My relative took a loan while taking a loan and not defaulted – Now bank is harassing me

POSTED BY bhashkar ON March 12, 2014 8:52 am COMMENTS (2)

A distant relative of mine , took a loan probably a personal loan or a credit card loan . While availing the loan , he gave my details ( without asking my permission ) and my fathers name & contact information ( without asking my father as well ) . We had no clue about the kind of loan neither any thing was informed to us by the bank ( HDFC in this Case ) . A few days back the collection agents from the bank started calling us through various sources and harassing us as the concerned person was not picking their call , neither was traceable.

Apparently he was in Orissa when he took the loan , then shifted to Kolkata. Co incidentally his Last Name matches with me and my fathers surname ”sengupta” . Bank officials assumed he is my brother or a family member and was harassing us every day with obscene calls and unwanted threats, mentioning we were legally bound to honour the loan.

With tho no other alternative, I started searching for the right connects and sent a stinker Email to HDFC Senior Management Team.

Just a few hours back , we received a few apology calls and emails from HDFC mentioning that they will investigate and stop the unwanted calls.

***sharing this experience as Maybe there could be someone who could also be suffering like me. ****

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  1. bhashkar says:

    Correction : the person was a defaulter. Typo error in the subject , read it as ” my relative took a loan , and while taking it referred my name and now he was a defaulter ….”

  2. Hemanth Chandra says:

    Thanks for sharing Bhaskar

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