

        thank you!

  81. Prabjot says:

    I have withdrawn money from PF for construction of house 2 years back, Can I withdraw money this year under alteration/repair of house for a different property that is > 10 year old?


  82. Manoj says:

    Hi Manish,
    At present i am working in my company last 7.5 years with new PF account.
    Last 3 years before i purchased own flat by EMI Loan basis.
    Is it possible should i illegible to take some amount of 60% from my provident fund. As per rule saying 10 years service must required in same company.

    1. In that case you cant

  83. Prashant says:

    I am working in educational institute degree college from 5 years
    Can i borrow money for my marriage from pf account plz do suggest the things wht i hve to do for that??

    1. Hi Prashant

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  84. Srinivas says:

    Sir, i have verified UAN with employer login but it is show DOB mismatch with your previous employer, please share the solution…

    1. You can make the changes yourself from the online login or ask the employer to change the details

  85. Praveen says:

    Hi Manish

    Thank you for your information.
    I m confused at one point where it says pf can be withdrawn only after 7 years for marriage purpose.
    But one of your replies to sourab was that he can withdraw the pf before 5 years and it is non taxable.
    Which of these is right.
    I need to know if we can withdraw pf for marriage in less than 5 years as I need it for marriage.

    1. Check the table and rules mentioned in this article. I might have made mistake in the number while replying !

  86. KarthikP says:

    Dear Manish,

    Thank you very much for this detailed article, yet I would like to know if I am gonna buy a flat/plot, what is the % of my PF balance that I can withdraw? Consider I have only 3L balance after 8 years and my current basic is 30,000.

    Thanks much in advance,

    1. Hi Karthik

      THe exact amount will be told by only EPFO office

  87. Swamy says:

    Hi Manish,

    How many days it takes to get the money via partial withdrawal ( 36% of basic wages at the max).


    1. We cant be sure on this. As EPF office (govt) is involved, it can take few months !

  88. Venkatesan says:

    My son is going for higher studies next year and need some money surely for capitation fees. Is there any provision to withdraw pf amount for this purpose. I completed 18 years of service including 15 years in current organization and 3 years of accumulated service

    1. While you can get the money, but it would be tough to get it on urgent basis, But you know how it works with govt organisations !

  89. Ari says:

    I am completing 5 years of service in my current organization. 8 month back I applied home loan and bought site. Now i want to repay my loan and i don’t have enough money to repay, I’d like to withdraw my EPF. I am eligible to withdraw my EPF at special occasion’s scheme. If YES please let me know that is the procedure.

    1. Hi Ari

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  90. keshavamurthy says:

    this is keshav from karnataka i have 8 years service.now i want to money for sister marriage but my pf account maharashtra but now iam working in karnataka.how to i apply for pf withdraw.pls give me a information for way of withdraw….

    1. You can fill up form 19 and send it to EPFO maharastra office.

  91. Dilip says:


    Could you please tell me that can I withdraw the PFmoney for my brother marriage as I have completed 5 years of job?
    And if so, tell me the entire process for that and how many days would it take to get the money in my hand.

    1. Hi Dilip

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  92. Sanjay says:

    Dear Sir, I had completed 6 years and I need non refundable amount for my child education who is doing B-Tec . can it possible to withdraw from my PF account?

    1. Yes, its possible, Apply with EPFO on this

  93. SandipJadhav says:

    Hi , I will purchase resell flat next month (Jan 2016 ). I will complete 5 yrs in current service in July 2016 . Can I apply for PF withdrawal in July for purchasing house ?

    1. Yes, you can do that

  94. Sharavana says:

    Thanks for throwing light on this important source of fund. My question is that I have booked a flat in the pre-launch phase and am required to pay the builder amounts in installments depending on the stage of construction. Considering that the registration of the flat would take place after completion (say 2 years ), please let me know if I can withdraw my EPF balance today (subject to limits prescribed). One of the conditions prescribed is that the “property should be registered and a proof of registration must be given to get this facility” – but in my case registration will happen only later while I need the funds today.

    1. Hi Sharavana

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  95. Yatin says:

    What happens to the the third part of EPF i.e. Family pension fund?. can it be withdrawn for repayment of existing home loan?. I have completed 10 yrs with existing organisation.

    1. From what I know, pension part cant be withdrawn

  96. munaraliyan says:


    Is there a hard and fast rule that repayment of Homeloan would not be done for those home loans taken from private banks?… my PF managing company has indicated as below.. and i am forced now to move to Public sector bacnks ( waste of money and time) and then start the process of preclose :-(..

    excerpts from the doc as below.
    Withdrawal for repayment (wholly or partly) of housing loans obtained in the name of the member or spouse of the member or jointly by the member and spouse – Repayment of loan to State Govt., registered coop. societies, state housing board, Nationalized Banks, public financial institutions, municipal corp. or secular bodies.

    Is the above true.. ho can i over come this ?

    1. If that excerpt if giving why your PF trust, then yes, it might be there rule . I think its better to move to public bank in that case.

      1. munaraliyan says:

        Thanks.. for the reply… but is there restriction from EPFO as such ? Can my company’s trust could have such rules.. which is not favoring many

        1. It might have some rules differently, but nothing which is not in interest of all .

  97. VTiwari says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thank you for the detailed explanation..!!

    I’ve completed 11 years in the present organization & the PF account remains intact. No withdrawals were ever made in the recent past. I’ve purchased an old home in August & have started it’s construction. I fall short of 4 – 5 lakhs and wish to withdraw from my PF account, (Curr balance approx. 3.20 lakhs including employer contribution). However, the plot size is just 90 sq. yards, hence there is no building permission availed for the same. I can submit other important documents viz., Engineer plan / Title Deed / EC / Market Value & Photographs. Please suggest; if this should be sufficient (or) If I need to submit any more documents? Regards.

    1. Hi VTiwari

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  98. Shravan says:

    Hi Manish,

    Detailed article on EPF withdrawl..Thanks…I am looking for some money due to personal reasons.

    I too have mutual funds investments and also EPF, could you please tell me which would be better option to withdraw from either mutual fund and EPF.

