Understanding Demat and Trading account relationship

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Some of the beginners to online stock trading do not understand relationship between Share Trading account and Demat Account . In this short article lets see the relationship between Demat account , Trading Account and your Bank Account . We will also see how many trading or Demat account you can have in total .

Work Flow

Below is a short chart where I have tried to give the flow when you buy a share . click to Enlarge

Demat Account : Account where your Shares are stored in electronic form .

Trading Account : An account which is used to place orders for Buying and Selling of shares .

So Trading account is an interface between your Bank account and your Demat account , when you buy something , Trading account takes money from your Bank Account (Its already taken from your Bank account and saved in Trading account) and buys shares and stores it in your Demat account . When you Sell something , Your trading account takes back the shares from your Demat account and Sells them in Stock Market and get back the money and that goes back to your Bank account (actually you manually transfer it to Bank account from Trading account most of the times .

Question : Does any one know maximum how many demat account can one open ?


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163 replies on this article “Understanding Demat and Trading account relationship”

  1. I have trading account and demat account with SBI. Now can I change my trading account to any other company like Share Khan, Ventura etc keeping demat account same with SBI?

      1. Aritra says:

        Thanks Manish Jee

  2. satish says:

    I had opened a DEMAT account with an institution at 2011.I haven’t done any transaction and didn’t closed the demat account.
    It is in deactivated status.I don’t want to pay the AMC for the same.I would like to know what are the consequence if i don’t close it and keep it like that.
    1.Will that account be deleted once it becomes dormant
    2.Do need to close the account.
    I am not interested pay any AMC and they don’t have any ECS activated for the charges

    1. Hi satish

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  3. Sanju says:

    Does any one know maximum how many demat accounts & trading accounts can one open?

    1. There is no limit I Guess

  4. ashu says:

    I have recently closed my hdfc demat account.They informed me by email …I just want to know e trading account is also closed by closing demat account

  5. sreekhanth says:

    I want to trading. tell me what is what is the whole process of trading after opening the demat account

    1. If you can send us your phone , we can connect you to our trusted partner on this .

  6. NoeL says:

    Since i was changing my resident status, ICICI suggested me to close the domestic trading account (keeping demat account active). This enables ICICI to convert my domestic savings account to NRO and open a new NRE account. I am told that i should now open PINS and Non-PINS accounts now and link the domestic demat account to the Non-PINS (NRO). When i look into the AMC for the PINS and Non-PINS, it is extremely costly. I am not an active trader anymore – hence, is it possible for me to keep the demat account active with holdings for a period of time – and open the PINS/Non-PINS when i would like to sell these shares – which may be a few years later? Also will i continue to pay the AMC charges for the demat account with my holdings?

    1. I have limited knowledge on this , hence cant comment

  7. yogadityan says:

    Just 3 years ago I had open a trading a/c with hdfc security I took place single trade to buy then no transaction in it till today. The hdfc is charged me AMC in my hdfc linked saving a/c which amount (approximately Rs.4000/-) are more than my investment of share (Rs.1000/-but market value is Rs.720/-)in that particular trading a/c . I want to close it, but they would be debited amount in my saving a/c. & say ur a/c had deposited the amount of dividend is shown transaction in it, which status of a/c is an automatically operation in it so u haven’t telling this , we have right to recover the charges from ur linked saving a/c. till u would be paying a charges to clear from these a/c.
    May I close this a/c without paying any AMC ?
    May I change my bank account from hdfc to another without paying any charges ?
    May I change my trading a/c from hdfc to any other without paying AMC ?
    Pls. Guide me. When I open my saving a/c to hdfc they says me it is totally free & 3in1 a/c in zero balance saving a/c, dmat a/c, & trading a/ c. Now they can’t accepted my request of closing all these 3 a/c till the payment of that charges. What should I do action in legal ways? Pls. Co-op with ur right advice.

    1. If you have not closed demat account, the transaction charges will surely be deducted !

  8. raghu says:

    hello can any body has join the market research consultancy ,please tell me how was thair service please suggest realy they are make a frofit or just a froud service

  9. sarvankt says:

    1. I want to open DEMAT Ac & Trade ac. So who is giving less brokerage and customer service and security?
    2. IF i m doing trade for 25k. How much brokerage have pay for that (min&Max. in market)?

  10. Axansh says:


    I want to open trading account and demat account to two different place.
    Is valid or is it good option to have?

    As in demat account i am looking for security while as trading account i am looking for fee.
    so i thought let’s open two different account?

    Please let me know your thoughts for same.


    1. YEs, you can do that !

  11. ishan says:

    Hey, I am Ishan. I am 23 years. I want to do trading in shares and mutual funds. Please tell me the process. Please tell me difference between Shares and Mutual Fund? Please tell me the whole process of purchasing the Shares and MF.

    1. You first have to open a demat account for that !

  12. Prasanna says:

    I am new to Investment ,my age is 22. I want to open demat account which is more suitable?
    I came to know that ICICI Direct is a bit costlier

    1. Yea, its a bit costlier ..

  13. Baibhav says:

    Hi Manish,

    Very useful post, I got clear about demat and trading account. I have question. Can I transfer shares between demat accounts? and if yes what is the process and charges for that ?

    1. Hi Baibhav

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


    2. Roms says:

      Yes, you can transfer securities between demat accounts held with the same depository or other depiository. The same is termed as off-market transfer as Stock Exchanges’ intervention is not required in that case. You just need to fill up the Delivery Instruction Slip and mention proper account details of the destination account where securities need to be transferred.

  14. Renga says:

    And before we buy share/place order do we need to manually transfer the money from Bank account to Trading account?

  15. Vinod says:

    Is trading account necessary along with DEMAT account?

    Is there any alternative where in one has only demat account and start investing via some Mutual fund distributor or SEBI registered stock broker?

    I am asking because I want to invest in RGESS and don’t want to pay additional annual maintenance fee/charges for trading account. I have seen SK etc opens free demat and trading account and start charging heavy maintenance charges from next year onwards just to keep the account open.

    Could you please tell where I can open only demat account which is free from any other hidden charges (annual charges etc)

    If you have any other good suggestions, please let us know.

    1. alok says:

      hiii sir
      i am alok from sharekhan i hav the answer of your question . if u r buying securities than it is compulsory to have a demat and trading account while not in the future and option trading no need to hv a demat by only trading u can trade in this segment . yes we opens demat and trading account absolutaly free of cost if u want to know more about our procedure please contact me
      8130446223 alok kumar

    2. Yes, you can do the transactions in demat form even through application

    3. anujsharmayng says:

      It’s completely your wish how you want to trade. You can either trade direct with the online trading account or can get it done through some agent.

      As far as your concern about free Demat and trading account is related, you can get these opened for free, but the companies charge yearly maintenance fees for keeping your shares and other investments in the account. If anyone claims to offer free account, they are completely misguiding you.

      Yes, you can reduce the fees by selecting discount service brokers like My Value Trade. It gives you access to multiple banks and allows trading in shares, commodities, derivatives and mutual funds from the same account.

    4. Vinod says:

      After doing some research, came to know about Basic Service Demat Account (BSDA).
      One can open BSDA account with any DPs and as per law they cannot levi annual maintenance charge for value holdings upto Rs 50,000. I have seen many DPs discourage or don’t share any information on BSDA facility to prospective new customers.

      I have opened my BSDA account with SBICaps. When I visited their Demat account manager, they were reluctant to open one or giving one pretext or other, but after repeated insistence, they agreed. With this account there is no annual maintenance charge for trade upto Rs 50000.
      If traded more than Rs 50000, then they have some slabs for Annual charges.

      Anyways my purpose was for RGESS which allows investment upto Rs50000 and it satisfies well with this objective.

      May be this information would be useful to someone.

      1. Thanks for sharing that Vinod

  16. viraf says:


    However, is it safe to open a trading account with a discount broker ???

    If i have Rs. 1 Lakh in my trading account ie, RKSV and suppose if tmrw the company RKSV shuts down. I know that my demat shares are safe but, what will happen to my Rs. 1 Lakh with RKSV..??.. will i b able to recover it .. ???

    1. Hi viraf

      Thanks for asking your question. However we do not have answer to your question.


