Design your financial life 2.0 Registration Opens  – Mumbai , Bangalore, Pune

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Day before yesterday we released video of our Design your financial life 2.0 and we had influx of mails from all over asking for more details about the program. We are so touched by the excitement level that some of you hold in your heart. Below is the video which explains what this program is all about

Why we conduct Design your financial life Program?

We did our first Design your financial life 1.0 workshop in Pune. It took a lot of effort for us to design the overall design of the program as we were doing it for the first time. I wanted my wife to participate and so I asked her to participate in the program and Manish did the same at his end. I still remember the first reaction I got from my wife, she said, “What will I do in your boring personal finance program?”.

I told my wife I promise the program will be fun and I extended my heartfelt invitation to her. Finally my wife said yes to me. I told her be a good participant and asked her to really work on her financial life. On the other end, Manish was struggling to enroll his wife into the program and somehow he also managed to convince his wife. This was MOMENT of joy for us, we still feel it is the best thing we ever did.

Finally we got both of them into the program and they enjoyed each and every part of the event. They were happy to see how much our readers love us and how fun personal finance can be. I can never forget my wife taking notes during her participation and after we returned back she got a lot more committed with her money. Same was with Manish, his wife made a commitment to start her own venture and her vision is still alive and she is working on it.

We really want investor to dedicate some committed time for their financial life so that they can work on their financial life. We want individuals and couples to get on same page when it comes to money management, we really want to make personal finance interesting and fun and there are very few who give dedicated time to their financial life.

Why this transition from Design your financial life 1.0 to 2.0

We started with one day workshop but now after working with a few hundred investors we realized that the one day event needs something more to it. Our intention is not to get fee from investors, we want their full commitment and we want them to produce some amazing results in their financial life. To produce tangible results we are moving from 1.0 to 2.0. It is no more a workshop, it is now a 12 weeks program that will help all kind of investors in designing their financial life.

Some Special Criteria to join this program

(Put your hand on your heart and get honest with yourself)

  • If you find personal finance boring (like my wife)
  • If you convince others and yourself that personal finance is not your cup of tea
  • You hate numbers and are a big time avoider when it comes to money management
  • You are PhD when it comes to procrastination
  • You want to get into action but you don’t know from where to start
  • You are confused with what to do and what not to do because of the overall bombardment of information on you on the name of investor education
  • You really want to move beyond planning and want to learn how to design your financial life.
  • You want to make 2014 your BEST FINANCIAL YEAR

If you fit into above criteria we would love to have you in our new avatar of design your financial life program. The program is happening in 3 cities, which are

  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore
  • Pune

Invitation to Join Design your financial life 2.0

From the bottom of our heart we would love to invite you to be a part of this program. Your financial life is right now going in some direction; it will take some shape after 5, 10 or 15 years from now. Now, you can allow your reasons/circumstances to lead your financial life or you can design your financial future. This program is a wonderful structure for action takers. Looking at our schedule we will only be able to do such event once in a year and so make sure you don’t miss it. Also, it is always fun to get away from the computer screen and meeting offline at deeper level.

If you have any questions or queries feel free to either ask in comments section or mail us.

23 replies on this article “Design your financial life 2.0 Registration Opens  – Mumbai , Bangalore, Pune”

  1. Arul velan V says:

    Dear Mr.Manish/Mr.Nandish
    pl inform any plan of this programme in chennai.


    1. Not yet, but we might do one this year in Bangalore or chennai !

  2. umesh bhatikar says:


    I am halfway through Mr Desai’s ’11 principles to achieve financial freedom’ and am finding it quite intetresting. While browsing through ‘’, I came across your ‘design your financial life’ program but I seem to have seen it three months too late. Please let me know when the next session is planned in Mumbai.


    1. Hi Umesh

      Thanks for appreciation . Read the whole book. Its amazing . Regarding our workshop , we are not sure when exactly we are doing it next . We will soon do it !


  3. Moin says:


    Can you please let us know when your next session in pune is planned please ?


