Should I invest in SBI Life Shubh Nivesh ?

POSTED BY Chandra Shekhar Chaudhary ON October 28, 2011 3:55 pm COMMENTS (52)

Dear Manish
I wanted to know if SBI Life Shibh Nivesh is a nice plan to invest in ? I have been approached by an agent. How fruitful will it be ? My age is 46 years, and I plan to invest Rs. 50,000 per year for 5 years in the plan. Apart from the tax and insurance benefits, what will i get in terms of INVESTMENT returns ? Kindly reply and oblige.
Thanks !

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  1. Sib says:


    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      Hey Sib

      Glad to know that you liked the article.

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  2. SUKANTA MAL says:

    i have purchased sbi subh nivesh 50000 yearly for 7 years and the sum assured is 310000 i have paid 3 years should i surrender it ?how much will i get if i surrender this now ?pls answer

  3. How do surender my policy subh nivesh

    1. By visiting the SBI Office and telling that you want to surrender the policy !

  4. Nevin says:

    Please Please Please don’t buy SBI Life Shubh Nivesh. It is the worst policy which you can buy. I took this policy in 2012. Paid 60K every year(30K half yearly) and after 5 years when I surrounded the policy yesterday, it is 2.62 lakhs as the return amount. I already paid 3 lakhs and the sum assured was 4.7 lakhs. They asked me the reason to surrender the policy. I asked the officer whether will he buy that and he did not say any thing with this return. He politely completed the procedure to surrender without asking any thing else. If I paid the same amount in a recurring deposit, I would have got nearly 3.6 lakhs. I could get a term insurance for 20 lakhs for around 5K year. Which means for the last 5 years, by paying 25K, I could have got 20 lakhs coverage. With a simple calculation, after 5 years of paying the policy, I had a loss of around 75K .

    1. Yes, these kind of traditional plans are not worth !

  5. Vamshi Krishna says:

    Hi Team,

    I have taken SBI Life Subh Nivesh policy in March 2015 Rs. 25000 per quarterly for 20 years. I paid till 2017 December around Rs 200000 till date. Now I don’t want to continue the policy any more. Will I get any amount if I stop payment? as I didn’t completed 3 years (Locking period) yet. Please suggest me.

    1. If its a traditional plan, I dont think you will get anything, because generally all traditional policies acquire a paid up value only after 3 yrs. However you should check the policy wordings !

  6. somashekar says:

    Hi Manish

    i have taken shubnivesh policy on Feb2014 for Sum Assure of 19,90,000/- of monthly premium Rs 9887/- Per month,
    i have paid 3years now all most 3.6lkhs my locking period is closed by Jan-2017, now i planing to stop paying this policy if i surredor my policy what will the amount i will get, if i covert to paidup what is the amount i will get on maturity. kindly advice.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi somashekar

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  7. Ananth says:

    Hi Manish,
    I was started subh nivesh policy from SBI in Jan2013 and the tenure is 20 years with the yearly premium payment of 35000.i have been paid for 3 years around more than 100000.
    Now looking at the negative comments and people’s bad experience I don’t want to continue the same.can I just stop paying the premium’s ?I will get my total amount paid so far after the tenure right?Please advise…?

    1. Better go to the branch and surrender the policy and take the money !

  8. ronny says:

    Policy started Jan 2014.
    I will have paid 74000 in Jan 2017.
    In Jan I would have also paid my EMI.
    My current valuation 40000 and sum assured 3.15 lacs. Policy maturity- 15 years.

    After 3 years Lockin period is over, Shall I stop it and bear loss to the tune of 40000 or shall continue till maturity??


    1. If I were in your case, I would have closed it !

  9. Rahul Singh says:

    Hi Manish

    I have taken the same policy for 36K per year for 10 years
    I have paid a premium for the first year. But after reading the reviews in the market looks like this is just a big mistake and trick game from SBI.

    Now, my question is even if I pay the next two installments and opt out of policy after locking period I will be getting less than the amount paid for a single year.

    So does it make sense to drop the policy from here itself and forget the 1st year premium ?

    1. I suggest just leave the policy

    2. ronny says:

      How to stop the policy?? Is there a telephone or cobatct of some manager? Can we Ask info under RTI from them?

      1. You can just walk in to the office and give a request letter to close the policy. Also you can give back the policy documents once it reaches you within 15 days !

