How to use NEFT or RTGS facitlity even if you dont have Internet Banking

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I have already written about NEFT and RTGS sometime back and how does it work exactly. However today, I want to share about using NEFT and RTGS transfer offline in bank branches. Even in today’s time, if some one has to send money from one account to another account, they use cheques and demand drafts. Even you can see a lot of people withdrawing cash and depositing it manually in other bank account. They are mostly people who had seen the banking era of 80’s and 90’s.

NEFT and RTGS transfer from Bank Branch

It might be your parents or uncles or anyone older !. And when you tell them they should have internet banking which has NEFT and RTGS facilities, they do not want to embrace it. But do you know that one can also use NEFT and RTGS facilities even offline by going physically to bank branches.

NEFT/RTGS are processes

NEFT and RTGS both of them are just a process/technology. Its just another fact that they are also provided as features in your internet banking account. If someone wants to transfer money from one account to another, one can always visit the branch in person and put a request to transfer money via NEFT or RTGS .

All you need is to fill up a NEFT/RTGS form (sample below) and all the details like Sender Account Details, Beneficiary Account details, amount to be transferred and IFSC code of the beneficiary branch. Then the Bank officer will punch these details on the system and the transfer will be initiated just like it happens online.


Incase you want to do a instant money transfer (not exactly instant, but can take 30 min to 1 hour) , you should be doing a RTGS transfer. One important point to remember here is that, if the amount is above Rs 2,00,000 , you would need to give a cheque leaf with the RTGS form, as part of the rules, but even if you don’t have cheque book with you at that moment – the bank generally arranges for a temporary cheque book in your name.

Recently I had to transfer some money from my wife account to my bank account and we asked for RTGS transfer, which was done promptly and the money was transferred in 10 min to my bank account.

The only pre-requisite for NEFT?RTGS transfer is that

  • Originating and destination bank branches should be part of the NEFT network
  • Beneficiary details such as beneficiary name, account number and account type, name and IFSC of the beneficiary bank branch should be available with the remitter

Charges for NEFT/RTGS at bank branch

RBI has not set any predefined charges, but banks are allowed to charge it as per their decision. Generally NEFT Transactions upto 1 lacs are not charges by many banks (like Central bank of India) , however some banks can charge for it. But for RTGS they generally charge anywhere from Rs 5 to Rs 50 depending on the amount. Higher the transfer amount, higher the charges.

So next time, if you meet someone who wants to transfer money by going to branch, tell them the option for NEFT and RTGS transfer via their bank branch.

64 replies on this article “How to use NEFT or RTGS facitlity even if you dont have Internet Banking”

  1. Vandna says:

    I have forgotten my atm pin of SBI account. I don’t have net banking or mobile registered for that account but I have 10,000 approximately in that account. I have checkbook but that was issued in 2010, which is not in use today. How can I transfer this amount from my own older account to my another sbi account without going to my old account home branch?

    1. I dont think its possible without visiting the branch now. You will need the cheque book or the internet banking for this.

  2. ANIL Gaikwad says:

    Can I do transfer of money through NEFT/ RTGS from my account in Bank A to others account in Bank B… ?
    I need fast transiction .. so which is the best option ?
    Amount is <2 lakh
    Plz reply

    1. RTGS is better, IMPS is much better

  3. Kilani Alekhya says:

    Is it available even though particular holder donot have cheque book

    1. No, you need to have cheque book to do NEFT

  4. Aravind says:

    Can I transfer an amount of 3.5 lakhs without cheque by rtgs or neft by visiting SBI Bank in person

    1. No, you need cheque for NEFT/RTGS

  5. David says:

    Sir,I am facing a problem here, My company transfer my salary on 12th Nov 2016 After noon and I waited to be credited for 8 hours But it was not Happened and waited for next day but remain the same the next day i.e Today But the same so I am confused I initiated my Finance Manager and also My M.D but it shows that its Debited from their end. I went to my Branch Bank of Baroda they told me to check with the branch that is Lakshmi Vilas bank. Please help me out in this.

    1. Hi David

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  6. Arjun says:

    Can RTGS be done from any other braches rather than home branch of an account

    1. Jagoinvestor Admin says:

      Hi Arjun

      Yes , If the branch has RTGS facility available.

    2. Yes, it can be done from any branch provided its connected with other branches !

  7. nEHA says:


  8. DOLLY says:

    hiii i have doubt that what written in cheque time of RTGS???

  9. Himanshi says:

    can NEFT made in cash

    1. YEs, its possible !

      1. Himanshi says:

        Dear Sir

        can you explain me the process of NEFT in SBI Bank

        I will be very thankful to you

  10. Nitin says:

    Can I make Credit card payment through NEFT offline(going to branch) ?

    1. Yes, its possible !

  11. Seema says:

    Does the account holder personally need to go bank for RTGS?

    1. If one wants to do offline, then YES

      Otherwise one can just do it from netbanking !