    1. Hi Moin

      We have not decided it yet, but not very soon . It might happen next year start now !

      1. Reena says:

        Your site is very informative. When are you planing your workshop “Design your financial life” in Pune?

        1. May be around 2016 first quarter

  4. darshanaM says:

    Hello Manish,

    when is the next workshop for Mumbai?


    1. Not sure at the moment . May be in next some months


      1. darshanaM says:

        Thanks. I was late by a month for now 🙂 so waiting for next one.

  5. Karthikeyan says:

    I just came back from the Design Your Financial Life 2.0 Workshop conducted in Bangalore. After more than a decade of work experience, I can safely say this is one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. Both Nandish & Manish squeeze in so much value during those hours (9AM – 6PM). Even the tea & lunch breaks were so sharp.

    The biggest takeaways for me was getting awareness and facing your fears.

    I’ve been an investor for nearly a decade. I respect money a lot and thought I knew everything there is to know about personal finance. This workshop made me realize there is still a lot to be learnt. Personal finance is not just about investment products, knowing which one to buy, when to buy/sell, etc. It’s much more than that and this workshop summarizes every aspect in a beautiful way.

    I also got a personalized experience thanks to the individual and group exercises that were conducted throughout the workshop. Some of them were formal; others were informal in the form of questions they will ask during the presentation. The more I participated and “listened” to what others were also saying, the more I learnt. These exercises helped me confront my fears in the area of personal finance.

    I believe that if you get 10x times the value of any workshop you attend, cost of the workshop is basically free. And it all begins with having an open mind.

    Thanks Manish & Nandish!

    Best Regards,

    1. Thanks for this great review Karthikeyan 🙂 .. We had great time !

  6. Subhankar Das says:

    Please let me know if you are organizing any such event in Kolkata in future.


    1. Ok Subhankar ! ..

  7. bhardwaj1012 says:

    Hello Manish and Nandish,

    I am a beginner in the investment world. I have invested in MF, Stocks with the little knowledge I have by reading myself. In search of knowledge on investing I came across

    To understand the finance world better, I am looking forward to attend – “Design your financial life 2.0” (Bangalore).

    Before booking the slot, I wanted to understand few things in detail:
    1. What would be the timing for one day (27th July) offline session and venue detail in Bangalore?
    2. How are the online session planed?
    3. Should I go for basic version or full program?

    I tried using the option “If you are too confused or have some issues, please setup a call with us using this link” – but somehow clicking on the link is not working for me.

    Kindly help me on the queries above.


    1. Hi Prashant

      Please call me back on the same number I called you


  8. Rachana Meher says:

    Hello Manish/Nandish,
    I am a resident in Mumbai.

    I am not a beginner at investing. I have done and am still doing investments in MFs (SIPs), stocks, PPF, RDs and FDs and am still doing it on goal basis.
    Do you think this workshop of yours would help me more than what I am already doing ?
    Also this 12 weeks programme means all 12 Sundays we have to attend the workshop at the specified location in Mumbai.

    Rachana Meher

    1. No Rachana

      The offline event is just 1 day , the 12 weeks program is just the structure , You only have to come for 1 day for the event, rest everything is online

    2. Nandish says:


      Thanks for leaving your comment. We are happy to know that you have been taking some actions in your financial life.

      The workshop has some designed set of conversations which are thought provoking and they instill right kind of commitment in an investor. It is possible that certain information may not be new for you but I can assure one thing and that is you will gain some valuable insights from the program or from some group activities.

      Also you dont have to attend for all 12 weeks. ONLY for workshop we meet and rest of the program will have online structure to it.

      I will be giving you call for further conversation.


  9. Anand says:

    In the table, (which is after FAQ), basic version is priced at Rs. 5000/-.
    But when you actually select, it is listed at Rs. 6000/- ?????
    This is contradiction.
    Please clarify.

    1. Nandish says:

      Anand it does not become 6k. 12.36% Tax is applicable on fees which gets added to the ticket you select.

    2. Anand

      Its 6k only . Not 5k , I have corrected it .

      Service tax is extra


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