DSP Black Rock Top 100 – A good old Equity Diversified mutual fund

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Let’s see a good Equity Diversified mutual fund today, DSP Black Rock Top 100, is an old fund, Its name was DSP ML Top 100 earlier, but now its renamed. It comes from one of the best Mutual funds houses DSP Black Rock.

The fund has very good record and consistently outperformed its Benchmark. To get more information see here

DSP Black Rock Top 100


If you see last 1 years returns its only -35%, which is much better than others who have given close to -50% return.

1 yrs : -35%
3 years : 1.2%
5 years returns : 15%
Since Inception : 29%

It has consistently outperformed its category average by good difference. Which is one the evaluating criteria.


Its portfolio is well diversified with high concentration on Large cap companies (50%), which is good.

Derivatives usage : There is one point to note in the portfolio is that the fund also uses tries to take advantage of Futures (derivatives). This is a smart action, considering Fund manager understand the risks. Else it can be disaster.


Its rated as 5 star fund and is places in Low risk High Return Grade by value research online. Though we should not put lot of focus on ratings, its one of the things to look at.

Conclusion : Overall the fund looks good. We have not done any detailed analysis but see it in a way which should be done at the minimum level by an average investor. The main thing is not the product, its the usage and utilization . You can take a normal fund and make most out of it using SIP and portfolio re balancing.

Please do your own findings and see if the fund fits your risk-appetite and criteria. People who want to invest money for atleast 3-5 yrs and without putting lot of efforts on monitoring the market , can invest there money using SIP in this Fund.

Keep the money invested for at least 3-4 yrs, and keep monitoring the fund performance minimum once every 6 months.

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8 replies on this article “DSP Black Rock Top 100 – A good old Equity Diversified mutual fund”

  1. sreenivas vanapalli says:

    I would like to know more about DSP BLACK ROCK WORLD MINING FUND..
    how it will makes my money growth
    when comparing with the other funds.. plz clarify..
    Thanking you

    1. manish says:

      Its a good fund considering you want to invest in companies in gold mining business .. the returns have been good till now and it should be good in future too ,., however dont put more than 5% of your portfolio in the start


  2. Manish Chauhan says:


    If you are doing it for long term , go for Growth option , dividend option is not for some one who want to get regular dividends back from his money , for more details

    Read : http://finance-and-investing.blogspot.com/2008/04/mutual-funds-options-growth-dividend.html


  3. uma says:

    please tell whether to go for dividend or Growth fund in this DSP black rock what u said.

  4. Manish Chauhan says:


    You can contact the guys at http://www.dspblackrock.com/contact_us/contact_us.asp


  5. rajnish kumar says:

    manish this is from which company. from where i can purchase this mf.
    would like to invest 2000 sip for long term. please suggest whom to contact. via mail

  6. Manish Chauhan says:


    Very True

    Agents earn from selling the policy , so they will only tell you the best thing about the policy (if any). If there is no good thing , they will make them appear like a good thing . This is called mis-selling . Presenting something thing in a way which is not correct .


  7. Anu L says:

    Thanks a lot for such analysis even on jeeva varsha etc. For commen men like me this is very useful more bcoz in simple words you tell us the good and bad parts of the policies. Otherwise, such policies like jeevan varsha looks so nice if u hear it especially from an LIC agents.

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