  17. viraf says:


    i plan to open a demat with MotiLal & trading account with RKSV. I wanted to know 2 things.

    1) Will i b able to sell my demat shares directly using RKSV account ?
    2) If i have Rs. 1 Lakh in my trading account ie, RKSV and suppose if tmrw the company RKSV shuts down. I know that my demat shares are safe but, what will happen to my Rs. 1 Lakh with RKSV..??.. will i b able to recover it .. ???

    1. Its suggested that you open it with someone where you have both demat and trading . Its much simple that way

  18. Vishnu says:

    Hi Manish

    I have ICICI 3-in-1 account and recently I changed my trading account to RKSV while demat account is same. I have shares in my icici account which I want to sell. My question is, how do I transfer shares from icici account to RKSV trading account and once I transferred those shares, how long they will be in my trading account. Also what are the standard charges for shares transfer?

    Thanks & Regards
    Vishnu agrawal

    1. Hi Vishnu

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  19. Deepak says:

    mai angel broking me dmat and trading a/c kholna chahta hu. unka kehna hai k pehle muje 25000 ka trading a.c kholna padega baad me chahe to aap apni paymnt apne s/b a.c me transfer kar sakte hai aisa hota hai kya,
    or is ki jo brokerage hoti hai wo per share hoti hai ya?

    1. It all depends on the rules of the demat provider. Its not standard rules

  20. vikky says:

    Dear if I am having a Demat AC with any bank …if by some reasons bank get closed or bankrupt what will happen to my holdings…pl reply

    1. Your holdings are with the NSDL Or CSDL , so nothing will happen to your units

      1. vikash says:

        Thanks a lot sirji…

  21. HUSAIN says:

    how can I buy a share from my Demat Account and when I sell Purchase share how I can i get money ?

    1. You can just buy the share from demat account and sell it when you want and money will be back in your bank account

  22. Subho says:

    How many days does it take for the shares I buy through my trading account to get credited in my demat account?

    1. Should take 2-3 days max

    2. Roms says:

      Current settlement cycle is T+2 and hence once shares are bought, it gets credited to your account on the 2nd day from the day of trading.

      e.g. you submitted order to buy some shares on Monday Morning
      Shares will be credited to your account on Wednesday latest by 4.00 pm

  23. Aravind says:

    Good introduction for someone new to stock trading. One question I have is: is the Trading account mandatory? Is it possible for me to buy shares using money from Bank Account and place them in demat account, without the middleman (Trading account)?

    The reason I ask is, my Demat account is with Kotak Mahindra Bank, which is linked to a Bank Account also in Kotak Mahindra Bank. However, the Trading account is with Kotak Securities, and their service is horrible. I want to get rid of this Kotak Securities from the picture.

    1. You need a trading account to buy shares. you cant buy it from bank account

  24. Shekhar says:

    Which ITR form i need to file as i have only short term gain around 8000 for FY 2014-2015 (AY 2015-2016), or can i escape this income and does not show in ITR, as it is very very less in amount (just asking) as i have already closed my demat account as well.

    1. Hi Shekhar

      You need to mention it . Catch a CA on this

  25. Thanmai says:

    Dear Sir,

    i am done trade= 0.07 paise in around 100000 Share but our Trader is charged me in around 35k as a broker charges.
    in my account some so the share are there but they are selled. now my account is showing – Imaginative balance now i can close my account. or what i need to do can u suggest me sir.


    1. You should be coordinating with the broker only on this. What is their answer ?

      1. Thanmai says:

        Dear Sir,

        They are telling i need to pay. lees price they will charge 0.05 as a broker per share. can u guide me in this.

        1. they might be charging on per share basis.

          1. Yogesh says:

            Dear Thanmai,

            As per my knowledge best way for penny stock tradubg is use low rate brokerages. I was previously trading on ICICI Direct, but now shifted to other one. Let me know if any thing I can help you. You can contact me yogesh.83online@gmail.com

  26. Manjunath says:

    Hi All,

    I Open New Trading account and Demat account in my saving bank account, but the thinking is when i open the trading and Demat account i fail to read all details about Selling and Buying broker charges and later i know it the bank which i took the trading account and Demat account they are charges more, like each transaction they are charging Rs.15/- (Selling and buy) its too much deducted my account now i read all the details i know about little bit about Trading and Demat account broker charges what i am feeling now means i want keep my demat account same but i want change Trading account or need to take one more trading account in same demat account its possible ?

    Because when i asked my trading account help line they said like NO, in the website its mention we can open more den one trading account in the same demat account i want confirmation its ture or not..

    Please Suggest me

    1. Yes, you can open more than 2 trading accounts..

  27. Trideb says:

    can i have demat account of one company and trading account of other??? say, I have demat account of angel and trading account of SBICap and work in securities???

  28. radhika says:

    i have opened a DMAT account in axis bank.can u plz explain me how does trading work?how and wer u buy and sell

    1. Hi Radhika

      Its not a topic we can discuss over comments. Read more about it on net in detail !

  29. Avinash says:

    Thanks Manish, I found it very useful. I have bookmarked ‘jagoinvestor.com’.
    I am new in this and started experimenting –
    I buy shares from sharekhan.com on my own and I can see them when I login to the account under portfolio. does it mean that I have trading + demat account with sharekhan?

    1. Yes, thats correct !

  30. suthar samir says:

    Thank YOU manishiji
    Per mera demat or trading Ac process meh
    Hai,meh jaynna chahta hua ki
    Day trading or delivery based trading
    Samjo ki mehne aaj Z company keh 100 share 100 keh bhav seh kharide or 1 gante bahd 102 price hoati hai toh meh bech dehta hua it mean intraday trading ,
    agerbajebaje tahk shkie ki price 99 hoa jahti hai, or meh bechta nahi toh yea automatically delivery based trading hoajahti hai yiaa kuch or system plz tell me!

    1. Unless you sell the shares , it wont be sold ..

  31. Neeraj Singh says:

    Tell me How can i recover share from my Dmat A/c to Trading A/c

    1. I am not clear of your question . please explain more

      1. Neeraj Singh says:

        i had buy share Day Trading bt i dont have sell then it has gone stock view then how can i sell that share

        1. I didnt get what you mean ?

  32. Neeraj Singh says:

    Plz tell me
    how can i recover my stock share form dmat A/c to trading A/c

  33. suthar samir says:

    I read all comments,
    Meh yea jaynna chahta hua ki ,kya kisi bhi company keh share ki expiry date nirdharit hoati hai yiaa nahi ,like that icici ka share 2000 seh start hai ,per expiry date ???? of share

  34. santosh says:

    Hello sir
    I have demat, trading a/c in aditya birla money I had lost my money
    And I would like to close the demat a/c. can i close my account. thank you.

    1. Why not . You can close it whenever you wish to !

  35. sharmil says:

    what is marginal money for account opening in securities

    1. Hi sharmil

      The question asked by you is beyond our scope. Its suggested that you hire an expert on the issue and pay them for the advice.


  36. Happyinvest007 says:

    Hi Manish

    It was a nice article and came to know when I started searching for basic details on investment on stocks. Yes, I have now decided to start investing in Stock Market after my steady investment in mutual fund.

    Can you please hele here with my simple questions:

    1) I have saving account with ICICI bank and would like to open DMAT and trading account with them. Am I eligible for 3-in-1 account benifits, if any?

    2) I want to open DMAT and trading account with defferent DP other than ICICI (saving account with ICICI), is it practically feasible? Are there any constraint or inefficiency around this option.


    1. 1. Yes you can open that .

      2. You can surely do that, and then link your ICICI bank with your demat account in some other company. its very much possible

  37. Deepa says:

    I am very new to the market and looking for both intraday and delivery trading including trading in commodities as well. Could anyone help me in deciding the best and cheap broker ..bank or dp to open a trading and demat account.
    I am getting confused after reading the reviews and unable to decide anything. Is it good to have 3-1 account for beginners in same bank or other way around I can choose..

    1. You can get the 3-1 account from the bank itself, anyways the charges are not very high on yearly basis !

  38. Md.Istakhar Alam says:

    I have open demat account in sbi but still in confusion that either bank had open or not secondly till know i hav’nt use demat account while i have already net banking. Therefore how i know about that

    1. I am not sure of your question !

  39. Yes, you can have it !

  40. Mahadevan says:

    Can I have a demat account without a trading account?

