Transfer PPF account from Post Office to SBI Bank

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How do you transfer the PPF account from Post Office to SBI Bank? This has been a big question mark for all the PPF account holders who opened their PPF account in Post Office and now want to transfer PPF account to SBI Bank or other banks so that they can take benefits of online money transfer to their PPF accounts. Also, it becomes easy for them to do another kind of activities if the PPF account is in some bank.

Transfer PPF account from Post Office to SBI Bank

So, in this article we will see the steps required to transfer PPF account from Post office to any Bank. In this example, we will use SBI as an example. But you can use the same procedure for any SBI Bank or its subsidiaries or even ICICI Bank which has recently started providing PPF accounts.

Steps required to Transfer PPF account from Post Office to SBI Bank


Step 1 The first step is to make sure your PPF Passbook is updated with all the interest credited to date. You need to go to the Post Office and get it updated.
Step 2 Fill up following documents

  • PPF Transfer Form SB-10(b). Download Form to transfer PPF Account here
  • An application on plain paper requesting PPF Account transfer from Post Office to SBI Bank
  • Incase you already have an SBI Account, then SBI passbook (Will fasten the process)
  • PAN/Address Proof (Can be confirmed at Post Office)
Step 3 Submit the form to Post Office Head PostMaster, He will verify your signature with the records at Post Office and verification will be completed.
Step 4 The balance in your PPF account in Post Office will be taken out and your PPF account will be closed by Head Post Master and he will note the remark of Transfer of PPF Account to SBI Bank on all the relevant documents.
Step 5 The balance amount in your PPF account will then be remitted back to State Bank of India through Cheque or Demand Draft along with other relevant documents.
Step 6 Your PPF account will then be opened (transferred) at SBI Branch and you will be notified on this. It would be better to not wait for it and you yourself keep track of the progress.


Go to SBI bank after all these steps are done and collect your new PPF Passbook. Note that all the previous entries of your Interest payments etc will not be present in the new PPF Passbook. It will only have the new and current entries now. So in-case you needed the previous information for claiming tax deductions, better take the printout of the previous PPF Passbook and keep photocopies of all the documents you filled and submitted for PPF Account Transfer. Read  – How to open a PPF account at SBI Bank

What about the interest part when you Transfer the PPF account from Post Office?

Do you know How PPF interest is calculated? Its only a monthly basis , but credited yearly. Now as per PPF Rules, the bank or the post office transferring the account will add interest up-to-the preceding 31st March in the account before it is transferred. The interest from 1st April onwards will be added by the transferee office after the close of the year. As per rule 8 of the scheme the interest in the account has to be added at the end of the year and not in the middle of the year in any case. So make sure to ask and confirm from Post Office Postmaster if he will do this step or not. And once the PPF Account is transferred, at the end of the year, make sure you get the total interest in your account. Just verify it at the end of the year.

What Problems you are can you face while Transfer of PPF Account?

Problem 1: The biggest problem you will face is the ignorance SBI & Post office employees have about this whole process. I think the Post Office Employee has more information (and less ego) than SBI Employees. They might reject the whole idea and say “It’s not possible to transfer”.

In that case, take the print out of Rule 153 of this document which is at the Post Office website and clearly defines the rules to Transfer PPF Account from Post Office to SBI Bank. Another thing you can do is very humanly and in a soft voice, tell them you will file an RTI to know the process of PPF Transfer from Post Office to SBI Bank and would come back with that RTI query (Post Office and SBI comes under RTI incase you didn’t know). I am sure this will be enough to speed up the whole process.

Problem 2: Another problem you may face is documentation, I am not very sure if PAN card/Address proof is required or not and what other documents, but in that case again take the help of your Post Office Head Post Master, he will surely help you. If you are stuck at any point, use sentences like “I will file an RTI and …”. That might help you 🙂

Share your experiences, and problems you faced when you wanted to Transfer PPF Account from Post Office to SBI Bank or vice versa, were you waiting for this from many years?

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274 replies on this article “Transfer PPF account from Post Office to SBI Bank”

  1. Sagar Bidkar says:

    This article was very helpful for me. I recently shifted my PPF from Post Office to SBI for ease of operational convenience. Thank you so much

    1. Thanks for your comment Sagar Bidkar

  2. Rajalakshmi says:


    Shall I maintain 2 PPF account, one in State Bank and another in Post Office?

    1. Ansuman says:

      Rajalakshmi, legally one is allowed to hold only one PPF account. Audits aren’t uncommonbecause PPF is a big commitment for the GoI (Modi government’s transparency drive!)
      I frankly suggest, go with only one account preferably with a Public Sector Bank.
      Also, do read this blog of Manish : It will help you take a very informed decision.

    2. Only 1 PPF is allowed per person

  3. DINESH says:

    My younger son who lives outside India has PPF account in Post office at Vadodara . I am staying in Greater Noida in UP. PPF Account has matured and my son wish to withdraw? My elder son is in Vadodara.

    Can my younger son get the PPF maturity amount without going to Vadodara or it can be transferred thro TRGS/NEFT to my younger son HDFC Bank Account in Greater Noida. My elder son if required can do all the co ordination work with the post office at Vadodara.

    1. As of now I cant answer this with absolute clarity, but I will try to find out and make an article on this.


  4. Krishna says:

    I thought of doing the transfer for both PPF and Sukanya Samridhi, but on second thoughts, going by the process awareness, service levels and efficiency of our Post office and Bank officials, we are sure to lose money on one of the ends. I will live with these accounts not getting online and await for one fine day when the Post office will make the accounts online – I hope to live for another 30 years and hope to see this happen before that!! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment Krishna

  5. bkmurthy says:

    I enquired in my post office branch. The postmaster said it is not possible! He asked me why I wanted to transfer to a bank. I said so that I can have online transaction facility. He said post office is also going to give online transaction facilities ‘shortly’. I asked how much time is ‘shortly’? He said that was anyone’s guess. So I left the matter for the time being 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment bkmurthy

  6. Gurvinder says:

    Hi sir

    Can u pls advice me that I have a ppf account in post office but now I can transfer this account to my Axis bank branch.. can I can do this & how can we do this??

    1. Contact Axis bank on this , they will guide you with the process and give you the form to fill

  7. Vasudev says:

    Hi Manish Chauhan ,

    This article is very useful for all during their PPF transfer time,
    qq :Can i transfer my PPF account from Post office to my SBI join account?

      1. Neeraj says:

        Hello Manish
        My ppf was transffered from sbbj to icici. Interest is not transferred. Whom to chase now?

        1. File a RTI to post office !

        2. AJ says:

          Neeraj – You should chase ICICI for this. Please refer to the older comments where I had issues when I moved from PO to SBI. The rule says whichever institution has the account as of 31 Mar has to pay the interest.

    1. AJ says:

      Yes you can. For internet access they will give a new user id for the second account holder (if you already dont have). The reason given by SBI on this to me was since PPF is an individual account it will not appear if there is just one user if for joint accounts

  8. VenkateshBhagavath says: