Recurring Deposit Through Internet.

POSTED BY Naveen Ponnam ON February 11, 2013 9:03 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi Sir,

    I opened a Recurring Deposit account in HDFC Bank through Netbanking. Monthly they are deducting the amount. but the problem is I am staying in another country now and I cannot be there in India at the time of maturity. So the maturity amount will be direct add to my savings account without visiting the bank or not? Please give me a full information about this.

                Thanking you sir,                                        Regards,

                                                                          Naveen Ponnam


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  1. Naveen Ponnam says:

    Thank you Mr. Ashal Jauhari.

  2. Dear Naveen, although I’m not using netbanking of HDFC personally but from my experience with SBI & ICICI, I can say that the e-RD can be redeemed online. So no need to visit your branch. Still if you are in doubt, please contact customer care of HDFC bank over mail.



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