    From long term point of you and wealth accumulation point of view please advice where to withdraw money from…
    Mutual fund or PF.


    1. Withdraw from PF .

      1. Shravan says:

        Thanks for the quick response!


  99. soumendra says:

    Hi ,
    I have completed 5 yrs of services and I just wanted to withdraw the PF amount , so could you please let me know what is percentage I will receive. whether it is 50% -75% or all 100%


  100. ajay says:


    I have completed 5yrs of my service and I am eligible to but a plot or house. I was planning to buy a plot. But, as per my organization rules.

    Least of the following:-
    1.Basic wages for 24 months
    2. Member’s own share of contributions together with the employer’s share of contributions, with interest thereon,
    3. The total outstanding cost towards the acquisition of the dwelling site.

    So, which one I will be getting. My balance in PF is around 6 lakhs, and the cost of last is also same.

    Please advice.

    1. Did you first talk to your company on this ? What is their reply ?

      1. ajay says:

        No, I haven’t spoke with them

        1. First check with them as its specific to them

  101. sourabh says:

    could you please share the information more of Pf withdrawal for marriage. As per new rules before 5 years of service PF withdrawal is taxable. So we can withdraw PF amount for marriage or not in that case.

    1. You can withdraw it , and it will not be taxable

      1. Atanu says:

        Is it possible to withdraw pf amount after completion of 6 the yr in a company?
        Or it is mandatory to complete 7 yrs..?

        1. You can withdraw it after 5 yrs anytime . BUt you need to be unemployed to do that.

  102. Krishna says:

    Very useful Information..

  103. shrikanth says:

    thanks for sharing such a detailed information

    1. Thanks for your comment shrikanth

  104. Mohan says:

    I have my PF account since March 2005.
    I changed to company A, company B and now working with company C.
    I have not withdrawn my PF amount and transferred from A to B and B to C my current company.
    Now from the beginning date, it is about 10 and half years since the PF account opened (in between from company A, I was sent to abroad in that country payroll and was not contributing to India PF for 3 years)
    I wish to withdraw my PF amount and close my housing loan.
    Kindly inform if it is possible.
    In my current company, I have only 4.5 years old.

    1. Yes, you can still withdraw from that EPF

  105. Mandeep says:

    Hi Manish,

    Please advise me, I am moving out of India permanently. I am currently into employment and will resign in 3 months. Can I withdraw Money from EPF account. I have served 3 years in employment in all.

    Please advise on above. Your input will help in big way.

    Thanks & regards

    1. Yes you can withdraw the money . Ideally you should submit the papers for withdrawal to employer if they are supporting that. Or else you can do it on your own after 2 months of employement

  106. vikas says:


    I had puchaged flat from builder by making 20% myself + 80% from home loan. For reistration of flat i need money on urgent basis. So i want to know how many maximum days required to get amount credited in account( either it’s builder account or my account). Seeking quick response from your side. Many thanks

    1. It would be builder account and it can take few months !

  107. Makarand says:

    Hi Manish,
    First of all, thank you very much to share such valuable information in very simple language and tabular form.
    Any one can easily understand the meaning of all technical term if read once.

    I have just completed 5 year in current employment and I would like to purchase of own flat.
    Till date the total contribution in EPF a/c is 2,75,138.00 = 161305 (Employee share) + 113833 (Employer share).
    How much will I get?

    1. You will get full !

      1. Sam says:

        Hi Manish & Makarand!!
        Manish, Thank you for this article!!

        In continuation to the query from Makarand..
        Is Makarand eligible only for a full withdrawal of the 2.75L in his EPF
        the maximum amount of 36*(basic + DA). This amount will be larger than the 2.75L (if the basic is Rs.25000, then its about 9L). And so can he get such an amount, that is larger than his present EPF contribution, but that is still within the limits of 36*(basic + DA) ?

        Please help clarify my doubt.
        Thanks in advance!!

        1. Hi Sam

          I think I had made mistake while replying to Makarand

          HE will only the maximum to the limit as the formula.


          1. Sam says:

            Hi Manish,

            Thanks for your prompt response!! Much appreciate your service 🙂

            I still sniff a loophole in this system.
            Please clarify if such a thing is possible:
            Lets consider Mr.Qwerty; aged 58; on the verge of his retirement.
            He has all eligibility to claim one such EPF withdrawal.. Lets say he is planning to buy a house.
            His basic+DA accounts Rs.35000/- and so he is eligible for a withdrawal of Rs.1260000/-
            However in his current EPF, the EE and ER totally sums up only for a lesser amount, say Rs.6L. (may be he might have claimed many such withdrawals previously, expect for the ‘buying house option’)

            Being on such a verge age of retirement, will Mr.Qwerty be still offered such an amount (Rs.1260000/-) which is LARGER than the amount in his current EPF?
            If yes, won’t that be a deprieval to the EPF dept? and how do they handle such special cases.

            Thanks again!

  108. vadivel says:

    Hi Manish,

    I’m panning to apply PF loan for “House construction”. I’m in the current service for less than one year ( exactly 11 months now). I transferred my PF fund from old organisation which was maintained in trust to current organisation. I worked for 7yrs in old organisation and not applied for any PF loan. Will I be eligible for PF loan against “House construction”

    1. Hi vadivel

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  109. Deepak says:

    My first company PF account became inoperative as bcoz of no activity from last 36 months. i have raised an online request online via inoperative account helpdesk: so i registered on this but after registeration also it does allows me to login when i tries to login with the reference number as user name and mobile no as pass word it syas ” Either User Name or Password NOT Valid! Please Try Again with correct detail”. Is there anything that i can do online. or i have to go to PF office only to fix this issue. JFYI,, i also tried sending mail to ro.pune@epfindia.gov.in but its just like sarkari kaam no reply.

    Secondly can i raise withdrawal or tranfer request for my inoperative account.

    1. Hi Deepak

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  110. shreya says:

    I had my EPF account in my earlier organisation, whereas my current employer does not have EPF system. How to with draw my EPF money to my bank account or PPF account. Is it possible? What happens to my EPF account if it cannot be withdrawn? Its been only two years my EPF account has been open? Does the EPF account get freezed like the bank account in case of no transactions? Please suggest.

