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Firstly I want to thank & acknowledge each reader of jagoinvestor.com for their immense love and support from the bottom of my heart. Each reader is like an extended family to me. It is clear because you read my articles I write, the more you read the more I get connected to you. I am always excited to reply you on blog comments and e-mails.

I am really committed that each jagoinvestor reader experiences huge financial breakthroughs in their financial life, every reader achieving financial freedom. For a lot of you, jagoinvestor is just a blog which teaches them about personal finance and makes them an informed investor; as a reader you may or may not be aware about our paid financial services. Today I want to share what was happening from last many months and what is our vision in this space. I also want to officially launch our services today which we are providing from last 15-18 months.

Around a year back, I happen to connect with Nandish Desai. He is a powerhouse of amazing ideas and carries a powerful vision which I never saw in anyone. It was very clear that he really understood the real requirements of an Investor and what kind of assistance a person needs in his financial life. It went way beyond traditional financial planning; his style is non-linear in nature. Rather than just focusing on financial data and giving solutions to rectify those, he actually worked with people on their day today financial habits and showing them those internal mistakes which is causing all the financial mess in their financial lives. He works closely with people to get them in control of their financial life by being a coach. It is not just a plain vanilla planner. His coaching skills are deep and transformative in nature. Nandish was also the main speaker at our Pune and Mumbai meets and lots of readers have already interacted with Nandish and Me at these two cities . We plan to re-launch these meets soon in future .

We were inspired by each other, identified our individual strengths and decided to collaborate and work together, hence we teamed up and now we are “Jagoinvestor team“. We then started serving some of the readers of the blog who contacted us and were committed in working on their financial life, as paid service. We started to apply coaching principles. We started working with them in a way which we believed really connects to an individual. After working with lots of clients and repeated experience, we came with something called as Financial Coaching, which I will explain below.

Jagoinvestor Services

For many it might be a surprise that we started our services from today, but it’s not the case. Let me share with you that we are actually providing our services from last 12-18 months, but didn’t open it up for public till date, as we wanted to make sure we dont compromise on the service quality. We have already served many clients till date which are from different parts of India and a lot of NRI’s across some countries who contacted us and asked if we had any services. We offered them customized services which helped them in creating a financial life which they always wanted.

This blog was there to serve readers and give them immense knowledge . This is going to continue and get better each day now onwards. These services are extension of our committment to serve those people who need our deep personal involvement in their financial life, so that we can closely work with them and serve them. Now we are ready to offer our services to everyone. Right now we have total 5 services and I will give a brief overview of those.

1. Financial Coaching

When you hear the name “Financial Coaching”, you get many ideas in your mind, you will relate it as a better version of financial planning, but you are mistaken. It is not Financial Planning, It’s the next level of Financial Planning, and it goes deeper than just financial data and your goals. It works mainly on YOU. It understands why you have messed up your financial life till date? It works on your relationship with money. In Financial Coaching you have a Financial Coach working with you closely , and not a financial planner !

Financial Coach is someone who stands for your financial success , who is a mentor to you in your financial life , who observes you , listens to your financial worries and identifies the flaws in your financial life which is causing problems and not letting you move to next level. Financial Coach will make sure you are on track with your commitment to improve your financial life, Financial coach makes sure you are on track in your financial life and take actions which forwards you with each action.

Let me give you an analogy. Suppose you are not physically fit and have health issues. What will you do? Read below

Model 1 : You go to a doctor and do a medical check-up. Doctor gives you a report and prescription to you on what to eat , how much to eat , When should you wake-up and how much exercise you should do each day. This is very much like financial planning where you get a Plan, actions required to improve your situation and overall roadmap. If you think, this is exactly what is required, you are mistaken, this works for only a very small number of people who are committed to stay on track and do things on their own. A lot of people are again lost in their personal life after few weeks and months and forget all this planning. They need an extra hand-holding to stay on track.

Model 2 : Let’s now see the same above example and see how coaching can help the same person in the same situation. Now the same person who has health issues gets a fitness coach. The coach studies person’s lifestyle, body, habits and designs detailed action plan for him. He reaches his residence each day in the morning at 7:00 am. The coach will make sure that he will complete his exercise in front of him, he motivates him each day to go to a next level in his exercise, and the fitness coach will observe him coach him each week/month. We can see that this model is more of action-oriented and not just solution-oriented.