  41. narayan says:


    how to transfer money online IDBI to IIFL online trading Account for online trading what is the process

    1. You can connect them to each other, take the support of IIFL on this !

  42. durga prasad says:

    Hello sir
    I have demat a/c in aditya birla money I had lost my money
    And I would like to close the demat a/c.If I close the demat a/c can I review
    The cancelled cheques and any documents from them.
    Please reply

  43. Anand says:

    Hi Manish,

    Really liked your post. Since, I am new to this, just want to know which bank/broker will be the best to open trading/demat account? Also, could you please let me know the steps involved in it?

    1. Yes, you can do that .. I prefer ICICI direct. would you like our help in getting your ICICI demat opened . You can even invest in everything from there like shares, mutual funds etc ? We can help you on that, let me know


  44. Raaj sekhar says:

    hai sir, i have been observing sensex n nifty for last 2years.. now im intersted about stock market.. im new to this world.. im sbi account holder.. sir, which precautions will make me in profit zone?? thans in advance

    1. Its a vast area . You cant just take a tip and make money .

  45. Naresh says:

    I like to buy/sell shares from my Citi demat account using a trading account with HDFC/IIFL. Is it technically feasible?

  46. saurabh says:

    sir can i have a dmat account without having a trading account. if yes how will it affect me..???

    1. Yes, you can have it , but then you cant sell or buy !

  47. sir, i want to start sell, purchase share and trading, is both are different and should it need different account to be open for both purpose, Open a demarcate account with icici bank is good or not, if not then tell me good company.

    1. ICICI is good enough .. go for it !

  48. sheetal chauhan says:

    hello sir,,,i read you artical,,but now i am also confuses between trading account and demat account

    1. What the confusion ?

  49. Sunetra Sen says:

    My question is that if I close my trading account with brokerage company #1 then will it impact my demat account in any way? I have used the same demat account to also allocated Infra bonds in demat format.

    Also, if I open a trading account with brokerage company #2, can I link their trading account to my existing demat account?

    Please can you help me here?

    1. Hi Sunetra

      I think I have less info of this, please use our forum to ask this – https://www.jagoinvestor.com/forum

  50. hunny says:

    3 accounts max.

  51. Manoj says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for your posts. Its very informative.

    I’ve a query. I’m currently holding a trading and demat account. Demat account have a MF and Infra bond. As now days I’m not trading, I want to close these accounts.

    As I contact my DP, they mentioned that I can not materialize MF and Infra bonds. So I can not close my demat account. I’m feeling that I’m wasting money on annual charges. Any way out?


    1. Why cant you redeem the account .Ask them to give you reply on this and tell them you are planning to reach banking ombudsman and SEBI .

      1. Manoj says:

        Thanks Manish. I’ll contact them.

    2. Sunetra Sen says:

      Hey Manoj,
      What was your experience finally? I have posted a similar question in the thread and maybe you can answer it based on your experience?


  52. neha mande says:

    nice post…. your diagram helped me a lot

  53. pradeep says:

    I am a beginner… help me out step by step.. i have a demat account with hdfc bank.. what shud i do to start buying and selling shares.. also. do i need a trading account also.

  54. shweta nair says:

    are shares transferable to other person? if yes what is itz procedure

    1. Definately they are. You can always sell them to anyone. Please ask about the procedure on our forum – http://www.jagoinvestor.com/forum/

  55. GOLDY says:

    Hi Manish
    I have a trading account with angel broking and demat a/c with pnb . i would like to sell my shares what is the actula process angel says i need share in our pool only then we can sell and pnb says first you have to sell your holding and mention the statement no on delivery slip then we foreword.i am confused in between this two company we cant sell my holding shares please suggest the actual process w. Please help me its urgent.i have only one demat a/c with PNB

    1. Goldy

      You can get help on this at our forum , I personally dont know the answer – http://www.jagoinvestor.com/forum/

  56. Vishal says:

    I m new to market. I want to open demat acc. with SBI. I want to buy n sell shares by my own (through online) , not by any broker.
    Is it necessary to hav trading acc.?
    Wat is demat and trading acc?