    1. Shreya

      You can fill up a withdrawal form and send it to EPFO . It will come to your bank account.

      Your account will earn interst for 3 yrs and then freeze if there is no activity. But the money will still be there and you can take it in future .

  111. Sunanda says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am purchasing a flat on my Spouse name who is non-salaried, and i will be joint holder/co-applicant for same, in this case can i with draw the PF amount from my account?

    1. If property is in your name, only then

  112. Deepali says:

    I have completed 6 years and 9 months in a organization and will complete 7 years on 1 Jan 206., but my wedding date is in December and i need money for that. Can i withdraw some amount as i badly need it. but i have not completed the minimum required time.

    1. You cant withdraw !

  113. Harpal says:

    I am a govt servant with 20 years service. About 13 years back, I had withdrawn Rs 5 lakh from my PF for purchase of an apartment. Later on I withdrew twice again for the alteration/addition of the same house. Now I have been allotted a farm house by a govt agency. I can construct house only on 10% of the farm house area and on the rest I have to develop greenry/ horticulture.Can I make a withdrawal for this.

    1. Hi Harpal

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  114. pundalik says:

    Hi Sir,

    In EPFO my service is completed 10 years but our HR Dept is told me your sister marriage pf loan not eligible


    1. Hi pundalik

      As per rules, you should be eligible. Ask your HR why you are not eligible when the law days that you are ? I suggest using RTI find out from EPFO department also


  115. Subhrangshu says:

    Can loan from PF account be taken for down payment for Flat? Also is there an option to repay the loan?

    1. Yes you can apply for it

  116. Hunnsraj says:

    I am planning to buy Flat (house) and I have total PF account balance of 9 Lakhs (Employer +Employee) out of which 4.5 Lakhs is my contribution and remain by Employer. I have more than 5 years of experience and EPF accumulation. Wage (Basic+ DA) is 30K. Could you please help me in calculating maximum withdrawal capacity?

    1. Hi Hunnsraj

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  117. Alkesh says:

    Dear Sir
    Thanks a lot for valuable information. I want to withdraw EPF for purchase of flat and have >6 yr of experience in working in present organization. Pl guide me waht total amount I can withdraw from my EPF. Pl also specify whether I am eligible to withdraw from my own share or from total amount available including employer share.

    1. Hi Alkesh

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  118. ani says:

    I forgot my epf signature so how to get my pf lone

    1. Hi ani

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  119. Siva says:

    Hi Manish

    I am having 8yrs service in an IT company. I wish to buy an agricultural land, is it possible to withdraw epf money?


    1. I dont think so, because it clearly mentions about the Residential house !

  120. CHANDRABOS says:

    Hi sir

    I am chandrabos, i have completed 7 years in my old company then pf amt carry forward to new company this company my service is 10years completed . now balance is 8.5 lakhs (employee and employer share) wanted to withdraw the same to purchase a flat. what amt eligible to withdraw? my basic salary is 35000/-

    1. Yes, you can withdraw the amount. Contact EPFO on that

  121. Sunny says:


    I have completed 5+ years in service , have purchased an already constructed house in 2011 under my name alone.
    I would like to withdraw my PF now in 2015 under “purchase of house – upto 36 months wage” clause
    I have the sale deed, encumberance certificate ,etc.
    Is it allowed?


    1. Yes you can do that

      1. chandrabos says:

        how much amt will be get full amt 8.5 lakhs or only employee contribution

  122. Nelson says:

    Hi Manish,

    just wanted to check my wife has quit working some 7 years now but has never claimed her pf from 3 past organisations can she get it now and if so what needs to be done.. can i get this without going back to her company or do i need to do that.Thanks

    1. Hi Nelson

      She will have to just fill up the withdrawal form, and send it to EPFO office.


  123. kathiravan says:


    i am kathir

    Just a question. I have completed 7 yrs of service this June.

    I want to withdraw some money for my house construction. Can i withdraw?

    I have already started my construction and it is still in progress. What should i do?

    What are the documents that i need to submit? Please help.

    And approx what would be the processing time? Thanks!

    1. Hi kathiravan

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  124. Vishnu says:

    Manish, Thanks a lot! You are awesome. Such a good article. 🙂

    Just a question. I have completed 5 yrs of service this June.

    I want to withdraw some money for my house construction. Can i withdraw?

    I have already started my construction and it is still in progress. What should i do?

    What are the documents that i need to submit? Please help.

    And approx what would be the processing time? Thanks!

    1. Yes, you can withdraw the money from your EPF for this reason

  125. Gopal says:

    Hi ,Manish
    I have completed 10 years of my service in one private firm,my total(employee 12℅-employer 3.67℅)amount is approx 1.40 lac. With intrest,i need money for buy a flat how much amount i can withdraw. please shelp me.

    1. Hi Gopal

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  126. deepesh says:

    I have withdrawn 3 Lacs rupees from pf 1 year before for paying demand from builder for construction of flat.
    Now i want to book a new villa.Can I again withdraw pf for this?

    1. Yes, you can do that

  127. Pardeep says:

    Please let me know if i take partial withdrawal from my 14 year old PF account for house rennovation will I get money in my account?

  128. Suraj sharma says:

    Hi manish,I have been working for an organization from one and half years.Now I am planning to do masters. I have already given the entrance for that though I am still working. Would I be able tableo withdraw my PF to pay my fee?How long will it take to get this money if I leave job and take admission in a college?

    1. You can only apply for withdrawal after 2 months of leaving the job !

  129. Ankush says:

    i have completed 5 Yrs in same org. I have some dental problem. For treatment i would require 25000 amount is it possible

    1. I dont think so !

  130. MANJEET says:

    Superb Article Manish

    1. Thanks for your comment MANJEET

  131. VILAS says:

    Hi,i have 4 EPF account for past 4 years only & now I need some money for my sister’s operation.is it possibal..?

    1. Yes, you can try that !

  132. Sunil says:

    Dear Manish,

    Very nice article with good information. It really helpful and thanks a lot for sharing.

    I need you advice and hope you will be able to guide me in right direction!

