What is long term in Share market? – Understand short term, mid-term and long term investment

Long term investments are the investments that are suppose to be held for an extended time period which will be considered to be more than 1 year. There is no exact definition for long term investments. Let’s see how it is different from short term and medium term investments. How long is long term ? […]


Swing Trading Presentation by Sudarshan Sukhani

Swing Trading This post is for people who are interested in Stock markets trading, Sudarshan Sukhani has posted an excellent presentation on Swing Trading here, please go through it and use it incase you want to do it. Who should use this presentation for Trading ? This presentation is only for people, who are already […]


What Are RBI Relief Bonds?

In this article we will talk about RBI relief Bonds. Some bonds have a special provision that allows the investor to save on tax. These are termed as Tax-Saving Bonds, and are widely used by individual investors as a tax-saving tool. Examples of such bonds are: Infrastructure Bonds under Section 88 of the Income Tax […]


Magic of SIP in Mutual Funds , Part 2

Some days back I had talked about SIP and its characteristics using some examples , you can read it here . Today we will take that forward and see other important things related to Systematic Investment Plan. So , We have that same last example where 1,00,000 was invested over 2 years using Systematic Investment […]


GOLD or SILVER – Which is the best investment option?

Precious metals market is on a roll these days !! GOLD and SILVER are everyone’s Darling. GOLD Gold has given good returns from this year start and finally broke its trading range. Its expected to give good returns in future too. SILVER Silver has outperformed Gold in 2008 and is expected to do so in […]


Magic of SIP in Mutual funds , Part 1

Numbers Speak !! Today we will see some characteristics of SIP (Systematic investment plans) . this is first part of this article, we will have part 2 of this as well where we will discuss other important things about SIP.   Assumption : We are assuming that investments were started from year 2007, It has […]


How safe private insurance companies are?

Many people have this concern about taking policies from Private Insurance companies. Let us try to understand about the factors which takes care of financial stability and ability to repay back customers there money. In reality the only things differentiates one insurance company from other is the service the provide, there settlement track record. Want […]


All you want to know about “Jeevan Varsha Analysis”

Update : As pointed by Ranjan, there was a mistake in the analysis about the paying term of the policy, I have corrected it now. Please re-read the analysis. If you like the article : Stumble it and Buzz it Today we will talk about the market product “Jeevan Varsha”, If you are a regular […]


Investor alert – Beware of Mis-selling of financial products

From many years there has been a lot of mis-selling happening in some products and investors are getting trapped in it. In this article I’m going to tell you about mis-selling of financial products so that you avoid getting into this trap. What is Mis-selling ? Mis-selling means selling a product by giving a wrong […]


Insurance Presentation

I have created a small and simple presentation for newbies regarding Life and Health Insurance . It will help new people to understand the importance of Insurance . Life And Health Insurance View more presentations from manish.pucsd.


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