    1. You can do that .. but SBI in this case is your broker 🙂

  57. Amit Pendse says:

    I have a trading account in sharekhan. But where do i find the trading account number on its site? I can only see dmat account number on it. Its been years since I have used sharekhan so I dont have any documents or letters from sharekhan where I can find it. Please help me its urgent.

    Amit Pendse

    1. Why dont you talk to their customer care on this ?

  58. VijayKumar says:

    Hi Manish ,

    Please advise me , i am very new to this world of stocks, I would like to invest in Gold like SBI GOLD ETF etc….Please tell me how the price of the GOLD ETF will change (like as per the GOLD rates or like shares)In gold the price changes day by day.What i need to have to invest in the GOLD ETF of any company. How this investment will work . Advise me clearly.

    1. Gold ETF are just like stocks, people buy and sell as per their assumptions on the market price and the real market price, so it will move as per the gold price only, you need to have a demat account to buy and sell gold ETF .

  59. Prashant says:

    This link is so helpful.
    I am planning to invest some money in bse, but I’m waiting for my pan card. (I’ve applied for it on 24th Sep and I’ll get it in couple of days).
    But Sir, I have a query. While opening an demat account, will I have to deposit some money in demat account ( like minimum balance or something)
    I’m asking this question because while looking for brokerage companies I got this “After registration, you will be required to deposit a certain amount of initial margin deposit with them. The deposit can be of any amount, but it should not be less than Rupees Five Thousand”.
    The above statement was for 5paisa comp….
    Also I’m looking forward to trade with Angel Broking. Is this a good move, please reply.
    Thank you

    1. Its only required if you want to do any trading, else not . Also better go with some better trading company like angel is good

      1. Prashant says:

        Thanks…. 🙂

  60. ashish says:

    Hi Manish.i am new to this world of numbers.thought of investing some amount in buying shares.friend of mine suggessted to open account with icicidirect.do ineed to open 3in 1account.which bank is better for opening these account.how much do they charge?

    1. Thats very much a company specific information , 3-1 account is more of saving + demat + trading . If you just want trading account, then no need to open saving account .

  61. Pradeep says:

    Hai ,

    I just joined a company for commodity share trading,they told me to create a Demat account,will it be chargeable for me,will i need to submit my bank account to new demat account
    can i have your contact number to contact you,

    1. Ask that same company ,they will give you charges details

  62. Purushottam says:

    One query v imp pls.

    I have lost heavily in shares ( put my story up earlier if anyone remembers lost 9 lakhs till now )

    I have one account with ICICI savings+demat+ trading
    I dont want to trade any more as I have a bad habit and I fall in the trap
    Following are my queries pls answer –

    1) Can i close my ICICI direct trading account while the demat account remains open ?
    2) I have couple of infra bonds of 5 year lock in and mutul funds worth 1 lakh and share worth 10k . What will happen to them if i close the trading account ?
    Can they remain in demat ?
    3) In future i wish to only buy or sell mutual funds or buy infra bonds for tax saving . Is it possible without trading account ? only with demat account by filling slips etc ?

    Pls answer if anyone knows about this

  63. vijay sharma says:

    Can I associate more than one trading account to my reliance dmat account?
    2.Does DMat account provideer charge something on every brockrage or only annual charges?

    1. Vijay

      1) Yes
      2) depends on them

  64. caribou says:

    Hi Manish,
    Is it possible to buy and sell mutual fund through Demat Account? If possible, is it easy?
    Please tell me which demat account (eg. SBI demat, Axis Bank demat, etc) can be used to buy and sell mutual fund?

    1. ICICI would be good , I have not tried it , but it should be easy .

      But its not recommended to buy frequently as costs would be high


      1. rao says:

        is there any risks in intraday trading , what are the charges

        1. Intraday trading is only full of risk 🙂

          1. rao says:

            thanks ….

  65. lavanya says:

    i have been following this site for 2 months. quite informative. thank u.
    is there any ‘the best’ stock broking agency? or are all pretty much the same?i am planning to open a trading account and would like the information.