    I am a working Professional and have an EPF account for past 17 years and have accumulated decent amount! I have recently bought a flat in Bangalore and taken housing loan for 32 lacs at 10.25% fixed rate of interest for 10 year terms.

    Now my confusion is should I go for partial withdrawal of EPF amount so that housing loan EMI can be reduced and in turn total interest I will be paying to bank! Since EPF giving me 8.75% interest wherein I am paying 10.25% interest on my housing loan!

    As you have rightly mentioned EPF account is primarily for our long term wealth creation so not sure should I go for partial withdrawal or not!

    I know it would be difficult to advice on this without having visibility on my financial commitment but keeping in mind interest difference of 10.25% paying to Bank on housing loan to a gain of 8.75% on EPF amount what would you suggest?


    1. Hi Sunil

      Yes you can repay some part of the loan atleast . See if its worth the effort or not . Also if you can service the EMI easily . Then its fine .. dont go for EPF withdrawal in that case

  133. chandra says:

    hai I applied for pf loan for buying a plot and I have submitted the sale deed and sale agreement copy and I have completed 7 years in the current company and my basic salary is 11000 . when I check on line the status shows form 31 rejected . what do I do ? can I reapply and what is the procedure to get it asap as per the agreement I asked for 2 months time from the owner of the plot that I planned to buy ..Please do let me know via mail

    1. Hi chandra

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  134. TSVSN RAJU says:

    Hi Manish,
    This is raju

    I am constructing my home, already 5 months over, still 4 to5 months is left, applied Home loan for 11 lakhs were sanctioned by LIC and LIC provided Loan for pillors 5.5 as a 1st term for and LIC has taken my all original documents of sale deed and Plan approval. I have completed 7 years of service already. But that 11 lakhs are not suffcient for my construction. My question is that, can i get advance from EPFO, as per their instruction, orginial sale deed should be submitted for verification and return, i have xerox copies of sale deed and plan approval. In this context, can i get advance from EPFO.

    1. Yes you can get it . I suggest you use RTI here for the exact process and status

  135. vinod kumar says:

    Dear Manish

    I want to withdraw money from PF to buy a piece of land from my friend in Bangalore. The plot is currently in my friend’s name.

    I have read that I need to show the proof that the plot is in my name. Sir, my question is unless and until I get the money from PF, how can I show that the plot has been transferred in my name. I have more than 18 (Eighteen years) of service. My friend is ready to share his sale deed /agreement copy and the allotment letter. Is it enough or should I need to take a loan from some one and then after registering that plot in my name and only then can I apply for PF withdrawal

    Kindly advise



    1. Hi {name}

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  136. Mona Verma says:

    As PF withdrawal process was close due to financial year end activities last month, I had borrowed money from some contacts. It has been just 15-20 days when registration process of my house completed. Now it is my house, but can I apply to withdraw PF now to repay borrowed money?

    1. Hi Mona Verma

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  137. naseem akhtar says:

    will you tell me pls,
    If i hav completed 5 years service and my pf amount deposit is 100,000/-, what amount should i take as a advance loan on reason of house renovation.
    my current basic is 7000 rs.

    1. Hi naseem akhtar

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  138. TSVSN RAJU says:

    Hi Manish,

    My present company name is changed. Can I withdraw the EPF money. if not possible, can i withdraw the money for constructing of my house as i am constructing my house now and i have completed 7 years of service in the same company. As you told above, my present basic salary 18750 x 36 = 675000, but as per my calculation, my EPF balance is 170000 only. So, how much i can get if i withdraw for construction of house. if i get the amount, should i repay that amount to EPF organisation.


    1. Yes it should be possible , but will get a bit complicated. I suggest you apply for the EPF withdrawal first and then follow up with RTI on all the queries


  139. Uday says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for bringing this out. I am seriously considering this option to close my home loan. I satisfy all the criteria for making a PF withdrawal for repaying home loan principal. Please pardon my ignorance… I checked with lender HDFC Limited and the staff in this branch seem to have no clue. I have several queries:

    1. Is it allowed to close both home loan and associated topup loan provided there is sufficient balance in the PF account?
    2. Will this withdrawal be taxed?
    3. Will the cheque be released to lender directly or released to me but addressed to lender?
    4. Any experience on how long it might take once the application is submitted?
    5. Will I be in the loop when the cheque is released to lender?
    6. If there is delay in processing and releasing the cheque, and in the meantime the outstanding balance comes down due to regular EMI payment, how is the difference amount credited back to me?


    1. 1. Yes
      2. NO
      3. To the Lender
      4. I have no idea
      5. I have no idea
      6. I have no idea

      I think you should file a RTI on this and ask these questions


      1. Uday says:


        How to prove the 10 year service tenure criterion – should I attach service certificate/relieving letter from previous 3 employers to substantiate it? I haven’t transferred the PF balance all along (2 withdrawals and 1 transfer from previous 3 companies).

        The PF guys in my company have no clue and calls to EPFO offices are unanswered. Please suggest. This will be especially helpful given that there are talks of capping max pre-mature withdrawal to 75% of balance. I am aware and appreciate the justification for this new proposal, but closing off home loan is a great psychological satisfaction.


        1. Yes, you should show your receiving letters etc which proves that you were in employment for 10 yrs

  140. Gopal says:

    Hi Manish,
    It would be great if you could provide some valuable info as per the above mentioned query.


    1. Which query are you talking about ?

      1. Gopal says:

        I hv already got the answer about my query mentioned earlier reg. EPF home loan.
        Thanks for the lucrative info provided by you.


        1. Welcome .. Glad to know that Gopal ..

  141. Gopal says:

    Hello Manish,
    I have one quick question regarding EPF partially withdrawal, I have to pay to builder 5% on possession Rs. 3,43,335.00 plus S.Tax Rs.10,450.77 And Registration Cost. may be around 2.5lacs. total comes around Rs.6.03 lacs. Till now the accomulated amount in my EPF around Rs. 7.5lacs in last 8years.

