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Respected Sir,

I got my PAN card when I was working in GUJRAT in 2005,in Bardoli Disstt. SURAT, latter on i migrated to Bhavnagar,Guj. and now i am in Haryana,Faridabad .

I have heard that one should get PAN Migration done for fast Income Tax Returns to be refunded.
Is it true about Salaried individuals,& how to bring about PAN Migration?.

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    1. I dont think there is a concept of PAN migration ! . Its an all INDIA concept !

  2. Madhav says:

    As like earlier there is no need of PAN migration especially in case of salaried/ individual employees. Generally this is required (File Transfer) for the big companies – which they need to apply and also apply for change of address.

    If your concern is only to get refunds – better to apply for auto refunds (in which cases they will do thru ECS).

    If still you wish to do the address change – you can do thru NSDL – as changes in PAN Details & apply with all documents for change of address.

  3. JayaprakashReddy says:

    I’ve also faced same situation, but the facts I found from my close friends who work with IT department are as below.

    Your Pan card address details are nothing to do with your address given in ITR. Whatever you mention in your ITR is considered for your refunds. The bank and address given in the ITR form will be treated as current for refunds.

    I’ve submitted my returns in a different IT ward every year since financial year 2007. My address is different in all of those ITR forms.

    For 2007 it is Pune, 2008 it is Pune (different ward) and for 2009 it is Hyd. I’ve changed my PAN card address in 2009 but they have not considered that address for refunds of 2007 and 2008 financial years. They have sent cheques to the address given in ITR form (2007, 2008) instead of new address, which I’ve updated with IT department. Now, I’m running behind local ward offices to get my refunds.

  4. There is no need for PAN migration in case your residential address is changed. Just don’t change your bank account details. Your income tax refund will come to the bank account details which you’ve mentioned in ITR form.

    Hope it will help you.

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