  12. Naresh says:

    Can rtgs be done without Cheque? In SBI

  13. PrakashR says:

    My account is with ABC Bank Branch 1
    I want to make inter bank rtgs
    Can I go to ABC Bank Branch 2 which is closer to me and make rtgs ?
    My bank is nationalised and CORE Banking

    1. Yes, you can do that

  14. Anshul says:

    I have mentioned wrong IFSC Code and all other bank details are right in CSAB now I will get my money or not in bank a/c

    1. If bank details was wrong , then its going to be tough !

  15. arjun says:

    it was so great of you to reply

  16. arjun says:

    thank you sir for replying

  17. arjun says:

    sir as you told we can deposit cash into someones account even if we do not have bank account so whatare the details that we should fill in cash slip

    1. You can get it in the bank itself . Go there and talk to the staff !

  18. devendra sarda says:

    You wrote that “Infact you can do NEFT even if you do not have an account in BANK !” my query is
    1. How it is possible to do NEFT without having a bank account? What is the procedure?
    2.If I have Bank account say X bank. How NEFT is possible withouth cheque book of X bank? What document X bank will retain in case I don’t have cheque ?

    1. Like you can deposit the CASH to someone account even if you do not have an account in a bank, the same way you can do NEFT transfer . When you fill up the NEFT form offline, you need to fill up the CASH SLIP

  19. Chetan Ambi says:

    I was not aware of this facility. Thanks for the information.

  20. Raja says:

    Can we do NEFT transfer for fractional amounts through internet banking? for example, can I transfer Rs 4325.62 in NEFT? or just the whole amount only?

    1. I am not very sure ,but I think its possible

      1. Manoj says:

        Yes, it is possible. at least in SBI bank. no limit (min or max) for neft.

        1. Glad to know that Manoj ..

  21. Rishi says:

    I didn’t know about it. But one day a customer of mine from Bihar used this service to transfer fund. But I personally never used this service understanding that such system doesn’t exist. However, thanks Jagoinvestor for reassuring the same.

    1. Good to hear that Rishi

      Have you started using it or not ? Try it !

  22. Sunil says:

    Do all banks offer this? What about 24 hrs cooling off for NEFT? Any stricter KYC reqmnts? Also, some PSU Banks have crowded Branches and rude staff trying to AVOID work under some pretext. Some Pvt Banks CHARGE if you visit Branches! Lot more Competition and Disciplining needed in our Banks!

    1. Yes. All the banks which are internet enabled offer this facitlity. NO KYC requirement as such . Infact you can do NEFT even if you do not have an account in BANK !

      1. Sunil says:

        Hi Manish..Thanks for the info.
        1.What are the Charges for NEFT, of say 200,000/-, from a Bank where you do NOT have an Account (which means you will have to hand-over and Bank has to accept CASH; can /will they, without proper KYC and taking AML precautions?) 2.In fact, some Banks (like HDFC Bk) even levy “CASH Handling Charges” to account-holders, maintaining 10,000/- AMB..even in Home Branch !! That is why I say there is a Need to moderate GREED in Banks !!!

        1. If you have the account, then NEFT charges for 2 lacs would be Rs 10-15 only . But if there is no account, then it might be high ! . though not 100% sure on this.


  23. giridhar says:

    That’s very useful info, Manish. Due to protests in AP there is no cheque clearing for last 20 days, two weeks too late for me. But, it would be useful for future.
    On a different note, FYI, banks are not issuing temporary cheques.

    1. Giridhar says:

      Our bank never told us about this option and we are wealth customers, one step above priority account. My parents waited nearly 20days to get their cheques cleared.

    2. Giridhar

      In Vijaya Bank, we didnt have cheque book , so they issued it in 10 min to us !

  24. Bhaskar Jha says:

    What is the difference between neft & rtgs or they are the same thing?

    1. Shirish D says:

      NEFT is a service where low value/high volume money transfer takes place. NEFT transactions settlement by banks may take a few hours, and they are settled in bulk by banks.

      RTGS is near instantaneous service. It’s used for high value-low volume transactions, and the settlement is instantaneous, and per transaction basis.

    2. Thats exactly what the article tells you ? Why are you still confused after reading the article ?

  25. bharat shah says:

    thank you for useful information of off line NEFT/RTGS

  26. bemoneyaware says:

    Wasn’t aware of that.
    What if sender has NEFT but receiver doesn’t then will through internet banking one can transfer?
    Aapne to ulti ganga baha di, transferring money from your wife’s account to your’s?

    1. arun says:

      ha ha….aisa kam hi hota hai

    2. Just that both the branches should have the NEFT facitlity !

  27. Sanjay says:

    Nice article on Banking Transactions. I didn’t know about offline NEFT/RTGS.

      1. Naresh says:

        Manish Sir, my wife went to sbi branch for rigs, she was asked to give cheque, she did not have cheque as it was not found, she was asked to fill up withdrawal slip at around 1330 pm, entry was done by staff and she was informed that your job is done, later at around 5pm she had phone call from bank that her rtgs request is rejected as it was not with cheque. Please guide.

        1. Yes, you cant do it without cheque !

          1. NEHA says:


            1. Jagoinvestor Admin says:

              Hi NEHA

              At the time of RTGS in the pay section of cheque you mention pay to “yourself”.And the payee details are added in the form attached. It is a simple process when you go to bank for RTGS you can ask the bank staff . They will surely help you with this .

            2. Jagoinvestor Admin says:

              Hi NEHA

              At the time of RTGS ,if you are asking about pay to column we fill ” yourself ” in it . Apart from it usual cheque. Its a simple process when you go to Bank ask any bank executive they will help you with it.

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