In the same way Financial coaching works, financial coach does not just work on your data, he works on you. Financial coach re-designs your financial life and gives you a new eye to look at your financial life, he shows you NEW possibilities possible in your financial life which you can’t see yourself sometimes. He makes you understand how your situation got created, he tries to reach the source of the problem and attacks the source or cause of the problem, not just “the problem”, because unless the source of the problem is fixed, the main issues will keep on happening.

You can read more about financial coaching here

2. Basic Financial Planning

In general Financial Planning includes lots of things which can range from cash flow analysis, your debt management, Insurance and other goals planning along with Estate management. All of this important and everyone should aim to have it in their financial life. However what we feel is that a lot of people get stopped by this complexity and the denseness of financial planning. Hence we have come up with Basic financial planning which focuses on most important aspects of your financial life.

What if you’re Insurance Planning, Children goals and retirement is complete? What if you get guidance on health insurance and Emergency fund building along with this? Won’t you consider 90% of your financial planning complete? I am sure you will and many have told us that this is what the core of their financial life, and that’s exactly basic financial planning does. We make sure we complete your top most priorities in life and guide you on how to implement your plan.

You can read about Basic Financial Planning here.

Clients Testimonials

We asked some of our clients to give their feedback and their testimonial on how our services helped them in their financial life and what they think about us . I am putting up four such testimonials

Testimonial 1

“I wish I had gotten to know Manish and Nandish 5 years back when I started my professional career. My personal finance status would have been much more organized. I have known them for 6 months now and they have been singularly responsible for correcting my last 5 years of mistakes. They not just guide but more importantly educate their readers and clients. And that to me is their biggest contribution. Nandish has gone beyond the role of financial advisor to actually become sort of a personal mentor to me and I owe to him for bringing to my notice the most important SIP we all should make but usually don’t – “Health SIP” – investing every month in ensuring we stay healthy and fit.

I hope we will continue to engage for a long time and I wish them all the best in their future endeavors”

Brij Bhushan

Management Consultant , Gurgaon



Testimonial 2

I have always been grateful to my teachers in my school and my college right from my childhood because they were the one who opened me up to a sea of possibilities and an ocean of knowledge. I am educated ‘formally’ because of them. But was I financially literate? No. I wasn’t. I, then, went in search of quest for financial freedom through Education and subsequently Action. As the maxim goes if you ask the Universe gives, I came across Jagoinvestor blog and took a decision to pursue it seriously. You were my teacher encouraging me to learn about the most important aspect of our life, Money, which others ‘choose’ not to talk about either because of ignorance or because they don’t want to project themselves as running behind money.

Today (PRESENT), I can say, I am lot better in my knowledge of money than I was few months ago(PAST). Importantly, I am more confident of my FUTURE.

And all this is possible because of the awareness created by you guys. In short the most vital thing I learnt is Education combined with Action will lead to your Dream Destination.

Thanks a ton for that!!

Srinidhi Rajshekhar

Software Engineer, Bengaluru



Testimonial 3

My Husband and I are both in our late 30’s. While we were staying in Cambodia, about 1.5 years ago, I came across JagoInvestor and got hooked on to his site. I contacted Manish to help us do our investment planning and and he put us on to his team mate Nandish Desai. Nandish and Manish both worked on a detailed investment plan after understanding our needs, income etc and helped us be on track and motivated us to implement the plan. They are extremely professional and thanks to them we have a disciplined approach to investing now.

