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POSTED BY Vikas Ratnawat ON December 22, 2012 4:10 pm COMMENTS (4)

Dear Sir,

As i am planning to invest to save my tax for this year, For 80c tax rebate, I am planning to invest in PPF, Please suggest me where i can invest in PPF or All are same. I am planning to invest in SBI. Is there any other good options avaiable other then PPF where i will get better returns?

Apart from 80c, how can i save the tax for this year. Other then home loan how can i save the tax? How much maximum amount i can invest in infrastructure bond which will come under tax rebate apart from 80c ?

Please suggest.

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  1. sap says:

    nice posting

  2. charity comes under 80G not 80D sorry!
    80D is medical insurance upto 15000 for self/dependents and 15000 for parents (20000 if senior citizen)

  3. Forgot about the Raiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme under 80 CCG

    technically it is a tax deduction avenue. First you need to be eligible, second, read conditions (esp. about availing it only once)
    third see blog reviews and decide.

  4. infrabonds cant be used for tax savings this year.

    Tax saving is not a goal but must be part of your long term financial goals like retirement.
    since you are young, limit your exposure to PPF and invest mostly in ELSS MFs.

    If you are working and if your employer offers you NPS instead of EPF then employer cont will not be part of 80C

    Don’t forget you can give to charity and claim a deduction under 80D!

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