    1)If I apply for partially withdrawal for under construction flat I can get full Rs.6.03lacs or only I get 3.43 plus S.Tax?
    2) Chq will be given to builder’s name only?
    3) When I apply how many days it would take to complete the process?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. 1. As per rules listed on this article

      2. Builder

      3. Not sure, but it can take a huge time


  142. MQ says:

    Thanks Manish for this article. Very informative. I have one question regarding EPF withdrawal for Repayment of Housing loan. am working with private firm. My employer asked me to fill 2 forms – form 31 and Certificate from lending agency for Repayment of loan. my loan is from SBI. I am not sure from who should fill this “Certificate from lending agency for Repayment of loan” and undertaking from the agency. I went to my home SBI branch. they are not ware of this form…Please guide me on this…Thanks.

    1. Hi MQ

      Your cases is a bit complex and I think we are not the right people to comment on it.

      My suggestion would be hire someone who is professional in this area and consult them


    2. Uday says:

      I am no expert but from the context it might mean certificate from SBI mentioning current balance outstanding.

  143. ankur says:

    1. Is the withdrawl from EPF against the Education or Buying a house taxable?
    2. Does 50% of Employee share mean( employee+ Employer) contributions + accrued interest over the years, or in other words 50% of corpus accumulated so far?
    3. Can withdrawl be done online, assuming online would be faster


    1. 1. No
      2. Didnt get what you are saying
      3. Yes .. with new UAN system you can do it online

  144. Ranjeet says:

    Can we take EPF withdrawal benefit for repairs of house which is on my fathers name.

  145. Shashi says:


    to withdraw from PF for renovating purpose. what are the documents need to be submitted along with form 31.

    I am doing alteration as per VASTU, am i eligible.
    please confirm what are the documents.
    thank you

    1. I dont think its allowed to withdraw EPF for this reason !

  146. Johnson says:

    It is very good article and gives clear picture about withdraw. How many days partiall withdrwal amount will be credited in bank account?

    1. There is no clear timeline for this . It can take few weeks to process

  147. laxy says:

    Dear Sir,

    i am working in this organisation for last 5yr 9months. in between after 1yr 11 months my epf no changed due to restructuring of the company. the epf office changed from one to another within hyderabad. that time i had given for a transfer of EPF amount from previous a/c to present. but amount is not yet credited to my present a/c due to some communication gap between employer, and epf offices. the old a/c is closed long back. i am trying to trace the amount by writing grievance to both epfo. now after the amount credited to my present a/c shall i withdraw amount fully? will it considered as more than 5yrs of service and amount is tax free?

    1. Hi laxy

      You should take help of RTI now in this case ! .


  148. Shiva says:

    I already having an independent house in my name and i am residing there, I am planning to construct FIRST FLOOR in my house (it has only ground floor now).

    Can I take partial withdraw of my PF in this case, I have completed 5 years in my currently company.


    1. Hi Shiva

      Yes, you can do that

      1. Shiva says:

        Thanks Chauhan, actually for the Ground floor builing itself I am paying EMI for Housing Loan, hope in that case also we can withdraw PF right ?


        1. Hi Shiva

          As far as rules go , it should be possible

  149. Ajit Bhobe says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can I withdraw Partial PF for paying outstanding amount towards Purchase of Booked Flat of my spouse. The flat is under construction. Building will be completed in 2016 Agreement is in the name of my Spouse. I am not the joint owner. Kindly advice.

    1. Hi Ajit Bhobe

      I dont think you can do that, you should have the flat in your name

  150. Nilesh says:

    Dear Manish,

    I want to withdraw from my EPF account for purchase of an under construction flat from a reputed builder. The payment required by the builder is linked to the construction progress.

    It is possible to take advance for an under construction flat and if yes then would the payment be made in one go based on my eligibility or would it be made as per construction progress? (I don’t want to pay all the money I am eligible to withdraw to the builder in one go since it makes for almost 5 payments slots equivalent to 5 floors construction and lose out on control and interest both on this money)

    1. Hi Nilesh

      I think you cant get the advance here, but only after you have given the downpayment, you can get the money from EPF .

  151. Ashwin A says:


    I have decided to buy a flat in Hyderabad and am planning to withdraw PF to pay part of down payment. I have paid the builder a token advance for the flat and required to pay the rest in a month time.

    What are the documents i need to furnish along with form 31. I read in an article that i need to provide Encumbrance Certificate, registration, deed, etc.

    I just have a purchase deed from the builder. Please advice.


    1. Ashwin

      I think you are late in this. I mean dont expect EPFO to pay you money for all this so fast. It can take very long time overall.

    2. As per what I know, you need to furnish these documents which are listed in the article. I suggest you also raise a query with EPFO on this !


  152. S S BHOMRAH says:

    i m working in aviation PSU SINCE 1992 Ihad withdrawn money from my epf account in 2010 -2011 for the marriage of my daughter but then that marriage did not materialised and ammount was used for some other purpose i.e. education,
    of my son .
    Now my daughter is going to marry.
    how much i can wtdraw from EPF account?
    my basic salary is Rs 28000 pm and DA INDEX IS Rs 28000 pm.
    my epf conribution is Rs 5679 and VPF CONtribution is Rs3892.
    pl guide

    1. I dont think you will get it again for the same purpose . If you didnt use the money at that time, you were suppose to make sure you save it for later use.


  153. Hardik says:

    Hi Manish,

    I worked for 7 years in my previous organization. When I quit, I withdrew all the amount from my EPF+EPS. Now I am working with my current organization since 2 years.
    Is my old PF account closed? What will be the age of my current PF account? 2 years or 9 years?
    Does transferring the PF from old to new is applicable in this case where I have nothing left in my old PF account?


    1. Kapil says:

      I want to know how much % we can withdraw PF amount after exiting job.
      e.g. my total pf amount (employees + employer) is 100000
      how much amount I will get?

      1. You can get full amount !

    2. Hardik

      You made the mistake actually. Now your new account will be treated as FRESH account now . Had you transferred the old EPF to new one, the new one would then be treated as the old one . Anyways – now let 5 yrs pass on and only then withdraw from the new account , so that you don’t have to pay income tax on the amount !