  10. Rajini says:

    Hi, I have taken SBI life – Shubh Nivesh Endownment plan in the year of 2011 with yearly payment of 50000/- for 10 year tenure, at the time of taking policy I didn’t enquire much, later on with the time when I try to understand the benefits, i got little confused with the sum assured it says only 459000/- . When I would have paid 530000/- ( including Service Tax and other deductions) , my sum assured is very low and when checked with SBI folks, they said some accumulated bonus will be paid along with sum assured but that is some percentage of sum assured and the current surrender value is only 2.4 K wherein have already paid 3L,. Please confirm, if I need to proceed with this policy or opt for stop payment and wait until my maturity to receive the amount. Please suggest

    1. I would have stopped it if I were at your place

  11. raja says:

    My name is Prasad and I had taken a ULIP policy called ICICI Pru Wealth builder 2 and seeing all the posts and taking suggestions from my friends got to know that it is waste policy, Can you please suggest me , well sfter hearing that ULIP policy is a market linked plan i read the document and got to know that we have to pay the premium for at least 5 yrs , request you to please suggest me whether i should continue paying for rest of 3 yrs ? or else after paying for 5 yrs i should close this off?

    1. YOu can anytime stop paying the premiums as far as I know. just that the lock in will be there for these 5 yrs.

  12. Himkar says:

    Hi i have paid my premium for 3 year in a 15 yr subh nivesh plan what will happen if i stop paying premium now and do no ask for closure of the policy. How much will i get if policy is lapsed and closed by sbi

    1. You will get all your premiums paid at maturity if you do not ask for closure of policy

  13. Roshan says:

    i want to take life insurance for at least 15 years, please suggest which should i choose between SBI Subh nivesh and LIC Jivan Lakshya ?

    or suggest some better plan which can give me better appreciation

    1. Hi Roshan

      I can see that you are thinking of buying a term plan. ALl you need to do is leave your details at

      Our team will get in touch with you


  14. gaurav says:

    Bro Don’t ever buy this policy.

    They won’t even give you the amount that you pay them in total. Absolutely no returns at all. I took this policy for 5 years and paid 30,000 every year. At maturity they are giving only 1,37,000 (WTF).

    1. Thanks for sharing that gaurav

    2. himanshu says:

      hi Gaurav,
      so how much did you finally got???
      me also in similar situation as yours….. any solutions???

  15. Sudeep says:

    Hi..I joined SBI Shub Nivesh in Dec’15. My tenure is 11 years with quarterly premium of 25000 and the agent assures a return of 34 Lak in 11 years including the bonus. I have paid 1 quarter permium of 25000 already. But looking at the negative feedback in the market I doubt whether should I continue with the policy or not. In this stage I cant surrender the policy also becoz of the locking period. Can you pl help with your advise? Im 33 years old right now.

    1. Locking period means you cant take your money back . But you can always stop payments

  16. Subhakar says:

    Hello Manish,

    I live in Hyderabad and was contacted for a similar plan (Shub Nivesh Endowment with Whole Life Option) by an executive from SBI life Basheerbagh branch, Hyderabad. She mentioned that if I invest 1 lakh every year for 20 years I may take 55L at once or as 46 k per month till I celebrate my 100th year birthday plus 55 Lakhs , if I had any risk in between my 1st nominee gets the same monthly amount for 100years and 55 Lakhs at her 100th year. even this nominee had any risk the 2nd nomine get s a lam sum amount of 55 Lakhs . Number seems to be big…..isn’t it??

    I did ask how does it work? She replied saying that this plan has guaranteed sum assured 17 Lakhs and they will add 4 – 8% compound interest for 20 years to this 17 Lakhs and at the end of 20th year they will add another 12%. I also asked her is it mentioned in the application form and she replied that it is clearly mentioned in the application form about 4 – 8% compound interest.

    Manish could you tell me the facts if you are aware of any? appreciate your help in this matter.


    1. Did you see the written form ? Did it mention anything like that.

      Yes, it might happen that they have these numbers, but at the end you need to ask how much return does it translate to in % terms. Any kind of endowment plans give not more than 4-5% return in long term