    1. Lavanya

      I am not sure about best broking agency , unless you trade and invest heavily , it wont matter much .


      1. lavanya says:

        thank u.
        i will be investing only for long term and not day trading so may be i will go with sharekhan .

  66. Mukul says:

    You continue to contribute to the investment quotient of a common man who is tentative to enter the big, bad world of stocks, trading and making money.
    Keep it up!!!

  67. Sanjay Khantwal says:

    Great. Good piece of information.

    1. manish says:

      Thanks Sanjay


  68. Anonymous says:

    yeah, no limit to the number of article.. been using two for quite some like reliance money and 5paisa.. and faced no troubles..

    1. manish says:


      thanks for the review .


  69. Manish Chauhan says:


    Yes , you are correct


  70. Anonymous says:

    Good reaad.. quite detailed infor… so even if i take any demat account the system or the online trading firm would work in the similar manner.. ?? be it rmoney / icici / sharekhan/

  71. Manish Chauhan says:

    @Blog Bizzare .. nice link . Thanks


  72. Blog Bizzare says:

    Hey all,

    After reading this post, I thought I should write in little more detail abut the demat and the trading accounts.

    @Smart Investor: please allow me to post this link here

    Link – http://blog-bizzare.blogspot.com/2009/09/what-are-trading-accounts-and-demat_11.html

    1. Praveen dubey says:


  73. Anonymous says:


    U can mix any trading account with Dmat account, in such cases you can't do online trading (Practically), as Dmat will not be linked with online trading a/c.
    Whenever you sell, you need to fill Depository receipt and give it to your trading account partner.
    This is the way people uses in smaller cities, where Dmat-online trading still not SO HOT.

    AS such trading account doesnt have any fee associated with them, only charge might be First time account opening and Software Charge. They earn via Brokerage
    DMAT account has Annual maintance charge, custody charge etc

    Now it is impossible to trade without dmat account.
    Shares on Paper –(transfer)—> DMAT is possible
    DMAT —-> paper is impossible

  74. Maurya says:

    Theoretical knowledge is good, but doubts remain on the practical side.

    1. Examples of demat and trading accounts?

    2. What do we get when we open an account at, say, reliance money? Both the accounts, or just one of these?

    3. Can we mix and match e.g. reliance money trading account with kotak demat account? Or is demat account not associated with any broker but directly held with NSDL?

    4. For which account do we pay the various fees (per transaction, yearly etc.) ? Can we hold one and close the other e.g. if I do not want to trade for a while, can I close trading account but keep the demat account open? Will it save me significantly on annual fees?

    5. Is it possible to not hold demat account but still trade? Can I get shares in paper form?

  75. Puneet says:

    You can have as many demat accounts as you wish to…
    The only catch is, legally, you cannot apply for IPO from all the accounts. One application per PAN holder is allowed.

  76. Excel Matic says:

    @Anonymous: There is a limit on number of Demat accounts you can have.

    Though I am not sure about this number, but have got to know from my broker that an individual can have maximum of 5 demat accounts on his name.

    @Others: I agree with the author's view that many people do not understand the difference between the trading account and the demat account. With this, people are do not research much about which broker should they choose or what parameters should they look at other than brokerage to select a broker.

    I have expressed some of my views here, probably they might help. Link – http://blog-bizzare.blogspot.com/2009/09/which-broker-to-hire-for-new-trading.html

  77. Anonymous says:

    No limit on number of DMAT account by a person.

    Personally I had 4 DMat account out of which 3 are active at present (as far as I know)
    Obviously I am paying for 1, rest are bouncers

    1. Jayan says:

      I have 3 Dmat accounts, out of three only one has shares and ncd’s under india infoline, others have no shares not operating nothing, dp holding companies always sending info i have pending amc needs to pay. How can i solve this issue without paying amc, i have no shares holding. Thank You

      1. i m not clear of ur question

        1. Jayan says:

          I have 3 active dmat accounts, out of three i am using only one dp belongs to India Infoline. Other two DP’s have no shares nothing,still AMC is charging, i have no money to close now, How can i terminate my two DP’s free of cost

          1. Roms says:

            You may simply close the accounts where there are no holdings.

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