  154. Subhra says:

    Hi Manish Sir,

    I have recently changed my company. So, planning to withdraw my PF amount, as my marriage is on 26th Jan 2015. After reading this article I have some questions in mind. I have joined the new organization on 23rd Dec 2014.
    1. Can I transfer my PF to the my current account with the new employer and make a partial withdrawal for my marriage? Is it possible?
    2. Or is it better to withdraw the full PF amount. My tenure with the previous company was 4.4 months. Please suggest.
    If I withdraw the PF how much will be the deduction as it’s before 5 years.

    1. You cant do it so early .. You need to complete some years of service only then you can withdraw it and the other thing is that you never get the money on such a short notice !

  155. Praveen says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the informative article.

    I have a query, i am currently working since last 7 years in a Public Ltd Company. My EPF account has the balance of around 3 lacs (employee +Employer). I currently own a house for which i have already taken a home loan. Now i am planning to purchase a second home.

    can i withdraw for purchase of my second home and how much amount can i withdraw. My basic salary is Rs 22,000/-
    Please explain.

    1. Yes you can withdraw that. How much you can withdraw has been explained in the article itself !

  156. Sandip says:

    Hi Manish,
    Firstly thank you for this very helpful article, well written and easy to get to what you need to know quickly, I for one learned a few new things from it. Thank you for doing all of us a big favor! 🙂

    I have a question, if I may:
    I left a company 9 years back, and joined another, but hadn’t transferred the PF to the new one. Can I withdraw the PF from my previous company? Would that withdrawal attract any income tax? At this stage which is better transfer or withdrawal?

    If you can kindly throw some light on this, would be most appreciated.

    Thanks again

    1. YOu can withdraw it , and there wont be any tax, as tax is there only if you withdraw before 5 yrs ..

      But if you dont need money for some purpose, its better to transfer it .

  157. Subir Banik says:


    My father is a serviceman in bank sector. He had 4-5 year left to be retire. Recently he applied for epf loan and it sanctioned for my elder brother’s marriage. Now the marriage has been cancelled. The loan amount is nearly 4Lac.

    1) So is there any chance to cancel the loan and refund it.
    2) If there is any situation to refund it with any penal interest.
    3) Or can I give fake proof to keep the amount and spend it later for my brother’s marriage.

    Please help me to solve this problem. He is very tensed now. I read your blog. Please help me to have a solution.

    1. I don’t think there is much issue on this . Why cant you just keep it and use it as you need. Or if you want to make sure its safe money which needs to be used only for your father retirement , then invest it in PPF ..

      1. Ananth says:

        Dear Mr. Manish, would it be an offense to retain the pf advance money, when the purpose for which our is sanctioned ( marriage) has been canceled?

        Will we not be legally liable?

        1. Hi Ananth

          I am not aware of that

          I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

          Its a bit long cut, but works well


  158. Bhola Prasad says:

    I was very happy to read this most important info.

  159. Gopu says:

    Dear sir,
    Please help me

    I bought a flat and got it registered. made payment as well. now I am short of doing interior construction work. i got a quote from a guy .
    for this reason can i withdraw my PF.

    Also can they pass the amount to my bank account. or should i get a check leaf from the interior person.

    1. I am not sure if you can get money from your PF for interior work !

  160. Vijay says:

    Hi Manish,
    Wonderful information, you are doing a great job with the eye-opener articles.
    I have a question with regards to PF Withdrawal, I would be completing 10 years in the current company by March 2015.
    1. I have an housing loan for my current house which is 5+ years old including a Top Loan
    2. I would be needing money for renovation
    3. I have an existing plot loan

    I am looking at PF withdrawal for either paying of the top-up loan, renovation or closing the plot loan.
    Which option would you recommend from the above? also if I repay some loan by PF withdrawal amount can I then use VPF since I will be saving on the EMI’s?
    In other words does it makes sense to close the high interest Housing Loan with PF withdrawal and increase the VPF contribution?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes, you can close the Home loan first and then opt for VPF .. anyways you can withdraw only for repayment of home loan and not other things ! , so you have no choice actually !

  161. Nag says:


    How to withdraw FPF?


    1. YOu have to fill the withdrawal form from EPFO website !

  162. chetan says:

    Hi Manish,
    Thank you for shaing the article.
    I need one more information. After submitting form 31 to PF office, how many days they will take to approve this amount OR credit to our account.

    1. It takes around 2-4 months

  163. bandu narayanrao meshram says:

    dear manish,
    i am president of neeri thekedari mazdoor sangh nagpur. this office is a environmental research centre situated at wardha road nagpur-20 and there are 74 contract workers are working on technical post like draftsman , electrician, computer operator etc. the deputy chief labour commissioner, mumbai has passed the order two times under rule 25(v)(a)of contract labour (R&A) act 1970 in favour of contract workers. but the mgt of neeri challenged it to high court nagpur bench.
    i wanted to know from your side,that what type of minimum wages shoud be paid to above category till finalization of the court matter. and finally i thanks to you for giving very very useful information on withdraw of epf part payment.

  164. mona says:

    Dear Sir,
    i would like 2 knw, due 2 some reason my name is in bankruptcy and is it would help 2 withdraw sm money frm my EPF? please advise me urgently or do you have any suggestion on tis.Hoope 2 hear frm u sooon sir.Thank u

    1. You can withdraw your EPF money .. there should be no issue in that !

  165. Rohit says:

    Hi Manish, a very detailed and well written piece.
    I am leave for higher studies in March, by when I have completed 4.5 years of working. Since I haven’t completed 7 years yet, I believe I am not eligible for withdrawing my PF OR Is there a way out?

    1. You can withdraw your EPF anytime you want. Why do you think you are not eligible ? before 5 yrs , if you withdraw , it becomes taxables ,thats the only problem , rest is ok !


      1. Rohit says:

        Manish, Thanks a lot for the response. Now if I wait for few more months till I complete 5 years of cumulative employment (I changed an employer in between), and then with draw PF, will I be completely exempt from any taxes?

        Best regards.

        1. Yes, for that you will first need to transfer the old EPF account to new one !

  166. Vishal says:

    Nice article, very informative..!!