  17. Nithin says:

    I have invested in SBI Life – Shubh Nivesh Endowment Plan and it has to be the biggest mistake of my life. I was approached through a marketing call by their agents and the fellow proposed the product as good based on what my investment plans were. He didn’t force an insurance plan that he would like to sell. I was then approached by an on ground agent who did the needful to create my policy, however I found discrepancy with my D.O.B in the policy document which was posted to my address. I called up my agent and he took off the whole policy document from me never to be seen afterwards with the corrected document. My next premium became due after 3 months and my policy document was not in my hand still so I followed up for it day & night with the agent who was not at all approachable and serviceable and my condition only was that you give the policy document to me & then I will pay up my premium. Gradually the policy got lapsed after Grace period. Later I had to somehow approach a SBI Life branch at Koramangala and get the agent’s manager number with the officer’s help there. I blasted him left & right and he came to my home few days later with my same old policy document with an extra page which reflected my corrected D.O.B. I told him, that if I have money I will pay up and I am in no mood to pay anything more into this policy. 6 months down the line, when I had some money I called up the same manager to accept a cheque towards pending 3 premiums from me and that was submitted into the policy on Nov 27th. Day or 2 after I created my online login and found that my policy was still in Lapsed status, it still is on this day Dec 22nd. I again followed up with my agent, his manager and everyone to show that my policy should be in force as I had paid up the due premiums. They were of very little help. Then I found number to the actual branch where my policy was created that is the Chamarajpet branch and they guided me that a Good Health Certificate is needed to revive the policy. This was shocking to me as the policy agent had no information about this from day one that he took the premium cheque from me. I called up the agent & manager again requesting them to get the G.H.C signed from me and revive the policy. I handed over the signed GHC on a weekend and it was submitted to the branch on Dec 12th and 2 days after that I logged in online to check and the policy was still in Lapsed status. The tantrum from the agent then was that my next premium is due and that is why the policy is not being revived. My straight reply was the next premium is due only on Dec 17th with extra 30 days grace period and if I have submitted all the required premium amount + fine by the agent (as he took up responsibility for the lapse) and the G.H.C was accepted duly then why the delay in reviving my policy to “In-force” and they still say that since your next premium is due they are unable to revive it. Silly people/agents/managers… bastard SBI Life… have ruined my nights sleeps for my mistake of investing in this dreaded policy !!!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope others can learn from it and act accordingly

  18. Bro says:

    This is fraud product dont but this product . SBI life is making fool to their customer. Dont buy any thing from SBI life

  19. maria says:

    HOw good is the Shubh Nivesh plan from SBI. Pls let me know if it is worth investing I am 32 years of age. and also which plan is good from children education point of view

    1. We do not suggest children plans as such ! ..

    2. San says:

      Better to open PPF,make FD,invest in mutual,open RD account,diversify your portfolio.invest in one or two policy that also fromLIC,Shubh niveah only meant for SBI nivesh and give huge loan to big industries and fulfill the loss that Malaya did

  20. FrancisJoe says:

    these are frauds done on unsuspecting people by SBI Life Insurance. Its better to donate money to beggars than put in stupid policies by these Insurance frauds. I paid 165,000 premium for 5 years and at the end of 5 years they are assuring me Rs.126,000 !!!

    1. It must be surely a market linked product and with heavy charges

    2. Jsingh says:

      did you get your money back ?

    3. Deepak says:


      Hi. this was a market linked plan. To get good profit in these type of plan you have to keep patience & need to keep your money for long time such as at-least 10 years or more.these are not profitable in short period. For information contact 8104518333

  21. Sudhir says:

    HI ,

    I was planning to take shubh nivesh plan triple benfit one with yearly investment of 1 lac for 20 years (as per agent I may take 65L at once or as 55 k permonth for my 100 year and then 65L as my 100th birthday , if I had any risk in between my 1st nominee gets the same monthy amount for 100years and 65L at her 100th year. even this nominee had any risk the 2nd nomine get s a lam sum amount of 65L ).
    the above figure was explained by keeping 10% as minimum bonus which they say they are paying since many years.

    can we expect the above with keeping the sbi life history or its just a agent gimmick ? else could you please help me with better plan?

    Sudhir Poshetty

    1. Hi Sudhir

      These plans are sold by agents with jazzy marketing tricks. THey dont turn out to be that great. You might hear big numbers , but the return is not more than 5-6% .. I better say avoid it


    2. Deepak says:

      SBI Life shubh Nivesh is certainly profitable but in only long period such as 15 years or more do not buy this if you are lookig for short period specially for 5 or 6 years. for more information contact 8104518333

  22. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Chandra, this Shubh Nivesh plan from SBI Life is similar to LIC’s Jeevan Anand Plan.

    Being a pure endowment plan & no where on the website the prev. years’ bonuses are available, I w’d ask to stay away from this plan. for your age, the IRR can not be more than 5%.


  23. TheZionView says:

    SBI Life – Shubh Nivesh is an Endowment product with an option of Whole Life coverage

    Typically endowment product returns are in range of 6-8% at max.

    So if your thinking of investing in it for just 5 years and wihtdrawing the next year ,then dont buy this or any other insurance based products. Your returns will be better if you put that money in FD instead.

    Or can go for MIP MFs which will give extra returns in terms of equity exposure.

    1. RaghavendraRaoK says:

      I feel like cheated by SBI Life – Shubh Nivesh
      I paid 30000 half yearly for 5 years = 6,00,000
      Sum assured in 4,50,000 only
      Bonus as of now is 70,000

      I can not stop paying premiums, If i surrender i will not even get what i paid.
      I am in dead situation.

      1. The issue is that its a blood sucking product. Cant do much !

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