Some suggestions in mutual funds

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In this market people are facing dilemma whether to invest in tax saving funds or not ? There are lot of tax mutual funds which will appear on the list if you search for best funds . So the best thing is to hear the experts in the field . are the most trusted and pioneer in Mutual funds information collection and advice . As per there website , they have rated funds in different categories with 5 star ratings .

ELSS (Tax mutual funds)

1. Magnum Taxgain
2. Sundaram BNP Paribas Taxsaver


1. DWS Investment Opportunity
2. Kotak Opportunities

DEBT Oriented

1. UTI Mahila Unit Scheme
2. Birla Sun Life Asset Allocation Conservative

Source : Valueresearchonline

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5 replies on this article “Some suggestions in mutual funds”

  1. Santosh says:

    Hey Manish,

    Your website is great and you are also doing a great job genrating awareness!.
    I want to invest in SIP , can you please tell me which are the good funds to invest in SIP ..Is it ok to go for Equite diverfied or debt in the current market scenario


    1. Santosh

      You can invest in these equity funds :

      In the current scenario , I would like to refrain to invest aggresively with a short term like 2-3 yrs view


  2. Guest says:

    Never ever go for ICICI PRU LIFE mutual funds. Worst customer care & no returns at all & to get our money back, we need to struggle a lot. This is my experience. Please pass it on to your friends. Instead of going to ICICI Pru Life mutual funds, we can analyse share market and invest directly. Atleast that would give some returns. WORST MUTUAL FUND is ICICI PRUDENTIAL MUTUAL FUND

    1. Can you share your experience in details


  3. Poly Muthumbi says:

    RisingMEAGER from down to the top on a meager salary requires a lot better strategy, than even what I have given myself, but giving your plans time and commitment will eventually bring good fruits.

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