  167. Manish says:

    will you tell me pls,
    If i hav completed 4 years service and my pf amount deposit is 80,000/-, what amount should i take as a advance loan on reason of house renovation.

    1. I think a minimum of 5 yrs is required for that .

      1. Manish says:

        ok sir ji…. thank u….

  168. Vishal says:

    What if the money withdrawn for specified purpose like marriage or house construction but it is not utilised for the same reason than would it be taxable under income tax act , if yes than under what section

    1. The thing is you will not get money in your account . You will directly get the cheque in the name of the authority , like for home loan , you will get a cheque in name of the builder itself !

  169. Venkatesh says:

    Hi Manish, Wonderful article and you’ve covered most of the information that I was searching for on PF withdrawl.

    I booked a flat two years back, which is registered on Aug-2012 to my name while construction was going on. A year back construction is completed and I occupied the flat (Jun 2013). Also I have homeloan from past two years.

    I have PF account from past 6 years – am i eligible to withdraw amount?

    1. Yes, you can withdraw it for the purpose of repaying the loan !

    2. monotosh_mondal says:


      1. monotosh_mondal says:

        however better than interest on housing loan which you have to pay maybe 10% that is

  170. Vinod says:

    Dear Manish,

    Thank you very much for your article.

    My PF original account is 5 years old and my current PF account to which I transferred the old one is 2 years old.

    If I push my entire monthly surplus income into VPF, can I withdraw the VPF amount completely from my PF account when I purchase house in the future (over and above the 36 times basic pay coming out of the EPF amount)?


    All I get is just the 36 times basic pay?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Yes you can take out the full amount if you are withdrawing it . But the problem is in worst cases, EPF withdrawal can strech for a very long time !

  171. Girish says:

    Thanks for the article, Manish.

    I am in the process of buying a flat and I am short of Rs. 4lakhs (yet to be paid to the builder) and Rs. 5lakhs (to be paid for registration) and around Rs.3Lakhs (for interior work). When I checked with my employer, I was told that though I am eligible to withdraw Rs. 12Lakhs, EPF loan amount cannot be used for property registration. They can only give the amount in the name of Builder. So, in this case, I could just avail Rs.4lakhs + Rs3.lakhs = Rs7.lakhs, directly to be given to the builder. Is this process accurate ? Is there an option to get a DD for my property registration from my EPF loan amount ?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. No , EPF will give the money only in the name of builder to make the direct payment , else you can use it for any kind of purpose which will defeat the purpose defined !

      1. Vivek says:

        Manish – thanks for the wonderful knowledge and insight. However just a quick correction here I think. Withdrawal for purchasing flat from PROMOTER will mean that the EPF member receives money in their own account rather than the builder.

        Unless you were purchasing a flat from an AGENCY.

        Now I don’t know the difference between an agency and promoter.


        1. Hi Vivek

          I am not very clear on that myself

  172. Ravindra says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for providing such a nice information, its really helpful.

    I have some questions here …..

    I have completed 5 years in same organization and I would like to withdraw money from my EPF account for purchasing new house/flat. I have 2 questions as below.

    1. Basic salary which is used in calculation of withdraw amount is the current basic salary or the average of all basic salary till date(Basic salary changes as the salary gets updated) or the least basic salary in the 5 years tenure?

    2. In the 5 years, the amount accumulated in my EPF account is around 2 lacs and my current basic salary is 24k, so if I would like to withdraw my PF for the purpose of buying a new flat/house, as per your article above its 36 times of my wages(basic salary + DA), so for example, 24k * 36 = 8.64 lacs, so the question is, my accumulated PF for 5 years is 2 lacs and I am going to withdraw 8.64 lacs, is it possible? or I can withdraw only the accumulated amount?

    Please explain…

    1. 1. Its current Basic Salary

      2. No , its maximum 8.6 lacs if you have in your account . As you have 2 lacs only, you will get 2 lacs


  173. Kumar D V says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the nice article.
    I have one doubt. For example, My total experience is 6.5 years and have transferred all the money from my previous EPF accounts. My Basic salary in current company is 25K. But the accumulated amount in EPF acount is 2.5 lacks only. Now if I have to withdraw money from EPF account for the reason constructing home , how much i can withdraw ? How does the calculation goes here ?

    1. as explained in the article , its would be 36 times your basic salary .. so whatever is your monthly basis salary (like 10k) , multiply it with 36 .

  174. Yajjat says:

    Thank you very much for the quick response

  175. Yajjat says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thank you for shaing the article.

    Please help me with solution for my girl friend’s problem.

    She worked with an organization for 8 years, resigned and joined another.
    She has not withdrawn the EPF from her first company. Now she needs to pay her housing loan. Can she withdraw the entire amount from the first company without transfering it into her new company.

    Please suggest

    1. Actually if she is employed, then as per law she should be transferring it to new EPF, and not withdraw, but people do it .. but even if she does try to withdraw it , its not going to be easy and quick .. its going to take a lot of time , atleast 6-9 months !

  176. Chandrashekar says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable article, will appreciate if you can throw light on tax implications attached on such withdrawals.

    1. No tax after 5 yrs .. but before that you will have to add it in your income and pay tax as per applicable slab!

      1. Chandrashekar Iyer says:

        Thanks Manish…

  177. navneet kumar says:

    Hi manish
    In crisis situation one can withdraw the money from EPF but it there any way to deposit the same amount of money which is withdrawn once crisis situation is over. Or is there any provision to take loan on EPF amount from epfo without withdrawing it?

    1. I dont think putting money back in EPF is possible

  178. How to withdraw money from my EPF a/c? I have EPF a/c numbers from two companies both companies are closed now, they just gave me the a/c number.

  179. Venu says:

    Nice article Manish!! I belive EPF is something which we should try not to withdraw as much as possible.
    I just hope readers do not withdraw partial EPF just to reduce Home loan outstanding principle thinking, EPF now a days is 8.5 to 9% but Home loan is more than 10.5%. Readers have to remember, EPF is increasing compound and Home loan is decreasing compound.
    On long term, net amount received on 8.5% in EPF is much much higher than principle+interest paid to bank of 10.5%.