Shalu Mehra

Hiring Lead, Human Resources , Gurgaon



Testimonial 4

Once a girl asked to her dad “From when should I start saving for my retirement”, Dad replied”The day you get your first salary”. These words got engrossed on my mind, I started searching for guidance before I got on job so that I can save right from my first salary. In my journey I had been through various financial advisers who recommended me “Whole Life insurance”, “Ulips”,”Sick mutual funds”. With my research I knew everybody was trying to misguide me to attain their targets. I had been to big branded financial advisors but I found the same thing over there. I thought I am stucked, but to my grace I called Jago Investor on 25th Sept 2010 for the first time. After that no looking back I had been in touch with Nandish Sir, taking guidance on financial planning almost every alternate day and I wanted them to be my only financial advisors but due to certain financial problems I postponed the process but finally due to Nandish Sir faith I became part of there family on 22nd Jan 2011. I had read “Rich Dad and Poor Dad” where a Rich Dad, Business Man, guides a young chap to his journey to become America’s one of the Richest person called Robert Kiyosaki. At the age of 23 I found one named Nandish Desai, I am on my way to be what i intend to be. Thanks to Nandish and Manish Sir for their immense faith.

Kamaljit Ridlon

Deputy Manager
Kotak Mahindra Bank

Comments ? I would love to hear what do you think about our services and what other kind of services we can provide in future .

74 replies on this article “JagoInvestor launches its Paid Services”

  1. Harish says:

    Hi, are these services still available? I have been sending emails to JagoInvestor support since December but no one seems to be able to reply

    1. Hi Harish, I have just checked with my team. You will mostly get a reply soon

  2. Muthu says:

    All the best for your career and wish you the best of health and wealth.

  3. shahnawaz says:

    Dear Manish ji,
    you are doing a good job not for individuals only, but for the society also. All the life time, we learn how to earn but no institution tell us how to invest our hardly/honesly earned money. I’ve bee benefited a lot from your blogs, in the future ,too, expecting the same. Try to see keep it mind the huge population of cour country, whose saving varies from 500/- to 5000/-, hope you will under stand what i mean to say.

    1. Shahnawaz

      Thanks for your comment , We have products ranging from fee of 4,500 to 25,000 . one can choose what fits in their budget . We are also working on a low cost product and will launch soon


    2. Shahnawaz

      Thanks for your comment , We have products ranging from fee of 4,500 to 25,000 . one can choose what fits in their budget . We are also working on a low cost product and will launch soon


  4. jitesh says:

    good going manish

    I just saw the products. The fees structure for NRI is different. Any specific reason ?

    1. Jitesh

      There have been cases where we have to work at odd hours with NRI’s and also follow up is more difficult , hence the pricing is different for them. At the end I would say the pricing is very right for the NRI’s , its non-NRI’s who will benefit for lower pricing 🙂


  5. Basavaraj says:

    Hi Manish,

    Congrats !!! Sorry for late wishes as I was busy in preparing my third Module (Investment Planning).

  6. Saurav Sinha says:

    All the Best Manish/Nandish for thie new venture… may GOD Bless U both….

    PS – Do U guys actually make me exercise??? wo bhi subha subha??? 😀

    1. Nandish says:

      Thanks for your wishes, for one week experience mornings you will start exercising on its own. Be with yourself, connect with fresh air, connect with nature. Exercise is done by choice

  7. sravi says:

    Congratulations Manish. Wishing you all the success.

  8. Srinivas says:

    Hi Manish,

    Congratulations, you are really going great.
    I have gained lot of knowledge from Jagoinvestor.com, I have told my friends to hook on to this website regularly.
    When we need a plan to build a house, everyone should understand the importance of financial planning to build a life. Isn’t it?

    I will ask my friends to look in to your new paid services as well.


    1. Srinivas

      Thanks for your commment . It would be great if you can share it with your friends .


  9. Jig says:

    congrates guys,
    i m so excited by this news that i couldnt stop myself to write a feedback here at this time.
    I would be interested in x ray and reason behind it i have already executed part of my plan as per cfp.

    I would be interested to know the charges for the same.
    Well do u have any idea how one can drop his planner if he doesnt wanna continue(without hurting him) :):)

    njoy guys,

    1. Jig

      The financial audit (X-Ray) service costs 5k , link :

      Regarding Your financial Planner , the fact that you dont want to continue with him shows “Lack of Trust” from your side , thats the reason you might be not willing to continue . This has to be communicated without hesitation and I would say you should have hired him only after you had generated that trust .

      A lot of people also contact us saying that they like what we do , but they are still not comfortable hiring us . We tell them that they can go back to this blog , spend some more time and get back only when they have that 100% trust else all the exercises are futile ! .

