Duplicate UAN? Here is step by step process to solve it!

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Today we will talk about the issue of duplicate UAN, which has confused a lot of employees. A lot of people have contacted us that 2 UAN were generated for them by their past employer and current employer and now they have no idea what is to be done in this case.

duplicate uan

You can see following question which was posted by one of the reader of this blog.

Hello Manish,

I left my previous company on 1st April 2014 and joined new company on 7th April 2014. Now problem is I have been allotted UAN no. from both employer. I want to withdraw whole amount of EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) of previous employer.

So kindly guide me what to do in this situation?

Why does multiple UAN get allotted?

UAN (Universal Account Number) as you all know, is a single unique number for each EPF member for all this EPF accounts under them. You can see the UAN as the folder (UAN) which has various files under it (EPF accounts)

Before we discuss how to solve the duplicate UAN problem, I want you to know how two UAN are generated and why does it happen?

Reason #1 – Not disclosing old UAN number

A lot of employees do not want to disclose about their past employment, hence they do not quote their old UAN number to new employer. In that case, the new employer will generate a fresh UAN for the employee. This is one of the reasons for having duplicate UAN number.

Reason #2 – Past employer did not furnish ‘the date of exit’ details in the ECR

ECR or Electronic Challan cum Return is an electronic return filed by employers to EPFO to submit your EPF payments and other things. In this, they mention “the date of exit” for those employees who have left the job. So incase due to some issue the employer does not mention this date of exit.

This is another reason why another UAN gets generated by new employer. I have no idea why that happens, but this is the reason which is mentioned by the EPFO in their recent circular which talks about the issue of multiple UAN allotment

duplicate uan issue

How to solve the two UAN problem?

Note that each person should have only one UAN number (like PAN), hence if you have multiple UAN, it’s not allowed and creates problem in the EPF system, because is no proper track. Hence, as soon as you come to know that there are multiple UAN assigned to you, you should cancel one of the UAN (mostly the old UAN) or should try to deactivate one of them

Process to deactivate old UAN

Step #1 – The first step if that you should start the EPF transfer for all the EPF’s which are not under the latest UAN generated. This can be done using the OTCP portal of EPFO . I am not going in details here, but first you need to make sure all the old EPF’s are transferred and linked to the new UAN.

Step #2 – In the next step, the EPFO system will automatically identify those UAN for which the EPF transfers have happened and completed. Once they find the idle UAN, they will automatically deactivate that UAN. You don’t have to do anything here. This deactivation process will take place from time to time as per decision taken by EPFO. Once the deactivation happens, your old member id (your old EPF accounts) will be linked to new UAN.

So, from your side all you need to make sure is that all your old EPF’s are transferred to the recent EPF account.

How to solve two UAN problem

If you are already sure that your past UAN does not have the EPF linked to them, then you can mail your old UAN number along with recent UAN to your employer and to uanepf@epfindia.gov.in . They will verify your UAN’s status and deactivate the old UAN.

Let us know if you have more clarity on this subject or if you have already completed the process for the benefit of other readers.

16 replies on this article “Duplicate UAN? Here is step by step process to solve it!”

  1. Sumit Desai says:


    I have two UANs and one of these was created by mistake by me. First UAN is PAN based and second which I created by mistake was Aadhar based and was never used.
    For deleting the second idle UAN, I sent an email with details to uanepf@epfindia.gov.in. However, I immediately got an automated response that the email Id id inactive.
    Can you please suggest any other way to delete the inactive UAN?

    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      Sorry , I am not sure on this

  2. Ram says:

    Dear Manish,

    I had multiple PF account with signle UAN, But now i have transferred all OLD PF account to my current account, But out of 4 account only two account tranfered, Reamaing two account passbook show its transfeered to new one, But in new PF account it s not crediated, Please suggest who to reach such issue.


    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      It might be an entry issue only.. File an RTI to EPF department to find out the exact reason


  3. D sridhara Reddy says:

    Hi Manish , My dad works in co-operatice society and seems to be UAN is not created for him . I am unable to check that because “https://members.epfoservices.in” is not working . I would like to generate one but confused with lot of things as most of the sites are changed from 2017 . Could you please advise the process to do it online.

    I need to pay the PF for Month of Dec 2016 once this UAN is generated (Earlier process used to pay with PF number) . I also see UAN 2.0 , What does this mean and does we get impacted by this

    Thank you

    1. the best thing you can first do is get all info you need using RTI right now

  4. Shilpa Verma says:

    Hi Manish ,

    I have been issued new UAN number by my current organisation as it is been informed that joining date was not correct so they created new UAN number . But my PF account number from my previous organisation (MH/BAN/48820/*****) has the old UAN number (1003507**888**) . And I am in the process of transferring PF amount from my old account (MH/BAN/48820/***) to new account TH/THA/99955/*****.(account with my current organisation ) and has the new UAN number . I have been chasing PPF department from year but on every call they tell different status .

    It has been advised that once epfo site is up . I need to activate my new UAN on the portal and initiate PF transfer from my old account (MH/BAN/48820/*****) . not sure it would work or if it is something to worry about .


  5. Priyanka U says:

    Hi Rohan,
    I suggest you to raise the grievance on epfindia.gov.in . May be it will be useful and serve the purpose.

    Priyanka Upase

  6. Sangita says:

    Hi Manish,

    I had done COD for an Amazon.in product. Later, I returned the product. Money was not credited in my account. When I called up, Amazon, they gave me an incomplete transaction number for refund, which SBI could not track.

    Amazon did not help me further. Did anyone face this kind of problem?
    Since then I kind of stopped doing transaction using COD.

    1. Is this a UAN related query ?

  7. Umesh P says:

    Hi Manish,
    Many thanks for giving such valuable info. I already subscribed to this blog and regularly follow for financial matters. I notice that many of your articles are referred somewhere by other bloggers. Just refer
    this blog which is posted on December 05, 2016.
    I am writing this for your information only…….

    1. Thanks for sharing that

  8. Bharati says:

    Hi Manish,
    Will it be possible to withdraw all amount from old UAN number & close that account permanently? What are the rules for withdrawing amount?? Please please let me know.

  9. ROHAN TIWARI says:

    I’ve been following up since Feb’2016, all that I get is an auto response from uanepf@epfindia.gov.in that my email has been received.

    The website created to register the problem: shows error at the time of submitting the issue ! And the toll free number provided on the website: 1800118005 does not get connected ever.

    Looking at the hopeless state of the EPF Helpdesk, I’m not sure if I’m going to get any response ever. I don’t think UAN Helpdesk have any service level to serve the employee approaching with his/her problem.

    1. Thanks for sharing that ROHAN TIWARI

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