    1. Santanu says:

      This is a very good analysis Venu, Never think about this way. Thanks Manish for this wonderful article and also all the outcomes via discussions and comments.

    2. True , EPF is for mainly retirement and should not be consumed for any petty reason for which you have an alternative, it has to be looked at as last resort in unavoidable condition

  180. Chandu says:

    Hello Manish,

    Actually i recently switched to new company and gone for new EPF Account 🙁
    Is there any way that i can merge this or can you suggest 🙂

    1. All you need to do is transfer your old EPF account to new one

    2. Surely there is a way . you need to put a transfer request for old EPF to new one at your new employer !

  181. Sachin says:

    Hi Manish,
    What about VPF, if somebody has opted for some VPF, how its withdrawal is calculated..is it same as above or have some diff rules where it X time of monthly wages?

    1. VPF is nothing but your own contribution to EPF over and above mandatory 12% . So same rules apply to that also

  182. abhay.taneja says:

    This is really very informational article and appreciate for the efforts you always do to make people aware of all these facts. 🙂
    I have understood that there is no tax liability in case of EPF withdrawal for the 6 purposes mentioned in the article but one small question that I want to ask is I have seen people withdrawing the PF amount once they leave organization after sometime. So, are there any tax implications in case of this withdrawal?

    1. Yes, in that case tax is applicable if you withdraw before 5 yrs !

  183. Shankar says:


    Very detailed article. Thank you.

    You should throw some light on Pension fund which is part of the employer’s share of PF every month. The amount is small like 500 pm.

    I did some read up on this found that this part is meant for paying monthly pension post retirement but there are some conditions that I could not understand clearly. Apart from this the pension amount looked very less not sure I calculated correctly.

    Would be great if you can cover that as well.


    1. Hi Shankar

      Did you read https://www.jagoinvestor.com/2012/05/epf-facts-employee-providend-fund.html . I have explained about EPS part in some detail . Please go through it

  184. Sunil says:

    Dear Manish,

    1. What about the taxation part for the amount received.
    2. Is the % calculated on total available EPF amount or only on the employee’s contribution?


    1. 1. NO tax to be paid on amount received under these benefits

      2. For different things, there are different rules, I have already mentioned in each benefit if money comes from whole EPF money or just employer or employee contribution


  185. Mr.Nilesh says:

    our company has “EPF Trustee” can they have same rule as mentioned above?

    1. I think these rules are also true on EPF trustee, but I am not 100% sure

  186. Raaghav Sharma says:

    Hi Manish,
    Very informative piece of knowledge.
    My question is in EPF there are two components, Employee`s contribution and Employer`s contribution.
    When you say Loan on EPF, is it applicable to sum of both these contribution or alone Employee`s contribution.
    Please answer.

    1. FOr different benefits, there are different rules. I have mentioned which part is considered in which case, not sure if you happen to read the full article word by word ?

  187. Piyush says:

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for the very useful information. I have a question on transfer of epf from old account to new account. Does the EPS amount of old account get transfered to the new account along with the epf amount.


    1. Yes, there is a separate form for that, if you fill it , it gets transferred !

  188. tushar says:

    Very useful information. .thanks will do transfer from old epf account to new account

  189. priyajitgh says:

    Hi Manish,
    Hope u r doing well.I have one query.I am an employee of a PSU where I have EPF acount.Am I eligible to take NPS??

    1. Yes, Any one can buy NPS ,there is no restrictions on that !

  190. Sushil says:

    Very Informative and Nicely Explained Article….Thanks

  191. Nirmal Kumar says:

    Hi Manish,

    Do we need to repay the amount in monthly basis (like EMI) to our PF account for the amount that we made a partial withdrawal, considering we would be working ?


    1. You dont need to repay back this money. its not LOAN , its a partial withdrawal ! .

  192. radhevajrakaya says:

    Contents of this article are more Valuable than EPF account .

    Lage Rahoo… Manish Chauhan

    1. Thanks for that 🙂

  193. dinesh says:

    Very useful information, really nice

  194. vinodkashyap says:


    Good one!!

  195. astrosunil says:

    Recently NPS also updated w.r.t partial withdrawals , here is the link: http://www.livemint.com/Money/Jl7XoRUTBhbNNZakyRvmEM/NPS-gets-flexible-in-a-product-revision.html

    funny thing is one can withdraw for first heart attack*

    *hopefully one should not get another attack thinking he cant withdraw for next one if at all he survives

    1. Thanks for sharing that 🙂 . I do not know much about NPS at this point 🙂

  196. chhayakant says:

    I have two queries,
    1) Does this withdrawl attract any tax?
    2) In case of SBI home loan, can this money be deposited in Loan Max gain account? or it can only be prepaid even putting in max gain account is not allowed?

    1. 1. NO
      2. I guess YES, as per the rules

      1. Chhayakant says:

        Thanks Manish. It was really useful info.

  197. Govind Chaturvedi says:

    Thanks for a informative article.Its really nice to know that we can utilize our EPF money in crisis situation.

    1. Kathiresan says:


      Very informative and you explained it nicely. Is the same rules applicable for withdrawal from PF trust also?

      1. Not aware of trusts !

  198. manikandan J says:

    Thanks for sharing us. It is very useful

  199. kirubakaran says:

    Really informative and helpful article.

  200. Omkar says:

    Hi Manish …

    It is really a superb information which I think everyone should know.

    Thank you so much !


    1. Yes, please forward this information to your friends !

  201. Jack says:

    What about income tax on this withdrawal? I have taken some amount from EPF and I am not sure whether I need to declare it and how much.

    1. No , you dont need to pay tax on this amount

  202. Harpreet Kaur says:

    Dear Mr. Manish,

    It is truly a wonderful piece of information. Thank you so very much, as always.


  203. Somanath says:

    Thanks Manish for Sharing info.
    Really useful info, it really helps.

      1. kashi says:

        Hi Manish. it was great article . Could we have one such on NPS(new pension scheme ).

        1. Yes, will soon do one

      2. Saikat Ghosh says:

        Thanks Manish for all the info…Can please tell me if I want money to do interiors for my new house; Can I avail this facility? If yes then what all documents required

        1. Not for interiors !

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