      Its like a marriage where noth parties have to give thier 100% to each other .

      So tell your FP that you lack trust in him and not his abilities , you are uncomfortable with him .I would not say its something he is responsibile for .

      What do you think about it ?


  10. RajanT says:

    Congrats Manish..all the best..But going forward you should always add the “disclaimer” part (to avoid conflict of interest).

    1. RajanT

      Yes, Are you talking about jagoinvestor.org page ? We alreayd have Privacy policy page and it includes disclaimer part


  11. rishabh parakh says:

    Jai ho Manish & Nandish,

    all the very best ahead… you will surely reach new heights by each coming day…

    1. Thanks Rishabh for your wishes

  12. Tarun says:

    many congratulations to you Manish. You are really a great inspiration for me.


  13. Zamil says:

    Congratulation, Manish.

  14. Dr Prashant Dahire says:

    Congratulations Manish and Nandish for u r joint venture and best of luck.
    I want to ask what type of action plan do u provide for u r clients in financial coaching? is it only mutual fund investment suggestions or it also includes direct equity cash market suggestions? also income tax planning included or not ?

    1. Prashant

      Thansk for comment, In financial coaching , the action plans can be like this

      1. Start your SIP by next Wednesday
      2. Take your Term plan
      3. Close your Bank account in ICICI bank which you are not using from last 3 yrs.
      4. Surrender 2 credit cards out of your 4 cc by this sunday at any costr
      5. Complete yout PF withdrawal activity and find out why its taking tim with in 14 days
      6. Take out all your docuements relating to Insurnace and Investments and put it in a folder , send us a picture of it 🙂 .
      7. Call 4 health insurance agents and enquire about those policies , and before that please start getting up early and start your exercise schedule

      I hope you got some idea . We actually made one of our clients be on track with his exercise daily ! 🙂


      1. naveed says:

        Wonderful Action items.

        Keep Rocking like Indian Cricket team. You are real motivator.

        1. Naveed

          Thanks 🙂 .

  15. Rohan shah says:


  16. Deepesh Chandra says:

    Congratulations and heartiest wishes!
    This seems to be a great step in your own financial freedom and we all would love to see you prosper for your unconditioned devotion to “jago” the investors.

    We hope you will have enough time to continue blogging and sharing your insights and standout from the run-of-the-mill CFPs. You are and will be an inspiration for the industry.


    1. Deepesh

      Blogging will come first , and guess what , now I am going to devote much more time and effort on blog and take it to another level .

      Dont worry on that part 🙂


  17. Atul says:

    Congrats Manish and team! All the best for your new venture.

    Would definitely recommend to friends and colleagues.



    1. Atul

      Thanks for sharing 🙂


  18. Abhinav Gulechha says:

    Hi Manish, Nandish,

    Excellent work. You had already made a mark through your thoroughly researched blogs and timely advice and help to many investors and persons wishing to make a career in financial planning (like me!), this is a new chapter, and heartfelt best wishes to you for its success.

    One suggestion: as you would acknowledge, there is a lack of formal practice building and coaching initiatives for people undergoing CFP courses, if you both can maybe share your understandings/ experiences/ insights on the consumer mindset, investing patterns, and other practice building intiatives (in short- ‘how to become a successful fee based financial planner’, that will greatly help the student community, and we earnestly look forward to this contribution from your end in months and years to come..

    Again wish the team all the very best and all success!!

    – Abhinav

    1. Nandish says:


      We will surely have something for planners community. each practice builders will benefit from it.

      All the books, blogs, people who can make you a successful planner are already existing on the planet. You just need to connect with it. Learn the best from the best.

      More later. All the best

      I want to thank each and everyone for their blessings and good wishes. From the bottom of my heart I thank each and every one of you.

    2. Abhinav

      As told by Nandish , we are definately planning for that 🙂 . We actually talk about it almost everyday and call our program JCFP 🙂 .


  19. Rakesh says:


    Congrats and all the best in you new venture.
    Another feather in your cap!!!


    1. Rakesh

      thanks for your appreciation 🙂

  20. Shinu says:

    Hi Manish

    You just rockkk. I found your blog accidently a couple of months back and helped a lot to understand the gaps & restructure my financial planning which should be hopefully in a better shape in a couple of months. Will defenitely love to have a X ray {great name man 🙂 } check up after that…. Wish you and team the very best and may God bless you for all the free but very very valuable education you offer through the blogs.


    1. Shinu

      Thanks 🙂 . You can approach us anytime you wish and feel the need for it . Keep reading


  21. Srinivas says:

    Manish and Nandish

    Congratulations on the launch. My best wishes to you for the success of this venture.

    Please keep up the good work of enlightening the common readers about the nusances of finance and financial planning.

    All the best.

    1. Srinivas

      Thanks for your wishes , we will do everything we can to live upto expectations of readers !


  22. pattu says:

    Congratulations on this venture and best wishes. I think your rates are quite reasonable. However people who can save only Rs. 5K a month or so will think twice. Perhaps you could offer a income-linked service?

    1. Pattu

      thanks for your wishes . We will surely look into your suggestions


      1. Ashwin says:

        Hey Manish,

        Congrats on your official launch… Your rates are competitive.

        You have not mentioned if you offer yearly reviews/reassessments or did I miss it?

        1. Ashwin

          Yes, the charges are for a year only . We offer yearly reviews too but not highlighted it on the org page as of now


  23. Roopesh says:

    Hi Mainsh

    Congrats on the new business model. Wish you loads of luck

    1. Roopesh

      Thanks a lot . Keep reading this blog and make your self informed day by day !


  24. Mani says:

    Hi Manish,

    Congrats to you and Nandish!!!

    May GOD bless you with loads of business….


    1. Mani

      thanks a lot 🙂 . Keep visiting

  25. Mithra says:

    Congrats.. and Best Wishes…
    Another Useful product from u 🙂

    1. Mithra

      Thanks a lot . Keep reading and explore more !


  26. Shiva says:

    Congrats Manish! Like many readers,I gained a lot from your blog. I first understood about SIP from your blog, earlier my life was bad financially. Am disciplined now. Understood term insurance/ULIPs/equity etc.

    You have helped us a lot. Thanks for your time and wishing you all the best.

    P.S:Just curious,Can we use .org websites for paid services?

    1. Shiva

      Thanks for the apprecitation . The .org thing is generally used non-profit org , but thats not a rule , its a unsaid perception only . So there is no issue with that 🙂


  27. Radhey says:

    What an idea sirji !
    How about a party in person ?

    1. Radhey

      Bilkul, Some time soon 🙂

  28. raju says:

    Hi Manish,

    Best of Luck for your new venture.Wishing a great success.


    1. Raju

      Thanks 🙂 . Keep reading

  29. Mitr Singh says:

    Congrets Manish,

    Wishing you a great success.
    Wish you will keep focusing on your blog too.

    Is it possible for a common man with little earning and saving’s to get benifit from your paid service. Can a person who save only 5000 p.m get benefited from this service ?

    Best Regards
    Mitr Singh

    Best Regards
    Mitr Singh

    1. Mitr

      The blog is going to be more focused and better in coming times . I have huge plans for blog readers like having Webinars with live discussions , better calcultors , more researched articles and many more things .

      Dont worry on that .

      Regarding services , we are offereing different kind of services which can fit everyone. You can go through the services and explore which one suits your requirement .

      I would strongly suggest you to look at the value which you can get out of some service in long run and not get stopped by the price itself .


  30. Congs Manish & All the Best.

  31. RaagVamdatt.com - Financial Planning Demystified says:

    Congratulations guys, and my best wishes…

    1. Raag

      Thanks a lot, Please share what you think about our services offering and what improvements can be done ?

  32. Ajay says:

    Manish & Nandish – Congrats on launching this new service and Good luck with your new venture.

    1. Ajay

      Thanks a lot, Please share what you think about our services offering ? How does Financial Coaching sound to you ?


  33. Pankaj Vasudeo says:

    congrats buddy
    all da best

  34. Jason says:

    Congratulations Manish & Nandish!

    Here’s wishing you the greates success in your endeavours!

    1. Jason

      Thanks for your wishes !


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